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Improved microarray gene expression profiling of virus-infected cells after removal of viral RNA
Improved microarray methods for profiling the yeast knockout strain collection
Improved microbial gene identification with GLIMMER.
Improved migraine management in primary care: results of a patient treatment experience study using zolmitriptan orally disintegrating tablet
Improved mutation detection in GC-rich DNA fragments by combined DGGE and CDGE.
Improved Nla III digestion of PAGE-purified 102 bp ditags by addition of a single purification step in both the SAGE and microSAGE protocols
Improved nuclear localization of DNA-binding polyamides
Improved oligonucleotide site-directed mutagenesis using M13 vectors.
Improved outcomes from the administration of progesterone for patients with acute severe traumatic brain injury: a randomized controlled trial
Improved outcomes in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treated with salmeterol compared with placebo/usual therapy: results of a meta-analysis
Improved overall survival in dendritic cell vaccination-induced immunoreactive subgroup of advanced melanoma patients
Improved patient and graft survival using cyclosporin A in cadaver renal transplantation
Improved persistence and adherence to diuretic fixed-dose combination therapy compared to diuretic monotherapy
Improved phenol emulsion DNA reassociation technique (PERT) using thermal cycling.
Improved plant transformation vectors for fluorescent protein tagging
Improved precision and accuracy for microarrays using updated probe set definitions
Improved prediction of critical residues for protein function based on network and phylogenetic analyses
Improved prediction of HIV-1 protease-inhibitor binding energies by molecular dynamics simulations
Improved preservation of chromatin structure in ethanol-fixed cells.
Improved primer design for PCR-based, site-directed mutagenesis.
Improved production of human type II procollagen in the yeast Pichia pastoris in shake flasks by a wireless-controlled fed-batch system
Improved profile HMM performance by assessment of critical algorithmic features in SAM and HMMER
Improved programs for DNA and protein sequence analysis on the IBM personal computer and other standard computer systems.
Improved Protective Efficacy of a Species-Specific DNA Vaccine Encoding Mycolyl-Transferase Ag85A from Mycobacterium ulcerans by Homologous Protein Boosting
Improved protein structure selection using decoy-dependent discriminatory functions
Improved proteome coverage by using iTRAQ labelling and peptide OFFGEL fractionation
Improved protocols for functional analysis in the pathogenic fungus Aspergillus flavus
Improved quantitation of DNA curvature using ligation ladders.
Improved quantitative real-time RT–PCR for expression profiling of individual cells
Improved rapid phosphotriester synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides using oxygen-nucleophilic catalysts.
Improved Recovery of Exfoliated Colonocytes from Feces Using Newly Developed Immunomagnetic Beads
Improved renal survival in Japanese children with IgA nephropathy
Improved residue contact prediction using support vector machines and a large feature set
Improved resolution of (CAC)n DNA fingerprints.
Improved Results for Resection of Periampullary Adenocarcinoma
Improved RNA quality and TaqMan ® Pre-amplification method (PreAmp) to enhance expression analysis from formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) materials
Improved RNA sequencing method to determine immunoglobulin mRNA sequence.
Improved screening for oligonucleotide-directed mutant M13 phage.
Improved separation of chromosome-sized DNA from Trypanosoma brucei, stock 427-60.
Improved sequence resolution of highly repetitive DNA fragments.
Improved sequencing of cosmids using new primers and linearized DNA.
Improved silencing properties using small internally segmented interfering RNAs
Improved single-chain transactivators of the Tet-On gene expression system
Improved single-strand DNA sizing accuracy in capillary electrophoresis.
Improved single-stranded DNA producing expression vectors for protein manipulation in Escherichia coli.
Improved site-directed mutagenesis method using PCR.
Improved specificity of RT-PCR amplifications using nested cDNA primers.
Improved statistical analysis of budding yeast TAG microarrays revealed by defined spike-in pools
Improved statistical methods reveal direct interactions between 16S and 23S rRNA
Improved Statistical Tools Reveal Many Linked Loci
Improved strategy for mutation detection--a modification to the enzyme mismatch cleavage method.
Improved Success of Sparse Matrix Protein Crystallization Screening with Heterogeneous Nucleating Agents
Improved survival in both men and women with diabetes between 1980 and 2004 – a cohort study in Sweden
Improved survival of children with sepsis and purpura: effects of age, gender, and era
Improved survival of thalassaemia major in the UK and relation to T2* cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Improved Survival Rate and Reduced Spinal Cord Parenchymal Destruction of Rats Subjected to Complete Spinal Cord Transection and Heterotopic Tissue Transplantation
Improved synthesis of full-length RNA probe at reduced incubation temperatures.
Improved synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotide using 3-methoxy-4-phenoxybenzoyl group for amino protection.
