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The basophil activation test by flow cytometry: recent developments in clinical studies, standardization and emerging perspectives
`The battle for health': a political history of the Socialist Medical Association, 1930–51
The Battle to Reduce Maternal Deaths in Southern Lima
The BCL3 locus on chromosome 19 displays an informative microsatellite polymorphism
The BCMA gene, preferentially expressed during B lymphoid maturation, is bidirectionally transcribed.
The beast in the mosquito: the correspondence of Ronald Ross and Patrick Manson
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The beauty of biosolids.
The bedroom and the state: the changing practices and politics of contraception and abortion in Canada, 1880–1980
The befores and afters of molecular replacement
The beginning of the end for chimpanzee experiments?
The Beginning of the Research Stream in Family Medicine Residency Program at McMaster University
The Beginnings of Medical Practice in New Haven Colony
The Beginnings of Obstetrics in America *
The behavior of osteoblast-like cells on various substrates with functional blocking of integrin-β1 and integrin-β3
The Behavior of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Lesions
The behavior of UV-induced coagulase-positive and negative mutants of Staphylococcus aureus.
The Behavioral and Clinical Effects of Therapeutic Lifestyle Change on Middle-aged Adults
The Behavioural Response of Infants to Heat Stress *
The Beijing genotype and drug resistant tuberculosis in the Aral Sea region of Central Asia
The Belfast Cord Blood Bank.
The Belfast experiment in direct access to contrast radiography.
The Belfast hip screener: from infancy to maturity.
The Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
The Belfast Hospitals
The Belfast Hospitals
THE BELFAST HOSPITALS No. 2. The Benn Ulster Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital
The Belfast Medical School
The Belfast Medical School and the War
The Belfast smoking withdrawal centre: a preliminary report.
The Belgian PCB and dioxin incident of January-June 1999: exposure data and potential impact on health.
The Bell-Magendie-Walker controversy.
The beneficial effects of inhaled nitric oxide in patients with severe traumatic brain injury complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome: a hypothesis
The benefits and risks of bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccination among infants at high risk for both tuberculosis and severe combined immunodeficiency: assessment by Markov model
The benefits and threats of research partnerships with industry
The Benefits of Artemisinin Combination Therapy for Malaria Extend Beyond the Individual Patient
The benefits of participatory methodologies to develop effective community dialogue in the context of a microbicide trial feasibility study in Mwanza, Tanzania
The Benefits of Psychological Surgery: John Scoffern's Satire on Isaac Baker Brown
The Benzodiazepines. Monographs of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research
The Berkson Bias in Action
The best dialysis therapy? Results from an international survey among nephrology professionals
The Best Hysterias: Author's Response to Ghaemi
The Best in CytoJournal: 2005
The Best in CytoJournal: 2006
The best of 2005 in echocardiography back from EuroEcho 9 – Florence, Italy
The Best Rodent for the Job: NTP Workshop Compares Models
The Bet v 1 fold: an ancient, versatile scaffold for binding of large, hydrophobic ligands
The beta-actin gene of carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella).
The beta-globin domain in immature chicken erythrocytes: enhanced solubility is coincident with histone hyperacetylation.
The Beta-Glucan Receptor Dectin-1 Recognizes Specific Morphologies of Aspergillus fumigatus
THE BETA-LACTAM ANTIBIOTICS: Penicillins and Cephalosporins in Perspective
The beta recombinase from the Streptococcal plasmid pSM 19035 represses its own transcription by holding the RNA polymerase at the promoter region.
The beta recombinase of plasmid pSM19035 binds to two adjacent sites, making different contacts at each of them.
The beta subunit of E. coli glycyl-tRNA synthetase plays a major role in tRNA recognition.
The beta2 integrin CD11c distinguishes a subset of cytotoxic pulmonary T cells with potent antiviral effects in vitro and in vivo
The Betchworth portraits: members of the family of William Harvey.
The Bethel at Norwich: an eighteenth-century hospital for lunatics.
