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Inhibition of Chk1 Kills Tetraploid Tumor Cells through a p53-Dependent Pathway
Inhibition of CHOP translation by a peptide encoded by an open reading frame localized in the chop 5′UTR
Inhibition of choroidal neovascularization by homoisoflavanone, a new angiogenesis inhibitor
Inhibition of citric acid- and capsaicin-induced cough by novel TRPV-1 antagonist, V112220, in guinea-pig
Inhibition of constitutively active Jak-Stat pathway suppresses cell growth of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1-infected T-cell lines and primary adult T-cell leukemia cells
Inhibition of coxsackievirus B3 by RNA interference (RNAi)
Inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 decreases breast cancer cell motility, invasion and matrix metalloproteinase expression
Inhibition of cytokine gene expression and induction of chemokine genes in non-lymphatic cells infected with SARS coronavirus
Inhibition of cytokinesis by wiskostatin does not rely on N-WASP/Arp2/3 complex pathway
Inhibition of deoxyribonucleases by phosphorothioate groups in oligodeoxyribonucleotides.
Inhibition of DNA polymerase alpha by aphidicolin derivatives.
Inhibition of DNA polymerase reactions by pyrimidine nucleotide analogues lacking the 2-keto group.
Inhibition of DNA replication and repair by cadmium in mammalian cells. Protective interaction of zinc.
Inhibition of DNA replication fork progression and mutagenic potential of 1, N 6 -ethenoadenine and 8-oxoguanine in human cell extracts
Inhibition of DNA synthesis at the hemimethylated pBR322 origin of replication by a cell membrane fraction.
Inhibition of DNA synthesis by cross-linking the template to platinum-thiol derivatives of complementary oligodeoxynucleotides.
Inhibition of double-strand break non-homologous end-joining by cisplatin adducts in human cell extracts
Inhibition of Drosophila Wg Signaling Involves Competition between Mad and Armadillo/β-Catenin for dTcf Binding
Inhibition of dynamin-dependent endocytosis increases shedding of the amyloid precursor protein ectodomain and reduces generation of amyloid β protein
Inhibition of E2-induced expression of BRCA1 by persistent organochlorines
Inhibition of early steps in the lentiviral replication cycle by cathelicidin host defense peptides
Inhibition of Eco RI action by polynucleotides. A characterization of the non-specific binding of the enzyme to DNA.
Inhibition of EGFR Signaling: All Mutations Are Not Created Equal
Inhibition of Electrical Activity by Retroviral Infection with Kir2.1 Transgenes Disrupts Electrical Differentiation of Motoneurons
Inhibition of Endothelial Activation: A New Way to Treat Cerebral Malaria?
Inhibition of endothelin receptors in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension: does selectivity matter?
Inhibition of established collagen-induced arthritis with a tumour necrosis factor-α inhibitor expressed from a self-contained doxycycline regulated plasmid
Inhibition of Expression in Escherichia coli of a Virulence Regulator MglB of Francisella tularensis Using External Guide Sequence Technology
Inhibition of foot-and-mouth disease virus replication in vitro and in vivo by small interfering RNA
Inhibition of G1P3 expression found in the differential display study on respiratory syncytial virus infection
Inhibition of Gap Junction Communication at Ectopic Eph/ephrin Boundaries Underlies Craniofrontonasal Syndrome
Inhibition of gap junctional intercellular communication in normal human breast epithelial cells after treatment with pesticides, PCBs, and PBBs, alone or in mixtures.
Inhibition of gastric H,K-ATPase activity and gastric epithelial cell IL-8 secretion by the pyrrolizine derivative ML 3000
Inhibition of gene expression by a short sense fragment.
Inhibition of gene-specific repair of alkylation damage in cells depleted of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase.
Inhibition of gene transcription by purine rich triplex forming oligodeoxyribonucleotides.
Inhibition of Hair Growth in Dogs Receiving Estrogens *
Inhibition of HCV NS3 protease by RNA aptamers in cells
Inhibition of HeLa cell DNA topoisomerase I by ATP and phosphate.
Inhibition of Henipavirus fusion and infection by heptad-derived peptides of the Nipah virus fusion glycoprotein
Inhibition of hepatitis C virus IRES-mediated translation by small RNAs analogous to stem–loop structures of the 5′-untranslated region
Inhibition of hepatocelluar carcinoma MAT2A and MAT2beta gene expressions by single and dual small interfering RNA
Inhibition of herpes simplex thymidine kinase gene expression by DNA methylation is an indirect effect.
Inhibition of herpes simplex virus infection by ectopic expression of neuronal splice variants of the Oct-2 transcription factor.
Inhibition of HIF-1alpha activity by homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2 correlates with sensitization of chemoresistant cells to undergo apoptosis
Inhibition of HIF2α Is Sufficient to Suppress pVHL-Defective Tumor Growth
Inhibition of HIF2α Protein Suppresses pVHL-Driven Tumor Growth
Inhibition of highly productive HIV-1 infection in T cells, primary human macrophages, microglia, and astrocytes by Sargassum fusiforme
Inhibition of Hippocampal Matrix Metalloproteinase-3 and -9 Disrupts Spatial Memory
Inhibition of histone deacetylation in 293GPG packaging cell line improves the production of self-inactivating MLV-derived retroviral vectors
Inhibition of HIV-1 by multiple siRNAs expressed from a single microRNA polycistron
Inhibition of HIV-1 gene expression by retroviral vector-mediated small-guide RNAs that direct specific RNA cleavage by tRNase ZL
Inhibition of HIV-1 gene expression by Sam68ΔC: multiple targets but a common mechanism?
Inhibition of HIV-1 multiplication by antisense U7 snRNAs and siRNAs targeting cyclophilin A
Inhibition of HIV-1 replication by P-TEFb inhibitors DRB, seliciclib and flavopiridol correlates with release of free P-TEFb from the large, inactive form of the complex
Inhibition of HIV-1 replication by ribozymes that show poor activity in vitro.
Inhibition of HIV-1 replication in primary human monocytes by the IκB-αS32/36A repressor of NF-κB
Inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcription by triple-helix forming oligonucleotides with viral RNA.
