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N -1 regioselective Michael-type addition of 5-substituted uracils to (2-hydroxyethyl) acrylate
N 2 -Guanine specific transfer RNA methyltransferase I from rat liver and leukemic rat spleen*
N 2 -Guanine specific transfer RNA methyltransferase II from rat liver
N 2-methylguanosine is iso-energetic with guanosine in RNA duplexes and GNRA tetraloops.
N 4 Methyl and N 4 Dimethyl Substituted Sulfanilamides
N-acetoxy-2-acetylaminofluorene modification of a deoxyoligonucleotide duplex.
N -acetyl-L-cysteine ameliorates the inflammatory disease process in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in Lewis rats
N-Acetylcholinesterase-Induced Apoptosis in Alzheimer's Disease
N -Acetylcysteine as a Potential Antidote and Biomonitoring Agent of Methylmercury Exposure
N-acetylcysteine as an antidote in methylmercury poisoning.
N -acetylcysteine decreases lactate signal intensities in liver tissue and improves liver function in septic shock patients, as shown by magnetic resonance spectroscopy: extended case report
N-Acetylcysteine enhances the action of anti-inflammatory drugs as suppressors of prostaglandin production in monocytes.
N -acetylcysteine in clinical sepsis: a difficult marriage
N-acetylcysteine prevents HIV gp 120-related damage of human cultured astrocytes: correlation with glutamine synthase dysfunction
N -acetylcysteine protects against renal injury following bilateral ureteral obstruction
N-acetyltransferase 2 ( NAT2 ) gene polymorphisms in colon and lung cancer patients
N - acetyltransferase 2 ( NAT2 ) gene polymorphisms in Parkinson's disease
N-Acetyltransferase 2 Polymorphism in Patients with Spanish Toxic Oil Syndrome
N-acetyltransferase 8 , a positional candidate for blood pressure and renal regulation: resequencing, association and in silico study
N-Acetyltransferase phenotype and risk in urinary bladder cancer: approaches in molecular epidemiology. Preliminary results in Sweden and Denmark
N ω -arginine dimethylation modulates the interaction between a Gly/Arg-rich peptide from human nucleolin and nucleic acids
N-Butyrate incubation of immature chicken erythrocytes preferentially enhances the solubility of beta A chromatin.
N-Cadherin cleavage during activated hepatic stellate cell apoptosis is inhibited by tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1
N-Cadherin, Spine Dynamics, and Synaptic Function
N ε -(Carboxymethyl)lysine and Coronary Atherosclerosis-Associated Low Density Lipoprotein Abnormalities in Type 2 Diabetes: Current Status
N ε -Formylation of lysine is a widespread post-translational modification of nuclear proteins occurring at residues involved in regulation of chromatin function
N-GAL: Diagnosing AKI as soon as possible
N-glycan alterations are associated with drug resistance in human hepatocellular carcinoma
N-Glycosylation of the alpha subunit does not influence trafficking or functional activity of the human organic solute transporter alpha/beta
N -hexanoyl chitosan stabilized magnetic nanoparticles: Implication for cellular labeling and magnetic resonance imaging
N-hydroxyarylamine O-acetyltransferase of Salmonella typhimurium: proposal for a common catalytic mechanism of arylamine acetyltransferase enzymes.
N-hydroxylation of carcinogenic and mutagenic aromatic amines.
N -Methyl-D-aspartic Acid (NMDA) in the nervous system of the amphioxus Branchiostoma lanceolatum
N-Methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine-induced senescence-like growth arrest in colon cancer cells is associated with loss of adenomatous polyposis coli protein, microtubule organization, and telomeric DNA
N-methylisatin-beta-thiosemicarbazone derivative (SCH 16) is an inhibitor of Japanese encephalitis virus infection in vitro and in vivo
N -methylpurine DNA glycosylase overexpression increases alkylation sensitivity by rapidly removing non-toxic 7-methylguanine adducts
N-Myc downstream-regulated gene 2 is involved in p53-mediated apoptosis
N-myristoyltransferase: A potential novel diagnostic marker for colon cancer
N segment insertion and region-directed somatic hypermutation in a kappa gene of a t(2;8) chromosomal translocation.
N-Sulfomethylation of guanine, adenine and cytosine with formaldehyde-bisulfite. A selective modification of guanine in DNA.
N-terminal domains of putative helicases of flavi- and pestiviruses may be serine proteases.
N-terminal fragment of B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), a marker of cardiac safety during antipsychotic treatment
N-Terminal Phosphorylation of the Dopamine Transporter Is Required for Amphetamine-Induced Efflux
N-terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide And Atrial Fibrillation
N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide as an early prognostic factor in cancer patients developing septic shock
N-terminal region of Saccharomyces cerevisiae eRF3 is essential for the functioning of the eRF1/eRF3 complex beyond translation termination
N-terminus of hMLH1 confers interaction of hMutLα and hMutLβ with hMutSα
N-terminus of the rat adenine glycosylase MYH affects excision rates and processing of MYH-generated abasic sites
N170 ERPs could represent a logographic processing strategy in visual word recognition
n3 and n6 polyunsaturated fatty acids differentially modulate prostaglandin E secretion but not markers of lipogenesis in adipocytes
N348I in the Connection Domain of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Confers Zidovudine and Nevirapine Resistance
N4-aminocytidine, a nucleoside analog that has an exceptionally high mutagenic activity.
