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ProsCan for Men: Randomised controlled trial of a decision support intervention for men with localised prostate cancer
Prosecutor: parameter-free inference of gene function for prokaryotes using DNA microarray data, genomic context and multiple gene annotation sources
ProSeeK: A web server for MLPA probe design
ProSight PTM 2.0: improved protein identification and characterization for top down mass spectrometry
ProSight PTM: an integrated environment for protein identification and characterization by top-down mass spectrometry
PROSITE: a dictionary of sites and patterns in proteins
PROSITE: a dictionary of sites and patterns in proteins
PROSITE: recent developments.
PROSPECT improves cis -acting regulatory element prediction by integrating expression profile data with consensus pattern searches
PROSPECT-PSPP: an automatic computational pipeline for protein structure prediction
Prospecting for drugs in ancient and medieval European texts: a scientific approach
Prospective Acid Reflux Study of Iran (PARSI): Methodology and study design
Prospective Analysis of Traffic Exposure as a Risk Factor for Incident Coronary Heart Disease: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study
Prospective assessment of Y-chromosome microdeletions and reproductive outcomes among infertile couples of Japanese and African origin
Prospective associations of social self-control with drug use among youth from regular and alternative high schools
Prospective controlled randomized trial on prevention of postoperative abdominal adhesions by Icodextrin 4% solution after laparotomic operation for small bowel obstruction caused by adherences [POPA study: Prevention of Postoperative Adhesions on behalf of the World Society of Emergency Surgery]
Prospective Epidemiological Observations on the Course of the Disease in Fibromyalgia Patients
Prospective evaluation of an internet-linked handheld computer critical care knowledge access system
Prospective Evaluation of Ultrasonic Surgical Dissectors in Hepatic Resection: A Cooperative Multicenter Study
Prospective health care: the second transformation of medicine
Prospective investigation of complementary and alternative medicine use and subsequent hospitalizations
Prospective, longitudinal assessment of developmental neurotoxicity.
Prospective Multi-Center Trial for the Efficacy of Ecabet Sodium on the Relief of Dyspepsia in Korean Patients with Chronic Gastritis
Prospective open-label study of add-on and monotherapy topiramate in civilians with chronic nonhallucinatory posttraumatic stress disorder
Prospective pregnancy study designs for assessing reproductive and developmental toxicants.
Prospective protochordate homologs of vertebrate midbrain and MHB, with some thoughts on MHB origins
Prospective, randomized, double-blind, multi-center, Phase III clinical study on transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) combined with Sorafenib ® versus TACE plus placebo in patients with hepatocellular cancer before liver transplantation – HeiLivCa [ISRCTN24081794]
Prospective, randomized evaluation of a personal digital assistant-based research tool in the emergency department
Prospective randomized study comparing the Teleflex Medical SaphLITE Retractor to the Ethicon CardioVations Clearglide Endoscopic System
Prospective randomized study for optimal insulin therapy in type 2 diabetic patients with secondary failure
Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing Endoscopic Sphincterotomy Followed by Surgery with Surgery Alone in Good Risk Patients with Choledocholithiasis
Prospective, randomized trial comparing fluids and dobutamine optimization of oxygen delivery in high-risk surgical patients [ISRCTN42445141]
Prospective randomized trial of iliohypogastric-ilioinguinal nerve block on post-operative morphine use after inpatient surgery of the female reproductive tract
Prospective research on musculoskeletal disorders in office workers (PROMO): study protocol
Prospective screening study of 0.5 Tesla dedicated magnetic resonance imaging for the detection of breast cancer in young, high-risk women
Prospective single-arm study of 72 Gy hyperfractionated radiation therapy and combination chemotherapy for anaplastic astrocytomas
Prospective Study of Blood and Tibia Lead in Women Undergoing Surgical Menopause
Prospective study of clinician-entered research data in the Emergency Department using an Internet-based system after the HIPAA Privacy Rule
Prospective study of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and dysmenorrhea.
Prospective Study of One Million Deaths in India: Rationale, Design, and Validation Results
Prospective study of Outcomes in Sporadic versus Hereditary breast cancer (POSH): study protocol
Prospective study of physical activity and risk of postmenopausal breast cancer
Prospective survey of serial Troponin T requesting in an acute teaching hospital
Prospectively validated predictions of shock and organ failure in individual septic surgical patients: the Systemic Mediator Associated Response Test
Prospects, achievements, challenges and opportunities for scaling-up malaria chemoprevention in pregnancy in Tanzania: the perspective of national level officers
Prospects for Advancing Tuberculosis Control Efforts through Novel Therapies
Prospects for complex trait analysis in the mouse
Prospects for Human Monoclonal Antibodies: A Critical Perspective
Prospects for Malaria Eradication in Sub-Saharan Africa
Prospects for reducing fumonisin contamination of maize through genetic modification.
Prospects for surviving climate change in Antarctic aquatic species
Prospects of micromass culture technology in tissue engineering
Prospects of Psychosomatic Medicine
ProSplicer: a database of putative alternative splicing information derived from protein, mRNA and expressed sequence tag sequence data
Prostaglandin cyclooxygenase products but not thromboxane A 2 are involved in the pathogenesis of ewthromelalgia in thrombocythaemia
Prostaglandin E 2 metabolism in rat brain: Role of the blood-brain interfaces
Prostaglandin E 2 receptor subtype 2 (EP2) regulates microglial activation and associated neurotoxicity induced by aggregated α-synuclein
Prostaglandin E as the neural mediator of the febrile response.
