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M-2 peptide: A potential immuno-modulator of gp120 conformation
M.φ3TII: a new monospecific DNA (cytosine-C5) methyltransferase with pronounced amino acid sequence similarity to a family of adenine-N6-DNA-methyltransferases
m-Aminophenylboronate agarose specifically binds capped snRNA and mRNA.
M-BISON: Microarray-based integration of data sources using networks
m-Calpain is required for preimplantation embryonic development in mice
M-CGH: Analysing microarray-based CGH experiments
M-Coffee: combining multiple sequence alignment methods with T-Coffee
M-CSF and GM-CSF Regulation of STAT5 Activation and DNA Binding in Myeloid Cell Differentiation is Disrupted in Nonobese Diabetic Mice
M-CSF Signals through the MAPK/ERK Pathway via Sp1 to Induce VEGF Production and Induces Angiogenesis In Vivo
M.D. Thesis Abstracts Yale University School of Medicine, 1998
M-DNA is stabilised in G•C tracts or by incorporation of 5-fluorouracil
M.EcoP15 methylates the second adenine in its recognition sequence.
M-GCAT: interactively and efficiently constructing large-scale multiple genome comparison frameworks in closely related species
M.HhaI binds tightly to substrates containing mismatches at the target base.
m -Iodosylbenzoic acid – a convenient recyclable reagent for highly efficient aromatic iodinations
M.KpnI is an adenine-methyltransferase.
M. leprae inhibits apoptosis in THP-1 cells by downregulation of Bad and Bak and upregulation of Mcl-1 gene expression
M od B ase , a database of annotated comparative protein structure models
M ol P robity : structure validation and all-atom contact analysis for nucleic acids and their complexes
M onster : inferring non-covalent interactions in macromolecular structures from atomic coordinate data
M.phi 3TII: a new monospecific DNA (cytosine-C5) methyltransferase with pronounced amino acid sequence similarity to a family of adenine-N6-DNA-methyltransferases.
M.phi 3TII: a new monospecific DNA (cytosine-C5) methyltransferase with pronounced amino acid sequence similarity to a family of adenine-N6-DNA-methyltransferases.
M. pneumoniae respiratory diseases: clinical features--children.
M protein typing of Thai group A streptococcal isolates by PCR-Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis
M.Smal is an N4-methylcytosine specific DNA-methylase.
M. tuberculosis genotypic diversity and drug susceptibility pattern in HIV- infected and non-HIV-infected patients in northern Tanzania
M. tuberculosis Ser/Thr Protein Kinase D Phosphorylates an Anti-Anti–Sigma Factor Homolog
M ulticenter random i zed trial of cell t he rapy in c ar diopa t hies – MiHeart Study
M13 vectors with T7 polymerase promoters: transcription limited by oligonucleotides.
M4T: a comparative protein structure modeling server
M6a is expressed in the murine neural retina and regulates neurite extension
M6P/IGF2R loss of heterozygosity in head and neck cancer associated with poor patient prognosis
m7G5'ppp5'GmptcpUp at the 5' terminus of reovirus messenger RNA.
M867, a Novel Selective Inhibitor of Caspase-3 Enhances Cell Death and Extends Tumor Growth Delay in Irradiated Lung Cancer Models
MAA3 ( MAGATAMA3 ) Helicase Gene is Required for Female Gametophyte Development and Pollen Tube Guidance in Arabidopsis thaliana
MAB21L2, a vertebrate member of the Male-abnormal 21 family, modulates BMP signaling and interacts with SMAD1
MacB ABC Transporter Is a Dimer Whose ATPase Activity and Macrolide-binding Capacity Are Regulated by the Membrane Fusion Protein MacA * S⃞
Maccabaean Prize Essay, 1968
Machina carnis. The Biochemistry of Muscular Contraction in its Historical Development
Machine Learning and Its Applications to Biology
Machine learning and word sense disambiguation in the biomedical domain: design and evaluation issues
Machine-Learning Approaches for Classifying Haplogroup from Y Chromosome STR Data
Machine learning approaches to supporting the identification of photoreceptor-enriched genes based on expression data
Machine learning based analyses on metabolic networks supports high-throughput knockout screens
Machine learning for regulatory analysis and transcription factor target prediction in yeast
Machine learning techniques in disease forecasting: a case study on rice blast prediction
Machines in Medicine: The Medical Practice of the Future
Machines in our hearts: the cardiac pacemaker, the implantable difibrillator, and American health care
MACiE (Mechanism, Annotation and Classification in Enzymes): novel tools for searching catalytic mechanisms
Macroalgae Has No Effect on the Severity and Dynamics of Caribbean Yellow Band Disease
Macroalgal-Associated Dinoflagellates Belonging to the Genus Symbiodinium in Caribbean Reefs
Macrocytic Anemia of Pregnancy
Macrodissection versus microdissection of rectal carcinoma: minor influence of stroma cells to tumor cell gene expression profiles
Macrofilaricides and onchocerciasis control, mathematical modelling of the prospects for elimination
Macrogol (polyethylene glycol) laxatives in children with functional constipation and faecal impaction: a systematic review
MacroH2A1 knockdown effects on the Peg3 imprinted domain
Macrolide-Resistant Shigella sonnei
Macromolecular crowding accelerates the cohesion of DNA fragments with complementary termini.
