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Overall Alteration of Circadian Clock Gene Expression in the Chestnut Cold Response
Overcoming a barrier for DNA polymerization in triplex-forming sequences.
Overcoming antigen masking of anti-amyloidbeta antibodies reveals breaking of B cell tolerance by virus-like particles in amyloidbeta immunized amyloid precursor protein transgenic mice
Overcoming beta-agonist tolerance: high dose salbutamol and ipratropium bromide. Two randomised controlled trials
Overcoming CD4 deficiency to induce long-lived memory CD8 + CTL
Overcoming challenges in designing and implementing a phase II randomized controlled trial using a presurgical model to test a dietary intervention in prostate cancer
Overcoming cisplatin resistance by mTOR inhibitor in lung cancer
Overcoming Depression on the Internet (ODIN) (2): A Randomized Trial of a Self-Help Depression Skills Program With Reminders
Overcoming Depression on the Internet (ODIN): A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet Depression Skills Intervention Program
Overcoming function annotation errors in the Gram-positive pathogen Streptococcus suis by a proteomics-driven approach
Overcoming inherent problems of preference-based techniques for measuring health benefits: An empirical study in the context of kidney transplantation
Overcoming limitations of the mRNA differential display technique.
Overcoming obstacles to implementing a primary care research framework
Overcoming potassium-mediated triplex inhibition.
Overcoming the challenges of membrane protein crystallography
Overcoming viral escape with vaccines that generate and display antigen diversity in vivo
Overdiagnosis and breast cancer screening
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of breast cancer: Estimates of overdiagnosis from two trials of mammographic screening for breast cancer
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of breast cancer: Is overdiagnosis an issue for radiologists?
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of breast cancer: Microsimulation modelling estimates based on observed screen and clinical data
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of breast cancer: Overdiagnosis and overtreatment in service screening
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of breast cancer: Overdiagnosis in randomised controlled trials of breast cancer screening
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of breast cancer: Progression of ductal carcinoma in situ : the pathological perspective
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of breast cancer: Rates of ductal carcinoma in situ : a US perspective
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of early detected prostate cancer
Overdispersed logistic regression for SAGE: Modelling multiple groups and covariates
Overdistension in ventilated children
Overdose prevention for injection drug users: Lessons learned from naloxone training and distribution programs in New York City
Overdrive is a T-region transfer enhancer which stimulates T-strand production in Agrobacterium tumefaciens.
Overestimates of Survival after HAART: Implications for Global Scale-Up Efforts
Overestimating resistance in field testing of malaria parasites: simple methods for estimating high EC 50 values using a Bayesian approach
Overexpressed TP73 induces apoptosis in medulloblastoma
Overexpressing Centriole-Replication Proteins In Vivo Induces Centriole Overduplication and De Novo Formation
Overexpression in COS cells of p50, the major core protein associated with mRNA, results in translation inhibition.
Overexpression of β1-chain-containing laminins in capillary basement membranes of human breast cancer and its metastases
Overexpression of a mutant form of TGFBI/BIGH3 induces retinal degeneration in transgenic mice
Overexpression of Bcl-2 is associated with apoptotic resistance to the G-quadruplex ligand 12459 but is not sufficient to confer resistance to long-term senescence
Overexpression of cathepsin f, matrix metalloproteinases 11 and 12 in cervical cancer
Overexpression of cathepsin K during silica-induced lung fibrosis and control by TGF-β
Overexpression of cathepsin K in mice decreases collagen deposition and lung resistance in response to bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis
Overexpression of CCL-21/Secondary Lymphoid Tissue Chemokine in Human Dendritic Cells Augments Chemotactic Activities for Lymphocytes and Antigen Presenting Cells
Overexpression of CDC2/CyclinB1 in gliomas, and CDC2 depletion inhibits proliferation of human glioma cells in vitro and in vivo
Overexpression of CERKL , a gene responsible for retinitis pigmentosa in humans, protects cells from apoptosis induced by oxidative stress
Overexpression of connexin 43 using a retroviral vector improves electrical coupling of skeletal myoblasts with cardiac myocytes in vitro
Overexpression of DEAD box protein pMSS116 promotes ATP-dependent splicing of a yeast group II intron in vitro.