Inhibition of HIV derived lentiviral production by TAR RNA binding domain of TAT protein
Inhibition of HIV Env binding to cellular receptors by monoclonal antibody 2G12 as probed by Fc-tagged gp120
Inhibition of HIV Env binding to cellular receptors by monoclonal antibody 2G12 as probed by Fc-tagged gp120
Inhibition of HIV-LTR gene expression by oligonucleotides targeted to the TAR element.
Inhibition of HMG CoA reductase reveals an unexpected role for cholesterol during PGC migration in the mouse
Inhibition of homologous recombination repair with Pentoxifylline targets G2 cells generated by radiotherapy and induces major enhancements of the toxicity of cisplatin and melphalan given after irradiation
Inhibition of Horse Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase by Methyltin Compounds
Inhibition of Hsp90 acts synergistically with topoisomerase II poisons to increase the apoptotic killing of cells due to an increase in topoisomerase II mediated DNA damage
Inhibition of human breast carcinoma proliferation, migration, chemoinvasion and solid tumour growth by DNAzymes targeting the zinc finger transcription factor EGR-1
Inhibition of human DNA topoisomerase II by hydroquinone and p-benzoquinone, reactive metabolites of benzene.
Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) replication by synthetic oligo-RNA derivatives.
Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) glycoprotein-mediated cell-cell fusion by immunor (IM28)
Inhibition of human papilloma virus E2 DNA binding protein by covalently linked polyamides
Inhibition of human platelet phospholipase A2 by mono(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate.
Inhibition of human topoisomerase II in vitro by bioactive benzene metabolites.
Inhibition of hyaluronan export reduces collagen degradation in interleukin-1 treated cartilage
Inhibition of hydrogen uptake in Escherichia coli by expressing the hydrogenase from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
Inhibition of IκB Kinase by Vaccinia Virus Virulence Factor B14
Inhibition of IgE-dependent Mouse Triphasic Cutaneous Reaction by a Boiling Water Fraction Separated from Mycelium of Phellinus linteus
Inhibition of IL-1β and TNF-α Secretion from Resting and Activated Human Immunocytes by the Homeopathic Medication Traumeel ® S
Inhibition of Immune Complex-Induced Inflammation by A small Molecular Weight Selectin Antagonist
Inhibition of in vitro and ex vivo translation by a transplatin-modified oligo(2′- O -methylribonucleotide) directed against the HIV-1 gag-pol frameshift signal
Inhibition of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-mediated tryptophan catabolism accelerates collagen-induced arthritis in mice
Inhibition of inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase by a mustard gas analog in murine macrophages
Inhibition of Influenza M2-Induced Cell Death Alleviates Its Negative Contribution to Vaccination Efficiency
Inhibition of Influenza Virus Multiplication by 2,5-Dimethylbenzimidazole *
Inhibition of initiation of simian virus 40 DNA replication during acute response of cells irradiated by ultraviolet light.
Inhibition of insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor signaling enhances growth-inhibitory and proapoptotic effects of gefitinib (Iressa) in human breast cancer cells
Inhibition of intercellular communication between normal human embryonal palatal mesenchyme cells by teratogenic glycol ethers.
Inhibition of Irvingia gabonensis seed extract (OB131) on adipogenesis as mediated via down regulation of the PPARgamma and Leptin genes and up-regulation of the adiponectin gene
Inhibition of lentivirus replication by aqueous extracts of Prunella vulgaris
Inhibition of luciferase expression by synthetic hammerhead ribozymes and their cellular uptake.
Inhibition of Lymphocyte Cytotoxicity by Serum from Patients with Alcoholic Liver Disease: Partial Characterization of Serum Inhibitors
Inhibition of macrophage migration inhibitory factor decreases proliferation and cytokine expression in bladder cancer cells
Inhibition of macropinocytosis blocks antigen presentation of type II collagen in vitro and in vivo in HLA-DR1 transgenic mice
Inhibition of mammalian RNA polymerase by 5,6-dichlororibofuranosylbenzimidazole (DRB) and DRB triphosphate.
Inhibition of Mammary Growth by High Doses of Estrogen **
Inhibition of MDR1 expression with altritol-modified siRNAs
Inhibition of MDR1 gene expression by chimeric HNA antisense oligonucleotides
Inhibition of Mg 2+ binding and DNA religation by bacterial topoisomerase I via introduction of an additional positive charge into the active site region
Inhibition of MHC Class I Is a Virulence Factor in Herpes Simplex Virus Infection of Mice
Inhibition of microglial inflammatory responses by norepinephrine: effects on nitric oxide and interleukin-1β production
Inhibition of muscle-specific gene expression by Id3: requirement of the C-terminal region of the protein for stable expression and function.
Inhibition of Mutation and Combating the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance
Inhibition of N-2-fluorenyldiacetamide induced hepatic carcinogenesis in rats by chloramphenicol: a dose-related phenomenon with reduced protein binding of carcinogen.
Inhibition of native TRPC6 channel activity by phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate in mesenteric artery myocytes
Inhibition of neutrophil activity improves cardiac function after cardiopulmonary bypass
Inhibition of neutrophil migration by a selective inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase: analysis by intravital microscopy
Inhibition of NF-κB activation and MMP-9 secretion by plasma of human volunteers after ingestion of maritime pine bark extract (Pycnogenol)
Inhibition of NF-κB activation by 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors protects brain against injury in a rat model of focal cerebral ischemia
Inhibition of NF-κB Activation In Vivo Impairs Establishment of Gammaherpesvirus Latency
Inhibition of NF-kappa B-Rel A expression by antisense oligodeoxynucleotides suppresses synthesis of urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) but not its inhibitor PAI-1.
Inhibition of NF-kappa B specific transcriptional activation by PNA strand invasion.
Inhibition of NF-kappaB DNA binding by nitric oxide.
Inhibition of NO-synthase and degranulation of rat omental mast cells in vitro
Inhibition of nucleoside-binding sites by nucleoside analogues in Escherichia coli.
