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J C Prichard's concept of moral insanity--a medical theory of the corruption of human nature.
J. J. Lister and the establishment of histology.
J J R Macleod: The Co-discoverer of Insulin
J. J. Thomson and the Cavendish Laboratory in his Day
Jab1 is a target of EGFR signaling in ERα-negative breast cancer
Jablonski's Dictionary of Syndromes and Eponymic Diseases. 2nd Edition
Jaceosidin Induces Apoptosis in Human Ovary Cancer Cells through Mitochondrial Pathway
Jack-of-all-trades, master of none: Postgraduate perspectives on interdisciplinary health research in Australia
Jack-of-All-Trades “Supergene” Controls Butterfly Wing Pattern Diversity
Jack the Ripper. The final solution
Jackson Appointed Chief
Jacob Berzelius, the emergence of his chemical system
JACOP: A simple and robust method for the automated classification of protein sequences with modular architecture
Jacov Tal (1940 – 2005): remembrances of a friend
Jacques Moleschott, een markante persoonlijkheid in de negentiende eeuwse fysiologie?
JAFA: a protein function annotation meta-server
Jagged2a-Notch Signaling Mediates Cell Fate Choice in the Zebrafish Pronephric Duct
JAK Inhibitors AG-490 and WHI-P154 Decrease IFN-γ-Induced iNOS Expression and NO Production in Macrophages
JAK2 V617F: A Single Mutation in the Myeloproliferative Group of Disorders
Jake, Leon O. Jacobson, M.D.: The Life and Work of a Distinguished Medical Scientist
James Alexander Lindsay, M.A., M.D., F.R.C.P.(LOND.)
James Blair (1747-1817), provincial dentist.
James Douglas and the Surgery of the Peritoneum
James Douglas of the Pouch.
James Dowling Trask
James Dowling Trask *
James Hammond Wallace
James Hardy and the Devonshire Colic.
James Hart of Northampton and the Calvinist critique of priest-physicians: an unpublished polemic of the early 1620s.
James Hutton's medical dissertation. ( Transactions of the American Philosophical Society , vol. 70, pt. 6)
James Keill of Northampton, physician, anatomist and physiologist.
James Lind and the cure of scurvy: an experimental approach.
James Lind and the prevention of scurvy
James Lind, Founder of Nautical Medicine
James Parkinson: his life and times
JAMM: A Metalloprotease-Like Zinc Site in the Proteasome and Signalosome
Jan Brod, MD, DSc (Prague), FRCP
Jan Swammerdam (1637–1680). His Life and Works
Jan van Rymsdyk, medical artist of the eighteenth century
Jan Wier, devils, witches and magic
Jane Austen and the body: `the picture of health'
January 1835
Janus kinases and signal transducers and activators of transcription: their roles in cytokine signaling, development and immunoregulation
Japan's toxic past resurfaces.
Japan-U.S. Joint seminar on toxicity of chlorinated biphenyls, dibenzofurans, dibenzodioxins, and related compounds. April 25-28, 1983, Fukuoka, Japan.
Japanese cancer patient participation in and satisfaction with treatment-related decision-making: A qualitative study
Japanese epidemiological survey with consensus statement on Japanese guidelines for treatment of iron overload in bone marrow failure syndromes
Japanese haemodialysis anaemia management practices and outcomes (1999–2006): results from the DOPPS
Japanese version of the Dermatology Life Quality Index: validity and reliability in patients with acne
Jared Eliot, Minister, Doctor, Scientist, and His Connecticut
Jasmonic Acid-Induced Changes in Brassica oleracea Affect Oviposition Preference of Two Specialist Herbivores
JASPAR: an open-access database for eukaryotic transcription factor binding profiles
JASPAR, the open access database of transcription factor-binding profiles: new content and tools in the 2008 update
JAtlasView: a Java atlas-viewer for browsing biomedical 3D images and atlases
Jaundice During Pregnancy
Java GUI for InterProScan (JIPS): A tool to help process multiple InterProScans and perform ortholog analysis
Java Protein Dossier: a novel web-based data visualization tool for comprehensive analysis of protein structure
Java Web Start based software for automated quantitative nuclear analysis of prostate cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia
JCat: a novel tool to adapt codon usage of a target gene to its potential expression host
JCoast – A biologist-centric software tool for data mining and comparison of prokaryotic (meta)genomes
JColorGrid: software for the visualization of biological measurements
Jean Jacques DuMortier 1904-1934
Jejunal atresia presenting with mesenteric cyst in a neonate: a case report
Jejunal microvilli atrophy and reduced nutrient transport in rats with advanced liver cirrhosis: improvement by Insulin-like Growth Factor I
Jejunal perforation caused by a feeding jejunostomy tube: a case report
Jejunal perforation in gallstone ileus – a case series
Jejunogastric intussusception presented with hematemesis: a case presentation and review of the literature
Jejunum free flap in hypopharynx reconstruction: Case series
Jejunum or Stomach for the Pancreatic Anastomosis After Pancreaticoduodenectomy
Jenner's smallpox vaccine. The riddle of vaccinia virus and its origin
Jessie Braidwood Webster
Jessie Dobson, MSc.
