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Sedimentation velocity of DNA in isokinetic sucrose gradients: calibration against molecular weight using fragments of defined length.
See me, feel me: methods to concurrently visualize and manipulate single DNA molecules and associated proteins
See One, Do One, Modify One: Prostate Surgery in the 1930s
Seed after-ripening is a discrete developmental pathway associated with specific gene networks in Arabidopsis
Seed Dispersal Anachronisms: Rethinking the Fruits Extinct Megafauna Ate
Seed Dispersal and Establishment of Endangered Plants on Oceanic Islands: The Janzen-Connell Model, and the Use of Ecological Analogues
Seed Dispersal and Spatial Pattern in Tropical Trees
Seed germination, phenology, and antiedematogenic activity of Peperomia pellucida (L.) H. B. K.
Seeded Bayesian Networks: Constructing genetic networks from microarray data
Seeder: discriminative seeding DNA motif discovery
Seeding of epithelial cells into circulation during surgery for breast cancer: the fate of malignant and benign mobilized cells
Seeds of change. Five plants that transformed mankind
Seeds of Destruction: Predicting How microRNAs Choose Their Target
SeeGH – A software tool for visualization of whole genome array comparative genomic hybridization data
Seeing chordate evolution through the Ciona genome sequence
Seeing her sex: medical archives and the female body
Seeing is believing: an educational outreach activity on disinfection practices
Seeing the forests for the more than the trees.
Seeing through soot.
Seeing ‘Where’ through the Ears: Effects of Learning-by-Doing and Long-Term Sensory Deprivation on Localization Based on Image-to-Sound Substitution
Seeing without Seeing? Degraded Conscious Vision in a Blindsight Patient
Seek, and ye shall find : Accessing the global epidemiological literature in different languages
Seek and ye shall maybe find
Seek first to understand
Seeking an ethical and legal way of procuring transplantable organs from the dying without further attempts to redefine human death
Seeking gene relationships in gene expression data using support vector machine regression
Seeking Membranes: Positive-Strand RNA Virus Replication Complexes
Seewis virus, a genetically distinct hantavirus in the Eurasian common shrew ( Sorex araneus )
SEF1 binding is important for T cell specific enhancers of genes for T cell receptor-CD3 subunits.
Sefer Hanisyonot. The book of medical experiences attributed to Abraham ibn Ezra
SegH and Hef: two novel homing endonucleases whose genes replace the mobC and mobE genes in several T4-related phages
Segment-specific association between cervical pillar hyperplasia (CPH) and degenerative joint disease (DJD)
Segmental Anatomy of the Lungs
Segmental Duplication Implicated in the Genesis of Inversion 2 Rj of Anopheles gambiae
Segmental Duplications Arise from Pol32-Dependent Repair of Broken Forks through Two Alternative Replication-Based Mechanisms
Segmental flexibility in Escherichia coli ribosomal protein S1 as studied by fluorescence polarization.
Segmental genomic replacement by Cre-mediated recombination: genotoxic stress activation of the p53 promoter in single-copy transformants.
Segmental genomic replacement in embryonic stem cells by double lox targeting.
Segmental identity and cerebellar granule cell induction in rhombomere 1
Segmental Liver Transplantation From Living Donors Report of the Technique and Preliminary Results in Dogs
Segmental lumbar mobility in individuals with low back pain: in vivo assessment during manual and self-imposed motion using dynamic MRI
Segmental resection of the duodenum for gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)
Segmental Trisomy of Mouse Chromosome 17: Introducing an Alternative Model of Down’s Syndrome
Segmentally Variable Genes:A New Perspective on Adaptation
Segmentation-based detection of allelic imbalance and loss-of-heterozygosity in cancer cells using whole genome SNP arrays
Segments containing alternating purine and pyrimidine dinucleotides: patterns of polymorphism in humans and prevalence throughout phylogeny.
Segregate or cooperate- a study of the interaction between two species of Dictyostelium
Segregation analysis comparing liability and quantitative trait models for hypertension using the Genetic Analysis Workshop 13 simulated data
Segregation analysis of apolipoprotein A1 levels in families of adolescents: A community-based study in Taiwan
Segregation and black/white differences in exposure to air toxics in 1990.
Segregation and linkage analysis for longitudinal measurements of a quantitative trait
Segregation of a M404V mutation of the p62/sequestosome 1 ( p62/SQSTM1 ) gene with polyostotic Paget's disease of bone in an Italian family
Segregation of Odor Identity and Intensity during Odor Discrimination in Drosophila Mushroom Body
Segregation of rapidly acetylated histones into a chromatin fraction released from intact nuclei by the action of micrococcal nuclease.
Segregation of the Brain into Gray and White Matter: A Design Minimizing Conduction Delays
Seizure control in patients with epilepsy: the physician vs. medication factors
Seizures as the first manifestation of chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome in a 40-year old man: a case report
SELDI ProteinChip ® Array Technology: Protein-Based Predictive Medicine and Drug Discovery Applications
SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry of High-Density Lipoprotein
SELDI-TOF-MS determination of hepcidin in clinical samples using stable isotope labelled hepcidin as an internal standard
SELDI-TOF-MS ProteinChip array profiling of T-cell clones propagated in long-term culture identifies human profilin-1 as a potential bio-marker of immunosenescence
SELDI-TOF proteomic profiling of breast carcinomas identifies clinicopathologically relevant groups of patients similar to previously defined clusters from cDNA expression
Select cognitive deficits in Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide deficient mice
Select estrogens within the complex formulation of conjugated equine estrogens (Premarin ® ) are protective against neurodegenerative insults: implications for a composition of estrogen therapy to promote neuronal function and prevent Alzheimer's disease
Select Overexpression of Homer1a in Dorsal Hippocampus Impairs Spatial Working Memory
Selected base sequence outside the target binding site of zinc finger protein Sp1
Selected Bibliography
Selected biochemical actions of ovarian hormones.
