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Founders of British physiology: a biographical dictionary, 1820–1885
Founding of the Society and the Biggs Club, and the Story of the American Epidemiological Society as recalled by Haven Emerson
Founding the International Society of Complementary Medicine Research
FOUNTAIN: A JAVA open-source package to assist large sequencing projects
Four-base codon mediated mRNA display to construct peptide libraries that contain multiple nonnatural amino acids
Four-base-pair deletion polymorphism at D5S71 (C11p11) linked to APC in the human chromosome 5q21-q22 region.
Four base recognition by triplex-forming oligonucleotides at physiological pH
Four Cases of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
Four cases of cough fracture.
Four Cases of Plasma-Cell Tumour
Four centuries of clinical chemistry
Four cycles of paclitaxel and carboplatin as adjuvant treatment in early-stage ovarian cancer: a six-year experience of the Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group
Four-day antithrombin therapy does not seem to attenuate hypercoagulability in patients suffering from sepsis
Four-Day-Old Human Neonates Look Longer at Non-Biological Motions of a Single Point-of-Light
Four distinct alpha satellite subfamilies shared by human chromosomes 13, 14 and 21.
Four Drosophila heat shock genes at 67B: characterization of recombinant plasmids.
Four genomic islands that mark post-1995 pandemic Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolates
Four human carcinoma cell lines with novel mutations in position 12 of c-K-ras oncogene.
Four Linked Genes Participate in Controlling Sporulation Efficiency in Budding Yeast
Four new type I restriction enzymes identified in Escherichia coli clinical isolates
Four novel mutations in the lactase gene ( LCT ) underlying congenital lactase deficiency (CLD)
Four plant Dicers mediate viral small RNA biogenesis and DNA virus induced silencing
Four RFLPs at the D8S42 locus
Four RFLPs of the human insulin receptor gene: PstI, KpnI, RsaI (2 RFLPs).
Four RFLPs of the human insulin receptor gene: PstI, KpnI, RsaI (2 RFLPs).
Four Scottish women's hospitals from their foundations to 1948.
Four signature motifs define the first class of structurally related large coiled-coil proteins in plants.
Four types of cellular fine structure associated with human amelanotic melanoma.
Four-week short chain fructo-oligosaccharides ingestion leads to increasing fecal bifidobacteria and cholesterol excretion in healthy elderly volunteers
Four-year follow-up of infliximab therapy in rheumatoid arthritis patients with long-standing refractory disease: attrition and long-term evolution of disease activity
Four Years of the EMIC Program *
Fourier methods for biosequence analysis.
Fourier-transform infrared anisotropy in cross and parallel sections of tendon and articular cartilage
Fourmidable: a database for ant genomics
Fournier's gangrene: two unusual cases.
Fourth Annual Report on Stress
Fourth International Congress of Anaesthetists, London Session of History of Anaesthesia, 9 September 1968
Fourth International Symposium on Molecular Insect Science
Fourth Intrnational Symposium on Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine
Foxc Transcription Factors Directly Regulate Dll4 and Hey2 Expression by Interacting with the VEGF-Notch Signaling Pathways in Endothelial Cells
Foxes and hounds
FOXL2 mutations in Chinese patients with blepharophimosis-ptosis-epicanthus inversus syndrome
Foxo3a induces motoneuron death through the Fas pathway in cooperation with JNK
Foxp3 expression in human cancer cells
FOXP3 Promoter Demethylation Reveals the Committed Treg Population in Humans
Foxp3 + regulatory T cells maintain immune homeostasis in the skin
Foxp3 Represses Retroviral Transcription by Targeting Both NF-κB and CREB Pathways
FOXP3 + T regs and B7-H1 + /PD-1 + T lymphocytes co-infiltrate the tumor tissues of high-risk breast cancer patients: Implication for immunotherapy
Fr-TM-align: a new protein structural alignment method based on fragment alignments and the TM-score
Fra-1 governs cell migration via modulation of CD44 expression in human mesotheliomas
FRA-1 protein overexpression is a feature of hyperplastic and neoplastic breast disorders
Fracastoro and Henle: a re-appraisal of their contribution to the concept of communicable diseases.
Fracastoro's syphilis
Fractal parameters and vascular networks: facts & artifacts
Fractal time series analysis of postural stability in elderly and control subjects
Fractal ventilation enhances respiratory sinus arrhythmia
Fractals in physiology and medicine.
Fractional anisotropy in white matter tracts of very-low-birth-weight infants
Fractional Langevin model of gait variability
‘Fractional Recovery’ Analysis of a Presynaptic Synaptotagmin 1-Anchored Endocytic Protein Complex
Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy in the treatment of pituitary macroadenomas
Fractionation and characterization of satellite DNAs of the kangaroo rat (Dipodomys ordii)
Fractionation and reconstitution of factors required for accurate transcription of mammalian ribosomal RNA genes: identification of a species-dependent initiation factor.
