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Population health and wellbeing: Identifying priority areas for Victorian children
Population health metrics: crucial inputs to the development of evidence for health policy
Population History and Natural Selection Shape Patterns of Genetic Variation in 132 Genes
Population kinetics during simultaneous infection of insect cells with two different recombinant baculoviruses for the production of rotavirus-like particles
Population-level effect of HIV on adult mortality and early evidence of reversal after introduction of antiretroviral therapy in Malawi
Population mobility, deprivation and self-reported limiting long-term illness in small areas across Scotland
Population mortality during the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Toronto
Population Pharmacokinetics of Artesunate and Dihydroartemisinin following Intra-Rectal Dosing of Artesunate in Malaria Patients
Population phylogenomic analysis of mitochondrial DNA in wild boars and domestic pigs revealed multiple domestication events in East Asia
Population Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling for the Human Lactational Transfer of PCB-153 with Consideration of Worldwide Human Biomonitoring Results
Population predictions.
Population Preference of Net Texture prior to Bed Net Trial in Kala-Azar–Endemic Areas
Population prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the Netherlands. should asymptomatic persons be tested during Population-based chlamydia Screening also for gonorrhoea or only if chlamydial infection is found?
Population Problems in a Contracting World **
Population registries and other record resources for epidemiologic cancer research in the United States and Japan.
Population, Resources, Environment: Issues in Human Ecology
Population response to climate change: linear vs. non-linear modeling approaches
Population Response to Habitat Fragmentation in a Stream-Dwelling Brook Trout Population
Population Stratification of a Common APOBEC Gene Deletion Polymorphism
Population Structure and Eigenanalysis
Population structure of the Brazilian southern green stink bug, Nezara viridula
Population structure of the malaria vector Anopheles moucheti in the equatorial forest region of Africa
Population studies from parish registers. A selection of readings from Local Population Studies
Population studies of sporadic cerebral amyloid angiopathy and dementia: a systematic review
Population Substructure and Control Selection in Genome-Wide Association Studies
Population substructure in Finland and Sweden revealed by the use of spatial coordinates and a small number of unlinked autosomal SNPs
Population survey sampling methods in a rural African setting: measuring mortality
Population tobacco control interventions and their effects on social inequalities in smoking: placing an equity lens on existing systematic reviews
Population toxicokinetics of benzene.
Population Trend and Public Health in Japan **
Population Trends: The Eighteenth Century and Earlier
Population variation and differences in serum leptin independent of adiposity: a comparison of Ache Amerindian men of Paraguay and lean American male distance runners
Population-Wide Emergence of Antiviral Resistance during Pandemic Influenza
Populations and determinants of airborne fungi in large office buildings.
Populations at risk: addressing health effects due to complex mixtures with a focus on respiratory effects.
PorB2/3 Protein Hybrid in Neisseria meningitidis
Porcine adenovirus type 3 E1B large protein downregulates the induction of IL-8
Porcine Circovirus type 2 (PCV2) causes apoptosis in experimentally inoculated BALB/c mice
Porcine congenital splayleg is characterised by muscle fibre atrophy associated with relative rise in MAFbx and fall in P311 expression
Porcine growth hormone receptor cDNA sequence.
Porcine IL-1 alpha cDNA nucleotide sequence.
Porcine OSU rotavirus segment II sequence shows common features with the viral gene of human origin.
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in GB pig herds: farm characteristics associated with heterogeneity in seroprevalence
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) infection spreads by cell-to-cell transfer in cultured MARC-145 cells, is dependent on an intact cytoskeleton, and is suppressed by drug-targeting of cell permissiveness to virus infection
Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome Virus Variants, Vietnam and China, 2007
Porcine sclera as a model of human sclera for in vitro transport experiments: histology, SEM, and comparative permeability
Porcine transcriptome analysis based on 97 non-normalized cDNA libraries and assembly of 1,021,891 expressed sequence tags
Pore dilation occurs in TRPA1 but not in TRPM8 channels
Pore forming polyalkylpyridinium salts from marine sponges versus synthetic lipofection systems: distinct tools for intracellular delivery of cDNA and siRNA
Porneia: on desire and the body in antiquity
Porphyria revisited.
Porphyrin Homeostasis Maintained by ABCG2 Regulates Self-Renewal of Embryonic Stem Cells
Porphyrins and Metalloporphyrins
Porphyrins and Metalloporphyrins: Potential Hypoxic Agents
Porphyromonas gingivalis induces CCR5-dependent transfer of infectious HIV-1 from oral keratinocytes to permissive cells
Porphyromonas gingivalis short fimbriae are regulated by a FimS/FimR two-component system
Port site herniation of the small bowel following laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy: a case report
Port site metastasis following diagnostic laparoscopy for a malignant Gastro-intestinal stromal tumour
Port-site tumour recurrence of oral squamous carcinoma following percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy: a lesson to be aware of
Portable light transmission measuring system for preserved corneas
Portable microcomputer software for nucleotide sequence analysis.
