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Fungal-specific PCR primers developed for analysis of the ITS region of environmental DNA extracts
Fungal spores: hazardous to health?
Fungal virulence studies come of age
Fungi and Fungous Diseases
Fungi fighting back.
Fungi have three tetraspanin families with distinct functions
Fungous Diseases: A Clinico-Mycological Text
Fungus Holds Clues to the Evolution of Sex Chromosomes
Fungus Infections of the Urinary Tract †
Funky chicken: consumers exposed to arsenic in poultry
Funky, not junky
Funnel plots, performance variation and the Myocardial Infarction National Audit Project 2003–2004
Funneled Landscape Leads to Robustness of Cell Networks: Yeast Cell Cycle
FunnyBase: a systems level functional annotation of Fundulus ESTs for the analysis of gene expression
FunShift: a database of function shift analysis on protein subfamilies
FunSimMat: a comprehensive functional similarity database
FunSpec: a web-based cluster interpreter for yeast
FUNYBASE: a FUNgal phYlogenomic dataBASE
Furnace-generated acid aerosols: speciation and pulmonary effects.
Further Advantages of a Unique Author Identification Number
Further biochemical characterization of wheat DNA primase: possible functional implication of copurification with DNA polymerase A.
Further Challenges
Further characterisation of a nucleic acid binding protein.
Further characterization of a cell-free system for measuring replicative and repair DNA synthesis with cultured human fibroblasts and evidence for the involvement of DNA polymerase alpha in DNA repair.
Further characterization of ADAMTS-13 inactivation by thrombin
Further Characterization of an Interleukin-2-1Ike Cytokine Produced by Xenopus Laevis T Lymphocytes
Further characterization of PstI RFLPs at the acid alpha glucosidase (GAA) locus
Further characterization of SacI RFLPs at the Acid Alpha Glucosidase (GAA) locus
Further characterization of the extremely small mitochondrial ribosomal RNAs from trypanosomes: a detailed comparison of the 9S and 12S RNAs from Crithidia fasciculata and Trypanosoma brucei with rRNAs from other organisms.
Further characterization of the polynucleotide phosphorylase of Micrococcus luteus
Further Comments on the Bioavailability of D4
Further delineation of complex chromosomal rearrangements in fertile male using multicolor banding
Further development of the adolescent self management and independence scale: AMIS II
Further electrode evaluation of the Nova 2 ionised calcium instrument
Further evaluation of plasma sphingomyelin levels as a risk factor for coronary artery disease
Further evaluation of the Walter Reed Visual Assessment Scale: correlation with curve pattern and radiological deformity
Further evidence for association of hepatitis C infection with parenteral schistosomiasis treatment in Egypt
Further evidence for increased macrophage migration inhibitory factor expression in prostate cancer
Further Evidence that Exclusive Breast-Feeding Reduces Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Compared With Mixed Feeding
Further improvements on the phosphotriester synthesis of deoxyribooligonucleotides and the oligonucleotide directed site-specific mutagenesis of E. coli lipoprotein gene.
Further information on the cortical countercurrent system in rat kidney.
Further information on the prehistoric representations of human hands in the cave of Gargas
Further insights into the tRNA modification process controlled by proteins MnmE and GidA of Escherichia coli
Further investigation of confirmed urinary tract infection (UTI) in children under five years: a systematic review
Further Notes on Retrobulbar Neuritis Due to Thallium Poisoning *
Further observations on restoration of memory lost after treatment with puromycin.
Further phenotypic delineation of subtelomeric (terminal) 4q deletion with emphasis on intracranial and reproductive anatomy
Further procedures for sequence analysis by computer
Further RFLPs at the human tyrosine hydroxylase locus.
Further sequence requirements for male germ cell-specific expression under the control of the 14 bp promoter element (beta 2UE1) of the Drosophila beta 2 tubulin gene.
Further Studies of Some “Nontypable” Group A Streptococci 1
Further studies of the hypoglycemia in children with the exomphalos--macroglossia--gigantism syndrome.
Further Studies on a Renotropic System in Rats
Further Studies on Antioxidant Potential and Protection of Pancreatic β -Cells by Embelia ribes in Experimental Diabetes
Further studies on partially purified calf thymus DNA polymerase a.
Further Studies on Placental ACTH, Pituitary, and Adrenal-Hyaluronidase Relations
Further Studies on the Nutrition of Hemophilus Piscium *
Further Studies on the Prophylaxis of Experimental Infections and Intoxications with Various Hormone Preparations *
Further studies on the toxicology of the glycol ethers with emphasis on rapid screening and hazard assessment.