Improved synthesis of (Pri2 N)2POCH2CH2CN.
Improved tagging strategy for protein identification in mammalian cells
Improved targeting of miRNA with antisense oligonucleotides
Improved telomere detection using a telomere repeat probe (TTAGGG)n generated by PCR.
Improved therapeutic effectiveness by combining liposomal honokiol with cisplatin in lung cancer model
Improved thermodynamic parameters and helix initiation factor to predict stability of DNA duplexes.
Improved transfection of CV-1 and COS 1 cells using reduced serum medium.
Improved Tropical Forest Management for Carbon Retention
Improved variance estimation of classification performance via reduction of bias caused by small sample size
Improved vectors for stable expression of foreign genes in mammalian cells by use of the untranslated leader sequence from EMC virus.
Improved visualization of the Bst EII RFLP of the human LDL receptor gene by co-digestion.
Improved weight management using genetic information to personalize a calorie controlled diet
Improved Wound Healing of Cutaneous Sulfur Mustard Injuries in a Weanling Pig Model
Improved yield of helper P-element by switching its vector from pBR322 to pBluescript.
Improved yields of long PCR products using gene 32 protein.
Improvement and decline of cognitive function in schizophrenia over one year: a longitudinal investigation using latent growth modelling
Improvement in accuracy of multiple sequence alignment using novel group-to-group sequence alignment algorithm with piecewise linear gap cost
Improvement in cognitive and psychosocial functioning and self image among adolescent inpatient suicide attempters
Improvement in health-related quality of life in osteoporosis patients treated with teriparatide
Improvement in hearing after chiropractic care: a case series
Improvement in protein functional site prediction by distinguishing structural and functional constraints on protein family evolution using computational design
Improvement in quality of life measures in patients with refractory hepatitis C, responding to re-treatment with Pegylated interferon alpha -2b and ribavirin
Improvement in right ventricular function during reversibility testing in pulmonary arterial hypertension: a case report
Improvement in Survival after Paraquat Ingestion Following Introduction of a New Formulation in Sri Lanka
Improvement in symptoms and pulmonary function of asthmatic patients due to their treatment according to the Global Strategy for Asthma Management (GINA)
Improvement in the pre-hospital care of recreational drug users through the development of club specific ambulance referral guidelines
Improvement in the Reproducibility and Accuracy of DNA Microarray Quantification by Optimizing Hybridization Conditions
Improvement in the synthesis of oligonucleotides of extended length by modification of detritylation step.
Improvement of a low pH antigen-antibody dissociation procedure for ELISA measurement of circulating anti-Aβ antibodies
Improvement of activity and stability of chloroperoxidase by chemical modification
Improvement of alignment accuracy utilizing sequentially conserved motifs
Improvement of bioprocess monitoring: development of novel concepts
Improvement of bone disease by imiglucerase (Cerezyme) therapy in patients with skeletal manifestations of type 1 Gaucher disease: results of a 48-month longitudinal cohort study
Improvement of chronic facial pain and facial dyskinesia with the help of botulinum toxin application
Improvement of Drosophila acetylcholinesterase stability by elimination of a free cysteine
Improvement of Escherichia coli production strains by modification of the phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotransferase system
Improvement of fragment and primer selection for mutation detection by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis.
Improvement of Impaired Memory in Mice by Taurine
Improvement of lower extremity electrodiagnostic findings following a trial of spinal manipulation and motion-based therapy
Improvement of Memory by Means of Ultra-Low Doses of Antibodies to S-100B Antigen
Improvement of nutrient absorption may enhance systemic oxidative stress in cystic fibrosis patients.
Improvement of PCR amplified DNA sequencing with the aid of detergents.
Improvement of PCR sequencing by formamide.
Improvement of psychometric properties of a scale measuring inpatient satisfaction with care: a better response rate and a reduction of the ceiling effect
Improvement of quality of life, anxiety and depression after surgery in patients with stress urinary incontinence: Results of a longitudinal short-term follow-up
Improvement of Rat Survival and Liver Mitochondrial Function in Biliary Obstruction After Treatment With Sodium Thiosulfate
Improvement of reporter activity by IRES-mediated polycistronic reporter system
Improvement of Tactile Discrimination Performance and Enlargement of Cortical Somatosensory Maps after 5 Hz rTMS
Improvement of the cloning linker of the bacterial expression vector pEX.
Improvement of the dideoxy chain termination method of DNA sequencing by use of deoxy-7-deazaguanosine triphosphate in place of dGTP.
Improvement of the Educational Process by Computer-based Visualization of Procedures: Randomized Controlled Trial
Improvement of the liquid-chromatographic analysis of protein tryptic digests by the use of long-capillary monolithic columns with UV and MS detection
Improvements in clinical response between 12 and 24 weeks in patients with rheumatoid arthritis on etanercept therapy with or without methotrexate
Improvements in gel composition and electrophoretic conditions for broad-range mutation analysis by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis.