Macromolecular interaction on a cAMP responsive region in the urokinase-type plasminogen activator gene: a role of protein phosphorylation.
Macromolecular Metabolism in Compensatory Renal Hypertrophy
Macromolecular recognition in the Protein Data Bank
Macromolecular technologies: applications and improvements
Macromolecule adducts as biomarkers of exposure to environmental mutagens in human populations.
Macronuclear DNA of Tetrahymena thermophila exists as defined subchromosomal-sized molecules.
Macronuclear gene-sized molecules of hypotrichs.
Macronuclear Genome Sequence of the Ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila, a Model Eukaryote
Macronuclear genome structure of the ciliate Nyctotherus ovalis : Single-gene chromosomes and tiny introns
Macrophage activation by lipopolysaccharide, interferon-γ and interleukin-4: effect of fatty acid metabolism
Macrophage Activation Redirects Yersinia -Infected Host Cell Death from Apoptosis to Caspase-1-Dependent Pyroptosis
Macrophage and T-Cell Gene Expression in a Model of Early Infection with the Protozoan Leishmania chagasi
Macrophage damage in relation to the pathogenesis of lung diseases.
Macrophage-derived neutrophil chemotactic factor is involved in the neutrophil recruitment inhibitory activity present in the supernatants of LPS-stimulated macrophages
Macrophage functions after exposure to mineral fibers.
Macrophage functions after exposure to nonfibrous mineral dusts.
Macrophage induction of T-suppressor cells in pesticide-exposed and protozoan-infected mice.
Macrophage invasion contributes to degeneration of stria vascularis in Pendred syndrome mouse model
Macrophage metalloelastase (MMP-12) deficiency does not alter bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor: a mediator of matrix metalloproteinase-2 production in rheumatoid arthritis
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Activates Hypoxia-Inducible Factor in a p53-Dependent Manner
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor: controller of systemic inflammation
Macrophage Pro-Inflammatory Response to Francisella novicida Infection Is Regulated by SHIP
Macrophage stimulation and the inflammatory response to asbestos.
Macrophage Tropism and Cytopathicity of HIV-1 Variants Isolated Sequentially from a Long-Term Survivor Infected with nef -Deleted Virus
Macrophages and cytokines in the early defence against herpes simplex virus
Macrophages exposed continuously to lipopolysaccharide and other agonists that act via toll-like receptors exhibit a sustained and additive activation state
Macrophages in rheumatoid arthritis
Macrophages Inhibit Neovascularization in a Murine Model of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Macrophages, PPARs, and Cancer
Macropinocytosis is decreased in diabetic mouse macrophages and is regulated by AMPK
Macrosomia and Hyperinsulinaemic Hypoglycaemia in Patients with Heterozygous Mutations in the HNF4A Gene
MACSIMS : multiple alignment of complete sequences information management system
Mactinin: a modulator of the monocyte response to inflammation
Macular pigment response to a supplement containing meso-zeaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin
Mad dogs: the new rabies plague
Mad princes of renaissance Germany
Mad women in Romantic writing
Mad3 KEN Boxes Mediate both Cdc20 and Mad3 Turnover, and Are Critical for the Spindle Checkpoint
MADAP, a flexible clustering tool for the interpretation of one-dimensional genome annotation data
Madhouses, mad-doctors, and madmen. Ther social history of psychiatry in the Victorian era
MADIBA: A web server toolkit for biological interpretation of Plasmodium and plant gene clusters
Madness and morals. Ideas on insanity in the nineteenth century
Madness and revolution: the lives and legends of Théroigne de Méricourt
Madness and Social Representations. Living with the Mad in One French Community
Madness in America: cultural and medical perceptions of mental illness before 1914
Madness in late imperial China: from illness to deviance
Madness, morality and medicine. A study of the York Retreat 1796–1914
Madness, suicide and the Victorian asylum: attempted self-murder in the age of non-restraint.