Selected classes of minimised hammerhead ribozyme have very high cleavage rates at low Mg2+ concentration.
Selected Exercises for the Biochemistry Laboratory
Selected highlights from the 50 th Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology, Orlando, USA, 18-21 March 2001
Selected host cell capped RNA fragments prime influenza viral RNA transcription in vivo.
Selected isotope ratio measurements of light metallic elements (Li, Mg, Ca, and Cu) by multiple collector ICP-MS
Selected laboratory aspects of influenza surveillance.
Selected new developments in asbestos immunotoxicity.
Selected new developments in computational chemistry.
Selected papers from the seventh annual Ella T. Grasso Memorial Conference. New Haven, Connecticut, November 15, 1989.
Selected Papers of Edmund Bergler, M.D. 1933–1961
Selected papers of Gordon Holmes
Selected papers of John Shaw Billings
Selected papers on electrocardiography of Willem Einthoven
Selected pesticide residues or metabolites in blood and urine specimens from a general population survey.
Selected phenolic compounds in cultivated plants: ecologic functions, health implications, and modulation by pesticides.
Selected proceedings of the First Summit on Translational Bioinformatics 2008
Selected reaction monitoring for quantitative proteomics: a tutorial
Selected science: an industry campaign to undermine an OSHA hexavalent chromium standard
Selected Writings of Lord Moynihan: A Centenary Volume
Selected Writings of Sir Arthur Hurst (1879–1944)
Selecting a BRCA risk assessment model for use in a familial cancer clinic
Selecting additional tag SNPs for tolerating missing data in genotyping
Selecting cases from nuclear families for case-control association analysis
Selecting clinical records for long-term preservation: problems and procedures
Selecting control genes for RT-QPCR using public microarray data
Selecting dissimilar genes for multi-class classification, an application in cancer subtyping
Selecting Dual Chamber or Single Chamber Implantable Defibrillators: What is the Golden Rule?
Selecting effective incentive structures in health care: A decision framework to support health care purchasers in finding the right incentives to drive performance
Selecting effective siRNA sequences by using radial basis function network and decision tree learning
Selecting Genes by Test Statistics
Selecting information technology for physicians' practices: a cross-sectional study
Selecting informative genes for discriminant analysis using multigene expression profiles
Selecting interventions to promote fruit and vegetable consumption: from policy to action, a planning framework case study in Western Australia
Selecting normalization genes for small diagnostic microarrays
Selecting optimal oligonucleotide composition for maximal antisense effect following streptolysin O-mediated delivery into human leukaemia cells.
Selecting patients for randomized trials: a systematic approach based on risk group
Selecting process quality indicators for the integrated care of vulnerable older adults affected by cognitive impairment or dementia
Selecting representative model micro-organisms
Selecting short-statured children needing growth hormone testing: Derivation and validation of a clinical decision rule
Selecting subsets of newly extracted features from PCA and PLS in microarray data analysis
Selection Acts on DNA Secondary Structures to Decrease Transcriptional Mutagenesis
Selection, affinity maturation, and characterization of a human scFv antibody against CEA protein
Selection against CpG dinucleotides in lentiviral genes: a possible role of methylation in regulation of viral expression.
Selection Against Glycosylation in Ruminant Pancreatic Ribonucleases by Replacements in the Ancestral Carbohydrate Attachment Site
Selection against Spurious Promoter Motifs Correlates with Translational Efficiency across Bacteria
Selection against tandem splice sites affecting structured protein regions
Selection and analysis of cloned developmentally-regulated Dictyostelium discoideum genes by hybridization-competition.
Selection and characterization of a promoter for expression of single-copy recombinant genes in Gram-positive bacteria
Selection and characterization of RNAs that relieve transcriptional interference in Escherichia coli.
Selection and cloning of poly(rC)-binding protein 2 and Raf kinase inhibitor protein RNA activators of 2′,5′-oligoadenylate synthetase from prostate cancer cells
Selection and evolution of NTP-specific aptamers
Selection and gene duplication: a view from the genome
Selection and identification of proteins bound to DNA triple-helical structures by combination of 2D-electrophoresis and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Selection and mutation on microRNA target sequences during rice evolution
Selection and sequence analysis of a cDNA clone encoding a known chorion protein of the A family.
Selection and some properties of recombinant clones of lambda bacteriophage containing genes of Drosophila melanogaster.
Selection and validation of a set of reliable reference genes for quantitative sod gene expression analysis in C. elegans
Selection and validation of endogenous reference genes using a high throughput approach
Selection at a Single Locus Leads to Widespread Expansion of Toxoplasma gondii Lineages That Are Virulent in Mice
Selection at the Y Chromosome of the African Buffalo Driven by Rainfall
Selection Bias in Meta-Analyses of Gene-Disease Associations
Selection bias: neighbourhood controls and controls selected from those presenting to a Health Unit in a case control study of efficacy of BCG revaccination
Selection criteria for laboratory robotic application personnel
Selection, diversity and evolutionary patterns of the MHC class II DAB in free-ranging Neotropical marsupials
Selection dramatically reduces effective population size in HIV-1 infection
Selection-expression plasmid vectors for use in genetic transformation of higher plants.
