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Measuring maternal mortality: An overview of opportunities and options for developing countries
Measuring mental health of the Dutch population: a comparison of the GHQ-12 and the MHI-5
Measuring mercury.
Measuring microRNAs: Comparisons of microarray and quantitative PCR measurements, and of different total RNA prep methods
Measuring Mortality in Developing Countries
Measuring nasal bacterial load and its association with otitis media
Measuring Neglect
Measuring participant rurality in Web-based interventions
Measuring perceived effects of drinking an extract of basidiomycetes Agaricus blazei murill: a survey of Japanese consumers with cancer
Measuring perinatal complications: methodologic issues related to gestational age
Measuring persistence of implementation: QUERI Series
Measuring physiotherapy performance in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee: A prospective study
Measuring Potential Dermal Transfer of a Pesticide to Children in a Child Care Center
Measuring proliferation in breast cancer: practicalities and applications
Measuring quality of life in rheumatic conditions
Measuring similarities between gene expression profiles through new data transformations
Measuring similarities between transcription factor binding sites
Measuring sleep in critically ill patients: beware the pitfalls
Measuring social capital in a known disadvantaged urban community – health policy implications
Measuring Solution Viscosity and its Effect on Enzyme Activity
Measuring specialization in species interaction networks
Measuring specific interaction of transcription factor ZmDREB1A with its DNA responsive element at the molecular level
Measuring the accuracy of genome-size multiple alignments
Measuring the anticoagulant effect of low molecular weight heparins in the critically ill
Measuring the Burden of Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Global Burden of Disease Framework
Measuring the Dash
Measuring the diffusion of palliative care in long-term care facilities – a death census
Measuring the dynamic surface accessibility of RNA with the small paramagnetic molecule TEMPOL
Measuring the effect of intimate partner violence on health-related quality of life: a qualitative focus group study
Measuring the effects of acupuncture and homoeopathy in general practice: An uncontrolled prospective documentation approach
Measuring the effects of laboratory automation: The power of empirically derived models
Measuring the financial burden of acute cough in pre-school children: a cost of illness study
Measuring the functional sequence complexity of proteins
Measuring the geographic coverage of methadone maintenance programme in Hong Kong by using geographic information system (GIS)
Measuring the health impact of human rights violations related to Australian asylum policies and practices: a mixed methods study
Measuring the Immune Response to Tumor Vaccination
Measuring the impact and distress of health problems from the individual's perspective: development of the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile (PIPP)
Measuring the impact of health problems among adults with limited mobility in Thailand: further validation of the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile
Measuring the lung function in the mouse: the challenge of size
Measuring the Meltdown: Drivers of Global Amphibian Extinction and Decline
Measuring the neighbourhood using UK benefits data: a multilevel analysis of mental health status
Measuring the prevalence of regional mutation rates: an analysis of silent substitutions in mammals, fungi, and insects
Measuring the psychosocial consequences of screening
Measuring the public health impact of the aneuploidies.
Measuring "the social evil": the incidence of venereal disease in interwar Scotland.
Measuring the tail of the dog that doesn't bark in the night: the case of the national evaluation of Choose Life (the national strategy and action plan to prevent suicide in Scotland)
Measuring total health inequality: adding individual variation to group-level differences
Measuring troublesomeness of chronic pain by location
Measuring UV's effects.
Measuring variability in trophic status in the Lake Waco/Bosque River Watershed
Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk
Meat Extractives and the Non-Protein Nitrogen of the Blood *
Meat, vegetables and genetic polymorphisms and the risk of colorectal carcinomas and adenomas
MEC-2 and MEC-6 in the Caenorhabditis elegans Sensory Mechanotransduction Complex: Auxiliary Subunits that Enable Channel Activity
Mechanical analysis of infant carrying in hominoids
Mechanical Design in Organisms
Mechanical homeostasis regulating adipose tissue volume
Mechanical properties during healing of Achilles tendon ruptures to predict final outcome: A pilot Roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis in 10 patients
Mechanical properties of femoral trabecular bone in dogs
Mechanical properties of the porcine bile duct wall
Mechanical Strains Induced in Osteoblasts by Use of Point Femtosecond Laser Targeting
Mechanical Stress Induces Biotic and Abiotic Stress Responses via a Novel cis -Element
Mechanical ventilation and lung infection in the genesis of air-space enlargement
Mechanical ventilation in rural ICUs
Mechanical ventilation in severe asthma
Mechanical ventilation in the ICU- is there a gap between the time available and time used for nurse-led weaning?