Inhibition of O 6 -methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase by an alkyltransferase-like protein from Escherichia coli
Inhibition of oncogene-induced inflammatory chemokines using a farnesyltransferase inhibitor
Inhibition of oncornavirus functions by poly (2-methylthioinosinic acid).
Inhibition of p38 MAPK Suppresses Inflammatory Cytokine Induction by Etoposide, 5-Fluorouracil, and Doxorubicin without Affecting Tumoricidal Activity
Inhibition of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase enhances c-Jun N-terminal kinase activity: Implication in inducible nitric oxide synthase expression
Inhibition of pancreatic cholesterol esterase reduces cholesterol absorption in the hamster
Inhibition of pancreatic ribonuclease by 2'-5' and 3'-5' oligonucleotides.
Inhibition of PC cell-derived growth factor (PCDGF)/granulin-epithelin precursor (GEP) decreased cell proliferation and invasion through downregulation of cyclin D and CDK 4 and inactivation of MMP-2
Inhibition of PI3K/AKT and MEK/ERK pathways act synergistically to enhance antiangiogenic effects of EGCG through activation of FOXO transcription factor
Inhibition of PI3K increases oxaliplatin sensitivity in cholangiocarcinoma cells
Inhibition of PKC activity blocks the increase of ET B receptor expression in cerebral arteries
Inhibition of PNA triplex formation by N4-benzoylated cytosine.
Inhibition of poly(A) polymerase by rifamycin derivatives
Inhibition of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase activates ATM which is required for subsequent homologous recombination repair
Inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity is insufficient to induce tetraploidy
Inhibition of Poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase impairs Epstein Barr Virus lytic cycle progression
Inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase stimulates extrachromosomal homologous recombination in mouse Ltk-fibroblasts.
Inhibition of polyadenylation by stable RNA secondary structure.
Inhibition of polyoma DNA synthesis by base pair substitutions at the replication origin.
Inhibition of PP2A by LIS1 increases HIV-1 gene expression
Inhibition of pre-mRNA splicing by synthetic branched nucleic acids
Inhibition of prefrontal protein synthesis following recall does not disrupt memory for trace fear conditioning
Inhibition of primordial germ cell proliferation by the medaka male determining gene Dmrt1bY
Inhibition of Progenitor Dendritic Cell Maturation by Plasma from Patients with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Role in Pregnancy-associated Heart Disease
Inhibition of Proliferation by PERK Regulates Mammary Acinar Morphogenesis and Tumor Formation
Inhibition of proteasome activity by the dietary flavonoid apigenin is associated with growth inhibition in cultured breast cancer cells and xenografts
Inhibition of Protein Aggregation: Supramolecular Assemblies of Arginine Hold the Key
Inhibition of Protein Farnesylation Arrests Adipogenesis and Affects PPAR γ Expression and Activation in Differentiating Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Inhibition of protein geranylgeranylation induces apoptosis in synovial fibroblasts
Inhibition of protein synthesis by an efficiently expressed mutation in the yeast 5.8S ribosomal RNA.
Inhibition of protein synthesis by N-methyl-2-pyridone-5-formamidoacetic acid and other compounds isolated from uremic patients.
Inhibition of release of inflammatory mediators in primary and cultured cells by a Chinese herbal medicine formula for allergic rhinitis
Inhibition of Release of Vasoactive and Inflammatory Mediators in Airway and Vascular Tissues and Macrophages By a Chinese Herbal Medicine Formula for Allergic Rhinitis
Inhibition of restraint ulcers in the rat by pyridoxine deficiency.
Inhibition of restriction endonuclease hydrolysis by phosphorothioate-containing DNA.
Inhibition of restriction endonuclease Nci I cleavage by phosphorothioate groups and its application to oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis.
Inhibition of restriction enzyme cleavage of DNA modified with 7-deaza-dGTP.
Inhibition of retinal neovascularization by siRNA targeting VEGF 165
Inhibition of RNA-directed DNA polymerase by aurintricarboxylic acid.
Inhibition of RNA polymerase III transcription by a ribosome-associated kinase activity.
Inhibition of sarcoplasmic Ca 2+ -ATPase increases caffeine- and halothane-induced contractures in muscle bundles of malignant hyperthermia susceptible and healthy individuals
Inhibition of SARS-CoV 3C-like Protease Activity by Theaflavin-3,3′-digallate (TF3)
Inhibition of secreted phospholipase A2 by neuron survival and anti-inflammatory peptide CHEC-9
Inhibition of self-splicing group I intron RNA: high-throughput screening assays.
Inhibition of simian virus 40 DNA replication in CV-1 cells by an oligodeoxynucleotide covalently linked to an intercalating agent.
Inhibition of SIRT1 Reactivates Silenced Cancer Genes without Loss of Promoter DNA Hypermethylation
Inhibition of smooth muscle contraction and platelet aggregation by peptide 204–212 of lipocortin 5: an attempt to define some structure requirements
Inhibition of spontaneous induction of lambdoid prophages in Escherichia coli cultures: simple procedures with possible biotechnological applications
Inhibition of sulfur mustard-induced cytotoxicity and inflammation by the macrolide antibiotic roxithromycin in human respiratory epithelial cells
Inhibition of SV40 gene expression by microinjected small antisense RNA and DNA molecules
Inhibition of α-Synuclein Fibrillization by Dopamine Is Mediated by Interactions with Five C-Terminal Residues and with E83 in the NAC Region
Inhibition of T7 and T3 RNA polymerase directed transcription elongation in vitro.
Inhibition of Tat activity by the HEXIM1 protein
Inhibition of telomerase by 2′- O -(2-methoxyethyl) RNA oligomers: effect of length, phosphorothioate substitution and time inside cells
Inhibition of the activity of pro-inflammatory secretory phospholipase A 2 by acute phase proteins
Inhibition of the alternative complement activation pathway in traumatic brain injury by a monoclonal anti-factor B antibody: a randomized placebo-controlled study in mice
Inhibition of the cellular response to interferons by products of the adenovirus type 5 E1A oncogene.