Portable PET probes are a novel tool for intraoperative localization of tumor deposits
Portable Potty Keeps Outdoors Great
Portable telepathology: methods and tools
Portacaval Shunt for Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy
Portal Decompression Using the Inferior Mesenteric Vein
Portal Hypertension Promotes Bacterial Translocation in Rats Mono- and Non Mono-Associated with Escherichia Coli C25
Portal Hypertension, Variceal Bleeding, and High Output Cardiac Failure Secondary to an Intrahepatic Arterioportal Fistula
PORTAL: Pilot study on the safety and tolerance of preoperative melatonin application in patients undergoing major liver resection: a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial
Portal vein gas in emergency surgery
Portal vein thrombosis; risk factors, clinical presentation and treatment
Portals to Wonderland: Health portals lead to confusing information about the effects of health care
Porto-systemic shunt using adrenal vein as a conduit; an alternative procedure for spleno – renal shunt
Portrait of a Hospital, 1752-1948, to Commemorate the Bi-centenary of the Royal Infirmary, Manchester
Portrait of transcriptional responses to ultraviolet and ionizing radiation in human cells
Portraits of breast cancer progression
Portraits of Doctors and Scientists in the Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine. A Catalogue
Portraits of Hippocrates.
Portraits of viruses: a history of virology
Portrayals of branded soft drinks in popular American movies: a content analysis
Ports in a Storm
POSA: Perl Objects for DNA Sequencing Data Analysis
POSaM: a fast, flexible, open-source, inkjet oligonucleotide synthesizer and microarrayer
Posidonia oceanica meadow: a low nutrient high chlorophyll (LNHC) system?
Position- and base pair-specific comparison of p53 mutation spectra in human tumors: elucidation of relationships between organs for cancer etiology.
Position and degree of mismatches and the mobility of DNA heteroduplexes
Position and distance specificity are important determinants of cis -regulatory motifs in addition to evolutionary conservation
Position- and orientation-specific enhancement of topoisomerase I cleavage complexes by triplex DNA structures
Position and Role of the BK Channel α Subunit S0 Helix Inferred from Disulfide Crosslinking
Position-dependent effects of locked nucleic acid (LNA) on DNA sequencing and PCR primers
Position-dependent function of a B block promoter element implies a specialized chromatin structure on the S.cerevisiae U6 RNA gene, SNR6
Position-dependent motif characterization using non-negative matrix factorization
Position effect takes precedence over target sequence in determination of adenine methylation patterns in the nuclear genome of a eukaryote, Tetrahymena thermophila.
Position effect variegation and imprinting of transgenes in lymphocytes
Position effects in mice carrying a lacZ transgene in cis with the beta-globin LCR can be explained by a graded model.
Position independent expression and developmental regulation is directed by the beta myosin heavy chain gene's 5' upstream region in transgenic mice.
Position-independent expression of a human nerve growth factor-luciferase reporter gene cloned on a yeast artificial chromosome vector.
Position-independent germline transformation in Drosophila using a cuticle pigmentation gene as a selectable marker.
Position of chromosomes 18, 19, 21 and 22 in 3D-preserved interphase nuclei of human and gorilla and white hand gibbon
Position of the fluorescent label is a crucial factor determining signal intensity in microarray hybridizations
Position of the fluorescent label is a crucial factor determining signal intensity in microarray hybridizations
Position paper on the use of mandibular advancement devices in adults with sleep-related breathing disorders
Position-specific effect of ribonucleotides on the cleavage activity of human topoisomerase II
Position specific variation in the rate of evolution in transcription factor binding sites
Positional and functional mapping of a neuroblastoma differentiation gene on chromosome 11
Positional artifacts in microarrays: experimental verification and construction of COP, an automated detection tool
Positional bias of general and tissue-specific regulatory motifs in mouse gene promoters
Positional characterisation of false positives from computational prediction of human splice sites
Positional Cloning of “Lisch-like”, a Candidate Modifier of Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes in Mice
Positional cloning without a genome map: using 'Targeted RFLP Subtraction' to isolate dense markers tightly linked to the regA locus of Volvox carteri.
Positional clustering improves computational binding site detection and identifies novel cis -regulatory sites in mammalian GABA A receptor subunit genes
Positional distribution of human transcription factor binding sites
Positional effects of short interfering RNAs targeting the human coagulation trigger Tissue Factor
Positional error in automated geocoding of residential addresses
Positional gene enrichment analysis of gene sets for high-resolution identification of overrepresented chromosomal regions
Positioning laboratory automation for today's dynamic climate
Positioning through Play Clothes
Positions 13 and 914 in Escherichia coli 16S ribosomal RNA are involved in the control of translational accuracy.
Positive and negative affect and oral health-related quality of life
Positive and Negative Design in Stability and Thermal Adaptation of Natural Proteins
Positive and negative mutant selection in the human histone hairpin-binding protein using the yeast three-hybrid system
Positive and negative roles for cdc10 in cell cycle gene expression.
Positive and Negative Selection in the Thymus and the Thymic Paradox
Positive and Negative Selection in Transgenic Mice Expressing a T-Cell Receptor Specific for Influenza Nucleoprotein and Endogenous Superantigen
Positive and negative transcriptional regulatory elements in the early H4 histone gene of the sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.
