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W (A or T) sequences as probes and primers suitable for genomic mapping and fingerprinting.
W. J. Wilson and the Weil-Felix reaction.
W. S. C. Copeman, (1900–1970)
W. T. G. Morton's Memoir on Sulphuric Ether, 1847
Wading through questions about aquatic toxins.
Waging Peace through Neglected Tropical Disease Control: A US Foreign Policy for the Bottom Billion
Wagner-Jauregg and fever therapy.
Waist Circumference and Body Mass Index as Predictors of Health Care Costs
Waist circumference and insulin resistance: a cross-sectional study of Japanese men
Waist circumference and waist-to-height ratio of Hong Kong Chinese children
Waist circumference does not predict circulating adiponectin levels in sub-Saharan women
Waist–hip ratio and breast cancer risk in urbanized Nigerian women
Waiter! There's a dye in my soup.
Waiting for elective general surgery: impact on health related quality of life and psychosocial consequences
Waiting Lists for Radiation Therapy: A Case Study
Waiting times for elective treatments according to insurance status: A randomized empirical study in Germany
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Yet Another No Go for Cardiac Patients?
Walahfried Strabo: Hortulus
Wales and medicine. An historical survey
Walkability and self-rated health in primary care patients
Walker and Nussey--Royal Apothecaries, 1784-1860.
Walker-Warburg syndrome
Walking a mile in their patients' shoes: empathy and othering in medical students' education
Walking behaviour and glycemic control in type 2 diabetes: seasonal and gender differences-Study design and methods
Walking behaviours from the 1965–2003 American Heritage Time Use Study (AHTUS)
Walking London’s Medical History
Walking on inclines: how do desert ants monitor slope and step length
Walking the Paris hospitals: diary of an Edinburgh medical student, 1834-1835.
Wall shear stress as measured in vivo: consequences for the design of the arterial system
Walt Whitman and Sir William Osler: a poet and his physician
Walter B. Cannon and the mystery of shock: a study of Anglo-American co-operation in World War I.
Walter B. Cannon. The life and times of a young scientist
Walter B. Cannon. Volume 2: Science and society
Walter Pagel (12 November 1898 to 25 March 1983).
Walter Reed. A biography
Wanda: a database of duplicated fish genes
Wandering permanent pacemaker generators in children: a case series
Wanderjahr. The Education of a Surgeon
Wanted, an Anthrax vaccine: Dead or Alive?
Wanted: studies on mortality estimation methods for humanitarian emergencies, suggestions for future research
Wanted: unique names for unique atom positions. PDB-wide analysis of diastereotopic atom names of small molecules containing diphosphate
War and Peace
War and peace
War and Surgery
War and the Practice of Psychotherapy: The UK Experience 1939–1960
War Gases in a Nutshell
War Gases: Their Identification and Decontamination
War Gases: Their Pathological Effects and Treatment
War is good for babies and other young children: a history of the infant and child welfare movement in England 1898–1918
War Medicine
War, medicine and modernity
War-related psychological sequelae among emergency department patients in the former Republic of Yugoslavia
War Surgery of the Face and Head *
War Syndromes: The Impact of Culture on Medically Unexplained Symptoms
WAR: Webserver for aligning structural RNAs
Ward 4, the Mallinckrodt Research Ward of the Massachusetts General Hospital
Ward Rounds
Warfare: Iraq’s Toxic Shipwrecks
Warfare: NRDC Knocks Nukes
Warfare: Rallying Around the Environmental Flag
Warfarin dose and INR related to genotypes of CYP2C9 and VKORC1 in patients with myocardial infarction
Warm-up phenomenon in myotonia associated with the V445M sodium channel mutation
Warmer Weather Linked to Tick Attack and Emergence of Severe Rickettsioses
Warming device for computer vision syndrome
Warning: Anti-tobacco activism may be hazardous to epidemiologic science
Was an increase in cocaine use among injecting drug users in New South Wales, Australia, accompanied by an increase in violent crime?
Was blüht denn da? Wildwachsende Blütenpflanzen Mitteleuropas
Was ist Krankheit? Erscheinung, Erklärung, Sinnegebung
Was the “ABC” Approach (Abstinence, Being Faithful, Using Condoms) Responsible for Uganda's Decline in HIV?