Prostaglandin E1 in the medical management of erectile dysfunction in a genito-urinary medicine clinic.
Prostaglandin E2 affects differently the release of inflammatory mediators from resident macrophages by LPS and muramyl tripeptides.
Prostaglandin E2 and fever: a continuing debate.
Prostaglandin E2-EP1 and EP2 receptor signaling promotes apical junctional complex disassembly of Caco-2 human colorectal cancer cells
Prostaglandin E2 potentiation of P2X3 receptor mediated currents in dorsal root ganglion neurons
Prostaglandin E2 synthesis in cartilage explants under compression: mPGES-1 is a mechanosensitive gene
Prostaglandin F2-alpha receptor (FPr) expression on porcine corpus luteum microvascular endothelial cells (pCL-MVECs)
Prostaglandin F2alpha- and FAS-activating antibody-induced regression of the corpus luteum involves caspase -8 and is defective in caspase -3 deficient mice
Prostaglandin hydroperoxidase-catalyzed activation of certain N-substituted aryl renal and bladder carcinogens
Prostaglandin I2 enhances cough reflex sensitivity to capsaicin in the asthmatic airway
Prostaglandin levels in seminal plasma and sperm extracts of the domestic turkey, and the effects of cyclooxygenase inhibitors on sperm mobility
Prostaglandin PGE 2 at very low concentrations suppresses collagen cleavage in cultured human osteoarthritic articular cartilage: this involves a decrease in expression of proinflammatory genes, collagenases and COL10A1 , a gene linked to chondrocyte hypertrophy
Prostaglandin synthase-mediated metabolism of carcinogens and a potential role for peroxyl radicals as reactive intermediates.
Prostaglandins evoke a whole variety of responses in the lung.
Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and the Immune Response
Prostanoid receptor EP1 and Cox-2 in injured human nerves and a rat model of nerve injury: a time-course study
Prostanoids in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid do not predict outcome in congenital diaphragmatic hernia patients
Prostasome-like vesicles stimulate acrosome reaction of pig spermatozoa
Prostate cancer cells show a nearly 100-fold increase in the expression of the longer of two alternatively spliced mRNAs of the prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSM)
Prostate cancer cells show elevated urokinase receptor in a mouse model of metastasis
Prostate cancer disparities in Black men of African descent: a comparative literature review of prostate cancer burden among Black men in the United States, Caribbean, United Kingdom, and West Africa
Prostate Cancer – To screen, or not to screen, is that the question?
Prostate gene isolated.
Prostate response to prolactin in sexually active male rats
Prostate-specific antigen at or before age 50 as a predictor of advanced prostate cancer diagnosed up to 25 years later: A case-control study
Prostate-specific antigen (PSA/hK3): a further player in the field of breast cancer diagnostics?
Prostate-specific antigen, sexual behavior, and sexually transmitted infections in US men 40–59 years old, 2001–2004: a cross – sectional study
Prostate-specific antigen testing accuracy in community practice
Prostate-specific membrane antigen is undetectable in choroidal neovascular membrane
Prostate stem cell antigen (PSCA) expression in human prostate cancer tissues and its potential role in prostate carcinogenesis and progression of prostate cancer
Prostatic carcinogenesis evoked by cellular interaction.
Prostatic Leiomyosarcoma: The Case for Combined Modality Therapy
Prostatic sarcoma after treatment of rectal cancer
Prostatic steroid binding protein: organisation of C1 and C2 genes.
Prostheses and Tissue: The Interface Problem
Prosthetic abdominal wall hernia repair in emergency surgery: from polypropylene to biological meshes
Prosthetic valve endocarditis caused by Pseudomonas luteola
Prosthetic Vascular Graft Infection: A Multi-Center Review of Surgical Management
Prostigmine in Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis *
Prostitution and Victorian social reform
Prostitution and Victorian society: women, class, and state
prot4EST: Translating Expressed Sequence Tags from neglected genomes
Protamine 1 gene sequence from the primate Saguinus imperator isolated with PCR using consensus oligonucleotides.
ProTarget: automatic prediction of protein structure novelty
PROTCOM: searchable database of protein complexes enhanced with domain–domain structures
Protease-activated receptor 1 activation is necessary for monocyte chemoattractant protein 1–dependent leukocyte recruitment in vivo
Protease gene families in Populus and Arabidopsis
Protease inhibitor associated mutations compromise the efficacy of therapy in human immunodeficiency virus – 1 (HIV-1) infected pediatric patients: a cross-sectional study
Protease inhibitors interfere with the necessary factors of carcinogenesis.
Protease nexin-1 expression is altered in human breast cancer
Proteasomal Degradation of TRIM5α during Retrovirus Restriction
Proteasomal degradation restricts the nuclear lifespan of AID
Proteasome Activator Enhances Survival of Huntington's Disease Neuronal Model Cells
Proteasome inhibitors: Their effects on arachidonic acid release from cells in culture and arachidonic acid metabolism in rat liver cells
Proteasome-mediated degradation antagonizes critical levels of the apoptosis-inducing C1D protein
Protected deoxyribonucleoside-3' aryl phosphodiesters as key intermediates in polynucleotide synthesis. Construction of an icosanucleotide analogous to the sequence at the ends of Rous sarcoma virus 35S RNA.