Mechanical ventilation interacts with endotoxemia to induce extrapulmonary organ dysfunction
Mechanical ventilation: lessons from the ARDSNet trial
Mechanical ventilation: physiological and clinical applications
Mechanical Ventilation: Physiology & Clinical Applications
Mechanical ventilation with lower tidal volumes does not influence the prescription of opioids or sedatives
Mechanically-evoked C-fiber activity in painful alcohol and AIDS therapy neuropathy in the rat
Mechanics and Dynamics of X-Chromosome Pairing at X Inactivation
Mechanics of Channel Gating of the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor
Mechanics of the exceptional anuran ear
Mechanics of the human walking apparatus
Mechanism and Control of Fluid Secretion
Mechanism and Substrate Recognition of Human Holo ACP Synthase
Mechanism and substrate specificity of telomeric protein POT1 stimulation of the Werner syndrome helicase
Mechanism-based predictions of interactions.
Mechanism-based toxicology.
Mechanism-based toxicology in cancer risk assessment: implications for research, regulation, and legislation.
Mechanism for allosteric inhibition of an ATP-sensitive ribozyme.
Mechanism for Multiple Ligand Recognition by the Human Transferrin Receptor
Mechanism for the Increased Permeability in Endothelial Monolayers Induced by Elastase
Mechanism for the TtDnaA– Tt-oriC cooperative interaction at high temperature and duplex opening at an unusual AT-rich region in Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis
Mechanism of 3' to 5' exonuclease associated with phage T5-induced DNA polymerase: processiveness and template specificity.
Mechanism of action of 5-arninosalicylic acid
Mechanism of action of organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides.
Mechanism of action of toxic halogenated aromatics.
Mechanism of Ad5 Vaccine Immunity and Toxicity: Fiber Shaft Targeting of Dendritic Cells
Mechanism of asbestos-mediated DNA damage: role of heme and heme proteins.
Mechanism of Association and Reciprocal Activation of Two GTPases
Mechanism of autocatalytic oxidation of oxyhemoglobin by nitrite.
Mechanism of autonomous control of the Escherichia coli F plasmid: different complexes of the initiator/repressor protein are bound to its operator and to an F plasmid replication origin.
Mechanism of autonomous control of the Escherichia coli F plasmid: purification and characterization of the repE gene product.
Mechanism of biosynthesis of methylsulfones from PCBs and related compounds.
Mechanism of cellular uptake of modified oligodeoxynucleotides containing methylphosphonate linkages.
Mechanism of chimera formation during the Multiple Displacement Amplification reaction
Mechanism of cigarette smoke condensate-induced acute inflammatory response in human bronchial epithelial cells
Mechanism of codon-anticodon interaction in ribosomes. Direct functional evidence that isolated 30S subunits contain two codon-specific binding sites for transfer RNA.
Mechanism of codon recognition by transfer RNA studied with oligonucleotides larger than triplets.
Mechanism of Control of Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone *
Mechanism of CSF outflow through human arachnoid granulations using in-vitro and ex-vivo perfusion models
Mechanism of dioxin action: receptor-enhancer interactions in intact cells.
Mechanism of DNA cleavage by cationic manganese porphyrins: hydroxylations at the 1'-carbon and 5'-carbon atoms of deoxyriboses as initial damages.
Mechanism of DNA transesterification by vaccinia topoisomerase: catalytic contributions of essential residues Arg-130, Gly-132, Tyr-136 and Lys-167.
Mechanism of double-base lesion bypass catalyzed by a Y-family DNA polymerase
Mechanism of eosinophilia. IV. The pulmonary lesion resulting from intravenous injection of Trichinella spiralis.
Mechanism of Filament Nucleation and Branch Stability Revealed by the Structure of the Arp2/3 Complex at Actin Branch Junctions
Mechanism of G1 arrest in the Drosophila eye imaginal disc
Mechanism of high-mobility group protein B enhancement of progesterone receptor sequence-specific DNA binding
Mechanism of HIV protein induced modulation of mesenchymal stem cell osteogenic differentiation
Mechanism of incision by an apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease present in human placenta.
Mechanism of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Exclusion from Mycobacterial Phagosomes
Mechanism of inhibition of adenovirus DNA replication by the acyclic nucleoside triphosphate analogue (S)-HPMPApp: influence of the adenovirus DNA binding protein.
Mechanism of inhibition of HIV-1 infection in vitro by guanine-rich oligonucleotides modified at the 5' terminal by dimethoxytrityl residue.