Overexpression of DEAD box protein pMSS116 promotes ATP-dependent splicing of a yeast group II intron in vitro
Overexpression of defense response genes in transgenic wheat enhances resistance to Fusarium head blight
Overexpression of E2F5/p130, but not E2F5 alone, can inhibit E2F-induced cell cycle entry in transgenic mice
Overexpression of Eag1 potassium channels in clinical tumours
Overexpression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase suppresses features of allergic asthma in mice
Overexpression of ERBB-2 was more frequently detected in malignant than benign pheochromocytomas by multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification and immunohistochemistry
Overexpression of extracellular superoxide dismutase reduces acute radiation induced lung toxicity
Overexpression of FABP7 in Down syndrome fetal brains is associated with PKNOX1 gene-dosage imbalance
Overexpression of human DNA polymerase μ (Pol μ) in a Burkitt's lymphoma cell line affects the somatic hypermutation rate
Overexpression of human mitochondrial valyl tRNA synthetase can partially restore levels of cognate mt-tRNA Val carrying the pathogenic C25U mutation
Overexpression of human RAD51 and RAD52 reduces double-strand break-induced homologous recombination in mammalian cells
Overexpression of mtDNA-associated AtWhy2 compromises mitochondrial function
Overexpression of Myocilin in the Drosophila Eye Activates the Unfolded Protein Response: Implications for Glaucoma
Overexpression of Partner of Numb Induces Asymmetric Distribution of the PI4P 5-Kinase Skittles in Mitotic Sensory Organ Precursor Cells in Drosophila
Overexpression of Pax6 results in microphthalmia, retinal dysplasia and defective retinal ganglion cell axon guidance
Overexpression of phage-type RNA polymerase RpoTp in tobacco demonstrates its role in chloroplast transcription by recognizing a distinct promoter type
Overexpression of phosphoserine aminotransferase PSAT1 stimulates cell growth and increases chemoresistance of colon cancer cells
Overexpression of phytochelatin synthase in tobacco: distinctive effects of AtPCS1 and CePCS genes on plant response to cadmium
Overexpression of platelet-derived growth factor receptor α in breast cancer is associated with tumour progression
Overexpression of Rad51 protein stimulates homologous recombination and increases resistance of mammalian cells to ionizing radiation.
Overexpression of ribosomal protein L15 is associated with cell proliferation in gastric cancer
Overexpression of Scg5 increases enzymatic activity of PCSK2 and is inversely correlated with body weight in congenic mice
Overexpression of Selenoprotein H Reduces Ht22 Neuronal Cell Death after UVB Irradiation by Preventing Superoxide Formation
Overexpression of the duffy antigen receptor for chemokines (DARC) by NSCLC tumor cells results in increased tumor necrosis
Overexpression of the human MNB/DYRK1A gene induces formation of multinucleate cells through overduplication of the centrosome
Overexpression of the LexA-regulated tisAB RNA in E. coli inhibits SOS functions; implications for regulation of the SOS response
Overexpression of the Mitochondrial T3 Receptor p43 Induces a Shift in Skeletal Muscle Fiber Types
Overexpression of the riboflavin biosynthetic pathway in Pichia pastoris
Overexpression of TiERF1 enhances resistance to sharp eyespot in transgenic wheat
Overexpression, purification and characterization of RecJ protein from Thermus thermophilus HB8 and its core domain
Overexpression, purification and crystallization of a choline-binding protein CbpI from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Overexpression, purification and crystallization of BamHI endonuclease.
Overexpression, purification, crystallization and data collection of Sulfolobus solfataricus Sso6206, a novel highly conserved protein
Overlapping activator sequences determined for two oppositely oriented promoters in halophilic Archaea
Overlapping Antisense Transcription in the Human Genome
Overlapping coding regions and trancriptional units of two essential chromosomal genes (CCT8, TRP1)in the fungal pathogen Candida albicans.
Overlapping confidence intervals or standard error intervals: What do they mean in terms of statistical significance?
Overlapping DNA recognition motifs between Sp1 and a novel trans-acting factor within the wt1 tumour suppressor gene promoter.
Overlapping enhancer/promoter and transcriptional termination signals in the lentiviral long terminal repeat
Overlapping Functions of Argonaute Proteins in Patterning and Morphogenesis of Drosophila Embryos
Overlapping functions of the starch synthases SSII and SSIII in amylopectin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis
Overlapping genes at the DNA primase locus of the large plasmid ColI.