‘Protected DNA Probes’ capable of strong hybridization without removal of base protecting groups
Protecting Biodiversity when Money Matters: Maximizing Return on Investment
Protecting Children from Environmental Toxins
Protecting Effects of Dexamethasone on Thymus of Rats with Severe Acute Pancreatitis
Protecting exons from deleterious R-loops: a potential advantage of having introns
Protecting Migration Corridors: Challenges and Optimism for Mongolian Saiga
Protecting reproductive health and the environment: toxics use reduction.
Protecting role of cosolvents in protein denaturation by SDS: a structural study
Protecting schools from pesticides.
Protecting Science from Abuse Requires a Broader Form of Outreach
Protecting the people who feed us.
Protecting the workers: the medical board and the asbestos industry, 1930s-1960s.
Protection against acute adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity by garlic: Role of endogenous antioxidants and inhibition of TNF-α expression
Protection against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity by pretreating rats with the hemisuccinate esters of tocopherol and cholesterol.
Protection against cartilage and bone destruction by systemic interleukin-4 treatment in established murine type II collagen-induced arthritis
Protection against chemical-induced lung injury by inhibition of pulmonary cytochrome P-450.
Protection against diethylnitrosoamine-induced hepatocarcinogenesis by an indigenous medicine comprised of Nigella sativa, Hemidesmus indicus and Smilax glabra : a preliminary study
Protection against dog distemper and Dogs Protection Bills: the Medical Research Council and anti-vivisectionist protest, 1911-1933.
Protection against mouse and avian influenza A strains via vaccination with a combination of conserved proteins NP, M1 and NS1
Protection against Mycobacterium ulcerans Lesion Development by Exposure to Aquatic Insect Saliva
Protection against Prenatal Alcohol-Induced Damage
Protection against Retrovirus Pathogenesis by SR Protein Inhibitors
Protection against tuberculosis by a single intranasal administration of DNA-hsp65 vaccine complexed with cationic liposomes
Protection against ultraviolet radiation by commercial summer clothing: need for standardised testing and labelling
Protection by ozone preconditioning is mediated by the antioxidant system in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats.
Protection by the NDI1 Gene against Neurodegeneration in a Rotenone Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease
Protection Induced by Plasmodium falciparum MSP1 42 Is Strain-Specific, Antigen and Adjuvant Dependent, and Correlates with Antibody Responses
Protection of avian myeloblastosis virus (AMV) DNA polymerase by substrates against heat inactivation.
Protection of cortical cells by equine estrogens against glutamate-induced excitotoxicity is mediated through a calcium independent mechanism
Protection of (dA.dT) cluster regions in the DNAase I cleavage of DNA by specific interaction with netropsin.
Protection of discrete DNA fragments by the complex H1-octamerhistones or H5-octamerhistones after micrococcal nuclease digestion.
Protection of DNA sequences by triplex-bridge formation.
Protection of early phase hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury by cholinergic agonists
Protection of expressed immunoglobulin genes against nuclease cleavage.
Protection of Hepatocytes from Cytotoxic T Cell Mediated Killing by Interferon-Alpha
Protection of human endothelial cells from oxidant injury by adenovirus-mediated transfer of the human catalase cDNA.
Protection of liposomes against fusion during drying by oligosaccharides is not predicted by the calorimetric glass transition temperatures of the dry sugars
Protection of megabase DNA from shearing.
Protection of particular cleavage sites of restriction endonucleases by distamycin A and actinomycin D.
Protection of particular endonuclease R. Hind III cleavage sites by distamycin A, propyl-distamycin and netropsin.
Protection of pulmonary epithelial cells from oxidative stress by hMYH adenine glycosylase
Protection of rabbits against enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) using an intimin null mutant
Protection of rat renal vitamin E levels by ischemic-preconditioning
Protection of Rhesus Monkeys by a DNA Prime/Poxvirus Boost Malaria Vaccine Depends on Optimal DNA Priming and Inclusion of Blood Stage Antigens
Protection of specific maternal messenger RNAs by the P body protein CGH-1 (Dhh1/RCK) during Caenorhabditis elegans oogenesis
Protection of Visual Functions by Human Neural Progenitors in a Rat Model of Retinal Disease
Protective action of a hexane crude extract of Pterodon emarginatus fruits against oxidative and nitrosative stress induced by acute exercise in rats
Protective Actions of PPAR- γ Activation in Renal Endothelium
Protective activity of propofol, Diprivan and intralipid against active oxygen species.