The bHLH/Per-Arnt-Sim transcription factor SIM2 regulates muscle transcript myomesin2 via a novel, non-canonical E-box sequence
The Bhopal disaster and its aftermath: a review
The Bhopal Saga: Causes and Consequences of the World’s Largest Industrial Disaster
The BHU bicentric bipolar prosthesis in fracture neck femur in active elderly
The Bi-Directional Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Hyperlipidemia
The Bicarbonate Transporter Is Essential for Bacillus anthracis Lethality
The Bidi Boom
The bidirectional promoter of two genes for the mitochondrial translational apparatus in mouse is regulated by an array of CCAAT boxes interacting with the transcription factor NF-Y
The Bidirectional Transfer and Fetal Vascular Pressure Changes Due to the Presence of 125 I-Labeled Inhibin A in the ex-vivo Human Placental Model
The biennial cycle of respiratory syncytial virus outbreaks in Croatia
The Biflavonoid Isoginkgetin Is a General Inhibitor of Pre-mRNA Splicing * S⃞
The bifunctional DCOH protein binds to HNF1 independently of its 4-alpha-carbinolamine dehydratase activity.
The bifunctional dihydrofolate reductase thymidylate synthase of Tetrahymena thermophila provides a tool for molecular and biotechnology applications
The Big Picture
The big problem of the missing cytology slides
The Binary Protein Interactome of Treponema pallidum – The Syphilis Spirochete
The binding mode of drugs to the TAR RNA of HIV-1 studied by electric linear dichroism.
The binding modes of a rationally designed photoactivated DNA nuclease determined by NMR.
The binding of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases to triazine dye conjugates.
The binding of an antisense oligonucleotide to a hairpin structure via triplex formation inhibits chemical and biological reactions.
The binding of an avian myeloblastosis virus basic 12,000 dalton protein to nucleic acids.
The binding of berenil to Escherichia coli ribosome.
The binding of gyrase to DNA: analysis by retention by nitrocellulose filters.
The binding of histones H1 and H5 to chromatin in chicken erythrocyte nuclei.
The Binding of Platinum (II) Complexes to Rabbit Skeletal Muscle G-Actin Induces Conformation Changes
The binding of poly(rA) and poly(rU) to denatured DNA. I. Model studies with homopolymers.
The binding of poly (rA) and poly (rU) to denatured DNA. II. Studies with natural DNAs.
The binding of polyamines and of ethidium bromide to tRNA.
The binding of RecA protein to duplex DNA molecules is directional and is promoted by a single stranded region.
The binding of ribosomal protein S1 to S1-depleted 30S and 70S ribosomes. A fluorescence anisotropy study of the effects of Mg2+.
The binding of T4 gene 32 protein to MS2 virus RNA and transfer RNA.
The binding of two dimers of IciA protein to the dnaA promoter 1P element enhances the binding of RNA polymerase to the dnaA promoter 1P.
The binding of tyrosinyl-5'-AMP to tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase (E.coli).
The binding site for neohesperidin dihydrochalcone at the human sweet taste receptor
The binding site for ribosomal protein S8 in 16S rRNA and spc mRNA from Escherichia coli: minimum structural requirements and the effects of single bulged bases on S8-RNA interaction.
The binding site for the liver-specific transcription factor Tf-LF1 and the TATA box of the human transferrin gene promoter are the only elements necessary to direct liver-specific transcription in vitro.
The binding sites for tRNA on eukaryotic ribosomes.
The Bio-assay of β-Estradiol *
The bio-medical pursuits of Christopher Wren.
The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology
The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology
The Biochemical Basis of Pulmonary Function
The biochemical characterization of the native pancreatic cholecystokinin receptor using affinity labeling approaches.
The biochemical defects of prp4-1 and prp6-1 yeast splicing mutants reveal that the PRP6 protein is required for the accumulation of the [U4/U6.U5] tri-snRNP.
The biochemical differentiation of Enterobacter sakazakii genotypes
The biochemical effects of physiologic amounts of dietary boron in animal nutrition models.
The Biochemical Target of Flexner Dysentery Somatic Antigen
The Biochemistry and Physiology of Bone
The Biochemistry and Physiology of Bone. Volume II
The Biochemistry of Adenosylmethionine
The Biochemistry of Animal Development
The Biochemistry of Malignant Tumors
The Biochemistry of Mucopolysaccharides of Connective Tissue
The Biochemistry of Poliomyelitis Viruses
The Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids
The Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids
The biocide tributyltin reduces the accumulation of testosterone as fatty acid esters in the mud snail (Ilyanassa obsoleta).