Fractionation of chromatin by differential solubility in dilute salt.
Fractionation of nucleic acids into single-stranded and double-stranded forms.
Fractionation of the rice bran layer and quantification of vitamin E, oryzanol, protein, and rice bran saccharide
Fractionation, phosphorylation and ligation on oligonucleotide microchips to enhance sequencing by hybridization.
Fracture of the Fibular Aspect of the Lower Tibial Epiphysis
Fracture prevention with vitamin D supplementation: considering the inconsistent results
Fracture risk and the use of a diuretic (indapamide sr) ± perindopril: a substudy of the Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET)
Fractures: a history and iconography of their treatment
Fractures of the bilateral distal radius and scaphoid: a case report
Fractures of the femoral neck: some aspects of management in a fracture unit.
Fractures of the Femur. End Results*
Fractures of the Femur in Children
Fractures of the Neck of the Femur in Childhood
Frag-Virus: a new term to distinguish presumptive viruses known primarily from sequence data
Fragile X/Cancer Cytogenetics
Fragile X (CGG) n repeats induce a transcriptional repression in cis upon a linked promoter: Evidence for a chromatin mediated effect
Fragile X related protein 1 isoforms differentially modulate the affinity of fragile X mental retardation protein for G-quartet RNA structure
FRAGMAP--a program for restriction site map comparison.
Fragment-based identification of determinants of conformational and spectroscopic change at the ricin active site
Fragment Finder: a web-based software to identify similar three-dimensional structural motif
Fragment of protein L18 from the Escherichia coli ribosome that contains the 5S RNA binding site
Fragment of protein L18 from the Escherichia coli ribosome that contains the 5S RNA binding site.
Fragmentation and bond strength of airborne diesel soot agglomerates
Fragmentation of decorin, biglycan, lumican and keratocan is elevated in degenerate human meniscus, knee and hip articular cartilages compared with age-matched macroscopically normal and control tissues
Fragmentation of Golgi complex and Golgi autoantigens during apoptosis and necrosis
Fragmentation of Protein Kinase N (PKN) in the Hydrocephalic Rat Brain
Fragments from both termini of the herpes simplex virus type 1 genome contain signals required for the encapsidation of viral DNA.
Fragnostic: walking through protein structure space
Fragrances and health.
FRAGS: estimation of coding sequence substitution rates from fragmentary data
Frailty, fitness and late-life mortality in relation to chronological and biological age
Frailty Intervention Trial (FIT)
FRalanyzer: a tool for functional analysis of fold-recognition sequence–structure alignments
Frame disruptions in human mRNA transcripts, and their relationship with splicing and protein structures
Frame-shift mutation in the lacZ gene of certain commercially available pUC18 plasmids.
FrameD: a flexible program for quality check and gene prediction in prokaryotic genomes and noisy matured eukaryotic sequences
Frameshift autoregulation in the gene for Escherichia coli release factor 2: partly functional mutants result in frameshift enhancement.
Frameshift mutations in coding repeats of protein tyrosine phosphatase genes in colorectal tumors with microsatellite instability
Frameshift suppression at tandem AGA and AGG codons by cloned tRNA genes: assigning a codon to argU tRNA and T4 tRNA(Arg).
Framework and Implications of Virtual Neurorobotics
Framework convention on tobacco control: progress and implications for health and the environment.
Framework for a new dialogue between psychoanalysis and neurosciences: is the combined neuro-psychoanalytic approach the missing link?
Framework for a Protein Ontology
Framework for Leadership and Training of Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory Workers
Framework for primary care organizations: the importance of a structural domain
Framework of Collagen Type I – Vasoactive Vessels Structuring Invariant Geometric Attractor in Cancer Tissues: Insight into Biological Magnetic Field
Framing disease: studies in cultural history
Framing Scientific Analyses for Risk Management of Environmental Hazards by Communities: Case Studies with Seafood Safety Issues
Framingham Heart Study 100K Project: genome-wide associations for blood pressure and arterial stiffness
Framingham Heart Study 100K project: genome-wide associations for cardiovascular disease outcomes
Framingham Heart Study genome-wide association: results for pulmonary function measures
Framingham Stroke Risk Profile and poor cognitive function: a population-based study
Fran squeezes the life out of NC waters.
