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Effect of iron on the expression of sirR and sitABC in biofilm-associated Staphylococcus epidermidis
Effect of Isoflavones on Cardiovascular Health: Low But Not Out Either
Effect of Isoflurane on Neutrophil Phagocytic Function During Pregnancy
Effect of juggling therapy on anxiety disorders in female patients
Effect of Kohl-Chikni Dawa – a compound ophthalmic formulation of Unani medicine on naphthalene-induced cataracts in rats
Effect of Ku80 Deficiency on Mutation Frequencies and Spectra at a LacZ Reporter Locus in Mouse Tissues and Cells
Effect of L- Arginine On Electrocardiographic Changes Induced By Hypercholesterolemia And Isoproterenol In Rabbits
Effect of L-Carnitine on Skeletal Muscle Lipids and Oxidative Stress in Rats Fed High-Fructose Diet
Effect of L-methioninyl adenylate on the level of aminoacylation in vivo of tRNA Met from Escherichia coli K12
Effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus supernatants on body weight and leptin expression in rats
Effect of lambda packaging extract mcr restriction activity on DNA cloning.
Effect of large targeted deletions on the mitotic stability of an extra chromosome mediating drug resistance in Leishmania
Effect of larval crowding on mating competitiveness of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes
Effect of latanoprost and timolol on the histopathology of the human conjunctiva
Effect of lateral perturbations on psychophysical acceleration detection thresholds
Effect of Lead Exposure and Ergonomic Stressors on Peripheral Nerve Function
Effect of Lead Intoxication on the Postnatal Growth of the Rat Nervous System *
Effect of left atrial compliance on pulmonary artery pressure: a case report
Effect of leptin infusion on insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism in diet-induced lipodystrophy model mice
Effect of lesions on the dynamics of DNA on the picosecond and nanosecond timescales using a polarity sensitive probe
Effect of levodopa on interleukin-15 and RANTES circulating levels in patients affected by Parkinson's disease.
Effect of ligand binding on the buoyant density of DNA in Nycodenz gradients.
Effect of Light on Anthocyanin Levels in Submerged, Harvested Cranberry Fruit
Effect of α-Lipoic Acid on Lipid Profile in Rats Fed a High-Fructose Diet
Effect of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and peptidoglycan (PGN) on human mast cell numbers, cytokine production, and protease composition
Effect of Liposome Characteristics and Dose on the Pharmacokinetics of Liposomes Coated with Poly(amino acid)s
Effect of lithium on water and electrolyte metabolism.
Effect of litter separation on 24-hour rhythmicity of plasma prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone levels in lactating rabbit does
Effect of Local Freezing on the Electrical Activity of the Cerebral Cortex
Effect of long-term aluminum feeding on lipid/phospholipid profiles of rat brain myelin
Effect of long-term exposure of SH-SY5Y cells to morphine: a whole cell proteomic analysis
Effect of long-term treatment with steroid hormones or tamoxifen on the progesterone receptor and androgen receptor in the endometrium of ovariectomized cynomolgus macaques
Effect of loop length variation on quadruplex-Watson Crick duplex competition
Effect of Lovastatin on Lipid peroxidation and total antioxidant concentrations in hemodialysis patients
Effect of lucanthone (miracil D) on transcription of ribosomal RNA genes from Tetrahymena in vivo and in vitro.
Effect of lung compliance and endotracheal tube leakage on measurement of tidal volume
Effect of M&B 693 and Uleron on the Blood
Effect of magnesium sulfate administration on blood–brain barrier in a rat model of intraperitoneal sepsis: a randomized controlled experimental study
Effect of magnetic field exposure on anchorage-independent growth of a promoter-sensitive mouse epidermal cell line (JB6).
Effect of Maillard Reacted Peptides on Human Salt Taste and the Amiloride-Insensitive Salt Taste Receptor (TRPV1t)
Effect of manganese on in vitro replication of damaged DNA catalyzed by the herpes simplex virus type-1 DNA polymerase
Effect of mast cell granules on the gene expression of nitric oxide synthase and tumour necrosis factor-alpha in macrophages.
Effect of maternal calcium intake during pregnancy on children's blood pressure: A systematic review of the literature
Effect of Maternal Smoking on Breast Milk Interleukin-1α, β-Endorphin, and Leptin Concentrations
Effect of maternal vitamin and mineral restrictions on the body fat content and adipocytokine levels of WNIN rat offspring
Effect of medial arch-heel support in inserts on reducing ankle eversion: a biomechanics study
Effect of membrane dialysis and filtration-sterilization on erythropoietin activity.
Effect of Metal Ions on Melanin – Local Anaesthetic Drug Complexes
Effect of metals on mutagenesis and DNA repair.
Effect of meteorological factors on clinical malaria risk among children: an assessment using village-based meteorological stations and community-based parasitological survey
Effect of method of administration on longitudinal assessment of quality of life in gynecologic cancer: An exploratory study
Effect of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas on the eyes of Fischer 344 rats.
Effect of methylene chloride inhalation on replicative DNA synthesis in the lungs of female B6C3F1 mice.
Effect of Metronidazole on the Growth of Vaginal Lactobacilli in vitro
Effect of Mild Hypoinsulinemia on Renal Hypertrophy: Growth Hormone/Insulin-Like Growth Factor I System in Mild Streptozotocin Diabetes
Effect of mineral dusts on metabolic cooperation between Chinese hamster V79 cells in vitro.
Effect of mineral particles containing iron on primary cultures of rabbit tracheal epithelial cells: possible implication of oxidative stress.
Effect of mivacurium 200 and 250 μg/kg in infants during isoflurane anesthesia: a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN07742712]
Effect of mode of hydrocortisone administration on glycemic control in patients with septic shock: a prospective randomized trial
Effect of monovalent cation-induced telomeric DNA structure on the binding of Oxytricha telomeric protein.
Effect of montelukast on platelet activating factor- and tachykinin induced mucus secretion in the rat
Effect of motor vehicle emissions on respiratory health in an urban area.