Selection for early and late adult emergence alters the rate of pre-adult development in Drosophila melanogaster
Selection for efficient translation initiation biases codon usage at second amino acid position in secretory proteins
Selection for Heterozygosity Gives Hope to a Wild Population of Inbred Wolves
Selection for long lifespan in men: benefits of grandfathering?
Selection for mutations in the PR promoter of bacteriophage lambda.
Selection for Robustness in Mutagenized RNA Viruses
Selection for Social Signalling Drives the Evolution of Chameleon Colour Change
Selection for tameness modulates the expression of heme related genes in silver foxes
Selection for Unequal Densities of σ 70 Promoter-Like Signals in Different Regions of Large Bacterial Genomes
Selection for wild type size derivatives of tomato golden mosaic virus during systemic infection.
Selection in Reported Epidemiological Risks: An Empirical Assessment
Selection in the evolution of gene duplications
Selection of a novel class of RNA–RNA interaction motifs based on the ligase ribozyme with defined modular architecture
Selection of a preribosomal RNA processing site by a nucleolar endoribonuclease involves formation of a stable complex.
Selection of a set of reliable reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in normal equine skin and in equine sarcoids
Selection of a sublibrary enriched for a chromosome from total human bacterial artificial chromosome library using DNA from flow sorted chromosomes as hybridization probes.
Selection of aminoacyl-tRNAs at sense codons: the size of the tRNA variable loop determines whether the immediate 3' nucleotide to the codon has a context effect.
Selection of an animal model for implant fixation studies: anatomical aspects.
Selection of antisense oligonucleotides based on multiple predicted target mRNA structures
Selection of cryptic 5' splice sites by group II intron RNAs in vitro.
Selection of DDX5 as a novel internal control for Q-RT-PCR from microarray data using a block bootstrap re-sampling scheme
Selection of DNA binding sites by regulatory proteins: the LexA protein and the arginine repressor use different strategies for functional specificity.
Selection of functional human antibodies from retroviral display libraries
Selection of functional mutations in the U5-IR stem and loop regions of the Rous sarcoma virus genome
Selection of functional tRNA primers and primer binding site sequences from a retroviral combinatorial library: identification of new functional tRNA primers in murine leukemia virus replication
Selection of genomic sequences that bind tightly to Ff gene 5 protein: primer-free genomic SELEX
Selection of gonadotrophin surge attenuating factor phage antibodies by bioassay
Selection of housekeeping genes for gene expression studies in human reticulocytes using real-time PCR
Selection of housekeeping genes for gene expression studies in larvae from flatfish using real-time PCR
Selection of housekeeping genes for gene expression studies in the adult rat submandibular gland under normal, inflamed, atrophic and regenerative states
Selection of indicators for tonsillectomy in adults with recurrent tonsillitis
Selection of informative clusters from hierarchical cluster tree with gene classes
Selection of initiation sites by eucaryotic ribosomes: effect of inserting AUG triplets upstream from the coding sequence for preproinsulin.
Selection of internal control genes for quantitative real-time RT-PCR studies during tomato development process
Selection of internal reference genes for SYBR green qRT-PCR studies of rhesus monkey ( Macaca mulatta ) tissues
Selection of long oligonucleotides for gene expression microarrays using weighted rank-sum strategy
Selection of methionine tRNAs by avian oncornaviruses.
Selection of novel forms of a functional domain within the Tetrahymena ribozyme.
Selection of novel mediators of E2F1-induced apoptosis through retroviral expression of an antisense cDNA library
Selection of novel, specific single-stranded DNA sequences by Flp, a duplex-specific DNA binding protein.
Selection of oligonucleotides for whole-genome microarrays with semi-automatic update
Selection of optimal oligonucleotide probes for microarrays using multiple criteria, global alignment and parameter estimation
Selection of optimal recording sites for limited lead body surface potential mapping: A sequential selection based approach
Selection of ovine housekeeping genes for normalisation by real-time RT-PCR; analysis of PrP gene expression and genetic susceptibility to scrapie
Selection of ovine housekeeping genes for normalisation by real-time RT-PCR; analysis of PrP gene expression and genetic susceptibility to scrapie
Selection of primary cell cultures with cre recombinase induced somatic mutations from transgenic mice.
Selection of primer-template sequences that bind human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase with high affinity
Selection of reference genes for gene expression studies in human neutrophils by real-time PCR
Selection of reference genes for gene expression studies in pig tissues using SYBR green qPCR
Selection of reference genes for qRT-PCR examination of wild populations of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua
Selection of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in a rat asphyxial cardiac arrest model
Selection of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in bovine preimplantation embryos
Selection of reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR studies in striped dolphin ( Stenella coeruleoalba ) skin biopsies
Selection of reliable reference genes for qPCR studies on chondroprotective action
Selection of reproductive health end points for environmental risk assessment.
Selection of restriction endonucleases using artificial cells
Selection of sequence elements that substitute for the standard AATAAA motif which signals 3' processing and polyadenylation of late simian virus 40 mRNAs.
Selection of sequences recognized by a DNA binding protein using a preparative southwestern blot.
Selection of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in disease association data
Selection of small molecules by the Tetrahymena catalytic center.