Further understanding human disease genes by comparing with housekeeping genes and other genes
Furthering patient adherence: A position paper of the international expert forum on patient adherence based on an internet forum discussion
Furuncular myiasis of the breast caused by the larvae of the Tumbu fly ( Cordylobia anthropophaga )
FUS-DDIT3 Prevents the Development of Adipocytic Precursors in Liposarcoma by Repressing PPARγ and C/EBPα and Activating eIF4E
Fus3-triggered Tec1 degradation modulates mating transcriptional output during the pheromone response
Fusion and Fission of Genes Define a Metric between Fungal Genomes
Fusion beat in patients with heart failure treated with left ventricular pacing: may ECG morphology relate to mechanical synchrony? A pilot study
Fusion Gains Independence
Fusion of a free left Alu monomer and a free right Alu monomer at the origin of the Alu family in the primate genomes.
Fusion of a scid Pre-B Cell with a Wild Type (Myeloma) B Cell Results in Correct Rearrangement of a V(D)J Recombination Substrate
Fusion of FNA-cytology and Gene-expression Data Using Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence to Predict Breast Cancer Tumors
Fusion of green fluorescent protein to the C-terminus of granulysin alters its intracellular localization in comparison to the native molecule
Fusion of the BCL9 HD2 domain to E1A increases the cytopathic effect of an oncolytic adenovirus that targets colon cancer cells
Fusion of the NUP98 gene with the LEDGF/p52 gene defines a recurrent acute myeloid leukemia translocation
Fusion of the promoter region of rRNA operon rrnB to lac Z gene.
Fusion to GFP blocks intercellular trafficking of the sucrose transporter SUT1 leading to accumulation in companion cells
Fusion with an RNA binding domain to confer target RNA specificity to an RNase: design and engineering of Tat-RNase H that specifically recognizes and cleaves HIV-1 RNA in vitro.
FusionDB: a database for in-depth analysis of prokaryotic gene fusion events
Fusions with histone H3 result in highly specific alteration of gene expression
Fusobacterium Chorioamnionitis: Report of Two Cases in Preterm Labor With Intact Amniotic Membranes
Fusoselect: cell–cell fusion activity engineered by directed evolution of a retroviral glycoprotein
Futile Na + cycling at the root plasma membrane in rice ( Oryza sativa L.): kinetics, energetics, and relationship to salinity tolerance
Futile short-patch DNA base excision repair of adenine:8-oxoguanine mispair
Future direction of medical genetics.
Future directions and research needs.
Future directions and research priorities for food mutagens *
Future directions in epidemiologic studies of 1,3-butadiene-exposed workers.
Future directions in the use of DNA adducts as internal dosimeters for monitoring human exposure to environmental mutagens and carcinogens.
Future directions--toxicology studies of 1,3-butadiene and isoprene.
Future etiologic research in occupational cancer.
Future interactions in Particle Toxicology: the role of PFT
Future of adenoviruses in the gene therapy of arthritis
Future perspectives on treatment with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in high-risk patients
Future possibilities in the prevention of breast cancer: Breast cancer prevention trials
Future possibilities in the prevention of breast cancer: Fat and fiber and breast cancer research
Future possibilities in the prevention of breast cancer: Intervention strategies in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers
Future possibilities in the prevention of breast cancer: Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonists
Future possibilities in the prevention of breast cancer: Role of genetic variation in breast cancer prevention
Future research directions for evaluating human genetic and cancer risk from environmental exposures.
Future research directions in the use of biomarkers.
Future research directions to characterize environmental mutagens in highly polluted area.
Future research directions to study genetic damage in germ cells and estimate genetic risk.
Future research needs associated with the assessment of potential human health risks from exposure to toxic ambient air pollutants.
Future Scenarios for Academic Medicine Should Include Other Health Disciplines
Future trends which will influence waste disposal.
Fuzzy association rules for biological data analysis: A case study on yeast
Fuzzy Clustering Neural Networks for Real-Time Odor Recognition System
Fuzzy Logic in Medicine and Bioinformatics
Fuzzy species among recombinogenic bacteria
FV peptide induces apoptosis in HEp 2 and HeLa cells: an insight into the mechanism of induction
Fz2 and Cdc42 Mediate Melanization and Actin Polymerization but Are Dispensable for Plasmodium Killing in the Mosquito Midgut
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