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F-box proteins: more than baits for the SCF?
F. F. F. F.—2000 A.D
F-SNP: computationally predicted functional SNPs for disease association studies
F1-ATPase alpha subunit in the mitochondrial genome of the Pythiaceae.
F10, the gene for the glycine-rich major eggshell protein of Schistosoma mansoni recognizes a family of hypervariable minisatellites in the human genome.
FAA turns down the volume.
Fabp7 Maps to a Quantitative Trait Locus for a Schizophrenia Endophenotype
Fabrication and characterization of RNA aptamer microarrays for the study of protein–aptamer interactions with SPR imaging
Fabrication and in vitro deployment of a laser-activated shape memory polymer vascular stent
Fabrication of patterned DNA surfaces.
Fabulous beasts and demons
Face and Emotion Recognition in MCDD Versus PDD-NOS
Face Processing is Gated by Visual Spatial Attention
Face to Face with Toy Safety: Understanding an Unexpected Threat
Facebook for Scientists: Requirements and Services for Optimizing How Scientific Collaborations Are Established
Faced with inequality: chicken do not have a general dosage compensation of sex-linked genes
Faces of degeneration: a European disorder, c. 1848–c. 1918
Facets of Genetics
Facial diplegia with hyperreflexia-a mild Guillain-Barre Syndrome variant, to treat or not to treat?
Facial Feedback Mechanisms in Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Facial Laceration at Caesarean Section: Experience With Tissue Adhesive
Facial muscle activity, Response Entropy, and State Entropy indices during noxious stimuli in propofol–nitrous oxide or propofol–nitrous oxide–remifentanil anaesthesia without neuromuscular block
Facial skin metastasis due to small-cell lung cancer: a case report
Facile: a command-line network compiler for systems biology
Facile characterization of translation initiation via nonsense codon suppression.
Facile FMR1 mRNA structure regulation by interruptions in CGG repeats
Facile method for automated genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms by mass spectrometry
Facile methods for generating human somatic cell gene knockouts using recombinant adeno-associated viruses
Facile preparation of nuclease resistant 3' modified oligodeoxynucleotides.
Facile SNP detection using bifunctional, cross-linking oligonucleotide probes
Facile solution-phase synthesis of γ-Mn 3 O 4 hierarchical structures
Facile Synthesis of cis-Dichloro-(1,4,7-Triazacyclononane) Platinum(II) and its Screening Against Human Ovarian Cancer (SK-OV-3) and Leukemia (K-562) Cell Lines
Facile synthesis of two diastereomeric indolizidines corresponding to the postulated structure of alkaloid 5,9 E -259B from a Bufonid toad ( Melanophryniscus )
Facile whole mitochondrial genome resequencing from nipple aspirate fluid using MitoChip v2.0
Facilitated Monocyte-Macrophage Uptake and Tissue Distribution of Superparmagnetic Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles
Facilitated Variation: How Evolution Learns from Past Environments To Generalize to New Environments
Facilitating access to voluntary and community services for patients with psychosocial problems: a before-after evaluation
Facilitating arrhythmia simulation: the method of quantitative cellular automata modeling and parallel running
Facilitating Change in School Health: A Qualitative Study of Schools’ Experiences Using the School Health Index
Facilitating post traumatic growth
Facilitating the development of controlled vocabularies for metabolomics technologies with text mining
Facilitation of a structural transition in the polypurine/polypyrimidine tract within the proximal promoter region of the human VEGF gene by the presence of potassium and G-quadruplex-interactive agents
Facilitation of Task Performance and Removal of the Effects of Sleep Deprivation by an Ampakine (CX717) in Nonhuman Primates
Facilitators and Challenges to Start-Up of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Demonstration Program
Facilitators' influence on student PBL small group session online information resource use: a survey
Facing Death
Facing the Challenge of Data Transfer from Animal Models to Humans: the Case of Persistent Organohalogens
FACT – a framework for the functional interpretation of high-throughput experiments
FACTA: a text search engine for finding associated biomedical concepts
Factitious cheilitis: a case report
Factitious lymphoedema as a psychiatric condition mimicking reflex sympathetic dystrophy: a case report
Factor analysis for gene regulatory networks and transcription factor activity profiles
Factor analysis of the Zung self-rating depression scale in a large sample of patients with major depressive disorder in primary care
Factor correction as a tool to eliminate between-session variation in replicate experiments: application to molecular biology and retrovirology
Factor D is a selective single-stranded oligodeoxythymidine binding protein.
Factor interaction analysis for chromosome 8 and DNA methylation alterations highlights innate immune response suppression and cytoskeletal changes in prostate cancer
Factor IX Basel : a Swiss family with severe haemophilia B having a point mutation in EGF type B domain
Factor IXBasel: a Swiss family with severe haemophilia B having a point mutation in EGF type B domain.
