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Molecular recognition. 1. Crystal structures of hexaazamacrocyclic amines containing p -xylylene spacers and their adducts with acids
Molecular recognition in the minor groove of the DNA helix. Studies on the synthesis of oligonucleotides and polynucleotides containing 3-deaza-2'-deoxyadenosine. Interaction of the oligonucleotides with the restriction endonuclease EcoRV.
Molecular recognition of B-DNA by Hoechst 33258.
Molecular recognition of DNA base pairs by the formamido/pyrrole and formamido/imidazole pairings in stacked polyamides
Molecular Recognition of Metal Complexes by DNA: A Comparative Study of the Interactions of the Parent Complexes [PtCl(TERPY)]Cl and [AuCl(TERPY)]Cl 2 with Double Stranded DNA
Molecular recognition of poly(A) by small ligands: an alternative method of analysis reveals nanomolar, cooperative and shape-selective binding
Molecular recognition of pyr mRNA by the Bacillus subtilis attenuation regulatory protein PyrR
Molecular recognition of tRNA(Pro) by Escherichia coli proline tRNA synthetase in vitro.
Molecular recognition properties of IGS-mediated reactions catalyzed by a Pneumocystis carinii group I intron
Molecular recombination and the repair of DNA double-strand breaks in CHO cells.
Molecular regulation of pancreatic stellate cell function
Molecular regulation of sinusoidal liver bile acid transporters during cholestasis.
Molecular relationships between U snRNP proteins as investigated by rabbit antisera and peptide mapping.
Molecular replacement
Molecular requirements for degradation of a modified sense RNA strand by Escherichia coli ribonuclease H1
Molecular response to aromatase inhibitor treatment in primary breast cancer
Molecular responses as indicators of marine pollution: DNA damage and enzyme induction in Limanda limanda and Asterias rubens.
Molecular responses to hypoxia in tumor cells
Molecular restoration of archived transcriptional profiles by complementary-template reverse-transcription (CT-RT)
Molecular sequestration stabilizes CAP-DNA complexes during polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
Molecular Shape, Architecture, and Size of P2X 4 Receptors Determined Using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer and Electron Microscopy *
Molecular signature of clinical severity in recovering patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV)
Molecular signature of hypersaline adaptation: insights from genome and proteome composition of halophilic prokaryotes
Molecular signatures define two main classes of meningiomas
Molecular signatures induced by interleukin-2 on peripheral blood mononuclear cells and T cell subsets
Molecular signatures of cell cycle transcripts in the pathogenesis of Glial tumors
Molecular signatures of neurodegeneration in the cortex of PS1/PS2 double knockout mice
Molecular Signatures of Proliferation and Quiescence in Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Molecular Signatures of the Developing Hair Follicle
Molecular signatures (unique proteins and conserved indels) that are specific for the epsilon proteobacteria ( Campylobacterales )
Molecular Simulations of Cotranslational Protein Folding: Fragment Stabilities, Folding Cooperativity, and Trapping in the Ribosome
Molecular species identification boosts bat diversity
Molecular strategies to inhibit HIV-1 replication
Molecular structure and function of the bacteriocin gene and bacteriocin protein of plasmid Clo DF13.
Molecular structure of a gypsy element of Drosophila subobscura (gypsyDs) constituting a degenerate form of insect retroviruses.
Molecular structure of crude beeswax studied by solid-state 13 C NMR
Molecular structure of deoxyadenylyl-3'-methylphosphonate-5'-thymidine dihydrate, (d-ApT x 2H2O), a dinucleoside monophosphate with neutral phosphodiester backbone. An X-ray crystal study.
Molecular structure of deoxycytidyl-3'-methylphosphonate (RP) 5'-deoxyguanidine, d[Cp(CH3)G]. A neutral dinucleotide with Watson-Crick base pairing and a right handed helical twist.
Molecular Structure of Endotoxins from Gram-negative Marine Bacteria: An Update
Molecular structure of ilvIH and its evolutionary relationship to ilvG in Escherichia coli K12.
Molecular structure of (m5 dC-dG)3: the role of the methyl group on 5-methyl cytosine in stabilizing Z-DNA.
Molecular structure of the gene and the 5'-flanking region of the human lymphocyte immunoglobulin E receptor.
Molecular structure of the halogenated anti-cancer drug iododoxorubicin complexed with d(TGTACA) and d(CGATCG).
Molecular structure of the immunity gene and immunity protein of the bacteriocinogenic plasmid Clo DF13.
Molecular structure of uvrC gene of Escherichia coli: identification of DNA sequences required for transcription of the uvrC gene.
Molecular structures of mitochondrial-DNA-like sequences in human nuclear DNA.
Molecular structures of two new anti-HIV nucleoside analogs: 9-(2,3-dideoxy-2-fluoro-beta-D-threo-pentofuranosyl)adenine and 9-(2,3-dideoxy-2-fluoro-beta-D-threo-pentofuranosyl)hypoxanthine.
Molecular Studies in Treponema pallidum Evolution: Toward Clarity?
Molecular study of the retrovirus-like transposable element 412, a 20-OH ecdysone responsive repetitive sequence in Drosophila cultured cells.
