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Exercise and functional foods
Exercise and Health: Can Biotechnology Confer Similar Benefits?
Exercise and Life-Satisfactory-Fitness: Complementary Strategies in the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Illnesses
Exercise and manual auricular acupuncture: a pilot assessor-blind randomised controlled trial. (The acupuncture and personalised exercise programme (APEP) Trial)
Exercise and manual physiotherapy arthritis research trial (EMPART): a multicentre randomised controlled trial
Exercise and postprandial lipaemia: effects on peripheral vascular function, oxidative stress and gastrointestinal transit
Exercise and Sports Science Reviews. Volume 15
Exercise and Training to Optimize Functional Motor Performance in Stroke: Driving Neural Reorganization?
Exercise as a Mean to Control Low-Grade Systemic Inflammation
Exercise as a Time-conditioning Effector in Chronic Disease: a Complementary Treatment Strategy
Exercise Improves Cognitive Responses to Psychological Stress through Enhancement of Epigenetic Mechanisms and Gene Expression in the Dentate Gyrus
Exercise increases endostatin in circulation of healthy volunteers
Exercise-induced blood flow in relation to muscle relaxation period
Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm and Atopy in Ghana: Two Surveys Ten Years Apart
Exercise-induced expression of angiogenic growth factors in skeletal muscle and in capillaries of healthy and diabetic mice
Exercise-induced intra-ventricular gradients as a frequent potential cause of myocardial ischemia in cardiac syndrome X patients
Exercise-induced left septal fascicular block: an expression of severe myocardial ischemia
Exercise induced stress in horses: Selection of the most stable reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR normalization
Exercise-induced stress response as an adaptive tolerance strategy.
Exercise intolerance and systemic manifestations of pulmonary emphysema in a mouse model
Exercise on Prescription. Effect of attendance on participants' psychological factors in a Danish version of Exercise on Prescription: A Study Protocol
Exercise on Prescription: trial protocol and evaluation of outcomes
Exercise responsive genes measured in peripheral blood of women with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and matched control subjects
Exercise Testing Score for Myocardial Ischemia Gradation
Exercise therapy for prevention of falls in people with Parkinson's disease: A protocol for a randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation
Exercise therapy, manual therapy, or both, for osteoarthritis of the hip or knee: a factorial randomised controlled trial protocol
Exercise training does not improve myocardial diastolic tissue velocities in Type 2 diabetes
Exercise training enhanced myocardial endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) function in diabetic Goto-Kakizaki (GK) rats
Exercise training has greater effects on insulin sensitivity in daughters of patients with type 2 diabetes than in women with no family history of diabetes
Exercise training improves aerobic endurance and musculoskeletal fitness in female cardiac transplant recipients
Exercise training improves relaxation response and SOD-1 expression in aortic and mesenteric rings from high caloric diet-fed rats
Exercise training in heart failure
Exercise training in the aerobic/anaerobic metabolic transition prevents glucose intolerance in alloxan-treated rats
Exercise training with dietary counselling increases mitochondrial chaperone expression in middle-aged subjects with impaired glucose tolerance
Exertional dyspnea as initial manifestation of Takayasu's arteritis – A case report and literature review
Exfoliation, cholestasis, and apparent biliary sepsis in a woman with adult-onset diabetes.
­Exfoliation syndrome and exfoliation glaucoma-associated LOXL1 variations are not involved in pigment dispersion syndrome and pigmentary glaucoma
Exhaled 8-isoprostane in childhood asthma
Exhaled and arterial levels of endothelin-1 are increased and correlate with pulmonary systolic pressure in COPD with pulmonary hypertension
Exhaled Breath Condensate as a Suitable Matrix to Assess Lung Dose and Effects in Workers Exposed to Cobalt and Tungsten
Exhaled breath condensate cysteinyl leukotrienes and airway remodeling in childhood asthma: a pilot study
Exhaled Breath Marker in Asthma Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Children with Asthma and Short-Term PM 2.5 Exposure in Seattle
Exhaled nitric oxide in mylar balloons: influence of storage time, humidity and temperature.
