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H(1)-Receptor activation triggers the endogenous nitric oxide signalling system in the rat submandibular gland.
H++: a server for estimating p K a s and adding missing hydrogens to macromolecules
H Bonding at the Helix-Bundle Crossing Controls Gating in Kir Potassium Channels
H-DBAS: Alternative splicing database of completely sequenced and manually annotated full-length cDNAs based on H-Invitational
H-DNA and Z-DNA in the mouse c-Ki-ras promoter.
H-index, mentoring-index, highly-cited and highly-accessed: how to evaluate scientists?
H. M. Ordinary Physicians, 1568–1853
Hæmoglobin Levels in Adolescent Schoolchildren
Hæmophilia in Northern Ireland
Hæmorrhage—A Historical Survey
H-NS controls metabolism and stress tolerance in Escherichia coli O157:H7 that influence mouse passage
H-NS mediated compaction of DNA visualised by atomic force microscopy
H-NS Mediates the Silencing of Laterally Acquired Genes in Bacteria
H ollywood : a comparative relational database of alternative splicing
h-Profile plots for the discovery and exploration of patterns in gene expression data with an application to time course data
H. pylori -infection and antibody immune response in a rural Tanzanian population
H1 RNA polymerase III promoter-driven expression of an RNA aptamer leads to high-level inhibition of intracellular protein activity
H1a, an E. coli DNA-binding protein which accumulates in stationary phase, strongly compacts DNA in vitro.
H2 gene control and biological activities of a T-cell mitogen derived from Mycoplasma arthritidis: a review.
H2A.X. a histone isoprotein with a conserved C-terminal sequence, is encoded by a novel mRNA with both DNA replication type and polyA 3' processing signals.
H2A.Z-Mediated Localization of Genes at the Nuclear Periphery Confers Epigenetic Memory of Previous Transcriptional State
H2A.ZI, a new variant histone expressed during Xenopus early development exhibits several distinct features from the core histone H2A.
γH2AX Foci Form Preferentially in Euchromatin after Ionising-Radiation
γ-H2AX in recognition and signaling of DNA double-strand breaks in the context of chromatin
H2r : Identification of evolutionary important residues by means of an entropy based analysis of multiple sequence alignments
H3 and H4 histone cDNA sequences from Xenopus: a sequence comparison of H4 genes.
H3-receptor regulation of vascular gastrin and somatostatin releases by the isolated rat stomach.
H5N1 and 1918 Pandemic Influenza Virus Infection Results in Early and Excessive Infiltration of Macrophages and Neutrophils in the Lungs of Mice
H5N1 Vaccine-Specific B Cell Responses in Ferrets Primed with Live Attenuated Seasonal Influenza Vaccines
H5N1 Viruses and Vaccines
HAART: A Cost-Effective Option for South Africa
Habitat analysis of North American sand flies near veterans returning from leishmania-endemic war zones
Habitat characterization and spatial distribution of Anopheles sp . mosquito larvae in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) during an extended dry period
Habitat disturbance and the diversity and abundance of ants (Formicidae) in the Southeastern Fall-Line Sandhills
Habitat Fragmentation, Variable Edge Effects, and the Landscape-Divergence Hypothesis
Habitat International Coalition
Habitat shifts in the evolutionary history of a Neotropical flycatcher lineage from forest and open landscapes
Habitat-Specific Population Growth of a Farmland Bird
Habitat suitability mapping of Anopheles darlingi in the surroundings of the Manso hydropower plant reservoir, Mato Grosso, Central Brazil
Habitats and Territories
Habitual prospective memory in schizophrenia
Hac1: a novel yeast bZIP protein binding to the CRE motif is a multicopy suppressor for cdc10 mutant of Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
HACCP hassles.
Hae III polymorphism within 3′ untranslated region of PRAD1
HaeIII RFLP for salivary proline-rich protein gene probe (pPRPII2.2RP)
Haematogenous Staphylococcus aureus meningitis. A 10-year nationwide study of 96 consecutive cases
Haematological measurements and iron levels in HIV-infected Gambian subjects
Haematological Safety of Perinatal Zidovudine in Pregnant HIV-1–Infected Women in Thailand: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Trial
Haematopoietic development and immunological function in the absence of cathepsin D
Haematuria as a presentation of metastatic oesophageal carcinoma
Haemobilia Associated With a Postoperative Biliary Stricture
Haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients admitted to intensive care units
Haemodynamic consequences of changing bicarbonate and calcium concentrations in haemodialysis fluids
Haemodynamic effects of plasma-expansion with hyperoncotic albumin in cirrhotic patients with renal failure: a prospective interventional study
Haemodynamic management of severe sepsis: recommendations of the French Intensive Care Societies (SFAR/SRLF) Consensus Conference, 13 October 2005, Paris, France
Haemodynamic monitoring in critically ill patients
Haemoglobin, anaemia, dementia and cognitive decline in the elderly, a systematic review
Haemoglobin analysis on whole blood by reflectance photometry
Haemoglobin and haematocrit: is the threefold conversion valid for assessing anaemia in malaria-endemic settings?