Protective and Enhancing HLA Alleles, HLA-DRB1*0901 and HLA-A*24, for Severe Forms of Dengue Virus Infection, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and Dengue Shock Syndrome
Protective Antiviral Immunity Conferred by a Nonintegrative Lentiviral Vector-Based Vaccine
Protective CD8+ T-cell responses to cytomegalovirus driven by rAAV/GFP/IE1 loading of dendritic cells
Protective Cellular Immunity Against Influenza Virus Induced by Plasmid Inoculation of Newborn Mice
Protective Effect of Adhatoda vascia Nees Against Radiation-Induced Damage at Cellular, Biochemical and Chromosomal Levels in Swiss Albino Mice
Protective effect of Arque-Ajeeb on acute experimental diarrhoea in rats
Protective effect of EDTA preadministration on renal ischemia
Protective effect of KCNH2 single nucleotide polymorphism K897T in LQTS families and identification of novel KCNQ1 and KCNH2 mutations
Protective effect of leptin against ischemia-reperfusion injury in the rat small intestine
Protective Effect of Maritime Quarantine in South Pacific Jurisdictions, 1918–19 Influenza Pandemic
Protective Effect of Meso -Tetrakis-(3,5-di- tert -butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)porphyrin on the In Vivo Impact of Trimethyltin Chloride on the Antioxidative Defense System
Protective effect of the DNA vaccine encoding the major house dust mite allergens on allergic inflammation in the murine model of house dust mite allergy
Protective Effect of Toll-like Receptor 4 in Pulmonary Vaccinia Infection
Protective Effect of Vaginal Lactobacillus paracasei CRL 1289 against Urogenital Infection Produced by Staphylococcus aureus in a Mouse Animal Model
Protective effect of vasoactive intestinal peptide on bone destruction in the collagen-induced arthritis model of rheumatoid arthritis
Protective effects of a compound herbal extract (Tong Xin Luo) on free fatty acid induced endothelial injury: Implications of antioxidant system
Protective Effects of B Vitamins and Antioxidants on the Risk of Arsenic-Related Skin Lesions in Bangladesh
Protective Effects of Coenzyme Q 10 on Decreased Oxidative Stress Resistance Induced by Simvastatin
Protective effects of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate on UVA-induced damage in ARPE19 cells
Protective Effects of Recombinant Kunitz-Domain 1 of Human Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor-2 Against 2-Chloroethyl Ethyl Sulfide Toxicity In Vitro
Protective Effects of Recombinant Kunitz-Domain 1 of Human Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor-2 Against 2-Chloroethyl Ethyl Sulfide Toxicity In Vitro
Protective effects of thiol compounds on chromate-induced toxicity in vitro and in vivo.
Protective Effects of Urinary Trypsin Inhibitor on Systemic Inflammatory Response Induced by Lipopolysaccharide
Protective efficacy of standard Edmonston-Zagreb measles vaccination in infants aged 4.5 months: interim analysis of a randomised clinical trial
Protective efficiacy of taurine against pulmonary edema progression: experimental study
Protective Immunity Against Cryptococcus Neoformans Infection
Protective Immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection by Chemokine and Cytokine Conditioned CFP-10 Differentiated Dendritic Cells
Protective influenza-specific CD8 T cell responses require interactions with dendritic cells in the lungs
Protective role of fish oil (Maxepa) on early events of rat mammary carcinogenesis by modulation of DNA-protein crosslinks, cell proliferation and p53 expression
Protective Role of Genistein in Acute Liver Damage Induced by Carbon Tetrachloride
Protective Role of Helminthiasis in the Development of Autoimmune Diseases
Protective Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 in Ozone-Induced Airway Inflammation
Protective role of Scoparia dulcis plant extract on brain antioxidant status and lipidperoxidation in STZ diabetic male Wistar rats
Protective role of stress genes.
Protective role of vascular endothelial growth factor in endotoxin-induced acute lung injury in mice
Protective value of dietary copper and iron against some toxic effects of lead in rats.
Protective ventilation in ARDS: as soon as possible. An immediate use of HFOV
Protective ventilation of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome
Protégé: A Tool for Managing and Using Terminology in Radiology Applications
Protein abnormalities in macrophages bearing asbestos.
Protein Abnormalities, Volume 1. Physiology of Immunoglobulins: Diagnostic and Clinical Aspects
Protein abundance profiling of the Escherichia coli cytosol
Protein adduct biomarkers: state of the art.
Protein Aggregation and Protein Instability Govern Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patient Survival
Protein Alterations in Infiltrating Ductal Carcinomas of the Breast as Detected by Nonequilibrium pH Gradient Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry
Protein and Amino Acid Requirements in Early Life
π Protein- and ATP-dependent transitions from ‘closed’ to ‘open’ complexes at the γ ori of plasmid R6K
Protein and Chemical Microarrays—Powerful Tools for Proteomics
Protein and DNA requirements of the bacteriophage HP1 recombination system: a model for intasome formation
Protein and DNA Sequence Determinants of Thermophilic Adaptation
Protein and drug interactions in the minor groove of DNA
Protein and energy: a study of changing ideas in nutrition
Protein and Overtraining: Potential Applications for Free-Living Athletes
Protein and synthetic polymer injection for induction of obstructive hydrocephalus in rats
Protein annotation as term categorization in the gene ontology using word proximity networks
Protein Arrays: Issues to Be Addressed
Protein assembly and DNA looping by the FokI restriction endonuclease
Protein beta-turn assignments
Protein binding elements in the human beta-polymerase promoter.
Protein binding interactions at the STB locus of the yeast 2 microns plasmid.
Protein binding of isofluorophate in vivo after coexposure to multiple chemicals.
Protein-binding Properties of two Antitumour Ru(III) Complexes to Human Apotransferrin and Apolactoferrin
Protein binding site prediction using an empirical scoring function
Protein binding sites on Escherichia coli 16S ribosomal RNA; RNA regions that are protected by proteins S7, S9 and S19, and by proteins S8, S15 and S17.
Protein binding sites on Escherichia coli 16S RNA; RNA regions that are protected by proteins S7, S14 and S19 in the presence or absence of protein S9.
Protein Block Expert (PBE): a web-based protein structure analysis server using a structural alphabet
Protein Buffering in Model Systems and in Whole Human Saliva
Protein C: a potential biomarker in severe sepsis and a possible tool for monitoring treatment with drotrecogin alfa (activated)
Protein C concentrations in severe sepsis: an early directional change in plasma levels predicts outcome
Protein C deficiency: summary of the 1995 database update.
