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Methidiumpropyl-EDTA.Fe(II) and DNase I footprinting report different small molecule binding site sizes on DNA.
Methidiumpropyl-EDTA-iron(II) cleavage of ribosomal DNA chromatin from Dictyostelium discoideum.
Methionine aminopeptidase-2 blockade reduces chronic collagen-induced arthritis: potential role for angiogenesis inhibition
Methionine Sulfoxides on Prion Protein Helix-3 Switch on the α-Fold Destabilization Required for Conversion
Methionine synthase A2756G polymorphism may predict ulcerative colitis and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T pancolitis, in Central China
Methionyl-tRNA synthetase from Bacillus stearothermophilus: structural and functional identities with the Escherichia coli enzyme.
Method comparisons, influence of the number, distribution and range of samples on performance claims
Method development and subsequent survey analysis of biological tissues for platinum, lead, and manganese content.
Method for determination of (-102C>T) single nucleotide polymorphism in the human manganese superoxide dismutase promoter
Method for determining H2SO4 in automobile exhaust.
Method for determining RNA 3' ends and application to human telomerase RNA.
Method for direct discrimination of intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonds, and characterization of the G(:A):G(:A):G(:A):G heptad, with scalar couplings across hydrogen bonds
Method for evaluating prediction models that apply the results of randomized trials to individual patients
Method for inducing experimental pneumococcal meningitis in outbred mice
Method for mapping population-based case-control studies: an application using generalized additive models
Method for multiplex cellular detection of mRNAs using quantum dot fluorescent in situ hybridization
Method for non-invasively recording electrocardiograms in conscious mice
Method for phosphorothioate antisense DNA sequencing by capillary electrophoresis with UV detection.
Method of artificial DNA splicing by directed ligation (SDL).
Method of predicting Splice Sites based on signal interactions
Method optimization and validation for the simultaneous determination of arachidonic acid metabolites in exhaled breath condensate by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry
Method to integrate multiple plasmids into the mycobacterial chromosome
Method to protect a targeted amino acid residue during random mutagenesis
Methodologic and Logistic Issues in Conducting Longitudinal Birth Cohort Studies: Lessons Learned from the Centers for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research
Methodologic and statistical approaches to studying human fertility and environmental exposure.
Methodologic approaches to studying environmental factors in childhood cancer.
Methodologic evaluation of the lumbar disc syndrome.
Methodologic frontiers in environmental epidemiology.
Methodologic Issues and Approaches to Spatial Epidemiology
Methodologic perspectives on the study of multiple primary cancers.
Methodologic research needs in environmental epidemiology: data analysis.
Methodological approaches to the study of the combined effect of atmospheric pollutants as illustrated by chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Methodological aspects of a GIS-based environmental health inspection program used in the Athens 2004 Olympic and Para Olympic Games
Methodological aspects of filtrate determination by the micropuncture technique.
Methodological bias in cluster randomised trials
Methodological considerations concerning the development of oral dental erosion indexes: literature survey, validity and reliability
Methodological considerations for a randomised controlled trial of podiatry care in rheumatoid arthritis: lessons from an exploratory trial
Methodological considerations in the design of trials for safety assessment of new drugs and chemical entities
Methodological factors influencing measurement and processing of plasma reelin in humans
Methodological issues in detecting gene-gene interactions in breast cancer susceptibility: a population-based study in Ontario
Methodological modifications on quantification of phosphatidylethanol in blood from humans abusing alcohol, using high-performance liquid chromatography and evaporative light scattering detection
Methodological problems arising from the choice of an independent variable in linear regression, with application to an air pollution epidemiological study.
Methodological quality of systematic reviews of animal studies: a survey of reviews of basic research
Methodological standards in non-inferiority AIDS trials: moving from adherence to compliance
Methodological standards in non-inferiority AIDS trials: moving from adherence to compliance: Response
Methodological study of affine transformations of gene expression data with proposed robust non-parametric multi-dimensional normalization method
Methodologies for data collection
Methodologies used to estimate tobacco-attributable mortality: a review
Methodology and measurement properties of health-related quality of life instruments: A prospective study of patients undergoing breast reduction surgery
Methodology capture: discriminating between the "best" and the rest of community practice
Methodology for assessing community health in areas of concern: measuring the adverse effects on human health.
Methodology for assessing health risks from complex mixtures in indoor air. April 17-19, 1990, Arlington, Virginia.
Methodology for Detecting Trace Amounts of Microchimeric DNA from Peripheral Murine White Blood Cells by Real-Time PCR
Methodology for evaluating Insite: Canada's first medically supervised safer injection facility for injection drug users
Methodology for statistical analysis of SENCAR mouse skin assay data.
Methodology for the Randomised Injecting Opioid Treatment Trial (RIOTT): evaluating injectable methadone and injectable heroin treatment versus optimised oral methadone treatment in the UK
Methodology issues in risk assessment for radon.
Methodology of history
Methods and approaches for assessing immunotoxicity: an overview.
