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The European DISABKIDS project: development of seven condition-specific modules to measure health related quality of life in children and adolescents
The European family. Patriarchy and partnership from the Middle Ages to the present
The European Large Subunit Ribosomal RNA Database
The European Large Subunit Ribosomal RNA database
The European Rare Diseases Therapeutic Initiative
The European Research Council—A European Renaissance
The European ribosomal RNA database
The European Small Subunit Ribosomal RNA database
The evacuation of Burma: fifty years ago.
The evaluation kit for clinical chemistry: a practical guide for the evaluation of methods, instruments and reagent kits
The Evaluation of a Rapid In Situ HIV Confirmation Test in a Programme with a High Failure Rate of the WHO HIV Two-Test Diagnostic Algorithm
The evaluation of chemical mutagenicity data in relation to population risk: impact of various types of genetic damage and risk assessment.
The evaluation of chemical mutagenicity data in relation to population risk: some factors affecting the host-mediated assay response.
The evaluation of chemical mutagenicity data in relation to population risk: summary of panel on the dominant-lethal test.
The evaluation of chemical mutagenicity data in relation to population risk: the need for better methods of extrapolation.
The evaluation of contrast-enhancing brain lesions: pitfalls in current practice.
The evaluation of disability and its related factors among the elderly population in Kashan, Iran
The evaluation of renal ischaemic damage: the value of CD10 monoclonal antibody staining and of biochemical assessments of tissue viability
The Evaluation of Serum Pseudocholinesterase
The evaluation of stack metal emissions from hazardous waste incinerators: assessing human exposure through noninhalation pathways.
The evaluation of the factors that cause aggregation during recombinant expression in E. coli is simplified by the employment of an aggregation-sensitive reporter
The Evaluation of the Role of Beta-Hydroxy Fatty Acids on Chronic Inflammation and Insulin Resistance
The Evaluation of Water Sorption/Solubility on Various Acrylic Resins
The evaluation of yeast derivatives as adjuvant of the immune response to the Bm86 antigen in cattle: Correction
The evaluation of yeast derivatives as adjuvants for the immune response to the Bm86 antigen in cattle
The Evan Bedford Library of Cardiology. Catalogue of books, pamphlets and journals
The evidence for histamine H 3 receptor-mediated endothelium-dependent relaxation in isolated rat aorta
The evil eye
The Evolution of a Journal
The evolution of a medical center. A history of medicine at Duke University to 1941
The Evolution of a Social Obstetric Conscience
The evolution of activity breaks in the nest cycle of annual eusocial bees: a model of delayed exponential growth
The evolution of body size under environmental gradients in ectotherms: why should Bergmann's rule apply to lizards?
The evolution of British general practice, 1850–1948
The evolution of bronchial casts.
The evolution of cardiac surgery
The Evolution of Combinatorial Gene Regulation in Fungi
The evolution of competition and policing: opposing selection within and among groups
The Evolution of Connectivity in Metabolic Networks
The evolution of core proteins involved in microRNA biogenesis
The evolution of domain-content in bacterial genomes
The evolution of drug-activated nuclear receptors: one ancestral gene diverged into two xenosensor genes in mammals
The Evolution of Epigenetic Regulators CTCF and BORIS/CTCFL in Amniotes
The Evolution of Gene Expression QTL in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
The evolution of genome size in ants
The evolution of geriatric psychiatry.
The Evolution of HoxD-11 Expression in the Bird Wing: Insights from Alligator mississippiensis
The evolution of human influenza A viruses from 1999 to 2006: A complete genome study
The evolution of IBP
The evolution of imprinting: chromosomal mapping of orthologues of mammalian imprinted domains in monotreme and marsupial mammals
The evolution of inflammatory mediators
The Evolution of Integrated Chronic Disease Prevention in Alberta, Canada
The Evolution of Invasiveness in Garden Ants
The Evolution of Light Stress Proteins in Photosynthetic Organisms
The Evolution of Mammalian Gene Families
The evolution of methods for the capture of human movement leading to markerless motion capture for biomechanical applications
The evolution of modern medicine in a developing country: Ghana 1880–1960
The evolution of Müllerian mimicry
The Evolution of Norms
The Evolution of Norovirus, the “Gastric Flu”
The Evolution of Pharmacy in Britain
The Evolution of Preventive Medicine in the United States Army, 1607-1939
The evolution of prompt reaction to adverse ties
The Evolution of Protein Interaction Networks in Regulatory Proteins
The evolution of protostome GATA factors: Molecular phylogenetics, synteny, and intron/exon structure reveal orthologous relationships
The Evolution of Quorum Sensing in Bacterial Biofilms
The evolution of repetitive DNA sequences in sea urchins.
