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Toward An Understanding of Developmental Coordination Disorder: Terminological and Diagnostic Issues
Toward an understanding of the structural basis of translation
Toward bacterial protein sub-cellular location prediction: single-class discrimminant models for all gram- and gram+ compartments
Toward Comprehensive Interventions to Improve the Health of Women of Reproductive Age
Toward estimating the impact of changes in immigrants' insurance eligibility on hospital expenditures for uncompensated care
Toward Extending the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment to Cued Speech
Toward less misleading comparisons of uncertain risks: the example of aflatoxin and alar.
Toward monitoring specific DNA lesions in the gene by using pollen systems.
Toward more effective gene delivery
Toward Prevention and Control of Type 2 Diabetes: Challenges at the U.S.-Mexico Border and Beyond 1
Toward resolution of the divergent effects of estrogens on the prostate gland of CF-1 mice.
Toward the Assessment of Food Toxicity for Celiac Patients: Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies to a Main Immunogenic Gluten Peptide
Toward the automated generation of genome-scale metabolic networks in the SEED
Toward the effective surveillance of hypospadias.
Toward the harmonization of immune monitoring in clinical trials: Quo vadis?
Toward the Philosophy of CAM: Super-system and Epimedical Sciences
Toward the twenty-first century: lessons from lead and lessons yet to learn.
Toward therapeutic cloning and regenerative biology research forum: To clone or not to clone
Towards a better solution to the shortest common supersequence problem: the deposition and reduction algorithm
Towards a Better Understanding of the Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Sunlight-Induced Melanoma
Towards a Cheap and Easy Way to Monitor HIV/AIDS
Towards a collaborative, global infrastructure for biodiversity assessment
Towards a complete description of the microRNA complement of animal genomes
Towards a complete sequence of the human Y chromosome
Towards a comprehensive estimate of national spending on prevention
Towards a comprehensive structural coverage of completed genomes: a structural genomics viewpoint
Towards a Coronavirus-Based HIV Multigene Vaccine
Towards a Data Sharing Culture: Recommendations for Leadership from Academic Health Centers
Towards a Digital Body: The Virtual Arm Illusion
Towards a feasible algorithm for tight glycaemic control in critically ill patients: a systematic review of the literature
Towards a Formative Assessment of Classroom Competencies (FACCs) for postgraduate medical trainees
Towards a framework for the evolutionary genomics of Kinetoplastids: what kind of data and how much?
Towards a General Theory of Neural Computation Based on Prediction by Single Neurons
Towards a healthy diet: from nutrition recommendations to dietary advice
Towards a history of infective endocarditis.
Towards a History of Medical Missions
Towards a Holistic, Yet Gene-Centered Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles: A Case Study of Human Lung Cancers
Towards a lightweight generic computational grid framework for biological research
Towards a model for integrative medicine in Swedish primary care
Towards a molecular definition of worker sterility: differential gene expression and reproductive plasticity in honey bees
Towards a molecular dynamics consensus view of B-DNA flexibility
Towards a molecular understanding of symbiont function: Identification of a fungal gene for the degradation of xylan in the fungus gardens of leaf-cutting ants
Towards a new strategy to implement psychosomatic knowledge in medical practice
Towards a Noninvasive Intracranial Tumor Irradiation Using 3D Optical Imaging and Multimodal Data Registration
Towards a pathway definition of Parkinson’s disease: a complex disorder with links to cancer, diabetes and inflammation
Towards a physical map of the Drosophila melanogaster genome: mapping of cosmid clones within defined genomic divisions.
Towards a possible aetiology for depressions?
Towards a research agenda for global malaria elimination
Towards a Semantic Lexicon for Biological Language Processing
Towards a standardization of thrombin generation assessment: The influence of tissue factor, platelets and phospholipids concentration on the normal values of Thrombogram-Thrombinoscope assay
Towards a sterile insect technique field release of Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes in Sudan: Irradiation, transportation, and field cage experimentation
Towards a theory of biological robustness
Towards a Vaccine against Plasmodium vivax Malaria
Towards a Vaccine Against Rheumatic Fever
Towards a virtual Arabidopsis plant
Towards Alignment Independent Quantitative Assessment of Homology Detection
Towards an automated virtual slide screening: theoretical considerations and practical experiences of automated tissue-based virtual diagnosis to be implemented in the Internet
Towards an automatic classification of protein structural domains based on structural similarity
Towards an Image of a Memory Trace
Towards an Integrated Framework for Assessing the Vulnerability of Species to Climate Change
Towards an integrated model for breast cancer etiology: The crucial role of the number of mammary tissue-specific stem cells
Towards an integrated model for breast cancer etiology: The lifelong interplay of genes, lifestyle, and hormones
Towards an International Classification for Patient Safety: a Delphi survey
Towards an International Classification for Patient Safety: key concepts and terms
Towards an International Classification for Patient Safety: the conceptual framework
Towards an understanding of barriers to condom use in rural Benin using the Health Belief Model: A cross sectional survey
Towards an understanding of salient neighborhood boundaries: adolescent reports of an easy walking distance and convenient driving distance
Towards artificial ribonucleases: the sequence-specific cleavage of RNA in a duplex.