Methods and Baseline Characteristics of Two Group-Randomized Trials With Multiracial and Multiethnic Working-class Samples
Methods and Consequences of Lowering the Blood Pressure
Methods and representativeness of a European survey in children and adolescents: the KIDSCREEN study
Methods designed for the identification and characterization of in vitro and in vivo chromatin assembly mutants in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Methods for a Survey of Overweight and Obesity Coordinated With Oral Health Surveillance Among Ohio Third-Grade Students
Methods for Analysis of Matrix Metalloproteinase Regulation of Neutrophil-Endothelial Cell Adhesion
Methods for analyzing cost effectiveness data from cluster randomized trials
Methods for Analyzing the Role of DNA Methylation and Chromatin Structure in Regulating T Lymphocyte Gene Expression
Methods for and approaches to evaluating susceptibility of ecological systems to hazardous chemicals.
Methods for comparative metagenomics
Methods for confidence interval estimation of a ratio parameter with application to location quotients
Methods for dealing with discrepant records in linked population health datasets: a cross-sectional study
Methods for detecting gene × gene interaction in multiplex extended pedigrees
Methods for detecting teratogenic agents in man.
Methods for determination of optic nerve blood flow.
Methods for direct determination of mitomycin C in aqueous solutions and in urine
Methods for estimating human endogenous retrovirus activities from EST databases
Methods for evaluating clustering algorithms for gene expression data using a reference set of functional classes
Methods for evaluating gene expression from Affymetrix microarray datasets
Methods for evaluating the effects of environmental chemicals on human sperm production.
Methods for health surveys in difficult settings: charting progress, moving forward
Methods for high throughput validation of amplified fragment pools of BAC DNA for constructing high resolution CGH arrays
Methods for identifying surgical wound infection after discharge from hospital: a systematic review
Methods for improved protein expression using pET vectors.
Methods for Maintaining Insect Cell Cultures
Methods for microbial DNA extraction from soil for PCR amplification
Methods for peptide identification by spectral comparison
Methods for perfusing the male reproductive tract: models for studying drug and hormone metabolism
Methods for predicting chronic toxicity parameters of substances in the area of water hygiene.
Methods for reducing lead exposure in young children and other risk groups: an integrated summary of a report to the U.S. Congress on childhood lead poisoning.
Methods for reliability and uncertainty assessment and for applicability evaluations of classification- and regression-based QSARs.
Methods for selecting fixed-effect models for heterogeneous codon evolution, with comments on their application to gene and genome data
Methods for simultaneously identifying coherent local clusters with smooth global patterns in gene expression profiles
Methods for siRNA-mediated Reduction of mRNA and Protein Expression in Human Placental Explants, Isolated Primary Cells and Cell Lines
Methods for stratification of person-time and events – a prerequisite for Poisson regression and SIR estimation
Methods for the analysis of intestinal function.
Methods for the Detection of D-Amino-Acid Oxidase
Methods for the Measurement of a Bacterial Enzyme Activity in Cell Lysates and Extracts
Methods for the quantitative study of the aerobic and anaerobic intestinal bacterial flora of man.
Methods for the study of ionic currents and Ca 2+ -signals in isolated colonic crypts
Methods for the synthesis of polyhydroxylated piperidines by diastereoselective dihydroxylation: Exploitation in the two-directional synthesis of aza- C -linked disaccharide derivatives
Methods for the thematic synthesis of qualitative research in systematic reviews
Methods for transient assay of gene function in floral tissues
Methods in Cancer Research
Methods in Cell Biology, Vol. IX
Methods in Clinical Bacteriology. A Manual of Tests and Procedures
Methods in Enzymology
Methods in Enzymology
Methods in Enzymology. Volume L. Part C. Complex Carbohydrates
Methods in Enzymology. Volume XXIV: Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixatioon. Part B
Methods in Enzymology. Volume XXXV, Lipids, Part B
Methods in Enzymology. Volume XXXVIII, Hormone Action, Part C, Cyclic Nucleotides
Methods in Immunology
Methods in Mammalian Embryology
Methods in Medical Research
Methods in Medical Research
Methods in Medical Research
Methods in Molecular Biology. Volume 1. Protein Biosynthesis in Bacterial Systems
Methods in Observational Epidemiology
Methods of Advanced Wound Management for Care of Combined Traumatic and Chemical Warfare Injuries
Methods of assessing neurobehavioral development in children exposed to methyl parathion in Mississippi and Ohio.
Methods of Assessment and Clinical Relevance of QT Dynamics
Methods of assessment of patients for Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy that correlate with final visual improvement
Methods of Biochemical Analysis
Methods of Blinding in Reports of Randomized Controlled Trials Assessing Pharmacologic Treatments: A Systematic Review
Methods of data collection and analysis for the economic evaluation alongside a national, multi-centre trial in the UK: Conventional ventilation or ECMO for Severe Adult Respiratory Failure (CESAR)
Methods of electroencephalographic signal analysis for detection of small hidden changes
Methods of exposure assessment: lead-contaminated dust in Philadelphia schools.
Methods of Identification
Methods of preventing vinorelbine-induced phlebitis: an experimental study in rabbits
Methods of Tissue Culture
Methods proposed to achieve air quality standards for mobile sources and technology surveillance.
