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Tissue distribution of a plasmid DNA encoding Hsp65 gene is dependent on the dose administered through intramuscular delivery
Tissue distribution of DNA adducts and their persistence in blood of mice exposed to benzene.
Tissue distribution of DNA-Hsp65/TDM-loaded PLGA microspheres and uptake by phagocytic cells
Tissue distribution of migration inhibitory factor and inducible nitric oxide synthase in falciparum malaria and sepsis in African children
Tissue Doppler and strain imaging: anything left in the echo-lab?
Tissue Doppler echocardiographic quantification. Comparison to coronary angiography results in Acute Coronary Syndrome patients
Tissue Doppler echocardiography – A case of right tool, wrong use
Tissue Doppler echocardiography and biventricular pacing in heart failure: Patient selection, procedural guidance, follow-up, quantification of success
Tissue Doppler imaging of carotid plaque wall motion: a pilot study
Tissue Doppler in critical illness
Tissue Doppler in critical illness: a retrospective cohort study
Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessels in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Tissue engineered fetal skin constructs for pediatric burns
Tissue engineering: a challenge of today's medicine
Tissue engineering and cell based therapies, from the bench to the clinic: The potential to replace, repair and regenerate
Tissue engineering of corneal stroma with rabbit fibroblast precursors and gelatin hydrogels
Tissue engineering, stem cells, cloning, and parthenogenesis: new paradigms for therapy
Tissue eosinophilia: a morphologic marker for assessing stromal invasion in laryngeal squamous neoplasms
Tissue eosinophilia induced by recombinant human interleukin-5 in the hamster cheek pouch membrane
Tissue factor, angiogenesis and tumour progression
Tissue factor as a proinflammatory agent
Tissue factor as an initiator of coagulation and inflammation in the lung
Tissue factor/FVIIa activates Bcl-2 and prevents doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells
Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 was repressed by CpG hypermethylation through inhibition of KLF6 binding in highly invasive breast cancer cells
Tissue fibrocytes in patients with mild asthma: A possible link to thickness of reticular basement membrane?
Tissue grinding with ball bearings and vortex mixer for DNA extraction.
Tissue Harvester with Functional Valve (THFV): Shidham's device for reproducibly higher specimen yield by fine needle aspiration biopsy with easy to perform steps
Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases-4. The road less traveled
Tissue interactions in the developing chick diencephalon
Tissue Invasion by Entamoeba histolytica: Evidence of Genetic Selection and/or DNA Reorganization Events in Organ Tropism
Tissue is the issue-sarcoidosis following ABVD chemotherapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma: a case report
Tissue localization of collagenase and leucine aminopeptidase in the bovine filarial parasite Setaria cervi
Tissue microarray analysis of eIF4E and its downstream effector proteins in human breast cancer
Tissue microarray analysis reveals a tight correlation between protein expression pattern and progression of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Tissue MicroArray (TMA) analysis of normal and persistent Chlamydophila pneumoniae infection
Tissue microarrays analysis in chondrosarcomas: light microscopy, immunohistochemistry and xenograft study
Tissue microarrays: applications in study of p16 and p53 alterations in Ewing's cell lines
Tissue organ distribution and behavioral effects of platinum following acute and repeated exposure of the mouse to platinum sulfate.
Tissue Reactions in Immunity: Some Clinical Implications *
Tissue remodeling: a mating-induced differentiation program for the Drosophila oviduct
Tissue repair response as a function of dose in thioacetamide hepatotoxicity.
Tissue restricted and stage specific transcription is maintained within 411 nucleotides flanking the 5' end of the chicken alpha-skeletal actin gene.
Tissue restricted expression and chromosomal localization of the YB-1 gene encoding a 42 kD nuclear CCAAT binding protein.
Tissue slices in the study of lung metabolism and toxicology.
Tissue-specific and developmentally regulated alternative splicing of a visceral isoform of smooth muscle myosin heavy chain.
Tissue-specific and imprinted epigenetic modifications of the human NDN gene
Tissue specific characteristics of cells isolated from human and rat tendons and ligaments
Tissue-specific chromatin structure of the phenobarbital- responsive unit and proximal promoter of CYP2B1/2 and modulation by phenobarbital
Tissue-Specific Differences in Human Transfer RNA Expression
Tissue-specific DNase I hypersensitive sites in a foreign globin gene in transgenic mice.
Tissue-specific down-regulation of RIPK 2 in Mycobacterium leprae-infected nu/nu mice.
Tissue specific expression and cDNA structure of a human transcript encoding a nucleic acid binding [oligo(dC)] protein related to the pre-mRNA binding protein K.
Tissue-specific expression, hormonal regulation and 5'-flanking gene region of the rat Clara cell 10 kDa protein: comparison to rabbit uteroglobin.
Tissue-specific expression in the salivary glands of transgenic mice.
Tissue-specific expression of an anti-ras ribozyme inhibits proliferation of human malignant melanoma cells.
Tissue-specific expression of rat mRNAs homologous to cytochromes P-450b and P-450e.
Tissue specific expression of the human alpha-1-antitrypsin gene in transgenic mice.
Tissue-specific expression of the human alpha 1-antitrypsin gene is controlled by multiple cis-regulatory elements.