Exhaled Nitric Oxide is Decreased by Exposure to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Environment
Exhaled volatile organic compounds in patients with non-small cell lung cancer: cross sectional and nested short-term follow-up study
Exhaust emissions from light- and heavy-duty vehicles: chemical composition, impact of exhaust after treatment, and fuel parameters.
Exhaustive assignment of compositional bias reveals universally prevalent biased regions: analysis of functional associations in human and Drosophila
Exhaustive identification of interaction domains using a high-throughput method based on two-hybrid screening and PCR-convergence: molecular dissection of a kinetochore subunit Spc34p
Exhaustive identification of steady state cycles in large stoichiometric networks
Exhaustive mining of EST libraries for genes differentially expressed in normal and tumour tissues.
Exhaustive prediction of disease susceptibility to coding base changes in the human genome
Exhaustive screens for disease susceptibility loci incorporating statistical interaction of genotypes: a comparison of likelihood-ratio-based and Akaike and Bayesian information criteria-based methods
ExInt: an Exon Intron Database
ExInt: an Exon/Intron database
Existence of efficient divalent metal ion-catalyzed and inefficient divalent metal ion-independent channels in reactions catalyzed by a hammerhead ribozyme
Existential Psychoanalysis
Exit from Arsenite-Induced Mitotic Arrest Is p53 Dependent
Exit of pediatric pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukaemia cells from the bone marrow to the peripheral blood is not associated with cell maturation or alterations in gene expression
Exit of Plasmodium Sporozoites from Oocysts Is an Active Process That Involves the Circumsporozoite Protein
Exit Poliomyelitis-What Next?
EXMOTIF: efficient structured motif extraction
Exocrine pancreatic pathology in female Harlan Sprague-Dawley rats after chronic treatment with 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin and dioxin-like compounds.
Exocyclic amino groups of flanking guanines govern sequence-dependent adduct conformations and local structural distortions for minor groove-aligned benzo[ a ]pyrenyl-guanine lesions in a GG mutation hotspot context
Exocyclic groups in the minor groove influence the backbone conformation of DNA
EXOG, a novel paralog of Endonuclease G in higher eukaryotes
Exogean: a framework for annotating protein-coding genes in eukaryotic genomic DNA
Exogenous and Endogenous Determinants of Blood Trihalomethane Levels after Showering
Exogenous estradiol enhances apoptosis in regressing post-partum rat corpora lutea possibly mediated by prolactin
Exogenous expression of a dominant negative RORalpha1 vector in muscle cells impairs differentiation: RORalpha1 directly interacts with p300 and myoD.
Exogenous glucosamine globally protects chondrocytes from the arthritogenic effects of IL-1β
Exogenous glycosaminoglycans coat damaged bladder surfaces in experimentally damaged mouse bladder
Exogenous Interferon-α and Interferon-γ Increase Lethality of Murine Inhalational Anthrax
Exogenous nitric oxide requires an endothelial glycocalyx to prevent postischemic coronary vascular leak in guinea pig hearts
Exogenous overexpression of nerve growth factor in the urinary bladder produces bladder overactivity and altered micturition circuitry in the lumbosacral spinal cord
Exogenous pulmonary surfactant for the treatment of adult patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome: results of a meta-analysis
Exogenous re-infection by a novel Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 14 as a cause of recurrent meningitis in a child from The Gambia
Exogenous recombinant human growth hormone effects during suboptimal energy and zinc intake
Exogenous sphingomyelinase increases collagen and sulphated glycosaminoglycan production by primary articular chondrocytes: an in vitro study
Exogenous surfactant application in a rat lung ischemia reperfusion injury model: effects on edema formation and alveolar type II cells
Exon and junction microarrays detect widespread mouse strain- and sex-bias expression differences
Exon arrays provide accurate assessments of gene expression
Exon creation and establishment in human genes
Exon definition as a potential negative force against intron losses in evolution
Exon-enriched probe derived from a human chromosome 21 YAC by exon-amplification.
Exon Expression Arrays as a Tool to Identify New Cancer Genes
Exon expression profiling reveals stimulus-mediated exon use in neural cells
Exon–intron organization of genes in the slime mold Physarum polycephalum
Exon level integration of proteomics and microarray data
Exon mapping by PCR.
Exon mutations that affect the choice of splice sites used in processing the SV40 late transcripts.