Protein C London 1: recurrent mutation at Arg 169 (CGG----TGG) in the protein C gene causing thrombosis.
Protein carbonyl group content in patients affected by familiar chronic nail candidiasis.
Protein changes in the cerebrospinal fluid of the different types of perinatal human hydrocephalus
Protein cleavage strategies for an improved analysis of the membrane proteome
Protein Coding Gene Nucleotide Substitution Pattern in the Apicomplexan Protozoa Cryptosporidium parvum and Cryptosporidium hominis
Protein coding potential of retroviruses and other transposable elements in vertebrate genomes
Protein Coding Sequence Identification by Simultaneously Characterizing the Periodic and Random Features of DNA Sequences
Protein Coevolution and Isoexpression in Yeast Macromolecular Complexes
Protein complex compositions predicted by structural similarity
Protein Complex Evolution Does Not Involve Extensive Network Rewiring
Protein complexes formed during the incision reaction catalyzed by the Escherichia coli UvrABC endonuclease.
Protein Complexes Help Point Migrating Cells in the Right Direction
Protein concerted motions in the DNA–human topoisomerase I complex
Protein contact order prediction from primary sequences
Protein crystallography with a micrometre-sized synchrotron-radiation beam
Protein Crystals in Adenovirus Type 5-Infected Cells: Requirements for Intranuclear Crystallogenesis, Structural and Functional Analysis
Protein Degradation in Health and Disease. Ciba Foundation Symposium 75 (new series)
Protein degradation, signaling, microRNAs and cancer
Protein digestibility and relevance to allergenicity.
Protein disorder prediction at multiple levels of sensitivity and specificity
Protein disorder prediction by condensed PSSM considering propensity for order or disorder
Protein dissociation from DNA in model systems and chromatin.
Protein/DNA arrays identify nitric oxide-regulated cis -element and trans -factor activities some of which govern neuroblastoma cell viability
Protein–DNA binding specificity predictions with structural models
Protein-DNA conjugates produced by UV irradiation and their use as probes for hybridization.
Protein-DNA cross-linking at the lac promoter.
Protein-DNA crosslinking in reconstituted nucleohistone, nuclei and whole cells by picosecond UV laser irradiation.
Protein/DNA crosslinking of a TFIID complex reveals novel interactions downstream of the transcription start.
Protein–DNA footprinting by endcapped duplex oligodeoxyribonucleotides
Protein-DNA interactions in soluble telosomes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Protein-DNA interactions in the cAMP responsive promoter region of the murine ornithine decarboxylase gene.
Protein-DNA interactions in the human beta-globin locus control region hypersensitive site-2 as revealed by four nitrogen mustards.
Protein–DNA interactions: structural, thermodynamic and clustering patterns of conserved residues in DNA-binding proteins
Protein–DNA Interactions: The Story so Far and a New Method for Prediction
Protein-DNA interactions upstream from the human A gamma globin gene.
Protein Docking by the Underestimation of Free Energy Funnels in the Space of Encounter Complexes
Protein domains and architectural innovation in plant-associated Proteobacteria
Protein encapsulation in liposomes: efficiency depends on interactions between protein and phospholipid bilayer.
Protein encoding genes in an ancient plant: analysis of codon usage, retained genes and splice sites in a moss, Physcomitrella patens
Protein-enriched pea flour extract protects stored milled rice against the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae
Protein Essential for Malarial Parasite to Reach and Infect Liver Cells
Protein evolution by codon-based random deletions
Protein evolution by hypermutation and selection in the B cell line DT40
Protein evolution in deep sea bacteria: an analysis of amino acids substitution rates
Protein evolution of ANTP and PRD homeobox genes
Protein evolution on a human signaling network
Protein expression differs between neural progenitor cells from the adult rat brain subventricular zone and olfactory bulb
Protein Expression During Murine Thymus Differentiation
Protein Expression in the Nucleus Accumbens of Rats Exposed to Developmental Vitamin D Deficiency
Protein expression of G-protein inwardly rectifying potassium channels (GIRK) in breast cancer cells
Protein expression of MEF2C during the critical period for visual development in vervet monkeys
Protein expression profile of Gasterophilus intestinalis larvae causing horse gastric myiasis and characterization of horse immune reaction
Protein expression profiling arrays: tools for the multiplexed high-throughput analysis of proteins
Protein expression profiling during chick retinal maturation: a proteomics-based approach
Protein factor(s) binding independently to two different regions of the adenovirus 2 major late promoter.
Protein families and Tribes in genome sequence space
Protein family comparison using statistical models and predicted structural information
Protein Family Expansions and Biological Complexity
Protein fingerprints of cultured CA3-CA1 hippocampal neurons: comparative analysis of the distribution of synaptosomal and cytosolic proteins
Protein Folding Activity of Ribosomal RNA Is a Selective Target of Two Unrelated Antiprion Drugs
Protein folding and conformational stress in microbial cells producing recombinant proteins: a host comparative overview
Protein Folding Database (PFD 2.0): an online environment for the International Foldeomics Consortium
Protein folds and families: sequence and structure alignments.
Protein footprinting approach to mapping DNA binding sites of two archaeal homing enzymes: evidence for a two-domain protein structure.