Inhibition of the DNA Damage Pathway by a Telomere-Binding Protein
Inhibition of the erbB-2 tyrosine kinase receptor in breast cancer cells by phosphoromonothioate and phosphorodithioate antisense oligonucleotides.
Inhibition of the growth of Ureaplasma urealyticum by a new urease inhibitor, flurofamide.
Inhibition of the HERG potassium channel by the tricyclic antidepressant doxepin
Inhibition of the herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene transfection in Ltk- cells by potential Z-DNA forming polymers.
Inhibition of the MEK1/ERK pathway reduces arachidonic acid release independently of cPLA 2 phosphorylation and translocation
Inhibition of the p66/p51 form of human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase by tRNA(Lys).
Inhibition of the production of mediators of inflammation by corticosteroids is a glucocorticoid receptor-mediated process
Inhibition of the RAGE products increases survival in experimental models of severe sepsis and systemic infection
Inhibition of TNFalpha in vivo prevents hyperoxia-mediated activation of caspase 3 in type II cells
Inhibition of transcription by the TAR RNA of HIV-1 in a nuclear extract of HeLa cells.
Inhibition of transcription factor IIIA-DNA interactions by xenobiotic metal ions.
Inhibition of transcription in eukaryotic cells by X-irradiation: relation to the loss of topological constraint in closed DNA loops.
Inhibition of transcription of supercoiled PM2 DNA by carbodiimide modification.
Inhibition of translation initiation by antisense oligonucleotides via an RNase-H independent mechanism.
Inhibition of tRNA methylation in vitro and in whole cells by an oncostatic S-adenosyl-homocysteine (SAH) analogue: 5'-deoxy 5'-S-isobutyl adenosine (SIBA).
Inhibition of Tumor Growth Using Salmonella Expressing Fas Ligand
Inhibition of Vaginal Lactobacilli by a Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitor Produced by Enterococcus faecium 62-6: Potential Significance for Bacterial Vaginosis
Inhibition of vascular remodelling in a porcine coronary injury model by herbal extract XS0601
Inhibition of yeast telomerase action by the telomeric ssDNA-binding protein, Cdc13p
Inhibition of ZAP-70 Kinase Activity via an Analog-sensitive Allele Blocks T Cell Receptor and CD28 Superagonist Signaling * S⃞
Inhibition or knock out of Inducible nitric oxide synthase result in resistance to bleomycin-induced lung injury
Inhibition Potentiates the Synchronizing Action of Electrical Synapses
Inhibitor of apoptosis proteins and their relatives: IAPs and other BIRPs
Inhibitors of apoptosis proteins in human cervical cancer
Inhibitors of calling behavior of Plodia interpunctella
Inhibitors of complement activity in human breast-milk: a proposed hypothesis of their physiological significance.
Inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus type I
Inhibitors of mitogen-activated protein kinases differentially regulate costimulated T cell cytokine production and mouse airway eosinophilia
Inhibitors of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases Downregulate COX-2 Expression in Human Chondrocytes
Inhibitors of nuclear factor kappa B cause apoptosis in cultured macrophages
Inhibitors of Pathogen Intercellular Signals as Selective Anti-Infective Compounds
Inhibitors of protein synthesis identified by a high throughput multiplexed translation screen
Inhibitors of protein synthesis V. Irreversible interaction of antibiotics with an initiation complex.
Inhibitors of repair DNA synthesis.
Inhibitory action of a macrolide antibiotic, roxithromycin, on co-stimulatory molecule expressions in vitro and in vivo.
Inhibitory activity spectrum of reuterin produced by Lactobacillus reuteri against intestinal bacteria
Inhibitory Control Over Ca 2+ Sparks via Mechanosensitive Channels Is Disrupted in Dystrophin Deficient Muscle but Restored by Mini-Dystrophin Expression
Inhibitory Deficits, Delay Aversion and Preschool AD/HD: Implications for the Dual Pathway Model
Inhibitory effect of a short Z-DNA forming sequence on transcription elongation by T7 RNA polymerase
Inhibitory effect of blocking TGF-β/Smad signal on injury-induced fibrosis of corneal endothelium
Inhibitory Effect of Diabetes on Proliferation of Vascular Smooth Muscle After Balloon Injury in Rat Aorta
Inhibitory effect of esculentoside A on prostaglandin E 2 production from murine peritoneal macrophages and rabbit synovial cells in vitro
Inhibitory effect of esculentoside A on tumour necrosis factor α production by human monocytes
Inhibitory Effect of Fermented Papaya Preparation on Hydroxyl Radical Generation from Methylguanidine
Inhibitory effect of ferulic acid and isoferulic acid on the production of macrophage inflammatory protein-2 in response to respiratory syncytial virus infection in RAW264.7 cells.
Inhibitory effect of green coffee bean extract on fat accumulation and body weight gain in mice
Inhibitory Effect of Inflexinol on Nitric Oxide Generation and iNOS Expression via Inhibition of NF- κ B Activation
Inhibitory effect of interferon-beta on mouse spleen-derived mast cells
Inhibitory effect of LY 255283 on the synthesis of leukotriene B 4 and thromboxane A 2 in human peripheral blood polymorphonuclear leukocytes and monocytes
Inhibitory effect of ribbon-type NF-κB decoy oligodeoxynucleotides on osteoclast induction and activity in vitro and in vivo
Inhibitory Effect on Cerebral Inflammatory Response following Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats: A Potential Neuroprotective Mechanism of N-Acetylcysteine
Inhibitory effects of 3'deoxycytidine 5'-triphosphate and 3'-deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate on DNA-dependent RNA polymerases I and II purified from Dictyostelium discoideum cells.