Overlapping genes in the human and mouse genomes
Overlapping of MINK and CHRNE gene loci in the course of mammalian evolution
Overlapping open reading frames revealed by complete nucleotide sequencing of turnip yellow mosaic virus genomic RNA.
Overlapping Protein-Encoding Genes in Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf0-1
Overlapping redundant septuplets identical with regulatory elements of HIV-1 and SV40.
Overlapping representations of the neck and whiskers in the rat motor cortex revealed by mapping at different anaesthetic depths
Overlapping RNA and DNA binding domains of the wt1 tumor suppressor gene product.
Overlapping Sp1 and AP2 binding sites in a promoter element of the lens-specific MIP gene.
Overlay of conventional angiographic and en-face OCT images enhances their interpretation
Overlooked and underserved in Harlem: a population-based survey of adults with asthma.
Overlooked in Fallon?
Overmethylation of DNAs by the EcoRI methylase.
Overpowering Manure
Overproduced rho factor from p39AS has lysine replacing glutamic acid at residue 155 in the linker region between its RNA and ATP binding domains.
Overproduction and crystallization of FokI restriction endonuclease.
Overproduction and purification of protein P6 of Bacillus subtilis phage phi 29: role in the initiation of DNA replication.
Overproduction and purification of the connector protein of Bacillus subtilis phage phi 29.
Overproduction of histone H1 variants in vivo increases basal and induced activity of the mouse mammary tumor virus promoter.
Overproduction of the EcoR V endonuclease and methylase.
Overproduction of topoisomerase II in an ataxia telangiectasia fibroblast cell line: comparison with a topoisomerase II-overproducing hamster cell mutant.
Overriding follicle selection in controlled ovarian stimulation protocols: Quality vs quantity
Oversight Without Obstruction: The Challenge for High-Containment Labs
Overstating the consequences of radiographic abnormalities.
Overstating the evidence – double counting in meta-analysis and related problems
Overusage of Mouse DH Gene Segment, DFL16.1, Is Strain-Dependent and Determined by cis -Acting Elements
Overuse of artemisinin-combination therapy in Mto wa Mbu ( river of mosquitoes ), an area misinterpreted as high endemic for malaria
Overuse of non-prescription analgesics by dental clinic patients
Overuse of tympanostomy tubes in New York metropolitan area: evidence from five hospital cohort
Overview and Utilization of the NCI Thesaurus
Overview: biological consequences of environmental control.
Overview: Conference on Occupational and Environmental Reproductive Hazards
Overview of (1→3)-β-D-glucan immunobiology
Overview of a system for the computer-assisted operation of a small animal inhalation facility.
Overview of a workshop on quantitative models for developmental toxicity risk assessment *
Overview of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer treatment in Mexico
Overview of Aerosolized Florida Red Tide Toxins: Exposures and Effects
Overview of an interlaboratory collaboration on evaluating the effects of model hepatotoxicants on hepatic gene expression.
Overview of Biliary Diseases
Overview of BioCreAtIvE: critical assessment of information extraction for biology
Overview of BioCreative II gene mention recognition
Overview of BioCreative II gene normalization
Overview of BioCreAtIvE task 1B: normalized gene lists
Overview of BITS2005, the Second Annual Meeting of the Italian Bioinformatics Society
Overview of Contemporary Penile Rehabilitation Therapies
Overview of guidelines on iron chelation therapy in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes and transfusional iron overload
Overview of herbicide mechanisms of action.
Overview of human health and chemical mixtures: problems facing developing countries.
Overview of inhalation toxicology.
Overview of investigations into pulmonary hemorrhage among infants in Cleveland, Ohio.
Overview of occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields and cancer: advancements in exposure assessment.
Overview of phthalate ester pharmacokinetics in mammalian species.
Overview of potential mutagenic problems posed by some pesticides and their trace impurities.
Overview of preventable industrial causes of occupational cancer.
Overview of pulmonary alveolar macrophage renewal in normal rats and during different pathological processes.
Overview of reproductive and developmental toxicity studies of 1,3-butadiene in rodents.
Overview of the diagnostic value of biochemical markers of liver fibrosis (FibroTest, HCV FibroSure) and necrosis (ActiTest) in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Overview of the First Phylogenomics Conference
Overview of the LiMB database.
Overview of the protein-protein interaction annotation extraction task of BioCreative II
Overview of the risk of respiratory cancer from airborne contaminants.