Was the huey cocoliztli a haemorrhagic fever?
Washing our hands of the congenital cytomegalovirus disease epidemic
WASP: a Web-based Allele-Specific PCR assay designing tool for detecting SNPs and mutations
Wastage in the health workforce: some perspectives from African countries
Waste Couture: Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry
Waste disposal technologies for polychlorinated biphenyls.
Wastes into wood: composites are a promising new resource.
Wasting Away in the South Pacific
Watching Paint Dry: Organic Solvent Syndrome in late-Twentieth-Century Britain
Watching the hands of the Arabidopsis biological clock
Water aerobics II: maternal body composition and perinatal outcomes after a program for low risk pregnant women
Water aerobics in pregnancy: cardiovascular response, labor and neonatal outcomes
Water and Electrolyte Metabolism II
Water and Electrolyte Metabolism in Relation to Age and Sex
Water and Its Impurities
Water and the search for public health in London in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Water Arsenic Exposure and Children’s Intellectual Function in Araihazar, Bangladesh
Water Arsenic Exposure and Intellectual Function in 6-Year-Old Children in Araihazar, Bangladesh
Water content of aluminum, dialysis dementia, and osteomalacia.
Water disinfection by-products and the risk of specific birth defects: a population-based cross-sectional study in Taiwan
Water disinfection: microbes versus molecules—an introduction of issues
Water dispersible microbicidal cellulose acetate phthalate film
WATER, ELECTROLYTE AND ACID BASE BALANCE: Normal and Pathological Physiology as a Basis of Therapy
Water incident related hospital activity across England between 1997/8 and 2003/4: a retrospective descriptive study
Water intoxication induced by low-dose oral cyclophosphamide in a patient with anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-related glomerulonephritis
Water intoxication presenting as maternal and neonatal seizures: a case report
Water Manganese Exposure and Children’s Intellectual Function in Araihazar, Bangladesh
Water pollution and human health in China.
Water pressure: rewriting the safe Drinking Water Act.
Water quality and immatures of the M and S forms of Anopheles gambiae s.s. and An. arabiensis in a Malian village
Water Quality Influences Reproduction in Female Mosquitofish ( Gambusia holbrooki ) from Eight Florida Springs
Water quality objectives: yardsticks of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.
Water quality problems in Nogales, Sonora.
Water Soluble Cyclophosphamide Adducts of Rhodium(II) Keto-Gluconate and Glucuronate. Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Cytostatic Assays
Water-Soluble Ruthenium(III)-Dimethyl Sulfoxide Complexes: Chemical Behaviour and Pharmaceutical Properties
Water War in the Klamath Basin: Macho Law, Combat Biology, and Dirty Politics
Water warming garment versus forced air warming system in prevention of intraoperative hypothermia during liver transplantation: a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN32154832]
Water which does not wet hands: the alchemy of Michael Sendivogius
Water world 2000.
Waterborne microbial risk assessment : a population-based dose-response function for Giardia spp . (E.MI.R.A study)
Waterborne outbreak control: which disinfectant?
Waterfowl—The Missing Link in Epidemic and Pandemic Cholera Dissemination?
Waterpipe smoking in students: Prevalence, risk factors, symptoms of addiction, and smoke intake. Evidence from one British university
Waters and spas in the classical world.
Watson-Crick base-pairing properties of bicyclo-DNA.
Wave-Like Spread of Ebola Zaire
Waveguide model of the hearing aid earmold system
Wavelet to predict bacterial ori and ter : a tendency towards a physical balance
Wavelets filtering for classification of very noisy electron microscopic single particles images- application on structure determination of VP5-VP19C recombinant
Waves of genomic hitchhikers shed light on the evolution of gamebirds (Aves: Galliformes)
WAViS server for handling, visualization and presentation of multiple alignments of nucleotide or amino acids sequences
Way-marking behaviour: an aid to spatial navigation in the wood mouse ( Apodemus sylvaticus )
Ways to Community Health Education
Ways to get from plant genomes to phenomes: via yeast
“wazzer der tugent, trank der jugent”. Text- und Überlieferungsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen zum Salbeitraktat
WDR55 Is a Nucleolar Modulator of Ribosomal RNA Synthesis, Cell Cycle Progression, and Teleost Organ Development
We are Legend
We are like Dwarfs standing [or sitting] upon the shoulders of giants..