Protein-free parallel triple-stranded DNA complex formation
Protein Function Assignment through Mining Cross-Species Protein-Protein Interactions
Protein Functional Surfaces: Global Shape Matching and Local Spatial Alignments of Ligand Binding Sites
Protein Helps Orchestrate Cells' Fluid Uptake
Protein homologous cores and loops: important clues to evolutionary relationships between structurally similar proteins
Protein Homology Network Families Reveal Step-Wise Diversification of Type III and Type IV Secretion Systems
Protein Hydrolysates Are Avoided by Herbivores but Not by Omnivores in Two-Choice Preference Tests
Protein identification from two-dimensional gel electrophoresis analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae by combined use of mass spectrometry data and raw genome sequences
Protein Identified that Protects against Lymphomas
Protein-induced unwinding of DNA: measurement by gel electrophoresis of complexes with DNA minicircles. Application to restriction endonuclease EcoRI, catabolite gene activator protein and lac repressor.
Protein Information Resource: a community resource for expert annotation of protein data
Protein interaction mapping on a functional shotgun sequence of Rickettsia sibirica
Protein Interaction Networks by Proteome Peptide Scanning
Protein Interactions from Complexes: A Structural Perspective
Protein interactions in human genetic diseases
Protein intrinsic disorder toolbox for comparative analysis of viral proteins
Protein, iron, and meat consumption and risk for rheumatoid arthritis: a prospective cohort study
Protein Isoaspartate Methyltransferase Prevents Apoptosis Induced by Oxidative Stress in Endothelial Cells: Role of Bcl-X l Deamidation and Methylation
Protein kinase-A dependent phosphorylation of transcription enhancer factor-1 represses its DNA-binding activity but enhances its gene activation ability
Protein kinase A-mediated CREB phosphorylation is an oxidant-induced survival pathway in alveolar type II cells
Protein kinase activity is associated with CD63 in melanoma cells
Protein kinase C activity and the relations between blood lead and neurobehavioral function in lead workers.
Protein kinase Cε: an oncogene and emerging tumor biomarker
Protein kinase C and human uterine contractility
Protein kinase C inhibition attenuates vascular ET B receptor upregulation and decreases brain damage after cerebral ischemia in rat
Protein kinase Cζ regulates phospholipase D activity in rat-1 fibroblasts expressing the α 1A adrenergic receptor
Protein kinase Cepsilon is important for migration of neuroblastoma cells
Protein kinase CK2 phosphorylation regulates the interaction of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus regulatory protein ORF57 with its multifunctional partner hnRNP K
Protein kinase D enzymes are dispensable for proliferation, survival and antigen receptor-regulated NFκB activity in vertebrate B-cells
Protein Kinase D regulates several aspects of development in Drosophila melanogaster
Protein kinase ERK contributes to differential responsiveness of human myeloma cell lines to IFNα
Protein kinase in HeLA nucleosomes: a reevaluation of the interactions of histomes with the ends of core particle DNA.
Protein kinase NII and the regulation of rDNA transcription in mammalian cells.
Protein kinase substrate identification on functional protein arrays
Protein Kinases and Plant Pores
Protein kinases associated with the yeast phosphoproteome
Protein kinases mediate increment of the phosphorylation of cyclic AMP -responsive element binding protein in spinal cord of rats following capsaicin injection
Protein kinases of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum : the kinome of a divergent eukaryote
Protein knot server: detection of knots in protein structures
Protein length in eukaryotic and prokaryotic proteomes
Protein-ligand interaction prediction: an improved chemogenomics approach
Protein-lipid interactions: correlation of a predictive algorithm for lipid-binding sites with three-dimensional structural data
Protein-losing enteropathy in patients with Fontan circulation: is it triggered by infection?
Protein-mediated error correction for de novo DNA synthesis
Protein Meta-Functional Signatures from Combining Sequence, Structure, Evolution, and Amino Acid Property Information
Protein methylation is required to maintain optimal HIV-1 infectivity
Protein Microarray On-Demand: A Novel Protein Microarray System
Protein microarrays for highly parallel detection and quantitation of specific proteins and antibodies in complex solutions
Protein Modularity of Alternatively Spliced Exons Is Associated with Tissue-Specific Regulation of Alternative Splicing
Protein Molecular Function Prediction by Bayesian Phylogenomics
Protein Name Tagging Guidelines: Lessons Learned
Protein Nanomachines
Protein networks markedly improve prediction of subcellular localization in multiple eukaryotic species
Protein NS26 is highly conserved among porcine rotavirus strains.
Protein Oxidation Implicated as the Primary Determinant of Bacterial Radioresistance
Protein p16 as a marker of dysplastic and neoplastic alterations in cervical epithelial cells
Protein p56 from the Bacillus subtilis phage ϕ29 inhibits DNA-binding ability of uracil-DNA glycosylase
Protein Palmitoylation Regulates Osteoblast Differentiation through BMP-Induced Osterix Expression
Protein Peeling 2: a web server to convert protein structures into series of protein units
Protein-peptide interactions analyzed with the yeast two-hybrid system.
Protein phosphatase 2A regulates central sensitization in the spinal cord of rats following intradermal injection of capsaicin
Protein-polymer nano-machines. Towards synthetic control of biological processes
Protein prenyltransferases
Protein profiling comes of age
Protein profiling of the dimorphic, pathogenic fungus, Penicillium marneffei
Protein protection from the sun.