JEvTrace: refinement and variations of the evolutionary trace in JAVA
Jews, medicine, and medieval society
JIGSAW, GeneZilla, and GlimmerHMM: puzzling out the features of human genes in the ENCODE regions
JINN, an integrated software package for molecular geneticists.
JLIN: A java based linkage disequilibrium plotter
JMATING: a software for the analysis of sexual selection and sexual isolation effects from mating frequency data
JNER: a forum to discuss how neuroscience and biomedical engineering are reshaping physical medicine & rehabilitation
JNK pathway is involved in the inhibition of inflammatory target gene expression and NF-kappaB activation by melittin
JNK1 is not essential for TNF-mediated joint disease
Joan D'Alos and the Doctrine of the Circulation of the Blood
Joan Lane
Joannes Gregorius Dusser de Barenne
Job description
Job loss from poor health, smoking and obesity: a national prospective survey in France
Job satisfaction trends during nurses' early career
Job strain — Attributable depression in a sample of working Australians: Assessing the contribution to health inequalities
Job stress among community health workers: a multi-method study from Pakistan
Joel Barlow and Seasickness
Joh. Friedrich Miescher and the Contribution of Basle Physicians to the Biology of the Nineteenth Century *
Johann Christian Reil's training scheme for medical auxiliaries.
Johann Ernst Greding (1718-1775). A contribution to the history of modern psychiatry.
Johann Friedrich Struensee. Arzt, Aufklärer und Staatsmann
Johann Heinrich Cohausen (1665–1750), Salt Iatrochemistry, and Theories of Longevity in his Satire, Hermippus Redivivus (1742)
Johann Heinrich Dierbach (1788–1845)
Johann Jakob Wepfer (1620–1695) als klinischer Praktiker
Johann Jakob Wepfer (1620–1695) als Toxikologe: die Fallstudien und Tierexperimente aus seiner Abhandlung über den Wasserschierling (1679)
Johannes' de Rupescissa `Liber de consideratione quintae essentiae omnium rerum' deutsch: Studien zur Alchemia medica des 15. bis 17. Jahrhunderts mit kritischer Edition des Textes
Johannes Gessners Pariser Tagebuch 1727
Johannes Müller and the Modern Conception of Cancer *
Johannes Müller and the nineteenth-century origins of tumour cell theory
Johannes Müller und die Philosophie
Johannes Walaeus. Zijn betekenis vor de verbreiding van de leer van de bloeds omloop
Johannes Wildberger (1815–1879) ein Schweizer Messerschmied und Wegbereiter der Orthopädie
John Addenbrooke M.D. (1680-1719).
John Alexander Sinton
John Alexander Sinton, V.C., F.R.S. Soldier, doctor and scientist.
John Andree's "Essay on Gonorrhoea".
John Aubrey and the realm of learning
John Caius and the Linacre tradition.
John Caius and the manuscripts of Galen
John Charnley: the man and the hip
John Clavell, 1601–43: highwayman, author, lawyer, doctor
John Crane (1571--1652); the Cambridge apothecary and philanthropist.
John Creery Ferguson 1802-1865: Physician and fetologist.
John Evelyn and medicine.
John Evelyn's tables of veins and arteries: a rediscovered letter.
John F. Fulton (1899-1960)
John F. Fulton, Coccidioidomycosis, and Penicillin
John Freind, 1675—1728
John Gibbon and his heart-lung machine
John Gray M'Kendrick, physiologist (1841-1926).
John Gregory and the invention of professional medical ethics and the profession of medicine
John Grieve's correspondence with Joseph Black and some contemporaneous Russo-Scottish medical intercommunication.
John Hall and his patients: the medical practice of Shakespeare's son-in-law
John Henry Biggart 1905-1979--a portrait in respect and affection.
John Hunter
John Hunter 1728–1793
John Hunter: pioneer of freeze-fracture.
John Hutchinson in Australia and Fiji.
John Hutchinson, the inventor of the spirometer--hisnorthcountrybackground, life in London, and scientific achievements.