Effect of Mouthrinse Containing Propolis on Oral Microorganisms and Human Gingival Fibroblasts
Effect of multivitamin and multimineral supplementation on cognitive function in men and women aged 65 years and over: a randomised controlled trial
Effect of N-arachidonoyl-(2-methyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) amine (VDM11), an anandamide transporter inhibitor, on capsaicin-induced cough in mice
Effect of Nandrolone Decanoate on Serum Lipoprotein (a) and its isoforms in hemodialysis patients
Effect of Native American ancestry on iron-related phenotypes of Alabama hemochromatosis probands with HFE C282Y homozygosity
Effect of Nedocromil Sodium on Aspecific Bronchial Hyper-Reactivity in Asthmatic Children
Effect of Nedocromil Sodium on Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Plasma Membrane
Effect of needle puncture and electro-acupuncture on mucociliary clearance in anesthetized quails
Effect of neonatal exposure to estrogenic compounds on development of the excurrent ducts of the rat testis through puberty to adulthood.
Effect of neural connectivity on autocovariance and cross covariance estimates
Effect of neutrophil depletion on gelatinase expression, edema formation and hemorrhagic transformation after focal ischemic stroke
Effect of Newborn Resuscitation Training on Health Worker Practices in Pumwani Hospital, Kenya
Effect of nickel chloride on primary antibody production in the spleen.
Effect of nickel sulfate on testicular steroidogenesis in rats during protein restriction.
Effect of nitric oxide on concentration of intracellular free Ca 2+ in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plants during oxidative stress
Effect of nitroprusside on peritoneal dialysis clearances.
Effect of nitrous acid on lung function in asthmatics: a chamber study.
Effect of "no added salt diet" on blood pressure control and 24 hour urinary sodium excretion in mild to moderate hypertension
Effect of non-histone proteins on thermal transition of chromatin and of DNA.
Effect of non-linearity in predicting doppler waveforms through a novel model
Effect of NOx on the somatic chromosomes of goldsmiths.
Effect of nucleotide sequences directly downstream from the AUG on the expression of bovine somatotropin in E. coli.
Effect of NusA protein on expression of the nusA,infB operon in E. coli.
Effect of obesity on intraoperative bleeding volume in open gastrectomy with D2 lymph-node dissection for gastric cancer
Effect of oligonucleotide primers in determining viral variability within hosts
Effect of Omacor on HRV parameters in patients with recent uncomplicated myocardial infarction – A randomized, parallel group, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial: study design [ISRCTN75358739]
Effect of opium addiction on new and traditional cardiovascular risk factors: do duration of addiction and route of administration matter?
Effect of optical flow versus attentional strategy on gait in Parkinson's Disease: a study with a portable optical stimulating device
Effect of oral decontamination with chlorhexidine on the incidence of nosocomial pneumonia: a meta-analysis
Effect of oral lactulose on clinical and immunohistochemical parameters in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a pilot study
Effect of outdoor airborne particulate matter on daily death counts.
Effect of oxidative DNA damage in promoter elements on transcription factor binding.
Effect of ozonation on the removal of cyanobacterial toxins during drinking water treatment.
Effect of ozone on respiratory responses in subjects with asthma.
Effect of PAF on polyrnorphonuclear leucocyte plasma membrane polarity: a fluorescence study
Effect of paper quality on the response rate to a postal survey: A randomised controlled trial. [ISRCTN32032031]
Effect of paracetamol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen on body temperature in acute ischemic stroke PISA, a phase II double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial [ISRCTN98608690]
Effect of Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation on Apical Extrusion of Irrigating Solution
Effect of pathologic fractures on survival in multiple myeloma patients: a case control study
Effect of peer support on prevention of postnatal depression among high risk women: multisite randomised controlled trial
Effect of peppermint water on prevention of nipple cracks in lactating primiparous women: a randomized controlled trial
Effect of peptides derived from food proteins on blood pressure: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Effect of pH of amine fluoride containing toothpastes on enamel remineralization in vitro
Effect of pharmacologically induced smooth muscle activation on permeability in murine colitis.
Effect of phospholipase A 2 inhibitory peptide on inflammatory arthritis in a TNF transgenic mouse model: a time-course ultrastructural study
Effect of phthalate esters on reproduction in rats.
Effect of physical activity intervention on body composition in young children: influence of body mass index status and gender
Effect of Physical Inactivity on the Oxidation of Saturated and Monounsaturated Dietary Fatty Acids: Results of a Randomized Trial
Effect of Pictorial Depth Cues, Binocular Disparity Cues and Motion Parallax Depth Cues on Lightness Perception in Three-Dimensional Virtual Scenes
Effect of pioglitazone treatment in a patient with secondary multiple sclerosis
Effect of pioglitazone treatment on behavioral symptoms in autistic children
Effect of PlA1/A2 glycoprotein IIIa gene polymorphism on the long-term outcome after successful coronary stenting
Effect of platelet activating factor antagonist treatment on gentamicin nephrotoxicity
Effect of Platelet-activating Factor on in vitro and in vivo Interleukin-6 Production
Effect of platelet-activating factor on the growth of human erythroid and myeloid CD34+ progenitors.
Effect of platinum and palladium salts on thymidine incorporation into DNA of rat tissues.
Effect of point mutations on in vitro transcription from the promoter for the large ribosomal RNA gene of yeast mitochondria.
Effect of point of care information on inpatient management of bronchiolitis
Effect of point-of-purchase calorie labeling on restaurant and cafeteria food choices: A review of the literature
Effect of polyamines and synthetic polyamine-analogues on the expression of antizyme (AtoC) and its regulatory genes
Effect of polyamines on the inhibition of peptidyltransferase by antibiotics: revisiting the mechanism of chloramphenicol action
Effect of polybrominated biphenyls on adenylate cyclase activity in rat lung alveoli.
Effect of polybrominated biphenyls on hepatic excretory function in rats and mice.
Effect of polymorphisms within probe–target sequences on olignonucleotide microarray experiments
Effect of population density on the results of the study of water supplies in five California counties.