Improvements in siRNA properties mediated by 2′-deoxy-2′-fluoro-β- d -arabinonucleic acid (FANA)
Improvements in survival of the uncemented Nottingham Total Shoulder prosthesis: a prospective comparative study
Improvements in the HbVar database of human hemoglobin variants and thalassemia mutations for population and sequence variation studies
Improvements in the outcome of children with meningococcal disease
Improvements in the phosphoramidite procedure for the synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides.
Improvements of rolling circle amplification (RCA) efficiency and accuracy using Thermus thermophilus SSB mutant protein
Improvements to a program for DNA analysis: a procedure to find homologies among many sequences
Improvements to CluSTr: the database of SWISS-PROT+TrEMBL protein clusters
Improvements to GALA and dbERGE II: databases featuring genomic sequence alignment, annotation and experimental results
Improvements to parallel plate flow chambers to reduce reagent and cellular requirements
Improvements to solid phase phosphotriester synthesis of deoxyoligonucleotides.
Improvements to the GDB Human Genome Data Base.
Improvements to the Red List Index
Improving ability to identify malaria and correctly use chloroquine in children at household level in Nakonde District, Northern Province of Zambia
Improving access for patients – a practice manager questionnaire
Improving Access to Essential Medicines: How Health Concerns can be Prioritised in the Global Governance System
Improving Access to Medicines in Poor Countries: The Role of Universities
Improving accuracy of multiple sequence alignment algorithms based on alignment of neighboring residues
Improving adherence to medical regimens for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
Improving antibiotic prescribing for adults with community acquired pneumonia: Does a computerised decision support system achieve more than academic detailing alone? – a time series analysis
Improving Appropriate Use of Antifungal Medications: The Role of an Over-the-Counter Vaginal pH Self-Test Device
Improving baculovirus recombination
Improving cancer statistics – a new cancer centre for Northern Ireland
Improving Case Definitions for Severe Malaria
Improving community ambulation after stroke: the AMBULATE trial
Improving community health worker use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in Zambia: package instructions, job aid and job aid-plus-training
Improving comparability between microarray probe signals by thermodynamic intensity correction
Improving Defences at the Portal of HIV Entry: Mucosal and Innate Immunity
Improving dideoxynucleotide-triphosphate utilisation by the hyper-thermophilic DNA polymerase from the archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus
Improving DNA array data quality by minimising ‘neighbourhood’ effects
Improving education and resources for health care providers.
Improving environmental exposure analysis using cumulative distribution functions and individual geocoding
Improving epidemic malaria planning, preparedness and response in Southern Africa
Improving equity in malaria treatment: Relationship of socio-economic status with health seeking as well as with perceptions of ease of using the services of different providers for the treatment of malaria in Nigeria
Improving eye care for veterans with diabetes: An example of using the QUERI steps to move from evidence to implementation: QUERI Series
Improving gene annotation of complete viral genomes
Improving gene set analysis of microarray data by SAM-GS
Improving GHG inventories by regional information exchange: a report from Asia
Improving Grant Application Peer Review for the NIEHS
Improving Health by Investing in Medical Education
Improving health care quality for racial/ethnic minorities: a systematic review of the best evidence regarding provider and organization interventions
Improving Health Through Health Marketing
Improving identification of differentially expressed genes in microarray studies using information from public databases
Improving image analysis in 2DGE-based redox proteomics by labeling protein carbonyl with fluorescent hydroxylamine
Improving Imperfect Data from Health Management Information Systems in Africa Using Space–Time Geostatistics
Improving Indoor Environmental Quality for Public Health: Impediments and Policy Recommendations
Improving Information Technology Adoption and Implementation Through the Identification of Appropriate Benefits: Creating IMPROVE-IT
Improving inter-observer variability in the evaluation of ultrasonographic features of polycystic ovaries
Improving interoperability between microbial information and sequence databases
Improving knowledge about disability transitions by adding retrospective information to panel surveys. Population Health Metrics
Improving management of patients with acute cough by C-reactive protein point of care testing and communication training (IMPAC 3 T): study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial
Improving Maternal and Child Health in Difficult Environments: The Case For “Cross-Border” Health Care
Improving Melanoma Classification by Integrating Genetic and Morphologic Features
Improving Methods for Reporting Spatial Epidemiologic Data
Improving missing value imputation of microarray data by using spot quality weights
Improving model construction of profile HMMs for remote homology detection through structural alignment
Improving model predictions for RNA interference activities that use support vector machine regression by combining and filtering features
Improving motivation among primary health care workers in Tanzania: a health worker perspective
Improving Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction through Discontinuity Subtraction
Improving organisational systems for diabetes care in Australian Indigenous communities
Improving Outcomes After Relapse in Ewing's Sarcoma: Analysis of 114 Patients From a Single Institution
Improving outcomes for asthma patients with allergic rhinitis: conclusions from the MetaForum conferences
Improving outcomes for asthma patients with allergic rhinitis: the MetaForum conferences
Improving Outcomes in Infants of HIV-Infected Women in a Developing Country Setting
Improving patient adherence to lifestyle advice (IMPALA): a cluster-randomised controlled trial on the implementation of a nurse-led intervention for cardiovascular risk management in primary care (protocol)
Improving peptide-MHC class I binding prediction for unbalanced datasets
Improving Phrap-Based Assembly of the Rat Using “Reliable” Overlaps
Improving Physical Activity Resource Guides to Bridge the Divide Between the Clinic and the Community
Improving physical quality of life with group physical activity in the adjunctive treatment of major depressive disorder
Improving Physician Performance Through Internet-Based Interventions: Who Will Participate?