The Biocurator: Connecting and Enhancing Scientific Data
The Biogenesis of Mitochondria
The BioGRID Interaction Database: 2008 update
The Bioinformatics Links Directory: a Compilation of Molecular Biology Web Servers
The bioinformatics resource for oral pathogens
The BioLink SIG Workshop at ISMB2004
The Biologic Effects of Tobacco
The Biologic Fundamentals of Radiation Therapy
The Biological Action of Growth Substances
The Biological Action of the Vitamins: A Symposium
The biological activity of bacteriophage DNA, prepared by the cationic detergent dilution technique
The biological and clinical significance of nicks in human chorionic gonadotropin and its free beta-subunit.
The Biological and Social Meaning of Race
The Biological Aspects of Hodgkin's Disease
The Biological Aspects of Water Pollution
The Biological Big Bang model for the major transitions in evolution
The biological effects of diagnostic cardiac imaging on chronically exposed physicians: the importance of being non-ionizing
The biological exposure indices: a key component in protecting workers from toxic chemicals.
The biological function of some human transcription factor binding motifs varies with position relative to the transcription start site
The biological relevance of gastric neuroendocrine tumors.
The biological response of infant nonhuman primates to a polychlorinated biphenyl.
The biological sense of cancer: a hypothesis
The biological speciation and toxicokinetics of aluminum.
The biology and behavior of the longhorned beetle, Dectes texanus on sunflower and soybean
The biology and clinical relevance of somatostatin receptor scintigraphy in adrenal tumor management.
The biology and pathobiology of the ECL cells.
The biology and physiology of the ECL cell.
The biology and significance of human papillomavirus infections in the genital tract.
The Biology of Arteriosclerosis
The Biology of Cancer
The biology of circulating B lymphocytes infected with Epstein-Barr virus during infectious mononucleosis.
The Biology of Death: Origins of Mortality
The Biology of Degenerative Joint Disease
The biology of genomes: sequence gives way to function
The Biology of Human Ageing
The Biology of Human Conflict
The Biology of Mosquito-Borne Disease
The Biology of Oncogenic Viruses
The Biology of Pneumococcus
The Biology of the Cell Surface
The Biology of the Ets1 Proto-Oncogene
The Biomechanics of Amnion Rupture: An X-Ray Diffraction Study
The biomedical and epidemiological characteristics of asbestos-related diseases: a review.
The Biomolecular Interaction Network Database and related tools 2005 update
The BioPrompt-box: an ontology-based clustering tool for searching in biological databases
The biopsychosocial model and hypothyroidism
The bioscience revolution & the biological weapons threat: levers & interventions
The BioScope corpus: biomedical texts annotated for uncertainty, negation and their scopes
The Biosynthesis of Proteins
The Bioterrorism Sourcebook
The Biotic World and Man
The bipartite architecture of the sRNA in an archaeal box C/D complex is a primary determinant of specificity
The Bipolar Affective Disorder Dimension Scale (BADDS) – a dimensional scale for rating lifetime psychopathology in Bipolar spectrum disorders
“The Birth of a Clinic”? The IMS Dispensary in Gyantse (Tibet), 1904–1910
The Birth of a Family: The New Role of the Father in Childbirth
The Birth of an Anatomical Icon
The birth of bioethics
The birth of Emerging Themes in Epidemiology : a tale of Valerie, causality and epidemiology
The Birth of Penicillin and the Disarming of Microbes
The Birth of Reproductive Health: A Difficult Delivery
The birth of the cell
The birth of the clinic. An archaeology of medical perception
"The birth of the hospital in the Byzantine Empire". By Timothy S. Miller. Essay review.
The BiSearch web server
The Bittersweet Sounds of the Modern Food Chain
The Black Death: a biological reappraisal
The Black Death in the Middle East
The Black Sea in crisis.