Molecular Subsets in the Gene Expression Signatures of Scleroderma Skin
Molecular subtypes of breast cancer in relation to paclitaxel response and outcomes in women with metastatic disease: results from CALGB 9342
Molecular Surveillance for Multidrug-Resistant Plasmodium falciparum , Cambodia
Molecular surveillance of drug-resistance associated mutations of Plasmodium falciparum in south-west Tanzania
Molecular surveillance of drug resistance through imported isolates of Plasmodium falciparum in Europe
Molecular surveillance of mutations in the cytochrome b gene of Plasmodium falciparum in Gabon and Ethiopia
Molecular surveillance of the antifolate-resistant mutation I164L in imported african isolates of Plasmodium falciparum in Europe: sentinel data from TropNetEurop
Molecular Switches at the Synapse Emerge from Receptor and Kinase Traffic
Molecular Systems Biology : a new journal for a new biology?
Molecular systems biology at the crossroads: to know less about more, or to know more about less?
Molecular targeted therapies for breast cancer treatment
Molecular targets for rapid identification of Brucella spp
Molecular Time-Course and the Metabolic Basis of Entry into Dauer in Caenorhabditis elegans
Molecular tumor profiling: translating genomic insights into clinical advances
Molecular tweezers: formation and resolution of plasmid cointegrates as a means of manipulating DNA fragments in vitro.
Molecular Typing of Australian Scedosporium Isolates Showing Genetic Variability and Numerous S. aurantiacum
Molecular Typing of Trypanosoma cruzi Isolates, United States
Molecular Variation at a Candidate Gene Implicated in the Regulation of Fire Ant Social Behavior
Molecular Virology of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV): 2006 Update
Molecular weight abnormalities of the CTCF transcription factor: CTCF migrates aberrantly in SDS-PAGE and the size of the expressed protein is affected by the UTRs and sequences within the coding region of the CTCF gene.
Molecular weight assessment of proteins in total proteome profiles using 1D-PAGE and LC/MS/MS
Molecular weight determination of plasmid DNA using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
Molecular weight determination program.
Molecular Zipper: a fluorescent probe for real-time isothermal DNA amplification
Molecularly targeted therapy for Kaposi's sarcoma in a kidney transplant patient: case report, "what worked and what did not"
Molecule by molecule PCR amplification of complex DNA mixtures for direct sequencing: an approach to in vitro cloning.
Molecule-level imaging of Pax6 mRNA distribution in mouse embryonic neocortex by molecular interaction force microscopy
Molecules and Mechanisms
Molecules and Mental Health
Molecules, cells and life: an annotated bibliography of manuscript sources on physiology, biochemstry, and biophysics, 1900–1960, in the Library of the American Philosophical Society
Molecules, morphometrics and new fossils provide an integrated view of the evolutionary history of Rhinopomatidae (Mammalia: Chiroptera)
Molecules That Cause or Prevent Parkinson's Disease
MolliGen, a database dedicated to the comparative genomics of Mollicutes
Molluscs production associated to lunar-tide cycle: a case study in Paraíba State under ethnoecology viewpoint
MolMovDB: analysis and visualization of conformational change and structural flexibility
Moloney murine leukemia virus-induced tumors: recombinant proviruses in active chromatin regions.
MolProbity: all-atom contacts and structure validation for proteins and nucleic acids
MolSurfer: a macromolecular interface navigator
MolTalk – a programming library for protein structures and structure analysis
Molyneux's question. Vision, touch, and the philosophy of perception
Moment-to-moment dynamics of ADHD behaviour
Moment-to-moment dynamics of ADHD behaviour in South African children
Moments of Discovery
Momordin II, a ribosome inactivating protein from Momordica balsamina, is homologous to other plant proteins.
Moms and Mercury: Fine-Tuning Fish Consumption During Pregnancy
Moms in motion: a group-mediated cognitive-behavioral physical activity intervention
MoMuLV proviral integrations identified by Sup-F selection in tumors from infected myc/pim bitransgenic mice correlate with activation of the gfi-1 gene.
Monellin (MNEI) at 1.15 Å resolution
Monensin Improves the Effectiveness of meso -Dimercaptosuccinate when Used to Treat Lead Intoxication in Rats
Money for Nothing? A Call for Empirical Evaluation of Biodiversity Conservation Investments
Money, power and health care
MONICA/ECTIM meeting report: heart attacks in France and Northern Ireland. 23-24 April 1993. Abstracts.
Monitoring and analysis of dynamic growth of human embryonic stem cells: comparison of automated instrumentation and conventional culturing methods
Monitoring and evaluation of human resources for health: an international perspective
Monitoring and evaluation of malaria in pregnancy – developing a rational basis for control
Monitoring and Modeling of Emissions from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Overview of Methods
Monitoring and oversight in critical care research
Monitoring antimalarial safety and tolerability in clinical trials: A case study from Uganda
Monitoring breast milk contamination to detect hazards from waste disposal.
Monitoring clinical quality in rare disease services – experience in England
Monitoring county-level chlamydia incidence in Texas, 2004 – 2005: application of empirical Bayesian smoothing and Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA) methods
Monitoring denaturation behaviour and comparative stability of DNA triple helices using oligonucleotide–gold nanoparticle conjugates
Monitoring dynamics of single-cell gene expression over multiple cell cycles
Monitoring Environmental Exposures: Now It’s Personal
Monitoring estrogenic effects: a genomics approach.