Towards Better Evaluation of Pneumococcal Vaccines
Towards bioinformatics assisted infectious disease control
Towards Complete Sets of Farnesylated and Geranylgeranylated Proteins
Towards comprehensive assessment of mitral regurgitation using cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Towards comprehensive characterization of HER2 overexpression
Towards comprehensive structural motif mining for better fold annotation in the "twilight zone" of sequence dissimilarity
Towards construction of a high resolution map of the mouse genome using PCR-analysed microsatellites.
Towards defining the nuclear proteome
Towards Development of a 3-State Self-Paced Brain-Computer Interface
Towards enhancing national capacity for evidence informed policy and practice in falls management: a role for a "Translation Task Group"?
Towards ethical guidelines for dealing with unsolicited patient emails and giving teleadvice in the absence of a pre-existing patient-physician relationship — systematic review and expert survey
Towards ethical guidelines for e-health: JMIR Theme Issue on eHealth Ethics
Towards evidence-based, GIS-driven national spatial health information infrastructure and surveillance services in the United Kingdom
Towards identification of cis-acting elements involved in the replication of enterovirus and rhinovirus RNAs: a proposal for the existence of tRNA-like terminal structures.
Towards in vivo application of RNA interference – new toys, old problems
Towards Inference of a Biochemical Ontology From a Metabolic Database
Towards integrating vectors for gene therapy: expression of functional bacteriophage MuA and MuB proteins in mammalian cells
Towards integration of general practitioner posts and accident and emergency departments: a case study of two integrated emergency posts in the Netherlands
Towards Interoperability in Genome Databases: The MAtDB (MIPS Arabidopsis Thaliana Database) Experience
Towards mixed sequence recognition by triple helix formation.
Towards ontology-driven navigation of the lipid bibliosphere
Towards Open Access
Towards Painless Orthopaedic Surgery
Towards pathogenomics: a web-based resource for pathogenicity islands
Towards pervasive computing in health care – A literature review
Towards practical biocatalytic Baeyer-Villiger reactions: applying a thermostable enzyme in the gram-scale synthesis of optically-active lactones in a two-liquid-phase system
Towards precise classification of cancers based on robust gene functional expression profiles
Towards Predictive Computational Models of Oncolytic Virus Therapy: Basis for Experimental Validation and Model Selection
Towards properly controlled analytical measurement methods
Towards reconciling structure and function in the nuclear pore complex
Towards reconstructing a metabolic tree of life
Towards reconstruction of gene networks from expression data by supervised learning
Towards safer, better healthcare: harnessing the natural properties of complex sociotechnical systems
Towards Semantic e-Science for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Towards socially inclusive research: An evaluation of telephone questionnaire administration in a multilingual population
Towards standardization of RNA quality assessment using user-independent classifiers of microcapillary electrophoresis traces
Towards standardized measurement of adverse events in spine surgery: conceptual model and pilot evaluation
Towards synthesis of a minimal cell
Towards systematic identification of Plasmodium essential genes by transposon shuttle mutagenesis
Towards Systems Biology of Heterosis: A Hypothesis about Molecular Network Structure Applied for the Arabidopsis Metabolome
Towards systems genetic analyses in barley: Integration of phenotypic, expression and genotype data into GeneNetwork
Towards the development of a DNA-sequence based approach to serotyping of Salmonella enterica
Towards the development of Bacillus subtilis as a cell factory for membrane proteins and protein complexes
Towards the high-resolution protein structure prediction. Fast refinement of reduced models with all-atom force field
Towards the ictalurid catfish transcriptome: generation and analysis of 31,215 catfish ESTs
Towards the identification of essential genes using targeted genome sequencing and comparative analysis
Towards the Millennium of Cybermedicine
Towards the understanding of the cocoa transcriptome: Production and analysis of an exhaustive dataset of ESTs of Theobroma cacao L. generated from various tissues and under various conditions
Towards the uniform distribution of null P values on Affymetrix microarrays
Towards the visualization of genome activity at nanoscale dimensions
Towards understanding neural survival, differentiation and death
Towards understanding the first genome sequence of a crenarchaeon by genome annotation using clusters of orthologous groups of proteins (COGs)
Towards understanding the myometrial physiome: approaches for the construction of a virtual physiological uterus
Towards understanding the presence/absence of Human African Trypanosomosis in a focus of Côte d'Ivoire: a spatial analysis of the pathogenic system
Towards unity and autonomy: the Belgian medical profession in the nineteenth century.
Towards validating the hypothesis of phylogenetic profiling
Towards Web-based representation and processing of health information
Towards Zero Training for Brain-Computer Interfacing
Towns in societies. Essays in economic history and economic sociology
TOX defines a conserved subfamily of HMG-box proteins
Tox/Path team takes on differential gene expression.