The Black Stork: Eugenics and the Death of “Defective” Babies in American Medicine and Motion Pictures since 1915
The black stork: eugenics and the death of “defective” babies in American medicine and motion pictures since 1915
The ble resistance gene as a new selectable marker for Trypanosoma brucei: fly transmission of stable procyclic transformants to produce antibiotic resistant bloodstream forms.
The bleeding edge of technology.
The Blind Watchmaker Network: Scale-Freeness and Evolution
The BLISS cluster randomised controlled trial of the effect of 'active dissemination of information' on standards of care for premature babies in England (BEADI) study protocol [ISRCTN89683698]
The Blocks database--a system for protein classification.
The Blood Bank and the Technique and Therapeutics of Transfusions
The blood donor: detection and magnitude of cytomegalovirus carrier states and the prevalence of cytomegalovirus antibody.
The Blood of the Isles
The Blood Picture and Its Clinical Significance
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals *
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals *
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals *
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals *
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals *
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals *
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals *
The Blood Picture of Normal Laboratory Animals *
The Blood Plasma in Health and Disease
The Blood Pressure "Uncertainty Range" – a pragmatic approach to overcome current diagnostic uncertainties (II)
The Bloom’s and Werner’s syndrome proteins are DNA structure-specific helicases
The Bloom's syndrome helicase (BLM) interacts physically and functionally with p12, the smallest subunit of human DNA polymerase δ
The Bloom's syndrome helicase promotes the annealing of complementary single-stranded DNA
The Bloom’s syndrome helicase stimulates the activity of human topoisomerase IIIα
The Bmdsx transgene including trimmed introns is sex-specifically spliced in tissues of the silkworm, Bombyx mori
The Board of Supervision and the Scottish parochial medical service, 1845-95.
The body and surgery in the Middle Ages
The body emblazoned: dissection and the human body in Renaissance culture
The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World
The body in question
The body in Swift and Defoe
The body politic: the relationship between stigma and obesity-associated disease
The BOLD response and the gamma oscillations respond differently than evoked potentials: an interleaved EEG-fMRI study
The bone marrow aspirate and biopsy in the diagnosis of unsuspected nonhematologic malignancy: A clinical study of 19 cases
The bone morphogenetic protein antagonist gremlin 1 is overexpressed in human cancers and interacts with YWHAH protein
The Book of Health
The Book of Knowledge from the Mishnah Torah of Maimonides
The Book of Spices
The Border Health Strategic Initiative From a Community Perspective 1
The borderland of imbecility: medicine, society and the fabrication of the feeble mind in late Victorian and Edwardian England
The Bosnian version of the international self-report measure of posttraumatic stress disorder, the Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale, is reliable and valid in a variety of different adult samples affected by war
The botanic garden, Erasmus Darwin, 1791
The botanical integrity of wheat products influences the gastric distention and satiety in healthy subjects
The Bottleneck of Central Processing: Clues from Reaction Times
The boundaries of Eros: sex crime and sexuality in Renaissance Venice
The bovine QTL viewer: a web accessible database of bovine Quantitative Trait Loci
The Box C/D motif directs snoRNA 5′-cap hypermethylation
The boy who refused an IV: a case report of subcutaneous clodronate for bone pain in a child with Ewing Sarcoma
The BpTRU automatic blood pressure monitor compared to 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in the assessment of blood pressure in patients with hypertension
The Bradford Hill considerations on causality: a counterfactual perspective
The bradykinin BK2 receptor mediates angiotensin II receptor type 2 stimulated rat duodenal mucosal alkaline secretion
The Brain and Its Mechanism
The Brain as an Organ
The Brain Atlas: A Visual Guide to the Human Central Nervous System
The 'Brain Drain' of physicians: historical antecedents to an ethical debate, c. 1960–79
The brain-immune system connection.
The Brain in Experimental Vascular Disease *
The Brain in Hominid Evolution
The Brain's Sense of Movement
"The branches into which bacteriology is now ramifying" revisited.