Factor structure and internal consistency of the 12-item General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) and the Subjective Vitality Scale (VS), and the relationship between them: a study from France
Factor Structure of the Arthritis Body Experience Scale (ABES) in a U.S. Population of People with Osteoarthritis (OA), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Fibromyalgia (FM) and Other Rheumatic Conditions
Factor structure of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) in subjects who had suffered from the 2004 Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake in Japan: a community-based study
Factor structure of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) in German coronary heart disease patients
Factor structure of the Shoulder Pain and Disability Index in patients with adhesive capsulitis
Factor structure of the Singapore English version of the KINDL ® children quality of life questionnaire
Factor Structure, Reliability and Criterion Validity of the Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ): A Study in Dutch Population and Patient Groups
Factor VII and the brain: time to get this research done!
Factor VII deficiency and developmental abnormalities in a patient with partial monosomy of 13q and trisomy of 16p: case report and review of the literature
Factorial validity and internal consistency of the PRAFAB questionnaire in women with stress urinary incontinence
Factors acting on Mos1 transposition efficiency
Factors affecting adrenocortical hormone function.
Factors affecting antimicrobial activity of MUC7 12-mer, a human salivary mucin-derived peptide
Factors affecting aseptic loosening of 4750 total hip arthroplasties: multivariate survival analysis
Factors affecting attitude toward safe sex and reproductive health among Shiraz City youth
Factors affecting calcium oxalate dihydrate fragmented calculi regrowth
Factors affecting exhaled nitric oxide measurements: the effect of sex
Factors affecting fidelity of DNA synthesis during PCR amplification of d(C-A)n.d(G-T)n microsatellite repeats.
Factors Affecting Frequency Discrimination of Vibrotactile Stimuli: Implications for Cortical Encoding
Factors affecting general practitioners' decisions about plain radiography for back pain: implications for classification of guideline barriers – a qualitative study
Factors affecting left ventricular remodeling after valve replacement for aortic stenosis. An overview
Factors affecting mammary tumor incidence in chlorotriazine-treated female rats: hormonal properties, dosage, and animal strain.
Factors affecting medical students in formulating their specialty preferences in Jordan
Factors Affecting Morbidity and Mortality of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass for Clinically Severe Obesity: An Analysis of 1,000 Consecutive Open Cases by a Single Surgeon
Factors affecting Sertoli cell function in the testis.
Factors affecting study efficiency and item non-response in health surveys in developing countries: the Jamaica national healthy lifestyle survey
Factors Affecting the Association between Ambient Concentrations and Personal Exposures to Particles and Gases
Factors affecting the concordance between orthologous gene trees and species tree in bacteria
Factors affecting the in vitro dissolution of cobalt oxide.
Factors affecting the intention of providers to deliver more effective continuing medical education to general practitioners: a pilot study
Factors affecting the performance of maternal health care providers in Armenia
Factors affecting the response of lung clearance systems to acid aerosols: role of exposure concentration, exposure time, and relative acidity.
Factors affecting translation at the programmed −1 ribosomal frameshifting site of Cocksfoot mottle virus RNA in vivo
Factors Affecting Trypanosome Maturation in Tsetse Flies
Factors altering thyroid hormone metabolism.
Factors and common conditions associated with adolescent dietary supplement use: an analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)
Factors associated with a measles outbreak in children admitted at Mahosot Hospital, Vientiane, Laos
Factors Associated with Adherence to Anti-Hypertensive Treatment in Pakistan
Factors associated with adolescent cigarette smoking in Greece: Results from a cross sectional study (GYTS Study)
Factors associated with breastfeeding at six months postpartum in a group of Australian women
Factors associated with compliance and non-compliance by physicians in a large-scale randomized clinical trial
Factors associated with dental attendance among adolescents in Santiago, Chile
Factors associated with disease evolution in Greek patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Factors associated with dog ownership and contact with dogs in a UK community
Factors associated with excessive bleeding in cardiopulmonary bypass patients: a nested case-control study
Factors Associated with Findings of Published Trials of Drug–Drug Comparisons: Why Some Statins Appear More Efficacious than Others
Factors associated with good self-rated health of non-disabled elderly living alone in Japan: a cross-sectional study
Factors Associated with herb and dietary supplement use by young adults in the United States
Factors associated with herbal use among urban multiethnic primary care patients: a cross-sectional survey
Factors associated with HIV and HCV infection among individuals with a history of injection drug use in Baltimore
Factors associated with HIV and hepatitis C infection among regular and non-regular injection drug users in Baltimore
Factors associated with home death for individuals who receive home support services: a retrospective cohort study
Factors associated with hypertension prevalence, unawareness and treatment among Costa Rican elderly
Factors associated with "Ikigai" among members of a public temporary employment agency for seniors (Silver Human Resources Centre) in Japan; gender differences
Factors associated with improvement in disability-adjusted life years in patients with HIV/AIDS
Factors associated with in-hospital mortality following intracerebral hemorrhage: a three-year study in Tehran, Iran