Effect of positive end-expiratory pressure and tidal volume on lung injury induced by alveolar instability
Effect of pre-germinated brown rice intake on diabetic neuropathy in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Effect of pre-stroke use of ACE inhibitors on ischemic stroke severity
Effect of predictive sign of acceleration on heart rate variability in passive translation situation: preliminary evidence using visual and vestibular stimuli in VR environment
Effect of Preheating on the Mechanical Properties of Resin Composites
Effect of Prenatal Exposure to Airborne Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Neurodevelopment in the First 3 Years of Life among Inner-City Children
Effect of Prenatal Exposure to Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Incidence of Acute Respiratory Infections in Preschool Inuit Children
Effect of Prenatal Protein Malnutrition on Long-Term Potentiation and BDNF Protein Expression in the Rat Entorhinal Cortex after Neocortical and Hippocampal Tetanization
Effect of primary and secondary structure of oligodeoxyribonucleotides on the fluorescent properties of conjugated dyes
Effect of prize draw incentive on the response rate to a postal survey of obstetricians and gynaecologists: A randomised controlled trial. [ISRCTN32823119]
Effect of Process Parameters on Catalytic Incineration of Solvent Emissions
Effect of progesterone pretreatment on cadmium toxicity in male Fischer (F344/NCr) and Wistar (WF/NCr) rats.
Effect of prolonged HAART on oral colonization with Candida and candidiasis
Effect of prolonged intravenous glucose and essential amino acid infusion on nitrogen balance, muscle protein degradation and ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme gene expression in calves
Effect of prolonging radiation delivery time on retention of gammaH2AX
Effect of promoters on incidence of bladder cancer in experimental animal models.
Effect of propofol and etomidate on normoxic and chronically hypoxic pulmonary artery
Effect of Prostaglandins on Hepatic Cyclic Nucleotide Concentration, Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism
Effect of Protein Intake on Strength, Body Composition and Endocrine Changes in Strength/Power Athletes
Effect of protein source and resistance training on body composition and sex hormones
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on leukocytic pyrogen-induced in vitro hypothalamic prostaglandin production.
Effect of rabbit doe-litter separation on 24-hour changes of luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and prolactin release in female and male suckling pups
Effect of radiation on the human reproductive system.
Effect of rainfall patterns on soil surface CO 2 efflux, soil moisture, soil temperature and plant growth in a grassland ecosystem of northern Ontario, Canada: implications for climate change
Effect of Raloxifene Treatment on Osteocyte Apoptosis in Postmenopausal Women
Effect of random and hub gene disruptions on environmental and mutational robustness in Escherichia coli
Effect of Ras Inhibition in Hematopoiesis and BCR/ABL Leukemogenesis
Effect of RecF protein on reactions catalyzed by RecA protein.
Effect of reducing groundwater on the retardation of redox-sensitive radionuclides
Effect of Removing Direct Payment for Health Care on Utilisation and Health Outcomes in Ghanaian Children: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Effect of renal Doppler ultrasound on the detection of nutcracker syndrome in children with hematuria
Effect of repaglinide on endothelial dysfunction during a glucose tolerance test in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance
Effect of Reparation of Repeat Sequences in the Human α-Synuclein on Fibrillation Ability
Effect of Repeated Simulated Disinfections by Microwave Energy on the Complete Denture Base Adaptation
Effect of reproductive factors on stage, grade and hormone receptor status in early-onset breast cancer
Effect of Resident Physician Education Regarding Selective Chemoprophylaxis for the Prevention of Early Onset Group B Streptococcal Sepsis: An Outcome Study
Effect of resveratrol on alcohol-induced mortality and liver lesions in mice
Effect of ret/PTC 1 rearrangement on transcription and post-transcriptional regulation in a papillary thyroid carcinoma model
Effect of ribonuclease T1 on ribosomal subunits of rat liver.
Effect of ribosome binding and translocation on the anticodon of tRNAPhe as studied by wybutine fluorescence.
Effect of ribosylzeatin isomers on the enzymatic degradation of N6-(delta2-isopentenyl) adenosine.
Effect of ricinoleic acid in acute and subchronic experimental models of inflammation.
Effect of rifampicin on expression of lacZ fused to promoters or terminators of the E.coli rpoBC operon.
Effect of risedronate on joint structure and symptoms of knee osteoarthritis: results of the BRISK randomized, controlled trial [ISRCTN01928173]
Effect of RNA quality on transcript intensity levels in microarray analysis of human post-mortem brain tissues
Effect of RNA secondary structure and modified bases on the inhibition of trypanosomatid protein synthesis in cell free extracts by antisense oligodeoxynucleotides.
Effect of RNA synthesis on the binding of 3 H-cortisol to nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles from rat liver carrying DNA-like RNA in vivo
Effect of RNA synthesis on the binding of 3H-cortisol to nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles from rat liver carrying DNA-like RNA in vivo.
Effect of roflumilast on inflammatory cells in the lungs of cigarette smoke-exposed mice
Effect of rosuvastatin on outcomes in chronic haemodialysis patients – design and rationale of the AURORA study
Effect of salinity stress on the life history variables of Branchipus schaefferi Fisher, 1834 (Crustacea: Anostraca)
Effect of salt on the transcription of T7 DNA by RNA polymerase from T4 phage-infected E.coli.
Effect of salts on abortive and productive elongation catalysed by wheat germ RNA polymerase II.
Effect of Salvia leriifolia Benth. root extracts on ischemia-reperfusion in rat skeletal muscle
Effect of sample size and P -value filtering techniques on the detection of transcriptional changes induced in rat neuroblastoma (NG108) cells by mefloquine
Effect of Semen on Vaginal Fluid Cytokines and Secretory Leukocyte Protease Inhibitor
Effect of sepsis therapies on health-related quality of life
Effect of Sesame Oil on Diuretics or ß-blockers in the Modulation of Blood Pressure, Anthropometry, Lipid Profile, and Redox Status
Effect of sesamin on serum cholesterol and triglycerides levels in LDL receptor-deficient mice
Effect of several inhibitors of enzymatic DNA methylation on the in vivo methylation of different classes of DNA sequences in a cultured human cell line.
Effect of several metal ions on misincorporation during transcription.