Monitoring exposure to 4,4'-methylene-bis(2-chloroaniline) through the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry measurement of adducts to hemoglobin.
Monitoring exposure to atomic bomb radiation by somatic mutation.
Monitoring for Asbestos: U.S. EPA Methods
Monitoring genotoxic exposure in uranium miners.
Monitoring genotoxic exposure in uranium mines.
Monitoring health inequalities: life expectancy and small area deprivation in New Zealand
Monitoring HIV-1 Resistance across the Globe
Monitoring human exposure to 2-hydroxyethylating carcinogens.
Monitoring human exposure to urban air pollutants
Monitoring human lymphocytic DNA-protein cross-links as biomarkers of biologically active doses of chromate.
Monitoring human tissues for toxic substances: a follow-up to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report.
Monitoring immediate-early gene expression through firefly luciferase imaging of HRS/J hairless mice
Monitoring lymphatic filariasis interventions: Adult mosquito sampling, and improved PCR – based pool screening method for Wuchereria bancrofti infection in Anopheles mosquitoes
Monitoring Malaria: Genomic Activity of the Parasite in Human Blood Cells
Monitoring metal concentrations in tissues and single cells using ultramicrosensors.
Monitoring mis-acylated tRNA suppression efficiency in mammalian cells via EGFP fluorescence recovery
Monitoring nitrite, N-nitrosodiethanolamine, and mutagenicity in cutting fluids used in the metal industry.
Monitoring occupational exposure to ethylene oxide by the determination of hemoglobin adducts.
Monitoring of gene knockouts: genome-wide profiling of conditionally essential genes
Monitoring of human populations at risk by different cytogenetic end points.
Monitoring of immune activation using biochemical changes in a porcine model of cardiac arrest.
Monitoring of IVF birth outcomes in Finland: a data quality study
Monitoring of National Drug Policy (NDP) and its standardized indicators; conformity to decisions of the national drug selecting committee in Iran
Monitoring of neuromuscular function in the clinical setting.
Monitoring of oxidative and metabolic stress during cardiac surgery by means of breath biomarkers: an observational study
Monitoring of people and workers exposure to the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in an Italian national cancer Institute
Monitoring of platinum surface contamination in seven Dutch hospital pharmacies using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Monitoring of pre-frontal oxygen status in helicopter pilots using near-infrared spectrophotometers
Monitoring of transcriptional regulation in Pichia pastoris under protein production conditions
Monitoring Peach Harvest Workers Exposed to Azinphosmethyl Residues in Sutter County, California, 1991
Monitoring populations for DNA repair deficiency and for cancer susceptibility.
Monitoring potential neurotoxic effects of hazardous waste disposal
Monitoring processed, mature Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 particles immediately following treatment with a protease inhibitor-containing treatment regimen
Monitoring protein stability in vivo
Monitoring Response to Radiotherapy in Human Squamous Cell Cancer Bearing Nude Mice: Comparison of 2′-deoxy-2′-[ 18 F]fluoro- d -glucose (FDG) and 3′-[ 18 F]fluoro-3′-deoxythymidine (FLT)
Monitoring S phase progression globally and locally using BrdU incorporation in TK + yeast strains
Monitoring tat peptide binding to TAR RNA by solid-state 31 P– 19 F REDOR NMR
Monitoring the amplification of CATCH, a 3SR based cooperatively coupled isothermal amplification system, by fluorimetric methods.
Monitoring the evolutionary aspect of the Gene Ontology to enhance predictability and usability
Monitoring the expression of purinoceptors and nucleotide-metabolizing ecto-enzymes with antibodies directed against proteins in native conformation
Monitoring the Impact of Influenza by Age: Emergency Department Fever and Respiratory Complaint Surveillance in New York City
Monitoring the initial pulmonary absorption of two different beclomethasone dipropionate aerosols employing a human lung reperfusion model
Monitoring the occurrence of diabetes mellitus and its major complications: the combined use of different administrative databases
Monitoring the operational impact of insecticide usage for malaria control on Anopheles funestus from Mozambique
Monitoring the referral system through benchmarking in rural Niger: an evaluation of the functional relation between health centres and the district hospital
Monitoring the structure of Escherichia coli RNase P RNA in the presence of various divalent metal ions
Monitoring the T-Cell Receptor Repertoire at Single-Clone Resolution
Monitoring trends in socioeconomic health inequalities: it matters how you measure
Monitoring vaccine safety during an influenza pandemic.
MONKEY: identifying conserved transcription-factor binding sites in multiple alignments using a binding site-specific evolutionary model
Monkey Malaria in a European Traveler Returning from Malaysia
Mono(2-ethyl-5-hydroxyhexyl) phthalate and mono-(2-ethyl-5-oxohexyl) phthalate as biomarkers for human exposure assessment to di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate.
Mono Q chromatography permits recycling of DNA template and purification of RNA transcripts after T7 RNA polymerase reaction.
Mono- through hexanucleotide composition of the Escherichia coli genome: a Markov chain analysis.
Mono- through hexanucleotide composition of the sense strand of yeast DNA: a Markov chain analysis.
Mono- versus polydrug abuse patterns among publicly funded clients
Monoadduct forming photochemical reagents for labeling nucleic acids for hybridization.