The Brazilian biofuels industry
The BRCA1/2 pathway prevents hematologic cancers in addition to breast and ovarian cancers
The BRCA1 Ashkenazi founder mutations occur on common haplotypes and are not highly correlated with anonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms likely to be used in genome-wide case-control association studies
The BRCT domain of mammalian Pes1 is crucial for nucleolar localization and rRNA processing
The BRCT domain of mammalian Rev1 is involved in regulating DNA translesion synthesis
The breakdown of the cytokine network subsequent to human immunodeficiency virus infection
The Breaking of Bodies and Minds: Torture, Psychiatric Abuse, and the Health Professions
The Breast Cancer Family Registry: an infrastructure for cooperative multinational, interdisciplinary and translational studies of the genetic epidemiology of breast cancer
The Breast Milk Biomarker. Samples provide clues to exposure.
The Breast: travels with a titanic textbook
The breastfeeding experience of women with major difficulties who use the services of a breastfeeding clinic: a descriptive study
The brefeldin A resistance protein Bfr1p is a component of polyribosome-associated mRNP complexes in yeast
The Brent Spar saga.
The BRG1 transcriptional coregulator
The British Army and the problem of venereal disease in France and Egypt during the First World War.
The British hepatic angiosarcoma register.
The British Market for Medicine in the late Nineteenth Century: The Innovative Impact of S M Burroughs & Co
The British Medical Association: Belfast, 1937
The British medical profession and contagion theory: puerperal fever as a case study, 1830-1860.
The British National Health Service 1948–2008: A Review of the Historiography
The British Postgraduate Medical Federation: The First Fifteen Years
The British veterinary profession, 1791—1948
The broader context of medical ethics
The broadly insecticidal Photorhabdus luminescens toxin complex a (Tca): Activity against the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata , and sweet potato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci
The bromodomain: a conserved sequence found in human, Drosophila and yeast proteins.
The brown adipocyte differentiation pathway in birds: An evolutionary road not taken
The Brunonian influence on the medical thought and practice of Joseph Frank
The BsaHI restriction-modification system: Cloning, sequencing and analysis of conserved motifs
The 'bubu'tu' lesion in antiquity.
The buccal minor salivary glands as starting point for a metastasizing adenocarcinoma – report of a case
The buckyball effect
The budding yeast protein Chl1p is required to preserve genome integrity upon DNA damage in S-phase
The budding yeast U5 snRNP Prp8 is a highly conserved protein which links RNA splicing with cell cycle progression.
The bulge region of HIV-1 TAR RNA binds metal ions in solution
The burden of air pollution: impacts among racial minorities.
The Burden of Chronic Disease: The Future is Prevention
The burden of community-acquired pneumonia in the elderly: the Spanish EVAN-65 Study
The burden of diarrhoea, shigellosis, and cholera in North Jakarta, Indonesia: findings from 24 months surveillance
The burden of disease and injury in the United States 1996
The burden of disease profile of residents of Nairobi's slums: Results from a Demographic Surveillance System
The Burden of Human African Trypanosomiasis
The burden of malaria in Sudan: incidence, mortality and disability – adjusted life – years
The burden of multiple sclerosis: A community health survey
The burden of non communicable diseases in developing countries
The burden of pediatric HIV/AIDS in Constanta, Romania: a cross-sectional study
The burden of prolonged indwelling catheter after acute urinary retention in Ikeja – Lagos, Nigeria
The Burden of Trachoma in Ayod County of Southern Sudan
The Burghölzli centenary.
The Burkholderia Genome Database: facilitating flexible queries and comparative analyses
The Business Case for Preconception Care: Methods and Issues
The business of medicine: the extraordinary history of Glaxo
The Butchers of London. A history of the Worshipful Company of Butchers of the City of London
The butyrylcholinesterase gene (BCHE) at 3q26.2 shows two RFLPs
The Buzz and the Sting
The C 1 C 2 : A framework for simultaneous model selection and assessment
The C(-1019)G 5-HT1A promoter polymorphism and personality traits: no evidence for significant association in alcoholic patients
The C. elegans EMAP-like protein, ELP-1 is required for touch sensation and associates with microtubules and adhesion complexes
The C. elegans Opa1 Homologue EAT-3 Is Essential for Resistance to Free Radicals
The C. elegans vitellogenin genes: short sequence repeats in the promoter regions and homology to the vertebrate genes.