Effect of Sex Hormones on Nephrotoxic Nephritis in the Rat *
Effect of shoe heel height on vastus medialis and vastus lateralis electromyographic activity during sit to stand
Effect of short schemes on body composition measurements using Air-Displacement Plethysmography
Effect of simulated dawn on quality of sleep – a community-based trial
Effect of simvastatin on bone markers in osteopenic women: a placebo-controlled, dose-ranging trial [ISRCTN85429598]
Effect of single mutations in the OGG1 gene found in human tumors on the substrate specificity of the Ogg1 protein
Effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms on Affymetrix® match-mismatch probe pairs
Effect of Siraitia grosvenorii Polysaccharide on Glucose and Lipid of Diabetic Rabbits Induced by Feeding High Fat/High Sucrose Chow
Effect of sirolimus on urinary bladder cancer T24 cell line
Effect of site-specific de-glycosylation on HIV gp120-specific CD4 T cell responses
Effect of site-specific DNA methylation and mutagenesis on recognition by methylated DNA-binding protein from human placenta.
Effect of site-specific methylation on DNA modification methyltransferases and restriction endonucleases
Effect of site-specific methylation on DNA modification methyltransferases and restriction endonucleases
Effect of site-specific methylation on restriction endonucleases and DNA modification methyltransferases.
Effect of site-specific modification on restriction endonucleases and DNA modification methyltransferases.
Effect of size of man-made and natural mineral fibers on chemiluminescent response in human monocyte-derived macrophages.
Effect of smoking on vitamin A, vitamin E, and other trace elements in patients with cardiovascular disease in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study
Effect of SNPs on OPs. Age and race variations explored.
Effect of social deprivation on blood pressure monitoring and control in England: a survey of data from the quality and outcomes framework
Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Weight Change Patterns in Adolescents
Effect of sodium bisulfite modification on the arginine acceptance of E. Coli tRNA Arg
Effect of sodium bisulfite modification on the arginine acceptance of E. coli tRNA Arg.
Effect of soluble interleukin-6 receptor alpha and interleukin-6 secreted by polymorphonuclear leukocytes on tumor necrosis factor-alpha expression and its production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
Effect of solution saturation state and temperature on diopside dissolution
Effect of spatial resolution on cluster detection: a simulation study
Effect of splenectomy on type-1/type-2 cytokine gene expression in a patient with adult idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
Effect of SSB protein on cleavage of single-stranded DNA by phi X gene A protein and A* protein.
Effect of starvation on global gene expression and proteolysis in rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss )
Effect of step-synchronized vibration stimulation of soles on gait in Parkinson's disease: a pilot study
Effect of Strain Magnitude on the Tissue Properties of Engineered Cardiovascular Constructs
Effect of straining on diaphragmatic crura with identification of the straining-crural reflex. The "reflex theory" in gastroesophageal competence
Effect of streptozotocin-induced diabetes on left ventricular function in adult rats: an in vivo Pinhole Gated SPECT study
Effect of streptozotocin-induced diabetes on myocardial blood flow reserve assessed by myocardial contrast echocardiography in rats
Effect of Stress on Viral–Bacterial Synergy in Bovine Respiratory Disease: Novel Mechanisms to Regulate Inflammation
Effect of stroke location on the laryngeal cough reflex and pneumonia risk
Effect of substrate RNA sequence on the cleavage reaction by a short ribozyme.
Effect of substratum and retinoids upon the mucosecretory differentiation of airway epithelial cells in vitro.
Effect of Successive Single-gestation Pregnancies on the Course of Maternal Human Immunodeficiency Virus Disease and Perinatal Transmission
Effect of succimer on growth of preschool children with moderate blood lead levels.
Effect of sulphation on the oestrogen agonist activity of the phytoestrogens genistein and daidzein in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells
Effect of superhelicity on the transcription from the tet promoter of pBR322. Abortive initiation and unwinding experiments.
Effect of supplement with lactic-acid producing bacteria on fatigue and physical activity in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome
Effect of surgeon on transprosthetic gradients after aortic valve replacement with Freestyle ® stentless bioprosthesis and its consequences: A follow-up study in 587 patients
Effect of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex on HIV-1 Tat activated transcription
Effect of Synthetic Dietary Triglycerides: A Novel Research Paradigm for Nutrigenomics
Effect of Synthetic Truncated Apolipoprotein C-I Peptide on Plasma Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Nonhuman Primates
Effect of tadalafil on blood flow, pain, and function in chronic cold Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: a randomized controlled trial
Effect of telomere length on telomeric gene expression.
Effect of temperature up-shift on fermentation and metabolic characteristics in view of gene expressions in Escherichia coli
Effect of template secondary structure on the inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase by a pyridinone non-nucleoside inhibitor.
Effect of Testosterone on Insulin Stimulated IRS1 Ser Phosphorylation in Primary Rat Myotubes—A Potential Model for PCOS-Related Insulin Resistance
Effect of testosterone replacement or duration of castration on baroreflex bradycardia in conscious rats
Effect of Tetracosactid on Post Partum Cyclicity in Cows after Induction of Parturition with PGF 2α
Effect of the 1-(2'-deoxy-beta-D-ribofuranosyl)-3-nitropyrrole residue on the stability of DNA duplexes and triplexes.
Effect of the 3'APOB-VNTR polymorphism on the lipid profiles in the Guangxi Hei Yi Zhuang and Han populations
Effect of the addition of rosiglitazone to metformin or sulfonylureas versus metformin/sulfonylurea combination therapy on ambulatory blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes: A randomized controlled trial (the RECORD study)
Effect of the administration of a fermented milk containing Lactobacillus casei DN-114001 on intestinal microbiota and gut associated immune cells of nursing mice and after weaning until immune maturity
Effect of the all-trans retinoic acid on neural growth factor serum levels (NGF) and chemotherapy induced neuropathy in patients with advanced lung cancer
Effect of the angiotensin receptor blocker irbesartan on metabolic parameters in clinical practice: the DO-IT prospective observational study
Effect of the assignment of ancestral CpG state on the estimation of nucleotide substitution rates in mammals
Effect of the California Tobacco Control Program on Personal Health Care Expenditures
Effect of the combined action of selenium and arsenic on suspension culture of mice fibroblasts.
Effect of the degree of ischaemic injury and reoxygenation time on the type of myocardial cell death in man: role of caspases
Effect of the deletion of upstream DNA sequences on expression from the ilvGp2 promoter of the ilvGMEDA operon of Escherichia coli K-12.