Toxemias of Pregnancy *
Toxic and gonadotropic effects of cadmium and boron relative to standards for these substances in drinking water.
Toxic beryllium and genetic testing.
Toxic beryllium: new solutions for a chronic problem.
Toxic cocaine- and convulsant-induced modification of forced swimming behaviors and their interaction with ethanol: comparison with immobilization stress
Toxic compensation bills.
Toxic effects in C57B1/6 and DBA/2 mice following consumption of halogenated aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated Great Lakes coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch Walbaum).
Toxic Effects of Antithyroid Drugs *
Toxic effects of lead in the developing nervous system: in oculo experimental models.
Toxic effects of lead on neuronal development and function.
Toxic effects of methoxychlor on the episodic prolactin secretory pattern: Possible mediated effects of nitric oxide production
Toxic elevation of serum lithium concentration by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Toxic equivalency factors (TEFs) for PCBs, PCDDs, PCDFs for humans and wildlife.
Toxic evaluation of organic extracts from airborne particulate matter in Puerto Rico.
Toxic Goitre
Toxic Inheritance Fathers' Job May Mean Cancer for Kids
Toxic interactions among environmental pollutants: corroborating laboratory observations with human experience.
Toxic metals in aquatic ecosystems: a microbiological perspective.
Toxic Neighbors?: Fetal Death Risk Near Hazardous Waste Sites
Toxic Polyneuritis
Toxic potential of the plasticizer Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in the context of its disposition and metabolism in primates and man.
Toxic shock syndrome responsive to steroids
Toxic substances from coal energy: an overview.
Toxic threats to neurologic development of children.
Toxic tides.
Toxic Toys
Toxic Waste Research
Toxic wastes and kidney disease: research needs.
Toxicant-induced loss of tolerance--an emerging theory of disease?
Toxicants and Teen Health: Pollutant Effects on Adolescent Thyroid Function
Toxicities of ethylene glycol and ethylene glycol monoethyl ether in Fischer 344/N rats and B6C3F1 mice.
Toxicities of PCBs to Fish and Environmental Residues
Toxicity after prolonged (more than four weeks) administration of intravenous colistin
Toxicity and carcinogenicity of potassium bromate--a new renal carcinogen.
Toxicity and carcinogenicity studies of boric acid in male and female B6C3F1 mice.
Toxicity and fetotoxicity of TCDD, TCDF and PCB isomers in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta).
Toxicity and health effects of selected organotin compounds: a review.
Toxicity and health threats of phthalate esters: review of the literature.
Toxicity and morbility after isolated lower limb perfusion in 242 chemo-hyperthermal treatments for cutaneous melanoma: The experience of the Tuscan Reference Centre
Toxicity and residue studies in dairy animals with FireMaster FF-1 (polybrominated biphenyls)
Toxicity Assays in Nanodrops Combining Bioassay and Morphometric Endpoints
Toxicity in mice expressing short hairpin RNAs gives new insight into RNAi
Toxicity modeling and prediction with pattern recognition.
Toxicity of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) in aquatic organisms.
Toxicity of CdSe Nanoparticles in Caco-2 Cell Cultures
Toxicity of Certain Penta-Coordinated Organotin(IV) and Tetra-Coordinated Tin(II) Complexes of Heterocyclic β-Diketones Against the Larvae of Aedes Aegypti (Liston)
Toxicity of chlorinated aromatic compounds in animals and humans: in vitro approaches to toxic mechanisms and risk assessment.
Toxicity of chloroprene, 1,3-dichlorobutene-2, and 1,4-dichlorobutene-2.
Toxicity of combustion products from burning polymers: development and evaluation of methods
Toxicity of culture material of Fusarium verticillioides strain MRC 826 to nonhuman primates.
Toxicity of endogenous and environmental estrogens: what is the role of elemental interactions?
Toxicity of firemaster FF-1 and 2,2',4,4',5,5'-hexabromobiphenyl in cultures of C3H/10T 1/2 mammalian fibroblasts.
Toxicity of fragrances.
Toxicity of fruit fly baits to beneficial insects in citrus.
Toxicity of inhaled methyl isocyanate in F344/N rats and B6C3F1 mice. I. Acute exposure and recovery studies.
Toxicity of metabolites produced by the "Alternaria".
Toxicity of mycotoxins for the rat pulmonary macrophage in vitro.
Toxicity of new spinal agents.
Toxicity of PBBs with special reference to porphyrinogenic action and spectral interaction with hepatic cytochrome P-450.
Toxicity of platinum (IV) salts for cells of pulmonary origin.
Toxicity of polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) in Domestic and laboratory animals.
Toxicity of polychlorinated biphenyl with special reference to porphyrin metabolism.
Toxicity of polymyxins: a systematic review of the evidence from old and recent studies
Toxicity of styrene vapor in hepatocyte monolayers at low oxygen tensions.
Toxicity of the Organophosphate Chemical Warfare Agents GA, GB, and VX: Implications for Public Protection.