Inhibitory effects of archetypical nucleic acid ligands on the interactions of HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein with elements of Ψ-RNA
Inhibitory Effects of Bangladeshi Medicinal Plant Extracts on Interactions between Transcription Factors and Target DNA Sequences
Inhibitory effects of bisbenzylisoquinolines on synthesis of the inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha
Inhibitory Effects of Conjugated Epicatechin Metabolites on Peroxynitrite-mediated Nitrotyrosine Formation
Inhibitory Effects of Dimeric Copper(II) bis(o-acetoxybenzoate) on Platelet-neutrophil adhesion and Thrombosis
Inhibitory effects of estrogen receptor beta on specific hormone-responsive gene expression and association with disease outcome in primary breast cancer
Inhibitory effects of minocycline on gliosis in the hydrocephalic H-Tx rat
Inhibitory effects of proanthocyanidins from Ribes nigrum leaves on carrageenin acute inflammatory reactions induced in rats
Inhibitory effects of rat bone marrow-derived dendritic cells on naïve and alloantigen-specific CD4+ T cells: a comparison between dendritic cells generated with GM-CSF plus IL-4 and dendritic cells generated with GM-CSF plus IL-10
Inhibitory effects of Spirulina in zymosan-induced arthritis in mice.
Inhibitory Phosphorylation of Separase Is Essential for Genome Stability and Viability of Murine Embryonic Germ Cells
Inhibitory properties of double-helix-forming circular oligonucleotides.
Inhibitory Response of Raphanus sativus on Lipid Peroxidation in Albino Rats
Inhibitory role of supraspinal P2X 3 /P2X 2/3 subtypes on nociception in rats
Initial and repeat screening for Chlamydia trachomatis during pregnancy.
Initial breastfeeding attitudes and practices of women born in Turkey, Vietnam and Australia after giving birth in Australia
Initial clinical trial of epratuzumab (humanized anti-CD22 antibody) for immunotherapy of systemic lupus erythematosus
Initial community perspectives on the Health Service Extension Programme in Welkait, Ethiopia
Initial development and testing of a novel foam-based pressure sensor for wearable sensing
Initial distribution volume of glucose can be approximated using a conventional glucose analyzer in the intensive care unit
Initial Evaluation of the Effects of Aerosolized Florida Red Tide Toxins (Brevetoxins) in Persons with Asthma
Initial evaluation of the "Trauma surgery course"
Initial Events in Establishing Vaginal Entry and Infection by Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1
Initial evidence of reduction of malaria cases and deaths in Rwanda and Ethiopia due to rapid scale-up of malaria prevention and treatment
Initial Experience of Endoscopic Phonosurgery With a Prototype of the Therapeutic Rhinolarynx Electronic Endoscope
Initial experience of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a district hospital.
Initial experience with a electronic CT image transfer system.
Initial experience with a group presentation of study results to research participants
Initial experience with breast reconstruction using the transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap: a study of 45 patients.
Initial experience with the Pascal photocoagulator: a pilot study of 75 procedures
Initial impact and cost of a nationwide population screening campaign for diabetes in Brazil: A follow up study
Initial in vitro screening approach to investigate the potential health and environmental hazards of Envirox™ – a nanoparticulate cerium oxide diesel fuel additive
Initial intramuscular perfusion pressure predicts early skeletal muscle function following isolated tibial fractures
Initial multicenter experience with double nucleoside therapy for human immunodeficiency virus infection during pregnancy.
Initial resuscitation of hemorrhagic shock
Initial Severity and Antidepressant Benefits: A Meta-Analysis of Data Submitted to the Food and Drug Administration
Initial validation of the Argentinean Spanish version of the PedsQL™ 4.0 Generic Core Scales in children and adolescents with chronic diseases: acceptability and comprehensibility in low-income settings
Initiating informatics and GIS support for a field investigation of Bioterrorism: The New Jersey anthrax experience
Initiation and promotion in cancer formation: the importance of studies on intercellular communication.
Initiation and termination of human U1 RNA transcription requires the concerted action of multiple flanking elements.
Initiation and termination of the bacteriophage phi X174 rolling circle DNA replication in vivo: packaging of plasmid single-stranded DNA into bacteriophage phi X174 coats.
Initiation and termination signals for transcription in bacteriophage M13.
Initiation complex formation on Euglena chloroplast 30S subunits in the presence of natural mRNAs.
Initiation, Establishment, and Maintenance of Heritable MuDR Transposon Silencing in Maize Are Mediated by Distinct Factors
Initiation-mediated mRNA decay in yeast affects heat-shock mRNAs, and works through decapping and 5′-to-3′ hydrolysis
Initiation of adenovirus DNA replication does not occur via a hairpin mechanism.
Initiation of autoimmunity by a reactive metabolite of a lupus-inducing drug in the thymus.
Initiation of breastfeeding and prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding at hospital discharge in urban, suburban and rural areas of Zhejiang China
Initiation of breastfeeding within 120 minutes after birth is associated with breastfeeding at four months among Japanese women: A self-administered questionnaire survey
Initiation of DNA replication at the Chinese hamster origin oriGNAI3 relies on local sequences and/or chromatin structures, but not on transcription of the nearby GNAI3 gene.
Initiation of DNA replication at the human β-globin 3′ enhancer
Initiation of DNA replication by DNA polymerases from primers forming a triple helix
Initiation of DNA Replication: The Genomic Context
Initiation of herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase polypeptides.
Initiation of HIV-2 reverse transcription: a secondary structure model of the RNA–tRNA Lys3 duplex
Initiation of male sperm-transfer behavior in Caenorhabditis elegans requires input from the ventral nerve cord
Initiation of opiate addiction in a Canadian prison: a case report
Initiation of phage phi 29 DNA replication by the terminal protein modified at the carboxyl end.
Initiation of plasmid R1 replication in vitro is independent of transcription by host RNA polymerase.
Initiation of polyoma virus DNA replication in vitro and its dependence on the viral gene A protein.
Initiation of RNA-primed DNA synthesis in vitro by DNA polymerase alpha-primase.
Initiation of RNA synthesis in vitro by vesicular stomatitis virus: single internal initiation in the presence of aurintricarboxylic acid and vanadyl ribonucleoside complexes.
Initiation of simian virus 40 DNA replication in vitro: identification of RNA-primed nascent DNA chains.