Selection of SNP subsets for association studies in candidate genes: comparison of the power of different strategies to detect single disease susceptibility locus effects
Selection of suitable reference genes for accurate normalization of gene expression profile studies in non-small cell lung cancer
Selection of Target Sites for Mobile DNA Integration in the Human Genome
Selection of template initiation sites and the lengths of RNA primers synthesized by DNA primase are strongly affected by its organization in a multiprotein DNA polymerase alpha complex.
Selection of the best target site for ribozyme-mediated cleavage within a fusion gene for adenovirus E1A-associated 300 kDa protein (p300) and luciferase.
Selection of thermodynamic models for combinatorial control of multiple transcription factors in early differentiation of embryonic stem cells
Selection on a Neural Gene Regulator Sheds Light on Human Evolution
Selection on Sex Cells Favors a Recombination Gender Gap
Selection shapes malaria genomes and drives divergence between pathogens infecting hominids versus rodents
Selection strategy and the design of hybrid oligonucleotide primers for RACE-PCR: cloning a family of toxin-like sequences from Agelena orientalis
Selection to minimise noise in living systems and its implications for the evolution of gene expression
Selections for constituting new RNA–protein interactions in catalytic RNP
Selective 2'-benzoylation at the cis 2',3'-diols of protected ribonucleosides. New solid phase synthesis of RNA and DNA-RNA mixtures.
Selective 32P-labelling of individual species in a total tRNA population.
Selective activation of microglia in spinal cord but not higher cortical regions following nerve injury in adult mouse
Selective activation of primary afferent fibers evaluated by sine-wave electrical stimulation
Selective activation of TCR- γδ + cells in endemic Burkitt's lymphoma
Selective Adaptation in Networks of Heterogeneous Populations: Model, Simulation, and Experiment
Selective Alpha-Particle Mediated Depletion of Tumor Vasculature with Vascular Normalization
Selective alteration of gene expression in response to natural and synthetic retinoids.
Selective amplification of RNA utilizing the nucleotide analog dITP and Thermus thermophilus DNA polymerase.
Selective amyloid-β lowering agents
Selective and Irreversible Inhibitors of Aphid Acetylcholinesterases: Steps Toward Human-Safe Insecticides
Selective androgen receptor modulators in preclinical and clinical development
Selective Attention Increases Both Gain and Feature Selectivity of the Human Auditory Cortex
Selective attrition and bias in a longitudinal health survey among survivors of a disaster
Selective binding of actinomycin D and distamycin A to DNA.
Selective binding of amino acid residues to tRNAPhe.
Selective binding of looped oligonucleotides to a single-stranded DNA and its influence on replication in vitro.
Selective binding of the estrogen receptor to one strand of the estrogen responsive element.
Selective blockage of the 3′→5′ exonuclease activity of WRN protein by certain oxidative modifications and bulky lesions in DNA
Selective blotting of restriction DNA fragments on nitrocellulose membranes at low salt concentrations.
Selective breakage of DNA alongside 5-bromodeoxyuridine nucleotide residues by high temperature hydrolysis.
Selective Breeding for a Behavioral Trait Changes Digit Ratio
Selective cancer-germline gene expression in pediatric brain tumors
Selective catalysis of A.T base pair proton exchange in DNA complexes: imino proton NMR analysis.
Selective chemical autoligation on a double-stranded DNA template.
Selective cleavage of bcr-abl chimeric RNAs by a ribozyme targeted to non-contiguous sequences.
Selective cleavage of closely-related mRNAs by synthetic ribozymes.
Selective cleavage of pyrophosphate linkages.
Selective cloning and sequence analysis of the human L1 (LINE-1) sequences which transposed in the relatively recent past.
Selective cloning of a defined number of tandem DNA repeats in Escherichia coli.
Selective Constraint on Noncoding Regions of Hominid Genomes
Selective Constraints in Experimentally Defined Primate Regulatory Regions
Selective Control of the Apoptosis Signaling Network in Heterogeneous Cell Populations
Selective COX-2 inhibition prevents progressive dopamine neuron degeneration in a rat model of Parkinson's disease
Selective cytotoxicity of Pancratistatin-related natural Amaryllidaceae alkaloids: evaluation of the activity of two new compounds
Selective decontamination of the digestive tract: all questions answered?
Selective Decontamination of the Digestive Tract in Hepatobiliary Surgery: A Concept
Selective decontamination of the digestive tract reduces mortality in critically ill patients
Selective degradation of reverse gyrase and DNA fragmentation induced by alkylating agent in the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus
Selective detection of ribose-methylated nucleotides in RNA by a mass spectrometry-based method.
Selective DNA amplification from complex genomes using universal double-sided adapters
Selective down-regulation of tyrosinase family gene TYRP1 by inhibition of the activity of melanocyte transcription factor, MITF
Selective enrichment of a large size genomic DNA fragment by affinity capture: an approach for genome mapping.
Selective Enrichment of Membrane Proteins by Partition Phase Separation for Proteomic Studies
Selective enrichment of specific DNA, cDNA and RNA sequences using biotinylated probes, avidin and copper-chelate agarose.
Selective ependymal denudation and expansion of lateral ventricles of H-Tx rats appear as interrelated phenomena
Selective estrogen receptor modulators inhibit growth and progression of premalignant lesions in a mouse model of ductal carcinoma in situ
Selective Gene Expression by Postnatal Electroporation during Olfactory Interneuron Neurogenesis
Selective hydrolysis by exo- and endonucleases of phosphodiester bonds adjacent to an apurinic site.
