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1 - 2 L'Aconit et l'orpiment. Drogues et poison en Chine ancienne et médiévale                            
Large-Scale Turnover of Functional Transcription Factor Binding Sites in Drosophila                 
Large-scale validation of methods for cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitope prediction                     
Les Isotopes Radioactifs En Biologie                                                                
3 - 4 Les maladies à l'aube de la civilisation occidentale                                                
Linkers designed to intercalate the double helix greatly facilitate DNA alkylation by triplex-formin
LinkHub: a Semantic Web system that facilitates cross-database queries and information retrieval in 
Long 5' leaders inhibit removal of a 3' trailer from a precursor tRNA by mammalian tRNA 3' processin
5 - 6 Long acting β 2 agonists for stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with poor reversibility:  
Low self-esteem and psychiatric patients: Part II – The relationship between self-esteem and demog  
Low sensitivity of nested PCR using Plasmodium DNA extracted from stained thick blood smears: an epi
Lysyl oxidase-like protein 1 ( LOXL1 ) gene polymorphisms and exfoliation glaucoma in a Central Euro