The Evolution of Robust Development and Homeostasis in Artificial Organisms
The evolution of Runx genes I. A comparative study of sequences from phylogenetically diverse model organisms
The evolution of science at the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
The Evolution of Self-Fertile Hermaphroditism: The Fog Is Clearing
The Evolution of Senescence and Post-Reproductive Lifespan in Guppies (Poecilia reticulata)
The evolution of sites of surgery
The Evolution of Spinnable Cotton Fiber Entailed Prolonged Development and a Novel Metabolism
The evolution of strand preference in simulated RNA replicators with strand displacement: Implications for the origin of transcription
The evolution of TEP1, an exceptionally polymorphic immunity gene in Anopheles gambiae
The evolution of the cottage hospital.
The Evolution of the DLK1-DIO3 Imprinted Domain in Mammals
The evolution of the Global Burden of Disease framework for disease, injury and risk factor quantification: developing the evidence base for national, regional and global public health action
The evolution of the histone methyltransferase gene Su(var)3-9 in metazoans includes a fusion with and a re-fission from a functionally unrelated gene
The Evolution of the Human Brain
The Evolution of the Metazoa
The evolution of the Sin1 gene product, a little known protein implicated in stress responses and type I interferon signaling in vertebrates
The evolution of the treatment of isolated pulmonary valve stenosis.
The evolution of the vertebrate metzincins; insights from Ciona intestinalis and Danio rerio
The evolution of tooth wear indices
The Evolution of Two-Component Systems in Bacteria Reveals Different Strategies for Niche Adaptation
The Evolution of Web-based Medical Information on Sore Throat: a Longitudinal Study
The Evolution of Word Composition in Metazoan Promoter Sequence
The Evolutionary and Developmental Foundations of Mathematics
The evolutionary conservation of DNA polymerase alpha.
The evolutionary conservation of the core components necessary for the extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway, in Medaka fish
The evolutionary costs of immunological maintenance and deployment
The evolutionary differentiation of two histone H2A.Z variants in chordates (H2A.Z-1 and H2A.Z-2) is mediated by a stepwise mutation process that affects three amino acid residues
The Evolutionary Dynamics of the Lion Panthera leo Revealed by Host and Viral Population Genomics
The Evolutionary Genetics and Emergence of Avian Influenza Viruses in Wild Birds
The evolutionary history of Cytochrome P450 genes in four filamentous Ascomycetes
The evolutionary history of effectors downstream of Cdc42 and Rac
The evolutionary history of mitochondrial porins
The evolutionary history of sharp- and blunt-snouted lenok ( Brachymystax lenok (Pallas, 1773)) and its implications for the paleo-hydrological history of Siberia
The evolutionary origin of the Runx/CBFbeta transcription factors – Studies of the most basal metazoans
The evolutionary origins and significance of drug addiction
The evolutionary position of nematodes
The evolutionary radiation of Arvicolinae rodents (voles and lemmings): relative contribution of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA phylogenies
The evolutionary scrambling and developmental unscrambling of germline genes in hypotrichous ciliates.
The Evolutionary Selective Advantage of HIV-1 Escape Variants and the Contribution of Escape to the HLA-Associated Risk of AIDS Progression
The evolutionary trajectory of the mating-type ( mat ) genes in Neurospora relates to reproductive behavior of taxa
The Evolutionary Value of Recombination Is Constrained by Genome Modularity
The evolving doublecortin (DCX) superfamily
The evolving paradigm of tissue-specific metastasis
The evolving role of the dynamic thermal analysis in the early detection of breast cancer
The Evolving Scope of PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
The Evolving Transcriptome of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Systematic Review
The Ews-ERG Fusion Protein Can Initiate Neoplasia from Lineage-Committed Haematopoietic Cells
The ex vivo human placental transfer of the anti-HIV nucleoside inhibitor abacavir and the protease inhibitor amprenavir.
The Examination of Reflexes
The Excellence in Translational Medicine Award 2006–07
The Exception That Proves the Rule: An Interview with Jenny Graves
The exceptional stem cell system of Macrostomum lignano : Screening for gene expression and studying cell proliferation by hydroxyurea treatment and irradiation
The exceptionally high rate of spontaneous mutations in the polymerase delta proofreading exonuclease-deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain starved for adenine
The excess of 5′ introns in eukaryotic genomes
The Exchange Rate of the Thiol Ligand of iPr 3 PAuSATg With the Cys-34 Residue of Bovine Serum Albumin
The excitation cascade of Limulus ventral photoreceptors: guanylate cyclase as the link between InsP 3 -mediated Ca 2+ release and the opening of cGMP-gated channels
The excitement of Google Scholar , the worry of Google Print
The existence of DNA sequences homologous to adenovirus 5 DNA in the genome of normal rat cells.
The existence of eukaryotic ribonucleoprotein consensus sequence-type RNA-binding proteins in a prokaryote, Synechococcus 6301.
The existence of two genes between infB and rpsO in the Escherichia coli genome: DNA sequencing and S1 nuclease mapping.