The C/H3 Domain of p300 Is Required to Protect VRK1 and VRK2 from their Downregulation Induced by p53
The c-myc coding region determinant-binding protein: a member of a family of KH domain RNA-binding proteins.
The c-myc protein represses the lambda 5 and TdT initiators.
The C-peptide Signaling
The C-terminal 70 amino acids of the adenovirus E4-ORF6/7 protein are essential and sufficient for E2F complex formation.
The C-terminal carboxy group of T7 RNA polymerase ensures efficient magnesium ion-dependent catalysis.
The C-terminal conserved domain of DNA-PKcs, missing in the SCID mouse, is required for kinase activity
The C-terminal domain but not the tyrosine 723 of human DNA topoisomerase I active site contributes to kinase activity.
The C-terminal domain of Escherichia coli Hfq is required for regulation
The C-terminal domain of Escherichia coli MutY is involved in DNA binding and glycosylase activities
The C-terminal domain of the Bloom syndrome DNA helicase is essential for genomic stability
The C-terminal domain of the Escherichia coli DNA gyrase A subunit is a DNA-binding protein.
The C-terminal domain of the Escherichia coli RNA polymerase α subunit plays a role in the CI-dependent activation of the bacteriophage λ p M promoter
The C-terminal domain of yeast PCNA is required for physical and functional interactions with Cdc9 DNA ligase
The C-terminal fragment of the ribosomal P protein complexed to trichosanthin reveals the interaction between the ribosome-inactivating protein and the ribosome
The C-terminal loop of the homing endonuclease I-CreI is essential for site recognition, DNA binding and cleavage
The C-terminal αO helix of human Ogg1 is essential for 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase activity: the mitochondrial β-Ogg1 lacks this domain and does not have glycosylase activity
The C-terminal region of Drosophila heat shock factor (HSF) contains a constitutively functional transactivation domain.
The C-terminal region of Escherichia coli UvrC contributes to the flexibility of the UvrABC nucleotide excision repair system
The C-terminal region of the Escherichia coli UvrC protein, which is homologous to the C-terminal region of the human ERCC1 protein, is involved in DNA binding and 5'-incision.
The C-terminal silencing domain of Rap1p is essential for the repression of ribosomal protein genes in response to a defect in the secretory pathway.
The C-terminal subunit of artificially truncated human cathepsin B mediates its nuclear targeting and contributes to cell viability
The C-terminal zinc finger of the catalytic subunit of DNA polymerase δ is responsible for direct interaction with the B-subunit
The C terminus of the human telomerase reverse transcriptase is a determinant of enzyme processivity
The C terminus of the NF-kappa B p50 precursor and an I kappa B isoform contain transcription activation domains.
The c1 genes of P1 and P7.
The c1 repressor of bacteriophage P1 operator-repressor interaction of wild-type and mutant repressor proteins.
The c4 repressor of bacteriophage P1 is a processed 77 base antisense RNA.
The C5 region of HIV-1 gp120 binds specific
The C677T methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase variant and third trimester obstetrical complications in women with unexplained elevations of maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein
The caCORE Software Development Kit: Streamlining construction of interoperable biomedical information services
The Cadherin Superfamily in Anopheles gambiae : a Comparative Study With Drosophila melanogaster
The Caenorhabditis chemoreceptor gene families
The Caenorhabditis elegans genome contains monomorphic minisatellites and simple sequences.
The Caenorhabditis elegans Y87G2A.14 Nudix hydrolase is a peroxisomal coenzyme A diphosphatase
The Caenorhabditis globin gene family reveals extensive nematode-specific radiation and diversification
The caffeine breath test and caffeine urinary metabolite ratios in the Michigan cohort exposed to polybrominated biphenyls: a preliminary study.
The calcaneocuboid joint moves with three degrees of freedom
The calcium activated nucleotidases: A diverse family of soluble and membrane associated nucleotide hydrolyzing enzymes
The calcium-binding protein S100P in normal and malignant human tissues
The calcium channel β2 (CACNB2) subunit repertoire in teleosts
The calcium sensor STIM1 is an essential mediator of arterial thrombosis and ischemic brain infarction
The Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine: institutionalizing medical research in the periphery.