Initiation of strand incision at G:T and O 6 -methylguanine:T base mismatches in DNA by human cell extracts
Initiation of transcription by RNA polymerase II in permeable, SV40-infected or noninfected, CVI cells; evidence for multiple promoters of SV40 late transcription.
Initiation of transcription in nuclei isolated from adenovirus infected cells.
Initiation of transcription in yeast mitochondria: analysis of origins of replication and of genes coding for a messenger RNA and a transfer RNA.
Initiation of transcription of a mitochondrial tRNA gene cluster in S. cerevisiae.
Initiation of transcription of genes for mitochondrial ribosomal RNA in yeast: comparison of the nucleotide sequence around the 5'-ends of both genes reveals a homologous stretch of 17 nucleotides.
Initiation of transcription of the erythroid promoter of the porphobilinogen deaminase gene is regulated by a cis-acting sequence around the cap site.
Initiation of transcription of the yeast mitochondrial gene coding for ATPase subunit 9.
Initiation of translation at an AUA codon for an archaebacterial protein gene expressed in E.coli.
Initiation of translation by non-AUG codons in human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I mRNA encoding both Rex and Tax regulatory proteins
Initiation of translation with Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage PP7 RNA: nucleotide sequence of the coat cistron ribosome binding site.
Initiation of translocation by Type I restriction-modification enzymes is associated with a short DNA extrusion
Initiation of unidirectional ColE2 DNA replication by a unique priming mechanism.
Initiation of V(D)J Recombination by Dβ-Associated Recombination Signal Sequences: A Critical Control Point in TCRβ Gene Assembly
Initiation, promotion, and inhibition of carcinogenesis in rainbow trout.
Initiation/promotion versus complete carcinogenicity in the rodent liver
Initiation signals for complementary strand DNA synthesis in the region of the replication origin of the Escherichia coli chromosome.
Initiation signals for complementary strand DNA synthesis on single-stranded plasmid DNA.
Initiation signals for the conversion of single stranded to double stranded DNA forms in the streptococcal plasmid pLS1.
Initiation to heroin injecting among heroin users in Sydney, Australia: cross sectional survey
Initiation zone of DNA replication at the aldolase B locus encompasses transcription promoter region.
Initiative for Developing Evidence-based Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medical Therapy in the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization
Initiatives: New Voice for the Environment
Initiatives of 11 Rural Appalachian Cancer Coalitions in Pennsylvania and New York
Initiator protein pi can bind independently to two domains of the gamma origin core of plasmid R6K: the direct repeats and the A+T-rich segment.
Initiator role of double stranded DNA in terminal transferase catalyzed polymerization reactions.
Injectable Solutions and Additives: Compatibilities, Incompatibilities, Routes of Administration
Injection drug use and HIV/AIDS in China: Review of current situation, prevention and policy implications
Injection drug use and patterns of highly active antiretroviral therapy use: an analysis of ALIVE, WIHS, and MACS cohorts
Injection Drug Use Quality of Life scale (IDUQOL): A validation study
Injection Drug User Quality of Life Scale (IDUQOL): Findings from a content validation study
Injection of colorectal cancer cells in mesenteric and antimesenteric sides of the colon results in different patterns of metastatic diffusion: An experimental study in rats
Injections and HIV in Rural Zimbabwe
Injuries at a Canadian National Taekwondo Championships: a prospective study
Injuries in Aleppo, Syria; first population-based estimates and characterization of predominant types
Injuries of the Portal Vein in Patients With Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Injurious mechanical ventilation in the normal lung causes a progressive pathologic change in dynamic alveolar mechanics
Injury associated with methamphetamine use: A review of the literature
Injury morbidity in an urban and a rural area in Tanzania: an epidemiological survey
Injury of respiratory epithelium.
Injury Severity Score (ISS) vs. ICD-derived Injury Severity Score (ICISS) in a patient population treated in a designated Hong Kong trauma centre
Inland hypersaline lakes and the brine shrimp Artemia as simple models for biodiversity analysis at the population level
Innate gene repression associated with Mycobacterium bovis infection in cattle: toward a gene signature of disease
Innate immune defences in the human endometrium
Innate immune functions of microglia isolated from human glioma patients
Innate immunity and inflammation in ageing: a key for understanding age-related diseases
Innate immunity glycoprotein gp-340 variants may modulate human susceptibility to dental caries
Innate Immunity in Fruit Flies: A Textbook Example of Genomic Recycling
Innate Invariant NKT Cells Recognize Mycobacterium tuberculosis– Infected Macrophages, Produce Interferon-γ, and Kill Intracellular Bacteria
Innate recognition of non-self nucleic acids
Innate Visual Learning through Spontaneous Activity Patterns
InnateDB: facilitating systems-level analyses of the mammalian innate immune response
Innocent III and the evolution of anatomy *
Innovation in Biomedicine: Can Stem Cell Research Lead the Way to Affordability?
Innovations:A Futuristic Megalab in Wyoming.
Innovations. DNA detectives.
Innovations in curriculum design: A multi-disciplinary approach to teaching statistics to undergraduate medical students
Innovations in health and medicine: diffusion and resistance in the twentieth century
Innovations in mental health services implementation: a report on state-level data from the U.S. Evidence-Based Practices Project
Innovations in technology for critical care medicine
Innovations: saving the Earth from space.
Innovations: the gas is greener.
Innovative Concepts in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Innovative Technologies: Cellular Jigsaw Puzzles
INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES: Fluorescent Probe Detects Mercury
Innovative Technologies: Organic Solar Cells
Innovative Technologies: Reverse Osmosis Moves Forward
Innovative Technologies: Sweet Deal for Cocoa Production?
Innovative Technologies: Transportation Fuels on the Table
Innovative Technologies: X-Rays Get in Synch
INO1-100: an allele of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae INO1 gene that is transcribed without the action of the positive factors encoded by the INO2, INO4, SWI1, SWI2 and SWI3 genes.
Inoculation of Scrapie with the Self-Assembling RADA-Peptide Disrupts Prion Accumulation and Extends Hamster Survival
Inorganic arsenic: a need and an opportunity to improve risk assessment.