Francis Bacon and socialized science
Francis Bacon and the style of science
Francis Bacon. Discovery and the art of discourse
Francis Bacon's Natural philosophy: a new source. A transcription of Manuscript Hardwick 72A with translation and commentary
Francis Crick's Legacy for Neuroscience: Between the α and the Ω
Francis Galton; the life and work of a Victorian genius
Francis Gilman Blake 1887-1952
Francis Gilman Blake (1887-1952)
Frankenstein's children: electricity, exhibition, and experiment in early-nineteenth-century London
Frankenstein's footsteps: science, genetics and popular culture
Frankincense: systematic review
Franklin and Mesmer: an encounter.
Franz Joseph Gall (1758–1828): Studien zu Leben, Werk und Wirkung
Franz Joseph Gall Bibliographie
Fras1, a basement membrane-associated protein mutated in Fraser syndrome, mediates both the initiation of the mammalian kidney and the integrity of renal glomeruli
Frauenfelder Straddles Border
FRAX™ and the assessment of fracture probability in men and women from the UK
Frederick Noël Lawrence Poynter, B.A., Ph.D., F.L.A., F.R.S.L., Hon. D. Litt. (California), Hon. M.D. (Kiel). 24 December 1908-11 March 1979.
Frederick Street
"Fredrick C. Redlich, m.d.--the man we honor today".
fREDUCE: Detection of degenerate regulatory elements using correlation with expression
Free amino acids and water soluble peptides in stratum corneum and skin surface film in human beings.
Free amino acids in the nervous system of the amphioxus Branchiostoma lanceolatum . A comparative study
Free Antiretrovirals Must Not Be Restricted Only to Treatment-Naive Patients
Free breakfasts in schools: design and conduct of a cluster randomised controlled trial of the Primary School Free Breakfast Initiative in Wales [ISRCTN18336527]
Free Brick1 Is a Trimeric Precursor in the Assembly of a Functional Wave Complex
Free circulating ICAM-1 in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of HIV-1 infected patients correlate with TNF-α and blood-brain barrier damage
Free Community Science and the Free Development of Science
Free does not mean affordable: maternity patient expenditures in a public hospital in Bangladesh
Free energies of binding of R - and S -propranolol to wild-type and F483A mutant cytochrome P450 2D6 from molecular dynamics simulations
Free energy of DNA duplex formation on short oligonucleotide microarrays
Free-Flight Odor Tracking in Drosophila Is Consistent with an Optimal Intermittent Scale-Free Search
Free Floating Microcultures of Human Fetal Ventral Mesencephalon
Free functional gracilis muscle transfer in children with severe sequelae from obstetric brachial plexus palsy
Free-living flatworms under the knife: past and present
Free Mg 2+ concentration in the calf muscle of glycogen phosphorylase and phosphofructokinase deficiency patients assessed in different metabolic conditions by 31 P MRS
Free Papers
Free Papers
Free Papers
Free Papers
Free radical activity of industrial fibers: role of iron in oxidative stress and activation of transcription factors.
Free radical activity of PM10: iron-mediated generation of hydroxyl radicals.
Free-radical chemistry of cigarette smoke and its toxicological implications.
Free-radical chemistry of sulfite.
Free radical generation by ultrasound in aqueous and nonaqueous solutions.
Free radical-mediated activation of hydrazine derivatives.
Free-radical-mediated DNA binding.
Free-radical metabolites of acetaminophen and a dimethylated derivative.
Free radical metabolites of toxic chemicals.
Free-radical production and oxidative reactions of hemoglobin.
Free-radical reactions induced by OH-radical attack on cytosine-related compounds: a study by a method combining ESR, spin trapping and HPLC.
Free radical scavenging activity and lipoxygenase inhibition of Mahonia aquifolium extract and isoquinoline alkaloids
Free radical theory of autoimmunity
Free radicals and breast cancer.
Free radicals and breast cancer.
Free radicals of benzo(a)pyrene and derivatives.
Free-Ranging Macaque Mothers Exaggerate Tool-Using Behavior when Observed by Offspring
Free recall in autism spectrum disorder: The role of relational and item-specific encoding
Free school fruit – sustained effect three years later
Free tyrosine and tyrosine-rich peptide-dependent superoxide generation catalyzed by a copper-binding, threonine-rich neurotoxic peptide derived from prion protein
Freedom and need: The evolution of public strategy for biomedical and health research in England
Freeze-dried fibular allograft in anterior spinal surgery: cervical and lumbar applications.
Freeze-Dried Somatic Cells Direct Embryonic Development after Nuclear Transfer
Freezing Point Depression of Plasma ‡
Freezing point osmometry of milk to determine the additional water content – an issue in general quality control and German food regulation
Fregene: Simulation of realistic sequence-level data in populations and ascertained samples
French database of children and adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome
French fry fuel.