Effect of the ethinylestradiol/norelgestromin contraceptive patch on body composition. Results of bioelectrical impedance analysis in a population of Italian women
Effect of the Frequency of Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Treated with Oral Antidiabetic Drugs—A Multi-Centre, Randomized Controlled Trial
Effect of the G-308A polymorphism of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α gene promoter site on plasma levels of TNF-α and C-reactive protein in smokers: a cross-sectional study
Effect of the haematocrit layer geometry on Plasmodium falciparum static thin-layer in vitro cultures
Effect of the higher-order structure of tRNAs on the stability of hybrids with oligodeoxyribonucleotides: separation of tRNA by an efficient solution hybridization.
Effect of the medical emergency team on long-term mortality following major surgery
Effect of the molecular adsorbent recirculating system and Prometheus devices on systemic haemodynamics and vasoactive agents in patients with acute-on-chronic alcoholic liver failure
Effect of the non-conserved N-terminus on the DNA binding activity of the yeast TATA binding protein
Effect of the non-conserved N-terminus on the DNA binding activity of the yeast TATA binding protein.
Effect of the sequence-dependent structure of the 17 bp AT spacer on the strength of consensuslike E.coli promoters in vivo.
Effect of the Simulated Disinfection by Microwave Energy on the Impact Strength of the Tooth/Acrylic Resin Adhesion
Effect of the tripartite leader on synthesis of a non-viral protein in an adenovirus 5 recombinant.
Effect of third strand composition on the triple helix formation: purine versus pyrimidine oligodeoxynucleotides.
Effect of three different cultivars of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on learning and depression in ovariectomized mice
Effect of thrombin peptide 508 (TP508) on bone healing during distraction osteogenesis in rabbit tibia
Effect of Thuya occidentalis on the labeling of red blood cells and plasma proteins with technetium-99m.
Effect of thymol on kinetic properties of Ca and K currents in rat skeletal muscle
Effect of thyroid hormone concentration on the transcriptional response underlying induced metamorphosis in the Mexican axolotl ( Ambystoma )
Effect of thyrotropin on 32P-labelled histones H1 and H3 in specific populations of nucleosomes in the thyroid.
Effect of time of administration on cholesterol-lowering by psyllium: a randomized cross-over study in normocholesterolemic or slightly hypercholesterolemic subjects
Effect of tissue-harvesting site on yield of stem cells derived from adipose tissue: implications for cell-based therapies
Effect of Tityus serrulatus venom on cytokine production and the activity of murine macrophages.
Effect of TNF-α on human ARPE-19-secreted proteins
Effect of tobacco smoking on survival of men and women by social position: a 28 year cohort study
Effect of topical alkane vapocoolant spray on pain with intravenous cannulation in patients in emergency departments: randomised double blind placebo controlled trial
Effect of topical fluoroquinolones on the expression of matrix metalloproteinases in the cornea
Effect of topical honey application along with intralesional injection of glucantime in the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis
Effect of toxaphene on pyruvic and lactic acid levels in the rat.
Effect of toyocamycin on the synthesis of the 70S RNA of a murine retrovirus.
Effect of trabecular bone loss on cortical strain rate during impact in an in vitro model of avian femur
Effect of transannular interaction on the redox-potentials in a series of bicyclic quinones
Effect of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) on Parietal and Premotor Cortex during Planning of Reaching Movements
Effect of Transmission Setting and Mixed Species Infections on Clinical Measures of Malaria in Malawi
Effect of Transplanting Suprachiasmatic Nuclei from Donors of Different Ages into Completely SCN Lesioned Hamsters
Effect of transverse gap-junction channels on transverse propagation in an enlarged PSpice model of cardiac muscle
Effect of treating periodontitis on C-reactive protein levels: a pilot study
Effect of Treating Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats With Sorbinil, Myo-Inositol or Aminoguanidine on Endoneurial Blood Flow, Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity and Vascular Function of Epineurial Arterioles of the Sciatic Nerve
Effect of treatment in vivo with N,N-dimethylnitrosamine or methyl methanesulphonate on the cytoplasmic DNA polymerase of regenerating rat liver.
Effect of Triiodothyropropionic Acid on Plasma Lipids and Butyl Extractable Iodine †
Effect of trypsinization and histone H5 addition on DNA twist and topology in reconstituted minichromosomes.
Effect of ultraviolet on the distribution pattern of microfilaments and microtubules and on the nucleus in human melanocytes.
Effect of upstream RNA processing on selection of mu S versus mu M poly(A) sites.
Effect of uracil situated in the vicinity of a mispair on the directionality of mismatch correction in Escherichia coli.
Effect of urbanization on bone mineral density: A Thai epidemiological study
Effect of UV-B radiation on some cereals
Effect of UV-irradiation on DNA replication of the parvovirus minute-virus-of-mice in mouse fibroblasts.
Effect of UVA Fluence Rate on Indicators of Oxidative Stress in Human Dermal Fibroblasts
Effect of valdecoxib pretreatment on pain and secondary hyperalgesia: a randomized controlled trial in healthy volunteers [ISRCTN05282752, NCT00260325]
Effect of variable heat transfer coefficient on tissue temperature next to a large vessel during radiofrequency tumor ablation
Effect of various normalization methods on Applied Biosystems expression array system data
Effect of various treatments on toxicity of inhaled vinylidene chloride.
Effect of ventilator-associated tracheobronchitis on outcome in patients without chronic respiratory failure: a case–control study
Effect of vitamin D on bone mineral density of elderly patients with osteoporosis responding poorly to bisphosphonates
Effect of warm intravenous and irrigating fluids on body temperature during transurethral resection of the prostate gland
Effect of water temperature on dermal exposure to chloroform.
Effect of X-Irradiation on Reticulo-Endothelial System **
Effect of X-ray induced DNA damage on DNAase I hypersensitivity of SV40 chromatin: relation to elastic torsional strain in DNA.
Effect of yoga on self-rated visual discomfort in computer users
Effect of zooming on texture features of ultrasonic images
Effect on birth outcomes of a formalised approach to care in hospital labour assessment units: international, randomised controlled trial
Effect on DNA relaxation of the single Thr718Ala mutation in human topoisomerase I: a functional and molecular dynamics study
Effect on DNA transcription of nucleotide sequences upstream to T7 promoter.