Selective in vitro transcription by purified yeast RNA polymerase II on cloned 2 micron DNA.
Selective in vitro transcription of one of the two Alu family repeats present in the 5' flanking region of the human epsilon-globin gene.
Selective inactivation of the 3' to 5' exonuclease activity of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase I by heat.
Selective induction of DNA synthesis in mouse preneoplastic and neoplastic hepatic lesions after exposure to phenobarbital.
Selective Inflammatory Pain Insensitivity in the African Naked Mole-Rat ( Heterocephalus glaber )
Selective inhibition by antiflamrnin-2 of thromboxane B 2 release from isolated and perfused guinea-pig lung
Selective inhibition by harmane of the apurinic apyrimidinic endonuclease activity of phage T4-induced UV endonuclease.
Selective inhibition of c-Myb DNA-binding by RNA polymers
Selective Inhibition of Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenases
Selective inhibition of cell-free translation by oligonucleotides targeted to a mRNA hairpin structure.
Selective inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase-associated ribonuclease H activity by hydroxylated tropolones
Selective inhibition of the cytopathic effect of type A influenza viruses by oligodeoxynucleotides covalently linked to an intercalating agent.
Selective inhibition of the DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK) by the radiosensitizing agent caffeine
Selective inhibition of transcription of the Ets2 gene in prostate cancer cells by a triplex-forming oligonucleotide
Selective inhibition of uracil tRNA methylases of E. coli by ethionine.
Selective inhibition of yeast regulons by daunorubicin: A transcriptome-wide analysis
Selective inhibitory DNA aptamers of the human RNase H1
Selective initiation of replication at origin sequences of the rDNA molecule of Physarum polycephalum using synchronous plasmodial extracts.
Selective interactions of human kin17 and RPA proteins with chromatin and the nuclear matrix in a DNA damage- and cell cycle-regulated manner
Selective Involvement of the Amygdala in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Selective isolation and detailed analysis of intra-RNA cross-links induced in the large ribosomal subunit of E. coli: a model for the tertiary structure of the tRNA binding domain in 23S RNA.
Selective killing of HIV-1-positive macrophages and T cells by the Rev-dependent lentivirus carrying anthrolysin O from Bacillus anthracis
Selective Ligand Recognition by a Diversity-Generating Retroelement Variable Protein
Selective Loss of TGFβ Smad-Dependent Signalling Prevents Cell Cycle Arrest and Promotes Invasion in Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines
Selective maintenance of Drosophila tandemly arranged duplicated genes during evolution
Selective masking and demasking for the stepwise complexometric determination of aluminium, lead and zinc from the same solution
Selective migration of neuralized embryonic stem cells to stem cell factor and media conditioned by glioma cell lines
Selective miRNA disruption in T reg cells leads to uncontrolled autoimmunity
Selective Modulators of PPAR- γ Activity: Molecular Aspects Related to Obesity and Side-Effects
Selective Nontreatment of Handicapped Newborns
Selective O-phosphitilation with nucleoside phosphoramidite reagents.
Selective optimization of the Rev-binding element of HIV-1.
Selective PDE inhibitors rolipram and sildenafil improve object retrieval performance in adult cynomolgus macaques
Selective Permeation and Organic Extraction of Recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein ( gfp uv ) from Escherichia coli
Selective Pharmacological Targeting of a DEAD Box RNA Helicase
Selective prediction of interaction sites in protein structures with THEMATICS
Selective protection of in vitro synthesized cDNA against nucleases by incorporation of phosphorothioate-analogues.
Selective Radionuclide Localisation in Primary Liver Tumours
Selective receptor expression restricts Nipah virus infection of endothelial cells
Selective recognition of a cisplatin-DNA adduct by human mismatch repair proteins.
Selective recognition of pyrimidine–pyrimidine DNA mismatches by distance-constrained macrocyclic bis-intercalators
Selective reconstitution of liver cholesterol biosynthesis promotes lung maturation but does not prevent neonatal lethality in Dhcr7 null mice
Selective recovery of DNA fragments from silica particles: effect of A-T content and elution conditions.
Selective recovery of foreign gene transcripts as virus-like particles in TMV-infected transgenic tobaccos.
Selective redox regulation of cytokine receptor signaling by extracellular thioredoxin-1
Selective Regional Chemotherapy of Unresectable Hepatic Tumours Using Lipiodol
Selective regulation of MAP kinases and Chemokine expression after ligation of ICAM-1 on human airway epithelial cells
Selective release of HMG nonhistone proteins during DNase digestion of Tetrahymena chromatin at different stages of the cell cycle.
Selective remodeling of cardiolipin fatty acids in the aged rat heart
Selective repression of retinoic acid target genes by RIP140 during induced tumor cell differentiation of pluripotent human embryonal carcinoma cells
Selective retention of hydroxylated PCB metabolites in blood.
Selective segregation of DNA strands persists in long label retaining mammary cells during pregnancy
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor use associates with apathy among depressed elderly: a case-control study
Selective sigma-2 ligands preferentially bind to pancreatic adenocarcinomas: applications in diagnostic imaging and therapy
Selective single blastocyst transfer reduces the multiple pregnancy rate and increases pregnancy rates: a pre- and postintervention study
Selective staining by 4', 6-diamidine-2-phenylindole of nanogram quantities of DNA in the presence of RNA on gels.
Selective staining with two fluorochromes of DNA fragments on gels depending on their AT content.