Methods to assess reproductive effects of environmental chemicals: studies of cadmium and boron administered orally.
Methods to assess respiratory effects of complex mixtures.
Methods to find out the expression of activated genes
Methods to identify and characterize developmental neurotoxicity for human health risk assessment. I: behavioral effects.
Methods to identify and characterize developmental neurotoxicity for human health risk assessment. II: neuropathology.
Methods to identify and characterize developmental neurotoxicity for human health risk assessment. III: pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic considerations.
Methods to identify and characterize developmental neurotoxicity for human health risk assessment: overview.
Methods to test for association between a disease and a multi-allelic marker applied to a candidate region
Methods underpinning national clinical guidelines for hypertension: describing the evidence shortfall
Methotrexate and Cyclosporine Treatments Modify the Activities of Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV and Prolyl Oligopeptidase in Murine Macrophages
Methotrexate and the need for continued research.
Methotrexate enhances the anti-inflammatory effect of CF101 via up-regulation of the A 3 adenosine receptor expression
Methotrexate for the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis: process to approval for JIA indication in Japan
Methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis is frequently effective, even if re-employed after a previous failure
Methoxyflurane nephropathy.
Methoxylation enhances stilbene bioactivity in Caenorhabditis elegans
MethTools—a toolbox to visualize and analyze DNA methylation data
MethyCancer: the database of human DNA methylation and cancer
Methyl bromide under fire.
Methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 represses LINE-1 expression and retrotransposition but not Alu transcription
Methyl-deficient mammalian transfer RNA: II. Homologous methylation in vitro of liver tRNA from normal and ethionine-fed rats: ethionine effect on 5-methylcytidine synthesis in vivo
Methyl ethyl ketone and methyl isobutyl ketone not carcinogenic.
Methyl isocyanate eight-day vapor inhalation study with Fischer 344 rats.
Methyl isocyanate: reproductive and developmental toxicology studies in Swiss mice.
Methyl mercury and inorganic mercury in Swedish pregnant women and in cord blood: influence of fish consumption.
Methyl methanesulfonate (MMS) produces heat-labile DNA damage but no detectable in vivo DNA double-strand breaks
Methyl parathion comes inside.
Methyl parathion in residential properties: relocation and decontamination methodology.
Methyl phosphotriesters in alkylated DNA are repaired by the Ada regulatory protein of E. coli.
Methyl transferases induced during chemical adaptation of M. luteus.
Methylarsonous Acid Transport by Aquaglyceroporins
Methylase-limited partial NotI cleavage for physical mapping of genomic DNA.
Methylated bases in mycoplasmal DNA.
Methylated constituents of Aedes albopictus poly (A)-containing messenger RNA.
Methylated DNA-binding protein from human placenta recognizes specific methylated sites on several prokaryotic DNAs.
Methylated DNA-binding protein is present in various mammalian cell types.
Methylated DNA Recognition during the Reversal of Epigenetic Silencing Is Regulated by Cysteine and Serine Residues in the Epstein-Barr Virus Lytic Switch Protein
Methylated regions of hamster mitochondrial ribosomal RNA: structural and functional correlates.
Methylated Trivalent Arsenic-Glutathione Complexes are More Stable than their Arsenite Analog
Methylation: a regulator of HIV-1 replication?
Methylation alterations are not a major cause of PTTG1 missregulation
Methylation analysis by means of PCR SSCP: application to clonality studies.
Methylation Analysis of Several Tumour Suppressor Genes Shows a Low Frequency of Methylation of CDKN2A and RARB in Uveal Melanomas
Methylation analysis on individual chromosomes: improved protocol for bisulphite genomic sequencing.
Methylation and restriction endonuclease cleavage of linear Z-DNA in the presence of hexamminecobalt (III) ions.
Methylation and sequence analysis around EagI sites: identification of 28 new CpG islands in XQ24-XQ28.
Methylation and silencing of the retinoic acid receptor-β2 gene in cervical cancer
Methylation at overlapping dam (Gm6ATC) sites does not block cleavage by the NruI (TCGCGA) isoschizomer restriction endonucleases AmaI, SalDI and Sbo13I.
Methylation blockage and other improvements to a comprehensive DNA analysis program.
Methylation by a mutant T2 DNA [ N 6 -adenine] methyltransferase expands the usage of RecA-assisted endonuclease (RARE) cleavage
“Methylation-coupled” transcription by virus-associated transcriptase of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus containing double-stranded RNA
Methylation dependent expression of the mom gene of bacteriophage Mu: deletions downstream from the methylation sites affect expression.
Methylation-dependent silencing at the H19 imprinting control region by MeCP2
Methylation enrichment pyrosequencing: combining the specificity of MSP with validation by pyrosequencing
Methylation inhibitors can increase the rate of cytosine deamination by (cytosine-5)-DNA methyltransferase.