Factors associated with increased risk of progression to respiratory syncytial virus-associated pneumonia in young Kenyan children
Factors Associated with Induced Abortion in Women Prostitutes in Asturias (Spain)
Factors Associated with Intended Use of a Web Site Among Family Practice Patients
Factors associated with intentions to adhere to colorectal cancer screening follow-up exams
Factors associated with lack of postnatal care among Palestinian women: A cross-sectional study of three clinics in the West Bank
Factors Associated with Lesions of the Brain that Follow Intravenous Injection of Thromboplastic Substance *
Factors associated with multiple transitions in care during the end of life following enrollment in a comprehensive palliative care program
Factors associated with nosocomial SARS-CoV transmission among healthcare workers in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2003
Factors Associated With Overweight and Obesity Among Mexican Americans and Central Americans: Results From the 2001 California Health Interview Survey
Factors associated with physiotherapy provision in a population of elderly nursing home residents; a cross sectional study
Factors associated with poor prognosis among patients admitted with heart failure in a Nigerian tertiary medical centre: a cross-sectional study
Factors associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression amongst internally displaced persons in northern Uganda
Factors associated with posttraumatic stress symptoms in a prospective cohort of patients after abdominal sepsis: a nomogram
Factors associated with premature mortality among young injection drug users in Vancouver
Factors associated with psychotropic drug use among community-dwelling older persons: A review of empirical studies
Factors associated with quality of life of outpatients with breast cancer and gynecologic cancers and their family caregivers: a controlled study
Factors associated with reporting multiple causes of death
Factors associated with self-rated health in older people living in institutions
Factors associated with self-rated health status in university students: a cross-sectional study in three European countries
Factors associated with self-reported, pesticide-related visits to health care providers in the agricultural health study.
Factors associated with serum levels of estradiol and sex hormone-binding globulin among premenopausal Japanese women.
Factors associated with the acceptance of mass drug administration for the elimination of lymphatic filariasis in Agusan del Sur, Philippines
Factors associated with the appropriate use of preoperatory hospital stays: historical cohort study
Factors associated with the health and nutritional status of children under 5 years of age in Afghanistan: family behaviour related to women and past experience of war-related hardships
Factors associated with the health status of internally displaced persons in northern Uganda
Factors associated with the mammalian RNA polymerase II holoenzyme.
Factors associated with the subspecialty choices of internal medicine residents in Canada
Factors associated with utilization of traditional Chinese medicine by white collar foreign workers living in Taiwan
Factors associated with wife beating in Egypt: Analysis of two surveys (1995 and 2005)
Factors Associated with Women's Medication Use
Factors considered by medical students when formulating their specialty preferences in Japan: findings from a qualitative study
Factors contributing to attrition behavior in diabetes self-management programs: A mixed method approach
Factors contributing to intervention fidelity in a multi-site chronic disease self-management program
Factors Contributing to the Biofilm-Deficient Phenotype of Staphylococcus aureus sarA Mutants
Factors contributing to the risk of cytomegalovirus infection in patients receiving renal transplants.
Factors contributing to the temperature beneath plaster or fiberglass cast material
Factors controlling pancreatic islet neogenesis.
Factors Controlling the Movement of Fluid Through the Human Capillary Wall *
Factors determining the outcome of children hospitalized with severe pneumonia
Factors Determining the Restoration of Circadian Behavior by Hypothalamic Transplants
Factors Driving the Increase in Medical Information on the Web - One American Perspective
Factors explaining variance in perceived pain in women with fibromyalgia
Factors governing loss and rescue of DNA binding upon single and double mutations in the p53 core domain
Factors in AIDS Dementia Complex Trial Design: Results and Lessons from the Abacavir Trial
Factors in Resistance to Tuberculosis *
Factors in the Neural Bases of Intellect and Emotion *
Factors in the Pathogenesis of Pyelonephritis
Factors influencing agreement between child self-report and parent proxy-reports on the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™ 4.0 (PedsQL™) generic core scales
Factors influencing cadmium accumulation and its toxicity to marine organisms
Factors influencing cerebrospinal fluid and plasma HIV-1 RNA detection rate in patients with and without opportunistic neurological disease during the HAART era
Factors influencing change of preoperative treatment intent in a gastrointestinal cancer practice
Factors influencing consumer dietary health preventative behaviours
Factors influencing delay in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer: a study protocol
Factors influencing elderly women's mammography screening decisions: implications for counseling
Factors influencing emergency medical readmission risk in a UK district general hospital: A prospective study
Factors influencing emergency medical readmission risk in a UK district general hospital: A prospective study
Factors Influencing Experimental Candidiasis in Mice. I. Alloxan Diabetes †
Factors influencing general practitioner referral of patients developing end-stage renal failure: a standardised case-analysis study
Factors influencing identification of and response to intimate partner violence: a survey of physicians and nurses
Factors Influencing Lesion Formation During Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation
Factors influencing metabolism and toxicity of metals: a consensus report.