We Move in Mysterious Ways
We Must Find the Problem in the Intrinsic Mechanisms of Both Media and Medical Research
We Must Not Let Protestors Derail Trials of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV
"We're not short of people telling us what the problems are. We're short of people telling us what to do": An appraisal of public policy and mental health
We Stand Corrected
We still fail to account for Mendel's observations
We still need to operate at night!
Weak correlation between sequence conservation in promoter regions and in protein-coding regions of human-mouse orthologous gene pairs
Weak or no association of TCF7L2 variants with Type 2 diabetes risk in an Arab population
Wealth and sexual behaviour among men in Cameroon
Wealth, mother's education and physical access as determinants of retail sector net use in rural Kenya
Weaning from mechanical ventilation
Wearable Conductive Fiber Sensors for Multi-Axis Human Joint Angle Measurements
Wearable feedback systems for rehabilitation
Wearable kinesthetic system for capturing and classifying upper limb gesture in post-stroke rehabilitation
Weather and Health
Weather-based prediction of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in epidemic-prone regions of Ethiopia I. Patterns of lagged weather effects reflect biological mechanisms
Weather-based prediction of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in epidemic-prone regions of Ethiopia II. Weather-based prediction systems perform comparably to early detection systems in identifying times for interventions
Weather conditions and Bell's palsy: five-year study and review of the literature
Weather conditions and sudden sensorineural hearing loss
Weather Variability, Tides, and Barmah Forest Virus Disease in the Gladstone Region, Australia
Weather Warning
Weathering Diarrheal Illness Effects of El Nino in the South Pacific
Web 2.0 systems supporting childhood chronic disease management: A pattern language representation of a general architecture
Web-Assisted Tobacco Interventions: Empowering Change in the Global Fight for the Public’s (e)Health
Web-based access to mouse models of human cancers: the Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB) Database
Web-based analysis of the mouse transcriptome using Genevestigator
Web-Based Asynchronous Teleconsulting for Consumers in Colombia: A Case Study
Web-based climate information resources for malaria control in Africa
Web-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Analysis of Site Usage and Changes in Depression and Anxiety Scores
Web-based cognitive behavioural therapy (W-CBT) for diabetes patients with co-morbid depression: Design of a randomised controlled trial
Web-based data collection: detailed methods of a questionnaire and data gathering tool
Web-based public health geographic information systems for resources-constrained environment using scalable vector graphics technology: a proof of concept applied to the expanded program on immunization data
Web-Based Targeted Nutrition Counselling and Social Support for Patients at Increased Cardiovascular Risk in General Practice: Randomized Controlled Trial
Web-based toolkits for topology prediction of transmembrane helical proteins, fold recognition, structure and binding scoring, folding-kinetics analysis and comparative analysis of domain combinations
Web-based tools can be used reliably to detect patients with major depressive disorder and subsyndromal depressive symptoms
Web-Based Virtual Microscopy for Parasitology: A Novel Tool for Education and Quality Assurance
Web-based visualization tools for bacterial genome alignments
Web conferencing systems: Skype and MSN in telepathology
Web Content Accessibility of Consumer Health Information Web Sites for People with Disabilities: A Cross Sectional Evaluation
Web Evaluation at the US National Institutes of Health: Use of the American Customer Satisfaction Index Online Customer Survey
Web GIS in practice: an interactive geographical interface to English Primary Care Trust performance ratings for 2003 and 2004
Web GIS in practice II: interactive SVG maps of diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases by Primary Care Trust in London, 1997 – 2003
Web GIS in practice III: creating a simple interactive map of England's Strategic Health Authorities using Google Maps API, Google Earth KML, and MSN Virtual Earth Map Control
Web GIS in practice IV: publishing your health maps and connecting to remote WMS sources using the Open Source UMN MapServer and DM Solutions MapLab
Web GIS in practice V: 3-D interactive and real-time mapping in Second Life