Mechanism of intramolecular recyclization and deletion formation following transformation of Escherichia coli with linearized plasmid DNA.
Mechanism of Liver Injury during Obstructive Jaundice: Role of Nitric Oxide, Splenic Cytokines, and Intestinal Flora
Mechanism of mammalian mitochondrial DNA replication: import of mitochondrial transcription factor A into isolated mitochondria stimulates 7S DNA synthesis
Mechanism of mitomycin-induced apoptosis in cultured corneal endothelial cells
Mechanism of mutation on DNA templates containing synthetic abasic sites: study with a double strand vector.
Mechanism of Neuronal versus Endothelial Cell Uptake of Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid β Protein
Mechanism of nitrofen teratogenesis.
Mechanism of nuclear factor of activated T-cells mediated FasL expression in corticosterone -treated mouse Leydig tumor cells
Mechanism of pentoxifylline mediated down-regulation of killer lineage cell functions
Mechanism of polarization of Listeria monocytogenes surface protein ActA
Mechanism of Prion Propagation: Amyloid Growth Occurs by Monomer Addition
Mechanism of Reflex Regulation of the Gastroduodenal Function by Acupuncture
Mechanism of RNA-protein interactions in tobacco mosaic virus: analysis of the pH stability of virus protein complexes with synthetic polynucleotides.
Mechanism of Selenium-Induced Inhibition of Arsenic-Enhanced UVR Carcinogenesis in Mice
Mechanism of skin tumorigenesis by contact sensitizers: the effect of the corticosteroid fluocinolone acetonide on inflammation and tumor induction by 2,4 dinitro-1-fluorobenzene in the skin of the TG.AC (v-Ha-ras) mouse.
Mechanism of stimulation by a specific protein factor of de novo DNA synthesis by mouse DNA replicase with fd phage single stranded circular DNA.
Mechanism of stimulation of the DNA glycosylase activity of hOGG1 by the major human AP endonuclease: bypass of the AP lyase activity step
Mechanism of suppression in Drosophila. VII. Correlation between disappearance of an isoacceptor of tyrosine tRNA and activation of the vermilion locus.
Mechanism of the Anti-inflammatory Effect of Curcumin: PPAR- γ Activation
Mechanism of the formation of DNA–protein cross-links by antitumor cisplatin
Mechanism of the gBP21-mediated RNA/RNA annealing reaction: matchmaking and charge reduction
Mechanism of the interaction between ribosomal protein S1 and oligonucleotides.
Mechanism of the mutagenic action of hydroxylamine. IX. The UV-induced cleavage of the N-O bond in N4-hydroxy-and N4-methoxycytidine and N6-methoxyadenosine.
Mechanism of the Oxidation of Tyrosine by Amino Acid Oxidase of Snake Venoms †
Mechanism of the testicular toxicity of boric acid in rats: in vivo and in vitro studies.
Mechanism of toxicity of nitro compounds used in the chemotherapy of trichomoniasis.
Mechanism of translational coupling between coat protein and replicase genes of RNA bacteriophage MS2.
Mechanism of tRNA-synthetase recognition: role of terminal A.
Mechanism of ultraviolet-induced mutagenesis: the coding properties of ultraviolet-irradiated poly(dC) replicated by E. coli DNA polymerase I.
Mechanism of Werner DNA Helicase: POT1 and RPA Stimulates WRN to Unwind beyond Gaps in the Translocating Strand
Mechanism Suggests How HIV Protein Disrupts Immune Cell Migration
Mechanisms and consequences of agonist-induced talin recruitment to platelet integrin αIIbβ3
Mechanisms and strategies for effective delivery of antisense and siRNA oligonucleotides
Mechanisms associated with human alveolar macrophage stimulation by particulates.
Mechanisms Concerned with Conception
Mechanisms for human genomic rearrangements
Mechanisms for induction of mutations and chromosome alterations.
Mechanisms for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon degradation by ligninolytic fungi.
Mechanisms for stabilisation and the maintenance of solubility in proteins from thermophiles
Mechanisms for the solvolytic decompositions of nucleoside analogues. X. Acidic hydrolysis of 6-substituted 9-(beta-D-ribofuranosyl)purines.
Mechanisms in Bioenergetics
Mechanisms in bradykinin stimulated arachidonate release and synthesis of prostaglandin and platelet activating factor
Mechanisms Involved in the Binding of Thymocytes to Rat Thymic Dendritic Cells
Mechanisms involved in the cytotoxic and cytoprotective actions of saturated versus monounsaturated long-chain fatty acids in pancreatic β-cells
Mechanisms, measurement, and significance of lung macrophage function.