MADNet: microarray database network web server
Madonnas and magdalens. The origins and development of Victorian sexual attitudes
MADS-box gene family in rice: genome-wide identification, organization and expression profiling during reproductive development and stress
MADS-complexes regulate transcriptome dynamics during pollen maturation
Maelll polymorphism in sequence encoding 3′ untranslated region of the MCC gene
Maf1, a New Player in the Regulation of Human RNA Polymerase III Transcription
MafA and MafB Regulate Pdx1 Transcription through the Area II Control Region in Pancreatic β Cells * S⃞
MAFFT: a novel method for rapid multiple sequence alignment based on fast Fourier transform
MAFFT version 5: improvement in accuracy of multiple sequence alignment
Maffucci syndrome and soft tissue sarcoma: a case report
MaGe: a microbial genome annotation system supported by synteny results
MAGE-A1 interacts with adaptor SKIP and the deacetylase HDAC1 to repress transcription
MAGEST: MAboya Gene Expression patterns and Sequence Tags
MAGETabulator, a suite of tools to support the microarray data format MAGE-TAB
Maggot Therapy: The Science and Implication for CAM Part I—History and Bacterial Resistance
Maggot Therapy: The Science and Implication for CAM Part II—Maggots Combat Infection
MAGI-1 Modulates AMPA Receptor Synaptic Localization and Behavioral Plasticity in Response to Prior Experience
Magic and divination in ancient Palestine and Syria
Magic bullet: the history of oral rehydration therapy.
MAGIC Database and Interfaces: An Integrated Package for Gene Discovery and Expression
Magic-Factor 1, a Partial Agonist of Met, Induces Muscle Hypertrophy by Protecting Myogenic Progenitors from Apoptosis
Magic, faith and healing. Studies in primitive psychiatry today
Magic in a Bottle
Magic in the Middle Ages
Magic, reason and experience. Studies in the origins and development of Greek science
MAGIC-SPP: a database-driven DNA sequence processing package with associated management tools
Magical medicine in Viking Scandinavia.
Magico-religious mercury exposure.
Magie, Médecine et Possession à Gondar
MAGIIC-PRO: detecting functional signatures by efficient discovery of long patterns in protein sequences
MagiProbe: a novel fluorescence quenching-based oligonucleotide probe carrying a fluorophore and an intercalator
MAGMA: analysis of two-channel microarrays made easy
MagnaportheDB: a federated solution for integrating physical and genetic map data with BAC end derived sequences for the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe grisea
Magnesium administration provokes motor unit survival, after sciatic nerve injury in neonatal rats
Magnesium-binding studies reveal fundamental differences between closely related RNA triphosphatases
Magnesium carbonate for phosphate control in patients on hemodialysis. A randomized controlled trial
Magnesium deficiency: effect on bone mineral density in the mouse appendicular skeleton
Magnesium-dependence of in vitro translation programmed by gene-specific mRNAs
Magnesium-dependence of in vitro translation programmed by gene-specific mRNAs.
Magnesium-dependent alternative foldings of active and inactive Escherichia coli tRNA(Glu) revealed by chemical probing.
Magnesium-dependent supercoiling-induced transition in (dG)n.(dC)n stretches and formation of a new G-structure by (dG)n strand.
Magnesium inhibits nickel-induced genotoxicity and formation of reactive oxygen.
Magnesium is required for specific DNA binding of the CREB B-ZIP domain
Magnesium sulphate and amiodarone prophylaxis for prevention of postoperative arrhythmia in coronary by-pass operations
Magnesium treatment in alcoholics: a randomized clinical trial
Magnesium treatment in alcoholics: A randomized clinical trial
Magnet induced perforated appendicitis and ileo-caecal fistula formation
Magnet therapy for the relief of pain and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis (CAMBRA): A randomised placebo-controlled crossover trial
Magnetic Assisted Navigation in Electrophysiology and Cardiac Resynchronisation: A Review
Magnetic bead capture of cDNAs from double-stranded plasmid cDNA libraries.
Magnetic Beads for Schistosomiasis Diagnosis
Magnetic characterization of superparamagnetic nanoparticles pulled through model membranes
Magnetic DNA affinity purification of yeast transcription factor tau--a new purification principle for the ultrarapid isolation of near homogeneous factor.
Magnetic Field Distribution and Signal Decay in Functional MRI in Very High Fields (up to 9.4 T) Using Monte Carlo Diffusion Modeling
Magnetic-field-induced DNA strand breaks in brain cells of the rat.
Magnetic fields and cancer.
Magnetic fields and cancer: animal and cellular evidence--an overview.
Magnetic microcapsule exploration in the gastrointestinal cavity of the origins of colorectal cancer-associated DNA-damaging agents in the human diet.
Magnetic microcapsules as novel biomonitors of cross-linking agents and diet-dependent reactive oxygen species in the human gastrointestinal tract.
Magnetic record associated with tree ring density: Possible climate proxy
Magnetic resonance imaging changes of sacroiliac joints in patients with recent-onset inflammatory back pain: inter-reader reliability and prevalence of abnormalities
Magnetic resonance imaging findings in bipartite medial cuneiform – a potential pitfall in diagnosis of midfoot injuries: a case series
Magnetic resonance imaging in entomology: a critical review
Magnetic Resonance Imaging in patients with ICDs and Pacemakers
Magnetic resonance imaging in psoriatic arthritis: a review of the literature
Magnetic resonance imaging of anterior cruciate ligament rupture
Magnetic resonance imaging of the erector spinae muscles in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: implication for scoliotic deformities
Magnetic resonance imaging of the knee in Norway 2002–2004 (national survey): rapid increase, older patients, large geographic differences
Magnetic resonance imaging protocols for paediatric neuroradiology
Magnetic resonance imaging: the preferred imaging method for evaluation of the right ventricle
Magnetic resonance lung function – a breakthrough for lung imaging and functional assessment? A phantom study and clinical trial
Magnetic resonance mammography in the evaluation of recurrence at the prior lumpectomy site after conservative surgery and radiotherapy
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of lumbar spine: use of a shortened protocol for initial investigation of degenerative disease.