John Huxham.
John Locke and the Preface to Thomas Sydenham's Observationes Medicae
John Locke on Respiration
John Macculloch, M.D., F.R.S. (1773-1835) (The precursor of the discipline of malariology).
John Marsden's will: the Hornby estate case 1780–1840
John Morgan, Continental Doctor
John Nott, M.D. 1751-1825. The Oriental travels of an eighteenth-century physician.
John P. Peters and Nephrology.
John P. Peters and the committee of 430 physicians.
John P. Peters: his role in diabetes, research, and patient care.
John P. Peters Symposium. June 6, 1998.
John Pemberton and the flax industry in Northern Ireland.
John Punnett Peters: An Appreciation
John R. Paul and the Definition of Preventive Medicine
John Snow: anaesthetist to a queen and epidemiologist to a nation
John Symons' Retirement
John Thelwall and the origins of British speech therapy.
John Tinney's Compendium Anatomicum and its publishers.
John Walker Barber-Lomax
John Wilkes and the Foundling Hospital at Aylesbury
Johrei Family Healing: A Pilot Study
Joining forces for children's health.
Joining Forces to Understand Parkinson Disease
Joining of long double-stranded RNA molecules through controlled overhangs
Joining of nonhomologous DNA double strand breaks in vitro.
Joining of ribooligonucleotides with T4 RNA ligase and identification of the oligonucleotide-adenylate intermediate.
Joint-action coordination in transferring objects
Joint actions of environmental nonionizing electromagnetic fields and chemical pollution in cancer promotion.
Joint analysis of case-parents trio and unrelated case-control designs in large scale association studies
Joint analysis of two microarray gene-expression data sets to select lung adenocarcinoma marker genes
Joint annotation of coding and non-coding single nucleotide polymorphisms and mutations in the SNPeffect and PupaSuite databases
Joint associations of multiple leisure-time sedentary behaviours and physical activity with obesity in Australian adults
Joint axes of rotation and body segment parameters of pig limbs
Joint disease caused by defective gp130-mediated STAT signaling
Joint disease mapping using six cancers in the Yorkshire region of England
Joint disorder; a contributory cause to reproductive failure in beef bulls?
Joint distribution approaches to simultaneously quantifying benefit and risk
Joint effects of citrus peel use and black tea intake on the risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin
Joint effects of HLA, INS , PTPN22 and CTLA4 genes on the risk of type 1 diabetes
Joint effects of polymorphisms in the HTRA1, LOC387715/ARMS2 , and CFH genes on AMD in a Caucasian population
Joint Evolutionary Trees: A Large-Scale Method To Predict Protein Interfaces Based on Sequence Sampling
Joint linkage and association analysis for identification of potentially causal polymorphisms in GAW15 data
Joint linkage and imprinting analyses of GAW15 rheumatoid arthritis and gene expression data
Joint mapping of genes and conditions via multidimensional unfolding analysis
Joint modeling of linkage and association using affected sib-pair data
Joint publication arrangement between "Environmental Health Perspectives" and the Toxicology Information Program.
Joint-specific and systemic autoreactivity in the development of inflammatory arthritis
Joint study of genetic regulators for expression traits related to breast cancer
Joints formed by RecA protein from oligonucleotides and duplex DNA block initiation and elongation of transcription.
Jonathan Knight and the Founding of the Yale School of Medicine
Joseph Beuys und die Medizin
Joseph Black and Some Aspects of Medicine in the Eighteenth Century
Joseph Jones, M.D. Scientist of the Old South
Joseph Leidy: the last man who knew everything
Joseph Marshall Flint
Joseph Marshall Flint and the whole-time system at Yale. The Samuel Clark Harvey Lecture in the History of Medicine March 21, 1977. Medical Historical Library. Yale University School of Medicine.
Joseph Priestley, Adventurer in Science and Champion of Truth
Joseph Strong, M.D., Yale 1788 *
Joshua's curse and the abandonment of ancient Jericho: schistosomiasis as a possible medical explanation.