Mechanisms Mediating the Biologic Activity of Synthetic Proline, Glycine, and Hydroxyproline Polypeptides in Human Neutrophils
Mechanisms, molecular and sero-epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance in bacterial respiratory pathogens isolated from Japanese children
Mechanisms of a ring shaped helicase
Mechanisms of Acquired Androgen Independence during Arsenic-Induced Malignant Transformation of Human Prostate Epithelial Cells
Mechanisms of action of inhaled fibers, particles and nanoparticles in lung and cardiovascular diseases
Mechanisms of action of okadaic acid class tumor promoters on mouse skin.
Mechanisms of activation of interferon regulator factor 3: the role of C-terminal domain phosphorylation in IRF-3 dimerization and DNA binding
Mechanisms of Aging in Bone Marrow Stem Cells
Mechanisms of aging in senescence-accelerated mice
Mechanisms of and facility types involved in hazardous materials incidents.
Mechanisms of asbestos-induced squamous metaplasia in tracheobronchial epithelial cells.
Mechanisms of Assembly and Cellular Interactions for the Bacterial Genotoxin CDT
Mechanisms of benzene-induced hematotoxicity and leukemogenicity: cDNA microarray analyses using mouse bone marrow tissue.
Mechanisms of beta-receptor stimulation-induced improvement of acute lung injury and pulmonary edema
Mechanisms of Biological Oxidations
Mechanisms of bone loss in inflammatory arthritis: diagnosis and therapeutic implications
Mechanisms of carcinogenesis by crystalline silica in relation to oxygen radicals.
Mechanisms of Cell Cycle Control Revealed by a Systematic and Quantitative Overexpression Screen in S. cerevisiae
Mechanisms of cell injury by activated oxygen species.
Mechanisms of Cellular Signal Transduction
Mechanisms of chain folding in nucleic acids. The (omega, omega) plot and its correlation to the nucleotide geometry in yeast tRNAPhe1.
Mechanisms of Chemical Carcinogenesis
Mechanisms of chloroform and carbon tetrachloride toxicity in primary cultured mouse hepatocytes.
Mechanisms of Contraction of the Normal and Failing Heart
Mechanisms of Control of Gene Expression
Mechanisms of Copper Ion Mediated Huntington's Disease Progression
Mechanisms of covalent self-assembly of the Azoarcus ribozyme from four fragment oligonucleotides
Mechanisms of degradation by white rot fungi.
Mechanisms of developmental regulation in Trypanosoma brucei: a polypyrimidine tract in the 3'-untranslated region of a surface protein mRNA affects RNA abundance and translation.
Mechanisms of differentiation in melanoma cells and melanocytes.
Mechanisms of DNA cleavage by copper complexes of 3-Clip-Phen and of its conjugate with a distamycin analogue
Mechanisms of DNA damage by chromium(V) carcinogens.
Mechanisms of DNA sequence selective alkylation of guanine-N7 positions by nitrogen mustards.
Mechanisms of Dyslipoproteinemias in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Mechanisms of escape phenomenon of spinal cord and brainstem in human rabies
Mechanisms of fiber-induced genotoxicity.
Mechanisms of Firing Patterns in Fast-Spiking Cortical Interneurons
Mechanisms of free radical chemistry and biochemistry of benzene.
Mechanisms of general anesthesia.
Mechanisms of genotoxin-induced transcription and hypermutation in p53
Mechanisms of GII.4 Norovirus Persistence in Human Populations
Mechanisms of hepatic transport of cyclosporin A: an explanation for its cholestatic action?
Mechanisms of HIV non-progression; robust and sustained CD4+ T-cell proliferative responses to p24 antigen correlate with control of viraemia and lack of disease progression after long-term transfusion-acquired HIV-1 infection
Mechanisms of Hybrid Oligomer Formation in the Pathogenesis of Combined Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases
Mechanisms of Immune Response to Intracerebral Allografts in the Model of Allograft Rejection Induced by Systemic Immunization with Donor Tissue
Mechanisms of intermolecular homologous recombination in plants as studied with single- and double-stranded DNA molecules.
Mechanisms of intron gain and loss in Cryptococcus
Mechanisms of KGF Mediated Signaling in Pancreatic Duct Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
Mechanisms of kidney cell injury from metals.