Overview of the VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) and QUERI theme articles: QUERI Series
Overview of the voltage-gated sodium channel family
Overview of tumor promotion in animals
Overview of ultraviolet radiation and cancer: what is the link? How are we doing?
Overview on the application of transcription profiling using selected nephrotoxicants for toxicology assessment.
Overview. Preterm labour: mechanisms and management
Overview: recent developments in the toxicity of environmental oxidants.
Overview: Report of a Scientific Working Group on Serious Adverse Events following Mectizan ® treatment of onchocerciasis in Loa loa endemic areas.
Overview: viral agents and cancer.
Overweight and obesity at school entry among migrant and German children: a cross-sectional study
Overweight and obesity in relation to cardiovascular disease risk factors among medical students in Crete, Greece
Overweight in the Pacific: links between foreign dependence, global food trade, and obesity in the Federated States of Micronesia
Overweight, obesity, and colorectal cancer screening: Disparity between men and women
Overweight, physical activity, tobacco and alcohol consumption in a cross-sectional random sample of German adults
Overweight status and psychological well-being in adolescent boys and girls: a multilevel analysis *
Ovine Enzootic Abortion (OEA): a comparison of antibody responses in vaccinated and naturally-infected swiss sheep over a two year period
Oviposition Cues for a Specialist Butterfly–Plant Chemistry and Size
Oviposition deterrent and skin repellent activities of Solanum trilobatum leaf extract against the malarial vector Anopheles stephensi .
Oviposition of the invasive two-spotted leafhopper on an endemic tree: Effects of an alien weed, foliar pubescence, and habitat humidity
Ovipositional periodicity of caged Anopheles gambiae individuals
Ovol1 represses its own transcription by competing with transcription activator c-Myb and by recruiting histone deacetylase activity
Ovulation and its disorders
Ovulation Order Mediates a Trade-Off between Pre-Hatching and Post-Hatching Viability in an Altricial Bird
OWL--a non-redundant composite protein sequence database.
Owls May Use Faeces and Prey Feathers to Signal Current Reproduction
Own and parental war experience as a risk factor for mental health problems among adolescents with an immigrant background: results from a cross sectional study in Oslo, Norway
Owner Valuation of Rabies Vaccination of Dogs, Chad
Ownership and use of wireless telephones: a population-based study of Swedish children aged 7–14 years
Owsei Temkin 1902-2002.
Oxaliplatin neurotoxicity – no general ion channel surface-charge effect
Oxaliplatin retains HMGB1 intranuclearly and ameliorates collagen type II-induced arthritis
Oxalyl-CPG: a labile support for synthesis of sensitive oligonucleotide derivatives.
OXBench: A benchmark for evaluation of protein multiple sequence alignment accuracy
Oxcarbazepine as monotherapy of acute mania in insufficiently controlled type-1 diabetes mellitus: a case-report
Oxetane modified, conformationally constrained, antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotides function efficiently as gene silencing molecules
Oxford Desk Reference: Clinical Genetics
Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis
Oxford Handbook of Critical Care for PDAs, 2nd edition
Oxford Overview
Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology. Volume 4: 1982
Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Surgery – Cardiothoracic Surgery
Oxford Textbook of clinical pharmacology and drug therapy
Oxford textbook of medicine
Oxford Textbook of Medicine
Oxford Textbook of Medicine. Second Edition
Oxford Textbook of Orthopaedics and Trauma
Oxford University: Wellcome Research Fellowship in the History of the Medical Sciences
Oxidant effects on epithelial Na,K-ATPase gene expression and promoter function.
Oxidant gases.
Oxidants, antioxidants, and respiratory tract lining fluids.
Oxidation and metal-insertion in molybdenite surfaces: evaluation of charge-transfer mechanisms and dynamics
Oxidation in rheumatoid arthritis
Oxidation of chylomicron remnant-like particles inhibits their uptake by THP-1 macrophages by apolipoprotein E-dependent processes
Oxidation of DNA bases by tumor promoter-activated processes.
Oxidation of single-stranded oligonucleotides by carbonate radical anions: generating intrastrand cross-links between guanine and thymine bases separated by cytosines
Oxidation-reduction reactions of metal ions.
Oxidative activation of benzidine and its derivatives by peroxidases.