Haemoglobin and haematocrit: the threefold conversion is also non valid for assessing anaemia in Plasmodium vivax malaria-endemic settings
Haemoglobin C and S Role in Acquired Immunity against Plasmodium falciparum Malaria
Haemoperitoneum following gallbladder necrosis.
Haemoperitoneurn Secondary to Rupture of Retroperitoneal Variceal
Haemophilia A: database of nucleotide substitutions, deletions, insertions and rearrangements of the factor VIII gene.
Haemophilia A: database of nucleotide substitutions, deletions, insertions and rearrangements of the factor VIII gene, second edition.
Haemophilia A: database of nucleotide substitutions, deletions, insertions and rearrangements of the factor VIII gene, second edition
Haemophilia A: database of nucleotide substitutions, deletions, insertions and rearrangements of the factor VIII gene, second edition.
Haemophilia B caused by mutation of a potential thrombin cleavage site in factor IX.
Haemophilia B: database of point mutations and short additions and deletions.
Haemophilia B: database of point mutations and short additions and deletions, 7th edition.
Haemophilia B: database of point mutations and short additions and deletions--eighth edition.
Haemophilia B: database of point mutations and short additions and deletions, fifth edition, 1994.
Haemophilia B: database of point mutations and short additions and deletions--fourth edition, 1993.
Haemophilia B: database of point mutations and short additions and deletions — second edition
Haemophilia B: database of point mutations and short additions and deletions—third edition, 1992
Haemophilia B (sixth edition): a database of point mutations and short additions and deletions.
Haemophilic bleeding. Early management at home
Haemophilus Influenzae Microarrays: Virulence and Vaccines
Haemophilus influenzae phasevarions have evolved from type III DNA restriction systems into epigenetic regulators of gene expression
Haemophilus influenzae septic abortion.
Haemorrhage from small bowel ulceration complicating meningococcal septicaemia.
Haemostasis, inflammation and renal function following exercise in patients with intermittent claudication on statin and aspirin therapy
Hafner Award
Hafner Award
Hafner Award to Dr. John Price
HAGR: the Human Ageing Genomic Resources
Hahn-Steinthal fracture: a case report
Hahnemanns Krankenjournal Nr.4
Hair analysis does not support hypothesized arsenic and chromium exposure from drinking water in Woburn, Massachusetts.
Hair analysis: exploring the state of the science.
Hair and Some of its Clinical Significances
Hair and toenail arsenic concentrations of residents living in areas with high environmental arsenic concentrations.
Hair Follicle Melanocyte Cells as a Renewable Source of Melanocytes for Culture and Transplantation
Hair Manganese and Hyperactive Behaviors: Pilot Study of School-Age Children Exposed through Tap Water
Hair Mercury Levels in U.S. Children and Women of Childbearing Age: Reference Range Data from NHANES 1999–2000
Hair Mercury Negatively Correlates with Calcium Pump Activity in Human Term Newborns and Their Mothers at Delivery
Hair–Metal Binding *
Hairpin and duplex formation of the DNA octamer d(m5C-G-m5C-G-T-G-m5C-G) in solution. An NMR study.
Hairpin and parallel quartet structures for telomeric sequences.
'Hairpin' catalytic RNA model: evidence for helices and sequence requirement for substrate RNA.
Hairpin-dimer equilibrium of a parallel-stranded DNA hairpin: formation of a four-stranded complex.
Hairpin–duplex equilibrium reflected in the A→B transition in an undecamer quasi-palindrome present in the locus control region of the human β-globin gene cluster
Hairpin-induced tRNA-mediated (HITME) recombination in HIV-1
Hairpin-loop formation by inverted repeats in supercoiled DNA is a local and transmissible property.
Hairpin loop structure of African swine fever virus DNA.
Hairpin opening by single-strand-specific nucleases.
Hairpin properties of single-stranded DNA containing a GC-rich triplet repeat: (CTG)15.
Hairpin ribozyme-antisense RNA constructs can act as molecular lassos
Hairpin ribozyme cleavage catalyzed by aminoglycoside antibiotics and the polyamine spermine in the absence of metal ions.
Hairpin structure within the 3′UTR of DNA polymerase β mRNA acts as a post-transcriptional regulatory element and interacts with Hax-1
Hairpin structures formed by alpha satellite DNA of human centromeres are cleaved by human topoisomerase IIα
Hairpins in a DNA site for topoisomerase II studied by 1H- and 31P-NMR.