Methylation is not the main force repressing the retrotransposon MAGGY in Magnaporthe grisea
Methylation Linear Discriminant Analysis (MLDA) for identifying differentially methylated CpG islands
Methylation mediated silencing of TMS1/ASC gene in prostate cancer
Methylation mosaicism of 5′-(CGG) n -3′ repeats in fragile X, premutation and normal individuals
Methylation of adenine in the nuclear DNA of Tetrahymena is internucleosomal and independent of histone H1
Methylation of an adenosine in the D-loop of specific transfer RNAs from yeast by a procaryotic tRNA (adenine-1) methyltransferase.
Methylation of an alpha-foetoprotein gene intragenic site modulates gene activity.
Methylation of chloroplast DNA does not affect viability and maternal inheritance in tobacco and may provide a strategy towards transgene containment
Methylation of chromatin DNA.
Methylation of class II transactivator gene promoter IV is not associated with susceptibility to Multiple Sclerosis
Methylation of CpG dinucleotides in the open reading frame of a testicular germ cell-specific intronless gene, Tact1/Actl7b , represses its expression in somatic cells
Methylation of desmethyl analogue of Y nucleosides. Wyosine from guanosine.
Methylation of DNA in early development: 5-methyl cytosine content of DNA in sea urchin sperm and embryos
Methylation of DNA in mouse early embryos, teratocarcinoma cells and adult tissues of mouse and rabbit.
Methylation of either cytosine in the recognition sequence CGCG inhibits ThaI cleavage of DNA.
Methylation of nucleosomal and nuclease sensitive DNA.
Methylation of ribosomal RNA genes in the macronucleus of Tetrahymena thermophila.
Methylation of satellite sequences in mouse spermatogenic and somatic DNAs.
Methylation of slipped duplexes, snapbacks and cruciforms by human DNA(cytosine-5)methyltransferase.
Methylation of somatic vs germ cell DNAs analyzed by restriction endonuclease digestions.
Methylation of the alphafetoprotein gene in cell populations isolated from rat livers during carcinogenesis.
Methylation of the BIN1 gene promoter CpG island associated with breast and prostate cancer
Methylation of the chicken vitellogenin gene: influence of estradiol administration.
Methylation of the mouse M-lysozyme downstream enhancer inhibits heterotetrameric GABP binding.
Methylation of the nucleobases in RNA oligonucleotides mediates duplex–hairpin conversion
Methylation of the T-DNA in Agrobacterium tumefaciens and in several crown gall tumors.
Methylation of thymine residues during oligonucleotide synthesis.
Methylation of unique sequence DNA during spermatogenesis in mice.
Methylation of WTH3 , a possible drug resistant gene, inhibits p53 regulated expression
Methylation of Xenopus CIRP2 regulates its arginine- and glycine-rich region-mediated nucleocytoplasmic distribution
Methylation pattern of mouse mitochondrial DNA.
Methylation patterns in the gene for the alpha subunit of chorionic gonadotropin are inherited with variable fidelity in clonal lineages of human fibroblasts.
Methylation patterns of histone H3 Lys 4, Lys 9 and Lys 27 in transcriptionally active and inactive Arabidopsis genes and in atx1 mutants
Methylation patterns of repetitive DNA sequences in germ cells of Mus musculus.
Methylation profiles of genes utilizing newly developed CpG island methylation microarray on colorectal cancer patients
Methylation profiles of genomic DNA of mouse developmental brain detected by restriction landmark genomic scanning (RLGS) method.
Methylation profiles of thirty four promoter-CpG islands and concordant methylation behaviours of sixteen genes that may contribute to carcinogenesis of astrocytoma
Methylation profiling of twenty promoter-CpG islands of genes which may contribute to hepatocellular carcinogenesis
Methylation screening of the TGFBI promoter in human lung and prostate cancer by methylation-specific PCR
Methylation-sensitive high resolution melting (MS-HRM): a new approach for sensitive and high-throughput assessment of methylation
Methylation-sensitive linking libraries enhance gene-enriched sequencing of complex genomes and map DNA methylation domains
Methylation-Specific MLPA (MS-MLPA): simultaneous detection of CpG methylation and copy number changes of up to 40 sequences
Methylation status of 13S ribosomal RNA from hamster mitochondria: the presence of a novel riboside, N4-methylcytidine.
Methylation study of a population environmentally exposed to arsenic in drinking water.
Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl: health risk uncertainties and research directions.
Methyldeficient mammalian 4S RNA: evidence for L-ethionine-induced inhibition of N 6 -dimethyladenosine synthesis in rat liver tRNA
Methyldopa-induced connective tissue disorder.
Methylene blue for malaria in Africa: results from a dose-finding study in combination with chloroquine
Methylene blue photosensitised strand cleavage of DNA: effects of dye binding and oxygen.
Methylene blue plus light mediates 8-hydroxy 2'-deoxyguanosine formation in DNA preferentially over strand breakage.
Methylene chloride poisoning in a cabinet worker.
Methylenedioxyphenyl insecticide synergists as potential human health hazards.