Monoallelic Expression of Multiple Genes in the CNS
Monoamine Innervation of the Cerebral Cortex
Monoamine Oxidase and its Inhibition. CIBA Foundation Symposium 39
Monoamine Oxidases—New Vistas. Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology. Volume 5
Monoamine related functional gene variants and relationships to monoamine metabolite concentrations in CSF of healthy volunteers
Monoarticular antigen-induced arthritis leads to pronounced bilateral upregulation of the expression of neurokinin 1 and bradykinin 2 receptors in dorsal root ganglion neurons of rats
Monocarboxylate Transporters and Lactate Metabolism in Equine Athletes: A Review
Monochorionic-triamniotic triplet pregnancy after intracytoplasmic sperm injection, assisted hatching, and two-embryo transfer: first reported case following IVF
Monochorionic triamniotic triplet pregnancy with a co-triplet fetus discordant for congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung
Monocistronic translation of alfalfa mosaic virus RNAs.
Monoclonal antibodies: a witness seminar in contemporary medical history.
Monoclonal Antibodies Against Bacteria. Volume II
Monoclonal antibodies against the iron regulated outer membrane Proteins of Acinetobacter baumannii are bactericidal
Monoclonal antibodies and small-molecules as distinct subclasses of CCR5-targeted therapies for HIV-1
Monoclonal antibodies showing sequence specificity in their interaction with single-stranded DNAs.
Monoclonal antibodies targeted to alpha-oligonucleotides. Characterisation and application in nucleic acid detection.
Monoclonal antibodies targeting cancer: 'magic bullets' or just the trigger?
Monoclonal antibodies to DNA modified by 8-methoxypsoralen and ultraviolet A light.
Monoclonal antibodies to double-stranded RNA as probes of RNA structure in crude nucleic acid extracts.
Monoclonal antibodies to Escherichia coli 50S ribosomes.
Monoclonal antibodies to Mycoplasma hyorhinis surface antigens: tools for analyzing mycoplasma-lymphoid cell interactions.
Monoclonal Antibodies to the Thyrotropin Receptor
Monoclonal antibody-based, selective isolation of DNA fragments containing an alkylated base to be quantified in defined gene sequences.
Monocular visual deprivation in Macaque monkeys: A profile in the gene expression of lateral geniculate nucleus by laser capture microdissection
Monocyte and Blood Interleukin-12 Levels Patients with Obstructive Jaundice
Monocyte and macrophage reactions.
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in patients with peripheral arterial disease.
Monocyte deactivation in neutropenic acute respiratory distress syndrome patients treated with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
Monocyte derived dendritic cells generated by IFN-α acquire mature dendritic and natural killer cell properties as shown by gene expression analysis
Monocyte-derived dendritic cells loaded with a mixture of apoptotic/necrotic melanoma cells efficiently cross-present gp100 and MART-1 antigens to specific CD8 + T lymphocytes
Monocyte derived dendritic cells retain their functional capacity in patients following infection with hepatitis C virus
Monocyte/macrophage and T-cell infiltrates in peritoneum of patients with ovarian cancer or benign pelvic disease
Monocyte matrix metalloproteinase production in Type 2 diabetes and controls – a cross sectional study
Monocyte Secretion of β -Hexosaminidase in Patients With Obstructive Jaundice
Monocytes from Cystic Fibrosis Patients Are Locked in an LPS Tolerance State: Down-Regulation of TREM-1 as Putative Underlying Mechanism
Monocytes of patients with familial hypercholesterolemia show alterations in cholesterol metabolism
Monofunctional and Interstrand DNA Adducts of Platinum(II) Complexes
Monofunctional DNA-platinum(II) adducts block frequently DNA polymerases.
Monogenic diabetes in children and young adults: Challenges for researcher, clinician and patient
Monograph on structure-activity correlations in mechanism studies and predictive toxicology.
Monographs in Allergy
Monographs in Allergy
Monographs in Psychosocial Epidemiology 2: Stressful Life Events and Their Contexts
Monoindole Alkaloids from a Marine Sponge Spongosorites sp.
Monoisoamyl meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinate as a delayed treatment for mercury removal in rats.
Monolobar Caroli's Disease and Cholangiocarcinoma
Monomer-Shuffling and Allosteric Transition in KaiC Circadian Oscillation
Monomeric scAlu and nascent dimeric Alu RNAs induced by adenovirus are assembled into SRP9/14-containing RNPs in HeLa cells.
Monomeric Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase Induces Insulin Sensitive Obesity
Monomethyl Branched-Chain Fatty Acids Play an Essential Role in Caenorhabditis elegans Development
Monomorphic post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder of the tongue: case report and review of literature
Monomorphism in humans and sequence differences among higher primates for a sequence tagged site (STS) in homeo box cluster 2 as assayed by denaturing gradient electrophoresis.
Mononuclear cells modulate the activity of pancreatic stellate cells which in turn promote fibrosis and inflammation in chronic pancreatitis
Mononucleotide and dinucleotide frequencies, and codon usage in poliovirion RNA.
Mononucleotide derivatives as ribosomal P-site substrates reveal an important contribution of the 2′-OH to activity
Mononucleotide repeat polymorphism in the APP gene
Mononucleotide repeats are asymmetrically distributed in fungal genes
Monopolizing Clinical Trial Data: Implications and Trends
Monosaccharide autoxidation in health and disease.