Toxicity of vesicant agents scheduled for destruction by the Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program.
Toxicity of vinyl chloride and poly(vinyl chloride): a critical review.
Toxicity Profiles In Vivo in Mice and Antitumour Activity in Tumour-Bearing Mice of Di- and Triorganotin Compounds
Toxicity, Spectroscopic Characterization and Electrochemical Behaviour of New Macrocclic Complexes of Lead(II) and Palladium(II) Metals
Toxicity tests in animals: alternative models.
Toxicity tests in animals: extrapolating to human risks.
Toxicity tests in animals: historical perspectives and new opportunities.
Toxicity Tests: “Inert” and Active Ingredients
Toxicity, uptake, and mutagenicity of particulate and soluble nickel compounds.
Toxicogenomic analysis incorporating operon-transcriptional coupling and toxicant concentration-expression response: analysis of MX-treated Salmonella
Toxicogenomic analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans reveals novel genes and pathways involved in the resistance to cadmium toxicity
Toxicogenomic applications to drug risk assessment.
Toxicogenomic response of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to ortho-phenylphenol
Toxicogenomics: An EHP Section
Toxicogenomics: an emerging discipline.
Toxicogenomics Data on Acetaminophen Now Available
Toxicogenomics Data: The Road to Acceptance
Toxicogenomics in risk assessment: an overview of an HESI collaborative research program.
Toxicogenomics of subchronic hexachlorobenzene exposure in Brown Norway rats.
Toxicogenomics: Principles and Applications
Toxicogenomics research consortium sails into uncharted waters.
Toxicogenomics: roadblocks and new directions.
Toxicogenomics: "the call of the wild chip".
Toxicogenomics through the eyes of informatics: conference overview and recommendations.
Toxicokinetic and Toxicodynamic Influences on Endocrine Disruption by Polychlorinated Biphenyls.
Toxicokinetics of bone lead.
Toxicologic and epidemiologic clues from the characterization of the 1952 London smog fine particulate matter in archival autopsy lung tissues.
Toxicologic methods: controlled human exposures.
Toxicological and epidemiological evidence for health risks from inhaled engine emissions.
Toxicological approaches to complex mixtures.
Toxicological effects of chlorine dioxide, chlorite and chlorate.
Toxicological effects of chlorite in the mouse.
Toxicological Evaluation of Chemical Interactions. Proceedings of the IVth European ISSX meeting. Bologna, Italy, July 3-6, 1992.
Toxicological evaluation of complex mixtures by pattern recognition: correlating chemical fingerprints to mutagenicity.
Toxicological foundations of ecological risk assessment: biomarker development and interpretation based on laboratory and wildlife species.
Toxicological interactions between nickel and radiation on chromosome damage and repair.
Toxicological investigations of pollutant-related effects in Great Lakes gulls.
Toxicological properties of lead.
Toxicological studies of shale oils, some of their components, and commercial products.
Toxicology and terrorism.
Toxicology as a nanoscience? – Disciplinary identities reconsidered
Toxicology evaluation of radiotracer doses of 3'-deoxy-3'-[ 18 F]fluorothymidine ( 18 F-FLT) for human PET imaging: Laboratory analysis of serial blood samples and comparison to previously investigated therapeutic FLT doses
Toxicology: judge data or dollars?
Toxicology of chemical mixtures: international perspective.
Toxicology of chloral hydrate in the mouse.
Toxicology of chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins.
Toxicology of chlorofluorocarbon replacements.
Toxicology of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate and other phthalic acid ester plasticizers.
Toxicology of environmental agents: a blend of applied and basic research.
Toxicology of haloacetonitriles.
Toxicology of octabromobiphenyl and decabromodiphenyl oxide.
Toxicology of organic drinking water contaminants: trichloromethane, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane and tribromomethane.
Toxicology of PCBs for Mammals and for Birds
Toxicology of phthalic acid esters in aquatic organisms.
Toxicology of phthalic acid esters used in food-packaging material.
Toxicology of the fluoroalkenes: Review and research needs
Toxicology, structure-function relationship, and human and environmental health impacts of polychlorinated biphenyls: progress and problems.
Toxicology testing requirements and the U.S.–Japan Collaborative Study on in vitro tests for chromosomal aberrations
Toxin–antitoxin loci are highly abundant in free-living but lost from host-associated prokaryotes
Toxin–antitoxin regulation: bimodal interaction of YefM–YoeB with paired DNA palindromes exerts transcriptional autorepression
Toxin production in a rare and genetically remote cluster of strains of the Bacillus cereus group
Toxin resistance and/or male fertility reversion is correlated with defined transcription changes in the 1.5 kb AvaI region of cmsT.