Positive association between mammographic breast density and bone mineral density in the Postmenopausal Estrogen/Progestin Interventions Study
Positive Associations of Serum Concentration of Polychlorinated Biphenyls or Organochlorine Pesticides with Self-Reported Arthritis, Especially Rheumatoid Type, in Women
Positive autoregulation of the transcription factor Pax6 in response to increased levels of either of its major isoforms, Pax6 or Pax6(5a), in cultured cells
Positive correlation between genetic diversity and fitness in a large, well-connected metapopulation
Positive deviance control-case life history: a method to develop grounded hypotheses about successful long-term avoidance of infection
Positive elements in the laminin gamma 1 gene synergize to activate high level transcription during cellular differentiation.
Positive end-expiratory pressure at minimal respiratory elastance represents the best compromise between mechanical stress and lung aeration in oleic acid induced lung injury
Positive end-expiratory pressure in acute respiratory distress syndrome – an old yet mysterious tool
Positive end-expiratory pressure in acute respiratory distress syndrome: should the 'open lung strategy' be replaced by a 'protective lung strategy'?
Positive end-expiratory pressure or no positive end-expiratory pressure: is that the question to be asked?
Positive Factor 1 (PF1) from oat is an HMGY- and H1 histone-like protein that binds a functionally defined AT-rich DNA element in the oat phytochrome A gene (PHYA3) promoter.
Positive Feedback and Noise Activate the Stringent Response Regulator Rel in Mycobacteria
Positive inotropic action of insulin on piglet heart.
Positive Margins: The Challenge Continues for Breast Surgeons
Positive pleiotropic effects of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor on vitiligo
Positive Regulation of DNA Double Strand Break Repair Activity during Differentiation of Long Life Span Cells: The Example of Adipogenesis
Positive regulation of the colicin E1 gene by cyclic AMP and cyclic AMP receptor protein.
Positive regulation of tRNA gene expression by the mouse mammary tumor virus-long terminal repeat in vitro.
Positive role of cell wall anchored proteinase PrtP in adhesion of lactococci
Positive roles of SAS2 in DNA replication and transcriptional silencing in yeast
Positive Selection and Increased Antiviral Activity Associated with the PARP-Containing Isoform of Human Zinc-Finger Antiviral Protein
Positive Selection by Purified MHC Class II / Thymic Epithelial Cells In Vitro : Costimulatory Signals Mediated by B7 Are Not Involved
Positive Selection Drives the Evolution of rhino, a Member of the Heterochromatin Protein 1 Family in Drosophila
Positive selection for unpreferred codon usage in eukaryotic genomes
Positive Selection in East Asians for an EDAR Allele that Enhances NF-κB Activation
Positive Selection of a Pre-Expansion CAG Repeat of the Human SCA2 Gene
Positive Selection of Iris, a Retroviral Envelope –Derived Host Gene in Drosophila melanogaster
Positive selection on the nonhomologous end-joining factor Cernunnos-XLF in the human lineage
Positive Selection, Relaxation, and Acceleration in the Evolution of the Human and Chimp Genome
Positive Selection Results in Frequent Reversible Amino Acid Replacements in the G Protein Gene of Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Positive Selection within the Schizophrenia-Associated GABA A Receptor β 2 Gene
Positively charged oligonucleotides overcome potassium-mediated inhibition of triplex DNA formation.
Positively Selected Codons in Immune-Exposed Loops of the Vaccine Candidate OMP-P1 of Haemophilus influenzae
Positively supercoiled plasmid DNA is produced by treatment of Escherichia coli with DNA gyrase inhibitors.
Positron detection for the intraoperative localisation of cancer deposits
Positron Emission Tomography
Positron emission tomography agent 2-deoxy-2-[ 18 F]fluoro-D-glucose has a therapeutic potential in breast cancer
Positron Emission Tomography and Autoradiography: Principles and Applications for the Brain and Heart
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) radiotracers in oncology – utility of 18F-Fluoro-deoxy-glucose (FDG)-PET in the management of patients with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Positron emitting 18 F-2-deoxy-2-fluoro-D-glucose: potential hot new therapy
Possessing nature: museums, collecting, and scientific culture in early modern Italy
Possibilities of detecting health effects by studies of populations exposed to chemicals from waste disposal sites.
Possibility of selection against mtDNA mutations in tumors
Possible active origin of replication in the double stranded extended form of the left terminus of LuIII and its implication on the replication model of the parvovirus
Possible additional value of 18FDG-PET in managing pancreas intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms: Preliminary results
Possible Ancestral Structure in Human Populations
Possible anti-recombinogenic role of Bloom’s syndrome helicase in double-strand break processing
Possible application of urinary analysis to estimate dissolution of some man-made vitreous fibers.
Possible Ariboflavinosis in a Premature Infant *
Possible association of β 2 - and β 3 -adrenergic receptor gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to breast cancer
Possible attenuation of the G2 DNA damage cell cycle checkpoint in HeLa cells by extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields
Possible bi-directional link between ET A receptors and protein kinase C in rat blood vessels
Possible Cis-acting signal that could be involved in the localization of different mRNAs in neuronal axons
Possible conformations of double-helical polynucleotides containing incorrect base pairs.
Possible contribution from epidemiological studies
Possible contribution of endogenous carbon monoxide to the development of allergic rhinitis in guinea pigs
Possible criteria for inpatient psychiatric admissions: which patients are transferred from emergency services to inpatient psychiatric treatment?
Possible DNA modification in GC dinucleotides of Trypanosoma brucei telomeric sequences; relationship with antigen gene transcription.