Mechanisms of Legionella pneumophila -induced interleukin-8 expression in human lung epithelial cells
Mechanisms of leukemogenesis induced by bovine leukemia virus: prospects for novel anti-retroviral therapies in human
Mechanisms of leukocyte migration across the blood–retina barrier
Mechanisms of lipid malabsorption in Cystic Fibrosis: the impact of essential fatty acids deficiency
Mechanisms of metastasis
Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenicity
Mechanisms of mineral dust-induced emphysema.
Mechanisms of multistep carcinogenesis and carcinogen risk assessment.
Mechanisms of Neuronal Death in Synucleinopathy
Mechanisms of nondisjunction induction in drosophila oocytes.
Mechanisms of oncogene cooperation: activation and inactivation of a growth antagonist.
Mechanisms of Oncogenic Cooperation in Cancer Initiation and Metastasis
Mechanisms of oral tolerance revisited
Mechanisms of osteopontin and CD44 as metastatic principles in prostate cancer cells
Mechanisms of P/CAF auto-acetylation
Mechanisms of phthalate ester toxicity in the female reproductive system.
Mechanisms of primary and secondary estrogen target gene regulation in breast cancer cells
Mechanisms of progression of chronic kidney disease
Mechanisms of pulmonary dysfunction after on-pump and off-pump cardiac surgery: a prospective cohort study
Mechanisms of spontaneous human cancers.
Mechanisms of suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid inhibition of mammary cell growth
Mechanisms of the biological effects of PCBs, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans in experimental animals.
Mechanisms of the genotoxicity of crocidolite asbestos in mammalian cells: implication from mutation patterns induced by reactive oxygen species.
Mechanisms of toxic action and structure-activity relationships for organochlorine and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides.
Mechanisms of toxicity/carcinogenicity and Superfund decisions.
Mechanisms of Toxicity of 3-Alkylpyridinium Polymers from Marine Sponge Reniera sarai
Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation underlying temporal integration of signals
Mechanisms of transcriptional repression of cell-cycle G 2 /M promoters by p63
Mechanisms of triplex-caused polymerization arrest.
Mechanisms of TSC-mediated Control of Synapse Assembly and Axon Guidance
Mechanisms of tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-6 induction during human liver transplantation
Mechanisms of ventilator-induced lung injury: the clinician's perspective
Mechanisms, proof, and unmet needs: the perspective of a cancer activist.
Mechanisms regulating expression of the HPV 31 L1 and L2 capsid proteins and pseudovirion entry
Mechanisms underlying Children's susceptibility to environmental toxicants.
Mechanisms underlying fatigue: a voxel-based morphometric study of chronic fatigue syndrome
Mechanisms Underlying Hypoxia Tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster : hairy as a Metabolic Switch
Mechanisms underlying the growth inhibitory effects of the cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitor celecoxib in human breast cancer cells
Mechanisms underlying the impact of humic acids on DNA quantification by SYBR Green I and consequences for the analysis of soils and aquatic sediments
Mechanistic analyses of site-specific degradation in DNA-RNA hybrids by prototypic DNA cleavers.
Mechanistic and Epidemiologic Data: When Is Enough Enough?
Mechanistic approaches and the development of alternative toxicity test methods.
Mechanistic aspects of biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles by several Fusarium oxysporum strains
Mechanistic aspects of Co II (HAPP)(TFA) 2 in DNA bulge-specific recognition
Mechanistic aspects of ingested chlorine dioxide on thyroid function: impact of oxidants on iodide metabolism.
Mechanistic aspects of the isomerization of Z -vinylic tellurides double bonds in the synthesis of potassium Z -vinyltrifluoroborate salts
Mechanistic consequences of temperature on DNA polymerization catalyzed by a Y-family DNA polymerase
Mechanistic considerations for carcinogenic risk estimation: chloroform.
Mechanistic considerations in benzene physiological model development.
Mechanistic distinctions between agrin and laminin-1 induced aggregation of acetylcholine receptors
Mechanistic features of CAG•CTG repeat contractions in cultured cells revealed by a novel genetic assay
Mechanistic Insight into Control of CFTR by AMPK * S⃞
Mechanistic insights from the crystal structures of a feast/famine regulatory protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
Mechanistic Insights into a Novel Exporter-Importer System of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Unravel Its Role in Trafficking of Iron
Mechanistic Pathology and Therapy in the Medical Assayer of Marcello Malpighi
Mechanistic relationship among mutagenicity, skin sensitization, and skin carcinogenicity.