Inorganic Arsenic and Human Prostate Cancer
Inorganic Arsenite Potentiates Vasoconstriction through Calcium Sensitization in Vascular Smooth Muscle
Inorganic dust pneumonias: the metal-related parenchymal disorders.
Inorganic mercury and methylmercury in placentas of Swedish women.
Inorganic mercury exposure, mercury-copper interaction, and DMPS treatment in rats.
Inorganic particle content of foods and drugs
Inorganic particles in human tissues and their association with neoplastic disease
Inorganic particles of agricultural origin
Inorganic phosphate nanorods are a novel fluorescent label in cell biology
Inorganic polyphosphate occurs in the cell wall of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and accumulates during cytokinesis
Inorganic pyrophosphate generation by transforming growth factor-beta-1 is mainly dependent on ANK induction by Ras/Raf-1/extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathways in chondrocytes
Inorganic speciation of dissolved elements in seawater: the influence of pH on concentration ratios
iNOS activity is critical for the clearance of Burkholderia mallei from infected RAW 264.7 murine macrophages
Inosine 5'-triphosphate can dramatically increase the yield of NASBA products targeting GC-rich and intramolecular base-paired viroid RNA.
Inosine.adenine base pairs in a B-DNA duplex.
Inosine-Containing dsRNA Binds a Stress-Granule-like Complex and Downregulates Gene Expression In trans
Inosine incorporation in GC rich RNA probes increases hybridization sequence specificity.
Inositol phosphate formation and its relationship to calcium signaling.
InParanoid 6: eukaryotic ortholog clusters with inparalogs
Inparanoid: a comprehensive database of eukaryotic orthologs
Inpatient charges among HIV/AIDS patients in Rhode Island from 2000–2004
Inpatient Treatment for Uncomplicated and Complicated Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Ampicillin/Sulbactam Vs. Cefoxitin
InPrePPI: an integrated evaluation method based on genomic context for predicting protein-protein interactions in prokaryotic genomes
Input–output behavior of ErbB signaling pathways as revealed by a mass action model trained against dynamic data
Input Subsidies to Improve Smallholder Maize Productivity in Malawi: Toward an African Green Revolution
Inquests into London and Middlesex Homicides, 1675-1782
Inquilinus limosus and Cystic Fibrosis
Ins1 Gene Up-Regulated in a β -Cell Line Derived from Ins2 Knockout Mice
Insanity and its treatment in Islamic society.
Insanity, institutions and society, 1800–1914: a social history of madness in comparative perspective
InSatDb: a microsatellite database of fully sequenced insect genomes
Insatiable Curiosity: Innovation in a Fragile Future
Insect Brains Use Image Interpolation Mechanisms to Recognise Rotated Objects
Insect Detection of Small Targets Moving in Visual Clutter
Insect growth regulators and insect control: a critical appraisal.
Insect Juvenile Hormone—Chemistry and Action
Insect small nuclear RNA gene promoters evolve rapidly yet retain conserved features involved in determining promoter activity and RNA polymerase specificity
Insect-Specific microRNA Involved in the Development of the Silkworm Bombyx mori
Insect sting allergy. A study from 1980 to 2003 of patients who started treatment with venom immunotherapy between 1980 and 1998
Insecticidal Effects of Organotin(IV) Compounds on Plutella Xylostella (L.) Larvae. II. Inhibitory Potencies Against Acetylcholinesterase and Evidence for Synergism in Tests With Bacillus Thuringiensis (BER.) and Malathion
Insecticidal genes of Yersinia spp.: taxonomical distribution, contribution to toxicity towards Manduca sexta and Galleria mellonella , and evolution
Insecticidal juvenile hormone analogs stimulate the production of male offspring in the crustacean Daphnia magna.
Insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae from south-western Chad, Central Africa
Insecticide-Treated Nets for the Prevention of Malaria in Pregnancy: A Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials
Insects and history
Insects and Physiology
Insects and the life of man. Collected essays on pure science and applied biology
Insects, hygiene and history
Insecure attachment is associated with the α-EEG anomaly during sleep
Insensitivity of Paediatric HIV-1 Subtype C Viruses to Broadly Neutralising Monoclonal Antibodies Raised against Subtype B
Insertion bias and purifying selection of retrotransposons in the Arabidopsis thaliana genome
Insertion-deletion polymorphisms (indels) as genetic markers in natural populations
Insertion elements and transitions in cloned mouse mammary tumour virus DNA: further delineation of the poison sequences.
Insertion of a foldable hydrophobic IOL through the trabeculectomy fistula in cases with Microincision cataract surgery combined with trabeculectomy
Insertion of a rabbit beta-globin gene sequence into an E. coli plasmid.
Insertion of a retrotransposon within the 3' end of a mouse gene provides a new functional polyadenylation signal.
Insertion of a small peptide of six amino acids into the β7–β8 loop of the p51 subunit of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase perturbs the heterodimer and affects its activities
Insertion of an Alu SINE in the human homologue of the Mlvi-2 locus.
Insertion of an axial electrode into renal proximal tubule.
Insertion of an LrDNA gene fragment and of filler DNA at a mitochondrial exon-intron junction in Podospora.
Insertion of dGMP and dAMP during in vitro DNA synthesis opposite an oxidized form of 7,8-dihydro-8-oxoguanine.
Insertion of disease-causing mutations in BACs by homologous recombination in Escherichia coli
Insertion of non-intron sequence into maize introns interferes with splicing.
Insertion of rare cutting sites nearby genes allows their rapid physical mapping: localization of the E. coli map locus.
Insertion of synthetic copies of human globin genes into bacterial plasmids.
Insertion of the B2 sequence into intron 13 is the only defect of the H-2k C4 gene which causes low C4 production.
Insertion of the T3 DNA polymerase thioredoxin binding domain enhances the processivity and fidelity of Taq DNA polymerase
Insertion of transformation vector DNA into different chromosomal sites of Dictyostelium discoideum as determined by pulse field electrophoresis.
Insertion of unique sites into YAC arms for rapid physical analysis following YAC transfer into mammalian cells.