Possible Emergence of West Caucasian Bat Virus in Africa
Possible estuary-associated syndrome: symptoms, vision, and treatment.
Possible etiologic mechanisms in chemical carcinogenesis.
Possible evolutionary relationship between poliovirus RNA-linked protein VPg and PRD1 DNA-terminal protein.
Possible immunotherapeutic potentiation with D-Fraction in prostate cancer cells
Possible implications of an accessory abductor digiti minimi muscle: a case report
Possible in vivo tolerance of human polymorphonuclear neutrophil to low-grade exercise-induced endotoxaemia.
Possible Influence of δ-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydratase Polymorphism and Susceptibility to Renal Toxicity of Lead: A Study of a Vietnamese Population
Possible interrelations among environmental toxicants, amphibian development, and decline of amphibian populations.
Possible involvement of copper(II) in Alzheimer disease.
Possible Involvement of Endothelin Peptides and L-Arginine-Nitric Oxide Pathway on the Effect of Endotoxin in the Rabbit Isolated Perfused Kidney
Possible involvement of integrin-mediated signalling in oocyte activation: evidence that a cyclic RGD-containing peptide can stimulate protein kinase C and cortical granule exocytosis in mouse oocytes
Possible involvement of poly(A) in protein synthesis.
Possible mechanism(s) for relaxant effect of aqueous and macerated extracts from Nigella sativa on tracheal chains of guinea pig
Possible mechanisms of action of environmental contaminants on St. Lawrence beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas).
Possible mechanisms of hypotension produced 70% alcoholic extract of Terminalia arjuna (L.) in anaesthetized dogs
Possible modulatory effect of endogenous islet catecholamines on insulin secretion
Possible mutagenic properties and carcinogenic action of the irritant gaseous pollutants NO2, O3, and SO2.
Possible neurologic effects of aspartame, a widely used food additive.
Possible New Hepatitis B Virus Genotype, Southeast Asia
Possible Novel Therapy for Malignant Gliomas with Secretable Trimeric TRAIL
Possible pathogenic pathways in the adverse clinical events seen following ivermectin administration to onchocerciasis patients.
Possible relevance of pigeons as an indicator species for monitoring air pollution.
Possible risk of endometriosis for Seveso, Italy, residents: an assessment of exposure to dioxin.
Possible role of DNA topoisomerase II on transcription of the homeobox gene Hox-2.1 in F9 embryonal carcinoma cells.
Possible role of eclosion rhythm in mediating the effects of light-dark environments on pre-adult development in Drosophila melanogaster
Possible role of flanking nucleotides in recognition of the AUG initiator codon by eukaryotic ribosomes.
Possible role of lipid peroxidation in the induction of NF-kappa B and AP-1 in RFL-6 cells by crocidolite asbestos: evidence following protection by vitamin E.
Possible role of membrane gamma-glutamyltransferase activity in the facilitation of transferrin-dependent and -independent iron uptake by cancer cells.
Possible role of the blood-testicular barrier in dominant lethal testing.
Possible role of the cavernous sinus veins in cerebrospinal fluid absorption
Possible stimulation of anti-tumor immunity using repeated cold stress: a hypothesis
Possible structures of homopurine-homopyrimidine S1-hypersensitive sites.
Possible use of repeated cold stress for reducing fatigue in chronic fatigue syndrome: a hypothesis
Possible Worlds
Post abortion family planning counseling as a tool to increase contraception use
Post-assembly Modification of Bordetella bronchiseptica O Polysaccharide by a Novel Periplasmic Enzyme Encoded by wbmE * S⃞
Post-bone marrow transplant patient management.
Post-challenge blood glucose concentration and stroke mortality rates in non-diabetic men in London: 38-year follow-up of the original Whitehall prospective cohort study
Post-Coital Antifertility Activity of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn. roots
Post coital aortic dissection: a case report
Post-column coulometric generation and cyclic voltammetric identification of the free radical of the antineoplastic agent etoposide (VP 16-213)
Post-duplication charge evolution of phosphoglucose isomerases in teleost fishes through weak selection on many amino acid sites
Post-Electrophoretic Identification of Oxidized Proteins
Post-Epidemic Chikungunya Disease on Reunion Island: Course of Rheumatic Manifestations and Associated Factors over a 15-Month Period
Post-ERCP bacteremia caused by Alcaligenes xylosoxidans in a patient with pancreas cancer
Post-ERCP pancreatogastric fistula associated with an intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas – a case report and literature review
Post-exposure prophylaxis for SIV revisited: Animal model for HIV prevention
Post-Exposure Vaccination Improves Gammaherpesvirus Neutralization
Post Genome-Wide Association Studies of Novel Genes Associated with Type 2 Diabetes Show Gene-Gene Interaction and High Predictive Value
Post-genomic insights into plant nodulation symbioses
Post-genomic Pseudomonas
Post-genomics of the model haloarchaeon Halobacterium sp. NRC-1
Post-Graduate Course for National Health Insurance Practitioners
Post-Graduate Course, Queen's University, Belfast
Post-graduation migration intentions of students of Lebanese medical schools: a survey study
Post hoc pattern matching: assigning significance to statistically defined expression patterns in single channel microarray data
Post-infarct remodelling: contribution of wound healing and inflammation
Post-Infection Immunodeficiency Virus Control by Neutralizing Antibodies
Post-initiation chlorophyllin exposure does not modulate aflatoxin-induced foci in the liver and colon of rats
Post-injury multiple organ failure and late outcome. Is it just an association?