Mechanistic role of a disease-associated genetic variant within the ADAM33 asthma susceptibility gene
Mechanistic studies on bleomycin-mediated DNA damage: multiple binding modes can result in double-stranded DNA cleavage
Mechanistic studies on depurination and apurinic site chain breakage in oligodeoxyribonucleotides.
Mechanistic studies on DNA damage by minor groove binding copper–phenanthroline conjugates
Mechanistic studies on the DNA linking activity of Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen 1.
Mechanistic studies on the phosphoramidite coupling reaction in oligonucleotide synthesis. I. Evidence for nucleophilic catalysis by tetrazole and rate variations with the phosphorus substituents.
Mechanistic study of E. coli DNA topoisomerase I: cleavage of oligonucleotides.
Mechanochemical Coupling in the Myosin Motor Domain. I. Insights from Equilibrium Active-Site Simulations
Mechanochemical Coupling in the Myosin Motor Domain. II. Analysis of Critical Residues
Mechanomyographic amplitude and frequency responses during dynamic muscle actions: a comprehensive review
Mechanomyography versus Electromyography, in monitoring the muscular fatigue
Mechanosensitive Channel MscS in the Open State: Modeling of the Transition, Explicit Simulations, and Experimental Measurements of Conductance
Mechanostimulation of Medicago truncatula leads to enhanced levels of jasmonic acid
Mechanotransduction in an extracted cell model: Fyn drives stretch- and flow-elicited PECAM-1 phosphorylation
Meckel's diverticulum: a vesico-diverticular fistula.
Meckel's diverticulum--still a clinical problem.
Meckel's diverticulum--too often forgotten in adults?
Meconium in the Amniotic Fluid of Pregnancies Complicated by Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes Is Associated With Early Onset Neonatal Sepsis
MeCP2 driven transcriptional repression in vitro : selectivity for methylated DNA, action at a distance and contacts with the basal transcription machinery
MeCP2 Expression and Promoter Methylation of Cyclin D1 Gene Are Associated with Cyclin D1 Expression in Developing Rat Epididymal Duct
MECP2 genomic structure and function: insights from ENCODE
MeCP2 interacts with HP1 and modulates its heterochromatin association during myogenic differentiation
Mecp2 -Null Mice Provide New Neuronal Targets for Rett Syndrome
MED: a new non-supervised gene prediction algorithm for bacterial and archaeal genomes
Med-Caps 3.0. Diagnostic Problem Cases. Set 4: Common Family Practice Problems
MED1/337: Using the Internet to Deliver Decision Support Systems to Physicians
MED10/372: Access to Current Information in Africa: How easy is it?
MED11/373: Intranet-/Internet Software for Preparation and Presentation of Lectures in Dermatology
MED12/376: Microbiology and the Hospital Intranet
MED13/378: Using the Internet to Learn about Health Care Systems: The Health care game
MED14/381: A New Internet Service for a Medical Society and Library (Billrothhaus) in Vienna
MED15/382: Co-operative Interface in Medical Education on the WWW
MED16/383: How to Feed a System for Internet-based Continuing Medical Education for General Practitioners with Relevant Contents?
MED17/387: Development of a Mobile Internet-fitting Patient Monitoring System
MED18/388: Defining the Optimal Framework Required for the Development of Multimedia Web-based Training: The Mater Misericordiae Hospital / Institute of Healthcare Informatics experience
MED19/390: Developing a Digital Textbook on Biomedical Technology for Health-Care Professionals
MED2/342: The Role of the Internet in the Education of Health Information Managers in Courses in the USA, Australia, Germany and China
MED21/393: ICD as a Search Tool for Medical Internet Resources
MED22/401: Hypertext Atlas For Pathology Education
MED23/404: The KASUS-Platform for Problem-Oriented Learning Groups: Using a digital camera and a Palm Pilot II to document clinical cases and share them over the WWW
MED26/421: The Images Component of a Web-based Orthodontic Patient Records System
MED29/434: Using C&IT for Continuing Medical Education in Africa - a pilot project in Zimbabwe
MED3/343: Networked Learner Support in Continuing Medical Education
MED31/437: A Web-based Diabetes Management System: DiabNet
MED32/442: Internet Lectures: A five years experience at the University of Vienna
MED33/447: Moving Medical Curriculum to the World Wide Web: Practical Tips On Using Macromedia Flash Animation in a Case Study on 'Reproductive Physiology'
MED34/448: The Networked Health-Care Environment of the Future: Requirements for new human abilities
MED35/450: Evaluation of Internet Health Portals
MED36/451: Health-Related World Wide Web Tool: An environment for building WWW-based healthy community
MED38/465: Innovative Medical Education in an Integrated Framework of Case-Based Learning and Web-Based Training
MED4/345: Computer-Administered Formative Quizzes in a Basic Science Course
MED40/472: A WWW Multimedia Textbook of Internal Propedeutics
MED42/480: Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR) Visualization of 2D and 3D Structures in Medical Education
MED5/355: Using Web-technology for Asynchronous Telemedicine Consulting
MED6/357: Looking over the Horizon: An Internet-based International Course in Comparative Healthcare Management
MED7/358: Lessons Learned from Creating a Unique Integrative Medical Website for Web Education
MED8/367: Developing an Internet-based Informatics Diploma
MED9/368: Health education over Internet: Is there a special way for smaller language groups?