French historical method. The `Annales' paradigm
French multicentre survey on the use of inotropes after cardiac surgery
French Renaissance studies, 1540–70. Humanism and the encyclopedia
FREP: a database of functional repeats in mouse cDNAs
Frequencies of polymorphisms associated with BSE resistance differ significantly between Bos taurus , Bos indicus , and composite cattle
Frequencies of restriction sites.
Frequencies of single nucleotide polymorphisms in genes regulating inflammatory responses in a community-based population
Frequencies of the human immunoglobulin IGHA2*M1 and IGHA2*M2 alleles corresponding to the A2m(1) and A2m(2) allotypes in the French, Lebanese, Tunisian and black African populations.
Frequency Analysis of Atrial Fibrillation From the Surface Electrocardiogram
Frequency and Density-Dependent Selection on Life-History Strategies – A Field Experiment
Frequency and diagnostic patterns of lymphomas in liver biopsies with respect to the WHO classification
Frequency and fate of microRNA editing in human brain
Frequency and follow-up of cytological studies diagnosed as atypical squamous cell (ASC) at Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia from 2000 to 2004
Frequency and patterns of early recanalization after vasectomy
Frequency and predictors of miliary tuberculosis in patients with miliary pulmonary nodules in South Korea: A retrospective cohort study
Frequency and severity of aggressive incidents in acute psychiatric wards in Switzerland
Frequency and severity of myocardial perfusion abnormalities using Tc-99m MIBI SPECT in cardiac syndrome X
Frequency and significance of the novel single nucleotide missense polymorphism Val109Asp in the human gene encoding omentin in Caucasian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus or chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
Frequency and spectrum of c-Ki-ras mutations in human sporadic colon carcinoma, carcinomas arising in ulcerative colitis, and pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
Frequency and spectrum of mutations at codons 12 and 13 of the c-K-ras gene in human tumors.
Frequency and yield of postoperative fever evaluation.
Frequency, course and correlates of alcohol use from adolescence to young adulthood in a Swiss community survey
Frequency-dependent ERK phosphorylation in spinal neurons by electric stimulation of the sciatic nerve and the role in electrophysiological activity
Frequency-Dependent Gating of Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity by Dopamine
Frequency-Dependent Signal Transmission and Modulation by Neuromodulators
Frequency distribution of hepatitis C virus genotypes in different geographical regions of Pakistan and their possible routes of transmission
Frequency distribution of mRNA and pre-mRNA in growing and differentiated Friend cells.
Frequency distribution of pre-messenger RNA sequences in polyadenylated and non-polyadenylated nuclear RNA from Friend cells.
Frequency distribution of TATA Box and extension sequences on human promoters
Frequency-Division Multiplexing for Electrical Impedance Tomography in Biomedical Applications
Frequency, factors and costs associated with injection site infections: Findings from a national multi-site survey of injecting drug users in England
Frequency format diagram and probability chart for breast cancer risk communication: a prospective, randomized trial
Frequency of Adverse Events after Vaccination with Different Vaccinia Strains
Frequency of alcohol use and obesity in community medicine patients
Frequency of antimicrobial resistance among invasive and colonizing Group B Streptococcal isolates
Frequency of apnea, bradycardia, and desaturations following first diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-inactivated polio- Haemophilus influenzae type B immunization in hospitalized preterm infants
Frequency of Cancer Genes on the Chicken Z Chromosome and Its Human Homologues: Implications for Sex Chromosome Evolution
Frequency of cancer in children residing in Mexico City and treated in the hospitals of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (1996–2001)
Frequency of Certain Established Risk Factors in Soft Tissue Sarcomas in Adults: A Prospective Descriptive Study of 658 Cases
Frequency of CHEK2*1100delC in New York breast cancer cases and controls
Frequency of CHEK2 mutations in a population based, case–control study of breast cancer in young women
Frequency of Chlamydia trachomatis in Women with Cervicitis in Tehran, Iran
Frequency of common HFE variants in the Saudi population: a high throughput molecular beacon-based study
Frequency of complementary and alternative medicine utilization in hypertensive patients attending an urban tertiary care centre in Nigeria
Frequency of gaps observed in a structurally aligned protein pair database suggests a simple gap penalty function
Frequency of malaria and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in Tajikistan
Frequency of myasthenic crisis in relation to thymectomy in generalized myasthenia gravis: A 17-year experience
Frequency of Regulatory T Cells is Not Affected by Transient B Cell Depletion Using Anti-CD20 Antibodies in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Frequency of T-Cell Progenitors in Nude Mice
Frequency of the ATM IVS10-6T→G variant in Australian multiple-case breast cancer families
Frequency of tuberculous and non-tuberculous mycobacteria in HIV infected patients from Bogota, Colombia
Frequency, prognostic impact, and subtype association of 8p12, 8q24, 11q13, 12p13, 17q12, and 20q13 amplifications in breast cancers
Frequency-Specific Coupling in the Cortico-Cerebellar Auditory System
Frequency-specific modulation of population-level frequency tuning in human auditory cortex
Frequency, stability and differentiation of self-reported school fear and truancy in a community sample
Frequency, symptoms and outcome of intestinal metastases of bronchopulmonary cancer. Case report and review of the literature
Frequency, type, and distribution of EST-SSRs from three genotypes of Lolium perenne , and their conservation across orthologous sequences of Festuca arundinacea, Brachypodium distachyon , and Oryza sativa
Frequent amplification of a short chain dehydrogenase gene as part of circular and linear amplicons in methotrexate resistant Leishmania.