Tissue specific expression of the rat Ah-receptor and ARNT mRNAs.
Tissue-specific expression of the rat beta-casein gene in transgenic mice.
Tissue-specific expression of TRP channel genes in the mouse and its variation in three different mouse strains
Tissue-Specific Genetic Control of Splicing: Implications for the Study of Complex Traits
Tissue-specific, high level expression of the rat whey acidic protein gene in transgenic mice.
Tissue-specific hypomethylation of the human c-K-ras gene.
Tissue-specific in vivo protein-DNA interactions at the promoter region of the Xenopus 63 kDa keratin gene during metamorphosis.
Tissue-specific mRNA expression profiling in grape berry tissues
Tissue specific promoters improve specificity of AAV9 mediated transgene expression following intra-vascular gene delivery in neonatal mice
Tissue specific promoters improve specificity of AAV9 mediated transgene expression following intra-vascular gene delivery in neonatal mice
Tissue-specific regulation of the rabbit 15-lipoxygenase gene in erythroid cells by a transcriptional silencer.
Tissue-specific regulatory elements in mammalian promoters
Tissue-specific requirements for specific domains in the FERM protein Moe/Epb4.1l5 during early zebrafish development
Tissue specific sequence motifs in the enhancer of the leukaemogenic mouse retrovirus SL3-3.
Tissue-specific spatial organization of genomes
Tissue-specific splicing factor gene expression signatures
Tissue-specific splicing regulator Fox-1 induces exon skipping by interfering E complex formation on the downstream intron of human F1γ gene
Tissue specific transcription of the human epsilon-globin gene following transfection into the embryonic erythroid cell line K562.
Tissue-specific translational regulation of alternative rabbit 15-lipoxygenase mRNAs differing in their 3'-untranslated regions.
Tissue-specific variation in C4 and Slp gene regulation.
Tissue specificity and organisation of CpG methylation in calf satellite DNA I.
Tissue-specificity of liver gene expression: a common liver-specific promoter element.
Tissue Tracking Imaging for Identifying the Origin of Idiopathic Ventricular Arrhythmias: A New Role of Cardiac Ultrasound in Electrophysiology
Tissue transglutaminase-induced alterations in extracellular matrix inhibit tumor invasion
TissueInfo: high-throughput identification of tissue expression profiles and specificity
Tissues from routine pathology archives are suitable for microRNA analyses by quantitative PCR
Titanium dioxide: environmental white knight?
Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles: Grassian et al. Respond
Titanium dioxide particle – induced goblet cell hyperplasia : association with mast cells and IL-13
Titration of spoilt beer samples by flow-injection analysis
Titubation in hereditary ataxia.
TKTL1 is overexpressed in a large portion of non-small cell lung cancer specimens
TL1A–DR3 interaction regulates Th17 cell function and Th17-mediated autoimmune disease
TLK1B promotes repair of UV-damaged DNA through chromatin remodeling by Asf1
TLR ligand–induced podosome disassembly in dendritic cells is ADAM17 dependent
TLR2 Expression in Relation to IL-6 and IL-1β and their Natural Regulators Production by PMN and PBMC in Patients with Lyme Disease
TLR2 modulates inflammation in zymosan-induced arthritis in mice
TLR3 and TLR4 expression in healthy and diseased human endometrium
TLR4-induced IFN-γ production increases TLR2 sensitivity and drives Gram-negative sepsis in mice
TLR4 signaling is essential for survival in acute lung injury induced by virulent Pseudomonas aeruginosa secreting type III secretory toxins
TM-align: a protein structure alignment algorithm based on the TM-score
Tm studies of a tertiary structure from the human hepatitis delta agent which functions in vitro as a ribozyme control element.
TM4SF10 gene sequencing in XLMR patients identifies common polymorphisms but no disease-associated mutation
TMA for all: a new method for the construction of tissue microarrays without recipient paraffin block using custom-built needles
TmaDB: a repository for tissue microarray data
TMB-Hunt: a web server to screen sequence sets for transmembrane β-barrel proteins
TMB-Hunt: An amino acid composition based method to screen proteomes for beta-barrel transmembrane proteins
TMBETA-GENOME: database for annotated β-barrel membrane proteins in genomic sequences
TMBETA-NET: discrimination and prediction of membrane spanning β-strands in outer membrane proteins
TMC and EVER genes belong to a larger novel family, the TMC gene family encoding transmembrane proteins
TME1/339: Telematic Applications in Ophthalmology: Transfer of Angiographic Images over the Internet
TME10/380: Remote Transmission of Radiological Images by means of Intranet/Internet Technology
TME11/385: International Pathology Consultations through Internet E-mail and High Resolution Digital Photomicrography
TME12/400: Application Oriented Wavelet-based Coding of Volumetric Medical Data
TME13/452: Internet Facilitated Pediatric Care: Nocturnal enuresis
TME14/457: Teleradiology: Opinion and technical requirements of German radiologists
TME15/458: Next Generation Telemedicine Network Service for Counselling on Diagnosis of Pigmented Skin Tumours at the Point of Care
TME16/459: S.I.TE. Project: Spinal injury and Telemedicine
TME17/473: Web-Based Visualization and Processing of Anthropometric Data
TME18/486: Multimedia Pattern Sets in Telemedicine Systems
TME2/342: The Role of the EXtensible Markup Language (XML) for Future Healthcare Application Development
TME3/347: A Teledentistry Consultation System and Continuing Dental Education via Internet
TME4/349: Teledermatology: Rural General Practitioner and Metropolitan Specialist Collaboration
TME5/354: A Videoconference System for Telepathology
TME6/365: Teleconsultation and Telescreening for Eye Diseases
TME7/366: Borderless Teleradiology with CHILI
TME8/375: The collaborative Interface: A seamless web in the medical field
TME9/379: Development of a WWW Clinical Booking Service
TMF is a golgin that binds Rab6 and influences Golgi morphology
TMJ metastasis: A unusual case report
[email protected]: a web application for the analysis of transmembrane helix mobility
TMPDB: a database of experimentally-characterized transmembrane topologies
tmRDB (tmRNA database)
tmRDB (tmRNA database)
tmRDB (tmRNA database)
TMS-Induced Cortical Potentiation during Wakefulness Locally Increases Slow Wave Activity during Sleep
TMZ-BioShuttle – a reformulated Temozolomide
Tn10 tet operator mutations affecting Tet repressor recognition.