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of normal appearing white matter in early relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: correlations between disability and spectroscopy
Magnetic stimulation for non-homogeneous biological structures
Magnetic techniques for the isolation and purification of proteins and peptides
Magnetically assisted DNA assays: high selectivity using conjugated polymers for amplified fluorescent transduction
Magnetically guided left ventricular lead implantation based on a virtual three-dimensional reconstructed image of the coronary sinus
Magnetoencephalographic Signals Identify Stages in Real-Life Decision Processes
Magnetoreception System in Honeybees ( Apis mellifera )
Magnetotherapy, alternative medicines, Hippocratic oath
Magnification endoscopy to detect dysplastic aberrant crypt foci in Mexican patients with high risk for colorectal cancer
Magnified Examination of Small Colorectal Polyps Using a Prototype Electronic Endoscope
Magnitude and Complexity of Rectal Mucosa HIV-1-Specific CD8+ T-Cell Responses during Chronic Infection Reflect Clinical Status
Magnitude and direction of DNA bending induced by screw-axis orientation: influence of sequence, mismatches and abasic sites
Magnitude and meaningfulness of change in SF-36 scores in four types of orthopedic surgery
Magnitude of Alloresponses to MHC Class I/II Expressing Human Cardiac Myocytes is Limited by their Intrinsic Ability to Process and Present Antigenic Peptides
MAGNOLIA: multiple alignment of protein–coding and structural RNA sequences
Magpies as Hosts for West Nile Virus, Southern France
Mahaim Fibre Tachycardia: Recognition and Management
MAID : An effect size based model for microarray data integration across laboratories and platforms
Maimonides' Commentary on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates, vol. 2, Maimonides' medical writings
Main clinical features in patients at their first psychiatric admission to Italian acute hospital psychiatric wards. The PERSEO study
Mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke-induced DNA adducts in C7Bl and DBA mice.
Maintained inspiratory activity during proportional assist ventilation in surfactant-depleted cats early after surfactant instillation: phrenic nerve and pulmonary stretch receptor activity
Maintainence of parasitaemia – is it to die for?
Maintaining A Physiological Blood Glucose Level with ‘Glucolevel’, A Combination of Four Anti-Diabetes Plants Used in the Traditional Arab Herbal Medicine
Maintaining quality of health services after abolition of user fees: A Uganda case study
Maintenance and incompatibility of plasmids carrying the replication origin of the Escherichia coli chromosome: evidence for a control region of replication between oriC and asnA.
Maintenance and Restoration of Spermatogenesis in Hypophysectomized Rhesus Monkeys by Androgen Administration *
Maintenance care in chiropractic – what do we know?
Maintenance metabolism and carbon fluxes in Bacillus species
Maintenance of an Efficient and Equilibrated Immune System Through the Novel Use of Natural Health Products: Synopsis of a Symposium
Maintenance of bone mineral density after implantation of a femoral neck hip prosthesis
Maintenance of Large Subpopulations of Differentiated CD8 T-Cells Two Years after Cytomegalovirus Infection in Gambian Infants
Maintenance of Long-Range DNA Interactions after Inhibition of Ongoing RNA Polymerase II Transcription
Maintenance of Obesity Following Hypophysectomy in the Obese Hyperglycemic Mouse (ob/ob)
Maintenance of Paternal Methylation and Repression of the Imprinted H19 Gene Requires MBD3
Maintenance of the plant genome under natural light
Maintenance of tracheal tube cuff pressure: where are the limits?
Maintenance of transposon-free regions throughout vertebrate evolution
Maintenance therapy with once-monthly administration of long-acting injectable risperidone in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder: a pilot study of an extended dosing interval
Maintenance treatment of adolescent bipolar disorder: open study of the effectiveness and tolerability of quetiapine
Maintenance treatment with esomeprazole following initial relief of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-associated upper gastrointestinal symptoms: the NASA2 and SPACE2 studies
Maitotoxin-induced membrane blebbing and cell death in bovine aortic endothelial cells
Maize Adh1 as a monitor of environmental mutagens.
Maize chloroplast DNA encodes a protein sequence homologous to the bacterial ribosome assembly protein S4.
Maize chloroplast RNA polymerase: the 78-kilodalton polypeptide is encoded by the plastid rpoC1 gene.