Frequent attenders in general practice: problem solving treatment provided by nurses [ISRCTN51021015]
Frequent consulting and multiple morbidity: a qualitative comparison of ‘high’ and ‘low’ consulters of GPs
Frequent detection of bocavirus DNA in German children with respiratory tract infections
Frequent detection of worm movements in onchocercal nodules by ultrasonography
Frequent EGFR Positivity and Overexpression in High-Grade Areas of Human MPNSTs
Frequent expression loss of Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain (ITIH) genes in multiple human solid tumors: A systematic expression analysis
Frequent Fires in Ancient Shrub Tundra: Implications of Paleorecords for Arctic Environmental Change
Frequent FumersAirport Study Shows Smoke Gets to Your Heart
Frequent Gain and Loss of Functional Transcription Factor Binding Sites
Frequent Genic Rearrangements in Two Regions of Grass Genomes Identified by Comparative Sequence Analysis
Frequent loss of heterozygosity and altered expression of the candidate tumor suppressor gene ' FAT' in human astrocytic tumors
Frequent occurrence of recognition Site-like sequences in the restriction endonucleases
Frequent oligonucleotide motifs in genomes of three streptococci
Frequent oligonucleotides and peptides of the Haemophilus influenzae genome.
Frequent promoter hypermethylation of RASSF1A and CASP8 in neuroblastoma
Frequent Promoter Methylation of CDH1, DAPK, RARB , and HIC1 Genes in Carcinoma of Cervix Uteri: Its Relationship to Clinical Outcome
Frequent rearrangements of rRNA-encoding chromosomes in Giardia lamblia.
Frequent recombination in telomeric DNA may extend the proliferative life of telomerase-negative cells
Frequent RFLP recognised by an anonymous sequence localised to 11q13 - q14 [D11S.3.7.(E79)].
Frequent Toggling between Alternative Amino Acids Is Driven by Selection in HIV-1
Frequently asked questions about Molecular Cancer
Frequently increased epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) copy numbers and decreased BRCA1 mRNA expression in Japanese triple-negative breast cancers
Fresh from the farm.
Fresh Ideas for Food Safety
Fresh Perspectives
Fresh-water planarias and a marine planaria are relatively dissimilar in the 5S rRNA sequences.
FRET Imaging of Hemoglobin Concentration in Plasmodium falciparum -Infected Red Cells
Freud and anthropology. A history and reappraisal
Freud: biologist of the mind
Freud in Germany. Revolution and reaction in science, 1893–1907
Freud without hindsight: reviews of his work, 1893–1939
Freund's vaccine adjuvant promotes Her2/Neu breast cancer
Friedreich's ataxia and juvenile diabetic joint contracture.
Friedrich Schaudinn (1871–1906). Sein Leben und Wirken als Mikrobiologe. Eine Biographie
Friedrich Schiller, medicine, psychology and literature with the first English edition of his complete medical and psychological writings
Friendly Fire
Friendship groups and physical activity: qualitative findings on how physical activity is initiated and maintained among 10–11 year old children
fRNAdb: a platform for mining/annotating functional RNA candidates from non-coding RNA sequences
Frog: a FRee Online druG 3D conformation generator
Frog deformities research not leaping to conclusions.
Frog skin opioid peptides: a case for environmental mimicry.
From a Doctor's Heart
From a Parkinson's disease expert: Rasagiline and the Future of Therapy
From actually toxic to highly specific – novel drugs against poxviruses
From animal chemistry to biochemistry
From Animal Feed to People Food The Belgian Dioxin Incident
From Antenna to Antenna: Lateral Shift of Olfactory Memory Recall by Honeybees
From antibody insult to fibrosis in neonatal lupus - the heart of the matter
From apes to warlords 1904–46. An autobiography
From arginine methylation to ADMA: A novel mechanism with therapeutic potential in chronic lung diseases
From Art to Engineering? The Rise of In Vivo Mammalian Electrophysiology via Genetically Targeted Labeling and Nonlinear Imaging
From asthma to AirBeat: community-driven monitoring of fine particles and black carbon in Roxbury, Massachusetts.