Toxinotype V Clostridium difficile in Humans and Food Animals
ToxoDB: accessing the Toxoplasma gondii genome
ToxoDB: an integrated Toxoplasma gondii database resource
Toxoplasma and coxiella infection and psychiatric morbidity: A retrospective cohort analysis
Toxoplasma MIC2 Is a Major Determinant of Invasion and Virulence
Toxoplasma Rhoptries: Unique Secretory Organelles and Source of Promising Vaccine Proteins for Immunoprevention of Toxoplasmosis
Toxoplasma seropositivity and depression: a case report
Toxoplasmosis, Cytomegalovirus, Listeriosis, and Preconception Care
Toxoplasmosis in Northern Ireland 1982-83
Toxoplasmosis-Related Knowledge and Practices Among Pregnant Women in the United States
TOZAL Study: An open case control study of an oral antioxidant and omega-3 supplement for dry AMD
TP53-binding protein variants and breast cancer risk: a case-control study
TP53 mutation status and gene expression profiles are powerful prognostic markers of breast cancer
TP53 mutations in ovarian carcinomas from sporadic cases and carriers of two distinct BRCA1 founder mutations; relation to age at diagnosis and survival
TP53 status and taxane-platinum versus platinum-based therapy in ovarian cancer patients: A non-randomized retrospective study
TP73 allelic expression in human brain and allele frequencies in Alzheimer's disease
Tpk3 and Snf1 protein kinases regulate Rgt1 association with Saccharomyces cerevisiae HXK2 promoter
TPMD: a database and resources of microsatellite marker genotyped in Taiwanese populations
TPO, but not soluble-IL-6 receptor, levels increase after anagrelide treatment of thrombocythemia in chronic myeloproliferative disorders
TPO/Mpl Studies in Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia
TPRpred: a tool for prediction of TPR-, PPR- and SEL1-like repeats from protein sequences
Trace amounts of 8-oxo-dGTP in mitochondrial dNTP pools reduce DNA polymerase γ replication fidelity
Trace derivatization of cytosine with pentafluorobenzoyl chloride and dimethyl sulfate.
Trace metal concentrations in Posidonia oceanica of North Corsica (northwestern Mediterranean Sea): use as a biological monitor?
Trace metal mobilization in soil by bacterial polymers.
Trace metals determination in microquantities of nucleic acid samples.
Trace metals in occupationally and nonoccupationally exposed individuals.
Trace metals speciation by HPLC with plasma source mass spectrometry detection.
Trace nitrogenous species in urban atmospheres.
Tracembler – software for in-silico chromosome walking in unassembled genomes
Tracers for assessing exposure to environmental tobacco smoke: what are they tracing?
Traces of Archaic Mitochondrial Lineages Persist in Austronesian-Speaking Formosan Populations
Tracheal adenoid cystic carcinoma masquerading asthma: A case report
Tracheal diverticulum in an asymptomatic male: a case report
Tracheal ring fracture and early tracheomalacia following percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy
Tracheobronchomalacia due to amyloidosis in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis
Tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica: A rare cause of chronic cough with haemoptysis
Tracheostomy – a multiprofessional handbook
Tracheostomy must be individualized!
Tracheostomy reveals a rare aberrant right subclavian artery; a case report
Tracheostomy timing and the duration of weaning in patients with acute respiratory failure
Tracheostomy, Yesterday and Today
Tracheotomy does not affect reducing sedation requirements of patients in intensive care – a retrospective study
Trachoma and the Need for a Coordinated Community-Wide Response: A Case-Based Study
Tracing ancestry with methylation patterns: most crypts appear distantly related in normal adult human colon
Tracing early stages of species differentiation: Ecological, morphological and genetic divergence of Galápagos sea lion populations
Tracing Functional Antigen-Specific CCR6 + Th17 Cells after Vaccination
Tracing Myelin Protein Zero (P0) in vivo by construction of P0-GFP fusion proteins
Tracing Sub-Structure in the European American Population with PCA-Informative Markers
Tracing the colonization history of the Indian Ocean scops-owls (Strigiformes: Otus ) with further insight into the spatio-temporal origin of the Malagasy avifauna
Tracing the evolution of RNA structure in ribosomes
Tracing the first steps of American sturgeon pioneers in Europe
Tracing the Origin and Spread of Agriculture in Europe
Tracing the origin of functional and conserved domains in the human proteome: implications for protein evolution at the modular level
Tracing the Origins of Autism: A Spectrum of New Studies
Tracing the Source of Campylobacteriosis
Tracking a Killer: In Vivo Microscopy Reveals Details on the Life Cycle of Malarial Parasites
Tracking adaptive evolutionary events in genomic sequences
Tracking Alu evolution in New World primates
Tracking and prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors across socio-economic classes: A longitudinal substudy of the European Youth Heart Study
Tracking bacterial DNA replication forks in vivo by pulsed field gel electrophoresis.
Tracking Blood-Forming Stem Cells through Development
Tracking Chronic Disease and Risk Behavior Prevalence as Survey Participation Declines: Statistics From the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and Other National Surveys
Tracking Down a Cause for Hypospadias: Placental Malfunction May Contribute
Tracking Down Duodenopancreatic Malignancy
Tracking evolution's footprints in the genome
Tracking Healthy Days — A Window on the Health of Older Adults
Tracking microbial populations effective in reducing exposure.