N4-Methoxydeoxycytidine triphosphate is in the imino tautomeric form and substitutes for deoxythymidine triphosphate in primed poly d[A-T] synthesis with E. coli DNA polymerase I.
N4 virion DNA dependent-RNA polymerase: initiation sequences utilized by the enzyme on heterologous templates.
Na + /H + exchanger regulatory factor 1 inhibits platelet-derived growth factor signaling in breast cancer cells
Na v 1.4 Deregulation in Dystrophic Skeletal Muscle Leads to Na + Overload and Enhanced Cell Death
Na v 1.7 expression is increased in painful human dental pulp
Na v 1.8-null mice show stimulus-dependent deficits in spinal neuronal activity
NAC and DTT promote TGF-β1 monomer formation: demonstration of competitive binding
NAD(H) recycling activity of an engineered bifunctional enzyme galactose dehydrogenase/lactate dehydrogenase
NADPH- Diaphorase positive cardiac neurons in the atria of mice. A morphoquantitative study
NADPH oxidase as a therapeutic target in Alzheimer's disease
NADPH-oxidase-driven oxygen radical production determines chondrocyte death and partly regulates metalloproteinase-mediated cartilage matrix degradation during interferon-γ-stimulated immune complex arthritis
Nadroparine calcium or enoxaparine in acute coronary syndrome patients suffering renal insufficiency: The nadroparin versus enoxaparin (NaVe) study design
Naegleria fowleri in Well Water
NAFTA and U.S. Agriculture
NAFTA prompts health concerns across the borders.
Nail changes secondary to docetaxel chemotherapy : a case report
Nail-Gun Injuries to the Hand
NAIMA: target amplification strategy allowing quantitative on-chip detection of GMOs
Naloxone's Pentapeptide Binding Site on Filamin A Blocks Mu Opioid Receptor–Gs Coupling and CREB Activation of Acute Morphine
Names in the history of psychology. A biographical sourcebook
Names of body parts in English, 1400–1550
Naming Carcinogens
Nano-Bio-Genesis: tracing the rise of nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology as 'big science'
Nano-enabled synthetic biology
Nanoarchaea: representatives of a novel archaeal phylum or a fast-evolving euryarchaeal lineage related to Thermococcales?
Nanobacteria Are Mineralo Fetuin Complexes
Nanobacteria: Facts or Fancies?
Nanobiotechnology today: focus on nanoparticles
Nanoelectropulse-driven membrane perturbation and small molecule permeabilization
Nanofibrous Scaffolds Incorporating PDGF-BB Microspheres Induce Chemokine Expression and Tissue Neogenesis In Vivo
Nanoliter high throughput quantitative PCR
Nanoliter Reactors Improve Multiple Displacement Amplification of Genomes from Single Cells
Nanoliter scale PCR with TaqMan detection.
Nanomedicine: Techniques, Potentials, and Ethical Implications
Nanoparticle-based detection and quantification of DNA with single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) discrimination selectivity
Nanoparticle inhalation augments particle-dependent systemic microvascular dysfunction
Nanoparticles: Health Effects—Pros and Cons
Nanoparticles – known and unknown health risks
Nanopolymers improve delivery of exon skipping oligonucleotides and concomitant dystrophin expression in skeletal muscle of mdx mice
Nanopore-based kinetics analysis of individual antibody-channel and antibody-antigen interactions
Nanopore current transduction analysis of protein binding to non-terminal and terminal DNA regions: analysis of transcription factor binding, retroviral DNA terminus dynamics, and retroviral integrase-DNA binding
Nanopore Detector based analysis of single-molecule conformational kinetics and binding interactions
Nanopores: maltoporin channel as a sensor for maltodextrin and lambda-phage
Nanoquartz in Late Permian C1 coal and the high incidence of female lung cancer in the Pearl River Origin area: a retrospective cohort study
Nanoscopic structure of DNA condensed for gene delivery.
Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields: A New Stimulus to Activate Intracellular Signaling
Nanosensor Detection of an Immunoregulatory Tryptophan Influx/Kynurenine Efflux Cycle
Nanosize Titanium Dioxide Stimulates Reactive Oxygen Species in Brain Microglia and Damages Neurons in Vitro
Nanotechnology and the Developing World
Nanotechnology approaches to crossing the blood-brain barrier and drug delivery to the CNS
Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems
Nanotechnology: Environmental Implications and Solutions
Nanotechnology for the Poor?
Nanotechnology in the Environmental Health Sciences
Nanotechnology in Therapeutics: hydrogels and beyond
Nanotechnology: Looking As We Leap
Nanotechnology: Nano–Food Chain Link Examined
Nanotechnology: thinking small.