Exon repetition: a major pathway for processing mRNA of some genes is allele-specific
Exon sequences distant from the splice junction are required for efficient self-splicing of the Tetrahymena IVS.
Exon Silencing by UAGG Motifs in Response to Neuronal Excitation
Exon Silencing Regulated by a Trio of Short RNA Motifs
Exon skipping by mutation of an authentic splice site of c-kit gene in W/W mouse.
Exon skipping induced by cold stress in a potato invertase gene transcript.
Exon trap cloning: using PCR to rapidly detect and clone exons from genomic DNA fragments.
Exon2 of HIV-2 Tat contributes to transactivation of the HIV-2 LTR by increasing binding affinity to HIV-2 TAR RNA.
Exonization of active mouse L1s: a driver of transcriptome evolution?
Exonization of Alu Ya5 in the human ACE gene requires mutations in both 3′ and 5′ splice sites and is facilitated by a conserved splicing enhancer
Exonization of the LTR transposable elements in human genome
ExonMiner: Web service for analysis of GeneChip Exon array data
Exonuclease activity and P nucleotide addition in the generation of the expressed immunoglobulin repertoire
Exonuclease digestion of chromosomes for in situ hybridization.
Exonuclease digestion of human chromosomes for in situ hybridization and R-banding.
Exonuclease III induced ligase-free directional subcloning of PCR products.
Exonuclease III protection assay with FRET probe for detecting DNA-binding proteins
Exonuclease IX of Escherichia coli.
Exophthalmic Goiter and Its Medical Treatment
Exophytic growth of a neglected giant subcutaneous Leiomyosarcoma of the lower extremity. A case report
Exopolysaccharide-associated protein sorting in environmental organisms: the PEP-CTERM/EpsH system. Application of a novel phylogenetic profiling heuristic
Exoquence DNA sequencing.
Exoribonuclease superfamilies: structural analysis and phylogenetic distribution
Exosomal transfer of proteins and RNAs at synapses in the nervous system
Exosomes as a tumor immune escape mechanism: possible therapeutic implications
Exosomes Derived from M. Bovis BCG Infected Macrophages Activate Antigen-Specific CD4 + and CD8 + T Cells In Vitro and In Vivo
Exosomes: novel organelles implicated in immunomodulation and apoptosis.
Exosomes released by EBV-infected nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells convey the viral Latent Membrane Protein 1 and the immunomodulatory protein galectin 9
Exotendons for assistance of human locomotion
Exotic disease in Ulster.
Exotic invasion.
Exotic viral diseases.
Expanded binding specificity of the human histone chaperone NASP
Expanded molecular diversity generation during directed evolution by trinucleotide exchange (TriNEx)
Expanded operational concept of high risk groups and its role in standard setting.
Expanded protein information at SGD: new pages and proteome browser
Expanded risk groups help determine which prostate radiotherapy sub-group may benefit from adjuvant androgen deprivation therapy
Expanded Transposition Flap Technique for Total and Subtotal Resurfacing of the Face and Neck
Expanded versions of the 16S and 23S ribosomal RNA mutation databases (16SMDBexp and 23SMDBexp)
EXPANDER – an integrative program suite for microarray data analysis
Expanding access to HIV prevention
Expanding Disease Spectrum Associated With Puerperal Mastitis
Expanding intensive care medicine beyond the intensive care unit
Expanding the clinical phenotype of the 3q29 microdeletion syndrome and characterization of the reciprocal microduplication
Expanding the Delivery of Clinical Preventive Services Through Community Collaboration: The SPARC Model
Expanding the design horizon of antisense oligonucleotides with alpha- l -LNA
Expanding the mitochondrial interactome
Expanding the Mot1 subfamily: 89B helicase encodes a new Drosophila melanogaster SNF2-related protein which binds to multiple sites on polytene chromosomes.
Expanding the Neuron's Calcium Signaling Repertoire: Intracellular Calcium Release via Voltage-Induced PLC and IP3R Activation
Expanding the Obesity Research Paradigm to Reach African American Communities
Expanding the repertoire of DNA polymerase substrates: template-instructed incorporation of non-nucleoside triphosphate analogues by DNA polymerases β and λ
Expanding the structural and functional diversity of RNA: analog uridine triphosphates as candidates for in vitro selection of nucleic acids
Expanding the therapeutic repertoire of epidermal growth factor receptor blockade: radiosensitization
Expanding the TRANSFAC database towards an expert system of regulatory molecular mechanisms.