The Exocrine Pancreas: Normal and Abnormal Functions
The exon context and distribution of Euascomycetes rRNA spliceosomal introns
The exon sequence TAGG can inhibit splicing.
The exon trapping assay partly discriminates against alternatively spliced exons.
The exosome subunit Rrp43p is required for the efficient maturation of 5.8S, 18S and 25S rRNA.
The expanding role of robotics in the clinical laboratory
The expanding role of Tax in transcription
The Expanding Universe of Prion Diseases
The expansin superfamily
The expansion of CD4 + CD28 - T cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
The expansion of the metazoan microRNA repertoire
The experience of admission to psychiatric hospital among Chinese adult patients in Hong Kong
The experience of brace treatment in children/adolescents with scoliosis
The experience of linking Victorian emergency medical service trauma data
The experiential health information processing model: supporting collaborative web-based patient education
The Experiment at Bicêtre: 1793 *
The Experimental Induction of Neurotic Reactions in Man *
The Experimental Study of Cancer
The expert system for toxicity prediction of chemicals based on structure-activity relationship.
The exploratory behaviour of rats in the hole-board apparatus: Is head-dipping a valid measure of neophilia?
The exposure of nonsmoking and smoking mothers to environmental tobacco smoke during different gestational phases and fetal growth.
The Exposure–Response Curve for Ozone and Risk of Mortality and the Adequacy of Current Ozone Regulations
The expression and antigenicity of a truncated spike-nucleocapsid fusion protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus
The expression and prognostic value of the guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) Trio, Vav1 and TIAM-1 in human breast cancer
The expression in E. coli of synthetic repeating polymeric genes coding for poly(L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine).
The expression of a novel, epithelium-specific ets transcription factor is restricted to the most differentiated layers in the epidermis.
The expression of a plant genome in hnRNA and mRNA.
The expression of biologically active cholera toxin in Escherichia coli.
The expression of biologically active human p53 in Leishmania cells: a novel eukaryotic system to produce recombinant proteins.
The Expression of Contextual Fear Conditioning Involves Activation of an NMDA Receptor–Nitric Oxide Pathway in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex
The expression of COX-2 in VEGF-treated endothelial cells is mediated through protein tyrosine kinase.
The expression of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors p15, p16, p21, and p27 during ovarian follicle growth initiation in the mouse
The expression of HSP27 is associated with poor clinical outcome in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
The expression of HSP60 and HSP10 in large bowel carcinomas with lymph node metastase
The expression of HSP83 genes in Leishmania infantum is affected by temperature and by stage-differentiation and is regulated at the levels of mRNA stability and translation
The expression of hTR and hTERT in human breast cancer: correlation with clinico-pathological parameters
The expression of hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide gated (HCN) channels in the rat ovary are dependent on the type of cell and the reproductive age of the animal: a laboratory investigation
The expression of mismatched repair genes and their correlation with clinicopathological parameters and response to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer
The expression of murine Hox-2 genes is dependent on the differentiation pathway and displays a collinear sensitivity to retinoic acid in F9 cells and Xenopus embryos.
The expression of p63 is associated with the differential stage in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and EBV infection
The expression of prokaryotic tRNA genes in frog oocytes.
The expression of syndecan-1 in psoriatic epidermis
The expression of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) is regulated by two GC-elements in the promoter.
The expression of the ubiquitin ligase subunit Cks1 in human breast cancer
The expression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, its receptors and steroidogenic acute regulatory protein during corpus luteum regression
The expression pattern of Id4, a novel dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein, is distinct from Id1, Id2 and Id3.
The expression, processing and localization of polymorphic membrane proteins in Chlamydia pneumoniae strain CWL029
The expression profile of microRNAs in mouse embryos
The expression signature of in vitro senescence resembles mouse but not human aging
The Extended Learning Curve for Laparoscopic Fundoplication: A Cohort Analysis Of 400 Consecutive Cases
The extended life course. Reflections on a multidisciplinary European symposium in Berlin, 26-28 November 1986.
The extended promoter of the gene encoding ribosomal protein S33 in yeast consists of multiple protein binding elements.
The extent of DNA sequence required for a functional bacterial attachment site of phage lambda.
The extent of the psychological impairment of prosthodontic outpatients at a German University Hospital
The external transcribed spacer and preceding region of Xenopus borealis rDNA: comparison with the corresponding region of Xenopus laevis rDNA.