Nanotoxicology: An Emerging Discipline Evolving from Studies of Ultrafine Particles
Nanotubes Make Big Science
NAOMI: The trials and tribulations of implementing a heroin assisted treatment study in North America
NAP and D-SAL: neuroprotection against the β amyloid peptide (1–42)
NAPE to Study Effect of Air Pollution on Organ Systems
Naples in the time of cholera, 1884–1911
Napoleon's death. An inquest
Napoleon's Ulcer (and other medico-historical stories)
NAR launches new Advance Access publication model
NAR's new requirement for data submission to the EMBL data library: information for authors
Narcisse: a mirror view of conserved syntenies
Narcissism in patients admitted to psychiatric acute wards: its relation to violence, suicidality and other psychopathology
Narcotic-based sedation regimens for critically ill mechanically ventilated patients
Narrative Exposure Therapy as a treatment for child war survivors with posttraumatic stress disorder: Two case reports and a pilot study in an African refugee settlement
Narrow complex tachycardia with alternating R-R intervals during physical stress: Double ventricular excitation
Narrow Complex Tachycardia With Alternating R-R intervals. What is the mechanism?
Narrow QRS Tachycardia with Alternate Wide QRS Beats: What is the Mechanism?
Narrow Scope of Vitamin C Review
Narrow Versus Wide Diameter Portacaval H-Graft Shunts
NAS says EMFs no hazard.
Nasal carriage of a single clone of community-acquired methicillin-resistant S taphylococcus aureus among kindergarten attendees in northern Taiwan
Nasal cytology in southwest metropolitan Mexico City inhabitants: a pilot intervention study.
Nasal Delivery of an Adenovirus-Based Vaccine Bypasses Pre-Existing Immunity to the Vaccine Carrier and Improves the Immune Response in Mice
Nasal hyperreactivity and inflammation in allergic rhinitis
Nasal NK/T-cell lymphoma: epidemiology and pathogenesis
Nasal Prosthesis Rehabilitation after Partial Rhinectomy: A Clinical Report
Nasal septal perforation 1981–2005: Changes in etiology, gender and size
Nasal septal teratoma in a child
Nasal toxicity and dosimetry of inhaled xenobiotics: implications for human health.
NASCArrays: a repository for microarray data generated by NASC’s transcriptomics service
NASCI Abstracts
Naso-Pharyngeal Fibroma
Nasoendotracheal tube obstruction by a nasal polyp in emergency oral surgery: a case report
Nasogastric tube incidents and the use of the 'whoosh test'
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma: molecular biomarker discovery and progress
NAST: a multiple sequence alignment server for comparative analysis of 16S rRNA genes
NAT gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease: identification of a novel NAT1 allelic variant
Nathan Smith and Cancer Therapy *
Nathan Smith and Typhoid Fever *
National Academy of Sciences enters controversy on relevance of animal toxicologic studies.
National and sub-national under-five mortality profiles in Peru: a basis for informed policy decisions
National Assessment of Human Health Effects of Climate Change in Portugal: Approach and Key Findings
National audit of post-operative management in spinal surgery
National Biological Survey
National Cancer Institute and Imaging—Intersecting Scientific Opportunity With Clinical Need
National cancer mortality and incidence in Japan.
National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program: Bridging the Information Gap
National estimates for maternal mortality: an analysis based on the WHO systematic review of maternal mortality and morbidity
National Health Insurance Notes
National Health Insurance Notes
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: areas of concern.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences third science seminar. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, November 1982. Science open house poster sessions: Abstracts.
National Kriging Exposure Estimation: Liao et al. Respond
National maps of the effects of particulate matter on mortality: exploring geographical variation.
National Mass Drug Administration Costs for Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination
National Meeting Breaks the Mold
National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank: A standard based biospecimen and clinical data resource to enhance translational research
National Prevalence and Exposure Risk for Cockroach Allergen in U.S. Households
National quality and performance system for Divisions of General Practice: early reflections on a system under development
National quality improvement policies and strategies in European healthcare systems
National smokefree law in New Zealand improves air quality inside bars, pubs and restaurants
National strategy on endocrine disruptors.
National study of United States emergency department visits for acute pancreatitis, 1993–2003
National Toxicology Program: Landmarks and the Road Ahead
National Trends and Disparities in the Incidence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, 1998–2003
National Trends in Statin Use by Coronary Heart Disease Risk Category
National Worker Training Clearinghouse
Nations Move to Ban POPs
Nationwide Investigation of the Pyrethroid Susceptibility of Mosquito Larvae Collected from Used Tires in Vietnam
Nationwide monitoring of end-of-life care via the Sentinel Network of General Practitioners in Belgium: the research protocol of the SENTI-MELC study
Nationwide trends in molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus , Finland, 1997–2004
Native and aspirin-triggered lipoxins control innate immunity by inducing proteasomal degradation of TRAF6
Native and foreign born as predictors of pediatric asthma in an Asian immigrant population: a cross sectional survey
Native Bacterial Endophytes Promote Host Growth in a Species-Specific Manner; Phytohormone Manipulations Do Not Result in Common Growth Responses
Native cardiac reserve predicts survival in acute post infarction heart failure in mice
Native cellular fluorescence and its application to cancer prevention.
Native DNA repeats and methylation in Ascobolus.