Tn7 transposition: a multigene process. Identification of a regulatory gene product.
TNF-alpha Is Required for the Attraction of Mesenchymal Precursors to White Adipose Tissue in Ob/ob Mice
TNF and PGE 2 in human monocyte-derived macrophages infected with Chlamydia trachomatis
TNF-α induced endothelial MAdCAM-1 expression is regulated by exogenous, not endogenous nitric oxide
TNF-induced IL-8 and MCP-1 production in the eosinophilic cell line, EOL-1
TNF inhibits production of stromal cell-derived factor 1 by bone stromal cells and increases osteoclast precursor mobilization from bone marrow to peripheral blood
TNF signaling inhibition in the CNS: implications for normal brain function and neurodegenerative disease
TNK2 preserves epidermal growth factor receptor expression on the cell surface and enhances migration and invasion of human breast cancer cells
TNM Interactive: An Illustrated Resource for the Classification and Staging of Malignant Tumours, Fifth Edition (CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh)
TNM staging of foregut (neuro)endocrine tumors: a consensus proposal including a grading system
TNP-470 Suppresses the Tumorigenicity of HT1080 Fibrosarcoma Tumor Through the Inhibition of VEGF Secretion From the Tumor Cells
To a Zebra Finch: How the Brain Cultivates Birdsong
"To ask the suffrages of the patrons": Thomas Laycock and the Edinburgh Chair of Medicine, 1855.
“To ask the Suffrages of the Patrons”: Thomas Laycock and the Edinburgh Chair of Medicine, 1855
To BaP or not to BaP? That is the question.
To be an invalid. The illness of Charles Darwin
To be or not to be protease activated receptor-1 in activated protein C-initiated endothelial barrier protection?
To be seen, confirmed and involved - a ten year follow-up of perceived health and cardiovascular risk factors in a Swedish community intervention programme
To bind or not to bind – how to down-regulate target genes by liganded thyroid hormone receptor?
To broaden the horizon of the Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions
To Comfort Always: A History of Holywell Hospital 1898 - 1998
To Cure and to Care
To Do No Harm: A Journey Through Medical School
To Do No Harm: DES and the Dilemmas of Modern Medicine
To do the sick no harm. A study of the British voluntary hospital system to 1875
To eat or not to eat: The NICE way
“To End the Degeneration of a Nation”: Debates on Eugenic Sterilization in Inter-war Romania
To flip or not to flip: lipid–protein charge interactions are a determinant of final membrane protein topology
To Fully Tackle the Gang of Four, Needs-Driven R & D Is Essential
To Have or Not To Have a Pet for Better Health?
To keep the catch – that is the question: a personal account of the 3rd Annual EULAR Congress, Stockholm
To kill or not to kill: the eradication of contagious bovine pleuro-pneumonia in western Europe.
To know or not to know: archiving and the under-appreciated historical value of data
To Lafayette B. Mendel
To Live or to Die: Prosurvival Activity of PPAR γ in Cancers
To Lose Both Would Look Like Carelessness: Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease
To make a difference – how GPs conceive consultation outcomes. A phenomenographic study
To Mosquitoes, People with Malaria Smell Like Dinner
To MTBE or not to MTBE.
To Pace Or Not To Pace! — Prevention Of Atrial Fibrillation After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
To plug or not to plug?
To Provide Safe Passage. The Humanistic Aspects of Medicine
To quell obesity, who should regulate food marketing to children?