Post-irradiation cutaneous angiosarcoma
Post-marketing assessment of content and efficacy of preservatives in artemisinin-derived antimalarial dry suspensions for paediatric use
Post-Messinian evolutionary relationships across the Sicilian channel: Mitochondrial and nuclear markers link a new green toad from Sicily to African relatives
Post-mortem correlates of in vivo PiB-PET amyloid imaging in a typical case of Alzheimer's disease
Post mortem findings in sows and gilts euthanised or found dead in a large Swedish herd
Post-Mortem Pulmonary Edema *
Post Mortem - Solving History's Great Medical Mysteries
Post-Normalization Quality Assessment Visualization of Microarray Data
Post-operative hyperkalaemic paralysis.
Post-Operative Pyrexia
Post-Operative Radiotherapy for Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the Anterior Compartment of the Thigh: Should the Sartorius Muscle be Included?
Post-Operative Radiotherapy of the Rhabdomyosarcoma R1H of the Rat
Post-Operative Wound Infection due to Staphylococcus Pyogenes
Post-ovulatory ageing and egg quality: A proteomic analysis of rainbow trout coelomic fluid
Post-Partum Eclampsia
Post partum haemorrhage secondary to uterine atony, complicated by platelet storage pool disease and partial placenta diffusa: a case report
Post-Partum Psychosis: Which Women Are at Highest Risk?
Post-PCR sterilization: a method to control carryover contamination for the polymerase chain reaction.
Post-PCR sterilization: development and application to an HIV-1 diagnostic assay.
Post-penetrating keratoplasty glaucoma
Post-radiation dedifferentiation of meningioma into osteosarcoma.
Post-radiation sarcoma of the neck treated with re-irradiation followed by wide excision
Post-radiation sciatic neuropathy: a case report and review of the literature
Post-stenotic aortic dilatation
Post-synthetic and site-specific modification of endocyclic nitrogen atoms of purines in DNA and its potential for biological and structural studies
Post tracheostomy and post intubation tracheal stenosis: Report of 31 cases and review of the literature
Post-transcriptional control of c-myc proto-oncogene expression by glucocorticoid hormones in human T lymphoblastic leukemic cells.
Post-transcriptional control of nuclear-encoded cytochrome oxidase subunits in Trypanosoma brucei : evidence for genome-wide conservation of life-cycle stage-specific regulatory elements
Post-transcriptional modification in archaeal tRNAs: identities and phylogenetic relations of nucleotides from mesophilic and hyperthermophilic Methanococcales
Post-transcriptional modification mapping in the Clostridium acetobutylicum 16S rRNA by mass spectrometry and reverse transcriptase assays
Post-transcriptional modification of the poly(A) length of galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase mRNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Post-transcriptional modification of the wobble nucleotide in anticodon-substituted yeast tRNAArgII after microinjection into Xenopus laevis oocytes.
Post-transcriptional nucleotide modification and alternative folding of RNA
Post-transcriptional nucleotide modification and alternative folding of RNA
Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Cadherin-11 Expression by GSK-3 and β-Catenin in Prostate and Breast Cancer Cells
Post-transcriptional regulation of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate-dehydrogenase gene expression in rat tissues.
Post-transcriptional regulation of gro alpha, beta, gamma, and IL-8 mRNAs by IL-1 beta.
Post-transcriptional regulation of messenger abundance in rat liver and hepatoma.
Post-transcriptional regulation of pro-inflammatory gene expression
Post-transcriptional regulation of rat liver gene expression by glucocorticoids.
Post-transcriptional regulation of the chicken thymidine kinase gene.
Post-transcriptional regulation of the DNA damage-inducible gadd45 gene in human breast carcinoma cells exposed to a novel retinoid CD437.
Post-transcriptional regulation of thioredoxin by the stress inducible heterogenous ribonucleoprotein A18
Post-transcriptional regulation of transferrin receptor mRNA by IFN gamma.
Post-transcriptional suppression of gene expression in Xenopus embryos by small interfering RNA
Post-transfusion hepatitis: a problem in Northern Ireland?
Post-translational control of the MEF2A transcriptional regulatory protein.