The external validity of published randomized controlled trials in primary care
The extracellular Leucine-Rich Repeat superfamily; a comparative survey and analysis of evolutionary relationships and expression patterns
The extracellular matrix of porcine mature oocytes: Origin, composition and presumptive roles
The extracellular matrix, p53 and estrogen compete to regulate cell-surface Fas/Apo-1 suicide receptor expression in proliferating embryonic cerebral cortical precursors, and reciprocally, Fas-ligand modifies estrogen control of cell-cycle proteins
The Extracellular Matrix Protein TGFBI Induces Microtubule Stabilization and Sensitizes Ovarian Cancers to Paclitaxel
The Extrachromosomal EAST Protein of Drosophila Can Associate with Polytene Chromosomes and Regulate Gene Expression
The Extractable Histamine Content of Gastric Mucosa and Lung Before and After Parenteral Histamine Administration *
The extraction by micrococcal nuclease of glucocorticoid receptors and mouse mammary tumor virus DNA sequences is dissociated.
The Extraction of 3D Shape from Texture and Shading in the Human Brain
The Extraction of Lipids from Human Plasma or Serum by 2-Octanol **
The Extracytoplasmic Stress Factor, σ E , Is Required to Maintain Cell Envelope Integrity in Escherichia coli
The Extraordinary Nature of Illusion
The eye and visual nervous system: anatomy, physiology and toxicology.
The Eye: Comparative Physiology
The Eye. Vol. 6. Comparative Physiology
The F-box protein family
The F-box protein SKP2 mediates androgen control of p27 stability in LNCaP human prostate cancer cells
The F-type 5' motif of mouse L1 elements: a major class of L1 termini similar to the A-type in organization but unrelated in sequence.
The F unctional A ssessment of C hronic I llness T herapy (FACIT) Measurement System: properties, applications, and interpretation
The Faber book of madness
The fabric of life: microscopy in the seventeenth century
The fabric of the body: European traditions of anatomical illustration
The face of madness. Hugh W. Diamond and the origin of psychiatric photography
The face-specific N170 component is modulated by emotional facial expression
The Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy region on 4qter and the homologous locus on 10qter evolved independently under different evolutionary pressure
The Factor of Infection in the Rheumatic State
The factor structure and reliability of the Illness Attitude Scales in a student and a patient sample
The factor structure of the twelve item General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12): the result of negative phrasing?
The factor validity of the Western Ontario Rotator Cuff Index
The Factor VIII Mutation Database on the World Wide Web: the haemophilia A mutation, search, test and resource site. HAMSTeRS update (version 3.0).
The factor VIII Structure and Mutation Resource Site: HAMSTeRS version 4.
The Factorization Method for Electrical Impedance Tomography Data from a New Planar Device
The factors associated to psychosocial stress among general practitioners in Lithuania. Cross-sectional study
The factors facilitating and inhibiting effective clinical decision-making in nursing: a qualitative study
The facts of life: the creation of sexual knowledge in Britain, 1650–1950
The fading of reported effectiveness. A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
The failed back syndrome: the diagnostic contribution of computed tomography.
The Failure of Dinitrophenol to Influence the Vitamin B Requirement *
The Failure of Environmental Education (and How We Can Fix It)
The Failure of Estrogen to Induce Changes in the Sex Skin of the Male Chimpanzee *
The failure of invagination herniotomy for indirect inguinal hernia.
The Failure of the 1976 Swine Influenza Immunization Program
The Fall and Rise of US Inequities in Premature Mortality: 1960–2002
The fallacies of QT correction
The fallacy of enrolling only high-risk subjects in cancer prevention trials: Is there a "free lunch"?
The Falling Sickness: A History of Epilepsy from the Greeks to the Beginnings of Modern Neurology
The fame and notoriety of Dr. John Huxham.
The Familial Intracranial Aneurysm (FIA) study protocol
The Familial Occurrence of Icterus Gravis, Congenital Anemia of the Newborn, and Erythroblastosis Fetalis: Case Study *
The families evaluation on management, care and disclosure for terminal stage cancer patients
The family as a determinant of stunting in children living in conditions of extreme poverty: a case-control study
The family doctor, his life and history
The family in history
The family life of Ralph Josselin, a seventeenth century clergyman. An essay in historical anthropology
The FANCM Ortholog Fml1 Promotes Recombination at Stalled Replication Forks and Limits Crossing Over during DNA Double-Strand Break Repair
The Fanconi anemia pathway and ubiquitin
The Fangshan/Family-based Ischemic Stroke Study In China (FISSIC) protocol
The Farm Family Exposure Study: Acquavella et al. Respond
The Farmer Field School: a method for enhancing the role of rural communities in malaria control ?
The farnesyl transferase inhibitor RPR-130401 does not alter radiation susceptibility in human tumor cells with a K-Ras mutation in spite of large changes in ploidy and lamin B distribution
The Fascinating World of RNA Interference
The Fastest Flights in Nature: High-Speed Spore Discharge Mechanisms among Fungi
The fat body cell-free system for tissue-specific transcription of plasma protein gene of Bombyx mori.
The Fat of the Land: Do Agricultural Subsidies Foster Poor Health?
The fate of airborne polycyclic organic matter.