Maize DNA-sequencing strategies and genome organization
Maize haplotype with a helitron -amplified cytidine deaminase gene copy
Maize pollen test systems to detect nondisjunction.
Maize U2 snRNAs: gene sequence and expression.
MaizeDB – A Functional Genomics Perspective
MaizeGDB's new data types, resources and activities
MaizeGDB, the community database for maize genetics and genomics
MaizeGDB: The Maize Model Organism Database for Basic, Translational, and Applied Research
Major biological obstacles for persistent cell-based regeneration of articular cartilage
Major combined electrolyte deficiency during therapy with low-dose Cisplatin, 5-Fluorouracil and Interferon alpha: report on several cases and review of the literature [ISRCTN62866759]
Major complications following exenteration in cases of pelvic malignancy: an 18-year experience
Major congenital malformations and residential proximity to a regional industrial park including a national toxic waste site: An ecological study
Major copy proportion analysis of tumor samples using SNP arrays
Major depression, fibromyalgia and labour force participation: A population-based cross-sectional study
Major Flame Burn Caused by Electric Fly-Swatter
Major genomic mitochondrial lineages delineate early human expansions
Major HGF-mediated regenerative pathways are similarly affected in human and canine cirrhosis
Major Histocompatibility Complex Based Resistance to a Common Bacterial Pathogen of Amphibians
Major histocompatibility complex ( Mhc ) class Ib gene duplications, organization and expression patterns in mouse strain C57BL/6
Major HPB Procedures Must be Undertaken in High Volume Quaternary Centres?
Major Issues and Challenges of Influenza Pandemic Preparedness in Developing Countries
Major issues in miner health.
Major liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma in the morbidly obese: A proposed strategy to improve outcome
Major oxidative products of cytosine, 5-hydroxycytosine and 5-hydroxyuracil, exhibit sequence context-dependent mispairing in vitro.
Major Potential Confounder Not Addressed
Major problems in the history of American medicine and public health: documents and essays
Major reduction of malaria morbidity with combined vitamin A and zinc supplementation in young children in Burkina Faso: a randomized double blind trial
Major Role for Amphotericin B–Flucytosine Combination in Severe Cryptococcosis
Major sources of benzene exposure.
Major Structural Differences and Novel Potential Virulence Mechanisms from the Genomes of Multiple Campylobacter Species
Major Surface Glycoproteins of Insect Forms of Trypanosoma brucei Are Not Essential for Cyclical Transmission by Tsetse
Major surgery delegation to mid-level health practitioners in Mozambique: health professionals' perceptions
MAK-4 and -5 supplemented diet inhibits liver carcinogenesis in mice
MAK, a computational tool kit for automated MITE analysis
Making a difference--women, medicine, and the twenty-first century.
Making a long story short: a note on men's height and mortality in England from the first through the nineteenth centuries.
Making a New Technology Work: The Standardization and Regulation of Microarrays
Making amends: ecological restoration in the United States.
Making and breaking the message
Making (anti)sense of non-coding sequence conservation.
Making Ends Meet: Repairing Breaks in Bacterial DNA by Non-Homologous End-Joining
Making Fake Sludge
Making Food Safety an Issue: Internationalized Food Politics and French Public Health from the 1870s to the Present
Making Hands Jive: How the Body Manages Hand Coordination
Making headlines in the lab.
Making Headlines on Health
Making health care healthier: a prescription for change.
Making house calls: using telecommunications to bring health care into the home.
Making Human Neurons from Stem Cells after Spinal Cord Injury
Making medical doctors: science and medicine at Vanderbilt since Flexner
Making medical history: the life and times of Henry E Sigerist
Making medicine scientific: John Burdon Sanderson and the culture of Victorian science
Making more minority scientists.
Making muslim babies: Ivf and gamete donation in sunni versus shi’a islam
Making Performance-Based Funding Work for Health
Making Practical Markets for Vaccines
Making Progress on Breast Cancer
Making sense of centromeres
Making sense of EST sequences by CLOBBing them
Making sense of illness: science, society, and disease
Making sense of lung-cancer gene-expression profiles
Making sense of microarrays
Making Sense of Non-Financial Competing Interests
Making sense of nonsense: the evolution of selenocysteine usage in proteins
Making sense of zebrafish neural development in the Minervois
Making sex: body and gender from the Greeks to Freud
Making Succinate More Successful
Making systems biology work in the 21st century
Making the best of biomass: hydrogen for fuel cells.
Making the Connection: Polar Sites Are Key to Assembly in Many Immune Receptors
Making the jump: new insights into the mechanism of trans -translation
Making the modern medical school: the Wisconsin stories
Making the most of high-throughput protein-interaction data
Malabsorption and nutritional support
Maladaptation and the Paradox of Robustness in Evolution
Malades d'hier, malades d'aujourd'hui
Maladie et maladies: histoire et conceptualisation. Mélanges en l'honneur de Mirko Grmek
Maladies des femmes
Malakoplakia of the appendix, an uncommon entity at an unusual site: a case report
Malaria and anaemia among children in two communities of Kumasi, Ghana: a cross-sectional survey
Malaria and anemia prevention in pregnant women of rural Burkina Faso
Malaria and ecosystems: historical aspects
Malaria and HIV: interplay of risk.