Improving poor in vitro transcription from G,C-rich genes.
Improving prediction accuracy of tumor classification by reusing genes discarded during gene selection
Improving prescribing of antihypertensive and cholesterol-lowering drugs: a method for identifying and addressing barriers to change
Improving Prescribing Practices in Primary Care
Improving preventive service delivery at adult complete health check-ups: the Preventive health Evidence-based Recommendation Form (PERFORM) cluster randomized controlled trial
Improving Primary Care: Strategies and Tools for a Better Practice
Improving protein function prediction methods with integrated literature data
Improving quality indicator report cards through Bayesian modeling
Improving quality of care through routine, successful implementation of evidence-based practice at the bedside: an organizational case study protocol using the Pettigrew and Whipp model of strategic change
Improving quality of reproductive health care in Senegal through formative supervision: results from four districts
Improving question formulation for use in evidence appraisal in a tertiary care setting: a randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN66375463]
Improving rates of pneumococcal vaccination on discharge from a tertiary center medical teaching unit: A prospective intervention
Improving response rates using a monetary incentive for patient completion of questionnaires: an observational study
Improving retention and performance in civil society in Uganda
Improving return-to-work after childbirth: design of the [email protected] study, a randomised controlled trial and cohort study
Improving School Health Programs *
Improving Science Education for Sustainable Development
Improving search filter development: a study of palliative care literature
Improving Sedative-Hypnotic Prescribing in Older Hospitalized Patients: Provider-Perceived Benefits and Barriers of a Computer-Based Reminder
Improving signal intensities for genes with low-expression on oligonucleotide microarrays
Improving specificity of DNA hybridization-based methods
Improving stable transfection efficiency: antioxidants dramatically improve the outgrowth of clones under dominant marker selection.
Improving stroke patients' care: a patient held record is not enough
Improving survey methods in sero-epidemiological studies of injecting drug users: a case example of two cross sectional surveys in Serbia and Montenegro
Improving survival rates of newborn infants in South Africa
Improving T-Cell Assays for the Diagnosis of Latent TB Infection: Potential of a Diagnostic Test Based on IP-10
Improving the accuracy of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal disease notification rates using data linkage
Improving the accuracy of malaria-related laboratory tests in Ghana
Improving the accuracy of protein secondary structure prediction using structural alignment
Improving the accuracy of PSI-BLAST protein database searches with composition-based statistics and other refinements
Improving the accuracy of template-based predictions by mixing and matching between initial models
Improving the Accuracy of the Diffusion Model in Highly Absorbing Media
Improving the Arabidopsis genome annotation using maximal transcript alignment assemblies
Improving the asthma arsenal.
Improving the batch-to-batch reproducibility in microbial cultures during recombinant protein production by guiding the process along a predefined total biomass profile
Improving the Caenorhabditis elegans Genome Annotation Using Machine Learning
Improving the common weal: aspects of Scottish health services 1900–1984
Improving the cost-effectiveness of IRS with climate informed health surveillance systems
Improving the Deaf community's access to prostate and testicular cancer information: a survey study
Improving the efficiency of dot-matrix similarity searches through use of an oligomer table.
Improving the Evidence Base for Trauma Care: Progress in the International CRASH-2 Trial
Improving the fidelity of Thermus thermophilus DNA ligase.
Improving the functional expression of a Bacillus licheniformis laccase by random and site-directed mutagenesis
Improving the management of environmental health.