Expanding the Vision of Environmental Health at UNC-CH
Expansion and evolution of insect GMC oxidoreductases
Expansion of antibody reactivity in the cerebrospinal fluid of multiple sclerosis patients – follow-up and clinical implications
Expansion of HIV Laboratory Diagnostic Services in Chennai, India 2001–2006: Is the Growth Commensurate with the Need?
Expansion of opiate agonist treatment: an historical perspective
Expansion of Protein Domain Repeats
Expansion of Regulatory T Cells in Patients with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
Expansion of signaling genes for adaptive immune system evolution in early vertebrates
Expansion of the 16S and 23S ribosomal RNA mutation databases (16SMDB and 23SMDB).
Expansion of the Bactericidal/Permeability Increasing-like (BPI-like) protein locus in cattle
Expansion of the BioCyc collection of pathway/genome databases to 160 genomes
Expansion of the calcium hypothesis of brain aging and Alzheimer's disease: minding the store
Expansion of the (CTG) n repeat in the 5′-UTR of a reporter gene impedes translation
ExPASy: the proteomics server for in-depth protein knowledge and analysis
Expectations and changing attitudes of bar workers before and after the implementation of smoke-free legislation in Scotland
Expectations of Patients and Physicians Regarding Patient-Accessible Medical Records
Expected Anomalies in the Fossil Record
Expedient syntheses of the N-heterocyclic carbene precursor imidazolium salts IPr·HCl, IMes·HCl and IXy·HCl
Expediting the formulation development process with the aid of automated dissolution in analytical research and development
Expenditures for Shelter *
Expense and benefit of neoadjuvant treatment in squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus
Experience and Attitudes towards Information Technology among First-Year Medical Students in Denmark: Longitudinal Questionnaire Survey
Experience collecting interim data on mortality: an example from the RALES study
Experience-Dependent Color Constancy in Guppies ( Poecilia reticulata )
Experience-Driven Axon Retraction in the Pharmacologically Inactivated Visual Cortex Does Not Require Synaptic Transmission
Experience in the application of Java Technologies in telemedicine
Experience of a clinic for sexual disorders.
Experience of initiating collaboration of traditional healers in managing HIV and AIDS in Tanzania
Experience of Laparoscopic Exploration and Gonadectomy in lntersex Children
Experience of road and other trauma by the opiate dependent patient: a survey report
Experience of robotic catheter ablation in humans using a novel remotely steerable catheter sheath
Experience of Violence and Socioeconomic Position in South Africa: A National Study
Experience versus complication rate in third molar surgery
Experience with adjuvant chemotherapy for pseudomyxoma peritonei secondary to mucinous adenocarcinoma of the appendix with oxaliplatin/fluorouracil/leucovorin (FOLFOX4)
Experience with prolonged induced hypothermia in severe head injury
Experience with prolonged induced hypothermia in severe head injury
Experience With Radical Resection in The Management of Proximal Bile Duct Cancer
Experience with recipient splenic artery inflow in adult liver transplantation: a case series
Experience with routine vaginal pH testing in a family practice setting.
Experience with schistosomiasis in Northern Ireland.
Experience with the Sheehan knee replacement.
Experience with the Zickel device.
Experienced stressors and coping strategies among Iranian nursing students
Experiences and perceptions of people with headache: a qualitative study
Experiences in applying skills learned in a mental health first aid training course: a qualitative study of participants' stories
Experiences in managing problematic crystal methamphetamine use and associated depression in gay men and HIV positive men: in-depth interviews with general practitioners in Sydney, Australia
Experiences in the Treatment of Neoplastic Disease with Nitrogen Mustard *
Experiences mapping a legacy interface terminology to SNOMED CT
Experiences of a long-term randomized controlled prevention trial in a maiden environment: Estonian Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy trial
Experiences of abortion: A narrative review of qualitative studies
Experiences of non-progressive and augmented labour among nulliparous women: a qualitative interview study in a Grounded Theory approach
Experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in general practice: a qualitative study
Experiences of the Janus Serum Bank in Norway.