Web GIS in practice VI: a demo playlist of geo-mashups for public health neogeographers
Web Portals in Primary Care: An Evaluation of Patient Readiness and Willingness to Pay for Online Services
Web Queries as a Source for Syndromic Surveillance
Web reports: critically appraising online resources
Web services and workflow management for biological resources
Web Services at the European Bioinformatics Institute
WEB-THERMODYN: sequence analysis software for profiling DNA helical stability
WebArray: an online platform for microarray data analysis
WebEase: Development of a Web-Based Epilepsy Self-Management Intervention
WebFEATURE: an interactive web tool for identifying and visualizing functional sites on macromolecular structures
WebGestalt: an integrated system for exploring gene sets in various biological contexts
WebInterViewer: visualizing and analyzing molecular interaction networks
WebMOTIFS: automated discovery, filtering and scoring of DNA sequence motifs using multiple programs and Bayesian approaches
[email protected]: a web application for normal mode analyses of proteins
webPIPSA: a web server for the comparison of protein interaction properties
WebProAnalyst: an interactive tool for analysis of quantitative structure–activity relationships in protein families
WEBSAGE: a web tool for visual analysis of differentially expressed human SAGE tags
WebSat ‐ A web software for microsatellite marker development
WebScipio: An online tool for the determination of gene structures using protein sequences
Website Quality Indicators for Consumers
Website Review: How to Get the Best From Fission Yeast Genome Data
Website Review: Protein-Protein Interactions on the Web
Website Update: A New Graphical User Interface to EMBOSS
Webtag: a new web tool providing tags/anchors for RT-PCR experiments with prokaryotes
WebTraceMiner: a web service for processing and mining EST sequence trace files
Wee1 kinase alters cyclin E/Cdk2 and promotes apoptosis during the early embryonic development of Xenopus laevis
Weeder Web: discovery of transcription factor binding sites in a set of sequences from co-regulated genes
WeederH: an algorithm for finding conserved regulatory motifs and regions in homologous sequences
Weekly induction intraperitoneal chemotherapy after primary surgical cytoreduction in patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer
Weekly intra-articular injections of bone morphogenetic protein-7 inhibits osteoarthritis progression
Weekly oxaliplatin, 5-fluorouracil and folinic acid (OXALF) as first-line chemotherapy for elderly patients with advanced gastric cancer: results of a phase II trial
Wegbereiter der Chirurgie, Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach—Theodor Billroth
Wegener's granulomatosis and autoantibodies to neutrophil antigens
Wegener's granulomatosis: current and upcoming therapies
Wegener's Granulomatosis presenting with an abscess in the parotid gland: a case report
WEGO: a web tool for plotting GO annotations
Weighing our measures of gene expression
Weight, Blood Pressure, and Dietary Benefits After 12 Months of a Web-based Nutrition Education Program (DASH for Health): Longitudinal Observational Study
Weight gain and psychiatric treatment: is there as role for green tea and conjugated linoleic acid?
Weight gain in childhood and body composition at 18 years of age in Brazilian males
Weight, height, body mass index and risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women: a case-control study
Weight loss and brown adipose tissue reduction in rat model of sleep apnea
Weight Loss and Mortality
Weight Loss and Mortality: What Does the Evidence Show?
Weight loss dynamics during combined fluoxetine and olanzapine treatment
Weight loss maintenance in women two to eleven years after participating in a commercial program: a survey
Weight management in a cohort of Irish inpatients with serious mental illness (SMI) using a modular behavioural programme. A preliminary service evaluation
Weight-modification trials in older adults: what should the outcome measure be?
Weight of evidence versus weight of speculation to evaluate the alpha2u-globulin hypothesis.
Weight of the evidence on the human carcinogenicity of 2,4-D *
Weight reduction is not a major reason for improvement in rheumatoid arthritis from lacto-vegetarian, vegan or Mediterranean diets
Weighted analysis of general microarray experiments
Weighted gene coexpression network analysis strategies applied to mouse weight
Weighting by heritability for detection of quantitative trait loci with microarray estimates of gene expression
Weil's Disease
Welch, Sedgwick, and the Hopkins model of hygiene.