Post-translational generation of constitutively active cores from larger phosphatases in the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum : implications for proteomics
Post-Translational Inhibition of IP-10 Secretion in IEC by Probiotic Bacteria: Impact on Chronic Inflammation
Post-translational modifications of histones H3 and H4 associated with the histone methyltransferases Suv39h1 and G9a
Post-Translational Regulation of Oct4 Transcriptional Activity
Post traumatic brain perfusion SPECT analysis using reconstructed ROI maps of radioactive microsphere derived cerebral blood flow and statistical parametric mapping
Post-Traumatic Epilepsy and Brain-Stem Signs
Post-traumatic flexion contractures of the elbow: Operative treatment via the limited lateral approach
Post-traumatic glenohumeral cartilage lesions: a systematic review
Post traumatic intra thoracic spleen presenting with upper GI bleed! – a case report
Post-traumatic myositis ossificans of the sternocleidomastoid following fracture of the clavicle: a case report
Post-traumatic soft tissue tumors: Case report and review of the literature a propos a Post-traumatic paraspinal desmoid tumor
Post-traumatic stress disorder among people exposed to the Ventotene street disaster in Rome
Post-traumatic stress disorder and post-traumatic stress symptoms following critical illness in medical intensive care unit patients: assessing the magnitude of the problem
Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and generalised anxiety disorder in adolescents after a natural disaster: a study of comorbidity
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Evidence-Based Research for the Third Millennium
Post-traumatic stress disorder following patient assaults among staff members of mental health hospitals: a prospective longitudinal study
Post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents one year after a super-cyclone in Orissa, India: exploring cross-cultural validity and vulnerability factors
Post-traumatic tension faecopneumothorax in a young male: case report
Post-traumatic upper cervical subluxation visualized by MRI: a case report
Post-war mothers: childbirth letters to Grantly Dick-Read 1946–1956
Post-Weaning Protein Malnutrition in the Rat Produces Short and Long Term Metabolic Impairment, in Contrast to Earlier and Later Periods
Postabortal Group A Streptococcal Sepsis and Toxic Shock Syndrome
Postage stamp multiple anterior capsulorhexisotomies in pediatric cataract surgery
Postal survey methodology to assess patient satisfaction in a suburban emergency medical services system: an observational study
Postangiographic contrast enhancement mimicking acute subdural hemorrhage in a patient with severe occipital headache and neurological symptoms: a case report
Postauricular congenital alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma- a case report of an unusual entity
Postcataract surgery outcome in a series of infants and children with Down syndrome
Postcentral and Precentral Cortical Lesions Resulting in Contralateral Skin Temperature Disturbances. The Probable Neurophysiological Routes Involved † ‡
Postcopulatory Sexual Selection Is Associated with Reduced Variation in Sperm Morphology
Postembryonic Establishment of Megabase-Scale Gene Silencing in Nucleolar Dominance
Postembryonic RNAi in Heterorhabditis bacteriophora : a nematode insect parasite and host for insect pathogenic symbionts
Poster Presentations
Poster Presentations
Poster Sessions: Part I
Poster Sessions: Part II
Posterior Auricular Perichondrial Cutaneous Graft Combined With Cartilage Strip in Nostril Reconstruction
Posterior capsulorhexis combined with optic buttonholing: an alternative to standard in-the-bag implantation of sharp-edged intraocular lenses? A critical analysis of 1000 consecutive cases
Posterior dislocation of the elbow as an unusual presentation after a total hip replacement: a case report
Posterior dislocation of the elbow associated with fracture of the radial head and olecranon, and with medial collateral ligament disruption: A case report
Posterior fossa haemangioblastomas in Northern Ireland: a clinico-epidemiological study
Posterior lung herniation after a coughing spell: a case report
Posterior mediastinal hematoma – a rare case following a fall from standing height: a case report
Posterior mediastinal melanoma causing severe dysphagia: A case report
Posterior segment manifestations of human immunodeficiency virus/ acquired immune deficiency syndrome
Posters Presentations
Postgenomics: Proteomics and Bioinformatics in Cancer Research
Postglacial Colonisation Patterns and the Role of Isolation and Expansion in Driving Diversification in a Passerine Bird
Postgraduate education for Chinese medicine practitioners: a Hong Kong perspective
Postgraduate Medical Education Centres in Northern Ireland.
Postgraduate medicine
Postgraduate ophthalmic education in India: Are we on the right track?
Postictal psychosis: presymptomatic risk factors and the need for further investigation of genetics and pharmacotherapy
Postlabeling methods for carcinogen-DNA adduct analysis.
Postmenopausal Tuberculosis Endometritis
Postmitotic Specification of Drosophila Insulinergic Neurons from Pioneer Neurons
Postmyocardial Infarction Management and Rehabilitation
Postnatal Changes in the Oxygen Capacity and Dissociation Curve of the Blood of Lambs *
Postnatal depression in Southern Brazil: prevalence and its demographic and socioeconomic determinants
Postnatal effects of maternal exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD).
Postnatal quality of life in women after normal vaginal delivery and caesarean section
Postnatal stem/progenitor cells derived from the dental pulp of adult chimpanzee
Postoperative Delirium after elective and emergency surgery: analysis and checking of risk factors. A study protocol
Postoperative dental pain--a comparative study of anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents.
Postoperative gastric dilatation causing abdominal compartment syndrome
Postoperative IMRT in head and neck cancer
Postoperative infections after oesophageal resections: the role of blood transfusions
Postoperative Intravenous Drip Infusion is not Required after Minilaparotomy Cholecystectomy
Postoperative IOP prophylaxis practice following uncomplicated cataract surgery: a UK-wide consultant survey
Postoperative mortality after cancer surgery in octogenarians and nonagenarians: results from a series of 5,390 patients
Postoperative outcome of caesarean sections and other major emergency obstetric surgery by clinical officers and medical officers in Malawi
Postoperative pain scores and analgesic requirements after thyroid surgery: Comparison of three intraoperative opioid regimens
Postoperative phlegmasia caerulea dolens: a case report and consideration of potential iatrogenic factors
Postoperative Pulmonary Complications
Postpartum consultation: Occurrence, requirements and expectations
Postpartum Endomyometritis
Postpartum Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease in the Modern Era
Postpartum maternal morbidity requiring hospital admission in Lusaka, Zambia – a descriptive study
Postpartum Morbidity Associated With Advanced HIV Disease
Postpartum Necrotizing Myositis of the Uterus
Postpartum ovarian vein thrombosis after cesarean delivery: a case report
Postpartum practices of puerperal women and their influencing factors in three regions of Hubei, China
Postpartum sterilization choices made by HIV-infected women.