Malaria and its possible control on the island of Príncipe
Malaria and obesity: obese mice are resistant to cerebral malaria
Malaria and urbanization in sub-Saharan Africa
Malaria and water resource development: the case of Gilgel-Gibe hydroelectric dam in Ethiopia
Malaria carriers.
Malaria case-management under artemether-lumefantrine treatment policy in Uganda
Malaria chemoprophylaxis and the serologic response to measles and diphtheria-tetanus-whole-cell pertussis vaccines
Malaria control in Malawi: are the poor being served?
Malaria control in Zambia and southern Africa.
Malaria Control with Transgenic Mosquitoes
Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment: One Size Does Not Fit All
Malaria during pregnancy and foetal haematological status in Blantyre, Malawi
Malaria eradication in Mexico : Some historico-parasitological views on cold war, deadly fevers by Marcos Cueto, Ph.D
Malaria eradication: the economic, financial and institutional challenge
Malaria hotspot areas in a highland Kenya site are consistent in epidemic and non-epidemic years and are associated with ecological factors
Malaria Impairs T Cell Clustering and Immune Priming despite Normal Signal 1 from Dendritic Cells
Malaria in Africa: Vector Species' Niche Models and Relative Risk Maps
Malaria in American troops in the South and Southwest Pacific in World War II.
Malaria in central Vietnam: analysis of risk factors by multivariate analysis and classification tree models
Malaria in China and the equatorial Pacific area from 1937 to 1943.
Malaria in Northern Ireland
Malaria in Pregnancy
Malaria in pregnancy.
Malaria in Pregnancy: What Can the Social Sciences Contribute?
Malaria in pregnant women in an area with sustained high coverage of insecticide-treated bed nets
Malaria in rural Burkina Faso: local illness concepts, patterns of traditional treatment and influence on health-seeking behaviour
Malaria in rural Mozambique. Part I: Children attending the outpatient clinic
Malaria in rural Mozambique. Part II: children admitted to hospital
Malaria in Sri Lanka: one year post-tsunami
Malaria in War
Malaria incidence and efficacy of intermittent preventive treatment in infants (IPTi)
Malaria incidence in Limpopo Province, South Africa, 1998–2007
Malaria Infection Increases Attractiveness of Humans to Mosquitoes
Malaria Liver Stage Susceptibility Locus Identified on Mouse Chromosome 17 by Congenic Mapping
Malaria morbidity and immunity among residents of villages with different Plasmodium falciparum transmission intensity in North-Eastern Tanzania
Malaria morbidity in Papua Indonesia, an area with multidrug resistant Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum
Malaria mosquito control using edible fish in western Kenya: preliminary findings of a controlled study
Malaria Panel Assay versus PCR: detection of naturally infected Anopheles melas in a coastal village of Equatorial Guinea
Malaria Parasite Invasion of the Mosquito Salivary Gland Requires Interaction between the Plasmodium TRAP and the Anopheles Saglin Proteins
Malaria pigment paralyzes dendritic cells
Malaria: poverty, race, and public health in the United States
Malaria prevalence and mosquito net coverage in Oromia and SNNPR regions of Ethiopia
Malaria prevalence in Nias District, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia
Malaria prophylaxis policy for travellers from Europe to the Indian Sub Continent
Malaria prophylaxis: taking aim at constantly moving targets.
Malaria-related mortality based on verbal autopsy in an area of low endemicity in a predominantly rural population in Ethiopia
Malaria risk and access to prevention and treatment in the paddies of the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania
Malaria Susceptibility—It's Not All in the Genes
Malaria transmission in Dakar: A two-year survey
Malaria transmission in two localities in north-western Argentina
Malaria transmission pattern resilience to climatic variability is mediated by insecticide-treated nets
Malaria treatment failures after artemisinin-based therapy in three expatriates: could improved manufacturer information help to decrease the risk of treatment failure ?