Tracking Migrating T Cells in Real Time
Tracking of leisure-time physical activity during adolescence and young adulthood: a 10-year longitudinal study
Tracking of microinjected DNA in live cells reveals the intracellular behavior and elimination of extrachromosomal genetic material
Tracking of pedometer-determined physical activity in adults who relocate: results from RESIDE
Tracking of physical activity, fitness, body composition and diet from adolescence to young adulthood: The Young Hearts Project, Northern Ireland
Tracking Orangutans from the Sky
Tracking Patterns of Enteric Illnesses in Populations and Communities
Tracking Pediatric Asthma:The Massachusetts Experience Using School Health Records
Tracking risk.
Tracking the connection between evolutionary and functional shifts using the fungal lipase/feruloyl esterase A family
Tracking the Details of an Immune Cell Rendezvous in 3-D
Tracking the evolution of a cold stress associated gene family in cold tolerant grasses
Tracking the evolution of alternatively spliced exons within the Dscam family
Tracking the Identity of Lister's Pneumococcal Groups T and V (Danish Types 45 and 46)
Tracking the implementation of NCCLS M100-S12 expanded-spectrum cephalosporin MIC breakpoints for nonmeningeal isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae by clinical laboratories in the United States during 2002 and 2003
Tracking the Odysseys of Juvenile Schistosomes to Understand Host Interactions
Tracking the polio virus down the Congo River: a case study on the use of Google Earth™ in public health planning and mapping
Tracking the spatial diffusion of influenza and norovirus using telehealth data: A spatiotemporal analysis of syndromic data
Tracking toxicants.
Tracking Virus-Specific CD4+ T Cells during and after Acute Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Tractatus simplex de cortice peruuiano: A plain treatise on the Peruvian bark (“The Stanitz Manuscript”): a late seventeenth or early eighteenth century anonymous manuscript account of the Jesuits' bark published in its original Latin text with a translation, introduction, and notes
Traction, Contraction … Attraction
Tractography of the parahippocampal gyrus and material specific memory impairment in unilateral temporal lobe epilepsy
TRACTOR_DB: a database of regulatory networks in gamma-proteobacterial genomes
Tractor_DB (version 2.0): a database of regulatory interactions in gamma-proteobacterial genomes
TRACTS: a program to map oligopurine.oligopyrimidine and other binary DNA tracts
Tracts of A.T base pairs retard the electrophoretic mobility of short DNA duplexes.
Trade and famine in classical antiquity
Trade and Health: Is the Health Community Ready for Action?
Trade/Commerce: NAFTA Worries in Juárez
Trade-Offs between the Metabolic Rate and Population Density of Plants
Trade-offs in Thailand.
Trade related infections: farther, faster, quieter
Tradescantia micronucleus bioassay and pollen tube chromatid aberration test for in situ monitoring and mutagen screening.
Trading people versus trading time: What is the difference?
Trading trash: why the U.S. won't sign on to the Basel convention.
Tradition and Perspectives of Arab Herbal Medicine: A Review
Traditional and Modern Biomedical Prospecting: Part I—the History
Traditional and Modern Biomedical Prospecting: Part II—the Benefits
Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) now joins TCM CAM, Kampo and Ayurveda
Traditional beliefs and practices in the postpartum period in Fujian Province, China: a qualitative study
Traditional Biomolecular Structure Determination by NMR Spectroscopy Allows for Major Errors
Traditional circumcision during manhood initiation rituals in the Eastern Cape, South Africa: a pre-post intervention evaluation
Traditional Indian medicine and homeopathy for HIV/AIDS: a review of the literature
Traditional knowledge of wild edible plants used in Palestine (Northern West Bank): A comparative study
Traditional knowledge of wild edible plants used in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal): a comparative study
Traditional knowledge on zootherapeutic uses by the Saharia tribe of Rajasthan, India
Traditional management of ear, nose and throat (ENT) diseases in Central Kenya
Traditional medicinal plant knowledge and use by local healers in Sekoru District, Jimma Zone, Southwestern Ethiopia
Traditional medicinal plant use in Loja province, Southern Ecuador
Traditional medicinal plant use in Northern Peru: tracking two thousand years of healing culture
Traditional Medicine in Modern China
Traditional medicine, Vol. II, 1976–1981. An annotated bibliography of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean
Traditional Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy: A Drug–Drug Interaction?