To Recycle or Not to Recycle? An Intergenerational Approach to Nuclear Fuel Cycles
To robotize chemistry laboratories. An example of organic synthesis: 2-Boc-amino-N-hydroxy-3-phenyl-propionamide
To see with a better eye: a life of R T H Laennec
To Share or not to Share? Institutional Exchange of Cadaver Kidneys in Denmark
To sleep or not to sleep: the ecology of sleep in artificial organisms
To Stamp Out “So Terrible a Malady”: Bovine Tuberculosis and Tuberculin Testing in Britain, 1890–1939
To Stretch the Boundary of Secondary Metabolite Production in Plant Cell-Based Bioprocessing: Anthocyanin as a Case Study
To the ends of the earth: women's search for education in medicine
To the Ends of the Earth: Women's Search for Education in Medicine
To Track or Not to Track: User Reactions to Concepts in Longitudinal Health Monitoring
To treat or not to treat: comparison of different criteria used to determine whether weight loss is to be recommended
To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate
To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate—opinion
To what degree does cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease predict dependence of patients on caregivers?
To what extent does IQ 'explain' socio-economic variations in function?
To what extent does Tobler's 1 st law of geography apply to macroecology? A case study using American palms ( Arecaceae )
Tobacco abroad: infiltrating foreign markets.
Tobacco Advertisements And Promotion Industry On Smoking In Tanzania: A Review Of Negative Public Health Implications For Current And Future Generations
Tobacco, alcohol, and p53 overexpression in early colorectal neoplasia
Tobacco and cancer: epidemiology and the laboratory.
Tobacco cDNA encoding the ribosomal protein S6.
Tobacco Cessation
Tobacco Cessation Efforts in Women: Exercise as a Behavioral Adjunct to Standard Treatment for Female Smokers
Tobacco Cessation Interventions in Dental Networks: A Practice-based Evaluation of the Impact of Education on Provider Knowledge, Referrals, and Pharmacotherapy Use
Tobacco Control: 2005 Opportunities and Obstacles A view from Hong Kong & elsewhere
Tobacco Control in State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plans: Opportunities for Decreasing Tobacco-Related Disease
Tobacco Control Research in Greece and the Necessity for Future Intervention
Tobacco Control Yields Clear Dividends for Health and Wealth
Tobacco farming in rural Vietnam: questionable economic gain but evident health risks
Tobacco harm reduction: an alternative cessation strategy for inveterate smokers
Tobacco in Africa.
Tobacco in history: the cultures of dependence
Tobacco Induced Diseases moves to BioMed Central
Tobacco industry issues management organizations: Creating a global corporate network to undermine public health
Tobacco mosaic virus Movement Protein Enhances the Spread of RNA Silencing
Tobacco nuclear gene for the 31 kd chloroplast ribonucleoprotein: genomic organization, sequence analysis and expression.
Tobacco plastid ribosomal protein S18 is essential for cell survival
Tobacco's profit, workers' loss?
Tobacco Smoke, Indoor Air Pollution and Tuberculosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Tobacco Smoking and Vascular Diseases
Tobacco-specific nitrosamine adducts: studies in laboratory animals and humans.
Tobacco Substitutes: Harm Reduction or Smokescreen?
Tobacco Substitutes: Snus and Harm Reduction
Tobacco Use Among Racial and Ethnic Population Subgroups of Adolescents in the United States
Tobacco use among students aged 13–15 years in Greece: the GYTS project
Tobacco use and asking prices of used cars: prevalence, costs, and new opportunities for changing smoking behavior
Tobacco use and its contribution to early cancer mortality with a special emphasis on cigarette smoking.
Tobacco use increases susceptibility to bacterial infection
Tobacco use induces anti-apoptotic, proliferative patterns of gene expression in circulating leukocytes of Caucasian males
TOBFAC: the database of tobacco transcription factors
Tobias Smollett and the Practice of Medicine
Tocolytic effect of a selective FP receptor antagonist in rodent models reveals an innovative approach to the treatment of preterm labor
γ-Tocopherol Accelerated Sodium Excretion in a Dose-Dependent Manner in Rats with a High Sodium Intake
α-Tocopherol modulates the low density lipoprotein receptor of human HepG2 cells
Toe spreading ability in men with chronic pelvic pain syndrome
"TOF2H": A precision toolbox for rapid, high density/high coverage hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry via an LC-MALDI approach, covering the data pipeline from spectral acquisition to HDX rate analysis
TOIB Study. Are topical or oral ibuprofen equally effective for the treatment of chronic knee pain presenting in primary care: a randomised controlled trial with patient preference study. [ISRCTN79353052]
Tol2 : a versatile gene transfer vector in vertebrates
Tolerability and adverse events in clinical trials of celecoxib in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis: systematic review and meta-analysis of information from company clinical trial reports
Tolerability and efficacy of single dose albendazole, diethylcarbamazine citrate (DEC) or co-administration of albendazole with DEC in the clearance of Wuchereria bancrofti in asymptomatic microfilaraemic volunteers in Pondicherry, South India: a hospital-based study
Tolerability and safety of fluvoxamine and other antidepressants
Tolerability of intensified intravenous interferon alfa-2b versus the ECOG 1684 schedule as adjuvant therapy for stage III melanoma: a randomized phase III Italian Melanoma Inter-group trial (IMI – Mel.A.) [ISRCTN75125874]
Tolerance and rebound with zafirlukast in patients with persistent asthma
Tolerance for 8-oxoguanine but not thymine glycol in alignment-based gap filling of partially complementary double-strand break ends by DNA polymerase λ in human nuclear extracts
Tolerance for mutations and chemical modifications in a siRNA
Tolerance in TCR/Cognate Antigen Double-Transgenic Mice Mediated by Incomplete Thymic Deletion and Peripheral Receptor Downregulation
Tolerance induced via TLR2 and TLR4 in human dendritic cells: role of IRAK-1
Tolerance of 5-fluorodeoxyuridine resistant human thymidylate synthases to alterations in active site residues.