Malaria treatment in the retail sector: Knowledge and practices of drug sellers in rural Tanzania
Malaria treatment-seeking behaviour and recovery from malaria in a highland area of Kenya
Malaria vaccine efficacy: the difficulty of detecting and diagnosing malaria
Malaria Vaccine Trial Results Are Negative, but Important
Malaria Vaccine Yields Parasite-Killing Antibodies in Human Volunteers
Malaria vaccines and their potential role in the elimination of malaria
Malaria vector control by indoor residual insecticide spraying on the tropical island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea
Malaria vector control practices in an irrigated rice agro-ecosystem in central Kenya and implications for malaria control
Malaria vectors and transmission dynamics in coastal south-western Cameroon
Malaria vectors in Angola: distribution of species and molecular forms of the Anopheles gambiae complex, their pyrethroid insecticide knockdown resistance (kdr) status and Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite rates
Malarial pigment haemozoin, IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, IL-1beta and LPS do not stimulate expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase and production of nitric oxide in immuno-purified human monocytes
Malarial proteases and host cell egress: an ‘emerging’ cascade
MalariaSphere: A greenhouse-enclosed simulation of a natural Anopheles gambiae (Diptera: Culicidae) ecosystem in western Kenya
Malarone treatment failure and in vitro confirmation of resistance of Plasmodium falciparum isolate from Lagos, Nigeria
Malarone treatment failure not associated with previously described mutations in the cytochrome b gene
MALDI imaging mass spectrometry for direct tissue analysis: a new frontier for molecular histology
MALDI mass spectrometry analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms by photocleavage and charge-tagging
MALDI/MS peptide mass fingerprinting for proteome analysis: identification of hydrophobic proteins attached to eucaryote keratinocyte cytoplasmic membrane using different matrices in concert
MALDI-TOF mass spectrometric typing of single nucleotide polymorphisms with mass-tagged ddNTPs.
Male accessory gland size and the evolutionary transition from single to multiple mating in the fungus-gardening ants
Male and Female
Male and Female Adult Population Health Status in China: A Cross-Sectional National Survey
Male and female brain evolution is subject to contrasting selection pressures in primates
Male-biased genes are overrepresented among novel Drosophila pseudoobscura sex-biased genes
Male-biased sex ratios of fish embryos near a pulp mill: temporary recovery after a short-term shutdown.
Male breast cancer: is the scenario changing
Male breast cancer: thirteen years experience of a single center
Male Circumcision and HIV Control in Africa
Male Circumcision and HIV in Africa
Male circumcision as a preventive measure limiting HIV transmission
Male Circumcision for Prevention of HIV Transmission: What the New Data Mean for HIV Prevention in the United States
Male Circumcision Increases Risk for Females
Male circumcision, religion, and infectious diseases: an ecologic analysis of 118 developing countries
Male coercion and convenience polyandry in a calopterygid damselfly
Male dominance linked to size and age, but not to 'good genes' in brown trout ( Salmo trutta )
Male Genitoplasty for Intersex Disorders
Male gonadal dose of ionizing radiation delivered during X-ray examinations and monthly probability of pregnancy: a population-based retrospective study
Male gynecomastia and risk for malignant tumours – a cohort study
Male infertility related to an aberrant karyotype, 47,XYY: four case reports
Male-killing endosymbionts: influence of environmental conditions on persistence of host metapopulation
Male or Female? It Depends on the Dose
Male or Female? The Answer Depends on When You Ask
Male pheromone protein components activate female vomeronasal neurons in the salamander Plethodon shermani
Male pheromone stimulates ovarian follicular development and body growth in juvenile female opossums (Monodelphis domestica)
Male preponderance in early diagnosed type 2 diabetes is associated with the ARE insertion/deletion polymorphism in the PPP1R3A locus
Male reproductive development: gene expression profiling of maize anther and pollen ontogeny
Male Reproductive Health: A village based study of camp attenders in rural India
Male reproductive health and environmental xenoestrogens.
Male reproductive toxicology: comparison of the human to animal models.
Male sexual ornament size is positively associated with reproductive morphology and enhanced fertility in the stalk-eyed fly Teleopsis dalmanni
Male silver eels mature by swimming
Male-Specific Association between a γ-Secretase Polymorphism and Premature Coronary Atherosclerosis
Male tobacco smoke load and non-lung cancer mortality associations in Massachusetts
Male urine signals social rank in the Mozambique tilapia ( Oreochromis mossambicus )
Male Weaponry in a Fighting Cricket
Maleimide-mediated protein conjugates of a nucleoside triphosphate gamma-S and an internucleotide phosphorothioate diester.
Males in rural Bangladeshi communities are more susceptible to chronic arsenic poisoning than females: analyses based on urinary arsenic.
Malformed frogs. Making the leap to humans.
Malfunctioning central venous catheters in children: a diagnostic approach
MalHaploFreq : A computer programme for estimating malaria haplotype frequencies from blood samples
Mali Médical Goes Global
Malignancy in the blind painful eye – report of two cases and literature review
Malignant and Non-malignant Uterine and Vaginal Lesions in Mice Receiving Estrogens and Estrogens and Androgens Simultaneously *
Malignant Arrhythmia in Apical Ballooning Syndrome: Risk Factors and Outcomes
Malignant atypical cell in urine cytology: a diagnostic dilemma
“Malignant Brain Tumours.”
Malignant Catarrhal Fever Induced by Alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 Is Associated with Proliferation of CD8 + T Cells Supporting a Latent Infection
Malignant Chondroblastoma of the Os Calcis
Malignant colo-duodenal fistula; case report and review of the literature
Malignant conversion and metastasis of mouse skin tumors: a comparison of SENCAR and CD-1 mice.