Native human autoantibodies targeting GIPC1 identify differential expression in malignant tumors of the breast and ovary
Native interface of the SAM domain polymer of TEL
Native R-loops Persist throughout the Mouse Mitochondrial DNA Genome * S⃞
Natively Unstructured Loops Differ from Other Loops
Natriuretic peptide testing for the evaluation of critically ill patients with shock in the intensive care unit: a prospective cohort study
Natriuretic peptide vs. clinical information for diagnosis of left ventricular systolic dysfunction in primary care
Natriuretic peptides modify Pseudomonas fluorescens cytotoxicity by regulating cyclic nucleotides and modifying LPS structure
NATsDB: Natural Antisense Transcripts DataBase
Natural and Derivative Brevetoxins: Historical Background, Multiplicity, and Effects
Natural and engineered antibodies against HIV
Natural and pharmacological regulation of telomerase
Natural and Synthetic Polymers as Inhibitors of Drug Efflux Pumps
Natural and synthetic tetracycline-inducible promoters for use in the antibiotic-producing bacteria Streptomyces
Natural antisense RNA inhibits the expression of BCMA, a tumour necrosis factor receptor homologue.
Natural antisense transcripts with coding capacity in Arabidopsis may have a regulatory role that is not linked to double-stranded RNA degradation
Natural autoantibodies reactive with glycosaminoglycans in rheumatoid arthritis
Natural Biocombinatorics in the Polyketide Synthase Genes of the Actinobacterium Streptomyces avermitilis
Natural Biodiversity Breaks Plant Yield Barriers
Natural born killers.
Natural Born Killers
Natural carcinogens.
Natural Carcinogens
Natural Childbirth
Natural Coinfection with 2 Parvovirus Variants in Dog
Natural computation meta-heuristics for the in silico optimization of microbial strains
Natural course of intra-articular shifting bone marrow edema syndrome of the knee
Natural covalent complexes of nucleic acids and proteins: some comments on practice and theoryon the path from well-known complexes to new ones.
Natural daylight restricted to twilights delays the timing of testicular regression but does not affect the timing of the daily activity rhythm of the house sparrow ( Passer domesticus )
Natural disasters and man-made responses: are we protecting environmental health?
Natural Disasters: Building a Tsunami Warning System
Natural Disease Resistance in Threatened Staghorn Corals
Natural disordered sequences in the amino terminal domain of nuclear receptors: lessons from the androgen and glucocorticoid receptors
Natural distribution of environmental radon daughters in the different brain areas of an Alzheimer Disease victim
Natural DNA variation at candidate loci is associated with potato chip color, tuber starch content, yield and starch yield
Natural Epigenetic Protection against the I-factor, a Drosophila LINE Retrotransposon, by Remnants of Ancestral Invasions
Natural healing with the medicine of the prophet: from the Book of the provisions of the hereafter
Natural Health Products, Modulation of Immune Function and Prevention of Chronic Diseases
Natural health products that inhibit angiogenesis: a potential source for investigational new agents to treat cancer—Part 1
Natural health products that inhibit angiogenesis: a potential source for investigational new agents to treat cancer—Part 2
Natural History and Clinical Consequences of Hepatitis B Virus Infection
Natural history and treatment of hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus coinfection
Natural history auctions 1700–1972. A register of sales in the British Isles
Natural history, clinicopathologic classification and prognosis of gastric ECL cell tumors.
Natural history in America. From Mark Catesby to Rachel Carson
Natural history manuscript resources in the British Isles
Natural history of asymptomatic bile duct stones at time of cholecystectomy.
Natural history of hepatitis C infection: a concise review.
Natural History of Meningioma Development in Mice Reveals: A Synergy of Nf2 and p16 Ink4a Mutations
Natural history of S -adenosylmethionine-binding proteins
Natural history of the ERVWE1 endogenous retroviral locus
Natural Host Genetic Resistance to Lentiviral CNS Disease: A Neuroprotective MHC Class I Allele in SIV-Infected Macaques
Natural hybridization in heliconiine butterflies: the species boundary as a continuum
Natural killer cell dysfunction is a distinguishing feature of systemic onset juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and macrophage activation syndrome
Natural-killer cell ligands at the maternal–fetal interface: UL-16 binding proteins, MHC class-I chain related molecules, HLA-F and CD48
Natural killer cells and autoimmunity
Natural Killer Cells Promote Early CD8 T Cell Responses against Cytomegalovirus
Natural killer cytolytic activity is associated with the expression of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors on peripheral lymphocytes in human.
Natural killer T cells and rheumatoid arthritis: friend or foe?
Natural Language Processing in aid of FlyBase curators
Natural occurence of a biopolymer, poly (adenosine diphosphate ribose).
Natural Orifice Surgery (NOS) Using StomaphyX™ for Repair of Gastric Leaks after Bariatric Revisions
Natural point mutations within rat rDNA transcription terminator elements reveal the functional importance of single bases for factor binding and termination
Natural products chemistry in the third millennium
Natural products that reduce rotavirus infectivity identified by a cell-based moderate-throughput screening assay
Natural relapses in vivax malaria induced by Anopheles mosquitoes
Natural remedies.
Natural Resources: Australia’s War on Drought
Natural Selection and Adaptive Evolution of Leptin in the Ochotona Family Driven by the Cold Environmental Stress
Natural Selection Fails to Optimize Mutation Rates for Long-Term Adaptation on Rugged Fitness Landscapes
Natural selection governs local, but not global, evolutionary gene coexpression networks in Caenorhabditis elegans
Natural selection of PAH-degrading bacterial guilds at coal-tar disposal sites.