Welcome Message from the Scientific Programme Committee
Welcome to “Bioinformation” a data journal
Welcome to Biotechnology for Biofuels
Welcome to Carbon Balance and Management
Welcome to Epigenetics & Chromatin
Welcome to Fibrogenesis & Tissue Repair
Welcome to Implementation Science
Welcome To International Seminars In Surgical Oncology
Welcome to Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine
Welcome to Journal of Foot and Ankle Research : a new open access journal for foot health professionals
Welcome to Journal of Ovarian Research
Welcome to Molecular Brain
Welcome to Neural Development
Welcome to Parasites & Vectors
Welcome to PathoGenetics
Welcome to PLoS Computational Biology “Education”
Welcome to Preventing Chronic Disease
Welcome to Source Code for Biology and Medicine
Welcome to the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (IJBNPA)!
Welcome to the Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Welcome to the Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines ( JIBTV )
Welcome to the Journal of Medical Internet Research
Welcome to the Journal of Neuroinflammation!
Welcome to the New Environmental Health Perspectives
Welcome to Thyroid Research
Well-being in residency training: a survey examining resident physician satisfaction both within and outside of residency training and mental health in Alberta
"Well-determined" regions in RNA secondary structure prediction: analysis of small subunit ribosomal RNA.
Well, well, well water.
Wellcome and "The great past".
Wellcome Historical Medical Museum and Library Saturday Opening
Wellcome Home to the Wellcome Foundation Archive
Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine: a short history
Wellcome witnesses to twentieth-century medicine
Wellcome witnesses to twentieth century medicine, vol. 2. Making the human body transparent: the impact of nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging. Research in general practice. Drugs in psychiatric practice. The MRC Common Cold Unit
Wellington's Surgeon General; Sir James McGrigor
Wellness in Every Stage of Life: A New Paradigm for Public Health Programs
Wellness through a comprehensive Yogic breathing program – A controlled pilot trial
Wellness Within REACH
Weltgeschichte der Homöopathie. Länder—Schulen—Heilkundige
Were Eli Lilly Unaware of This Study?
Werkplaatsen van wetenschap en techniek. Industriële en academische laboratoria in Nederland 1860–1940. Tijdschrift voor de Geschiedenis der Geneeskunde, Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Techniek
Werner's Syndrome (Progeria in the Adult)
Werner Syndrome
Werner syndrome exonuclease catalyzes structure-dependent degradation of DNA
Werner syndrome helicase contains a 5'-->3' exonuclease activity that digests DNA and RNA strands in DNA/DNA and RNA/DNA duplexes dependent on unwinding.
Wernicke's works on aphasia. A sourcebook and review
West Indian workers and the United Fruit Company in Costa Rica, 1870–1940
West Nile Virus Epidemics in North America Are Driven by Shifts in Mosquito Feeding Behavior
West Nile Virus in Birds, Argentina
West Nile Virus in Golden Eagles, Spain, 2007
West Nile Virus: Peterson et al. Respond
Westel Willoughby—Litchfield County Pioneer *
Western Australian food security project
Western Diseases: Their Emergence and Prevention
Western medical ethics taught to junior medical students can cross cultural and linguistic boundaries
Western medical thought from Antiquity to the Middle Ages
Western medicine: an illustrated history
Western medicine as contested knowledge
Westminster Hospital, 1716–1966
Wet Belly in Reindeer ( Rangifer tarandus tarandus ) in Relation to Body Condition, Body Temperature and Blood Constituents
Wet-nurses in early modern England: some evidence from the Townshend archive.
Wet nursing: a history from antiquity to the present
WFDC2 (HE4): A potential role in the innate immunity of the oral cavity and respiratory tract and the development of adenocarcinomas of the lung
wFleaBase: the Daphnia genome database
WGCNA: an R package for weighted correlation network analysis
Whales and whaling: contributions by the medical profession.
Whales, dolphins or fishes? The ethnotaxonomy of cetaceans in São Sebastião, Brazil
What a blessing she had chloroform: the medical and social response to the pain of childbirth from 1800 to the present
What a Blessing She Had Chloroform: The Medical and Social Response to the Pain of Childbirth from 1800 to the Present
What a waste.