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and transcobalamin genetic polymorphisms in human spontaneous abortion: biological and clinical implications
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene polymorphisms resulting in suboptimal oocyte maturation: a discussion of folate status, neural tube defects, schizophrenia, and vasculopathy
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphism 677C>T is associated with peripheral arterial disease in type 2 diabetes
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphism and susceptibility to breast cancer
Methylglyoxal, an endogenous aldehyde, crosslinks DNA polymerase and the substrate DNA
MethyLight: a high-throughput assay to measure DNA methylation
Methylmercury, Amalgams, and Children’s Health
Methylmercury, Amalgams, and Children’s Health: Björnberg et al. Respond
Methylmercury and IQ: Dose–Response Estimate of Prenatal Effect
Methylmercury and the Brain: Griffiths et al. Respond
Methylmercury and the Developing Brain
Methylmercury-cholinesterase interactions in rats.
Methylmercury Contamination of Laboratory Animal Diets
Methylmercury in fish: a review of residue levels, fish consumption and regulatory action in the United States.
Methylmercury in the environment: a review of current understanding.
Methylmercury neurotoxicity in Amazonian children downstream from gold mining.
Methylmercury neurotoxicity independent of PCB exposure.
Methylmercury Pause: Study Suggests Long Latency for Neurotoxicity
Methylome profiling of cancer cells by amplification of inter-methylated sites (AIMS)
Methylphenidate Decreased the Amount of Glucose Needed by the Brain to Perform a Cognitive Task
Methylphenidate improves prefrontal cortical cognitive function through α2 adrenoceptor and dopamine D1 receptor actions: Relevance to therapeutic effects in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Methylphosphate cap structure increases the stability of 7SK, B2 and U6 small RNAs in Xenopus oocytes.
Methylphosphonate mapping of phosphate contacts critical for RNA recognition by the human immunodeficiency virus tat and rev proteins.
Methylphosphonates as probes of protein-nucleic acid interactions.
Methylphosphonodiester substitution near the conserved CA dinucleotide in the HIV LTR alters both extent of 3'-processing and choice of nucleophile by HIV-1 integrase.
Methylprednisolone inhibits interleukin-17 and interferon-gamma expression by both naive and primed T cells
MethylQuant: a sensitive method for quantifying methylation of specific cytosines within the genome
Methylsulfonyl metabolites of PCBs and DDE in human milk in Sweden, 1972-1992.
Methylsulfonyl metabolites of PCBs and DDE in human tissues.
Metinel Node—The First Lymph Node Draining a Metastasis—Contains Tumor-Reactive Lymphocytes
MetNet: Software to Build and Model the Biogenetic Lattice of Arabidopsis
Metoclopramide-induced central nervous system depression in the chicken
Metric for Measuring the Effectiveness of Clustering of DNA Microarray Expression
Metrics for GO based protein semantic similarity: a systematic evaluation
Metrizamide density gradients of sea urchin chromatin: fractions rich and poor in nascent DNA.
Metrizamide dissociates nuclear particles containing heterogeneous nuclear RNA
Metronidazole Appears Not to Be a Human Teratogen: Review of Literature
Metronidazole vaginal gel 0.75% (MetroGel-Vaginal): a brief review.
Metropolis and province. Science in British culture 1780–1850
Metropolitan maternity: maternal and infant welfare services in early-twentieth-century London
Metropolitan medicine and the man-midwife: the early life and letters of Charles Locock.
MetWAMer: eukaryotic translation initiation site prediction
MeV+R: using MeV as a graphical user interface for Bioconductor applications in microarray analysis
Mevalonate kinase deficiencies: from mevalonic aciduria to hyperimmunoglobulinemia D syndrome
Mexican Americans With Type 2 Diabetes: Perspectives on Definitions, Motivators, and Programs of Physical Activity
Mexican brickmaking.
Mexico Moves to Phase out DDT and Chlordane
MF59 ® -Adjuvanted H5N1 Vaccine Induces Immunologic Memory and Heterotypic Antibody Responses in Non-Elderly and Elderly Adults
MfoAI, a novel isoschizomer of HaeIII from Mycobacterium fortuitum recognizing 5'-GG/CC-3'.
Mfold web server for nucleic acid folding and hybridization prediction
MFP1 is a thylakoid-associated, nucleoid-binding protein with a coiled-coil structure
MFS transportome of the human pathogenic yeast Candida albicans
Mfuzz: A software package for soft clustering of microarray data
MG-132, an inhibitor of proteasomes and calpains, induced inhibition of oocyte maturation and aneuploidy in mouse oocytes
Mg 2+ dependency of HIV-1 reverse transcription, inhibition by nucleoside analogues and resistance
Mg 2+ -dependent folding of a Diels-Alderase ribozyme probed by single-molecule FRET analysis
Mg 2+ -induced triplex formation of an equimolar mixture of poly(rA) and poly(rU)
Mg2+ binding and structural stability of mature and in vitro synthesized unmodified Escherichia coli tRNAPhe.
MGAlignIt: a web service for the alignment of mRNA/EST and genomic sequences
MGD: the Mouse Genome Database
MGDD: Mycobacterium tuberculosis Genome Divergence Database
MGED comes of age
MGluR5 Mediates the Interaction between Late-LTP, Network Activity, and Learning
MGM101, a nuclear gene involved in maintenance of the mitochondrial genome in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
mGrid: A load-balanced distributed computing environment for the remote execution of the user-defined Matlab code
MGView: an alignment and visualization tool to enhance gap closure of microbial genomes
MhaAI, a novel isoschizomer of PstI from Mycobacterium habana recognizing 5'-CTGCA/G-3'.