Postprandial ghrelin suppression is exaggerated following major surgery; implications for nutritional recovery
Postprandial lipemia in men with metabolic syndrome, hypertensives and healthy subjects
Postpyloric enteral nutrition in the critically ill child with shock: a prospective observational study
Postradical cystectomy bowel perforation caused by a drainage tube: a case report
Postsplenectomy pneumococcal septicaemia resulting in gangrene of the extremities.
Postsplenectomy sepsis: a lifelong risk.
Postsurgical pain outcome of vertical and transverse abdominal incision: Design of a randomized controlled equivalence trial [ISRCTN60734227]
Postsynaptic Signals Mediating Induction of Long-Term Synaptic Depression in the Entorhinal Cortex
Postsynthetic acetylation of histones during the cell cycle: a general function for the displacement of histones during chromatin rearrangements.
Posttranscriptional Expression Regulation: What Determines Translation Rates?
Posttranscriptional regulation of c-fos mRNA expression.
Posttranscriptional Regulation of miRNAs Harboring Conserved Terminal Loops
Posttranslational N-glycosylation of the hepatitis B virus large envelope protein
Posttranslational regulation of Fas ligand function
Posttransplantation malignancy in a patient presenting with weight loss and changed bowel habits: a case report
Posttraumatic secondary brain insults exacerbates neuronal injury by altering Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors
Posttraumatic stress disorder among female street-based sex workers in the greater Sydney area, Australia
Posttraumatic stress disorder: An exploratory study examining rates of trauma and PTSD and its effect on client outcomes in community mental health
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in patients with traumatic brain injury
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children after paediatric intensive care treatment compared to children who survived a major fire disaster
Postulated Role of Vasoactive Neuropeptide-Related Immunopathology of the Blood Brain Barrier and Virchow-Robin Spaces in the Aetiology of Neurological-Related Conditions
Postulated Vasoactive Neuropeptide Autoimmunity in Fatigue-Related Conditions: A Brief Review and Hypothesis
Postural Behavior in Children Born Preterm
Postural Control in Children With Developmental Coordination Disorder
Postural Control in Man: The Phylogenetic Perspective
Postural development in school children: a cross-sectional study
Postural Dysfunction During Standing and Walking in Children With Cerebral Palsy: What are the Underlying Problems and What New Therapies Might Improve Balance?
Postural Dysfunction in Children With Cerebral Palsy: Some Implications for Therapeutic Guidance
Postural effects of symmetrical and asymmetrical loads on the spines of schoolchildren
Postural Muscle Dyscoordination in Children With Cerebral Palsy
Postural stability is altered by the stimulation of pain but not warm receptors in humans
Postural Synergies and Their Development
Posture and Movement
Posture In The Picture: On The Relevance Of Postural Control In Children With Developmental Motor Disorders
Postures and Practices During Labor Among Primitive Peoples
Postweaning Exposure to Aflatoxin Results in Impaired Child Growth: A Longitudinal Study in Benin, West Africa
Potable water as a source for legionellosis.
Potassium Adaptation After Reduction of Nephron Population
Potassium and apoptosis.
Potassium Channel and NKCC Cotransporter Involvement in Ocular Refractive Control Mechanisms
Potassium channel gene mutations rarely cause atrial fibrillation
Potassium Channels Rule over Insulin Release with an Ion Fist
Potassium Deposition During And After Hypokinesia In Potassium Supplemented And Unsupplemented Rats
Potassium ferrate [Fe(VI)] does not mediate self-sterilization of a surrogate mars soil
Potassium permanganate and tetraethylammonium chloride are a safe and effective substitute for osmium tetroxide in solid-phase fluorescent chemical cleavage of mismatch.
Potassium permanganate as an in situ probe for B-Z and Z-Z junctions.
Potassium-resistant triple helix formation and improved intracellular gene targeting by oligodeoxyribonucleotides containing 7-deazaxanthine.
Potassium-specific ion-exchanger microelectrodes to measure K + activity in the renal distal tubule.
Potassium Thiocyanate in the Treatment of Hypertension *
Potāto, potăto, proxy consent, permission – just don't call the a whole thing off
Potato skin proteome is enriched with plant defence components
Potency analysis of cellular therapies: the emerging role of molecular assays
Potent Activity of the HIV-1 Maturation Inhibitor Bevirimat in SCID-hu Thy/Liv Mice
Potent antisense oligonucleotides to the human multidrug resistance-1 mRNA are rationally selected by mapping RNA-accessible sites with oligonucleotide libraries.