What about the ducks? An alternative vaccination strategy.
"What About the Next 100 Years"
What advice are oncologists and surgeons in the United Kingdom giving to breast cancer patients about physical activity?
What Are Lightness Illusions and Why Do We See Them?
What Are Patients Seeking When They Turn to the Internet? Qualitative Content Analysis of Questions Asked by Visitors to an Orthopaedics Web Site
What Are the Benefits and Risks of Fitting Patients with Radiofrequency Identification Devices
What are the benefits of cognitive enhancers for Alzheimer's Disease: use of Population Impact Measures
What are the challenges of translating positive trial results in severe sepsis into clinical practice? A media roundtable debate, 18 March 2002, Brussels, Belgium
What Are the Implications for Childhood Pneumonia of Successfully Introducing Hib and Pneumococcal Vaccines in Developing Countries?
What Are the Priorities in Malaria Research?
What Are the Public Health Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising?
What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Media in Disseminating Health Information?
What are the roles involved in establishing and maintaining informational continuity of care within family practice? A systematic review
What Are You Feeling? Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Assess the Modulation of Sensory and Affective Responses during Empathy for Pain
What aspects of periods are most bothersome for women reporting heavy menstrual bleeding? Community survey and qualitative study
What can be learned from studying Asian health problems?
What can be learnt from models of incidence rates?
What can chronic arthritis pain teach about developing new analgesic drugs?
What can comparative genomics tell us about species concepts in the genus Aspergillus ?
What Can Genome-Wide Association Studies Tell Us about the Genetics of Common Disease
What can the study of lead teach us about other toxicants?
What can we do about osteoarthritis?
What Can We Do to Improve Child Health in Southern Italy?
What can we hope to gain for trypanosomiasis control from molecular studies on tsetse biology ?
What can we learn from facilitator and student perceptions of facilitation skills and roles in the first year of a problem-based learning curriculum?
What Can We Learn from Medical Whistleblowers?
What can we learn from noncoding regions of similarity between genomes?
What Causes Cancer Gallbladder?: A Review
What Causes Partial F1 Hybrid Viability? Incomplete Penetrance versus Genetic Variation
What Causes Specific Language Impairment in Children?
What Causes Stuttering?
What clinical and laboratory parameters determine significant intra abdominal pathology for patients assessed in hospital with acute abdominal pain?
What constitutes a "clinical trial"?: A survey of oncology professionals
What Controls Variation in Human Skin Color?
What cost environmental health?
What determines subjective health status in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: importance of symptoms in subjective health status of COPD patients
What Determines the Assembly of Transcriptional Network Motifs in Escherichia coli ?
What did the public think of health services reform in Bangladesh? Three national community-based surveys 1999–2003
What Did the WHO Studies Really Find?
What difference does ("good") HRM make?
What do clinicians want? Interest in integrative health services at a North Carolina academic medical center
What do community-dwelling Caucasian and South Asian 60–70 year olds think about exercise for fall prevention?
What do District Health Planners in Tanzania think about improving priority setting using 'Accountability for Reasonableness'?
What Do Evaluation Instruments Tell Us About the Quality of Complementary Medicine Information on the Internet?
What do evidence-based secondary journals tell us about the publication of clinically important articles in primary healthcare journals?
What do family physicians consider an error? A comparison of definitions and physician perception
What do hospital decision-makers in Ontario, Canada, have to say about the fairness of priority setting in their institutions?
What do medical students know about chronic pain and its management?
What do parents and preschool staff tell us about young children's physical activity: a qualitative study
What do patients want from their psychiatrist? A cross- sectional questionnaire based exploratory study from Karachi
What Do Physicians Know About Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and When Did They Know It? A Survey of 284 Physicians
What do the JAMA editors say when they discuss manuscripts that they are considering for publication? Developing a schema for classifying the content of editorial discussion
What Do We Feed to Food-Production Animals? A Review of Animal Feed Ingredients and Their Potential Impacts on Human Health
What do we know about communicating risk? A brief review and suggestion for contextualising serious, but rare, risk, and the example of cox-2 selective and non-selective NSAIDs
What do we know about how to do audit and feedback? Pitfalls in applying evidence from a systematic review
What do we know about medication errors made via a CPOE system versus those made via handwritten orders?