The call to seriousness. The Evangelical impact on the Victorians
The calorically restricted ketogenic diet, an effective alternative therapy for malignant brain cancer
The calpains: modular designs and functional diversity
The Cambridge companion to Freud
The Cambridge encyclopedia of human paleopathology
The Cambridge illustrated history of medicine
The Cambridge world history of food
The Cambridge world history of human disease
The cAMP pathway is important for controlling the morphological switch to the pathogenic yeast form of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis
The cAMP response element binding protein, CREB, is a potent inhibitor of diverse transcriptional activators.
The campaign for prohibition in Victorian England
"The Campbell heritage lives on". The Robert Campbell oration delivered on 8th May, 1973.
The Campbell Memorial Oration
The CaMV transactivator/viroplasmin interferes with RDR6-dependent trans -acting and secondary siRNA pathways in Arabidopsis
The Canadian celiac health survey – the Ottawa chapter pilot
The Canadian Natural Health Products (NHP) Regulations: Industry Compliance Motivations
The Canadian Natural Health Products (NHP) regulations: industry perceptions and compliance factors
The cancer conundrum.
The Cancer Differential: Minorities in Racially Segregated Urban Areas at Higher Risk than Whites
The cancer patient’s friend
The Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network
The cancer secretome: a reservoir of biomarkers
The cancer stem cell: Evidence for its origin as an injured autoreactive T Cell
The cancer translational research informatics platform
The Candida Genome Database (CGD), a community resource for Candida albicans gene and protein information
The candidate genes TAF5L, TCF7, PDCD1 , IL6 and ICAM1 cannot be excluded from having effects in type 1 diabetes
The CAP cancer protocols – a case study of caCORE based data standards implementation to integrate with the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid
The capacity of short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides to stimulate faecal bifidobacteria: a dose-response relationship study in healthy humans
The capacity to change: building global environmental health expertise.
The capacity to form H-DNA cannot substitute for GAGA factor binding to a (CT) n ·(GA) n regulatory site
The CAPN10 Gene Is Associated with Insulin Resistance Phenotypes in the Spanish Population
The capsule polysaccharide structure and biogenesis for non-O1 Vibrio cholerae NRT36S: genes are embedded in the LPS region
The Captain of the Men of Death
The carbohydrate at asparagine 386 on HIV-1 gp120 is not essential for protein folding and function but is involved in immune evasion
The Carbon Footprint of Biofuels: Can We Shrink It Down to Size in Time?
The carboxyl-terminal part of the putative Berne virus polymerase is expressed by ribosomal frameshifting and contains sequence motifs which indicate that toro- and coronaviruses are evolutionarily related.
The carboxyl terminal trimer of procollagen I induces pro-metastatic changes and vascularization in breast cancer cells xenografts
The carboxyterminal zinc fingers of TFIIIA interact with the tip of helix V of 5S RNA in the 7S ribonucleoprotein particle.
The carboxyterminus of human c-myb protein stimulates activated transcription in trans.
The carcinogenesis bioassay in perspective: application in identifying human cancer hazards.
The Carcinogenic Potency Database: analyses of 4000 chronic animal cancer experiments published in the general literature and by the U.S. National Cancer Institute/National Toxicology Program.
The carcinogenic potential of tacrolimus ointment beyond immune suppression: a hypothesis creating case report
The carcinogenicity of arsenic.
The carcinogenicity of beryllium.
The carcinogenicity of chromium
The carcinogenicity of methoxyl derivatives of 4-aminoazobenzene: correlation between DNA adducts and genotoxicity.
The Carcinoid Syndrome
The Carcinolytic Action of Sera *
The cardiac filling pressure following exercise and thermal stress.
The Cardiac Glycosides
The 'cardiac-lung mass' artifact: an echocardiographic sign of lung atelectasis and/or pleural effusion
The cardiac sodium channel mutation delQKP 1507–1509 is associated with the expanding phenotypic spectrum of LQT3, conduction disorder, dilated cardiomyopathy, and high incidence of youth sudden death
The cardiology of R.T.H. Laennec.
The cardiovascular profile of soccer referees: an echocardiographic study
The Care and Breeding of Laboratory Animals
The Care of Asthma Patients
The Care of Cripples
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