Experiences of using an interactive audience response system in lectures
Experiences with a system for signal- and data-processing, together with on-line variance reduction, in continuous-flow analysis
Experiences with surgical treatment of ventricle septal defect as a post infarction complication
Experiences with waterjet hydrosurgery system in wound debridement
Experiencing and controlling time in everyday life with chronic widespread pain: a qualitative study
Experiencing neutropenia: Quality of life interviews with adult cancer patients
Experiment and interpretation: a pathologist reflects on thirty years of cancer research
Experimental Acute Lead Encephalopathy in the Juvenile Rhesus Monkey *
Experimental Acute Monolobar Pulmonary Hypertension †
Experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in pituitary-grafted Lewis rats
Experimental aluminum pathology in rabbits: effects of hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds.
Experimental analysis of oligonucleotide microarray design criteria to detect deletions by comparative genomic hybridization
Experimental and analytical validation of a modular acetabular prosthesis in total hip arthroplasty
Experimental and Clinical Evaluation of Capsular and Parenchymal Total Liver Perfusion
Experimental and computational analysis of transcriptional start sites in the cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus MED4
Experimental and computational investigations of Ser10 and Lys13 in the binding and cleavage of DNA substrates by Escherichia coli DNA topoisomerase I
Experimental approach to the determination of pulmonary carcinogenic influences of shale oil effluents.
Experimental approaches for exposure to sized glass fibers.
Experimental approaches to chemical sensitivity: introduction and overview.
Experimental approaches to identify non-coding RNAs
Experimental arthritis induced by a clinical Mycoplasma fermentans isolate
Experimental assessment of bioenergetic differences caused by the common European mitochondrial DNA haplogroups H and T
Experimental Assessment of the Role of Acetaldehyde in Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy
Experimental Atherosclerosis
Experimental Atherosclerosis in Rabbits on Diets with Milk Fat and Different Proteins
Experimental Attempts to Transmit Infectious Mononucleosis to Man *
Experimental Bacteremia in Normal and Irradiated Rats †
Experimental based experiences with the introduction of a water safety plan for a multi-located university clinic and its efficacy according to WHO recommendations
Experimental Biology: Measurement and Analysis
Experimental Cerebral Mucormycosis in Rabbits with Alloxan Diabetes §
Experimental Characterization of Cis -Acting Elements Important for Translation and Transcription in Halophilic Archaea
Experimental Chemotherapy
Experimental comparison and cross-validation of the Affymetrix and Illumina gene expression analysis platforms
Experimental Comparison and Evaluation of the Affymetrix Exon and U133Plus2 GeneChip Arrays
Experimental concepts for toxicity prevention and tissue restoration after central nervous system irradiation
Experimental conditions affect the outcome of Plasmodium falciparum platelet-mediated clumping assays
Experimental-confirmation and functional-annotation of predicted proteins in the chicken genome
Experimental Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia: A Long Term Study on the Course of Infection and Pathology in a Flock of Goats Infected with Mycoplasma capricolum subsp. capripneumoniae
Experimental Copper Deficiency, Chromium Deficiency and Additional Molybdenum Supplementation in Goats – Pathological Findings
Experimental Coronary Occlusion Using a Polyethylene Tube: A Preliminary Report †
Experimental demonstration of ecological character displacement
Experimental design for efficient identification of gene regulatory networks using sparse Bayesian models
Experimental Design Optimization of a Sequential Injection Method for Promazine Assay in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulations
Experimental Designs
Experimental Designs
Experimental designs for mixtures of chemicals along fixed ratio rays.
Experimental determination of the hydrothermal solubility of ReS 2 and the Re–ReO 2 buffer assemblage and transport of rhenium under supercritical conditions
Experimental difficulties with the memory code.
Experimental endocarditis. 3. Natural history of catheter induced staphylococcal endocarditis following catheter removal.
Experimental endocarditis I. Staphylococcal endocarditis in rabbits resulting from placement of a polyethylene catheter in the right side of the heart.
Experimental endocarditis. II. Staphylococcal infection of the aortic valve following placement of a polyethylene catheter in the left side of the heart.