Monosomy 18p
Monotone and near-monotone biochemical networks
Monotonic Coding of Numerosity in Macaque Lateral Intraparietal Area
Monovalent cation effects on intermolecular purine-purine-pyrimidine triple-helix formation.
Monozygotic multiple gestation following in vitro fertilization: analysis of seven cases from Japan
Monte Carlo Commissioning of Low Energy Electron Radiotherapy Beams using NXEGS Software
Monte Carlo-energy minimization of correolide in the Kv1.3 channel: possible role of potassium ion in ligand-receptor interactions
Monte Carlo results for the 3-poly test for animal carcinogenicity experiments.
Monte Carlo simulation for the prediction of precision of absorbance measurements with a miniature CCD spectrometer
Monte Carlo simulation of expected outcomes with the AcrySof ® toric intraocular lens
Monthly intravenous methylprednisolone in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis - reduction of enhancing lesions, T2 lesion volume and plasma prolactin concentrations
Monthly Obstetric Meetings
Monthly Obstetric Meetings
Monthly Obstetric Meetings
Monthly Obstetric Meetings
Montmorillonite protection of an UV-irradiated hairpin ribozyme: evolution of the RNA world in a mineral environment
Moon-madness *
Moonlight in Vermont illuminates plant development
MOPAT: a graph-based method to predict recurrent cis -regulatory modules from known motifs
Moral Imagination: The Missing Component in Global Health
Morals and Medicine
Moraxella osloensis Gene Expression in the Slug Host Deroceras reticulatum
Morbid Appearances: The Anatomy of Pathology in the Early Nineteenth Century
Morbid appearances. The anatomy of pathology in the early nineteenth century
Morbidity and cost burden of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in early onset ventilator-associated pneumonia
Morbidity and mortality after esophagectomy for esophageal carcinoma: A risk analysis
Morbidity and Mortality After Major Hepatic Resection in Cirrhotic Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Morbidity and mortality study of shale oil workers in the United States.
Morbidity and related factors among elderly people in South Korea: results from the Ansan Geriatric (AGE) cohort study
Morbidity associated with "self-rated health" in epithelial ovarian cancer survivors
Morbidity associated with systemic corticosteroid preparation for coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a case control study
Morbidity at elementary school entry differs by sex and level of residence urbanization: a comparative cross-sectional study
Morbidity Experiences and Disability Among Canadian Women
Morbidity management in the Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis: a review of the scientific literature
Morbidity profile and prescribing patterns among outpatients in a teaching hospital in Western Nepal
Morbidly Obese Woman Unaware of Pregnancy until Full-Term and Complicated by Intraamniotic Sepsis with Pseudomonas
Morbillivirus and Pilot Whale Deaths, Mediterranean Sea
Morbus Alzheimer and Morbus Pick
More active human L1 retrotransposons produce longer insertions
More biology from the sequence
More breast cancer genes?
More cases, doctor? Yes please!
More changes..
More complete gene silencing by fewer siRNAs: transparent optimized design and biophysical signature
More Concerns for Farmers: Neurologic Effects of Chronic Pesticide Exposure
More Controversy than Ever – Challenges and Promises Towards Personalized Treatment of Gastric Cancer
More distinct food intake patterns among women than men in northern Sweden: a population-based survey
More Evidence Against a Causal Association between C-Reactive Protein and Diabetes
More evidence of mercury effects in children.
More GC Means More RNA
More Human, More Humane: A New Approach for Testing Airborne Pollutants
More in hope than expectation: a systematic review of women's expectations and experience of pain relief in labour
More insight into the fate of biomedical meeting abstracts: a systematic review
More insights into the immunosuppressive potential of tumor exosomes
More men than women make mucosal IgA antibodies to Human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV-16) and HPV-18: a study of oral HPV and oral HPV antibodies in a normal healthy population
More muddy water.
More on direct estimates of low-level radiation risks.
More Recent Studies on Fragrances
More ribosomal spacer sequences from Xenopus laevis.
More robust detection of motifs in coexpressed genes by using phylogenetic information
More Smoke Less Baby Maternal ETS Exposure Means Low Birth Weight Preterm Delivery
“More Subtle than the Electric Aura”: Georgian Medical Electricity, the Spirit of Animation and the Development of Erasmus Darwin's Psychophysiology
More than 150 nucleotides flanking the initiation codon contribute to the efficiency of the ribosomal binding site from bacteriophage T7 gene 1.
More than half of yeast U1 snRNA is dispensable for growth.
More than just a propagandist for tea: religious argument and advice on a healthy life in the work of the Dutch physician Cornelis Bontekoe (1647-1685).
More than just needles: An evidence-informed approach to enhancing harm reduction supply distribution in British Columbia
More than skin deep: moisturizing body milk and Burkholderia cepacia
More Than The Sum Of Its Parts
More than two years delay in the union of fracture neck of femur after primary intervention
More to ADHD than meets the eye: Observable abnormalities in search behaviour do not account for performance deficits on a discrimination task
More Workouts for Women May Mean Less Risk of Breast Cancer
Morgenröthe or business as usual: a personal account of the 2nd Annual EULAR Congress, Prague
Morning versus evening dosing of desloratadine in seasonal allergic rhinitis: a randomized controlled study [ISRCTN23032971].