Insertion polymorphisms of SINE200 retrotransposons within speciation islands of Anopheles gambiae molecular forms
Insertion Sequence–Driven Diversification Creates a Globally Dispersed Emerging Multiresistant Subspecies of E. faecium
Insertion Sequences show diverse recent activities in Cyanobacteria and Archaea
Insertion site specificity of the transposon Tn3.
Insertion sites and the terminal nucleotide sequences of the Tn4 transposon.
Insertion (sufB) in the anticodon loop or base substitution (sufC) in the anticodon stem of tRNA(Pro)2 from Salmonella typhimurium induces suppression of frameshift mutations.
Insertional gene synthesis, a novel method of assembling consecutive DNA sequences within specific sites in plasmids. Construction of the HIV-1 tat gene.
Insertional mutagenesis based on illegitimate recombination in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Insertional mutagenesis strategies in zebrafish
Insertional protein engineering for analytical molecular sensing
Insertions and the emergence of novel protein structure: a structure-based phylogenetic study of insertions
Insertions in the anticodon loop of tRNA 1 Gln ( sufG ) and tRNA Lys promote quadruplet decoding of CAAA
Inside a Killer: Immune Signals May Promote Vascular Growth
INSIG-2 promoter polymorphism and obesity related phenotypes: association study in 1428 members of 248 families
INSIG2 gene polymorphism is associated with increased subcutaneous fat in women and poor response to resistance training in men
INSIG2 gene rs7566605 polymorphism is associated with severe obesity in Japanese
Insight and industry: on the dynamics of technological change in medicine
Insight dimensions and cognitive function in psychosis: a longitudinal study
Insight into gene fusion from molecular dynamics simulation of fused and un-fused IGPS (Imidazole Glycerol Phosphate Synthetase)
Insight into Microevolution of Yersinia pestis by Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats
Insight into redox-regulated gene networks in vascular cells
Insight into the early steps of root hair formation revealed by the procuste1 cellulose synthase mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana
Insight into the mechanism of the peptide-based gene delivery system MPG: implications for delivery of siRNA into mammalian cells
Insight into the sialome of the castor bean tick, Ixodes ricinus
Insight into the Structure of Amyloid Fibrils from the Analysis of Globular Proteins
Insight into transcription factor gene duplication from Caenorhabditis elegans Promoterome-driven expression patterns
Insight to structural subsite recognition in plant thiol protease-inhibitor complexes : Understanding the basis of differential inhibition and the role of water
Insights about the process and impact of implementing nursing guidelines on delivery of care in hospitals and community settings
Insights and inferences about integron evolution from genomic data
Insights from a national survey into why substance abuse treatment units add prevention and outreach services
Insights from Amphioxus into the Evolution of Vertebrate Cartilage
Insights from mouse models into human retinoblastoma
Insights from the analysis of a predicted model of gp63 in Leishmania donovani
Insights from the rat genome sequence
Insights into a dinoflagellate genome through expressed sequence tag analysis
Insights into age- and sickle-cell-disease- interaction using principal components analysis
Insights into anti-termination regulation of the hut operon in Bacillus subtilis: importance of the dual RNA-binding surfaces of HutP
Insights into cereal genomes from two draft genome sequences of rice
Insights into Fanconi Anaemia from the structure of human FANCE
Insights into kinetochore–DNA interactions from the structure of Cep3Δ
Insights into Mad2 Regulation in the Spindle Checkpoint Revealed by the Crystal Structure of the Symmetric Mad2 Dimer
Insights into pathogenic events of HIV-associated Kaposi sarcoma and immune reconstitution syndrome related Kaposi sarcoma
Insights into Protein–DNA Interactions through Structure Network Analysis
Insights into rheumatoid arthritis derived from the Sa immune system
Insights into spatial configuration of a galactosylated epitope required to trigger arthritogenic T-cell receptors specific for the sugar moiety
Insights into structure, dynamics and hydration of locked nucleic acid (LNA) strand-based duplexes from molecular dynamics simulations
Insights into the complex regulation of rpoS in Borrelia burgdorferi
Insights into the Coupling of Duplication Events and Macroevolution from an Age Profile of Animal Transmembrane Gene Families
Insights into the evolution of the ErbB receptor family and their ligands from sequence analysis
Insights into the evolutionary history of tubercle bacilli as disclosed by genetic rearrangements within a PE_PGRS duplicated gene pair
Insights into the evolutionary origins of clostridial neurotoxins from analysis of the Clostridium botulinum strain A neurotoxin gene cluster
Insights into the Genome of Large Sulfur Bacteria Revealed by Analysis of Single Filaments
Insights into the genome sequence of a free-living Kinetoplastid: Bodo saltans (Kinetoplastida: Euglenozoa)
Insights into the kinetics of siRNA-mediated gene silencing from live-cell and live-animal bioluminescent imaging
Insights into the Management of Emerging Infections: Regulating Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Transfusion Risk in the UK and the US
Insights into the Mechanisms of Antibody-Affinity Maturation and the Generation of the Memory B-Cell Compartment Using Genetically Altered Mice
Insights Into the Mode of Action of the Anti- Candida Activity of 1,10-Phenanthroline and its Metal Chelates
Insights into the Molecular Evolution of the PDZ/LIM Family and Identification of a Novel Conserved Protein Motif
Insights into the Musa genome: Syntenic relationships to rice and between Musa species
Insights into the pathogenesis of vein graft disease: lessons from intravascular ultrasound
Insights into the Physiology of Childbirth Using Transcriptomics
Insights into the Roles of Gut Microbes in Obesity
Insights into the selective activation of alternatively used splice acceptors by the human immunodeficiency virus type-1 bidirectional splicing enhancer
Insights Into the Structural and Functional Evolution of Plant Genomes Afforded by the Nucleotide Sequences of Chromosomes 2 and 4 of Arabidopsis Thaliana
Insights into vertebrate evolution from the chicken genome sequence
Insights on the evolution of trehalose biosynthesis
Insights to Clinical Use of Serial Determination in Titers of Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Autoantibodies
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