MHC Adaptive Divergence between Closely Related and Sympatric African Cichlids
MHC class I A region diversity and polymorphism in macaque species
MHC Class I Endosomal and Lysosomal Trafficking Coincides with Exogenous Antigen Loading in Dendritic Cells
MHC class I expression protects rat colon carcinoma cells from hepatic natural killer cell-mediated apoptosis and cytolysis, by blocking the perforin/granzyme pathway
MHC class I multimers
MHC Haplotype Matching for Unrelated Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
MHC-IIB Filament Assembly and Cellular Localization Are Governed by the Rod Net Charge
MHC-Linked Syngeneic Developmental Preference in Thymic Lobes Colonized with Bone Marrow Cells: A Mathematical model
MHCPEP: a database of MHC-binding peptides.
MHCPEP--a database of MHC-binding peptides: update 1995.
MHCPEP, a database of MHC-binding peptides: update 1996.
MHCPEP, a database of MHC-binding peptides: update 1997.
MHCPred: a server for quantitative prediction of peptide–MHC binding
Mi2, an auto-antigen for dermatomyositis, is an ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeling factor
MIAME/Plant – adding value to plant microarrray experiments
Miasmas and disease: public health and the environment in the pre-industrial age
miBLAST: scalable evaluation of a batch of nucleotide sequence queries with BLAST
MICA: desktop software for comprehensive searching of DNA databases
MICdb: database of prokaryotic microsatellites
MICE, a program to track and monitor animals in animal facilities
Mice and Men: Their Promoter Properties
Mice and more
Mice Beat Rats The Best Model for Testing Endocrine Disruptors
Mice expressing HLA-DQ6α8β transgenes develop polychondritis spontaneously
Mice get their annual check-up
Mice have a transcribed L-threonine aldolase/GLY1 gene, but the human GLY1 gene is a non-processed pseudogene
Mice Lacking the kf-1 Gene Exhibit Increased Anxiety- but not Despair-Like Behavior
Mice left out in the cold: commentary on the phenotype of TRPM8-nulls
Mice with targeted disruption of p8 gene show increased sensitivity to lipopolysaccharide and DNA microarray analysis of livers reveals an aberrant gene expression response
Michael Foster and the Cambridge School of Physiology: The scientific enterprise in late Victorian society
Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens: Sources of an Alchemical Book of Emblems
Michael Servetus
Michael Servetus and the Discovery of the Lesser Circulation *
Michael Servetus Humanist and Martyr
MICheck: a web tool for fast checking of syntactic annotations of bacterial genomes
Michel Foucault. The will to truth
Michele Savonarola and the fera or blighted twin phenomenon.
Michigan Molecular Interactions (MiMI): putting the jigsaw puzzle together
MiCoViTo: a tool for gene-centric comparison and visualization of yeast transcriptome states
Micro-Environmental Mechanical Stress Controls Tumor Spheroid Size and Morphology by Suppressing Proliferation and Inducing Apoptosis in Cancer Cells
Micro-epidemiology of Plasmodium falciparum malaria: Is there any difference in transmission risk between neighbouring villages?
Micro-geographic risk factors for malarial infection
Micro-geographical variation in exposure to Schistosoma mansoni and malaria, and exacerbation of splenomegaly in Kenyan school-aged children
Micro-homology mediated PCR targeting in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Micro-Mar: a database for dynamic representation of marine microbial biodiversity
Micro-morphologic changes around biophysically-stimulated titanium implants in ovariectomized rats
Micro-processing events in mRNAs identified by DHPLC analysis
Micro RNAs play a central role during cancer and viral infections and can serve as targets for therapy
Micro-scale flow cytometry-based and biochemical analysis of lipid signaling in primary B cell subpopulations
Micro-spectroscopic investigation of selenium-bearing minerals from the Western US Phosphate Resource Area
Microalbuminuria among Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients of African origin in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Microalbuminuria associated with indicators of inflammatory activity in an HIV-positive population
Microamplification of specific chromosome sequences; an improved method for genome analysis.
Microangiographic Studies of Kidney and Brain in Animals: Technical Aspects †
Microangiopathy of cutaneous blood and lymphatic capillaries in chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).
Microarray amplification bias: loss of 30% differentially expressed genes due to long probe – poly(A)-tail distances
Microarray Analyses of Gene Expression during the Tetrahymena thermophila Life Cycle
Microarray Analysis
Microarray analysis after RNA amplification can detect pronounced differences in gene expression using limma
Microarray analysis distinguishes differential gene expression patterns from large and small colony Thymidine kinase mutants of L5178Y mouse lymphoma cells
Microarray analysis identifies a common set of cellular genes modulated by different HCV replicon clones
Microarray analysis identifies a set of CXCR3 and CCR2 ligand chemokines as early IFNβ-responsive genes in peripheral blood lymphocytes in vitro : an implication for IFNβ-related adverse effects in multiple sclerosis
Microarray analysis identifies candidate genes for key roles in coral development
Microarray analysis in B cells among siblings with/without MS - role for transcription factor TCF2
Microarray analysis in clinical oncology: pre-clinical optimization using needle core biopsies from xenograft tumors
Microarray Analysis in the Archaeon Halobacterium salinarum Strain R1
Microarray analysis of androgen-regulated gene expression in testis: the use of the androgen-binding protein (ABP)-transgenic mouse as a model
Microarray Analysis of Bacterial Gene Expression: Towards the Regulome
Microarray Analysis of Campylobacter Jejuni : To the Guts of the Problem!