Hairy cell leukemia: A diagnosis by endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration
Hairy-root organ cultures for the production of human acetylcholinesterase
Hairy Transcriptional Repression Targets and Cofactor Recruitment in Drosophila
Half a Century of Medical History
Half a century of medical research, volume 2, The programme of the Medical Research Council (U.K.)
Half a gram – a thousand lives
Half-life of polybrominated biphenyl in human sera.
Half-Life of Serum Elimination of Perfluorooctanesulfonate,Perfluorohexanesulfonate, and Perfluorooctanoate in Retired Fluorochemical Production Workers
Half right
Half versus full vacuum suction drainage after modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer- a prospective randomized clinical trial[ISRCTN24484328]
Halibut mitochondrial genomes contain extensive heteroplasmic tandem repeat arrays involved in DNA recombination
Hall Jackson and the Purple Foxglove. Medical Practice & Research in Revolutionary America 1760-1820
Hallux valgus and hallux rigidus: a comparison of impact on health-related quality of life in patients presenting to foot surgeons in Australia
Hallux valgus angle as main predictor for correction of hallux valgus
Haloacetonitriles: metabolism, genotoxicity, and tumor-initiating activity.
Haloethylene-related compounds of industrial, environmental, and medical significance
Halogenase Genes in Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase Gene Clusters of Microcystis (Cyanobacteria): Sporadic Distribution and Evolution
Halogenation of tubercidin by N-halosuccinimides. A direct route to 5-bromotubercidin, a reversible inhibitor of RNA synthesis in eukaryotic cells.
Haloperidol treatment induces tissue- and sex-specific changes in DNA methylation: a control study using rats
Halothane hepatotoxicity and the reduced derivative, 1,1,1-trifluoro-2-chloroethane.
Halothane potentiates the alcohol-adduct induced TNF-alpha release in heart endothelial cells
Halothiobacillus neapolitanus Carboxysomes Sequester Heterologous and Chimeric RubisCO Species
Hamartomas, teratomas and teratocarcinosarcomas of the head and neck: Report of 3 new cases with clinico-pathologic correlation, cytogenetic analysis, and review of the literature
Hammerhead-mediated processing of satellite pDo500 family transcripts from Dolichopoda cave crickets
Hammerhead ribozymes selectively suppress mutant type I collagen mRNA in osteogenesis imperfecta fibroblasts
Hampered Foraging and Migratory Performance in Swans Infected with Low-Pathogenic Avian Influenza A Virus
Hamster line and ALU-equivalent sequences are present in the small polydispersed circular DNA population of CHO cells.
Hamster oocyte membrane potential and ion permeability vary with preantral cumulus cell attachment and developmental stage
Hand-assisted or laparoscopic-assisted approach in colorectal surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Hand bone loss as an outcome measure in established rheumatoid arthritis: 2-year observational study comparing cortical and total bone loss
Hand-carried ultrasound performed at bedside in cardiology inpatient setting – a comparative study with comprehensive echocardiography
Hand dominance and gender in forearm fractures in children
Hand-held echocardiography: added value in clinical cardiological assessment
Hand-held internet tablets for school-based data collection
Hand is a direct target of the forkhead transcription factor Biniou during Drosophila visceral mesoderm differentiation
Hand-Modelled Composite Prostheses after Resection of Peri-Acetabular Bone Malignancies
Handbook of Basic Microtechnique
Handbook of Behavioral Neurobiology. Volume 5. Motor Coordination
Handbook of Bioengineering
Handbook of bioinspired algorithms and applications
Handbook of Biological Data
Handbook of Biological Psychiatry: Part II: Brain Mechanisms and Abnormal Behavior—Psychophysiology
Handbook of Communicable Diseases
Handbook of Current Diagnosis and Management
Handbook of Drugs in Intensive Care: An A-Z Guide
Handbook of Histological and Cytological Technique
Handbook of Molecular Cytology
Handbook of neonatal intensive care
Handbook of neonatal intensive care
Handbook of Neurosurgery
Handbook of Neurosurgery, Fifth Edition
Handbook of Neurotological Diagnosis
Handbook of Parkinson's Disease
Handbook of Parkinson's Disease. Second Edition
Handbook of Physiology and Biochemistry
Handbook of the Hypothalamus: Volume 3 (Part A); Behavioral Studies of the Hypothalamus
Handbook of Toxicology. Vol. III. Insecticides
Handbook of Tropical Medicine
Handbook of Urban Health: Populations, Methods, and Practice
Handbook of Zoonoses: Identification and Prevention
Handgrip performance in relation to self-perceived fatigue, physical functioning and circulating IL-6 in elderly persons without inflammation
Handheld computers and the 21 st century surgical team: a pilot study
Handheld computers for data entry: high tech has its problems too
Handheld computers for self-administered sensitive data collection: A comparative study in Peru
Handheld computers in critical care
Handling linkage disequilibrium in linkage analysis using dense single-nucleotide polymorphisms
Handling multiple testing while interpreting microarrays with the Gene Ontology Database
Hands-on approach during breastfeeding support in a neonatal intensive care unit: a qualitative study of Swedish mothers' experiences
Handwerkschirurgen: Sozialgeschichte einer verdrängten Berufsgruppe
Handwriting performance in the absence of visual control in writer's cramp patients: Initial observations
Hanging Noncalculous Gallbladder
Hannover study on long-stay hospitalization – part I: prediction of long-stay hospitalisation in cases of chronic mental illness
Hannover study on long-stay hospitalization – part II: Characteristics and care conditions of long-stay hospitalization in cases of chronic mental illness
Hans Eysenck: the man and his work
Hans Zinsser: a tale of two cultures.