Improving the outcomes of primary care attenders with common mental disorders in developing countries: a cluster randomized controlled trial of a collaborative stepped care intervention in Goa, India
Improving the performance of DomainDiscovery of protein domain boundary assignment using inter-domain linker index
Improving the performance of DomainParser for structural domain partition using neural network
Improving the Performance of SVM-RFE to Select Genes in Microarray Data
Improving the Postmarket Surveillance of Total Joint Arthroplasty Devices
Improving the power for detecting overlapping genes from multiple DNA microarray-derived gene lists
Improving the Precision of the Structure–Function Relationship by Considering Phylogenetic Context
Improving the prediction accuracy in classification using the combined data sets by ranks of gene expressions
Improving the prediction of mRNA extremities in the parasitic protozoan Leishmania
Improving the prediction of RNA secondary structure by detecting and assessing conserved stems
Improving the predictive value of the competence transcription factor (ComK) binding site in Bacillus subtilis using a genomic approach
Improving the quality and efficiency of follow-up after curative treatment for breast cancer – rationale and study design of the MaCare trial
Improving the quality of protein structure models by selecting from alignment alternatives
Improving the Quality of Web Surveys: The Checklist for Reporting Results of Internet E-Surveys (CHERRIES)
Improving the Representativeness of Behavioral and Clinical Surveillance for Persons with HIV in the United States: The Rationale for Developing a Population-Based Approach
Improving the scaling normalization for high-density oligonucleotide GeneChip expression microarrays
Improving the sensitivity and specificity of gene expression analysis in highly related organisms through the use of electronic masks
Improving the sensitivity of the hop index in patients with an ACL deficient knee by transforming the hop distance scores
Improving the specificity of exon prediction using comparative genomics
Improving the specificity of high-throughput ortholog prediction
Improving the statistical detection of regulated genes from microarray data using intensity-based variance estimation
Improving the teaching skills of residents as tutors/facilitators and addressing the shortage of faculty facilitators for PBL modules
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 1. Guidelines for guidelines
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 10. Integrating values and consumer involvement
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 11. Incorporating considerations of cost-effectiveness, affordability and resource implications
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 12. Incorporating considerations of equity
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 13. Applicability, transferability and adaptation
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 14. Reporting guidelines
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 15. Disseminating and implementing guidelines
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 16. Evaluation
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 2. Priority setting
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 3. Group composition and consultation process
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 4. Managing conflicts of interests
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 5. Group processes
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 6. Determining which outcomes are important
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 7. Deciding what evidence to include
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 8. Synthesis and presentation of evidence
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 9. Grading evidence and recommendations
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: introduction
Improving universal prenatal screening for human immunodeficiency virus.
Improving Ways to Generate and Use Local Data to Create and Strengthen Binational Programs
Improving Web Searches: Case Study of Quit-Smoking Web Sites for Teenagers
Imputation-Based Analysis of Association Studies: Candidate Regions and Quantitative Traits
Imputation methods for missing data for polygenic models
Imputation methods for missing outcome data in meta-analysis of clinical trials
Imputation of a true endpoint from a surrogate: application to a cluster randomized controlled trial with partial information on the true endpoint
Imputation of missing genotypes: an empirical evaluation of IMPUTE
IMRT in oral cavity cancer
IMRT using simultaneously integrated boost (SIB) in head and neck cancer patients
In adult onset myositis, the presence of interstitial lung disease and myositis specific/associated antibodies are governed by HLA class II haplotype, rather than by myositis subtype
In B-CLL, the codon 72 polymorphic variants of p53 are not related to drug resistance and disease prognosis
In C. elegans , High Levels of dsRNA Allow RNAi in the Absence of RDE-4
In Celebration of Dr. Mario R. Capecchi's Nobel Prize
In Celiac Disease, a Subset of Autoantibodies against Transglutaminase Binds Toll-Like Receptor 4 and Induces Activation of Monocytes
In-Cell Biochemistry Using NMR Spectroscopy
In-cell PCR from mRNA: amplifying and linking the rearranged immunoglobulin heavy and light chain V-genes within single cells.
In “Cryptic” Population Dynamics, Absence of Evidence Is Not Evidence of Absence
In-depth, high-accuracy proteomics of sea urchin tooth organic matrix
In-Depth Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from New Delhi – Predominance of Drug Resistant Isolates of the ‘Modern’ (TbD1 − ) Type
In differentiating mouse myoblasts DNA methyltransferase is posttranscriptionally and posttranslationally regulated.
“In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”
In Drosophila Hair Development, Shavenbaby Is at the Beginning of the End
In Drosophila melanogaster the COM Locus Directs the Somatic Silencing of Two Retrotransposons through both Piwi-Dependent and -Independent Pathways
In Euglena, spliced-leader RNA (SL-RNA) and 5S rRNA genes are tandemly repeated.