Tolerance of NK cells encountering their viral ligand during development
Tolerance of the fetus by the maternal immune system: role of inflammatory mediators at the feto-maternal interface
Tolerance to bronchodilation during treatment with long-acting beta-agonists, a randomised controlled trial
Tolerance to coxibs in patients with intolerance to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): a systematic structured review of the literature
Tolerance to Self: Which Cells Kill
Tolerated wobble mutations in siRNAs decrease specificity, but can enhance activity in vivo
Toll-like receptor 2 contributes to antibacterial defence against pneumolysin-deficient pneumococci
Toll-like receptor 2 expression is decreased on alveolar macrophages in cigarette smokers and COPD patients
Toll-Like Receptor 2 Impairs Host Defense in Gram-Negative Sepsis Caused by Burkholderia pseudomallei (Melioidosis)
Toll-Like Receptor-2 Mediates Diet and/or Pathogen Associated Atherosclerosis: Proteomic Findings
Toll-like receptor 2 signaling is a mediator of apoptosis in herpes simplex virus-infected microglia
Toll like receptor-3 ligand poly-ICLC promotes the efficacy of peripheral vaccinations with tumor antigen-derived peptide epitopes in murine CNS tumor models
Toll-Like Receptor 3 Signaling on Macrophages Is Required for Survival Following Coxsackievirus B4 Infection
Toll-Like Receptor 3 (TLR3) Plays a Major Role in the Formation of Rabies Virus Negri Bodies
Toll-Like Receptor-4 Coordinates the Innate Immune Response of the Kidney to Renal Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
Toll-like receptor 4 deficiency: Smaller infarcts, but nogain in function
Toll-like receptor 4-dependent upregulation of cytokines in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Toll-like receptor-4 mediates cigarette smoke-induced cytokine production by human macrophages
Toll-like receptor 9 inhibition reduces mortality in polymicrobial sepsis
Toll-like receptor activation enhances cell-mediated immunity induced by an antibody vaccine targeting human dendritic cells
Toll-like receptor and antimicrobial peptide expression in the bovine endometrium
Toll-like receptor and IL-12 signaling control susceptibility to contact hypersensitivity
Toll-like receptor downstream signaling
Toll-Like Receptor Expression and Responsiveness of Distinct Murine Splenic and Mucosal B-Cell Subsets
Toll-like receptor homolog RP105 modulates the antigen-presenting cell function and regulates the development of collagen-induced arthritis
Toll-Like Receptor Ligands Induce Human T Cell Activation and Death, a Model for HIV Pathogenesis
Toll-like receptors: a family of pattern-recognition receptors in mammals
Toll-Like Receptors and Cytokines as Surrogate Biomarkers for Evaluating Vaginal Immune Response following Microbicide Administration
Toll-like receptors and innate immune responses in systemic lupus erythematosus
Toll-Like Receptors and Viruses: Induction of Innate Antiviral Immune Responses
Toll-like receptors in cellular subsets of human tonsil T cells: altered expression during recurrent tonsillitis
Toll-like receptors: the key to the stable door?
Toll-like receptors (TLRs) expression and function in response to inactivate hyphae of Fusarium solani in immortalized human corneal epithelial cells
Tollip Is a Mediator of Protein Sumoylation
TOM: a web-based integrated approach for identification of candidate disease genes
TomatEST database: in silico exploitation of EST data to explore expression patterns in tomato species
Tomato Expression Database (TED): a suite of data presentation and analysis tools
Tomato linalool synthase is induced in trichomes by jasmonic acid
Tomato Lycopene Extract Prevents Lipopolysaccharide-Induced NF-κB Signaling but Worsens Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colitis in NF-κB EGFP Mice
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus from Sardinia is a whitefly-transmitted monopartite geminivirus.
TomoJ: tomography software for three-dimensional reconstruction in transmission electron microscopy
Tomosyn Inhibits Synaptic Vesicle Priming in Caenorhabditis elegans
Tone burst-evoked otoacoustic emissions in neonates: normative data
Tongue lesions in psoriasis: a controlled study
Tongue metastasis as an initial presentation of renal cell carcinoma: a case report and literature review
Tonic Shock Induces Detachment of Giardia lamblia
Tonic Symmetry in the Inverted Human Infant
Tono-Pen XL tonometry during application of a suction ring in rabbits
Tonometry of partial carbon dioxide tension in gastric mucosa: use of saline, buffer solutions, gastric juice or air
Tonsil Stromal-Cell Lines Expressing FDC-Like Properties: Isolation, Characterization, and Interaction with B Lymphocytes
Tonsilar NK Cells Restrict B Cell Transformation by the Epstein-Barr Virus via IFN-γ
Tonsillar metastasis of oesophageal adenocarcinoma
Too clean for comfort.