The fate of deleted DNA produced during programmed genomic deletion events in Tetrahymena thermophila.
The Fate of Ingested Water
The fate of P2Y-related orphan receptors: GPR80/99 and GPR91 are receptors of dicarboxylic acids
The fate of released histamine: reception, response and termination.
The fate of the duplicated androgen receptor in fishes: a late neofunctionalization event?
The fate of trenbolone acetate and melengestrol acetate after application as growth promoters in cattle: environmental studies.
The Father of Child Care: Life of William Cadogan (1711-1797)
The father of us all
The fatty acid binding protein 7 (FABP7) is involved in proliferation and invasion of melanoma cells
The Fatty Liver Index: a simple and accurate predictor of hepatic steatosis in the general population
The FCP1 phosphatase interacts with RNA polymerase II and with MEP50 a component of the methylosome complex involved in the assembly of snRNP
The FDA guidance for industry on PROs: the point of view of a pharmaceutical company
The feasibility and utility of grocery receipt analyses for dietary assessment
The feasibility of gene therapy in the treatment of head and neck cancer
The Feasibility of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Patients with Previous Abdominal Surgery
The feasibility of measuring the activation of the trunk muscles in healthy older adults during trunk stability exercises
The feasibility of oligogenic combined segregation and linkage analysis in CEPH pedigrees
The Feasibility of performing resistance exercise with acutely ill hospitalized older adults
The feasibility of preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV using peer counselors in Zimbabwe
The feasibility of using pattern recognition software to measure the influence of computer use on the consultation
The feasibility of using pedometers and brief advice to increase activity in sedentary older women – a pilot study
The feasibility of whole body vibration in institutionalised elderly persons and its influence on muscle performance, balance and mobility: a randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN62535013]
The FEATURE framework for protein function annotation: modeling new functions, improving performance, and extending to novel applications
The features of Drosophila core promoters revealed by statistical analysis
The federal government commissioner for patient issues in Germany: initial analysis of the user inquiries
The Feed Factor: Estrogenic Variability in Lab Animal Diets
The Feeding of Infants
The [FeFe] hydrogenase of Nyctotherus ovalis has a chimeric origin
The female population of France in the nineteenth century. A reconstruction of eighty-two départements
The Female Sex Hormone
The feminization of the medical work force, implications for Scottish primary care: a survey of Scottish general practitioners
The Fen1 extrahelical 3′-flap pocket is conserved from archaea to human and regulates DNA substrate specificity
The Fer tyrosine kinase regulates an axon retraction response to Semaphorin 3A in dorsal root ganglion neurons
The FERM and PDZ Domain-Containing Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases, PTPN4 and PTPN3, Are Both Dispensable for T Cell Receptor Signal Transduction
The ferment of knowledge. Studies in the historiography of eighteenth-century science
The Fetal Allograft Revisited: Does the Study of an Ancient Invertebrate Species Shed Light on the Role of Natural Killer Cells at the Maternal-Fetal Interface?
The Fetal Hypothalamus Has the Potential to Generate Cells with a Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Phenotype
The fetuses-at-risk approach: Clarification of semantic and conceptual misapprehension
The fever index in evaluation fo the course of infectious diseases, with special reference to pneumococcal pneumonia.
The Fever of Laennec's Cirrhosis †
The Few, the Strong: Rat Cortex Features Small Numbers of Powerful Connections
The FF domains of yeast U1 snRNP protein Prp40 mediate interactions with Luc7 and Snu71
The FH mutation database: an online database of fumarate hydratase mutations involved in the MCUL (HLRCC) tumor syndrome and congenital fumarase deficiency
The fibrinolytic system facilitates tumor cell migration across the blood-brain barrier in experimental melanoma brain metastasis
The fickle Mutation of a Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinase Effects Sensitization but not Dishabituation in Drosophila Melanogaster
The Fidelity Index provides a systematic quantitation of star activity of DNA restriction endonucleases
The fidelity of base selection by the polymerase subunit of DNA polymerase III holoenzyme.
The fidelity of DNA synthesis by yeast DNA polymerase zeta alone and with accessory proteins
The fidelity of template-directed oligonucleotide ligation and its relevance to DNA computation.
The fidelity of the human leading and lagging strand DNA replication apparatus with 8-oxodeoxyguanosine triphosphate.
The Field Function on the Body Surface during Moments in the U Wave in Normal Subjects and in Patients with Cardiac Pathology ‡
The fifth plot of the Carcinogenic Potency Database: results of animal bioassays published in the general literature through 1988 and by the National Toxicology Program through 1989.
The Fight against Disease Mongering: Generating Knowledge for Action
The Fight Against Tuberculosis: An Autobiography
The fight for family planning
The Fight for Fluoridation
The final catastrophe-- cholera in London, 1866.
The final deprotection step in oligonucleotide synthesis is reduced to a mild and rapid ammonia treatment by using labile base-protecting groups.