Factors influencing metabolism and toxicity of metals. Proceedings of an international workshop meeting organized by the Scientific Committee on the Toxicology of Metals of Permanent Commission and International Association of Occupational Health Stockholm, July 17-22, 1977.
Factors Influencing Myocardial Contractility
Factors influencing preoperative stress response in coronary artery bypass graft patients
Factors Influencing Prognosis After Initial Inadequate Excision (IIE) for Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Factors influencing psychological distress during a disease epidemic: Data from Australia's first outbreak of equine influenza
Factors influencing publication choice: why faculty choose open access
Factors influencing quality of life in patients with active tuberculosis
Factors influencing reproduction and genetic toxic effects on male gonads
Factors influencing susceptibility to metals.
Factors influencing the adoption of an innovation: An examination of the uptake of the Canadian Heart Health Kit (HHK)
Factors Influencing the Concentrations of the Large Neutral Amino Acids in the Brain and in the CSF of Dogs After Portacaval Anastomosis
Factors influencing the consumption of seafood among young children in Perth: a qualitative study
Factors influencing the deposition of inhaled particles.
Factors influencing the extent and selectivity of alkylation within triplexes by reactive G/A motif oligonucleotides.
Factors influencing the growth hormone peak and plasma insulin-like growth factor I in young adults with pituitary stalk interruption syndrome
Factors influencing the implementation of clinical guidelines for health care professionals: A systematic meta-review
Factors Influencing the Increase in Na-K-ATPase in Compensatory Renal Hypertrophy
Factors influencing the outcome of paediatric cardiac surgical patients during extracorporeal circulatory support
Factors influencing the participation of gastroenterologists and hepatologists in clinical research
Factors influencing the spatial extent of mobile source air pollution impacts: a meta-analysis
Factors influencing the speed of cancer diagnosis in rural Western Australia: a General Practice perspective
Factors influencing the use of public dental services: An application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Factors influencing the utilization of research findings by health policy-makers in a developing country: the selection of Mali's essential medicines
Factors involved in nurses' responses to burnout: a grounded theory study
Factors involved in the cytotoxicity of kaolinite towards macrophages in vitro.
Factors involved in the cytotoxicity of UICC amosite towards macrophages.
Factors involved in the inflammatory events of cervical ripening in humans
Factors involved in the initiation of phage phi 29 DNA replication in vitro: requirement of the gene 2 product for the formation of the protein p3-dAMP complex.
Factors Modifying the Reaction of Alpha Staphylolysin to Heat *
Factors modulating the secretion of thyrotropin and other hormones of the thyroid axis.
Factors predicting drop out from, and retention in, specialist drug treatment services: A case control study in the North West of England
Factors predictive of alcohol use during pregnancy in three rural states
Factors prompting PSA-testing of asymptomatic men in a country with no guidelines: a national survey of general practitioners
Factors Regulating Blood Pressure
Factors Regulating Blood Pressure
Factors regulating Hb F synthesis in thalassemic diseases
Factors Related to Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction in Midlife and Older Women: A Qualitative Study
Factors Related to Cigarette Smoking Initiation and Use among College Students
Factors related to leader implementation of a nationally disseminated community-based exercise program: a cross-sectional study
Factors related to the frequency of citation of epidemiologic publications
Factors related to the practice of breast self examination (BSE) and Pap smear screening among Malaysian women workers in selected electronics factories
Factors Relating to Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Hepatic Damage After Liver Resection
Factors Relating to the Virulence of Staphylococci
Factors that affect the occurrence of fumonisin.
Factors That Can Affect the External Validity of Randomised Controlled Trials
Factors that help injecting drug users to access and benefit from services: A qualitative study
Factors That Influence Exercise Among Adults With Arthritis in Three Activity Levels
Factors that may mediate the relationship between physical activity and the risk for developing knee osteoarthritis
Factors that motivate and hinder blood donation in Greece
Factors that predict outcome of intensive care treatment in very elderly patients: a review
Factors that promote the development of human breast cancer.
Factors that regulate embryonic gustatory development
Factors which influence the cardiac surgeon's decision not to operate on patients referred for consideration of surgery
Facts and figures
Facts and Theories About Muscular Activity
Facts from Text—Is Text Mining Ready to Deliver?
Facts, values, and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): an update on the controversies
Faculty mentorship and first year students at the Yale School of Medicine: reflections and perspective.