Natural selection of protein structural and functional properties: a single nucleotide polymorphism perspective
Natural Selection on Female Life-History Traits in Relation to Socio-Economic Class in Pre-Industrial Human Populations
Natural Standard Herb & Supplement Handbook – The Clinical Bottom Line
Natural standard herb and supplement reference: evidence based clinical reviews
Natural variability and the influence of concurrent control values on the detection and interpretation of low-dose or weak endocrine toxicities.
Natural Variants of At HKT1 Enhance Na + Accumulation in Two Wild Populations of Arabidopsis
Natural variants of hepatitis B virus X protein have differential effects on the expression of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21 gene
Natural Variation in an ABC Transporter Gene Associated with Seed Size Evolution in Tomato Species
Natural Variation in Arabidopsis thaliana as a Tool for Highlighting Differential Drought Responses
Natural variation in CBF gene sequence, gene expression and freezing tolerance in the Versailles core collection of Arabidopsis thaliana
Natural variation in DNA methylation in ribosomal RNA genes of Arabidopsis thaliana
Natural Variation in Immune Responses to Neonatal Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Vaccination in a Cohort of Gambian Infants
Natural Variation in Partial Resistance to Pseudomonas syringae Is Controlled by Two Major QTLs in Arabidopsis thaliana
Natural variation in SAR11 marine bacterioplankton genomes inferred from metagenomic data
Natural Variation in the Thermotolerance of Neural Function and Behavior due to a cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase
Natural Variation in Vif: Differential Impact on APOBEC3G/3F and a Potential Role in HIV-1 Diversification
Natural variation of HIV-1 group M integrase: Implications for a new class of antiretroviral inhibitors
Natural Variation of Model Mutant Phenotypes in Ciona intestinalis
Natural variation of potato allene oxide synthase 2 causes differential levels of jasmonates and pathogen resistance in Arabidopsis
Natural Ventilation for Prevention of Airborne Contagion: Authors' Reply
Natural Ventilation for Prevention of Airborne Contagion: Conclusions Overgeneralized
Natural Ventilation for the Prevention of Airborne Contagion
Naturalised Vitis Rootstocks in Europe and Consequences to Native Wild Grapevine
Naturalism and social science. A post-empiricist philosophy of social science
Naturally acquired antibodies to polymorphic and conserved epitopes of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 3
Naturally Acquired Human Plasmodium knowlesi Infection, Singapore
Naturally occurring and stress induced tubular structures from mammalian cells, a survival mechanism
Naturally occurring antisense RNA of histone H2a in mouse cultured cell lines
Naturally Occurring Hydroxy Napthoquinones and Their Iron Complexes as Modulators of Radiation Induced Lipid Peroxidation in Synaptosomes
Naturally occurring insecticides.
Naturally occurring mutations in the human HNF4α gene impair the function of the transcription factor to a varying degree
Naturally occurring nonneoplastic histopathological lesions in the female SENCAR mouse.
Nature and Significance of Neutral Steroids in Human Urine in Normal and in Abnormal States
Nature, human nature, and society: Marx, Darwin, biology, and the human sciences
Nature limits filarial transmission
Nature of an inserted sequence in the mitochondrial gene coding for the 15S ribosomal RNA of yeast.
Nature of Protein Family Signatures: Insights from Singular Value Analysis of Position-Specific Scoring Matrices
Nature's contraceptive. Wet-nursing and prolonged lactation: the case of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, 1578--1601.
Nature's Effort to Cure an Appendicitis
Nature's medicine cabinet.
Nature's Nanotechnologists: Unveiling the Secrets of Diatoms
Nature's Swiss Army Knife: The Diverse Protective Roles of Anthocyanins in Leaves
Nature's work of art. The human body as image of the world
Nature transfigured: science and literature, 1700–1900
Naturheilbewegung, Reformbewegung, Alternativebewegung
Naturopathic Care for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Trial
Naturopaths practice behaviour: provision and access to information on complementary and alternative medicines
Naturwissenschaft bei den Arabern im 10. Jahrhundert n. Chr.: Briefe des Abū l-Fadl Ibn al-`Amīd (gest. 360/970) an `Adudaddaula
Naval history. Part One: the Midddle Ages to 1815
Naval surgeon: life and death at sea in the age of sail
Navigating Public Microarray Databases
Naxos Disease 1
Naxos disease: Cardiocutaneous syndrome due to cell adhesion defect
NBA-Palm: prediction of palmitoylation site implemented in Naïve Bayes algorithm
NBLAST: a cluster variant of BLAST for NxN comparisons
NCAM-180, the large isoform of the neural cell adhesion molecule of the mouse, is encoded by an alternatively spliced transcript.