The financial losses from the migration of nurses from Malawi
The Financing of Biomedical Research
The findings of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Medical Waste Tracking Act report.
The finest instruments ever made: a bibliography of medical, dental, optical and pharmaceutical company trade literature, 1700–1939
The Finnish adoptive family study of schizophrenia.
The Finnish Cardiovascular Study (FINCAVAS): characterising patients with high risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality
The Finnish lapphund retinal atrophy locus maps to the centromeric region of CFA9
The Firegoose: two-way integration of diverse data from different bioinformatics web resources with desktop applications
The First Anatomists
The first and third uORFs in RSV leader RNA are efficiently translated: implications for translational regulation and viral RNA packaging.
The First Australian Chair of the History of Medicine
The first BCR gene intron contains breakpoints in Philadelphia chromosome positive leukemia.
The First Bioluminescence Tomography System for Simultaneous Acquisition of Multiview and Multispectral Data
The first blood transfusion: French of English?
The first case of isolated facial cutanenous leishmaniasis in a Down syndrome infant: a case report and review of the literature
The first case of septicemia due to nontoxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae in Poland: case report
The first case of vesico-vaginal fistula in a patient with primary lymphoma of the bladder – a case report
The first case report of dental floss pick-related injury presenting with massive hemoptysis: A case report
The first completed genome sequence from a teleost fish ( Fugu rubripes ) adds significant diversity to the nuclear receptor superfamily
The first Cornish hospital
The first cuckoo. A selection of the most witty amusing and memorable letters to The Times 1900–1975
The first decade of microbial genomics: what have we learned and where are we going next?
The first demonstration of lactic acid in human blood in shock by Johann Joseph Scherer (1814–1869) in January 1843
The first description of severe anemia associated with acute kidney injury and adult minimal change disease: a case report
The first epidemic of Asiatic cholera in Lower Canada, 1832.
The first fifty years of the Connecticut Tumor Registry: reminiscences and prospects.
The First Five Years of Life: The Preschool Years
The first generation of a BAC-based physical map of Brassica rapa
The first global map of the distribution of human diseases: Friedrich Schnurrer's 'Charte über die geographische Ausbreitung der Krankheiten' (1827).
The first heart transplant patient from Northern Ireland.
"The first hospital among Christians": the Ospedale di Santa Maria Nuova in early sixteenth-century Florence.
The first human blood transfusion.
The first human blood transfusion: priority disputes (Henry Oldenburg).
The first hydrophobic region of the HPV16 E5 protein determines protein cellular location and facilitates anchorage-independent growth
The first hysterectomy in Northern Ireland?
The first international conference on the environmental health and safety of jet fuel.
The first medical monograph on the gout.
The first medical school in Belfast, 1835-1849.
The First Medical Transactions in America *
The first Nottingham Medical School: 1833-1835?
The first organocatalytic carbonyl-ene reaction: isomerisation-free C-C bond formations catalysed by H-bonding thio-ureas
The first phytoplasma RNase P RNA provides new insights into the sequence requirements of this ribozyme
The first psychiatric institute: how research and education changed practice
The First Published Attack on Perkinism: An Anonymous Eighteenth Century Poetical Satire
The First Randomised Trial of Male Circumcision for Preventing HIV: What Were the Ethical Issues?
The first report of Aelurostrongylus falciformis in Norwegian badgers ( Meles meles )
The first report of human illness associated with the Panola Mountain Ehrlichia species: a case report
The first report on researches into the medieval hospital at Soutra, Lothian region
The first salen-type ligands derived from 3',5'-diamino-3',5'-dideoxythymidine and -dideoxyxylothymidine and their corresponding copper(II) complexes
The first second-generation adenosine drug enters the US market
The first “Slit” is the deepest: the secret to a hollow heart
The first synthetic estrogen.
The first three professors of surgery.
The first trimester human trophoblast cell line ACH-3P: A novel tool to study autocrine/paracrine regulatory loops of human trophoblast subpopulations – TNF-α stimulates MMP15 expression
The First Twenty-Five Years
The first-year growth response to growth hormone treatment predicts the long-term prepubertal growth response in children
The Firstborn: Experiences of Eight American Families
The FIS protein binds and bends the origin of chromosomal DNA replication, oriC, of Escherichia coli.
The FIS protein fails to block the binding of DnaA protein to oriC, the Escherichia coli chromosomal origin.
The fish gill: site of action and model for toxic effects of environmental pollutants.
The fission yeast chromo domain encoding gene chp1(+) is required for chromosome segregation and shows a genetic interaction with alpha-tubulin.
The fission yeast COP9/signalosome is involved in cullin modification by ubiquitin-related Ned8p
The fission yeast DNA structure checkpoint protein Rad26 ATRIP/LCD1/UVSD accumulates in the cytoplasm following microtubule destabilization
The fission yeast gene pmt1+ encodes a DNA methyltransferase homologue.