Faculty of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy
Faculty of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, Maccabaean Prize and Medal
Faculty of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy (Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London) Maccabaean Prize and Medal
FADD adaptor in cancer
Faecal and Urinary Incontinence after Multimodality Treatment of Rectal Cancer
Faecal blood loss with aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cyclo-oxygenase-2 selective inhibitors: systematic review of randomized trials using autologous chromium-labelled erythrocytes
Faecal incontinence as presentation of an ependymomas of the spinal cord
Faecal shedding and strain diversity of Listeria monocytogenes in healthy ruminants and swine in Northern Spain
FAF-Drugs: free ADME/tox filtering of compound collections
FAF-Drugs2: Free ADME/tox filtering tool to assist drug discovery and chemical biology projects
Failed attempts at experimental transplantation and transmission of nocturnally-periodic simian Loa from monkey to man
Failure of a patient-centered intervention to substantially increase the identification and referral for-treatment of ambulatory emergency department patients with occult psychiatric conditions: a randomized trial [ISRCTN61514736]
Failure of artesunate-mefloquine combination therapy for uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in southern Cambodia
Failure of catecholamines to shift T-cell cytokine responses toward a Th2 profile in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Failure of cefoxitin and doxycycline to eradicate endometrial Mycoplasma genitalium and the consequence for clinical cure of pelvic inflammatory disease
Failure of dual radius hydroxyapatite-coated acetabular cups
Failure of E. coli bacteria to induce preterm delivery in the rat
Failure of erythromycin to eliminate airway colonization with ureaplasma urealyticum in very low birth weight infants
Failure of levofloxacin treatment in community-acquired pneumococcal pneumonia
Failure of non-invasive ventilation in patients with acute lung injury: observational cohort study
Failure of psychiatric referrals from the pediatric emergency department
Failure of recombinant factor VIIa in a patient with severe polymicrobial sepsis and postoperative uncontrolled intraabdominal bleeding
Failure to confirm allelic and haplotypic association between markers at the chromosome 6p22.3 dystrobrevin-binding protein 1 (DTNBP1) locus and schizophrenia
Failure to confirm influence of Methyltetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) polymorphisms on age at onset of Huntington disease
Failure to demonstrate concomitant antibody changes to viral antigens other than Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) during or after infectious mononucleosis.
Failure to detect "cap" structures in mitochondrial DNA-coded poly(A)-containing RNA from HeLa cells.
Failure to detect Plasmodium vivax in West and Central Africa by PCR species typing
Failure to detect the 22q11.2 duplication syndrome rearrangement among patients with schizophrenia
Failure to replicate an association of SNPs in the oxidized LDL receptor gene ( OLR1 ) with CAD
Failure to respond to endogenous or exogenous melatonin may cause nonphotoresponsiveness in Harlan Sprague Dawley rats
Failure to Use Cubicles and Concentrate Dispenser by Heifers after Transfer from Rearing Accommodation to Milking Herd
Failures in the Management of Elderly Women with Breast Cancer
Fairness Creams in South Asia—A Case of Disease Mongering?
Faith and Fish
Faithful expression of a heterologous gene carried on an artificial macronuclear chromosome in Euplotes crassus.
Faithful expression of a tagged Fugu WT1 protein from a genomic transgene in zebrafish: efficient splicing of pufferfish genes in zebrafish but not mice
Faithful transcription initiation from a mitochondrial promoter in transgenic plastids
FAK-Mediated Mechanotransduction in Skeletal Regeneration
FAK/src-Family Dependent Activation of the Ste20-Like Kinase SLK Is Required for Microtubule-Dependent Focal Adhesion Turnover and Cell Migration
Fak56 functions downstream of integrin alphaPS3betanu and suppresses MAPK activation in neuromuscular junction growth
Fake DNA.
Falciparum malaria and HIV-1 in hospitalized adults in Maputo, Mozambique: does HIV-infection obscure the malaria diagnosis?
Falk Lecture gives overview of breast cancer.
Fall risk in an active elderly population – can it be assessed?
Fallacies of preoperative lymphoscintigraphy in detecting sentinel node in breast cancer
Falling into TRAPS – receptor misfolding in the TNF receptor 1-associated periodic fever syndrome
Falling towards Forgetfulness: Synaptic Decay Prevents Spontaneous Recovery of Memory
Falling towers, crumbling levees, and viral mutations
Fallot's Tetralogy: The Clinical Aspect
Fallot's Tetralogy: The Pathological Aspect
Fallout, A Study of Superbombs, Strontium 90, and Survival
Falls and consequent injuries in hospitalized patients: effects of an interdisciplinary falls prevention program
Falls Assessment Clinical Trial (FACT): design, interventions, recruitment strategies and participant characteristics
Falls, Depression and Antidepressants in Later Life: A Large Primary Care Appraisal
Falls in advanced old age: recalled falls and prospective follow-up of over-90-year-olds in the Cambridge City over-75s Cohort study
Falls in young, middle-aged and older community dwelling adults: perceived cause, environmental factors and injury
False aneurysm of the radial artery: Unusual complication of both-bone forearm fracture in children: A case report
False discovery rate paradigms for statistical analyses of microarray gene expression data
False elevation of serum thyroxine in myxoedema due to thyroxine-binding autoantibodies. A diagnostic pitfall.