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma, Aggressive Fibromatosis and Benign Fibrous Tumors Express mRNA for the Metalloproteinase Inducer EMMPRIN and the Metalloproteinases MMP-2 and MT1-MMP
Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the face: report of a case
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of The Pancreas
Malignant Glial Neoplasms: Definition of a Humoral Host Response to Tumor-Associated Antigen(s)
Malignant Glomus Tumour: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Malignant Hemangiopericytoma Arising in Neurofibromatosis: A Case Report with Histological, Immunohistochemical and Ultrastructural Studies
Malignant hyperpyrexia in an MDMA ("Ecstasy") abuser.
Malignant hyperthermia
Malignant lymphoma and Schistosoma japonica infection
Malignant lymphoma of the scrotum and Wegener's granulomatosis of the penis--genital presentation of systemic disease.
Malignant Lymphomas and their Management
Malignant lymphomas (ML) and HIV infection in Tanzania
Malignant melanoma associated with a blue naevus: a case report
Malignant melanoma in pregnancy.
Malignant melanoma over a fifty-year period: a histological evaluation
Malignant mesothelioma
Malignant mesothelioma: Canadian perspective and research directions
Malignant mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis of the testis without exposure to asbestos
Malignant mesothelioma with unexpected contralateral mediastinal shift: a case report
Malignant myoepithelial cells are associated with the differentiated papillary structure and metastatic ability of a syngeneic murine mammary adenocarcinoma model
Malignant Pancreatic Polypeptide Secreting Tumour of Islet Cells: A Case for Aggressive Surgical Palliation
Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the breast: case report
Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNST) – Clinicopathological study and treatment outcome of twenty-four cases
Malignant peritoneal mesothelioma as a rare cause of ascites: a case report
Malignant perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEComa) of the uterus with late renal and pulmonary metastases: a case report with review of the literature
Malignant phyllodes tumor with heterologous liposarcomatous differentiation and tubular adenoma-like epithelial component
Malignant potential of intrahepatic biliary papillomatosis: a case report and review of the literature
Malignant schwannoma of the upper mediastinum originating from the vagus nerve
Malignant subdural effusion associated with disseminated adenocarcinoma: a case report
Malignant teratoma of the spleen.
Malignant transformation of immortalized human bronchial epithelial cells by asbestos fibers.
Malignant tumors of the liver and lungs in an area with a PVC industry.
MALISAM: a database of structurally analogous motifs in proteins
Malleable Machines in Transcription Regulation: The Mediator Complex
Malnutrition and bilateral central retinal vein occlusion in a young woman: a case report
Malnutrition and Infection: Complex Mechanisms and Global Impacts
Malnutrition and the disproportional burden on the poor: the case of Ghana
Malocclusion, psycho-social impacts and treatment need: A cross-sectional study of Tanzanian primary school-children
Malondialdehyde-acetaldehyde (MAA) modified proteins induce pro-inflammatory and pro-fibrotic responses by liver endothelial cells
Malondialdehyde in benign prostate hypertrophy: a useful marker?
Malondialdehyde precursors in gamma-irradiated DNA, deoxynucleotides and deoxynucleosides.
Malone Place Hospital (1860-1981) (the Belfast Midnight Mission).
Malpighi's De polypo cordis: an annotated translation.
Malthus, medicine, and morality
MalVac: Database of malarial vaccine candidates
Mammalian assay for site-specific DNA damage processing using the human H-ras proto-oncogene.
Mammalian beta-polymerase promoter: phosphorylation of ATF/CRE-binding protein and regulation of DNA binding.
Mammalian BEX , WEX and GASP genes: Coding and non-coding chimaerism sustained by gene conversion events
Mammalian cDNA and prokaryotic reporter sequences silence adjacent transgenes in transgenic mice.
Mammalian cell function mediating recombination of genetic elements.
Mammalian cell processing of a unique uracil residue in simian virus 40 DNA.
Mammalian Cells Change Volume during Mitosis
Mammalian cells lack checkpoints for tetraploidy, aberrant centrosome number, and cytokinesis failure
Mammalian Comparative Sequence Analysis of the Agrp Locus
Mammalian cyclin/PCNA (DNA polymerase delta auxiliary protein) stimulates processive DNA synthesis by yeast DNA polymerase III.
Mammalian DNA helicase.
Mammalian DNA polymerase alpha: a replication competent holoenzyme form from calf thymus.
Mammalian enzymes for preventing transcriptional errors caused by oxidative damage
Mammalian gene expression is improved by use of a longer SV40 early polyadenylation cassette.
Mammalian Genetics and Cancer. The Jackson Laboratory Fiftieth Anniversary Symposium
Mammalian keratin gene families: organisation of genes coding for the B2 high-sulphur proteins of sheep wool.
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