The fission yeast pfh1 + gene encodes an essential 5′ to 3′ DNA helicase required for the completion of S-phase
The fission yeast prp10(+) gene involved in pre-mRNA splicing encodes a homologue of highly conserved splicing factor, SAP155.
The fission yeast prp4+ gene involved in pre-mRNA splicing codes for a predicted serine/threonine kinase and is essential for growth.
The fission yeast rad22 gene, having a function in mating-type switching and repair of DNA damages, encodes a protein homolog to Rad52 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
The fission yeast Rpb4 subunit of RNA polymerase II plays a specialized role in cell separation
The fission yeast TFIIB-related factor limits RNA polymerase III to a TATA-dependent pathway of TBP recruitment
The fission yeast UVDR DNA repair pathway is inducible.
The fitness costs to plants of resistance to pathogens
The Fittest versus the Flattest: Experimental Confirmation of the Quasispecies Effect with Subviral Pathogens
The five-item Brief-Symptom Rating Scale as a suicide ideation screening instrument for psychiatric inpatients and community residents
The FK506 binding protein 13 kDa (FKBP13) interacts with the C-chain of complement C1q
The Flagellum of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Is Required for Resistance to Clearance by Surfactant Protein A
The Flanagan Quality of Life Scale: Evidence of Construct Validity
The flavonoid, fisetin, inhibits UV radiation-induced oxidative stress and the activation of NF-кB and MAPK signaling in human lens epithelial cells
The Flavonoid Luteolin Worsens Chemical-Induced Colitis in NF-κB EGFP Transgenic Mice through Blockade of NF-κB-Dependent Protective Molecules
The Flavoring Agent Dihydrocoumarin Reverses Epigenetic Silencing and Inhibits Sirtuin Deacetylases
The flexibility and topology of simian virus 40 DNA in minichromosomes.
The flexible dialyser membrane – a source of error in plasma creatinine determination
The flexible sigmoidoscope as a potential vector of infectious disease, including suggestions for decontamination of the flexible sigmoidoscope.
The floating knee: epidemiology, prognostic indicators & outcome following surgical management
The Flocculation of Tissue Extracts by Normal and Immune Sera of Fowls and of Other Animals *
The Florence Nightingale-Mary Stanley controversy: some unpublished letters.
The Florey Adelaide Male Ageing Study (FAMAS): Design, procedures & participants
The Flp double cross system a simple efficient procedure for cloning DNA fragments
The FLP protein contacts both major and minor grooves of its recognition target sequence.
The FlyBase database of the Drosophila genome projects and community literature
The FlyBase database of the Drosophila genome projects and community literature
The FlyBase database of the Drosophila Genome Projects and community literature. The FlyBase Consortium.
The focal adhesion protein Hic-5 is highly expressed in the rat myometrium during late pregnancy and labour and co-localizes with FAK
The Focus of the Media Is Medical Intervention, Not the Pursuit of Health
The foldalign web server for pairwise structural RNA alignment and mutual motif search
The FoldX web server: an online force field
The Fontana history of chemistry
The food crisis in prehistory. Overpopulation and the origins of agriculture
The Food Processor II
"The foolmaster who fooled them".
The forbidden game. A social history of drugs
The force of knowledge. The scientific dimension of society
The Forces Behind Cell Movement
The forces of life and the causes of death
The Foreseeable Future
The Forest for the Trees: A Systems Approach to Human Health Research
The fork'ed path to mitosis
The Forkhead Transcription Factor Foxi1 Is a Master Regulator of Vacuolar H + -ATPase Proton Pump Subunits in the Inner Ear, Kidney and Epididymis
The formation of A-DNA in NaDNA films is suppressed by netropsin.
The formation of adjacent triplex-duplex domainsin DNA.
The formation of the American scientific community. The American Association for the Advancement of Science 1848–60
The formation of the German chemical community (1720–1795)
The formation pathway of tetramolecular G-quadruplexes
The formin mDia2 stabilizes microtubules independently of its actin nucleation activity
The Formula of Grangeat for Tensor Fields of Arbitrary Order in n Dimensions
The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution
The foundation and early development of the Royal Belfast Hospital for sick children.
The foundation of the "Inst" medical department and its association with the Belfast Fever Hospital.
The foundations of Belfast medicine.
The foundations of Newton's alchemy or “The hunting of the greene lyon”
The Founder of the Belfast Medical School
The founders of child neurology
The Founders of Neurology
The Founding of the Medical Institution of Yale College
The Founding of the New Haven County Medical Association
The Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ): a validation study of a multidimensional self-report questionnaire to assess distress, depression, anxiety and somatization
The four horsemen of the Apocalypse: religion, war, famine and death in Reformation Europe
The four human muscle regulatory helix-loop-helix proteins Myf3-Myf6 exhibit similar hetero-dimerization and DNA binding properties.