Oxidative Activity of Copper(II) Complexes with Aminoglycoside Antibiotics as Implication to the Toxicity of These Drugs
Oxidative and adhesive responses of human neutrophils to nitrovasodilators in vitro: the role of protein kinases.
Oxidative base damage in RNA detected by reverse transcriptase.
Oxidative conversion of isothiocyanates to isocyanates by rat liver.
Oxidative damage in telomeric DNA disrupts recognition by TRF1 and TRF2
Oxidative damage-induced PCNA complex formation is efficient in xeroderma pigmentosum group A but reduced in Cockayne syndrome group B cells.
Oxidative damage of DNA by chromium(V) complexes: relative importance of base versus sugar oxidation.
Oxidative damage to 5-methylcytosine in DNA.
Oxidative damage to DNA: do we have a reliable biomarker?
Oxidative damage to methyl-CpG sequences inhibits the binding of the methyl-CpG binding domain (MBD) of methyl-CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2)
Oxidative Damage to RNA in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Oxidative DNA adducts and DNA-protein cross-links are the major DNA lesions induced by arsenite.
Oxidative DNA damage in mild cognitive impairment and late-stage Alzheimer's disease
Oxidative DNA damage induced by copper and hydrogen peroxide promotes CG→TT tandem mutations at methylated CpG dinucleotides in nucleotide excision repair-deficient cells
Oxidative metabolism in fetal rat brain during maternal halothane anesthesia.
Oxidative Metabolites of Diisononyl Phthalate as Biomarkers for Human Exposure Assessment
OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Correlation between Electron Flow, Proton Translocation, Oxygen Consumption and ATP Synthesis under Close to In Vivo Concentrations of Oxygen
Oxidative stress and aberrant signaling in aging and cognitive decline
Oxidative stress and antioxidant defense in patients with chronic hepatitis C patients before and after pegylated interferon alfa-2b plus ribavirin therapy
Oxidative stress and antioxidants at biosurfaces: plants, skin, and respiratory tract surfaces.
Oxidative Stress and Diabetic Retinopathy
Oxidative stress and immunologic responses following a dietary exposure to PAHs in Mya arenaria
Oxidative Stress and Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Gastrointestinal Tract and Antioxidant, Protective Agents
Oxidative Stress and the Induction of Cyclooxygenase Enzymes and Apoptosis in the Murine Placenta
Oxidative stress and the use of antioxidants in diabetes: Linking basic science to clinical practice
Oxidative Stress As A Common Mediator for Apoptosis Induced-Cardiac Damage in Diabetic Rats
Oxidative stress as a risk factor for osteoporosis in elderly Mexicans as characterized by antioxidant enzymes
Oxidative stress causes ERK phosphorylation and cell death in cultured retinal pigment epithelium: Prevention of cell death by AG126 and 15-deoxy-delta 12, 14-PGJ 2
Oxidative stress in children late after Kawasaki disease: relationship with carotid atherosclerosis and stiffness
Oxidative stress in hepatitis C infected end-stage renal disease subjects
Oxidative Stress in Patients With Acne Vulgaris
Oxidative Stress in Patients With Nongenital Warts
Oxidative stress in term small for gestational age neonates born to undernourished mothers: a case control study
Oxidative stress in toxicology: established mammalian and emerging piscine model systems.
Oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes: the role of fasting and postprandial glycaemia
Oxidative Stress Inactivates Cobalamin-Independent Methionine Synthase (MetE) in Escherichia coli
Oxidative stress increases Fas ligand expression in endothelial cells
Oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in neurons correlates with mitochondrial DNA base excision repair pathway imbalance
Oxidative stress is increased in critically ill patients according to antioxidant vitamins intake, independent of severity: a cohort study
Oxidative stress-related mechanisms are associated with xenobiotics exerting excess toxicity to Fanconi anemia cells.
Oxidative stress responses - what have genome-scale studies taught us?
Oxidised- and total non-protein bound glutathione and related thiols in gallbladder bile of patients with various gastrointestinal disorders
Oxidized Lipoproteins Suppress Nitric Oxide Synthase in Macrophages: Study of Glucocorticoid Receptor Involvement
Oxidized phospholipids reduce ventilator-induced vascular leak and inflammation in vivo
Oxidizing intermediates generated in the Fenton reagent: kinetic arguments against the intermediacy of the hydroxyl radical.