Hantavirus Outbreak, Germany, 2007
Hantavirus RNA in Saliva from Patients with Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
Hantaviruses and TNF-alpha act synergistically to induce ERK1/2 inactivation in Vero E6 cells
HAP1 can sequester a subset of TBP in cytoplasmic inclusions via specific interaction with the conserved TBP CORE
Hap4p overexpression in glucose-grown Saccharomyces cerevisiae induces cells to enter a novel metabolic state
hapConstructor: automatic construction and testing of haplotypes in a Monte Carlo framework
Haploinsufficiency for BRCA1 is associated with normal levels of DNA nucleotide excision repair in breast tissue and blood lymphocytes
Haploinsufficiency of Activation-Induced Deaminase for Antibody Diversification and Chromosome Translocations both In Vitro and In Vivo
Haploinsufficiency of RPS14 in 5q− syndrome is associated with deregulation of ribosomal- and translation-related genes
Haploinsufficiency of the Mus81–Eme1 endonuclease activates the intra-S-phase and G 2 /M checkpoints and promotes rereplication in human cells
Haploinsufficient Bmp4 ocular phenotypes include anterior segment dysgenesis with elevated intraocular pressure
HaploRec: efficient and accurate large-scale reconstruction of haplotypes
HaploSNPer: a web-based allele and SNP detection tool
Haplotype analysis of common variants in the BRCA1 gene and risk of sporadic breast cancer
Haplotype analysis of the PPARγ Pro12Ala and C1431T variants reveals opposing associations with body weight
Haplotype analysis of TP53 polymorphisms, Arg72Pro and Ins16, in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers of French Canadian descent
Haplotype analysis suggest common founders in carriers of the recurrent BRCA2 mutation, 3398delAAAAG, in French Canadian hereditary breast and/ovarian cancer families
Haplotype Association between Haptoglobin (Hp2) and Hp Promoter SNP (A-61C) May Explain Previous Controversy of Haptoglobin and Malaria Protection
Haplotype-based association analysis of the MAPT locus in Late Onset Alzheimer's disease
Haplotype-based quantitative trait mapping using a clustering algorithm
Haplotype-based score test for linkage in nuclear families
Haplotype block partitioning as a tool for dimensionality reduction in SNP association studies
Haplotype Block Structure Is Conserved across Mammals
Haplotype-defined linkage region for gPRA in Schapendoes dogs
Haplotype frequency estimation error analysis in the presence of missing genotype data
Haplotype inference from unphased SNP data in heterozygous polyploids based on SAT
Haplotype Mapping of a Diploid Non-Meiotic Organism Using Existing and Induced Aneuploidies
Haplotype of gene Nedd4 binding protein 2 associated with sporadic nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the Southern Chinese population
Haplotype Reconstruction Error as a Classical Misclassification Problem: Introducing Sensitivity and Specificity as Error Measures
Haplotype-sharing analysis for alcohol dependence based on quantitative traits and the Mantel statistic
Haplotype-sharing analysis using Mantel statistics for combined genetic effects
Haplotype sharing correlation of alcohol dependence on chromosomes 1–6 in 93 nuclear families
Haplotype Structure of FSHB, the Beta-Subunit Gene for Fertility-Associated Follicle-Stimulating Hormone: Possible Influence of Balancing Selection
Haplotype-tagging interleukin-10 promoter polymorphism is associated with reduced risk of retinal artery occlusion
Haplotypes at the Tas2r locus on distal chromosome 6 vary with quinine taste sensitivity in inbred mice
Haplotypes in the Complement Factor H (CFH) Gene: Associations with Drusen and Advanced Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Haplotypic analysis of the TNF locus by association efficiency and entropy
Haplotypic structure of the X chromosome in the COGA population sample and the quality of its reconstruction by extant software packages
Haplotyping a Quantitative Trait with a High-Density Map in Experimental Crosses
HapMap filter 1.0: A tool to preprocess the HapMap genotypic data for association studies
Happy mapping: a proposal for linkage mapping the human genome.