In focus, out of step: a biography of Frederick William Twort, F.R.S. 1877–1950
In-gel DNA radiolabelling and two-dimensional pulsed field gel electrophoresis procedures suitable for fingerprinting and mapping small eukaryotic genomes
In-gel hybridization of DNA separated by pulsed field agarose gel electrophoresis.
"In-gel" purified ditags direct synthesis of highly efficient SAGE Libraries
In GFP with high risk HPV-18E6 fusion protein expressed 293T and MCF-7 cells, the endogenous wild-type p53 could be transiently phosphorylated at multiple sites
In good hands: the history of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
In Her Own Words: Oral Histories of Women Physicians
In-home evaluation of efficacy and titration of a mandibular advancement device for obstructive sleep apnea
In-Home Particle Concentrations and Childhood Asthma Morbidity
In-hospital cerebrovascular complications following orthotopic liver transplantation: A retrospective study
In Hot Water: Global Warming Takes a Toll on Coral Reefs
In-house nucleic acid amplification tests for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum specimens: meta-analysis and meta-regression
In infertile women, cells from Chlamydia trachomatis infected site release higher levels of interferon-gamma, interleukin-10 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha upon heat shock protein stimulation than fertile women
In Katrina’s Wake
‘In-line attack’ conformational effect plays a modest role in an enzyme-catalyzed RNA cleavage: a free energy simulation study
In Mammalian Muscle, Axonal Wiring Takes Surprising Paths
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In memoriam : Celso-Ramon Garcia, M.D. (1922–2004), reproductive medicine visionary
In Memoriam: Christopher G. Reuther, 1973–2007
In Memoriam: Ivan Daskalov: 1933 – 2004
In Memoriam: Joshua Lederberg (1925–2008) 1
In memoriam. Louis G. Welt.
In Memoriam: Michael B. Gregg (1930–2008)
In Memoriam Mila Rainof, MD
In memoriam of David P. Rall.
In Memoriam of Iván Lásló Bonta (1922–2007)
In memoriam Professor Dr. John Fernandes
In Memoriam: Stephen E. Straus, M.D.
In Memorium: Herman P. Schwan [1915–2005]
In Memorium: Swamy Laxminarayan [1939–2005]
In Memory of David Charles
In Methuselah's Mould
In Monarchs, Cry2 Is King of the Clock
In monkey COS cells only the TATA box and the cap site region are required for faithful and efficient initiation of the fibroin gene transcription.
In normal rat, intraventricularly administered insulin-like growth factor-1 is rapidly cleared from CSF with limited distribution into brain
In our own backyards: the continuing threat of hazardous waste.
In ovo exposure to o,p -DDE affects sexual development but not sexual differentiation in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes).
In patient stroke rehabilitation efficiency: Influence of organization of service delivery and staff numbers
In planta localisation patterns of MADS domain proteins during floral development in Arabidopsis thaliana
In planta production of two peptides of the Classical Swine Fever Virus (CSFV) E2 glycoprotein fused to the coat protein of potato virus X
In planta transcription of a second subgenomic RNA increases the complexity of the subgroup 2 luteovirus genome.
In planta transient expression as a system for genetic and biochemical analyses of chlorophyll biosynthesis
In PLoS Biology, volume 1, issue 1:
In PLoS Biology, volume 1, issue 1:
In rats, oral oleoyl-DHEA is rapidly hydrolysed and converted to DHEA-sulphate
In-reach specialist nursing teams for residential care homes: uptake of services, impact on care provision and cost-effectiveness
In Remembrance: Reinhart Heinrich 1946–2006
In reply: ‘Dynamic analysis of optimality in myocardial energy metabolism under normal and ischemic conditions'
In reply to Zou et al . “New amyloid plaques or a game of hide-and-seek?”
In Rhizobium leguminosarum , NodD represses its own transcription by competing with RNA polymerase for binding sites
In Search of a Chlorpyrifos Antidote: Mechanisms Offer Clues
In Search of a Common European Approach to a Healthy Indoor Environment
In search of a cure: a history of pharmaceutical discovery
In search of a function for the most frequent naturally-occurring length polymorphism (MFNLP) of the HIV-1 LTR: Retaining functional coupling, of Nef and RBF-2, at RBEIII?
In search of an oasis: opportunity in the Middle East.
In search of causal variants: refining disease association signals using cross-population contrasts
In search of functional association from time-series microarray data based on the change trend and level of gene expression
In search of induction and latency periods: Space-time interaction accounting for residential mobility, risk factors and covariates
In Search of Man
In search of optimism.
In search of suitable reference genes for gene expression studies of human renal cell carcinoma by real-time PCR
In Search of the Biological Significance of Modular Structures in Protein Networks
In Search of the Most Relevant Parameter for Quantifying Lung Inflammatory Response to Nanoparticle Exposure: Particle Number, Surface Area, or What?