Oxpentifylline versus placebo in the treatment of erythropoietin-resistant anaemia: a randomized controlled trial
Oxygen Affinity of Hemoglobin and Red Cell Acid Base Status
Oxygen and blood flow: players in the pathogenesis of glaucoma
Oxygen and nitrate-dependent regulation of dmsABC operon expression in Escherichia coli : sites for Fnr and NarL protein interactions
Oxygen cost of dynamic or isometric exercise relative to recruited muscle mass
Oxygen dependence of metabolic fluxes and energy generation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CEN.PK113-1A
Oxygen-dependent, alternative promoter controls translation of tco1 + in fission yeast
Oxygen-derived species: their relation to human disease and environmental stress.
Oxygen dissociation curves of the bloods of maternal and fetal goats as they exist in vivo.
Oxygen-glucose deprivation induces ATP release via maxi-anion channels in astrocytes
Oxygen-Independent Stabilization of Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF)-1 during RSV Infection
Oxygen kinetics and debt during recovery from expiratory flow-limited exercise in healthy humans
Oxygen limitation modulates pH regulation of catabolism and hydrogenases, multidrug transporters, and envelope composition in Escherichia coli K-12
Oxygen Radical Scavenger Activity, EPR, NMR, Molecular Mechanics and Extended-Hückel Molecular Orbital Investigation of the Bis(Piroxicam)Copper(II) Complex
Oxygen radicals and asbestos carcinogenesis.
Oxygen radicals and asbestos-mediated disease.
Oxygen radicals, cytokines, adhesion molecules, and lung injury.
Oxygen-regulated transcription factors and their role in pulmonary disease
Oxygen Reperfusion Damage in an Insect
Oxygen restriction increases the infective potential of Listeria monocytogenes in vitro in Caco-2 cells and in vivo in guinea pigs
Oxygen-sensing mechanisms and the regulation of redox-responsive transcription factors in development and pathophysiology
Oxygenation effect of interventional lung assist in a lavage model of acute lung injury: a prospective experimental study
Oxygenation Inhibits the Physiological Tissue-Protecting Mechanism and Thereby Exacerbates Acute Inflammatory Lung Injury
OxyGene: an innovative platform for investigating oxidative-response genes in whole prokaryotic genomes
OxyR is involved in coordinate regulation of expression of fimA and sod genes in Porphyromonas gingivalis
Oxysterol-binding protein-1 (OSBP1) modulates processing and trafficking of the amyloid precursor protein
Oxytocin and cholecystokinin secretion in women with colectomy
Oxytocin in the Circadian Timing of Birth
Oxytocin Increases Generosity in Humans
Oxytocin-induced antinociception in the spinal cord is mediated by a subpopulation of glutamatergic neurons in lamina I-II which amplify GABAergic inhibition
Oxytricha telomeric nucleoprotein complexes reconstituted with synthetic DNA.
Oynophagia in patients after dental extraction: surface electromyography study
Ozonation of Human Blood Induces a Remarkable Upregulation of Heme Oxygenase-1 and Heat Stress Protein-70
Ozone, air pollution, and respiratory health.
Ozone and Daily Mortality in Shanghai, China
Ozone and limonene in indoor air: a source of submicron particle exposure.
Ozone and Other Air Pollutants and the Risk of Oral Clefts
Ozone and PM 2.5 Exposure and Acute Pulmonary Health Effects: A Study of Hikers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Ozone and Semen Quality
Ozone and Semen Quality: Berhane and Sokol Respond
Ozone as Janus: this controversial gas can be either toxic or medically useful.
Ozone exposure assessment in a southern California community.
Ozone-friendly chemicals.
Ozone: Kinney et al. Respond
Ozone Nation: EPA Standard Panned by the People
Ozone, NO, and NO2: oxidant air pollutants and more.
Ozone Overload: Current Standards May Not Protect Health
Ozone oxidative preconditioning: a protection against cellular damage by free radicals.
Ozone’s Impact on Public Health: Contributions from Indoor Exposures to Ozone and Products of Ozone-Initiated Chemistry
Ozone surprise.
Ozone Therapy for Tumor Oxygenation: a Pilot Study
Ozone Therapy on Cerebral Blood Flow: A Preliminary Report
Ozone Therapy on Rats Submitted to Subtotal Nephrectomy: Role of Antioxidant System
Ozone: Unrealistic Scenarios
Ozonolysis of supercoiled pBR322 DNA resulting in strand scission to open circular DNA.
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