MORPH: Probabilistic Alignment Combined with Hidden Markov Models of cis -Regulatory Modules
Morphants: A New Systematic Vertebrate Functional Genomics Approach
Morphine effects on striatal transcriptome in mice
Morphine Exacerbates HIV-1 Tat-Induced Cytokine Production in Astrocytes through Convergent Effects on [Ca 2+ ] i , NF-κB Trafficking and Transcription
Morphine for elective endotracheal intubation in neonates: a randomized trial [ISRCTN43546373]
Morphine induces endocytosis of neuronal μ-opioid receptors through the sustained transfer of Gα subunits to RGSZ2 proteins
Morphine Plus Bupivacaine Vs. Morphine Peridural Analgesia in Abdominal Surgery: The Effects on Postoperative Course in Major Hepatobiliary Surgery
Morphine reduces local cytokine expression and neutrophil infiltration after incision
Morphine stimulates CCL2 production by human neurons
Morphogenesis and Malformation of the Skin
Morphogenesis of post-Golgi transport carriers
Morphogenesis of the anterior segment in the zebrafish eye
Morphogenesis of the Skin
Morphogenesis: The Analysis of Molluscan Development
Morphogenetic Plasticity of Neuronal Elements in Cerebellar Glomeruli during Deafferentation-Induced Synaptic Reorganization
Morphogenetic roles of acetylcholine.
Morphogenic role for acetylcholinesterase in axonal outgrowth during neural development.
Morpholino antisense oligonucleotides: tools for investigating vertebrate development
Morphologic and immunophenotypic evidence of in-situ Kaposi's sarcoma
Morphologic Changes of Adrenal Cortex in Disease
Morphologic Variation and the Rate of Growth of Bacteria
Morphological alterations of exogenous surfactant inhibited by meconium can be prevented by dextran
Morphological and behavioral markers of environmentally induced retardation of brain development: an animal model.
Morphological and cytochemical determination of cell death by apoptosis
Morphological and Functional Discrepancies in Endocrine Pancreas After Partial Hepatectomy in Dogs
Morphological and growth altering effects of Cisplatin in C. albicans using fluorescence microscopy
Morphological and molecular characterization of a spontaneously tuberizing potato mutant: an insight into the regulatory mechanisms of tuber induction
Morphological, biochemical, and molecular biological characterization of a rat rhabdomyosarcoma cell line during differentiation induction in vitro.
Morphological brain differences between adult stutterers and non-stutterers
Morphological characterisation of portal myofibroblasts and hepatic stellate cells in the normal dog liver
Morphological characteristics of sensilla on the female ovipositor of Lype phaeopa (Psychomyiidae; Trichoptera)
Morphological characterization of a human glioma cell l ine
Morphological characterization of intra-articular HMGB1 expression during the course of collagen-induced arthritis
Morphological characterization of the AlphaA- and AlphaB-crystallin double knockout mouse lens
Morphological correlates of injury-induced reorganization in primate somatosensory cortex
Morphological correlates to cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia as studied with Bayesian regression
Morphological development of Aspergillus niger in submerged citric acid fermentation as a function of the spore inoculum level. Application of neural network and cluster analysis for characterization of mycelial morphology
Morphological Diversity and the Roles of Contingency, Chance and Determinism in African Cichlid Radiations
Morphological effects of nitrogen dioxide on the rat lung.
Morphological evidence for an invasion-independent metastasis pathway exists in multiple human cancers
Morphological evidence for phages in Xylella fastidiosa
Morphological evidences indicate that the interference of cimetidine on the peritubular components is responsible for detachment and apoptosis of Sertoli cells
Morphological Evolution Is Accelerated among Island Mammals
Morphological Evolution of Spiders Predicted by Pendulum Mechanics
Morphological features in a Xhosa schizophrenia population
Morphological, histochemical, and interstitial pressure changes in the tibialis anterior muscle before and after aortofemoral bypass in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease
Morphological instability and cancer invasion: a 'splashing water drop' analogy
Morphological investigations of fibrogenic action of Estonian oil shale dust.
Morphological study of Cyclotella choctawhatcheeana Prasad (Stephanodiscaceae) from a saline Mexican lake
Morphological transformation in vitro of normal human fibroblasts by chrysotile.
Morphological types of breast cancer in family members and multiple primary tumours: is morphology genetically determined?
Morphologically and immunohistochemically undifferentiated gastric neoplasia in a patient with multiple metastatic malignant melanomas: a case report
Morphology and function of Bast’s valve: additional insight in its functioning using 3D-reconstruction
Morphology and function of cryopreserved whole ovine ovaries after heterotopic autotransplantation
Morphology and head morphometric characters of sperm in Thai native crossbred stallions
Morphology and molecular phylogeny of a marine interstitial tetraflagellate with putative endosymbionts: Auranticordis quadriverberis n. gen. et sp. (Cercozoa)
Morphology of neoplastic lesions induced by 1,3-butadiene in B6C3F1 mice.
Morphology of Pyramidal Neurons in the Rat Prefrontal Cortex: Lateralized Dendritic Remodeling by Chronic Stress
Morphology of the Leather Defect Light Flecks and Spots
Morphology of the Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, Caudal Plexus, Tail Segmentation, and Caudal Musculature of the Spider Monkey *
Morphometric abnormalities in brains of great blue heron hatchlings exposed in the wild to PCDDs.
