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Hypoxic vasoconstriction of partial muscular intra-acinar pulmonary arteries in murine precision cut lung slices
HYPROSP: a hybrid protein secondary structure prediction algorithm—a knowledge-based approach
HYS2, an essential gene required for DNA replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Hysterectomy at a Canadian tertiary care facility: results of a one year retrospective review
Hysterectomy Does Not Cause Constipation
Hysteria at the Edinburgh Infirmary: the construction and treatment of a disease, 1770-1800.
Hysterosalpingography in infertility.
Hysteroscopic metroplasty.
hZIP1 zinc uptake transporter down regulation and zinc depletion in prostate cancer
hZip2 and hZip3 zinc transporters are down regulated in human prostate adenocarcinomatous glands
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