Happy mapping: linkage mapping using a physical analogue of meiosis.
HAPPY mapping of a YAC reveals alternative haplotypes in the human immunoglobulin VH locus.
HapScope: a software system for automated and visual analysis of functionally annotated haplotypes
HAPSIMU: a genetic simulation platform for population-based association studies
Haptic Guidance Improves the Visuo-Manual Tracking of Trajectories
Haptic Perception of Object Curvature in Parkinson's Disease
Haptic Stylus and Empirical Studies on Braille, Button, and Texture Display
Haptoglobin phenotype is not a predictor of recurrence free survival in high-risk primary breast cancer patients
Harding-Passey melanoma in the BALB-C mouse as a model for studying the interactions between host macrophages and tumor cells.
Hardwiring of fine synaptic layers in the zebrafish visual pathway
Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Testing of Biological Ascertainment for Mendelian Randomization Studies
Hare Lip and Cleft Palate
Hare-lip surgery in the history of traditional Chinese medicine.
Harm reduction and equity of access to care for French prisoners: a review
Harm Reduction Journal
Harm reduction services for British Columbia's First Nation population: a qualitative inquiry into opportunities and barriers for injection drug users
Harm reduction-the cannabis paradox
Harmful Farming
Harmful lifestyles' clustering among sexually active in-school adolescents in Zambia
Harmful Waste Products as Novel Immune Modulators for Treating Inflammatory Arthritis?
Harmonic Allocation of Authorship Credit: Source-Level Correction of Bibliometric Bias Assures Accurate Publication and Citation Analysis
Harmonising Evidence-based medicine teaching: a study of the outcomes of e-learning in five European countries
HARMONY: a server for the assessment of protein structures
Harnessing a High Cargo-Capacity Transposon for Genetic Applications in Vertebrates
Harnessing DNA-Based Technology for Drug Discovery
"Harnessing genomics to improve health in Africa" – an executive course to support genomics policy
"Harnessing genomics to improve health in India" – an executive course to support genomics policy
Harnessing genomics to improve health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – an executive course in genomics policy
Harnessing hypoxic adaptation to prevent, treat, and repair stroke
Harnessing information and communication technologies to leverage scarce resources for cancer education, research and practice in developing countries
Harnessing Natural Diversity to Probe Metabolic Pathways
Harnessing naturally randomized transcription to infer regulatory relationships among genes
Harnessing Pharmacogenomics to Tackle Resistance to the “Nucleoside Reverse Trancripatse Inhibitor” Backbone of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource Limited Settings
Harnessing RNA interference to prevent or treat HSV-2 and HIV
Harnessing Soluble NK Cell Killer Receptors for the Generation of Novel Cancer Immune Therapy
Harnessing the HGP for Public Health
Harnessing the wealth of Chinese scientific literature: schistosomiasis research and control in China
Harold Denham
Harold Saxton Burr
Harold Varmus.
Harpgophytum procumbens for osteoarthritis and low back pain: A systematic review
Harrison's Neurology in Clinical Medicine. First Edition.
Harry Burr Ferris, M.D
Harry Potter and the structural biologist's (Key)stone
Harry S. N. Greene, M.D.
Harry S.N. Greene, M.D.
Harshlight: a "corrective make-up" program for microarray chips
"Harshlighting" small blemishes on microarrays
Harvesting Monoclonal Antibodies from Plants
Harvesting the Mouse Genome
Harvesting the Potential of BIOMASS
Harvey and the Oxford physiologists. A study of scientific ideas
Harvey Cushing
Harvey Cushing, A Biography
Harvey Cushing's Seventieth Birthday Party, April 8, 1939
Harvey Cushing, Surgeon, Author, Artist
Harvey, foetal irritability--and Albertus Magnus.
Harvey, Riolan, and the Discovery of the Circulation of the Blood *
Harvey's account of his "discovery".
Has C-Peptide Come of Age?
Has carbohydrate-restriction been forgotten as a treatment for diabetes mellitus? A perspective on the ACCORD study design
Has Propranolol Rendered Sclerotherapy Obsolete for Poor Risk Alcoholic Cirrhotic Patients?
Has tamoxifen had its day?
Has the DOTS Strategy Improved Case Finding or Treatment Success? An Empirical Assessment
Has the virus of multiple sclerosis been isolated?