Effect on survey response rate of hand written versus printed signature on a covering letter: randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN67566265]
Effect on Temporal Lobe Syndrome of Lesions Elsewhere in the Cerebral Cortex of Monkeys †
Effective ambiguity checking in biosequence analysis
Effective and robust plasmid topology analysis and the subsequent characterization of the plasmid isoforms thereby observed
Effective antiprotease-antibiotic treatment of experimental anthrax
Effective Control of Chronic γ-Herpesvirus Infection by Unconventional MHC Class Ia–Independent CD8 T Cells
Effective Detection of Human Leukocyte Antigen Risk Alleles in Celiac Disease Using Tag Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
Effective Gene Therapy in a Mouse Model of Prion Diseases
Effective generation of transgenic pigs and mice by linker based sperm-mediated gene transfer.
Effective healthcare teams require effective team members: defining teamwork competencies
Effective HIV/AIDS support in Myanmar (Burma) and sustained development
Effective incorporation of 2'-O-methyl-oligoribonucleotides into liposomes and enhanced cell association through modification with thiocholesterol.
Effective inhibition of herpes simplex virus 1 gene expression and growth by engineered RNase P ribozyme
Effective inhibition of lytic development of bacteriophages λ, P1 and T4 by starvation of their host, Escherichia coli
Effective killing of the human pathogen Candida albicans by a specific inhibitor of non-essential mitotic kinesin Kip1p
Effective management of hypertension with dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker-based combination therapy in patients at high cardiovascular risk
Effective media communication of disasters: Pressing problems and recommendations
Effective NSAID treatment indicates that hyperprostaglandinism is affecting the clinical severity of childhood hypophosphatasia
Effective p-value computations using Finite Markov Chain Imbedding (FMCI): application to local score and to pattern statistics
Effective population size of Anopheles funestus chromosomal forms in Burkina Faso
Effective Post-Exposure Treatment of Ebola Infection
Effective prophylaxis against rotavirus diarrhea using a combination of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and antibodies
Effective quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis of the parkin gene ( PARK2 ) exon 1–12 dosage
Effective, Robust Design of Community Mitigation for Pandemic Influenza: A Systematic Examination of Proposed US Guidance
Effective scale-up: avoiding the same old traps
Effective selection of informative SNPs and classification on the HapMap genotype data
Effective strategies for population studies of acute air pollution health effects.
Effective therapeutic dosage of antipsychotic medications in patients with psychotic symptoms: Is there a racial difference?
Effective Tobacco Control in Washington State: A Smart Investment for Healthy Futures
Effective transcription factor binding site prediction using a combination of optimization, a genetic algorithm and discriminant analysis to capture distant interactions
Effective transcriptome amplification for expression profiling on sense-oriented oligonucleotide microarrays
Effective transvascular delivery of nanoparticles across the blood-brain tumor barrier into malignant glioma cells
Effective Treatment of Respiratory Alphaherpesvirus Infection Using RNA Interference
Effective x-ray attenuation coefficient measurements from two full field digital mammography systems for data calibration applications
Effectiveness and acceptability of progestogens in combined oral contraceptives – a systematic review
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a minimal psychological intervention to reduce non-severe depression in chronically ill elderly patients: the design of a randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN92331982]
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a multidisciplinary intervention programme to prevent new falls and functional decline among elderly persons at risk: design of a replicated randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN64716113]
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an educational intervention for practice teams to deliver problem focused therapy for insomnia: rationale and design of a pilot cluster randomised trial
Effectiveness and costs of implementation strategies to reduce acid suppressive drug prescriptions: a systematic review
Effectiveness of a Chinese herbal medicine preparation in the treatment of cough in uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection: a randomised double-blinded placebo-control trial
Effectiveness of a clinical pathway for acute stroke care in a district general hospital: an audit
Effectiveness of a computer assisted learning (CAL) package to raise awareness of autism
Effectiveness of a grant program's efforts to promote synergy within its funded initiatives: perceptions of participants of the Southern Rural Access Program
Effectiveness of a Ligating Device for Endoscopic Surgery
Effectiveness of a Minimal Intervention for Stress-related mental disorders with Sick leave (MISS); study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial in general practice [ISRCTN43779641]
Effectiveness of a mobile smoking cessation service in reaching elderly smokers and predictors of quitting
Effectiveness of a Multifactorial Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic for Diabetes Patients with Depression
Effectiveness of a nurse-led case management home care model in Primary Health Care. A quasi-experimental, controlled, multi-centre study
Effectiveness of a psycho-educational program for improving quality of life of fibromyalgia patients
Effectiveness of a tailor-made intervention for pregnancy-related pelvic girdle and/or low back pain after delivery: Short-term results of a randomized clinical trial [ISRCTN08477490]
Effectiveness of a training-of-trainers model in a HIV counseling and testing program in the Caribbean Region
Effectiveness of a Web-Based Self-Help Intervention for Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: Randomized Controlled Trial
Effectiveness of a web-based self-help smoking cessation intervention: protocol of a randomised controlled trial
Effectiveness of accelerated perioperative care and rehabilitation intervention compared to current intervention after hip and knee arthroplasty. A before-after trial of 247 patients with a 3-month follow-up
Effectiveness of Action to Reduce Exposure of Free-Ranging California Condors in Arizona and Utah to Lead from Spent Ammunition
Effectiveness of acupuncture, special dressings and simple, low-adherence dressings for healing venous leg ulcers in primary healthcare: study protocol for a cluster-randomized open-labeled trial
Effectiveness of an evidence-based chiropractic continuing education workshop on participant knowledge of evidence-based health care
Effectiveness of antidepressants: an evidence myth constructed from a thousand randomized trials?