NCBI BLAST: a better web interface
NCBI GEO: mining millions of expression profiles—database and tools
NCBI GEO: mining tens of millions of expression profiles—database and tools update
NCBI Reference Sequence Project: update and current status
NCBI Reference Sequence (RefSeq): a curated non-redundant sequence database of genomes, transcripts and proteins
NCBI reference sequences (RefSeq): a curated non-redundant sequence database of genomes, transcripts and proteins
NCBI’s LocusLink and RefSeq
NCEAS: Promoting Creative Collaborations
NCF1 gene and pseudogene pattern: association with parasitic infection and autoimmunity
NCI: a server to identify non-canonical interactions in protein structures
NCIR: a database of non-canonical interactions in known RNA structures
Nck, a melanoma cDNA encoding a cytoplasmic protein consisting of the src homology units SH2 and SH3.
Nco I RFLP at 19q13 identified by the DNA sequence pW119B (D19S169)
Nco I RFLP in human brain creatine kinase gene (CKBB)
NcoI and HinfI RFLPs detected with a dihydropteridine reductase cDNA probe.
NcoI and TaqI RFLPs for human M creatine kinase (CKM)
NcoI and TaqI RFLPs for human M creatine kinase (CKM)
NcoI dimorphic site located 8kb 3' to the human apolipoprotein AIV (APOA4) gene.
NcoI RFLP at the creatine kinase-muscle type gene locus (CKMM, chromosome 19).
NcoI RFLP at the human apolipoprotein CII gene locus.
NcoI RFLP in the human prothrombin (F2) gene
NcoI RFLP in the pseudogene (CYP2D8P) of the human debrisoquine 4-hydroxylase locus
NcoI RFLP of the human LHRH gene on chromosome 8p
NCS-constrained exhaustive search using oligomeric models
NCX-4040, a nitric oxide-releasing aspirin, sensitizes drug-resistant human ovarian xenograft tumors to cisplatin by depletion of cellular thiols
Nd-YAG Laser Treatment for Tracheobronchial Obstruction
NDE1 and NDEL1: Multimerisation, alternate splicing and DISC1 interaction
Ndel1 Promotes Axon Regeneration via Intermediate Filaments
Neandertals Likely Kept Their Genes to Themselves
Neanderthal Extinction by Competitive Exclusion
Near and Not-So-Dear TRI Facilities: Prenatal Proximity and Later Brain Cancer
Near death due to inhalation of slurry tank gases.
Near-highway pollutants in motor vehicle exhaust: A review of epidemiologic evidence of cardiac and pulmonary health risks
Near identity of HeLa cell galactosyltransferase with the human placental enzyme.
Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. A new method for arthroscopic evaluation of low grade degenerated cartilage lesions. Results of a pilot study
"Near-miss" obstetric events and maternal deaths in Sagamu, Nigeria: a retrospective study
Near-Ultraviolet Mutagenesis in Superoxide Dismutase-deficient Strains of Escherichia coli.
Nearest neighbor affects G:C to A:T transitions induced by alkylating agents.
Nearest neighbor effects on carcinogen binding to guanine runs in DNA.
Nearest Neighbor Networks: clustering expression data based on gene neighborhoods
Nearest-neighbor non-additivity versus long-range non-additivity in TATA-box structure and its implications for TBP-binding mechanism
Nearest neighbor parameters for Watson–Crick complementary heteroduplexes formed between 2′- O -methyl RNA and RNA oligonucleotides
Nearest-neighbor thermodynamics of deoxyinosine pairs in DNA duplexes
Nearest neighbour analysis of MCM protein complexes in Drosophila melanogaster
Nearly all single base substitutions in DNA fragments joined to a GC-clamp can be detected by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis.
Nearly Fatal Torsade de Pointes with Sotalol
Nearly identical members of the heterogeneous IAP gene family are expressed in thymus of different mouse strains.
NEAT: a domain duplicated in genes near the components of a putative Fe 3+ siderophore transporter from Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria
NeAT: a toolbox for the analysis of biological networks, clusters, classes and pathways
NEBcutter: a program to cleave DNA with restriction enzymes
Nebulon: a system for the inference of functional relationships of gene products from the rearrangement of predicted operons
Necessity to Measure PCBs and Organochlorine Pesticide Concentrations in Human Umbilical Cords for Fetal Exposure Assessment
Neck dissection: an operation in evolution
Neck dissections: radical to conservative
Neck fracture of a cementless forged titanium alloy femoral stem following total hip arthroplasty: a case report and review of the literature
Neck ligament strength is decreased following whiplash trauma
Neck pain in chronic whiplash syndrome treated with botulinum toxin. A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial
Necleoside conformations. 19. Temperature and pH effects on the conformation of guanosine phosphates.
Necropsy. A Guide for Students of Anatomic Pathology
Necrosis of the Renal Pelvis Associated with Obstruction of the Ureters *
Necrotic gangrenous intrathoracic appendix in a marfanoid adult patient: a case report
Necrotic neurons enhance microglial neurotoxicity through induction of glutaminase by a MyD88-dependent pathway
Necrotising colitis related to clozapine? A rare but life threatening side effect
Necrotizing Fasciitis
Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Review of Management Guidelines in a Large Obstetrics and Gynecology Teaching Hospital
Necrotizing fasciitis: strategies for diagnosis and management
Necrotizing fasciitis: two cases in a single family.