False occurrences of functional motifs in protein sequences highlight evolutionary constraints
False positive PCR detection of Tropheryma whipplei in the saliva of healthy people
False positive reduction in protein-protein interaction predictions using gene ontology annotations
False-Positive Results in Cancer Epidemiology: A Plea for Epistemological Modesty
False prophets. Fraud and error in science and medicine
Falstatin, a Cysteine Protease Inhibitor of Plasmodium falciparum, Facilitates Erythrocyte Invasion
FAM20: an evolutionarily conserved family of secreted proteins expressed in hematopoietic cells
Famciclovir (FAMVIR ® )
Fame is a bubble, but not for some
Familial aggregation analysis of gene expressions
Familial aggregation of components of the multiple metabolic syndrome in the Framingham Heart and Offspring Cohorts: Genetic Analysis Workshop Problem 1
Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Familial breast cancer and the hCHK2 1100delC mutation: assessing cancer risk
Familial breast cancer: characteristics and outcome of BRCA 1–2 positive and negative cases
Familial carcinoma of the prostate in a sibship with other tumours and an aggregation of Paget's disease of bone.
Familial clustering of Leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminata: an unknown genetic syndrome?
Familial craniosynostosis due to Pro250Arg mutation in the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 gene.
Familial deletion 18p syndrome: case report
Familial erythrocytosis arising from a gain-of-function mutation in the HIF2A gene of the oxygen sensing pathway
Familial frontotemporal dementia with neuronal intranuclear inclusions is not a polyglutamine expansion disease
Familial hypercholesterolemia in St.-Petersburg: the known and novel mutations found in the low density lipoprotein receptor gene in Russia
Familial hypomagnesaemia with hypercalciuria and nephrocalcinosis (FHHNC): Compound heterozygous mutation in the claudin 16 (CLDN16 ) gene
Familial Incidence of Disseminated Sclerosis
Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis: An Update
Familial Mediterranean fever, Inflammation and Nephrotic Syndrome: Fibrillary Glomerulopathy and the M680I Missense Mutation
Familial occurrence of Danish and Dutch cases of the bovine brachyspina syndrome
Familial omphalocele.
Familial Periodic Paralysis
Familial Polycythemia Caused by a Novel Mutation in the Beta Globin Gene: Essential Role of P50 in Evaluation of Familial Polycythemia
Familial Polyposis Coli
Familial risks of breast cancer
Familial, structural, and environmental correlates of MRI-defined bone marrow lesions: a sibpair study
Familial subarachnoid haemorrhage.
Familial Susceptibility to Tuberculosis
Familial Syndromes Coupling with Small Renal Masses
Familial unilateral Brown syndrome
Familial Wolfram syndrome due to compound heterozygosity for two novel WFS1 mutations
Familiar to all. William Lilly and astrology in the seventeenth century
Familiarity between patient and general practitioner does not influence the content of the consultation
Families in former times. Kinship, household, and sexuality
Families of restriction enzymes: an analysis prompted by molecular and genetic data for type ID restriction and modification systems
Family A and family B DNA polymerases are structurally related: evolutionary implications.
Family and home correlates of television viewing in 12–13 year old adolescents: The Nepean Study
Family and inheritance. Rural society in Western Europe 1200–1800
Family and society. Selections from the “Annales Economies, Sociétiés, Civilisations”
Family-B G-protein-coupled receptors
Family-based association study of the BDNF, COMT and serotonin transporter genes and DSM-IV bipolar-I disorder in children
Family-based clusters of cognitive test performance in familial schizophrenia
Family-Based versus Unrelated Case-Control Designs for Genetic Associations
Family caregiver quality of life in multiple sclerosis among Kuwaitis: a controlled study
Family clustering of PBB and DDE values among Michigan dairy farmers.
Family correlations of arsenic methylation patterns in children and parents exposed to high concentrations of arsenic in drinking water.
Family doctors' involvement with families in Estonia
Family doctors' knowledge and self-reported care of type 2 diabetes patients in comparison to the clinical practice guideline: cross-sectional study
Family doctors' problems and motivating factors in management of depression
Family Dollar Values
Family expansion and gene rearrangements contributed to the functional specialization of PRDM genes in vertebrates
Family history and stroke outcome in a bi-ethnic, population-based stroke surveillance study
Family History, Diabetes, and Other Demographic and Risk Factors Among Participants of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999–2002
Family history is neglected in the work-up of patients with colorectal cancer: a quality assessment using cancer registry data
Family history of cancer and mortality among patients gastrectomized because of benign gastric diseases.