Effectiveness of artemisinin-based combination therapy used in the context of home management of malaria: A report from three study sites in sub-Saharan Africa
Effectiveness of behavioural graded activity compared with physiotherapy treatment in chronic neck pain: design of a randomised clinical trial [ISRCTN88733332]
Effectiveness of bisphosphonates on nonvertebral and hip fractures in the first year of therapy: The risedronate and alendronate (REAL) cohort study
Effectiveness of calf muscle stretching for the short-term treatment of plantar heel pain: a randomised trial
Effectiveness of Cellulose Sulfate Vaginal Gel for the Prevention of HIV Infection: Results of a Phase III Trial in Nigeria
Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural group therapy for inpatients
Effectiveness of compression stockings to prevent the post-thrombotic syndrome (The SOX Trial and Bio-SOX biomarker substudy): a randomized controlled trial
Effectiveness of computer-navigated minimally invasive total hip surgery compared to conventional total hip arthroplasty: design of a randomized controlled trial
Effectiveness of computer-tailored Smoking Cessation Advice in Primary Care (ESCAPE): a Randomised Trial
Effectiveness of conservative treatments for the lumbosacral radicular syndrome: a systematic review
Effectiveness of continuous glucose monitoring in pregnant women with diabetes: randomised clinical trial
Effectiveness of different databases in identifying studies for systematic reviews: experience from the WHO systematic review of maternal morbidity and mortality
Effectiveness of different methods of health education: A comparative assessment in a scientific conference
Effectiveness of DNA-recombinant anti-hepatitis B vaccines in blood donors: a cohort study
Effectiveness of e-learning in continuing medical education for occupational physicians
Effectiveness of early part-time sick leave in musculoskeletal disorders
Effectiveness of federally required medical laboratory screening in the detection of chemical liver injury
Effectiveness of flushing on reducing lead and copper levels in school drinking water.
Effectiveness of harm reduction programmes for injecting drug users in Dhaka city
Effectiveness of health-related quality-of-life measurement in clinical practice: a prospective, randomized controlled trial in patients with chronic liver disease and their physicians
Effectiveness of interferon-beta and temozolomide combination therapy against temozolomide-refractory recurrent anaplastic astrocytoma
Effectiveness of joint mobilisation after cast immobilisation for ankle fracture: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial [ACTRN012605000143628]
Effectiveness of Journal Ranking Schemes as a Tool for Locating Information
Effectiveness of low-dose doxycycline (LDD) on clinical symptoms of Sjögren's Syndrome: a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled cross-over study
Effectiveness of low-Dye taping for the short-term treatment of plantar heel pain: a randomised trial
Effectiveness of Massage Therapy for Chronic, Non-malignant Pain: A Review
Effectiveness of mobile-phone short message service (SMS) reminders for ophthalmology outpatient appointments: Observational study
Effectiveness of Nateglinide on In Vitro Insulin Secretion from Rat Pancreatic Islets Desensitized to Sulfonylureas
Effectiveness of Neuromotor Task Training for Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: A Pilot Study
Effectiveness of nurse delivered endoscopy: findings from randomised multi-institution nurse endoscopy trial (MINuET)
Effectiveness of Personal Protective Measures to Prevent Lyme Disease
Effectiveness of Photodynamic Therapy and Nd-YAG Laser Treatment for Obstructed Tracheobronchial Malignancies
Effectiveness of physical therapy interventions for children with cerebral palsy: A systematic review
Effectiveness of policy to provide breastfeeding groups (BIG) for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in primary care: cluster randomised controlled trial
Effectiveness of polymyxin B-immobilized fiber column in sepsis: a systematic review
Effectiveness of prolonged use of continuous passive motion (CPM), as an adjunct to physiotherapy, after total knee arthroplasty
Effectiveness of prolonged use of continuous passive motion (CPM) as an adjunct to physiotherapy following total knee arthroplasty: Design of a randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN85759656]
Effectiveness of Repeated Gonorrhea Cultures in the Third Trimester
Effectiveness of second generation antipsychotics: A systematic review of randomized trials
Effectiveness of sertraline in treatment of depression in a consecutive sample of patients with acute myocardial infarction: six month prospective study on outcome
Effectiveness of skills-based training using the Drink-less package to increase family practitioner confidence in intervening for alcohol use disorders
Effectiveness of smoking cessation therapies: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Effectiveness of specific RNA-mediated interference through ingested double-stranded RNA in Caenorhabditis elegans
Effectiveness of statins in Medicare-eligible patients and patients < 65 years using clinical practice data *
Effectiveness of the Austrian disease-management-programme for type 2 diabetes: study protocol of a cluster-randomized controlled trial
Effectiveness of the polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine among HIV-infected persons in Brazil: a case control study
Effectiveness of topiramate for tobacco dependence in patients with depression; a randomised, controlled trial
Effectiveness of vasectomy using cautery
Effectiveness of vision stimulation therapy in congenitally blind children
Effector cell mediated cytotoxicity measured by intracellular Granzyme B release in HIV infected subjects
Effector Genomics Accelerates Discovery and Functional Profiling of Potato Disease Resistance and Phytophthora Infestans Avirulence Genes
Effector Mechanisms in Low-Dose Streptozotocin-induced Diabetes
Effects after inhalation of (1-->3)-beta-D-glucan and relation to mould exposure in the home.
Effects after inhalation of (1-->3)-beta-D-glucan in healthy humans.
Effects among healthy subjects of the duration of regularly practicing a guided imagery program
Effects and dose-response relationships of skin cancer and blackfoot disease with arsenic
Effects and feasibility of a preventive intervention in sub-threshold and mild panic disorder: Results of a pilot study
Effects from past solid waste disposal practices.
Effects in the mouse and rat of prenatal exposure to arsenic
Effects of 1,3-Butadiene, Isoprene, and Their Photochemical Degradation Products on Human Lung Cells
Effects of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on drug metabolism and hepatic microsomes of rats and mice.
Effects of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin upon hemostasis and hematologic function in the rat.
Effects of 2-chloroadenine substitution in DNA on restriction endonuclease cleavage reactions.
Effects of 2'-O-(trifluoromethyl)adenosine on oligodeoxynucleotide hybridization and nuclease stability.
Effects of 2 or 5 consecutive exercise days on adipocyte area and lipid parameters in Wistar rats
Effects of 3-beta-diol, an androgen metabolite with intrinsic estrogen-like effects, in modulating the aquaporin-9 expression in the rat efferent ductules
Effects of 5,7-dihydroxytriptamine (5,7-DHT) on circadian locomotor activity of the blow fly, Calliphora vicina
Effects of 5-fluorouracil/guanine wobble base pairs in Z-DNA: molecular and crystal structure of d(CGCGFG).