Necrotizing fasciitis with toxic shock syndrome in a child: a case report and review of literature
Necrotizing pneumonia and sepsis due to Clostridium perfringens: a case report
Necrotizing Pneumonia Caused by Panton-Valentine Leucocidin-Producing Staphylococcus aureus Originating from a Bartholin's Abscess
Nectar formation and floral nectary anatomy of Anigozanthos flavidus : a combined magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy study
Nectin-2-mediated entry of a syncytial strain of herpes simplex virus via pH-independent fusion with the plasma membrane of Chinese hamster ovary cells
Nectin-4 is a new histological and serological tumor associated marker for breast cancer
Need for critical care in gynaecology: a population-based analysis
Need for enforcement of ethicolegal education – an analysis of the survey of postgraduate clinical trainees
Need for redefining needs
Need telomere maintenance? Call 911
Needle and syringe sharing practices of injecting drug users participating in an outreach HIV prevention program in Tehran, Iran: A cross-sectional study
Needle biopsy of the pleura in the diagnosis of pleural effusion
Needle Track Seeding of Primary and Secondary Liver Carcinoma After Percutaneous Liver Biopsy
Needles in the EST Haystack: Large-Scale Identification and Analysis of Excretory-Secretory (ES) Proteins in Parasitic Nematodes Using Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs)
Needs and opportunities for improving the health, safety, and productivity of medical research facilities.
Needs Assessment for cancer patients and their families
Needs for biological risk assessment in interspecies extrapolation.
Needs for care among patients with schizophrenia in six European countries: a one-year follow-up study
Needs for public health intervention and needs for new research on vinyl halides and their polymers: a public policy perspective.
Needs-oriented discharge planning and monitoring for high utilisers of psychiatric services (NODPAM): Design and methods
Nef does not contribute to replication differences between R5 pre-AIDS and AIDS HIV-1 clones from patient ACH142
Nef-mediated TCR-CD3 and MHC-I down-modulation prevents CD4+ T cell depletion in natural SIV infection
Negative and positive childhood experiences across developmental periods in psychiatric patients with different diagnoses – an explorative study
Negative association of endothelial nitric oxide gene polymorphism with hypertension in Turkish patients: effect of ecNOS polymorphism on left ventricular hypertrophy
Negative Autoregulation by FAS Mediates Robust Fetal Erythropoiesis
Negative beliefs about low back pain are associated with high pain intensity and high level disability in community-based women
Negative BOLD fMRI Response in the Visual Cortex Carries Precise Stimulus-Specific Information
Negative chemical ionization of alcohols.
Negative chemical ionization studied of human and food chain contamination with xenobiotic chemicals.
Negative consequences associated with dependence in daily cannabis users
Negative Correlation between Brain Glutathione Level and Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: A 3T 1 H-MRS Study
Negative correlation between maorophage proooagulant and migraion ability in the course of inflammation
Negative cross-talk between the human orphan nuclear receptor Nur77/NAK-1/TR3 and nuclear factor-κB
Negative density-distribution relationship in butterflies
Negative electrospray ionization mass spectrometry of synthetic and chemically modified oligonucleotides.
Negative Evidence
Negative exploration for pyloric stenosis – Is it preventable?
Negative-feedback regulation of FGF signalling by DUSP6/MKP-3 is driven by ERK1/2 and mediated by Ets factor binding to a conserved site within the DUSP6 / MKP - 3 gene promoter
Negative Feedback Regulation of T Cells via Interleukin-2 and FOXP3 Reciprocity
Negative impact of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on the health-related quality of life of patients. Results of the EPIDEPOC study
Negative ion mass spectra of some polychlorinated 2-phenoxyphenols.
Negative ions of polyatomic molecules.
Negative pressure wound therapy: Potential publication bias caused by lack of access to unpublished study results data
Negative regulation of cytokine signaling and immune responses by SOCS proteins
Negative regulation of HIV-1 expression by the natural isoform C-terminus truncated STAT5 (STAT5Δ)
Negative regulation of mitochondrial VDAC channels by C-Raf kinase
Negative Regulation of Syntaxin4/SNAP-23/VAMP2-Mediated Membrane Fusion by Munc18c In Vitro
Negative regulation of the SH2-homology-containing protein-tyrosine phosphatase-1 (Shp-1) P2 promoter by the HTLV-1 tax oncoprotein
Negative regulation of transcription coactivator p300 by orphan receptor TR3
Negative regulation of yeast telomerase activity through an interaction with an upstream region of the DNA primer.
Negative regulators of the PHO system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: isolation and structural characterization of PHO85.
Negative regulatory elements upstream of a novel exon of the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha 2 subunit gene.
Negative regulatory sequences in the EIa-inducible enhancer of the adenovirus-2 early EIIa promoter.
Negative selection of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells using a bifunctional rosette-based antibody cocktail
Negative Selection on BRCA1 Susceptibility Alleles Sheds Light on the Population Genetics of Late-Onset Diseases and Aging Theory
Negative Staining and Image Classification – Powerful Tools in Modern Electron Microscopy
Negative Subtraction Hybridization: An efficient method to isolate large numbers of condition-specific cDNAs
“Negative Vaccination” by Specific CD4 + T Cell Tolerisation Enhances Virus-Specific Protective Antibody Responses
Negatively charged self-assembling DNA/poloxamine nanospheres for in vivo gene transfer
Neglected Disease Research and Development: How Much Are We Really Spending?