From asylum to community: mental health policy in modern America
From autothanasia to suicide: self-killing in classical antiquity
From Bad to Good: Fitness Reversals and the Ascent of Deleterious Mutations
From bench to bedside: bacterial growth and cytokines
From bench to clinic and back: Perspective on the 1 st IQPC Translational Research conference
From biological clock to biological rhythms
From biomedicine to natural history research: EST resources for ambystomatid salamanders
From biophysics to evolutionary genetics: statistical aspects of gene regulation
From bit to it: How a complex metabolic network transforms information into living matter
From Bittner to Barr: a viral, diet and hormone breast cancer aetiology hypothesis
From Bytes to Bedside: Data Integration and Computational Biology for Translational Cancer Research
From calculating machines to computers and their adoption by the medical sciences.
From cat scratch disease to endocarditis, the possible natural history of Bartonella henselae infection
From chloroquine to artemether-lumefantrine: the process of drug policy change in Zambia
From chloroquine to artemisinin-based combination therapy: the Sudanese experience
From Classical Genetics to Quantitative Genetics to Systems Biology: Modeling Epistasis
From Classical to Modern Chemistry
From co-expression to co-regulation: how many microarray experiments do we need?
From Concept to Practice: Using the School Health Index to Create Healthy School Environments in Rhode Island Elementary Schools
From conformons to human brains: an informal overview of nonlinear dynamics and its applications in biomedicine
From contraception to cancer: a review of the therapeutic applications of LHRH analogues as antitumor agents.
From correlation to causation networks: a simple approximate learning algorithm and its application to high-dimensional plant gene expression data
From Creation to Consolidation: A Novel Framework for Memory Processing
From Databases to Modelling of Functional Pathways
From Democedes to Harvey: studies in the history of medicine
From descriptive to predictive distribution models: a working example with Iberian amphibians and reptiles
From DNA biosensors to gene chips
From Drought Sensing to Developmental Control: Evolution of Cyclic AMP Signaling in Social Amoebas
From E-MAPs to module maps: dissecting quantitative genetic interactions using physical interactions
From electron microscopy to X-ray crystallography: molecular-replacement case studies
From Empathy to Caring: Defining the Ideal Approach to a Healing Relationship
From Endosymbiont to Host-Controlled Organelle: The Hijacking of Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis and Metabolism
From Endotoxin to Snake Venom **
From evidence based bioethics to evidence based social policies
From evidence to best practice in the management of fractures of the distal radius in adults: working towards a research agenda
From factory row to the Grosvenor Road.
From Few to Many: New World Founded by Surprisingly Small Population
From "first" to "last" steps in life – pressure patterns of three generations
From Foetid Air to Filth:
From footprint to toeprint: a close-up of the DnaA box, the binding site for the bacterial initiator protein DnaA.
From fruitflies to mammals: mechanisms of signalling via the Sonic hedgehog pathway in lung development
From Functional Genomics to Functional Immunomics: New Challenges, Old Problems, Big Rewards
From Gateway to MultiSite Gateway in one recombination event
From Gene Regulation to Gene Function: Regulatory Networks in Bacillus Subtilis
From Gene Trees to Organismal Phylogeny in Prokaryotes:The Case of the γ-Proteobacteria
From general policy to legal rule: aspirations and limitations of the precautionary principle.
From genes to functional classes in the study of biological systems
From Genome to Function: Systematic Analysis of the Soil Bacterium Bacillus Subtilis
From genome to function: the Arabidopsis aquaporins
From genomes to systems
From genomics to chemical genomics: new developments in KEGG
From Genotype to Phenotype: Linking Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Ontologies
From head to toes: the multiple facets of Sox proteins.
From Heart Health Promotion to Chronic Disease Prevention: Contributions of the Canadian Heart Health Initiative
From “Hellstrom Paradox” to anti-adenosinergic cancer immunotherapy
From idiocy to mental deficiency: historical perspectives on people with learning disabilities
From immunoglobulin gene fingerprinting to motif-specific hybridization: advances in the analysis of B lymphoid clonality in rheumatic diseases
From inclusion to independence – Training consumers to review research
From India to the planet Mars: a case of multiple personality with imaginary languages
From Inverse Problems in Mathematical Physiology to Quantitative Differential Diagnoses
From Kanazawa to eCAM
From Lab to Nature: Thermal Adaptation in Bacterial Viruses
From lesion to metaphor: chronic pain in British, French and German medical writings, 1800–1914
From Lifestyle to Social Determinants: New Directions for Community Health Promotion Research and Practice
From linear genome sequence to three-dimensional organization of the cell nucleus
From little things, big things grow: a local approach to system-wide maternity services reform in the absence of definitive evidence
From lymphocytes to sharks: V(D)J recombinase moves to the germline
From Medical Police to Social Medicine. Essays on the History of Health Care
From microarray to biology: an integrated experimental, statistical and in silico analysis of how the extracellular matrix modulates the phenotype of cancer cells
From microarrays to genome duplications
From micrograms to picograms: quantitative PCR reduces the material demands of high-throughput sequencing
From midwives to medicine: the birth of American gynecology
From mind to brain: new emphases on psychiatric education.