Effects of 5-(N-aminohexyl)carbamoyl-2'-deoxyuridine on endonuclease stability and the ability of oligodeoxynucleotide to activate RNase H.
Effects of 50- or 60-hertz, 100 microT magnetic field exposure in the DMBA mammary cancer model in Sprague-Dawley rats: possible explanations for different results from two laboratories.
Effects of a carbohydrate-restricted diet on emerging plasma markers for cardiovascular disease
Effects of a Combination of Thyme and Oregano Essential Oils on TNBS-Induced Colitis in Mice
Effects of a community-based healthy heart program on increasing healthy women's physical activity: a randomized controlled trial guided by Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR)
Effects of a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program on quality of life and exercise tolerance in women: A retrospective analysis
Effects of a contoured articular prosthetic device on tibiofemoral peak contact pressure: a biomechanical study
Effects of a diphenyl ether-type herbicide, chlornitrofen, and its amino derivative on androgen and estrogen receptor activities.
Effects of a ferment soy product on the adipocyte area reduction and dyslipidemia control in hypercholesterolemic adult male rats
Effects of a Flaxseed-Derived Lignan Supplement in Type 2 Diabetic Patients: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Cross-Over Trial
Effects of a high fat diet on bone of growing rats. Correlations between visceral fat, adiponectin and bone mass density
Effects of a self-care program on quality of life of cirrhotic patients referring to Tehran Hepatitis Center
Effects of a single administration of prostaglandin F2alpha, or a combination of prostaglandin F2alpha and prostaglandin E2, or placebo on fertility variables in dairy cows 3–5 weeks post partum, a randomized, double-blind clinical trial
Effects of a single dose of N -Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine (Melatonin) and resistance exercise on the growth hormone/IGF-1 axis in young males and females
Effects of a Single Venous Dose of Zinc on Thyroid Status in Healthy Individuals and Patients With Graves' Disease
Effects of a supplement designed to increase ATP levels on muscle strength, power output, and endurance
Effects of A:T base pairs on the B-Z conformational transitions of DNA.
Effects of a Water-Soluble Cinnamon Extract on Body Composition and Features of the Metabolic Syndrome in Pre-Diabetic Men and Women
Effects of abciximab on key pattern of human coronary restenosis in vitro: impact of the SI/MPL-ratio
Effects of abdominal hot compresses on indocyanine green elimination – a randomized cross over study in healthy subjects
Effects of acanthoic acid on TNF-alpha gene expression and haptoglobin synthesis.
Effects of acceptor composition and mechanism of ABCG1-mediated cellular free cholesterol efflux *
Effects of acetaminophen on hepatic microcirculation in mice
Effects of acid antisecretory drugs on mucus barrier of the rat against 5-fluorouracil-induced gastrointestinal mucositis
Effects of acidification on metal availability to aquatic biota, with special reference to filamentous algae.
Effects of acidification on the mobility of metals and metalloids: an overview.
Effects of ACTH, dexamethasone, and adrenalectomy on 11β-hydroxylase ( CYP11B1 ) and aldosterone synthase ( CYP11B2 ) gene expression in the rat central nervous system
Effects of Active Conductance Distribution over Dendrites on the Synaptic Integration in an Identified Nonspiking Interneuron
Effects of acute and 14-day coenzyme Q10 supplementation on exercise performance in both trained and untrained individuals
Effects of acute cigarette smoke exposure on macrophage kinetics and release of tumour necrosis factor α in rats
Effects of acute tryptophan depletion on affective processing in first-degree relatives of depressive patients and controls after exposure to uncontrollable stress
Effects of acute tryptophan depletion on executive function in healthy male volunteers
Effects of ADMA upon Gene Expression: An Insight into the Pathophysiological Significance of Raised Plasma ADMA
Effects of Adrenal Medulla and Sciatic Nerve Co-Grafts in Rats with Unilateral Substantia Nigra Lesions
Effects of affective picture viewing on postural control
Effects of age and leg length upon central loop of the Gastrocnemius-soleus H-reflex latency
Effects of age-dependent membrane transport changes on the homeostasis of senescent human red blood cells
Effects of aging and calorie restriction on the global gene expression profiles of mouse testis and ovary
Effects of aging and type 2 diabetes on resting and post occlusive hyperemia of the forearm; the impact of rosiglitazone
Effects of aging on the induction of angiosarcoma.
Effects of aging on vibration detection thresholds at various body regions
Effects of air pollutants on acute stroke mortality.
Effects of Air Pollutants on Development of Allergic Immune Responses in the Respiratory Tract
Effects of Air Pollution on Heart Rate Variability: The VA Normative Aging Study
Effects of airborne pollutants on mucociliary clearance.
Effects of Airway Exposure to Nanoparticles on Lung Inflammation Induced by Bacterial Endotoxin in Mice
Effects of β-alanine supplementation and high-intensity interval training on endurance performance and body composition in men; a double-blind trial
Effects of Algal Diversity on the Production of Biomass in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Nutrient Environments: A Microcosm Experiment
Effects of algorithm for diagnosis of active labour: cluster randomised trial
Effects of all single base substitutions in the loop of boxB on antitermination of transcription by bacteriophage lambda's N protein.
Effects of alpha fetoprotein on escape of Bel 7402 cells from attack of lymphocytes
Effects of altered prenatal hormonal environment on expression of autoimmune disease in NZB/NZW mice.
Effects of altitude on circadian rhythm of adult locomotor activity in Himalayan strains of Drosophila helvetica
Effects of ambient air pollution on functional status in patients with chronic congestive heart failure: a repeated-measures study
Effects of ambient air pollution on symptoms of asthma in Seattle-area children enrolled in the CAMP study.
Effects of Ambient Ozone Exposure on Mail Carriers’ Peak Expiratory Flow Rates
Effects of Ambulant Myofeedback Training and Ergonomic Counselling in Female Computer Workers with Work-Related Neck-Shoulder Complaints: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Effects of Aminoguanidine on Glomerular Basement Membrane Thickness and Anionic Charge in a Diabetic Rat Model
Effects of Aminoguanidine on Lipid and Protein Oxidation in Diabetic Rat Kidneys
Effects of Ammonium Perchlorate on Thyroid Function in Developing Fathead Minnows, Pimephales promelas
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