Traditional Phytochemistry: Identification of Drug by ‘Taste’
Traditional use of medicinal plants among the tribal communities of Chhota Bhangal, Western Himalaya
Traditional use of medicinal plants by the Jaintia tribes in North Cachar Hills district of Assam, northeast India
Traditional use of the Andean flicker ( Colaptes rupicola ) as a galactagogue in the Peruvian Andes
Traditional values of virginity and sexual behaviour in rural Ethiopian youth: results from a cross-sectional study
Traditional zootherapeutic studies in India: a review
TRAF6 Autoubiquitination-Independent Activation of the NFκB and MAPK Pathways in Response to IL-1 and RANKL
TRAF6 Is Required for Generation of the B-1a B Cell Compartment as well as T Cell-Dependent and -Independent Humoral Immune Responses
Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Asthma Onset in Children: A Prospective Cohort Study with Individual Exposure Measurement
Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Otitis Media
Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Perinatal Mortality: A Case–Control Study
Traffic-related air pollution and respiratory symptoms among asthmatic children, resident in Mexico City: the EVA cohort study
Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Stress: Chen and Brauer Respond
Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Stress: Effects on Asthma
Traffic-related air pollution associated with prevalence of asthma and COPD/chronic bronchitis. A cross-sectional study in Southern Sweden
Traffic-Related Atmospheric Pollutants Levels during Pregnancy and Offspring’s Term Birth Weight: A Study Relying on a Land-Use Regression Exposure Model
Traffic, Susceptibility, and Childhood Asthma
Trafficking of central opioid receptors and descending pain inhibition
Trafficking of Siderophore Transporters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Intracellular Fate of Ferrioxamine B Conjugates
TRAIL and Taurolidine induce apoptosis and decrease proliferation in human fibrosarcoma
Trained and Amphetamine-Induced Circling Behavior in Lesioned, Transplanted Rats
Trainees, Teams, and Timely Performance Feedback
Training and Experience of Peer Reviewers: An Additional Variable to Consider
Training and Experience of Peer Reviewers: Authors' Reply
Training and Experience of Peer Reviewers: Is Being a “Good Reviewer” a Persistent Quality?
Training and HIV-Treatment Scale-Up: Establishing an Implementation Research Agenda
Training back-propagation neural networks to define and detect DNA-binding sites.
Training community resource center and clinic personnel to prompt patients in listing questions for doctors: Follow-up interviews about barriers and facilitators to the implementation of consultation planning
Training competent and effective Primary Health Care Workers to fill a void in the outer islands health service delivery of the Marshall Islands of Micronesia
Training doctors in environmental and occupational medicine.
Training for general practice: meeting the challenge.
Training in data definitions improves quality of intensive care data
Training in dual diagnosis interventions (the COMO Study): Randomised controlled trial
Training-Induced Plasticity of Auditory Localization in Adult Mammals
Training of front-line health workers for tuberculosis control: Lessons from Nigeria and Kyrgyzstan
Training of Peer Reviewers: Validation of a 5-Point Rating Scale
Training pediatric health care providers in prevention of dental decay: results from a randomized controlled trial
Training practitioners in preparing systematic reviews: a cross-sectional survey of participants in the Australasian Cochrane Centre training program
Training set expansion: an approach to improving the reconstruction of biological networks from limited and uneven reliable interactions
Training the Immune Response: B-cells' Master Regulator
Training the Next Generation
Training the Next Generation of Global Health Scientists: A School of Appropriate Technology for Global Health
Training the next generation of pluripotent stem cell researchers
Training to estimate blood glucose and to form associations with initial hunger
Training tomorrow's doctors in diabetes: self-reported confidence levels, practice and perceived training needs of post-graduate trainee doctors in the UK. A multi-centre survey
Trait correlated expression combined with expression QTL analysis reveals biological pathways and candidate genes affecting water holding capacity of muscle
Trait-Like Brain Activity during Adolescence Predicts Anxious Temperament in Primates
Trait-specific tracking and determinants of body composition: a 7-year follow-up study of pubertal growth in girls
Trait-trait dynamic interaction: 2D-trait eQTL mapping for genetic variation study
Traité des maladies des enfants
Traitment des Hémorragies
Trajectories of Delinquency and Parenting Styles
Tramiprosate, a drug of potential interest for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, promotes an abnormal aggregation of tau
TRAMPLE: the transmembrane protein labelling environment
Trampling paradise: dream vacation--environmental nightmare?
Tranexamic acid attenuates inflammatory response in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery through blockade of fibrinolysis: a case control study followed by a randomized double-blind controlled trial
Trans acting regulation of beta globin gene expression in erythroleukemia (K562) cells.
Trans-activation and DNA-binding properties of the transcription factor, Sox-18.
Trans-activation by the c-myb proto-oncogene.
Trans activation of plasmid-borne promoters by adenovirus and several herpes group viruses.
Trans-activation of the Tetrahymena group I intron ribozyme via a non-native RNA-RNA interaction.
Trans-activation of transcription, from promoters containing immunoglobulin gene octamer sequences, by myeloma cell mRNA in Xenopus oocytes.
Trans-active factors controlling the IL-2 gene in adult human T-cell subsets
Trans-cervical resection of the endometrium: the first four years' experience at the Belfast City Hospital.
Trans-complementation by human apurinic endonuclease (Ape) of hypersensitivity to DNA damage and spontaneous mutator phenotype in apn1-yeast.
Trans -dominant cellular inhibition of DC-SIGN-mediated HIV-1 transmission
Trans-dominant inhibition of transcription activator LFB1.