Selective ‘stencil’-aided pre-PCR cleavage of wild-type sequences as a novel approach to detection of mutant K- RAS
Selective stimulation of catecholamine release from bovine adrenal chromaffin cells by an ionotropic purinergic receptor sensitive to 2-methylthio ATP
Selective stimulation of translational expression by Alu RNA
Selective synergy of immunoglobulin enhancer elements in B-cell development: a characteristic of kappa light chain enhancers, but not heavy chain enhancers.
Selective Targeting of Tumorigenic Cancer Cell Lines by Microtubule Inhibitors
Selective Toxicity
Selective Toxicity. (Fifth Edition)
Selective translational repression of HIV-1 RNA by Sam68DeltaC occurs by altering PABP1 binding to unspliced viral RNA
Selective Translational Repression of Truncated Proteins from Frameshift Mutation-Derived mRNAs in Tumors
Selective Transmission of R5 HIV-1 over X4 HIV-1 at the Dendritic Cell–T Cell Infectious Synapse Is Determined by the T Cell Activation State
Selective up-regulation of NMDA-NR1 receptor expression in myenteric plexus after TNBS induced colitis in rats
Selective use of multiple vitamin D response elements underlies the 1 α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D 3 -mediated negative regulation of the human CYP27B1 gene
Selective Variceal Decompression: Current Status
Selectivity and affinity of triplex-forming oligonucleotides containing 2′-aminoethoxy-5-(3-aminoprop-1-ynyl)uridine for recognizing AT base pairs in duplex DNA
Selectivity and random-access in automatic analysers
Selectivity of the Escherichia coli RNA polymerase E sigma 38 for overlapping promoters and ability to support CRP activation.
Selecton 2007: advanced models for detecting positive and purifying selection using a Bayesian inference approach
Selenium concentration in the milk of breast-feeding mothers and its geographic distribution.
Selenium Deficiency and Chronic Pancreatitis: Disease Mechanism and Potential for Therapy
Selenium deficiency during total parenteral nutrition--a case report.
Selenium derivatization and crystallization of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides for X-ray crystallography using multiple anomalous dispersion
Selenium derivatization of nucleic acids for crystallography
Selenium induces changes in the selenocysteine tRNA[Ser]Sec population in mammalian cells.
Selenium metabolism in Trypanosoma: characterization of selenoproteomes and identification of a Kinetoplastida-specific selenoprotein
Selenium secrets.
Selenium Species: Uptake, Transformation and Toxicities in Differing Substrates and Their Pharmaceutical Applications
Selenium Speeds Reactions
Selenium supplementation in critically ill patients: can too much of a good thing be a bad thing?
Seleno-enzymes and seleno-compounds: the two faces of selenium
Selenocysteine inserting tRNAs are likely generated by tRNA editing.
Selenocysteine insertion directed by the 3′-UTR SECIS element in Escherichia coli
Selenocysteine insertion or termination: factors affecting UGA codon fate and complementary anticodon:codon mutations.
SelenoDB 1.0 : a database of selenoprotein genes, proteins and SECIS elements
Selenoprotein S (SEPS1) gene -105G>A promoter polymorphism influences the susceptibility to gastric cancer in the Japanese population
Selenoproteins—Tracing the Role of a Trace Element in Protein Function
SELEX and missing phosphate contact analyses reveal flexibility within the AP-2[alpha] protein: DNA binding complex.
SELEX_DB: a database on in vitro selected oligomers adapted for recognizing natural sites and for analyzing both SNPs and site-directed mutagenesis data
SELEX_DB: an activated database on selected randomized DNA/RNA sequences addressed to genomic sequence annotation
SELEX-derived aptamers of the duck hepatitis B virus RNA encapsidation signal distinguish critical and non-critical residues for productive initiation of reverse transcription
Self-administration and interviewer-administration of the German Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire: instrument development and assessment of validity and reliability in two randomised studies
Self-administration of epinephrine in children: a survey of current prescription practice and recommendations for improvement.
Self- and peer assessment may not be an accurate measure of PBL tutorial process
Self-assembled monolayer of light-harvesting core complexes of photosynthetic bacteria on an amino-terminated ITO electrode
Self-assembling Fmoc dipeptide hydrogel for in situ 3D cell culturing
Self-Assembling Peptide Detergents Stabilize Isolated Photosystem Ion a Dry Surface for an Extended Time
Self-Assembling Peptide Nanofiber Scaffolds Accelerate Wound Healing
Self-Assembly and DNA Binding of the Blocking Factor in X Chromosome Inactivation
Self-Assembly in Monoelaidin Aqueous Dispersions: Direct Vesicles to Cubosomes Transition
Self assembly of amphiphilic C 60 fullerene derivatives into nanoscale supramolecular structures
Self-assembly of DNA-polymer complexes using template polymerization.
Self-assembly of DNA-streptavidin nanostructures and their use as reagents in immuno-PCR.
Self-assembly of human latexin into amyloid-like oligomers
Self-assembly of proteins and their nucleic acids
Self-assembly of single and closely spaced nucleosome core particles.
Self Assessment in Insects: Honeybee Queens Know Their Own Strength
Self-association and conformational properties of RAG1: implications for formation of the V(D)J recombinase
Self-care and adherence to medication: a survey in the hypertension outpatient clinic
Self-catalyzed cyclization of the intervening sequence RNA of Tetrahymena: inhibition by intercalating dyes.
Self-catalyzed cyclization of the intervening sequence RNA of Tetrahymena: inhibition by methidiumpropyl.EDTA and localization of the major dye binding sites.