Medals relating to Medicine and Allied Sciences in the Numismatic Collection of The Johns Hopkins University. A Catalogue
Médecine de la Belle Époque à nos jours dans le Lyonnais
Médecine et colonisation: l'aventure indochinoise, 1860–1939
Médecine et morale dans l'antiquité. Dix exposés suivis de discussions
Médecine et santé—Medical practices and health
Médecine, science et technique: recueil d'études rédigées à l'occasion du centenaire de la mort de Claude Bernard (1813–1878)
Médecins érudits de Coray à Sigerist. Actes du colloque de Saint-Julien-en-Beaujolais (juin 1994)
Médecins, libertins et pasquins
MedEvi: Retrieving textual evidence of relations between biomedical concepts from Medline
Media and breastfeeding: Friend or foe?
Media and education play a tremendous role in mounting AIDS awareness among married couples in Bangladesh
Media and Science: Harmless Dioxin, Benign CFCs, and Good Asbestos
Media Ion Composition Controls Regulatory and Virulence Response of Salmonella in Spaceflight
Media reporting of tenofovir trials in Cambodia and Cameroon
Media suicide-reports, Internet use and the occurrence of suicides between 1987 and 2005 in Japan
Medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction: a new technique
Medial prefrontal serotonin in the rat is involved in goal-directed behaviour when affect guides decision making
Median knock-down time as a new method for evaluating insecticide-treated textiles for mosquito control
Mediastinal extension of a complicated pancreatic pseudocyst; a case report and literature review
Mediastinal lipomatosis as a cause of low voltage complexes on electrocardiogram and widened mediastinum: A case report
Mediastinal pancreatic pseudocyst with isolated thoracic symptoms: a case report
Mediastinal plasmacytoma with multiple myeloma presenting as a diagnostic dilemma
Mediastinitis complicating a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy: a case report
Mediation of Endogenous β-endorphin by Tetrandrine to Lower Plasma Glucose in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats
Mediation of the A/B-DNA helix transition by G-tracts in the crystal structure of duplex CATGGGCCCATG
Mediators of Ca2(+)-dependent secretion.
Mediators of increased blood flow in porcine skin
Mediators of Inflammation well on track to connect Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Mediators of Pruritus in Psoriasis
Medicago truncatula and Glomus intraradices gene expression in cortical cells harboring arbuscules in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis
Medical Addenda
Medical Advance, Public Health and Social Evolution
Medical America in the nineteenth century. Readings from the literature
Medical and Chemical Expertise in English Trials for Criminal Poisoning, 1750–1914
Medical and ethical issues in genetic screening--an academic view.
Medical and para-medical manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections
Medical anthropology
Medical anthropology
Medical Archives and Manuscripts News, 2004
Medical Archives and Manuscripts News, 2005
Medical Aspects of Hospital Planning
Medical aspects of the first recorded Celtic invasion of Ulster (the Táin).
Medical aspects of tobacco smoking and the anti-tobacco movement in Britain in the nineteenth century.
Medical Aspects of Travel: Editorial Overview
Medical Aspects Taken for Granted
Medical Biology and Etruscan Origins
Medical botany. Plants affecting man's health
Medical Care
Medical care in pioneer Illinois
Medical care of asylum seekers: a descriptive study of the appropriateness of nurse practitioners' care compared to traditional physician-based care in a gatekeeping system
Medical care usage and self-rated mental health
Medical Ceramics in the Wellcome Institute. Volume I: English and Dutch
Medical charities, medical politics: the Irish dispensary system and the poor law, 1836–1872
Medical Colour Photomicrography
Medical Comets: Scholarly Contributions
Medical comets: scholarly contributions by medical undergraduates
Medical communication and technology: a video-based process study of the use of decision aids in primary care consultations
Medical complications associated with security and control of prisoners of war in the ancient Near East.