Morphometric Analysis of Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons in situ and in Grafts Developing in the Anterior Eye Chambers of Young and Aged Wistar Rats
Morphometric characterisation of wing feathers of the barn owl Tyto alba pratincola and the pigeon Columba livia
Morphometric study of the fetal development of the human hip joint: significance for congenital hip disease.
Morphometry of the Human Lung
Morris Fishbein
Morris' Human Anatomy
Morris' Human Anatomy
Mortality after discharge from long-term psychiatric care in Scotland, 1977 – 94: a retrospective cohort study
Mortality after infection with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) diagnosed in the community
Mortality among benzene-exposed workers in China.
Mortality among Former Love Canal Residents
Mortality among Pesticide Applicators Exposed to Chlorpyrifos in the Agricultural Health Study
Mortality among PVC-fabricating employees.
Mortality among the residents of the Three Mile Island accident area: 1979-1992.
Mortality among US employees of a large computer manufacturing company: 1969–2001
Mortality among Workers Exposed to Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in an Electrical Capacitor Manufacturing Plant in Indiana: An Update
Mortality and air pollution: associations persist with continued advances in research methodology.
Mortality and ambient fine particles in southwest Mexico City, 1993-1995.
Mortality and cancer morbidity among cadmium-exposed workers
Mortality and cancer morbidity in a group of Swedish VCM and PCV production workers.
Mortality and cancer rates among workers in the Swedish PVC processing industry.
Mortality and Exposure Response among 14,458 Electrical Capacitor Manufacturing Workers Exposed to Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
Mortality and failure among tuberculosis patients who did not complete treatment in Vietnam: a cohort study
Mortality and life expectancy of professional fire fighters in Hamburg, Germany: a cohort study 1950 – 2000
Mortality and life expectancy of Yokkaichi Asthma patients, Japan: Late effects of air pollution in 1960–70s
Mortality and medical care in nineteenth-century Glasgow.
Mortality and Natality Rates in the New Haven Metropolitan Area *
Mortality and nutrition surveys by Non-Governmental organisations. Perspectives from the CE-DAT database
Mortality ascertainment of participants in the National Wilms Tumor Study using the National Death Index: comparison of active and passive follow-up results
Mortality associated with HIV-1, HIV-2, and HTLV-I single and dual infections in a middle-aged and older population in Guinea-Bissau
Mortality due to Rheumatic Heart Disease in the Socio-Economic Districts of New Haven, Connecticut *
Mortality Effects of a Copper Smelter Strike and Reduced Ambient Sulfate Particulate Matter Air Pollution
Mortality experience in relation to a measured arsenic trioxide exposure
Mortality following Campylobacter infection: a registry-based linkage study
Mortality from Copper Smelter Emissions Circa 1967
Mortality from Copper Smelter Emissions: Pope Responds
Mortality from Ischemic Heart Disease and Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2) in Four U.S. Wheat-Producing States: A Hypothesis-Generating Study
Mortality from lung cancer in workers exposed to sulfur dioxide in the pulp and paper industry.
Mortality in a region surrounding an arsenic emitting plant
Mortality in COPD: Inevitable or Preventable? Insights from the Cardiovascular Arena
Mortality in COPD patients discharged from hospital: the role of treatment and co-morbidity
Mortality in Dutch hospitals: Trends in time, place and cause of death after admission for myocardial infarction and stroke. An observational study
Mortality in fourteenth-century Exeter.
Mortality in GOLD stages of COPD and its dependence on symptoms of chronic bronchitis
Mortality in mid nineteenth century Britain
Mortality in over 350,000 Insured Swedish dogs from 1995–2000: I. Breed-, Gender-, Age- and Cause-specific Rates
Mortality in over 350,000 Insured Swedish Dogs from 1995–2000: II. Breed-Specific Age and Survival Patterns and Relative Risk for Causes of Death
Mortality in Pharmacologically Treated Older Adults with Diabetes: The Cardiovascular Health Study, 1989–2001
Mortality in the elderly during respite hospital care.
Mortality in the Medicare Population and Chronic Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution in Urban Centers (2000–2005)
Mortality in the Socio-Economic Districts of New Haven *
Mortality in workers exposed to electromagnetic fields.
Mortality: life and health expectancy of Canadian women
Mortality of a cohort of workers in the styrene-butadiene polymer manufacturing industry (1943-1982).
Mortality on Mount Everest, 1921-2006: descriptive study
Mortality patterns among workers exposed to chloromethyl ethers--a preliminary report.
Mortality Patterns in the West Bank, Palestinian Territories, 1999-2003
Mortality prediction using SAPS II: an update for French intensive care units
Mortality profiles in a country facing epidemiological transition: An analysis of registered data
Mortality rates of patients admitted to a psychogeriatric assessment unit.
Mortality, Recruitment and Change of Desert Tree Populations in a Hyper-Arid Environment
Mortality registration and surveillance in China: History, current situation and challenges
Mortality Risk among Children Admitted in a Large-Scale Nutritional Program in Niger, 2006
Mortality Risk Associated with Short-Term Exposure to Traffic Particles and Sulfates
Mortality selection during the 2003 European heat wave in three-spined sticklebacks: effects of parasites and MHC genotype
Mortality study of workers in 1,3-butadiene production units identified from a chemical workers cohort.