The 'four principles of bioethics' as found in 13 th century Muslim scholar Mawlana's teachings
The four serotypes of dengue recognize the same putative receptors in Aedes aegypti midgut and Ae. albopictus cells
The Fourth Dimension of Biochemical Pathways
The Fourth International Symposium on the Intraductal Approach to Breast Cancer, Santa Barbara, California, 10–13 March 2005
The fourth United States-Japan meeting on the toxicological characterization of environmental chemicals.
The foxa2 Gene Controls the Birth and Spontaneous Degeneration of Dopamine Neurons in Old Age
The fractal geometry of nutrient exchange surfaces does not provide an explanation for 3/4-power metabolic scaling
The fraction of activated N -methyl- d -Aspartate receptors during synaptic transmission remains constant in the presence of the glutamate release inhibitor riluzole
The Fractional Test-Meal as a Guide to Delay in Emptying of the Stomach
The fractionation of calf thymus DNA by multiple formation of sedimentable complexes with homologous lysine-rich histone KAP. Derivative melting curves and ultracentrifugation in CsCl concentration gradients
The fractionation of calf thymus DNA on histone KAP - Sepharose 4B columns
The fractionation of t-RNA on N,N′-bis(3-aminopropyl)-piperazine substituted-Sepharose
The Fragile Breakage versus Random Breakage Models of Chromosome Evolution
The fragile X chromosome (GCC) repeat folds into a DNA tetraplex at neutral pH
The fragile X mental retardation protein has nucleic acid chaperone properties
The fragile X mental retardation protein inhibits translation via interacting with mRNA
The fragile X syndrome repeats form RNA hairpins that do not activate the interferon-inducible protein kinase, PKR, but are cut by Dicer
The Fragilis interferon-inducible gene family of transmembrane proteins is associated with germ cell specification in mice
The fragmented mitochondrial ribosomal RNAs of Plasmodium falciparum have short A tails.
The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and Japanese anti-tobacco measures
The Framingham Heart Study 100K SNP genome-wide association study resource: overview of 17 phenotype working group reports
The Framingham Heart Study, on its way to becoming the gold standard for Cardiovascular Genetic Epidemiology?
The Francis Gilman Blake Award
The Francisella pathogenicity island protein IglA localizes to the bacterial cytoplasm and is needed for intracellular growth
The “Free by 5” Campaign for Universal, Free Antiretroviral Therapy
The Freeway Running through the Yard: Traffic Exhaust and Asthma in Children
The French Aging Males' Symptoms (AMS) scale: Methodological review
The French medical profession's perception of its social function between 1776 and 1830.
The French Paracelsians: the chemical challenge to medical and scientific tradition in early modern France
The French Protestant Hospital; extracts from the archives of “La Providence” relating to inmates and applicants for admission 1718–1957 and to recipients of and applicants for the Coqueau Charity 1745–1901
The frequency and validity of self-reported diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease in the UK elderly: MRC CFAS cohort
The frequency of CD127 low expressing CD4 + CD25 high T regulatory cells is inversely correlated with human T lymphotrophic virus type-1 (HTLV-1) proviral load in HTLV-1-infection and HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis
The frequency of gene targeting in Trypanosoma brucei is independent of target site copy number
The frequency of genes encoding three putative group B streptococcal virulence factors among invasive and colonizing isolates
The frequency of missed test results and associated treatment delays in a highly computerized health system
The frequent BRCA1 mutation 1135insA has multiple origins: a haplotype study in different populations
The Frizzled 3 gene is associated with methamphetamine psychosis in the Japanese population
The Frizzled family: receptors for multiple signal transduction pathways
The frizzled pathway regulates the development of arista laterals.
The Frog. Its Reproduction and Development
The Frog Prince : a reconstructed transposon from Rana pipiens with high transpositional activity in vertebrate cells
The frontier between cell and organelle: genome analysis of Candidatus Carsonella ruddii
The frustration of state medicine 1880-1899.
The Frustrations of Families: Henry Lynch, Heredity, and Cancer Control, 1962–1975
The FSSP database: fold classification based on structure-structure alignment of proteins.
The FSSP database of structurally aligned protein fold families.
The FTO (fat mass and obesity associated) gene codes for a novel member of the non-heme dioxygenase superfamily
The FtsH protease is required for the repair of Photosystem II in the cyanbacterium Synechocystis 6803 damaged UV-B radiation
The FU gene and its possible protein isoforms
The full circle: from the Minamata disaster to the sick building syndrome.
The full length coding sequence of rat liver androsterone UDP-glucuronyltransferase cDNA and comparison with other members of this gene family.
The full-length transcript of the I factor, a LINE element of Drosophila melanogaster, is a potential bicistronic RNA messenger.
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