Microarray analysis of choroid/RPE gene expression in marmoset eyes undergoing changes in ocular growth and refraction
Microarray analysis of defined Mycobacterium tuberculosis populations using RNA amplification strategies
Microarray analysis of E9.5 reduced folate carrier ( RFC1; Slc19a1 ) knockout embryos reveals altered expression of genes in the cubilin-megalin multiligand endocytic receptor complex
Microarray analysis of Foxa2 mutant mouse embryos reveals novel gene expression and inductive roles for the gastrula organizer and its derivatives
Microarray analysis of gene expression during the cell cycle
Microarray analysis of gene expression in lupus
Microarray analysis of gene expression induced by sexual contact in Schistosoma mansoni
Microarray analysis of gene expression profiles of cardiac myocytes and fibroblasts after mechanical stress, ionising or ultraviolet radiation
Microarray analysis of host gene expression for comparison between naïve and HSV-1 latent rabbit trigeminal ganglia
Microarray analysis of human leucocyte subsets: the advantages of positive selection and rapid purification
Microarray Analysis of Human Monocytes Infected with Francisella tularensis Identifies New Targets of Host Response Subversion
Microarray analysis of iron deficiency chlorosis in near-isogenic soybean lines
Microarray analysis of microRNA expression in the developing mammalian brain
Microarray analysis of ncRNA expression patterns in Caenorhabditis elegans after RNAi against snoRNA associated proteins
Microarray analysis of orthologous genes: conservation of the translational machinery across species at the sequence and expression level
Microarray analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa reveals induction of pyocin genes in response to hydrogen peroxide
Microarray analysis of retinal gene expression in chicks during imposed myopic defocus
Microarray analysis of the in vivo sequence preferences of a minor groove binding drug
Microarray analysis of toxicogenomic effects of Ortho-phenylphenol in Staphylococcus aureus
Microarray analysis of tumor necrosis factor α induced gene expression in U373 human glioblastoma cells
Microarray analysis reveals genetic pathways modulated by tipifarnib in acute myeloid leukemia
Microarray analysis using disiloxyl 70mer oligonucleotides
Microarray and cDNA sequence analysis of transcription during nerve-dependent limb regeneration
Microarray and comparative genomics-based identification of genes and gene regulatory regions of the mouse immune system
Microarray and EST database estimates of mRNA expression levels differ: The protein length versus expression curve for C. elegans
Microarray-based analysis of fish egg quality after natural or controlled ovulation
Microarray-based approach identifies microRNAs and their target functional patterns in polycystic kidney disease
Microarray-based comparative genomic profiling of reference strains and selected Canadian field isolates of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
Microarray-Based Comparative Genomics: Genome Plasticity in Mycobacterium bovis
Microarray based comparison of two Escherichia coli O157:H7 lineages
Microarray Based Diagnosis Profits from Better Documentation of Gene Expression Signatures
Microarray-based DNA methylation profiling: technology and applications
Microarray-based estimation of SNP allele-frequency in pooled DNA using the Langmuir kinetic model
Microarray-based gene expression profiles in multiple tissues of the domesticated silkworm, Bombyx mori
Microarray-based gene set analysis: a comparison of current methods
Microarray-based genomic surveying of gene polymorphisms in Chlamydia trachomatis
Microarray-based global mapping of integration sites for the retrotransposon, intracisternal A-particle, in the mouse genome
Microarray-based identification and RT-PCR test screening for epithelial-specific mRNAs in peripheral blood of patients with colon cancer
Microarray-based identification of antigenic variants of foot-and-mouth disease virus: a bioinformatics quality assessment
Microarray-based method for detection of unknown genetic modifications
Microarray-based resequencing of multiple Bacillus anthracis isolates
Microarray comparative genomic hybridization detection of chromosomal imbalances in uterine cervix carcinoma
Microarray comparison of prostate tumor gene expression in African-American and Caucasian American males: a pilot project study
Microarray data mining: A novel optimization-based approach to uncover biologically coherent structures
Microarray data mining using landmark gene-guided clustering
Microarray Data Standards: An Open Letter
Microarray evidence of glutaminyl cyclase gene expression in melanoma: implications for tumor antigen specific immunotherapy
Microarray expression analysis of meiosis and microsporogenesis in hexaploid bread wheat
Microarray Expression Profiles of 20.000 Genes across 23 Healthy Porcine Tissues
Microarray expression profiling of Arabidopsis thaliana L. in response to allelochemicals identified in buckwheat
MicroArray Facility: a laboratory information management system with extended support for Nylon based technologies
Microarray foray
Microarray gene expression database: progress towards an international repository of gene expression data
Microarray gene expression profiling and analysis in renal cell carcinoma
Microarray gene expression profiling of osteoarthritic bone suggests altered bone remodelling, WNT and transforming growth factor-β/bone morphogenic protein signalling
Microarray genomotyping of key experimental strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae reveals gene complement diversity and five new neisserial genes associated with Minimal Mobile Elements.