Haseman-Elston weighted by marker informativity
Haslam of "Bedlam", Kitchiner of the "Oracles": two doctors under mad King George III, and their friendship.
HASTEN: a technique to identify the primary structure of terminal DNA hairpins.
Hautkrankenheiten: 5 Jahrhunderte wissenschaftlicher Illustration/Skin diseases: 5 centuries of scientific illustration
Have Changes in Systemic Treatment Improved Survival in Patients with Breast Cancer Metastatic to the Brain?
Have Expandable Metallic Stents Replaced Operation for Malignant Biliary Obstruction?
Have microarrays failed to deliver for developmental biology?
Have sperm densities declined? A reanalysis of global trend data.
Have virus, will travel.
Having a BLAST with bioinformatics (and avoiding BLASTphemy)
Hawaii’s “7 by 7” for School Health Education: A PowerPoint Presentation on Integrating the National Health Education Standards With Priority Content Areas for Today’s School Health Education in Grades Kindergarten Through 12
Hawkeye: an interactive visual analytics tool for genome assemblies
Hay Fever Plants
Hazard and risk assessment of chemical mixtures using the toxic equivalency factor approach.
Hazard evaluation of chemicals that cause accumulation of alpha 2u-globulin, hyaline droplet nephropathy, and tubule neoplasia in the kidneys of male rats.
Hazard identification and predictability of children's health risk from animal data.
Hazard identification: efficiency of short-term tests in identifying germ cell mutagens and putative nongenotoxic carcinogens.
Hazard screening of chemical releases and environmental equity analysis of populations proximate to toxic release inventory facilities in Oregon.
Hazardous air pollutants and asthma.
Hazardous effects of effluent from the chrome plating industry: 70 kDa heat shock protein expression as a marker of cellular damage in transgenic Drosophila melanogaster (hsp70-lacZ).
Hazardous Off-Gassing of Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen Depletion during Ocean Transportation of Wood Pellets
Hazardous solid waste from agriculture.
Hazardous solid waste from domestic wastewater treatment plants.
Hazardous solid waste from metallurgical industries.
Hazardous solid wastes generated in the cleanup of air and water.
Hazardous substances, the environment and public health: a statistical overview.
Hazardous Waste: Electronics, Lead, and Landfills
Hazardous Waste: Perchlorate Debate Grows
Hazardous Waste Site Remediation, Neighborhood Change, and Neighborhood Quality.
Hazardous waste sites and stroke in New York State
Hazardous wastes in Eastern and Central Europe [meeting report]
Hazardous wastes in eastern and central Europe: technology and health effects.
Hazards for skaters and swimmers.
Hazards of chemical weapons release during war: new perspectives.
Hazards of fast food.
Hazards of solid waste management: bioethical problems, principles, and priorities
Hazards of the job: from industrial disease to environmental health science
Hb J- Meerut [α 120 (H3) Ala ->Glu (α1)] In A Turkish Male
HBNG: Graph theory based visualization of hydrogen bond networks in protein structures
HBVRegDB: Annotation, comparison, detection and visualization of regulatory elements in hepatitis B virus sequences
HBx M130K and V131I (T-A) mutations in HBV genotype F during a follow-up study in chronic carriers
HC-030031, a TRPA1 selective antagonist, attenuates inflammatory- and neuropathy-induced mechanical hypersensitivity
HC Forum®: a web site based on an international human cytogenetic database
HCAD, closing the gap between breakpoints and genes
HCC ligation: rapid and specific DNA construction with blunt ended DNA fragments.
HCCR-1, a novel oncogene, encodes a mitochondrial outer membrane protein and suppresses the UVC-induced apoptosis
HCMV-infection in a human arterial organ culture model: effects on cell proliferation and neointimal hyperplasia
[HCO 3 - ]-regulated expression and activity of soluble adenylyl cyclase in corneal endothelial and Calu-3 cells
HCO 3 − Secretion by Murine Nasal Submucosal Gland Serous Acinar Cells during Ca 2+ -stimulated Fluid Secretion
HCV Coinfection Associated with Slower Disease Progression in HIV-Infected Former Plasma Donors Naïve to ART
HCV–HIV Coinfection: Simple Messages from a Complex Disease
HCV Induces Oxidative and ER Stress, and Sensitizes Infected Cells to Apoptosis in SCID/Alb-uPA Mice
HDAC inhibitor valproic acid upregulates CAR in vitro and in vivo
HDAC Inhibitors Act with 5-aza-2′-Deoxycytidine to Inhibit Cell Proliferation by Suppressing Removal of Incorporated Abases in Lung Cancer Cells
HDAC Inhibitors Correct Frataxin Deficiency in a Friedreich Ataxia Mouse Model
HDAC inhibitors stimulate viral transcription by multiple mechanisms
HDAC3 as a Molecular Chaperone for Shuttling Phosphorylated TR2 to PML: A Novel Deacetylase Activity-Independent Function of HDAC3
HDACs and the senescent phenotype of WI-38 cells
HDBStat!: A platform-independent software suite for statistical analysis of high dimensional biology data
HDF promise for the future
Hdf1, a yeast Ku-protein homologue, is involved in illegitimate recombination, but not in homologous recombination.