Family history of colorectal cancer in Iran
Family joint activities in a cross-national perspective
Family life and illicit love in earlier generations
Family life in the seventeenth century. The Verneys of Claydon House
Family meetings in palliative care: Multidisciplinary clinical practice guidelines
Family physician and endocrinologist coordination as the basis for diabetes care in clinical practice
Family physician views about primary care reform in Ontario: a postal questionnaire
Family physicians' information seeking behaviors: A survey comparison with other specialties
Family physicians' involvement and self-reported comfort and skill in care of children with behavioral and emotional problems: a population-based survey
Family physicians' perceptions of academic detailing: a quantitative and qualitative study
Family physicians' perspectives on practice guidelines related to cancer control
FAMILY PLANNING: A Handbook for Doctors
Family Planning: A Survey of Clinic Patients
Family Planning Services: An Essential Component of Preconception Care
Family planning services quality as a determinant of use of IUD in Egypt
Family practice nurses supporting self-management in older patients with mild osteoarthritis: a randomized trial
Family structure and health, how companionship acts as a buffer against ill health
Family structure and risk factors for schizophrenia: case-sibling study
Family support unit improves care and support to HIV-infected children and their caregivers in Cameroon
Family time, parental behaviour model and the initiation of smoking and alcohol use by ten-year-old children: an epidemiological study in Kaunas, Lithuania
Family Treasures
Family violence, war, and natural disasters: A study of the effect of extreme stress on children's mental health in Sri Lanka
Famine, disease and the social order in early modern society
Famine Fevers in England and Ireland *
Famine in Russia 1891–1892. The Imperial Government responds to a crisis
Famine — The Irish experience 900-1900
FAN: fingerprint analysis of nucleotide sequences
Fanconi anemia complementation group A cells are hypersensitive to chromium(VI)-induced toxicity.
Fanconi anemia genes are highly expressed in primitive CD34 + hematopoietic cells
Fanconi anemia manifesting as a squamous cell carcinoma of the hard palate: a case report
Fantastic animals as an experimental model to teach animal adaptation
Fantasy surgery, 1880–1930: with special reference to Sir William Arbuthnot Lane
FANTOM DB: database of Functional Annotation of RIKEN Mouse cDNA Clones
Far field scattering pattern of differently structured butterfly scales
Far-reaching effects of fine particles.
Far upstream regions of class II MHC Ea are necessary for position-independent, copy-dependent expression of Ea transgene.
Far upstream sequences are required for efficient transcription from the adenovirus-2 E1A transcription unit.
Far upstream sequences of the bla promoter from TN3 are involved in complexation with E. coli RNA-polymerase.
Farber disease: clinical presentation, pathogenesis and a new approach to treatment
Farewell and Best Wishes
Farm animal genomics and informatics: an update
Farm Kids and Chlorpyrifos
Farmcarts to Fords: a history of the military ambulance, 1790–1925
Farmer's Lung
Farmer's lung, a new industrial disease.
Farmers' perception on the importance of variegated grasshopper ( Zonocerus variegatus (L.)) in the agricultural production systems of the humid forest zone of Southern Cameroon
Farming from a new perspective: remote sensing comes down to earth.
Farmworker Exposure to Pesticides: Methodologic Issues for the Collection of Comparable Data
Farmworker pesticide exposure and community-based participatory research: rationale and practical applications.
Farmworkers and pesticides: community-based research.
Farnesyl-transferase inhibitor R115,777 enhances tamoxifen inhibition of MCF-7 cell growth through estrogen receptor dependent and independent pathways
Farnesyl transferase inhibitors induce extended remissions in transgenic mice with mature B cell lymphomas
Farnesylation or geranylgeranylation? Efficient assays for testing protein prenylation in vitro and in vivo
Fas induces apoptosis in human coronary artery endothelial cells in vitro
Fas ligand expression in human and mouse cancer cell lines; a caveat on over-reliance on mRNA data
Fas-Mediated Apoptosis Regulates the Composition of Peripheral αβ T Cell Repertoire by Constitutively Purging Out Double Negative T Cells
Fascicular multiple ocular motor nerve paresis as first presentation of anaplastic astrocytoma
FASH: A web application for nucleotides sequence search
Fast 3D shape screening of large chemical databases through alignment-recycling
Fast algorithms for computing sequence distances by exhaustive substring composition
Fast algorithms for large-scale genome alignment and comparison
Fast analysis of DNA and protein sequence on Apple IIe: restriction sites search, alignment of short sequence and dot matrix analysis.
Fast and accurate determination of sites along the FUT2 in vitro transcript that are accessible to antisense oligonucleotides by application of secondary structure predictions and RNase H in combination with MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Fast and feast. Food in medieval society
Fast and non-invasive PCR sexing of primates: apes, Old World monkeys, New World monkeys and Strepsirrhines
Fast and sensitive multiple alignment of large genomic sequences
Fast and simple purification of chemically modified hammerhead ribozymes using a lipophilic capture tag.
Fast and slow myosins as markers of muscle injury
Fast and systematic genome-wide discovery of conserved regulatory elements using a non-alignment based approach
Fast approximate hierarchical clustering using similarity heuristics
Fast automated cell phenotype image classification
Fast calculation of the quartet distance between trees of arbitrary degrees
Fast, cheap and somewhat in control
Fast chromatin immunoprecipitation assay
Fast "coalescent" simulation
Fast comparison of DNA sequences by oligonucleotide profiling
Fast computation of distance estimators
Fast computer search for similar DNA sequences.