In Search of the Neural Circuits of Intrinsic Motivation
In sickness and in health: the British experience, 1650–1850
In silico analysis and verification of S100 gene expression in gastric cancer
In Silico Analysis for Transcription Factors With Zn(II) 2 C 6 Binuclear Cluster DNA-Binding Domains in Candida albicans
In silico analysis of expressed sequence tags from Trichostrongylus vitrinus (Nematoda): comparison of the automated ESTExplorer workflow platform with conventional database searches
In Silico analysis of Gastric carcinoma Serial Analysis of Gene Expression libraries reveals different profiles associated with ethnicity
In silico analysis of methyltransferase domains involved in biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
In Silico and Biochemical Analysis of Physcomitrella patens Photosynthetic Antenna: Identification of Subunits which Evolved upon Land Adaptation
In silico and in situ characterization of the zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) gnrh3 (sGnRH) gene
In silico and in vitro comparative analysis to select, validate and test SNPs for human identification
In silico and in vivo analysis reveal a novel gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae trehalose metabolism
In silico and in vivo splicing analysis of MLH1 and MSH2 missense mutations shows exon- and tissue-specific effects
In silico and microarray-based genomic approaches to identifying potential vaccine candidates against Leptospira interrogans
In silico , biologically-inspired modelling of genomic variation generation in surface proteins of Trypanosoma cruzi
In silico characterisation and chromosomal localisation of human RRH (peropsin) – implications for opsin evolution
In silico characterization of immunogenic epitopes presented by HLA-Cw*0401
In silico characterization of the family of PARP-like poly(ADP-ribosyl)transferases (pARTs)
In silico comparative genomic analysis of GABA A receptor transcriptional regulation
In silico comparison of transcript abundances during Arabidopsis thaliana and Glycine max resistance to Fusarium virguliforme
In Silico Detection of Sequence Variations Modifying Transcriptional Regulation
In silico detection of tRNA sequence features characteristic to aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase class membership
In silico discovery of gene-coding variants in murine quantitative trait loci using strain-specific genome sequence databases
In silico discovery of human natural antisense transcripts
In silico discovery of novel Retinoic Acid Receptor agonist structures
In silico discovery of transcription regulatory elements in Plasmodium falciparum
In-Silico docking of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors reveals a novel drug type acting on an enzyme/DNA reaction intermediate
In silico docking of urokinase plasminogen activator and integrins
In Silico Elucidation of the Molecular Mechanism Defining the Adverse Effect of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators
In silico experimentation with a model of hepatic mitochondrial folate metabolism
-In silico functional characterization of a double histone fold domain from the Heliothis zea virus 1
In silico gene expression analysis – an overview
In silico genetic robustness analysis of microRNA secondary structures: potential evidence of congruent evolution in microRNA
In silico identification and comparative analysis of differentially expressed genes in human and mouse tissues
In silico identification and experimental validation of PmrAB targets in Salmonella typhimurium by regulatory motif detection
In silico identification and expression of SLC30 family genes: An expressed sequence tag data mining strategy for the characterization of zinc transporters' tissue expression
In silico identification and molecular characterization of genes predominantly expressed in the fish oocyte
In silico identification of conserved microRNAs in large number of diverse plant species
In silico identification of functional divergence between the multiple groEL gene paralogs in Chlamydiae
In Silico Identification of Functional Protein Interfaces
In silico identification of genes involved in selenium metabolism: evidence for a third selenium utilization trait
In silico identification of NF-kappaB-regulated genes in pancreatic beta-cells
In silico identification of opossum cytokine genes suggests the complexity of the marsupial immune system rivals that of eutherian mammals
In silico identification of putative promoter motifs of White Spot Syndrome Virus
In Silico Identification of Short Nucleotide Sequences Associated with Gene Expression of Pollen Development in Rice
In Silico Identification of Specialized Secretory-Organelle Proteins in Apicomplexan Parasites and In Vivo Validation in Toxoplasma gondii
In silico identification of transcriptional regulators associated with c-Myc
In silico meets in vivo
In silico microarray probe design for diagnosis of multiple pathogens
In silico microdissection of microarray data from heterogeneous cell populations
In-Silico Modeling of the Mitotic Spindle Assembly Checkpoint
In silico modelling of hormone response elements
In silico panning for a non-competitive peptide inhibitor
In silico pathway reconstruction: Iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
In silico proteome analysis to facilitate proteomics experiments using mass spectrometry
In Silico Reconstitution of Listeria Propulsion Exhibits Nano-Saltation
In silico regulatory analysis for exploring human disease progression
In silico screening of mutational effects on enzyme-proteic inhibitor affinity: a docking-based approach
In silico segmentations of lentivirus envelope sequences
In Silico Simulation of Corticosteroids Effect on an NFkB- Dependent Physicochemical Model of Systemic Inflammation
In silico toxicology: simulating interaction thresholds for human exposure to mixtures of trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, and 1,1,1-trichloroethane.