Too clean, or not too clean: the Hygiene Hypothesis and home hygiene
Too Dangerous to Dip? Marine Pollution Makes Swimmers Sick
Too easily lead? Health effects of gasoline additives.
Too little but not too late: Results of a literature review to improve routine immunization programs in developing countries
Too little, too late? The home office and the asbestos industry regulations, 1931.
Too little, too late? The home office and the asbestos industry regulations, 1931: a reply.
Too Long, Too Short, or Just Right: Glycosphingolipid–Protein Binding Varies with Acyl Chain Length
Too many Japanese university students are still smoking tobacco
Too much data, but little inter-changeability: a lesson learned from mining public data on tissue specificity of gene expression
Too much of a good thing: the curse of overfeeding
Too much or too little step width variability is associated with a fall history in older persons who walk at or near normal gait speed
Tool-Use Training in a Species of Rodent: The Emergence of an Optimal Motor Strategy and Functional Understanding
Tools and resources for identifying protein families, domains and motifs
Tools enabling the elucidation of molecular pathways active in human disease: Application to Hepatitis C virus infection
Tools for comparative protein structure modeling and analysis
Tools for Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating State Policy
Tools for integrated sequence-structure analysis with UCSF Chimera
Tools for knowledge acquisition within the NeuroScholar system and their application to anatomical tract-tracing data
Tools for loading MEDLINE into a local relational database
Tools for the automatic identification and classification of RNA base pairs
Tools for the identification of variable and potentially variable tandem repeats
Tooth analyses of sources and intensity of lead exposure in children.
Tooth Germs Transplanted with Human Brain Tumor ** †
Tooth loss and obstructive sleep apnoea
Tooth mutilations and dentistry in pre-Columbian Mexico
Tooth wear: the view of the anthropologist
Tooth wear: the view of the anthropologist
Toothache and associated factors in Brazilian adults: a cross-sectional population-based study
Top 10 health care ethics challenges facing the public: views of Toronto bioethicists
Top-Down Analysis of Temporal Hierarchy in Biochemical Reaction Networks
Top-down and bottom-up modulation of language related areas – An fMRI Study
Top-Down Modulation of the Auditory Steady-State Response in a Task-Switch Paradigm
Top-down systems biology integration of conditional prebiotic modulated transgenomic interactions in a humanized microbiome mouse model
TOPALi v2: a rich graphical interface for evolutionary analyses of multiple alignments on HPC clusters and multi-core desktops
TOPDB: topology data bank of transmembrane proteins
TOPDOM: database of domains and motifs with conservative location in transmembrane proteins
Topical anti-inflammatory activity of Polygonum cuspidatum extract in the TPA model of mouse ear inflammation
Topical application of entry inhibitors as "virustats" to prevent sexual transmission of HIV infection
Topical glucocorticoids and the skin--mechanisms of action: an update.
Topical hyperbaric oxygen and low energy laser therapy for chronic diabetic foot ulcers resistant to conventional treatment.
Topical immunotherapy of severe alopecia areata with diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP): experience in an Iranian population
Topical latanoprost causes posterior movement of lens in a patient with exfoliation syndrome and subluxated lens: a case report
Topical levocabastine—a review of therapeutic efficacy compared with topical sodium cromoglycate and oral terfenadine on days with high pollen counts
Topical Non-Iontophoretic Application of Acetylcholine and Nitroglycerin via a Translucent Patch: A New Means for Assessing Microvascular Reactivity
Topical NSAIDs for acute pain: a meta-analysis
Topical NSAIDs for chronic musculoskeletal pain: systematic review and meta-analysis
Topical Oestrogen Keratinises The Human Foreskin and May Help Prevent HIV Infection
Topical problems and basic developmental trends of investigations concerning the embryotoxic and teratogenic effect of environmental chemicals.
Topical rapamycin inhibits tuberous sclerosis tumor growth in a nude mouse model
Topically applied vitamin C increases the density of dermal papillae in aged human skin
Topics in cancer risk assessment.
Topics in neuroanaesthesia and intensive care
Topics in the philosophy of biology
Topiramate-associated acute glaucoma in a migraine patient receiving concomitant citalopram therapy: a case-report
Topiramate in the prevention of pediatric migraine: literature review
Topiramate in the treatment of compulsive sexual behavior: case report
Topiramate-induced psychosis in two members of the one family: a case report
Topiramate plus citalopram in the treatment of Compulsive-Impulsive Sexual Behaviors
Topley and Wilson's Principles of Bacteriology and Immunity
TopNet: a tool for comparing biological sub-networks, correlating protein properties with topological statistics
Topo2008: DNA Topoisomerases in Biology and Medicine
TOPOFIT-DB, a database of protein structural alignments based on the TOPOFIT method
Topographic determinants of foot and mouth disease transmission in the UK 2001 epidemic
Topographic Distribution of Metastases in the Liver from Carcinomas Primary in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract *
Topographical analysis of yeast ribosomal DNA by cleavage with restriction endonucleases. II. The physical map of EcoRI fragments.