Medical concepts related to individual risk are better explained with "plausibility" rather than "probability"
Medical Decision Making: The Family–Doctor–Patient Triad
Medical, Dental, and Nursing Services for School Children *
Medical discipline: the professional conduct jurisdiction of the General Medical Council, 1858–1990
Medical Dissertations of Psychiatric Interest Printed before 1750
Medical education for the millenium.
Medical education in Edinburgh, 1790-1826, and some Victorian social consequences.
Medical education in the age of improvement: Edinburgh students and apprentices 1760–1826
Medical education in the United States.
Medical Education in the United States
Medical Education: The Queen's-Rutgers Experience, 1792–1830
Medical Effects of the Atomic Bomb in Japan
Medical Electrical Equipment
Medical emergency motorcycle – is it useful in a Scandinavian Emergency Medical Service?
Medical Emergency Team syndromes and an approach to their management
Medical emergency teams: deciphering clues to crises in hospitals
Medical emergency teams: implementation and outcome measurement
Medical errors: how the US Government is addressing the problem
Medical ethics.
Medical Ethics
Medical Ethics. A Guide to Students and Practitioners
Medical ethics and education for social responsibility.
Medical Expert Testimony *
Medical Fees in the Colonial Period *
Medical fringe and medical orthodoxy 1750–1850
Medical Genetics
Medical Genetics
Medical Genetics. Principles and Practice
Medical Genetics Today, Vol. X, No. 10. Birth Defects Original Article Series
Medical geography in historical perspective
Medical Grand Rounds: refractory hypertension and renal insufficiency in a patient with renal artery stenosis.
Medical gymnastics and the Cyriax collection.
Medical Gynaecology
Medical healthcare use in Parkinson's disease: survey in a cohort of ambulatory patients in Italy
Medical Herpetology
Medical Historians Take Over the Concept: The Late Twentieth Century
Medical History and Medical Care
Medical History for Students
Medical history in German medical education.
Medical History of Malta
Medical History takes a Partner
Medical Hydrology
Medical Hypnosis
Medical hypothesis: bifunctional genetic-hormonal pathways to breast cancer.
Medical hypothesis: xenoestrogens as preventable causes of breast cancer.
Medical Illustrations in Medieval Manuscripts
Medical imaging and physiological modelling: linking physics and biology
Medical Imaging Informatics: How It Improves Radiology Practice Today
Medical immunology: a new journal for a new subspecialty
Medical informatics in an undergraduate curriculum: a qualitative study
Medical information systems: A foundation for healthcare technologies in developing countries
Medical Information Transfer into Practice in the 21 st Century: A True Revolution
Medical Journals, Academia, and Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials
Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical knowledge and statistical methods in early nineteenth-century France.
Medical Latin in the Roman empire
Medical licensing and learning in fourteenth-century Valencia
Medical Licensing in America, 1650–1965
Medical Lives and Scientific Medicine at Michigan, 1891-1969
Medical lore in the bestiaries.
Medical malpractice: a case study in medical and legal decision making.
Medical Malpractice. A Preventive Approach
Medical malpractice in nineteenth-century America: origins and legacy
Medical management approach to infectious keratitis
Medical management of esophageal reflux.
Medical management of human immunodeficiency virus infection
Medical Management of Vulvar Vestibulitis: Results of a Sequential Treatment Plan
Medical maxims: two views of science.
Medical Microbiology
Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular Techniques
Medical Mycology: Fungous Diseases of Men and Other Mammals
Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology, An Advanced Course. A Self-Assessment Guide for Subspecialty Board Examinations and Practice. Second Edition
Medical Parasitology
Medical Physics
Medical Physics
Medical physics in Current Oncology
Medical Physics. Volume 1
Medical pioneers in cyberspace: German practice owners advertising on the WWW
Medical police and the history of public health.
Medical police. Politics and police: the fate of John Roberton.
Medical post-traumatic stress disorder: catching up with the cutting edge in stress research
Medical power in prisons: the prison medical service in England 1774–1989
Medical practice and the law in the conflict between traditional belief and empirical evidence: post-mortem caesarean section in the nineteenth century.
Medical Practice in Modern England
Medical problems at Belsen Concentration Camp (1945).
Medical protestants: the eclectics in American medicine, 1925–1939
Medical record linkage in health information systems by approximate string matching and clustering
Medical Reference Works 1679–1966: a Selected Bibliography
Medical Research at Yale in the Twentieth Century †
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