Trans-Epithelial Immune Cell Transfer during Suckling Modulates Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity in Recipients as a Function of Gender
Trans-inhibition of HIV-1 by a long hairpin RNA expressed within the viral genome
Trans-lesion synthesis and RNaseH activity by reverse transcriptases on a true abasic RNA template
Trans -natural antisense transcripts including noncoding RNAs in 10 species: implications for expression regulation
Trans-pupillary thermotherapy for circumscribed choroidal hemangioma
Trans -Regulation of Mouse Meiotic Recombination Hotspots by Rcr1
Trans replication and high copy numbers of wheat dwarf virus vectors in maize cells.
Trans-splicing and alternative-tandem-cis-splicing: two ways by which mammalian cells generate a truncated SV40 T-antigen.
Trans-splicing of pre-mRNA is predicted to occur in a wide range of organisms including vertebrates.
Trans-splicing of the Ll.LtrB group II intron in Lactococcus lactis
Trans -Translation in Helicobacter pylori : Essentiality of Ribosome Rescue and Requirement of Protein Tagging for Stress Resistance and Competence
Trans-visceral migration of retained surgical gauze as a cause of intestinal obstruction: a case report
Transabdominal cervicoisthmic cerclage: initial experience.
Transabdominal Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy: A Colour Atlas and Monograph (Grace Chia-yu Hsu Yang and Liang-Che Tao), Second Edition: a book review
Transactions of the British Society for the History of Pharmacy
Transactivation and growth suppression by the gut-enriched Krüppel-like factor (Krüppel-like factor 4) are dependent on acidic amino acid residues and protein–protein interaction
Transactivation and repression of the alpha-fetoprotein gene promoter by retinoid X receptor and chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter transcription factor.
Transactivation and signaling functions of Tat are not correlated: biological and immunological characterization of HIV-1 subtype-C Tat protein
Transactivation by the thyroid hormone receptor is dependent on the spacer sequence in hormone response elements containing directly repeated half-sites.
Transactivation of a DR-1 PPRE by a human constitutive androstane receptor variant expressed from internal protein translation start sites
Transactivation of elements in the human endogenous retrovirus W family by viral infection
Transactivation of heterologous promoters by HIV-1 tat.
Transactivation of mouse insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) gene promoters by the AP-1 complex.
Transactivation of the human papilloma virus 16 octamer motif by the octamer binding protein Oct-2 requires both the N and C terminal activation domains.
transAlign: using amino acids to facilitate the multiple alignment of protein-coding DNA sequences
Transanal endoscopic micro-surgery (TEMS) for the management of large or sessile rectal adenomas: a review of the technique and indications
Transbilayer distribution of sterols in mycoplasma membranes: a review.
Transbilayer Phospholipid Movements in ABCA1-Deficient Cells
Transbronchial Needle Aspiration in the Staging of Bronchogenic Carcinoma
Transcatheter ablation of arrhythmias associated with congenital heart disease
TRANSCompel ® : a database on composite regulatory elements in eukaryotic genes
Transconjunctival orbital emphysema caused by compressed air injury: A case report
Transconjunctival penetration of mitomycin C
Transcorneal extrusion of a posterior chamber intraocular lens: An unusual presentation of intraocular lens dislocation
Transcortical Alterations in Na + -K + ATPase and Microtubule-Associated Proteins Immunoreactivity in the Rat Cortical Atrophy Model Induced by Hypoxic Ischemia
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for the treatment of tinnitus: Effects on cortical excitability
Transcranial magnetic stimulation, synaptic plasticity and network oscillations
Transcribed and non-transcribed regions of Tetrahymena ribosomal gene chromatin have different accessibilities to micrococcal nuclease.
Transcribed processed pseudogenes in the human genome: an intermediate form of expressed retrosequence lacking protein-coding ability
Transcribed Tc1-like transposons in salmonid fish
Transcript and proteomic analysis of developing white lupin ( Lupinus albus L.) roots
Transcript Annotation in FANTOM3: Mouse Gene Catalog Based on Physical cDNAs
Transcript-based redefinition of grouped oligonucleotide probe sets using AceView: High-resolution annotation for microarrays
Transcript copy number estimation using a mouse whole-genome oligonucleotide microarray
Transcript identification by analysis of short sequence tags—influence of tag length, restriction site and transcript database
Transcript-level annotation of Affymetrix probesets improves the interpretation of gene expression data
Transcript levels of different cytokines and chemokines correlate with clinical and endoscopic activity in ulcerative colitis
Transcript levels of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA repair gene RAD18 increase in UV irradiated cells and during meiosis but not during the mitotic cell cycle.
Transcript levels of the Saccharomyes cerevisiae DNA repair gene RAD23 increase in response to UV light and in meiosis but remain constant in the mitotic cell cycle.
Transcript mapping reveals different expression strategies for the bicistronic RNAs of the geminivirus wheat dwarf virus.
Transcript profiles uncover temporal and stress-induced changes of metabolic pathways in germinating sugar beet seeds
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