From Morphology to Neural Information: The Electric Sense of the Skate
From mouse genetics to systems biology
From multidimensional neuropsychological outcomes to a cognitive complication rate: The International Subarachnoid Aneurysm Trial
From natural history to the history of nature. Readings from Buffon and his critics
From Offshore to Onshore: Multiple Origins of Shallow-Water Corals from Deep-Sea Ancestors
From one amino acid to another: tRNA-dependent amino acid biosynthesis
From One to Many and Back Again: A Systemic Signal Triggers Tunicate Regeneration
From Oxford to Hawaii Ecophysiological Barriers Limit Human Progression in Ten Sport Monuments
From Paracelsus to Newton. Magic and the making of modern science
From Paracelsus to Van Helmont. Studies in Renaissance medicine and science
From parallel practice to integrative health care: a conceptual framework
From Parasite to Mutualist: Rapid Evolution of Wolbachia in Natural Populations of Drosophila
From pathway to population – a multiscale model of juxtacrine EGFR-MAPK signalling
From Pathways Databases to Network Models of Switching Behavior
From peas to "chips" – the new millennium of molecular biology: a primer for the surgeon
From perception to action: phase-locked gamma oscillations correlate with reaction times in a speeded response task
From physico-theology to bio-technology: essays in the social and cultural history of biosciences: a Festschrift for Mikuláš Teich
From pigsties to hog heaven?
From pills to penicillin. The Beecham story. A personal account
From Plants to Birds: Higher Avian Predation Rates in Trees Responding to Insect Herbivory
From Point B To Point A: Applying Toxicogenomics to Biological Inference
From Poor Law to welfare state; a history of social welfare in America
From Program to Policy: Expanding the Role of Community Coalitions
From protein interactions to functional annotation: graph alignment in Herpes
From rags to riches: insights from the first genomic sequence of a plant pathogenic bacterium
From recommendation to action: psychosocial factors influencing physician intention to use Health Technology Assessment (HTA) recommendations
From Registration to Publication
From Research to Practice: Challenges to Implementing National Diabetes Guidelines With Five Community Health Centers on the U.S.-Mexico Border 1
From Resource Scarcity to Ecological Security: Exploring New Limits to Growth
From sea to land and beyond – New insights into the evolution of euthyneuran Gastropoda (Mollusca)
From sequence to consequence
From sequence to structure and back again: approaches for predicting protein-DNA binding
From single cells to whole organisms
From speciation to introgressive hybridization: the phylogeographic structure of an island subspecies of termite, Reticulitermes lucifugus corsicus
From Stem Cell to Embryo without Centrioles
From Sterility to Fertility
From Stoneyford, County Antrim to Coleraine, Australia: Samuel Connor, MD.
From Stop to Start: Tandem Gene Arrangement, Copy Number and Trans -Splicing Sites in the Dinoflagellate Amphidinium carterae
From strategy development to routine implementation: the cost of Intermittent Preventive Treatment in Infants for malaria control
From structure of the complex to understanding of the biology
From Structure to Function: Mapping the Connection Matrix of the Human Brain
From sympathy to reflex: Marshall Hall and his opponents
From systems biology to synthetic biology
From the Beginnings of Medical History to the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Establishing a Tradition
From the Case-Book of a Medical Psychologist
From the cell biology to the development of new chemotherapeutic approaches against trypanosomatids: dreams and reality.
From the Chair: The Top 10 Myths About Imaging Informatics Certification (January 2008–SIIM News)
From the contents of the libraries of the Suchos Temples in the Fayyum. Part 1. A medical book from Crocodilopolis. P. Vindob. D. 6257
From the ECM to the Cytoskeleton and Back: How Integrins Orchestrate T Cell Action
From the Editor – A New Editorial Board and a New Approach
From the Editor's desk
From the Editor's desk
From the Editor’s Desk
From the Editor's desk
From the Editor’s Desk: Ethics and Current Medical Controversies
From the Editor’s Desk: Frontiers in medicine: the McGill Journal of Medicine celebrates ten years, and insights into interventional medicine
From the Editor’s Desk: Medline and Beyond
From the Editor’s Desk: The emergence of “personalized medicine” in medical care
From the lab to the land.