What do we know and when do we know it?
What Do We Mean by Internet Access? A Framework for Health Researchers
What do you do for a living? Toward a more succinct definition of health services research
What does a worm want with 20,000 genes?
What Does an Airline Traveler Have in Common with a Glowing Fish?
What does an orphan G-protein-coupled receptor have to do with estrogen?
What does decreased funding for science mean to the United States?
What Does Evolution Do with a Spare Set of Genes?
What does high NT-proBNP mean in septic shock patients? A part of the puzzle
What does my patient's coronary artery calcium score mean? Combining information from the coronary artery calcium score with information from conventional risk factors to estimate coronary heart disease risk
What Does PLIER Really Do?
What Does the Anatomical Organization of the Entorhinal Cortex Tell Us?
What does the marriage of Open Access with online publication bring?
What Does the Population Attributable Fraction Mean?
What Drives Health-Care Spending Priorities? An International Survey of Health-Care Professionals
What drives the binding of minor groove-directed ligands to DNA hairpins?
What effect do attempts to lose weight have on the observed relationship between nutrition behaviors and body mass index among adolescents?
What effect does physician "profiling" have on inpatient physician satisfaction and hospital length of stay?
What every psychiatrist should know about PANDAS: a review
What Everyone Ought to Know
What Evolution Is
What explains between-school differences in rates of sexual experience?
What explains between-school differences in rates of smoking?
What factors explain the number of physical therapy treatment sessions in patients referred with low back pain; a multilevel analysis
What Function Is Served By MHC Upregulation in Neural Cells?
What GATT begot: environment versus trade.
What Governs Enzyme Activity? For One Enzyme, Charge Contributes Only Weakly
What Guidelines? Never Saw Them!
What Happens in Between? Human Oscillatory Brain Activity Related to Crossmodal Spatial Cueing
What Happens to Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy Who Transfer Out to Another Facility?
What happens to the external carotid artery following carotid endarterectomy?
What have transgenic and knockout animals taught us about respiratory disease?
What I've Learned from E-Patients
What if Watson had said "Apes evolved from man"?
What if we decided to take care of everyone who needed treatment? Workforce planning in Mozambique using simulation of demand for HIV/AIDS care
What impact did the creation of Local Health Care Co-operatives have on indicators of practice resources and activity?
What impact do prescription drug charges have on efficiency and equity? Evidence from high-income countries
What influences recruitment to randomised controlled trials? A review of trials funded by two UK funding agencies
What initiates actin polymerization?
What Internet Services Would Patients Like From Hospitals During an Epidemic? Lessons From the SARS Outbreak in Toronto
What is a general physician? His role in the teaching hospital.
What is a pressure–volume curve?
What is a tumor promoter?
What is an acceptably smoothed fluence? Dosimetric and delivery considerations for dynamic sliding window IMRT
What is an adverse health effect?
What is e-health?
What is e-Health (2): The death of telemedicine?
What Is eHealth (3): A Systematic Review of Published Definitions
What Is eHealth (4): A Scoping Exercise to Map the Field
What Is eHealth (5): A Research Agenda for eHealth Through Stakeholder Consultation and Policy Context Review
What Is eHealth (6): Perspectives on the Evolution of eHealth Research
What is hazardous? What is safe?
What is important in evaluating health care quality? An international comparison of user views
What is Intrinsic Motivation? A Typology of Computational Approaches
What is Life?
What Is Life—and How Do We Search for It in Other Worlds?
What is life? Prerequisites for a definition.
What is MRI bone oedema in rheumatoid arthritis and why does it matter?
What is new in iron overload?
What is new in otitis media?
What is new in pertussis?
What is new in surgical treatment of vesicoureteric reflux?
What is new in uremic toxicity?
What is Nutrition & Metabolism ?
What is presumed when we presume consent?
What Is Qi?
What Is the Best Approach to Reducing Birth Defects Associated with Isotretinoin?
What Is the Best Approach to Treating Schizophrenia in Developing Countries?
What is the best myocardial perfusion protocol in diabetic patients?