Self-cleavage activity of the genomic HDV ribozyme in the presence of various divalent metal ions.
Self-cleavage of a 71 nucleotide-long ribozyme derived from hepatitis delta virus genomic RNA.
Self-cleavage of plus and minus RNA transcripts of avocado sunblotch viroid.
Self-Consistent Estimation of Mislocated Fixations during Reading
Self-consistent residual dipolar coupling based model-free analysis for the robust determination of nanosecond to microsecond protein dynamics
Self Containment, a Property of Modular RNA Structures, Distinguishes microRNAs
Self-Correcting Maps of Molecular Pathways
Self-destruction and tolerance in resistance of mammalian cells to alkylation damage.
Self-eating from an ER-associated cup
Self-esteem, stress and self-rated health in family planning clinic patients
Self evaluation of communication experiences after laryngeal cancer – A longitudinal questionnaire study in patients with laryngeal cancer
Self-excision of the BAC sequences from the recombinant Marek's disease virus genome increases replication and pathogenicity
Self-Generated Touch: A Neural Perspective
Self-harm in British South Asian women: psychosocial correlates and strategies for prevention
Self-help interventions for depressive disorders and depressive symptoms: a systematic review
Self-help: What future role in health care for low and middle-income countries?
Self-hypnosis for anxiety associated with severe asthma: a case report
Self-inactivation of HIV by its own RT/RNase H
Self-incompatibility system of Oenothera organensis for the detection of genetic effects at low radiation doses.
Self-incompatibility systems as bioassays for mutagens
Self-Interest versus Group-Interest in Antiviral Control
Self-management for obesity and cardio-metabolic fitness: Description and evaluation of the lifestyle modification program of a randomised controlled trial
Self-management of type 2 diabetes mellitus: a qualitative investigation from the perspective of participants in a nurse-led, shared-care programme in the Netherlands
Self-medication and non-doctor prescription practices in Pokhara valley, Western Nepal: a questionnaire-based study
Self-Medication as Adaptive Plasticity: Increased Ingestion of Plant Toxins by Parasitized Caterpillars
Self-medication for infants with colic in Lagos, Nigeria
Self-methylation of Bsp RI DNA-methyltransferase
Self-methylation of BspRI DNA-methyltransferase.
Self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation: does it work outside trial conditions?
Self-mutilating behaviour and deliberate ingestion of foreign bodies.
Self-ordered pointing and visual conditional associative learning tasks in drug-free schizophrenia spectrum disorder patients
Self-Organization in High-Density Bacterial Colonies: Efficient Crowd Control
Self-Organization of Anastral Spindles by Synergy of Dynamic Instability, Autocatalytic Microtubule Production, and a Spatial Signaling Gradient
Self-Organized Critical Noise Amplification in Human Closed Loop Control
Self-organizing Mechanism for Development of Space-filling Neuronal Dendrites
Self-Paced (Asynchronous) BCI Control of a Wheelchair in Virtual Environments: A Case Study with a Tetraplegic
Self – perceived and clinically diagnosed dental and periodontal health status among young adults and their implications for epidemiological surveys
Self-perceived symptoms and care needs of patients with severe to very severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure or chronic renal failure and its consequences for their closest relatives: the research protocol
Self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka: small-area variations in incidence
Self-prescribing among young Norwegian doctors: a nine-year follow-up study of a nationwide sample
‘Self-Protection’ of Individual CD4 + T Cells against R5 HIV-1 Infection by the Synthesis of Anti-Viral CCR5 Ligands
Self-Rated Depression and Physician-Diagnosed Depression and Anxiety in Florida Adults: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2006
Self-rated health among Mayan women participating in a randomised intervention trial reducing indoor air pollution in Guatemala
Self-rated health and its determinants among adults in Syria: a model from the Middle East
Self-rated health during adolescence: stability and predictors of change (Young-HUNT study, Norway)
Self-rated health in Pakistan: results of a national health survey
Self-rated health of primary care house officers and its relationship to psychological and spiritual well-being
Self-rated health showed a consistent association with serum HDL-cholesterol in the cross-sectional Oslo Health Study
Self-rated health, symptoms of depression and general symptoms at 3 and 12 months after a first-ever stroke: a municipality-based study in Sweden
Self-rated health, work characteristics and health related behaviours among nurses in Greece: a cross sectional study
Self-Rated Mental Health, School Adjustment, and Substance Use in Hard-of-Hearing Adolescents
Self-Reactivities to the Non-Erythroid Alpha Spectrin Correlate with Cerebral Malaria in Gabonese Children
Self-Reactivity and the Expression of Memory Markers Vary Independently in MRL-Mp+/+ and MRL-Mp- lpr/lpr Mice
Self-Referential Cognition and Empathy in Autism
Self-regulated mechanism of Plk1 localization to kinetochores: lessons from the Plk1-PBIP1 interaction
Self-Regulation of Candida albicans Population Size during GI Colonization
Self-Regulatory Feeding in a Premature Nursery *
Self-renewal and chemotherapy resistance of p75 NTR positive cells in esophageal squamous cell carcinomas
Self-report and parent-report of physical and psychosocial well-being in Dutch adolescents with type 1 diabetes in relation to glycemic control
Self-reported competence, attitude and approach of physicians towards patients with dementia in ambulatory care: Results of a postal survey
Self-reported diabetes is associated with self-management behaviour: a cohort study
Self-Reported Differences in Empowerment Between Lurkers and Posters in Online Patient Support Groups
Self-reported drinking and driving amongst educated adults in Spain: The "Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra" (SUN) cohort findings
Self-reported drug utilization, health, and lifestyle factors among 70–74 year old community dwelling individuals in Western Norway. The Hordaland Health Study (HUSK)
Self-reported hard physical work combined with heavy smoking or overweight may result in so-called Modic changes
Self-reported health-related quality of life in persons with HIV infection: results from a multi-site interview project
Self-reported ill health in male UK Gulf War veterans: a retrospective cohort study
Self-reported neurological symptoms in relation to CO emissions due to problem gas appliance installations in London: a cross-sectional survey
Self-reported parkinsonian symptoms in the EPIC-Norfolk cohort
Self-reported predictors of depressive symptomatology in an elderly population with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a prospective cohort study
Self-Reported Prevalence of Chronic Diseases and Their Relation to Selected Sociodemographic Variables: A Study in INDEPTH Asian Sites, 2005
Self reported receipt of care consistent with 32 quality indicators: national population survey of adults aged 50 or more in England
Self-reported safety belt use among emergency department patients in Boston, Massachusetts
Self-reported sickness absence as a risk marker of future disability pension. Prospective findings from the DWECS/DREAM study 1990-2004
Self reported skin morbidity and ethnicity: a population-based study in a Western community
Self-reported social class in adolescents: validity and relationship with gradients in self-reported health
Self-reported use of anti-malarial drugs and health facility management of malaria in Ghana
Self-reported work ability of Norwegian women in relation to physical and mental health, and to the work environment
Self-splicing group I introns in eukaryotic viruses.