Microarray identifies ADAM family members as key responders to TGF-β1 in alveolar epithelial cells
Microarray image analysis: background estimation using quantile and morphological filters
Microarray karyotyping of commercial wine yeast strains reveals shared, as well as unique, genomic signatures
Microarray MAPH: accurate array-based detection of relative copy number in genomic DNA
Microarray missing data imputation based on a set theoretic framework and biological knowledge
Microarray optimizations: increasing spot accuracy and automated identification of true microarray signals
Microarray Probe Expression Measures, Data Normalization and Statistical Validation
Microarray profile of differentially expressed genes in a monkey model of allergic asthma
Microarray Profiling of Lymphocytes in Internal Diseases With an Altered Immune Response: Potential and Methodology
Microarray profiling of progesterone-regulated endometrial genes during the rhesus monkey secretory phase
Microarray results: how accurate are they?
Microarray retriever: a web-based tool for searching and large scale retrieval of public microarray data
Microarray reveals complement components are regulated in the serum-deprived rat retinal ganglion cell line
Microarray scanner calibration curves: characteristics and implications
Microarray segmentation methods significantly influence data precision
Microarray study reveals that HIV-1 induces rapid type-I interferon-dependent p53 mRNA up-regulation in human primary CD4 + T cells
Microarray technology and its effect on breast cancer (re)classification and prediction of outcome
Microarray validation: factors influencing correlation between oligonucleotide microarrays and real-time PCR
Microarraying the cellular microenvironment
Microarrays and breast cancer clinical studies: forgetting what we have not yet learnt
Microarrays and molecular markers for tumor classification
Microarrays bring new insights into understanding of breast cancer metastasis to bone
Microarrays demystified.
Microarrays for Bacterial Pathogens — Hope or Hype?
Microarrays for global expression constructed with a low redundancy set of 27,500 sequenced cDNAs representing an array of developmental stages and physiological conditions of the soybean plant
Microarrays for Microbes: the Bμ[email protected] Approach
Microarrays for Public Health: Genomic Epidemiology of Tuberculosis
Microarrays Highlight Tumor–Connective Tissue Interactions in Cancer Outcomes
Microarrays in ecological research: A case study of a cDNA microarray for plant-herbivore interactions
Microbe Power!
Microbes Battle Back
Microbes Colonize a Baby’s Gut with Distinction
Microbes mediate mining metals.
Microbes Savant™
Microbes Which Help or Destroy Us
Microbial Antagonisms and Antibiotic Substances
Microbial Antagonisms and Antibiotic Substances
Microbial Behaviour In Vivo and In Vitro
Microbial Classification
Microbial contamination and chemical toxicity of the Rio Grande
Microbial Diagnostic Array Workstation (MDAW): a web server for diagnostic array data storage, sharing and analysis
Microbial Diseases: Notes, Reports, Summaries, Trends
Microbial Ecology of Four Coral Atolls in the Northern Line Islands
Microbial gene identification using interpolated Markov models.
Microbial genome jambalaya
Microbial Growth and Its Inhibition. Croissance Microbienne et Facteurs d'Inhibition
Microbial identification by mass cataloging
Microbial Interactions during Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Microbial iron management mechanisms in extremely acidic environments: comparative genomics evidence for diversity and versatility
Microbial larvicides for malaria control in The Gambia
Microbial life at high salt concentrations: phylogenetic and metabolic diversity
Microbial Maintenance: A Critical Review on Its Quantification
Microbial Metabolism. Volume 5
Microbial metagenomics
Microbial nar -GFP cell sensors reveal oxygen limitations in highly agitated and aerated laboratory-scale fermentors
Microbial Patterns Signaling via Toll-Like Receptors 2 and 5 Contribute to Epithelial Repair, Growth and Survival
Microbial Persistence **
Microbial Prevalence, Diversity and Abundance in Amniotic Fluid During Preterm Labor: A Molecular and Culture-Based Investigation
Microbial proteomics: a mass spectrometry primer for biologists
Microbial resistance to disinfectants: mechanisms and significance.
Microbial Risk Assessment Framework for Exposure to Amended Sludge Projects
Microbial Risk Factors of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases: Potential Therapeutical Options
Microbial sulfate reduction and metal attenuation in pH 4 acid mine water
Microbial translocation is a cause of systemic immune activation in chronic HIV infection
Microbial Translocation Is Associated with Increased Monocyte Activation and Dementia in AIDS Patients
Microbicide development: multiple targets, multiple mechanisms
Microbicide research in developing countries: have we given the ethical concerns due consideration?
Microbicides 2006 conference
Microbicides 2008 conference: From discovery to advocacy
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