What is the best site for central venous catheter insertion in critically ill patients?
What Is the Best Strategy for Reducing Deaths from Heart Disease?
What Is the Bioscience Industry Doing to Address the Ethical Issues It Faces?
What is the Business Case for Improving Care for Patients with Complex Conditions?
What is the clinical and ethical importance of incidental abnormalities found by knee MRI?
What is the empirical evidence that hospitals with higher-risk adjusted mortality rates provide poorer quality care? A systematic review of the literature
What is the Evidence for Endoscopic Thyroidectomy in the Management of Benign Thyroid Disease?
What Is the Future for Global Case Management Guidelines for Common Childhood Diseases?
What is the global burden of visual impairment?
What Is the Hobbit?
What is the impact of the ACE gene insertion/deletion (I/D) polymorphism on the clinical effectiveness and adverse events of ACE inhibitors? – Protocol of a systematic review
What is the mechanism of microalbuminuria in diabetes: a role for the glomerular endothelium?
What is the optimal gestational age for twin delivery
What is the optimal prophylaxis for treatment of cardiac allograft vasculopathy?
What is the origin of pancreatic adenocarcinoma?
What Is the Relationship between Haptoglobin, Malaria, and Anaemia?
What is the relationship between the minimally important difference and health state utility values? The case of the SF-6D
What is the role of environmental health science in cancer prevention?
What is the role of surfactant and inhaled nitric oxide in lung transplantation?
What is the role of theory in health behavior change interventions?
What is the value of social values? The uselessness of assessing health-related quality of life through preference measures
"What kills neurons in neurodegenerative diseases?", a review series in an open access journal
What kind of evidence is it that Evidence-Based Medicine advocates want health care providers and consumers to pay attention to?
What Led to the Nigerian Boycott of the Polio Vaccination Campaign?
"What lies beneath it all?" – an interview study of GPs' attitudes to the use of guidelines
What makes a mitochondrion?
What makes desiccation tolerable?
What makes humanity humane
What makes man human: thirty-ninth James Arthur lecture on the evolution of the human brain, 1970
What Makes Mice Fat? How the Brain Controls Energy Balance
What makes people decide who to turn to when faced with a mental health problem? Results from a French survey
What Makes Ribosome-Mediated Transcriptional Attenuation Sensitive to Amino Acid Limitation?
What makes species unique? The contribution of proteins with obscure features
What makes us human?
What makes us human? A biased view from the perspective of comparative embryology and mouse genetics
What makes us human: revisiting an age-old question in the genomic era
What makes Women Sick: Gender and the Political Economy of Health
What more of us means.
What motivates British parents to consent for research? A questionnaire study
What motivates senior clinicians to teach medical students?
What needs to change to increase chlamydia screening in general practice in Australia? The views of general practitioners
What Obstetrician-Gynecologists Think of Preconception Care
What of the future?
What oncologists tell patients about survival benefits of palliative chemotherapy and implications for informed consent: qualitative study
What orthopaedic surgery residents need to know about the hand and wrist?
What parameters affect left ventricular diastolic flow propagation velocity? in vitro studies using color m-mode doppler echocardiography
What parameters affect pain in core biopsy?
What People Are
What potential has tobacco control for reducing health inequalities? The New Zealand situation
What price community medicine? The philosophy, practice and politics of public health since 1919
What Price Medical Care?
What promotes sustainability in Safe Community programmes?
What properties characterize the hub proteins of the protein-protein interaction network of Saccharomyces cerevisiae?
What questions do patients undergoing lower extremity joint replacement surgery have?
What’s Behind the Spread of White Syndrome in Great Barrier Reef Corals?
What's causing Parkinson's?
What's eating us about what we're eating.
What's good for the gander may not be good for the goose.
What's happening to our frogs?
What's hiding under the sink: dangers of household pesticides.
What's in a centromere?
What's in a name?
What's in a name?
What's in a name? Henry Dale and adrenaline, 1906.
What's in a virus? Folk understandings of hepatitis C infection and infectiousness among injecting drug users in Kings Cross, Sydney
What’s in the genome of a filamentous fungus? Analysis of the Neurospora genome sequence
What's in the water: the disinfectant dilemma.
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