Protein–protein interaction analysis by C-terminally specific fluorescence labeling and fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy
Protein-protein interaction between the transcriptional repressor E4BP4 and the TBP-binding protein Dr1.
Protein–Protein Interaction Hotspots Carved into Sequences
Protein–protein interaction map for yeast TFIID
Protein-protein interaction networks in the spinocerebellar ataxias
Protein-protein interactions between lens vimentin and αB-crystallin using FRET acceptor photobleaching
Protein protein interactions, evolutionary rate, abundance and age
Protein–Protein Interactions More Conserved within Species than across Species
Protein-protein interactions of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3
Protein quality control in the bacterial periplasm
Protein quality control: the who’s who, the where’s and therapeutic escapes
Protein Ranking by Semi-Supervised Network Propagation
Protein–RNA and protein–protein interactions mediate association of human EST1A/SMG6 with telomerase
Protein-RNA crosslinking in Escherichia coli 30S ribosomal subunits. Identification of a 16S rRNA fragment crosslinked to protein S12 by the use of the chemical crosslinking reagent 1-ethyl-3-dimethyl-aminopropylcarbodiimide.
Protein--RNA interaction in the rat liver 5S rRNA-protein L5 complex studied by digestion with ribonucleases.
Protein–RNA Interaction Links Fragile X Syndrome and Alzheimer Disease
Protein–RNA interactions: a structural analysis
Protein secondary structure assignment revisited: a detailed analysis of different assignment methods
Protein secondary structure prediction for a single-sequence using hidden semi-Markov models
Protein secretion and outer membrane assembly in Alphaproteobacteria
Protein secretion in Lactococcus lactis : an efficient way to increase the overall heterologous protein production
Protein-segment universe exhibiting transitions at intermediate segment length in conformational subspaces
Protein sequence and structure alignments within one framework
Protein sequence comparisons show that the 'pseudoproteases' encoded by poxviruses and certain retroviruses belong to the deoxyuridine triphosphatase family.
Protein sequence database for pathogenic arenaviruses
Protein sequence homology between plant 4-coumarate:CoA ligase and firefly luciferase.
Protein sequence similarity searches using patterns as seeds.
Protein sequences conserved in prokaryotic aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases are important for the activity of the processivity factor of human mitochondrial DNA polymerase
Protein Solubility and Folding Enhancement by Interaction with RNA
Protein splicing elements: inteins and exteins--a definition of terms and recommended nomenclature.
Protein splicing removes intervening sequences in an archaea DNA polymerase.
Protein structural class prediction based on an improved statistical strategy
Protein structural similarity search by Ramachandran codes
Protein structure and function by the sea
Protein structure database search and evolutionary classification
Protein structure prediction and analysis using the Robetta server
Protein structure prediction by all-atom free-energy refinement
Protein structure prediction servers at University College London
Protein structure prediction using sparse dipolar coupling data
Protein structure protection commits gene expression patterns
Protein structure search and local structure characterization
Protein structure similarity from principle component correlation analysis
Protein subcellular localization prediction based on compartment-specific features and structure conservation
Protein subcellular localization prediction for Gram-negative bacteria using amino acid subalphabets and a combination of multiple support vector machines
Protein subfamily assignment using the Conserved Domain Database
Protein subnetwork markers improve prediction of cancer outcome
Protein subunit interfaces: heterodimers versus homodimers
Protein synthesis and competitive ESR binding studies with E. coli ribosomes and spin-labeled polynucleotides.
Protein synthesis in rabbit reticulocytes: characteristics of CO-eIF-2 protein complex.
Protein synthesis molecule by molecule
Protein synthesis of the sponge Geodia cydonium: Characterization of the system
Protein Thiol Modifications Visualized In Vivo
Protein Thrombokinase and Lipoid Thromboplastin as Distinct Factors with Complementary Functions *
Protein Translation and Cell Death: The Role of Rare tRNAs in Biofilm Formation and in Activating Dormant Phage Killer Genes
Protein-trap version 2.1: screening for expressed proteins in mammalian cells based on their localizations.
Protein Turnover
Protein-Tyrosine Kinase Activity Profiling in Knock Down Zebrafish Embryos
Protein tyrosine kinase but not protein kinase C inhibition blocks receptor induced alveolar macrophage activation
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B is Impaired in Skeletal Muscle of Diabetic Psammomys Obesus
Protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B (PTP1B) helps regulate EGF-induced stimulation of S-phase entry in human corneal endothelial cells
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Activity in Insulin-Resistant Rodent Psammomys Obesus
Protein tyrosine phosphatases: new markers and targets in oncology?
Protein Under-Wrapping Causes Dosage Sensitivity and Decreases Gene Duplicability
Proteinase-3 as the major autoantigen of c-ANCA is strongly expressed in lung tissue of patients with Wegener's granulomatosis
Proteinase-activated receptor-2: two potential inflammatory mediators of the gastrointestinal tract in Atlantic salmon
Proteinase-activated receptor 4 stimulation-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in alveolar epithelial cells
Proteinase Activity of Rat Lymph Nodes †
Proteinases in the joint: clinical relevance of proteinases in joint destruction
ProteinDBS: a real-time retrieval system for protein structure comparison
Proteins associated with rabbit reticulocyte mRNA caps during translation as investigated by photocrosslinking.
Proteins crosslinked to messenger RNA by irradiating polyribosomes with ultraviolet light.