Self-splicing of a group IIC intron: 5′ exon recognition and alternative 5′ splicing events implicate the stem–loop motif of a transcriptional terminator
Self-stabilized antisense oligodeoxynucleotide phosphorothioates: properties and anti-HIV activity.
Self-testing for cancer: a community survey
Selling mothers' milk. The wet-nursing business in France 1715–1914
SEM-EDS analysis of glass fibers corroded in physiological solutions by dynamic tests with variable flow rates.
SEM (Symmetry Equivalent Molecules): a web-based GUI to generate and visualize the macromolecules
Semantic access dysphasia resulting from left temporal lobe tumours
Semantic Associations between Signs and Numerical Categories in the Prefrontal Cortex
Semantic integration to identify overlapping functional modules in protein interaction networks
Semantic reclassification of the UMLS concepts
Semantic role labeling for protein transport predicates
Semantic, syntactic, and phonological processing of written words in adult developmental dyslexic readers: an event-related brain potential study
Semantically linking and browsing PubMed abstracts with gene ontology
Semaphorin-4D (Sema-4D), the Plexin-B1 ligand, is involved in mouse ovary follicular development
Semaphorin-6A controls guidance of corticospinal tract axons at multiple choice points
Semaphorin6A acts as a gate keeper between the central and the peripheral nervous system
Semaphorins deployed to repel cell migrants at spinal cord borders
Semen analysis
Semen quality and reproductive endocrine function in relation to biomarkers of lead, cadmium, zinc, and copper in men.
Semen quality and reproductive health of young Czech men exposed to seasonal air pollution.
Semen quality in Peruvian pesticide applicators: association between urinary organophosphate metabolites and semen parameters
Semen quality in relation to biomarkers of pesticide exposure.
Semen Quality in Relation to Xenohormone and Dioxin-like Serum Activity Among Inuits and Three European Populations
Semi-allogeneic vaccine for T-cell lymphoma
Semi-allogeneic vaccines and tumor-induced immune tolerance
Semi-automated segmentation and quantification of adipose tissue in calf and thigh by MRI: a preliminary study in patients with monogenic metabolic syndrome
Semi-automated, single-band peak-fitting analysis of hydroxyl radical nucleic acid footprint autoradiograms for the quantitative analysis of transitions
Semi-Automatic Classification of Skeletal Morphology in Genetically Altered Mice Using Flat-Panel Volume Computed Tomography
Semi-automatic conversion of BioProp semantic annotation to PASBio annotation
Semi-automatic determination of elemental sulphur in rubber
Semi-Automatic Integrated Segmentation Approaches and Contour Extraction Applied to Computed Tomography Scan Images
Semi-conservative transcription in particles of a double-stranded RNA mycovirus.
Semi exponential cycle sequencing.
Semi-invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in an immunosuppressed patient: a case report
Semi-supervised discovery of differential genes
Semi-supervised gene shaving method for predicting low variation biological pathways from genome-wide data
Semi-supervised learning for the identification of syn-expressed genes from fused microarray and in situ image data
Semi-Supervised Methods to Predict Patient Survival from Gene Expression Data
Semi-supervised protein subcellular localization
Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for human metaphase chromosomes
Seminal malondialdehyde concentration but not glutathione peroxidase activity is negatively correlated with seminal concentration and motility
Seminars may increase recruitment to randomised controlled trials: lessons learned from WISDOM
Semiparametric approach to characterize unique gene expression trajectories across time
Semiparametric methods for genome-wide linkage analysis of human gene expression data
Semiparametric modeling of age at achieving developmental milestones after prenatal exposure to methylmercury in the Seychelles child development study.
Semiquantitative analysis of intrahepatic CC-chemokine mRNas in chronic hepatitis C.
Semiquantitative bacterial observations with group B streptococcal vulvovaginitis.
Semiquantitative bacterial observations with group B streptococcal vulvovaginitis.
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