Topographical characterization of cone photoreceptors and the area centralis of the canine retina
Topographical expression of class IA and class II phosphoinositide 3-kinase enzymes in normal human tissues is consistent with a role in differentiation
Topography and malaria transmission heterogeneity in western Kenya highlands: prospects for focal vector control
Topography-derived wetness indices are associated with household-level malaria risk in two communities in the western Kenyan highlands
Topography of lac UV5 initiation complexes
Topography of Thalamic Projections Requires Attractive and Repulsive Functions of Netrin-1 in the Ventral Telencephalon
Topography of the C. coli 5S RNA-protein complex as determined by crosslinking with dimethyl suberimidate and dimethyl-3,3'-dithiobispropionimidate.
Topography of the complete corticopontine projection: From experiments to principal Maps
Topoisomer gel retardation: detection of anti-Z-DNA antibodies bound to Z-DNA within supercoiled DNA minicircles.
Topoisomerase 3α and RMI1 Suppress Somatic Crossovers and Are Essential for Resolution of Meiotic Recombination Intermediates in Arabidopsis thaliana
Topoisomerase activity associated with SV40 large tumor antigen.
Topoisomerase activity is associated with purified SV40 T antigen.
Topoisomerase activity of the hyperthermophilic replication initiator protein Rep75
Topoisomerase I has a strong binding preference for a conserved hexadecameric sequence in the promoter region of the rRNA gene from Tetrahymena pyriformis.
Topoisomerase I interaction with SV40 DNA in the presence and absence of camptothecin.
Topoisomerase I is preferentially associated with normal SV40 replicative intermediates, but is associated with both replicating and nonreplicating SV40 DNAs which are deficient in histones.
Topoisomerase II: a fitted mechanism for the chromatin landscape
Topoisomerase IIβ Activates a Subset of Neuronal Genes that Are Repressed in AT-Rich Genomic Environment
Topoisomerase II alpha gene copy loss has adverse prognostic significance in ERBB2 -amplified breast cancer: a retrospective study of paraffin-embedded tumor specimens and medical charts
Topoisomerase II inhibition involves characteristic chromosomal expression patterns
Topoisomerase II, scaffold component, promotes chromatin compaction in vitro in a linker-histone H1-dependent manner
Topoisomerase II trapping agent teniposide induces apoptosis and G2/M or S phase arrest of oral squamous cell carcinoma
Topoisomerase III is essential for accurate nuclear division in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Topoisomerase III is required for accurate DNA replication and chromosome segregation in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Topoisomerase poisons activate the transcription factor NF-kappaB in ACH-2 and CEM cells.
Topological Analysis of MAPK Cascade for Kinetic ErbB Signaling
Topological basis of signal integration in the transcriptional-regulatory network of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Topological comparison of methods for predicting transcriptional cooperativity in yeast
Topological complexity of different populations of pBR322 as visualized by two-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis.
Topological constraints in nucleic acid hybridization kinetics
Topological Control of Life and Death in Non-Proliferative Epithelia
Topological Reorganization of Odor Representations in the Olfactory Bulb
Topological structure analysis of the protein–protein interaction network in budding yeast
Topological testing of the mechanism of homology search promoted by RecA protein
Topological variation in single-gene phylogenetic trees
Topologies of a Substrate Protein Bound to the Chaperonin GroEL
Topology and replication of a nuclear episomal plasmid in the rodent malaria Plasmodium berghei
Topology and Robustness in the Drosophila Segment Polarity Network
Topology and weights in a protein domain interaction network – a novel way to predict protein interactions
Topology-based cancer classification and related pathway mining using microarray data
Topology independent protein structural alignment
Topology of evolving, mutagenized viral populations: quasispecies expansion, compression, and operation of negative selection
Topology of molecular machines of the endoplasmic reticulum: a compilation of proteomics and cytological data
Topology of Type II REases revisited; structural classes and the common conserved core
Topology testing of phylogenies using least squares methods
Topophilia and Quality of Life: Defining the Ultimate Restorative Environment
Topophilia and the Quality of Life
topoSNP: a topographic database of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms with and without known disease association
Topping-out Ceremony Marks Construction Milestone
Toprim--a conserved catalytic domain in type IA and II topoisomerases, DnaG-type primases, OLD family nucleases and RecR proteins.
TOPS: an enhanced database of protein structural topology
TOPS++FATCAT: Fast flexible structural alignment using constraints derived from TOPS+ Strings Model
TOR complex 2 is needed for cell cycle progression and anchorage-independent growth of MCF7 and PC3 tumor cells
TOR Regulates Cell Death Induced by Telomere Dysfunction in Budding Yeast
Toronto Critical Care Medicine Symposium, 18–20 October 2001, Canada: Research breakthroughs are not enough
Torque-limited RecA polymerization on dsDNA
Torque-limited RecA polymerization on dsDNA
Torque teno virus: an improved indicator for viral pathogens in drinking waters
Torsion of a normal ovary in the third trimester of pregnancy: a case report
Torsion of an intrahydrocelic sac in a child: A case report
Torsion of the gallbladder: a case report
Torsion of the testis revisited.
Torsion of vermiform appendix with fecalith: a case report
Torsional flexibility of B-DNA as revealed by conformational analysis.