HDL cholesterol in females in the Framingham Heart Study is linked to a region of chromosome 2q
HDL enhances oxidation of LDL in vitro in both men and women
HDP—A Novel Heme Detoxification Protein from the Malaria Parasite
‘He Never Liked Sport Anyway’ - Mother's Views of Young People Coping With a Bone Tumour in the Lower Limb
He who pays the piper calls the tune.
Head & Face Medicine – a new journal for 'intra-interdisciplinary' science. Why? When? Where?
Head & Neck Oncology: purpose, scope and goals-charting the future
Head and neck diseases in an ancient Indian surgical text (The Sushruta-samhita).
Head and neck injury risks in heavy metal: head bangers stuck between rock and a hard bass
Head Injury from Antiquity to the Present with Special Reference to Penetrating Head Wounds
Head-neck domain of Arabidopsis myosin XI, MYA2, fused with GFP produces F-actin patterns that coincide with fast organelle streaming in different plant cells
Head repositioning errors in normal student volunteers: a possible tool to assess the neck's neuromuscular system
Head to head comparison of 2D vs real time 3D dipyridamole stress echocardiography
Headaches from cellular telephones: are they real and what are the implications?
Headaches of Nasal Origin
Headliners: Allergies: Ragweed Subpollen Particles Reach Deep into Lungs
Headliners: Autism: Misfolded Protein Presents Potential Molecular Explanation for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Headliners: Breast Cancer: Decreased Melatonin Production Linked to Light Exposure
Headliners: Breast Cancer: GATA-3 Maintains Differentiation of Mammary Ductal Cells
Headliners: Breast Cancer: Regular Aspirin Use May Decrease Breast Cancer Risk
Headliners: Breast Cancer: Repair of DNA Damage Differs Between Sisters With and Without Breast Cancer
Headliners: Cadmium-Induced Disease: Discovery of Gene Responsible for Cadmium Transport in Mice
Headliners: Cancer: Inhibition of RLIP76 Causes Complete Regression of Melanoma in Mice
Headliners: Chemical Exposures and Childhood Leukemia: Parental Chemical Exposures and ras Mutations in Children
Headliners: Childhood Caner: Breastfeeding and the Risk of Childhood Leukemia
Headliners: Chromosomal Damage: Prenatal PAH Exposure Causes Genetic Changes in Newborns
Headliners: Developmental Neurotoxicity: Drug Used to Arrest Preterm Labor Sensitizes the Brain to Neurotoxicants
Headliners: Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Respiratory Effects Linked to Genetic Susceptibility
Headliners: Genetic Research: Polymorphisms Modify Breast Cancer Risk in Smokers
Headliners: Immune Response: Lead Disrupts T Cell Function
Headliners: Immunity: PCB Exposure Affects Antibody Response in Vaccinated Children
Headliners: Lead Exposure and Vision
Headliners: Liver Cancer: Hepatitis B Virus Mutation Predicts Liver Cancer
Headliners: Maternal Nutrition and Child Cancer: Mother’s Pre-pregnancy Diet May Influence Child Cancer Risk
Headliners: Metal Toxicity: Lead Exposure May Affect Language Ability
Headliners: Molecular Biology: Lead, Paraquat, and Methylmercury Disrupt Neuronal Stem Cells by a Common Mechanism
Headliners: Neurodegenerative Disease: Inflammatory Enzyme Modulates Motor Neuron Damage in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Headliners: Neurodevelopment: Genomewide Screen Reveals Candidate Genes for Neural Tube Defects
Headliners: Neurological Disease: Neural Protein May Stop the Progression of Alzheimer Disease
Headliners: Pesticides: Neurobehavioral Deficits in Children from Agricultural Communities
Headliners: Proteins: Timeless Protein Plays a Role in Coupling Cell Cycle and Circadian Rhythm
Headliners: Public Health: Inadequate Housing May Put Immigrant Farmworkers at Risk
Headliners: Reproduction: Oocyte Generation in Adult Mice
Headliners: Reproductive Health: Effects of Organochlorine Compounds on Menstrual Cycles
Headliners: Reproductive Health: Sperm DNA Changes as Men Age
Headliners: Respiratory Health: Air Pollution Impairs Lung Development in Children
Headliners: Respiratory Health: Effects in Infants from Tobacco Smoke, Mold, and Older Siblings
Headliners: Skin Cancer: Linking Toenail Arsenic Content to Cutaneous Melanoma
Headliners: Smoking: The Role of the Parent in Deterring Child Smoking, as Seen by Rural Native American and White Parents
Headliners: Uterine Leiomyoma: Genetic Reprogramming and Benign Uterine Tumors
Headloop suppression PCR and its application to selective amplification of methylated DNA sequences
Headwater Influences on Downstream Water Quality
Heal the Ocean: Solutions for Saving Our Seas
Healers and healing in early modern Italy
Healing and history. Essays for George Rosen
Healing and History, Essays for George Rosen
Healing and society in medieval England. A Middle English translation of the pharmaceutical writings of Gilbertus Anglicus
Healing and survivorship: what makes a difference?