Proteins, enzymes, genes: the interplay of chemistry and biology
Proteins in the Nervous System. Structure and Function
Proteins Interacting With Caenorhabditis elegans  Gα Subunits
Proteins involved in mitosis, RNA synthesis and premRNA splicing share a common repeating motif.
Proteins of metaphase chromosomes and interphase chromatin.
Proteins of the Nervous System
Proteins pattern alteration in AZT-treated K562 cells detected by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and peptide mass fingerprinting
Proteins surrounding hairpin IIIe of the hepatitis C virus internal ribosome entry site on the human 40S ribosomal subunit
Proteins with two SUMO-like domains in chromatin-associated complexes: The RENi (Rad60-Esc2-NIP45) family
Proteinuria in Hiroshima and Nagasaki--Japan.
ProteMiner-SSM: a web server for efficient analysis of similar protein tertiary substructures
Protemot: prediction of protein binding sites with automatically extracted geometrical templates
Proteochemometric modeling of HIV protease susceptibility
Proteoglycan 4 downregulation in a sheep meniscectomy model of early osteoarthritis
Proteoglycan Breakdown of Meniscal Explants Following Dynamic Compression Using a Novel Bioreactor
Proteoglycan synthesis by human corneal explants submitted to laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)
ProteoLens: a visual analytic tool for multi-scale database-driven biological network data mining
Proteolysis of proBDNF Is a Key Regulator in the Formation of Memory
Proteolysis of splicing factors during rat and monkey cell fractionation.
Proteolysis of the endothelial cell protein C receptor by neutrophil proteinase 3
Proteolysis of the human DNA polymerase ɛ catalytic subunit by caspase-3 and calpain specifically during apoptosis
Proteolysis restricts localization of CID, the centromere-specific histone H3 variant of Drosophila , to centromeres
Proteolytic Activities of Oral Bacteria on ProMMP-9 and the Effect of Synthetic Proteinase Inhibitors
Proteolytic Activity of Dog Blood *
Proteolytic Activity of Human Lymphoid Tumor Cells. Correlation with Tumor Progression
Proteolytic cleavage of initiation factor eIF-4 gamma in the reticulocyte lysate inhibits translation of capped mRNAs but enhances that of uncapped mRNAs.
Proteolytic cleavage of pertussis toxin S1 subunit is not essential for its activity in mammalian cells
Proteolytic degradation of MAD3 (I kappa B alpha) and enhanced processing of the NF-kappa B precursor p105 are obligatory steps in the activation of NF-kappa B.
Proteome alteration induced by hTERT transfection of human fibroblast cells
Proteome Analysis Database: online application of InterPro and CluSTr for the functional classification of proteins in whole genomes
Proteome analysis of a recombinant Bacillus megaterium strain during heterologous production of a glucosyltransferase
Proteome analysis of human gastric cardia adenocarcinoma by laser capture microdissection
Proteome analysis of human substantia nigra in Parkinson's disease
Proteome analysis of serovars Typhimurium and Pullorum of Salmonella enterica subspecies I
Proteome Analysis of the Plasma Membrane of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Proteome analysis of yeast response to various nutrient limitations
Proteome Analyst: custom predictions with explanations in a web-based tool for high-throughput proteome annotations
Proteome and phosphoproteome analysis of starch granule-associated proteins from normal maize and mutants affected in starch biosynthesis
Proteome changes in the skin of the grape cultivar Barbera among different stages of ripening
Proteome characterization of a human urothelial cell line resistant to the bladder carcinogen 4-aminobiphenyl
Proteome composition and codon usage in spirochaetes: species-specific and DNA strand-specific mutational biases.
Proteome-level display by 2-dimensional chromatography of extracellular matrix-dependent modulation of the phenotype of bladder cancer cells
Proteome-Level Responses of Escherichia coli to Long-Chain Fatty Acids and Use of Fatty Acid Inducible Promoter in Protein Production
Proteome of monocyte priming by lipopolysaccharide, including changes in interleukin-1beta and leukocyte elastase inhibitor
Proteome profiling of embryo chick retina
Proteome Profiling—Pitfalls and Progress
Proteome-wide identification of poly(ADP-ribose) binding proteins and poly(ADP-ribose)-associated protein complexes
Proteomic alteration in gastic adenocarcinomas from Japanese patients
Proteomic analyses of male contributions to honey bee sperm storage and mating
Proteomic analyses of retina of excitatory amino acid carrier 1 deficient mice
Proteomic analysis identifies MMP-9, DJ-1 and A1BG as overexpressed proteins in pancreatic juice from pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma patients
Proteomic analysis of acidic chaperones, and stress proteins in extreme halophile Halobacterium NRC-1: a comparative proteomic approach to study heat shock response
Proteomic analysis of aqueous humor from patients with myopia
Proteomic Analysis of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid: Effect of Acute Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Particles in Rats
Proteomic Analysis of Colorectal Cancer: Prefractionation Strategies Using two-Dimensional Free-Flow Electrophoresis
Proteomic analysis of differential proteins in pancreatic carcinomas: Effects of MBD1 knock-down by stable RNA interference
Proteomic analysis of human metaphase chromosomes reveals topoisomerase II alpha as an Aurora B substrate
Proteomic analysis of in vivo -assembled pre-mRNA splicing complexes expands the catalog of participating factors
Proteomic analysis of lamellar bodies isolated from rat lungs
Proteomic Analysis of Legume–Microbe Interactions
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