FAST DB: a website resource for the study of the expression regulation of human gene products
Fast detection of Noroviruses using a real-time PCR assay and automated sample preparation
Fast drying of Fine Needle Aspiration slides using a hand held fan: impact on turn around time and staining quality
Fast dynamics perturbation analysis for prediction of protein functional sites
Fast, easy and efficient: site-specific insertion of transgenes into Enterobacterial chromosomes using Tn 7 without need for selection of the insertion event
Fast Economic Development Accelerates Biological Invasions in China
Fast estimation of the difference between two PAM/JTT evolutionary distances in triplets of homologous sequences
Fast-evolving noncoding sequences in the human genome
Fast Fenton footprinting: a laboratory-based method for the time-resolved analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins
Fast-Find: A novel computational approach to analyzing combinatorial motifs
Fast-food-based hyper-alimentation can induce rapid and profound elevation of serum alanine aminotransferase in healthy subjects
Fast Gene Ontology based clustering for microarray experiments
Fast-growing pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma in a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1: a case report
Fast Homeostatic Plasticity of Inhibition via Activity-Dependent Vesicular Filling
Fast identification of folded human protein domains expressed in E. coli suitable for structural analysis
Fast index based algorithms and software for matching position specific scoring matrices
Fast Inhibition of Glutamate-Activated Currents by Caffeine
Fast light-regulated genes of Neurospora crassa.
Fast NJ-like algorithms to deal with incomplete distance matrices
Fast non-chromatographic method to assay for xanthine-guanosine phosphoribosyl transferase.
Fast Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithms Using Projected Gradient Approaches for Large-Scale Problems
Fast optimal alignment.
Fast Pairwise Structural RNA Alignments by Pruning of the Dynamical Programming Matrix
Fast Parallel Molecular Algorithms for DNA-Based Computation: Solving the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem over GF (2 n )
Fast purification of a functional elongator tRNAmet expressed from a synthetic gene in vivo.
Fast quantification of nucleic acid hybrids by affinity-based hybrid collection.
Fast quantitative determination of microbial rhamnolipids from cultivation broths by ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy
Fast rate of evolution in alternatively spliced coding regions of mammalian genes
Fast relapse and high drop out rate of 48 weeks daily interferon monotherapy in HIV-infected patients with chronic hepatitis C
Fast renal trapping of porcine Luteinizing Hormone (pLH) shown by 123 I-scintigraphic imaging in rats explains its short circulatory half-life
Fast reproducible identification and large-scale databasing of individual functional cognitive networks
Fast-Reset of Pacemaking and Theta-Frequency Resonance Patterns in Cerebellar Golgi Cells: Simulations of their Impact In Vivo
Fast screening of mouse mutants generated after homologous recombination.
Fast sequence evolution of Hox and Hox -derived genes in the genus Drosophila
Fast solid support detection of PCR amplified viral DNA sequences using radioiodinated or hapten labelled primers.
Fast splice site detection using information content and feature reduction
Fast-track applications: The potential for direct delivery of proteins and nucleic acids to plant cells for the discovery of gene function
Fast-track cloning.
Fast-track microcirculation analysis
Fast Track Open Partial Nephrectomy: Reduced Postoperative Length of Stay with a Goal-Directed Pathway Does Not Compromise Outcome
Fast, visual specialization for reading in English revealed by the topography of the N170 ERP response
Fast Visuomotor Processing of Redundant Targets: The Role of the Right Temporo-Parietal Junction
FastBLAST: Homology Relationships for Millions of Proteins
FastContact: a free energy scoring tool for protein–protein complex structures
Faster onset of action with topical levocabastine than with oral cetirizine
Faster quantitative real-time PCR protocols may lose sensitivity and show increased variability
Faster rates of post-puberty kidney deterioration in males is correlated with elevated oxidative stress in males vs females at early puberty
FastGroup: A program to dereplicate libraries of 16S rDNA sequences
FastGroupII: A web-based bioinformatics platform for analyses of large 16S rDNA libraries
Fasting and nutrient-stimulated plasma peptide-YY levels are elevated in critical illness and associated with feed intolerance: an observational, controlled study
Fasting Decreases the Content of D-Chiroinositol in Human Skeletal Muscle
Fasting Differentially Modulates the Immunological System: Its Mechanism and Sex Difference
Fasting girls: the emergence of anorexia nervosa as a modern disease
Fasting Girls. The Emergence of Anorexia Nervosa as a Modern Disease
Fasting induces a biphasic adaptive metabolic response in murine small intestine
FastMap: Fast eQTL mapping in homozygous populations
fastSCOP: a fast web server for recognizing protein structural domains and SCOP superfamilies
FASTSNP: an always up-to-date and extendable service for SNP function analysis and prioritization
FAT 10, a gene up-regulated in various cancers, is cell-cycle regulated
Fat Embolism *
Fat Embolism *
Fat Embolism *
Fat feeding potentiates the diabetogenic effect of dexamethasone in Wistar rats
Fat intake and composition of fatty acids in serum phospholipids in a randomized, controlled, Mediterranean dietary intervention study on patients with rheumatoid arthritis
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