Healing by Gentle Touch Ameliorates Stress and Other Symptoms in People Suffering with Mental Health Disorders or Psychological Stress
Healing environmental harm: is there a doctor in the house?
HEALing in New Orleans
Healing of bronchopleural fistula using a modified Dumon stent: a case report
Healing Potential of Picrorhiza kurroa (Scrofulariaceae) rhizomes against indomethacin-induced gastric ulceration: a mechanistic exploration.
Healing Properties of Some Indian Medicinal Plants against Indomethacin-Induced Gastric Ulceration of Rats
Healing the sick poor: social policy and disability in Norwich 1550-1640.
Healing venom.
Healing with animals in the Levant from the 10 th to the 18 th century
Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0: Tensions and Controversies in the Field
Health advisories for consumers of Great Lakes sport fish: is the message being received?
Health and disease in human history: a Journal of Interdisciplinary History reader
Health and Disease in Rural Ethiopia
Health and disease in the Holy Land: studies in the history and sociology of medicine from ancient times to the present
Health and ecological effects of energy systems: an overview.
Health and economic impact of combining metformin with nateglinide to achieve glycemic control: Comparison of the lifetime costs of complications in the U.K
Health and economic impact of HIV/AIDS on South African households: a cohort study
Health and education--the metabolism of a teaching hospital.
Health and Environment Information Systems for Exposure and Disease Mapping, and Risk Assessment
Health and environmental consequences of the world trade center disaster.
Health and environmental impacts of increased generation of coal ash and FGD sludges. Report to the Committee on Health and Ecological Effects of Increased Coal Utilization.
Health and healing in eighteenth-century Germany
Health and Healing in Rural Greece
Health and health care utilisation among asylum seekers and refugees in the Netherlands: design of a study
Health and housing in Victorian London.
Health and Human Rights Concerns of Drug Users in Detention in Guangxi Province, China
Health and lifestyle of Nepalese migrants in the UK
Health and literacy in first- and second-generation Moroccan Berber women in the Netherlands: Ill literacy?
Health and medicine in Britain since 1860
Health and respirable particulate (PM10) air pollution: a causal or statistical association?
Health and society in Britain since 1939
Health and society in twentieth-century Britain
Health and survival of young children in southern Tanzania
Health and the rise of civilization
Health and virtue: or, how to keep out of harm's way. Lectures on pathology and therapeutics by William Cullen c. 1770.
Health and working conditions of pregnant women working inside and outside the home in Mexico City
Health aspects of the curing of synthetic rubbers.
Health Attitudes, Health Cognitions, and Health Behaviors among Internet Health Information Seekers: Population-Based Survey
Health behaviors and risk factors in those who use complementary and alternative medicine
Health Behaviors of the Young Adult U.S. Population: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2003
Health behaviour modelling for prenatal diagnosis in Australia: a geodemographic framework for health service utilisation and policy development
Health Benefits of Universal Influenza Vaccination Strategy
Health burden and economic impact of measles-related hospitalizations in Italy in 2002–2003
Health Care Access Among U.S. Adults Who Drink Alcohol Excessively: Missed Opportunities for Prevention
Health care and poor relief in Protestant Europe 1500–1700
Health care and popular medicine in nineteenth century England. Essays in the social history of medicine
Health care and traditional medicine in China 1800—1982
Health Care Charges Associated With Physical Inactivity, Overweight, and Obesity
Health care costs and financing in world perspective.
Health care costs, long-term survival, and quality of life following intensive care unit admission after cardiac arrest
Health Care Delivery in the United States
Health Care Delivery Systems—Evaluation Criteria
Health care in Bosnia and Herzegovina before, during, and after 1992–1995 war: a personal testimony
Health Care Interventions Delivered Over the Internet: How Systematic was the Review?
Health Care Interventions Delivered Over the Internet: How Systematic was the Review? - Author's Reply
Health care priority setting: principles, practice and challenges
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