Potent cellular and humoral immunity against HIV-1 elicited in mice by a DNA-prime/MVA-boost vaccine regimen intended for human use
Potent Induction of Arabidopsis thaliana Flowering by Elevated Growth Temperature
Potent inhibition of Werner and Bloom helicases by DNA minor groove binding drugs
Potent Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors Target HIV-1 Gag-Pol
Potent P2Y 6 receptor mediated contractions in human cerebral arteries
Potent Radical-Scavenging Activities of Thiamin and Thiamin Diphosphate
Potent T cell agonism mediated by a very rapid TCR/pMHC interaction
Potential action of androstenedione on the proliferation and apoptosis of stromal endometrial cells
Potential advantages of cell administration on the inflammatory response compared to standard ACE inhibitor treatment in experimental myocardial infarction
Potential and Actual Terrestrial Rabies Exposures in People and Domestic Animals, Upstate South Carolina, 1994–2004: A Surveillance Study
Potential and utilization of thermophiles and thermostable enzymes in biorefining
Potential antimutagenic activity of berberine, a constituent of Mahonia aquifolium
Potential antiproteolytic effects of L-leucine: observations of in vitro and in vivo studies
Potential Application of Copper Aspirinate in Preventing and Treating Thromboembolic Diseases
Potential barriers and facilitators for implementation of an integrated care pathway for hearing-impaired persons: an exploratory survey among patients and professionals
Potential Benefits of Non-Pharmacological Therapies in Fibromyalgia
Potential bias in testing for hyperprolactinemia and pituitary tumors in risperidone-treated patients: a claims-based study
Potential bronchoconstrictor stimuli in acid fog.
Potential cellular conformations of the CCN3(NOV) protein
Potential cellular receptors involved in hepatitis C virus entry into cells
Potential chlorpyrifos exposure to residents following standard crack and crevice treatment.
Potential community and public health impacts of medically supervised safer smoking facilities for crack cocaine users
Potential Confounder: Bernard and de Burbure Respond
Potential Confounding of Particulate Matter on the Short-Term Association between Ozone and Mortality in Multisite Time-Series Studies
Potential contaminants at a dredged spoil placement site, Charles City County, Virginia, as revealed by sequential extraction
Potential cost savings with terrestrial rabies control
Potential determinants of obesity among children and adolescents in Germany: results from the cross-sectional KiGGS study
Potential developmental neurotoxicity of pesticides used in Europe
Potential Dilemma: The Methods of Meeting Automotive Exhaust Emission Standards of the Clean Air Act of 1970
Potential drug-drug and drug-disease interactions in prescriptions for ambulatory patients over 50 years of age in family medicine clinics in Mexico City
Potential effect of prior raccoonpox virus infection in raccoons on vaccinia-based rabies immunization
Potential Effects of Oilseed Rape Expressing Oryzacystatin-1 (OC-1) and of Purified Insecticidal Proteins on Larvae of the Solitary Bee Osmia bicornis
Potential Energy Landscape and Robustness of a Gene Regulatory Network: Toggle Switch
Potential exposure to PCBs, DDT, and PBDEs from sport-caught fish consumption in relation to breast cancer risk in Wisconsin.
Potential factors affecting semen quality in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Potential factors impacting season-long expression of Cry1Ac in 13 commercial varieties of Bollgard® cotton
Potential Fiscal Consequences of Universal Screening for Group-B Streptococci
Potential for bias in epidemiologic studies that rely on glass-based retrospective assessment of radon.
Potential for early warning of viral influenza activity in the community by monitoring clinical diagnoses of influenza in hospital emergency departments
Potential for Increased Human Foodborne Exposure to PCDD/F When Recycling Sewage Sludge on Agricultural Land
Potential for La Crosse virus segment reassortment in nature
Potential for luxS related signalling in marine bacteria and production of autoinducer-2 in the genus Shewanella
Potential generation of geographical inequities by the introduction of primary percutaneous coronary intervention for the management of ST segment elevation myocardial infarction
Potential genetic modifiers of the cystic fibrosis intestinal inflammatory phenotype on mouse chromosomes 1, 9, and 10
Potential hazards of fumigant residues.
Potential health and environmental effects of trace elements and radionuclides from increased coal utilization.
Potential health effects of climatic change: effects of increased ultraviolet radiation on man.
Potential health effects of gasoline and its constituents: A review of current literature (1990-1997) on toxicological data.
Potential health effects of indoor radon exposure.
Potential health implications for acid precipitation, corrosion, and metals contamination of drinking water.
Potential human health effects associated with laboratory exposures to Pfiesteria piscicida.
Potential human health effects of acid rain: report of a workshop
Potential identity of multi-potential cancer stem-like subpopulation after radiation of cultured brain glioma
Potential Immunotoxic Effect of Thimerosal: Compound Alters Dendritic Cell Response in Vitro
Potential impact of acid precipitation on arsenic and selenium.
Potential Impact of Antiretroviral Chemoprophylaxis on HIV-1 Transmission in Resource-Limited Settings
Potential impact of global climate change on malaria risk.
Potential impact of host immunity on malaria treatment outcome in Tanzanian children infected with Plasmodium falciparum
Potential impact of infant feeding recommendations on mortality and HIV-infection in children born to HIV-infected mothers in Africa: a simulation
Potential Impact of Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPT) on Spread of Drug-Resistant Malaria
Potential Impacts of Climatic Change on European Breeding Birds
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