Journal for the History of Arabic Science
Journal of Automatic Chemistry: Editorial Board
Journal of Automatic Chemistry: Editorial Board
Journal of Automatic Chemistry: Editorial Board
‘Journal of Automatic Chemistry’-the first 10 years
Journal of Biology celebrates its fifth anniversary
Journal of Biomedical Science, marking a new epoch: moving to open access in 2009
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance: Open access in 2008
Journal of Circadian Rhythms : 21 st -century publishing for 21 st -century science
Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine – achievements and perspectives
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproduction: shaping the future of research and practice in reproductive endocrinology/infertility
Journal of hematology & oncology: A journal open to all
Journal of Medical Case Reports: the first 100 cases
Journal of Medical Internet Research is now indexed in Medline
Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research Editorial
Journal of Paleopathology
Journal of Researches into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries visited by H.M.S. Beagle
Journal of the History of Biology
Journal of the International AIDS Society: an important step forward
Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition: a new era begins
Journal of the Japan-Netherlands Institute, 1989, 1: Papers of the Workshop on the History of the Medical Exchange between Japan and The Netherlands, Tokyo, 25–29 November 1985
Journal of Trauma Management & Outcomes: a new platform for interdisciplinary, outcome-oriented research in trauma
Journal publications by Australian chiropractic academics: are they enough?
Journals under Threat: A Joint Response from History of Science, Technology and Medicine Editors
Journeys in The Country of The Blind: Entanglement Theory and The Effects of Blinding on Trials of Homeopathy and Homeopathic Provings
JP Howard Fee MD, PhD, FFARCSI Introduction of The WFK Morrow Lecture
jpHMM at GOBICS: a web server to detect genomic recombinations in HIV-1
jPREdictor: a versatile tool for the prediction of cis -regulatory elements
JProGO: a novel tool for the functional interpretation of prokaryotic microarray data using Gene Ontology information
JSNP: a database of common gene variations in the Japanese population
JTE-522, a selective COX-2 inhibitor, inhibits growth of pulmonary metastases of colorectal cancer in rats
JTT-130, a microsomal triglyceride transfer protein (MTP) inhibitor lowers plasma triglycerides and LDL cholesterol concentrations without increasing hepatic triglycerides in guinea pigs
Juan Luis Vives and the emotions
Judah Folkman, a pioneer in the study of angiogenesis
Judaism on medicine.
Judgement call
Judging surface slant for placing objects: a role for motion parallax
Juglone, an inhibitor of the peptidyl-prolyl isomerase Pin1, also directly blocks transcription
JUICE: a data management system that facilitates the analysis of large volumes of information in an EST project workflow
Juice Powder Concentrate and Systemic Blood Pressure, Progression of Coronary Artery Calcium and Antioxidant Status in Hypertensive Subjects: A Pilot Study
Julius – a template based supplementary electronic health record system
Julius Preuss.
Julius Wagner-Jauregg (1857–1940)
July 1st 1916--a surgical catastrophe.
Jump-Starting a Cellular World: Investigating the Origin of Life, from Soup to Networks
Jumping for Dear Life with a Giant Neuron and a Single Receptor
Jumping Genes Cross Plant Species Boundaries
Jumping into the 20th century before it is too late: is laboratory robotics still in its infancy?
Jumping the shark
Jumpstarting DNA Repair
JunB Inhibits ER Stress and Apoptosis in Pancreatic Beta Cells
Junction sequences generated by 'one-ended transposition'.
Junctions of the large single copy region and the inverted repeats in Spinacia oleracea and Nicotiana debneyi chloroplast DNA: sequence of the genes for tRNAHis and the ribosomal proteins S19 and L2.
June 1835
Jung: his life and work. A biographical memoir
Jung in context. Modernity and the making of a psychology
Junior medical posts in the NHSSB: what the doctors think.
Junior Members Forum
Junior Members Forum
Junior Members Forum of Ulster Medical Society
Junior Members Forum, Thursday 22 November 2007
Junior Members Forum, Thursday 22 November 2007
‘Junk' DNA meets the p53 network
Juquitiba-like Hantavirus from 2 Nonrelated Rodent Species, Uruguay
Just a Few Computational Principles Generate a Realistic Model of the Brain's Visual System
Just how versatile are domains?
Just-in-time Database-Driven Web Applications
Just-in-Time Information Improved Decision-Making in Primary Care: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Just regionalisation: rehabilitating care for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses
Justice to the maimed soldier: nursing, medical care and welfare for sick and wounded soldiers and their families during the English civil wars and Interregnum, 1642–1660
Justus von Liebig: the chemical gatekeeper
Juvenile hypothyroidism among two populations exposed to radioiodine.
Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis treated with posterior arthrodesis and segmental pedicle screw instrumentation before the age of 9 years: a 5-year follow-up
Juvenile polyposis coli.
Juvenile polyposis syndrome affecting the stomach: A case report
Juxtacaval Liver Resections With the Use of an Internal Ivc Shunt Tube
Juzen-taiho-to (Shi-Quan-Da-Bu-Tang): Scientific Evaluation and Clinical Application
JVirGel: calculation of virtual two-dimensional protein gels