Neglected Diseases and Poverty in “The Other America”: The Greatest Health Disparity in the United States?
Neglected Diseases in the News: A Content Analysis of Recent International Media Coverage Focussing on Leishmaniasis and Trypanosomiasis
Neglected diseases of neglected populations: Thinking to reshape the determinants of health in Latin America and the Caribbean
Neglected Infections of Poverty in the United States of America
Neglected isolated plantar dislocation of middle cuneiform : a case report
Neglected Patients with a Neglected Disease? A Qualitative Study of Lymphatic Filariasis
Neglected Tropical Diseases, Neglected Data Sources, and Neglected Issues
Negotiating disease: power and cancer care, 1900–1950
Negotiating science and liberalism: medicine in nineteenth-century South Australia.
Negotiating the transition from adolescence to motherhood: Coping with prenatal and parenting stress in teenage mothers in Mulago hospital, Uganda
Negro-Vilar to Join Wyeth-Ayerst
NEIBank: Genomics and bioinformatics resources for vision research
Neighborhood consistency in mental arithmetic: Behavioral and ERP evidence
Neighborhood satisfaction, functional limitations, and self-efficacy influences on physical activity in older women
Neighborhood Screening in Communities Throughout the Nation for Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels
Neighborhood size and local geographic variation of health and social determinants
Neighboring base damage induced by permanganate oxidation of 8-oxoguanine in DNA.
Neighboring nucleotide interactions during DNA sequencing gel electrophoresis.
Neighbourhood of the central fold of the tRNA molecule bound to the E. coli ribosome--affinity labeling studies with modified tRNAs carrying photoreactive probes attached to the dihydrouridine loop.
Neighbourhood perceptions of physical activity: a qualitative study
Neighbourhood socioeconomic status and cardiovascular risk factors: a multilevel analysis of nine cities in the Czech Republic and Germany
Neighbourhood Socioeconomics Status Predicts Non-Cardiovascular Mortality in Cardiac Patients with Access to Universal Health Care
Neighbouring group participation in the unblocking of phosphotriesters of nucleic acids.
NEIL1 excises 3′ end proximal oxidative DNA lesions resistant to cleavage by NTH1 and OGG1
Neisseria gonorrhoeae Meningitis in Pregnant Adolescent
Neisseria gonorrhoeae O -linked pilin glycosylation: functional analyses define both the biosynthetic pathway and glycan structure
Neither Hippurate-negative Brachyspira pilosicoli nor Brachyspira pilosicoli Type Strain Caused Diarrhoea in Early-weaned Pigs by Experimental Infection
Neither HMG-14a nor HMG-17 gene function is required for growth of chicken DT40 cells or maintenance of DNaseI-hypersensitive sites.
Neither MRI, CT nor US is superior to diagnose tumors in the salivary glands – an extended case study
“Neither of meate nor drinke, but what the Doctor alloweth”:
Neither Replication nor Simulation Supports a Role for the Axon Guidance Pathway in the Genetics of Parkinson's Disease
Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. 13th Edition
NemaFootPrinter: a web based software for the identification of conserved non-coding genome sequence regions between C. elegans and C. briggsae
NemaPath: online exploration of KEGG-based metabolic pathways for nematodes
Nematicidal, Fungicidal and Bactericidal Activities of Manganese (II) Complexes with Heterocyclic Sulphonamide Imines
Nematode Functional Genomics
Nematode Homologue of PQBP1, a Mental Retardation Causative Gene, Is Involved in Lipid Metabolism
Nematode.net: a tool for navigating sequences from parasitic and free-living nematodes
Nematode selenoproteome: the use of the selenocysteine insertion system to decode one codon in an animal genome?
NEMBASE: a resource for parasitic nematode ESTs
Nemo : a computational tool for analyzing nematode locomotion
Neo-clinicians, Clinical Trials, and the Reorganization of Medical Research in Paris Hospitals after the Second World War: The Trajectory of Jean Bernard
Neo-Natal Anæsthesia
Neo-Natal Surgery
Neo-sex chromosomes in the black muntjac recapitulate incipient evolution of mammalian sex chromosomes
Neoadjuvant chemoradiation followed by surgery versus surgery alone for patients with adenocarcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus (CROSS)
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for carcinoma of the oesophagus and oesophago-gastric junction: a six-year experience
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy versus primary surgery in advanced ovarian carcinoma
Neoadjuvant letrozole in postmenopausal estrogen and/or progesterone receptor positive breast cancer: A phase IIb/III trial to investigate optimal duration of preoperative endocrine therapy
Neoadjuvant or adjuvant therapy for resectable esophageal cancer: a clinical practice guideline
Neoadjuvant or adjuvant therapy for resectable esophageal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Neoadjuvant/presurgical treatments
Neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in the treatment of fixed and semi-fixed rectal tumors. Analysis of results and prognostic factors
Neoangiogenesis in early cervical cancer: Correlation between color Doppler findings and risk factors. A prospective observational study
Neocarzinostatin chromophore-DNA adducts: evidence for a covalent linkage to the oxidized C-5' of deoxyribose.
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