Mos as a tool for genome-wide insertional mutagenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans : results of a pilot study
Mosaic 22q11.2 microdeletion syndrome: diagnosis and clinical manifestations of two cases
MOSAIC: an online database dedicated to the comparative genomics of bacterial strains at the intra-species level
Mosaic analysis of stem cell function and wound healing in the mouse corneal epithelium
Mosaic chromosomal aberrations in synovial fibroblasts of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other inflammatory joint diseases
Mosaic Convergence of Rodent Dentitions
Mosaic DNA Imports with Interspersions of Recipient Sequence after Natural Transformation of Helicobacter pylori
“Mosaic” Genes Highlight Forces of Genome Diversity and Adaptation
Mosaic Genome Architecture of the Anopheles gambiae Species Complex
Mosaic tile model for tRNA-enzyme recognition.
Mosaicism for r(X) and der(X)del(X)(p11.23)dup(X)(p11.21p11.22) provides insight into the possible mechanism of rearrangement
Mosby's Ace the Boards Series
MOsDB: an integrated information resource for rice genomics
Moses Judah Folkman 1933–2008
Moses Maimonides: rabbi or medicine.
Mosquito abundance, bed net coverage and other factors associated with variations in sporozoite infectivity rates in four villages of rural Tanzania
Mosquito appetite for blood is stimulated by Plasmodium chabaudi infections in themselves and their vertebrate hosts
Mosquito coil emissions and health implications.
Mosquito has a single multisubstrate deoxyribonucleoside kinase characterized by unique substrate specificity
Mosquito larvicidal activities of Solanum villosum berry extract against the dengue vector Stegomyia aegypti
Mosquito larvicidal and antimicrobial activity of protein of Solanum villosum leaves
Mosquito mismanagement?
Mosquito transcriptome changes and filarial worm resistance in Armigeres subalbatus
Mosquitoes and transmission of malaria parasites – not just vectors
Mosquitoes Inoculate High Doses of West Nile Virus as They Probe and Feed on Live Hosts
Mosquitoes, malaria and man: a history of the hostilities since 1880
Most Caenorhabditis elegans microRNAs Are Individually Not Essential for Development or Viability
Most compact hairpin-turn structure exerted by a short DNA fragment, d(GCGAAGC) in solution: an extraordinarily stable structure resistant to nucleases and heat.
Most nuclear systemic autoantigens are extremely disordered proteins: implications for the etiology of systemic autoimmunity
Most of our social scientists are not institution based… they are there for hire—Research consultancies and social science capacity for health research in East Africa
Most of the extant mtDNA boundaries in South and Southwest Asia were likely shaped during the initial settlement of Eurasia by anatomically modern humans
Most of the extant mtDNA boundaries in South and Southwest Asia were likely shaped during the initial settlement of Eurasia by anatomically modern humans
Most Patients with Colorectal Tumors at Young Age Do Not Visit a Cancer Genetics Clinic
Most Published Research Findings Are False—But a Little Replication Goes a Long Way
Most recent developments in strategies to reduce the progression of structural changes in osteoarthritis: today and tomorrow
Most short DNA molecules isolated from 3T3 cells are not nascent.
Most unwanted.
Motavizumab, A Neutralizing Anti-Respiratory Syncytial Virus (Rsv) Monoclonal Antibody Significantly Modifies The Local And Systemic Cytokine Responses Induced By Rsv In The Mouse Model
Mother and child were saved: the memoirs (1693–1740) of the Frisian midwife Catharina Schrader
Mother and Daughter with Bilateral Congenital Amastia
Mother-infant consultation during drug treatment: Research and innovative clinical practice
Mother's milk.
Motherhood in the Old South: pregnancy, childbirth, and infant rearing
Motherhood in the teens and twenties: some surprises.
Mothers and medicine. A social history of infant feeding, 1890–1950
Mothers' education but not fathers' education, household assets or land ownership is the best predictor of child health inequalities in rural Uganda
Mothers' involvement in a school-based fruit and vegetable promotion intervention is associated with increased fruit and vegetable intakes – The Pro Children study
Motif-directed network component analysis for regulatory network inference
Motif discovery in promoters of genes co-localized and co-expressed during myeloid cells differentiation
Motif Discovery in Tissue-Specific Regulatory Sequences Using Directed Information
Motif kernel generated by genetic programming improves remote homology and fold detection
Motif programming: a microgene-based method for creating synthetic proteins containing multiple functional motifs
Motif3D: relating protein sequence motifs to 3D structure
MotifCluster: an interactive online tool for clustering and visualizing sequences using shared motifs
MotifCombinator: a web-based tool to search for combinations of cis-regulatory motifs
Motifs, Control, and Stability
Motifs in Brain Networks
Motifs, themes and thematic maps of an integrated Saccharomyces cerevisiae interaction network
MotifViz: an analysis and visualization tool for motif discovery
Motility is required for the competitive fitness of entomopathogenic Photorhabdus luminescens during insect infection
Motility Screen Identifies Drosophila IGF-II mRNA-Binding Protein—Zipcode-Binding Protein Acting in Oogenesis and Synaptogenesis
Motion and twisting of magnetic particles ingested by alveolar macrophages in the human lung: effect of smoking and disease
Motion as a phenotype: the use of live-cell imaging and machine visual screening to characterize transcription-dependent chromosome dynamics
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