In silico whole-genome screening for cancer-related single-nucleotide polymorphisms located in human mRNA untranslated regions
In simple synthetic promoters YY1-induced DNA bending is important in transcription activation and repression.
In situ activation of bis-dialkylaminophosphines--a new method for synthesizing deoxyoligonucleotides on polymer supports.
In situ activity gel for DNA repair 3'-phosphodiesterase.
In situ analysis of cross-hybridisation on microarrays and the inference of expression correlation
In situ analysis of FOXP3+ regulatory T cells in human colorectal cancer
In-situ and invasive carcinoma within a phyllodes tumor associated with lymph node metastases
In situ bioremediation of chlorinated solvents.
In situ detection of a heat-shock regulatory element binding protein using a soluble synthetic enhancer sequence.
In situ detection of non-polyadenylated RNA molecules using Turtle Probes and target primed rolling circle PRINS
In situ detection of protein-DNA interactions in filamentous fungi by in vivo footprinting.
In situ dot blots: quantitation of mRNA in intact cells.
In situ fluorescence analysis demonstrates active siRNA exclusion from the nucleus by Exportin 5
In situ hybridization with fluoresceinated DNA.
In situ hybridization with oligonucleotides: a simplified method to detect Drosophila transcripts.
In situ imaging and isolation of proteins using dsDNA oligonucleotides
In situ localized amplification and contact replication of many individual DNA molecules.
In situ methods to localize transgenes and transcripts in interphase nuclei: a tool for transgenic plant research
In situ microscopic analysis of asbestos and synthetic vitreous fibers retained in hamster lungs following inhalation.
In situ monitoring with Tradescantia around nuclear power plants.
In situ nucleoprotein structure involving origin-proximal SV40 DNA control elements.
In Situ Observation of Modulated Light Emission of Fiber Fuse Synchronized with Void Train over Hetero-Core Splice Point
In situ oligonucleotide synthesis on carbon materials: stable substrates for microarray fabrication
In situ oligonucleotide synthesis on poly(dimethylsiloxane): a flexible substrate for microarray fabrication
In situ origin of deep rooting lineages of mitochondrial Macrohaplogroup 'M' in India
In situ photochemical crosslinking of HeLa cell mitochondrial DNA by a psoralen derivative reveals a protected region near the origin of replication.
In Situ Real-Time Chemiluminescence Imaging of Reactive Oxygen Species Formation from Cardiomyocytes
In situ studies of algal biomass in relation to physicochemical characteristics of the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma, USA
In situ transduction of stromal cells and thymocytes upon intrathymic injection of lentiviral vectors
In situ transduction of target cells on solid surfaces by immobilized viral vectors
In spite of good intentions: patients' perspectives on problematic social support interactions
In spite of medical help: the puzzle of an eighteenth-century Prime Minister's illness.
In support of descriptive studies; relevance to translational research
In the absence of cancer registry data, is it sensible to assess incidence using hospital separation records?
In the aftermath of teenage suicide: A qualitative study of the psychosocial consequences for the surviving family members
In the Ant's Garden, Fungal Parasites Are Closely Matched to Their Fungal Hosts
In the By-ways of Medicine
In the Era of Systematic Reviews, Does the Size of an Individual Trial Still Matter?
In the Escherichia coli lacZ gene the spacing between the translating ribosomes is insensitive to the efficiency of translation initiation.
In the Gut’s Microbial Community, One Plus One Equals Many (Effects)
In the higher plant Pisum sativum maturation of nascent DNA is blocked by cycloheximide, but only after 4-8 replicons are joined.
In the land of pain
In the name of life. Reflections of a Soviet surgeon
In the presence of subunit A inhibitors DNA gyrase cleaves DNA fragments as short as 20 bp at specific sites.
In the shadow of bad news – views of patients with acute leukaemia, myeloma or lung cancer about information, from diagnosis to cure or death
In the Shadow of Sudhoff: German Medical History in the Weimar Republic
In the shadow of the Enlightenment. Occultism and Renaissance science in eighteenth-century America
In the shadow of the poorhouse: a social history of welfare in America
In the shadow of the welfare society ill-health and symptoms, psychological exposure and lifestyle habits among social security recipients: a national survey study
In the Shadows of the Congo Basin Forest, Elephants Fall to the Illegal Ivory Trade
In the Thick of Air Pollution: Particles May Contribute to Atherosclerosis
In the TTF-1 homeodomain the contribution of several amino acids to DNA recognition depends on the bound sequence.
"In these perilous times": plague and plague policies in early modern Denmark.
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