Torsional restraint: a new twist on frameshifting pseudoknots
Torsional ultrasound modality for hard nucleus phacoemulsification cataract extraction
Torula Infection *
Torulopsis glabrata fungaemia.
Toshiki Morishita
Total and caspase-cleaved cytokeratin 18 in chronic cholecystitis: A prospective study
Total and corrected antioxidant capacity in hemodialyzed patients
Total and functional parasite specific IgE responses in Plasmodium falciparum -infected patients exhibiting different clinical status
Total and specific serum IgE decreases with age in patients with allergic rhinitis, asthma and insect allergy but not in patients with atopic dermatitis
Total ankle replacement. Early experiences with STAR prosthesis.
Total blood lymphocyte counts in hemochromatosis probands with HFE C282Y homozygosity: relationship to severity of iron overload and HLA-A and -B alleles and haplotypes
Total body water estimations in healthy men and women using bioimpedance spectroscopy: a deuterium oxide comparison
Total Care of the Surgical Patient
Total coding sequence of profilin cDNA from Mus musculus macrophage.
Total fertilization failure and idiopathic subfertility
Total Fluid and Water Consumption and the Joint Effect of Exposure to Disinfection By-Products on Risk of Bladder Cancer
Total Jejunoileal Intussusception: A Case Report and Literature review
Total knee arthroplasty: good agreement of clinical severity scores between patients and consultants
Total laparoscopic hysterectomy versus abdominal hysterectomy in the treatment of patients with early stage endometrial cancer: A randomized multi center study
Total Laparoscopic Restorative Proctocolectomy: Are There Advantages Compared with the Open and Hand-Assisted Approaches?
Total myocardial revascularization for situs inversus totalis with dextrocardia: a case report
Total Parenteral Nutrition: Indications, Utilization, Complications, and Pathophysiological Considerations
Total plasma homocysteine, folate, and vitamin b12 status in healthy Iranian adults: the Tehran homocysteine survey (2003–2004)/a cross – sectional population based study
Total reconstitution of active large ribosomal subunits of the thermoacidophilic archaebacterium Sulfolobus solfataricus.
Total sequence decomposition distinguishes functional modules, "molegos" in apurinic/apyrimidinic endonucleases
Total suspended particulate matter and daily mortality in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Total syntheses of oxygenated brazanquinones via regioselective homologous anionic Fries rearrangement of benzylic O -carbamates
Total synthesis and expression of a gene for the alpha-subunit of bovine rod outer segment guanine nucleotide-binding protein (transducin).
Total synthesis of certain 2-, 6-mono- and 2,6-disubstituted-tubercidin derivatives. Synthesis of tubercidin via the sodium salt glycosylation procedure.
Total synthesis of the indolizidine alkaloid tashiromine
Total urinary follicle stimulating hormone as a biomarker for detection of early pregnancy and periimplantation spontaneous abortion.
Total Variation Regularization of Matrix-Valued Images
Total Variation Wavelet-Based Medical Image Denoising
Totally laparoscopic versus conventional ileoanal pouch procedure – design of a single-centre, expertise based randomised controlled trial to compare the laparoscopic and conventional surgical approach in patients undergoing primary elective restorative proctocolectomy- LapConPouch-Trial
TOUCAN 2: the all-inclusive open source workbench for regulatory sequence analysis
Toucan: deciphering the cis -regulatory logic of coregulated genes
Touch, Heat and Pain
Touchdown General Primer (GP5+/GP6+) PCR and optimized sample DNA concentration support the sensitive detection of human papillomavirus
'Touchdown' PCR to circumvent spurious priming during gene amplification.
Tough Mining
Tourette's disorder and associated complex behaviors: a case report.
Tourette syndrome and learning disabilities
Touring protein fold space with Dali/FSSP.
Tourism and Specific Risk Areas for Cryptococcus gattii , Vancouver Island, Canada
Tourniquets for the control of traumatic hemorrhage: a review of the literature
Toward a Better Understanding of Human Prion Diseases
Toward a better understanding of the comparatively high prostate cancer incidence rates in Utah
Toward a better ventilation strategy for patients with acute lung injury
Toward a Census of Bacteria in Soil
Toward a Climate of Scientific Integrity
Toward a Comprehensive Approach to the Collection and Analysis of Pica Substances, with Emphasis on Geophagic Materials
Toward a Global View of Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis, and Cocaine Use: Findings from the WHO World Mental Health Surveys
Toward a glycopeptide-based HIV-1 vaccine
Toward a Model for Field-Testing Patient Decision-Support Technologies: A Qualitative Field-Testing Study
Toward a New Philosophy of Biology: Observations of an Evolutionist
Toward a new understanding of aging.
Toward a policy ecology of implementation of evidence-based practices in public mental health settings
Toward a theoretical model of quality-of-life appraisal: Implications of findings from studies of response shift
Toward a treaty on safety and cost-effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and medical devices: enhancing an endangered global public good
Toward a Unified Nomenclature System for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1)
Toward a universal microarray: prediction of gene expression through nearest-neighbor probe sequence identification
Toward accurate high-throughput SNP genotyping in the presence of inherited copy number variation
Toward an Individual Approach to Methadone Therapy of Heroin Addicts
Toward an operative diagnosis in sepsis: a latent class approach
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