From the laboratory to the community: a commitment to outreach.
From the mind into the body: the cultural origins of psychosomatic symptoms
From the Notebook of John Rodman Paul
From the Search for a Molecular Code of Memory to the Role of Neurotransmitters: A Historical Perspective
From the watching of shadows: the origins of radiological tomography
From theory to practice: improving the impact of health services research
From Theory to Practice: Translating Research into Health Outcomes
From transcriptome to biological function: environmental stress in an ectothermic vertebrate, the coral reef fish Pomacentrus moluccensis
From wards 5 and 6 to Sainsburys (the history of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.).
From wavelets to adaptive approximations: time-frequency parametrization of EEG
From wealth to health: modelling the distribution of income per capita at the sub-national level using night-time light imagery
Front decompression of sacrum nerve for treatment of congenital spina bifida with meningocele and neural herniation
Front-door concentrations and personal exposures of Danish children to nitrogen dioxide.
Front-line Bevacizumab in combination with Oxaliplatin, Leucovorin and 5-Fluorouracil (FOLFOX) in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: a multicenter phase II study
Frontal Labotomy and Affective Behavior
Frontal Lobe Surgery in Treatment of Intractable Pain *
Frontal mucocele with an accompanying orbital abscess mimicking a fronto-orbital mucocele: case report
Frontal White Matter Anisotropy and Antidepressant Remission in Late-Life Depression
Frontier doctor: William Beaumont, America's first great medical scientist
Frontiers in clinical virology in honor of G.D. Edith Hsiung, Ph.D. September 17, 1988, New Haven.
Frontiers in Cytochemistry
Frontiers in Medicine: The March of Medicine, 1950
Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, 1969
Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology. Volume 8
Frontiers in plant genetics
Frontiers in reproductive immunology – Forum introduction
Frontiers in the Convergence of Bioscience and Information Technology
Frontiers in Zoology speeds up
Frontiers of medicine in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 1899–1940
Frontiersman of Science
Fronto-temporal brain systems supporting spoken language comprehension
Frontotemporal dementia and parkinsonism linked to chromosome 17 (FTDP-17)
Frontotemporal Dementias: A Review
Frozen section is superior to imprint cytology for the intra-operative assessment of sentinel lymph node metastasis in Stage I Breast cancer patients
Fructose Diet-Induced Skin Collagen Abnormalities Are Prevented by Lipoic Acid
Fructose, insulin resistance, and metabolic dyslipidemia
Fruits and vegetables moderate lipid cardiovascular risk factor in hypertensive patients
FseI, a new type II restriction endonuclease that recognizes the octanucleotide sequence 5' GGCCGGCC 3'.
FSH regulates acetycholine production by ovarian granulosa cells
FSHB promoter polymorphism within evolutionary conserved element is associated with serum FSH level in men
Fsp AI, a unique type II restriction endonuclease that recognizes the octanucleotide sequence 5′-RTGC↓GCAY-3′
FstSNP-HapMap3: a database of SNPs with high population differentiation for HapMap3
FTO Gene Associated Fatness in Relation to Body Fat Distribution and Metabolic Traits throughout a Broad Range of Fatness
FTO gene SNPs associated with extreme obesity in cases, controls and extremely discordant sister pairs
FTO1/362: Using Neural Nets in Medical Decision Making
FTO2/438: Implementation of a Telematics System for the Management of Epidemic Emergencies
FTO3/408: Using Java for Real-Time Image Fusion on Open MR Systems
FTO4/449: Use of Software Agents for Treating Disease over the Internet
FTO5/470: Critical Incident Monitoring in Emergency Medicine Web-based System (CRIME-base): Current evidence on incident reporting and its impact to quality of care
FtsK-Dependent Dimer Resolution on Multiple Chromosomes in the Pathogen Vibrio cholerae
Fucoidan partly prevents CCl 4 -induced liver fibrosis
Fuel damage from flooding.
Fuel for the long haul: diesel in America.
Fueling the debate.
Fueling the gas debate.
Fuels: Corn Ethanol Goal Revives Dead Zone Concerns
FUGOID: functional genomics of organellar introns database
Fulham doctors of the past.
Full blood count and haemozoin-containing leukocytes in children with malaria: diagnostic value and association with disease severity
Full cyclic coordinate descent: solving the protein loop closure problem in C α space
Full Disclosure Policy
Full-Exon Resequencing Reveals Toll-Like Receptor Variants Contribute to Human Susceptibility to Tuberculosis Disease
Full flexibility genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms by the GOOD assay
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