Experimental endocarditis. IV. Tricuspid and aortic valve infection with Candida albicans in rabbits.
Experimental evaluation of the Liu–Beveridge dinucleotide step model of DNA structure
Experimental evaluation of the relationship between lethal or non-lethal virulence and transmission success in malaria parasite infections
Experimental evaluation of vitellogenin as a predictive biomarker for reproductive disruption.
Experimental evidence for asymmetrical shielding of nucleosomal DNA by histones.
Experimental evidence for splicing of intron-containing transcripts of plant LTR retrotransposon Ogre
Experimental evolution and genome sequencing reveal variation in levels of clonal interference in large populations of bacteriophage φX174
Experimental evolution of aging in a bacterium
Experimental gallstones: an adventure in biological geology.
Experimental glomerulonephritis induced by hydrocarbon exposure: A systematic review
Experimental hut evaluation of bednets treated with an organophosphate (chlorpyrifos-methyl) or a pyrethroid (lambdacyhalothrin) alone and in combination against insecticide-resistant Anopheles gambiae and Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes
Experimental Hypothalamic Hyperphagia in the Albino Rat *
Experimental identification of chemical carcinogens, risk evaluation, and animal-to-human correlations
Experimental Immunochemistry
Experimental induction of ovarian Sertoli cell tumors in rats by N-nitrosoureas.
Experimental Infection and Natural Contact Exposure of Dogs with Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1)
Experimental Infection of Cattle with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1)
Experimental Infection of Conventional Pigs with Streptococcus suis serotype 2 by Aerosolic Exposure
Experimental infection of H5N1 HPAI in BALB/c mice
Experimental Infection of Swans and Geese with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) of Asian Lineage
Experimental infection of the respiratory tract with Mycoplasma pneumoniae.
Experimental insight into the proximate causes of male persistence variation among two strains of the androdioecious Caenorhabditis elegans (Nematoda)
Experimental Investigation of Angular Stackgram Filtering for Noise Reduction of SPECT Projection Data: Study with Linear and Nonlinear Filters
Experimental investigations of the entrapment and persistence of organic liquid contaminants in the subsurface environment.
Experimental Investigations on Dopamine Transmission Can Provide Clues on the Mechanism of the Therapeutic Effect of Amphetamine and Methylphenidate in ADHD
Experimental iodine-125 seed irradiation of intracerebral brain tumors in nude mice
Experimental lead nitrate poisoning: microscopic and ultrastructural study of the gills of tench (Tinca tinca, L.).
Experimental lesions of the coronary arteries and heart after intrapericardial injection of proteolytic enzymes.
Experimental localization of intestinal uptake sites for metals (Cd, Hg, Zn, Se) in vivo in mice.
Experimental Magnesium Depletion ** †
Experimental manipulation of immune-mediated disease and its fitness costs for rodent malaria parasites
Experimental manipulation of radiographic density in mouse mammary gland
Experimental models for study of common respiratory viruses.
Experimental models for the autoimmune and inflammatory blistering disease, Bullous pemphigoid
Experimental models of chronic focal epilepsy: a critical review of four models.
Experimental Models of Epilepsy. A Manual for the Laboratory Worker
Experimental models of myasthenia gravis: lessons in autoimmunity and progress toward better forms of treatment.
Experimental Modification of the Polarity Potential of the Human Eye *
Experimental modulation of capsule size in Cryptococcus neoformans
Experimental murine and primate models for dissection of the immunosuppressive potential of photochemotherapy in autoimmune disease and transplantation.
Experimental observations of rapid Maize streak virus evolution reveal a strand-specific nucleotide substitution bias
Experimental obstructive cholestasis: the wound-like inflammatory liver response
Experimental optimization of probe length to increase the sequence specificity of high-density oligonucleotide microarrays
Experimental pathology and the origins of tissue culture: Leo Loeb's contribution.
Experimental Pharmacogenetics
Experimental Pneumoconiosis
Experimental Production of Apical Lesions of Teeth in Monkeys, and Their Relation to Systemic Disease *
Experimental Production of Cretin-like Rats *
Experimental Production of Gynecomastia with Chorionic Gonadotropin *
Experimental Production of Synovitis and Marginal Articular Exostoses in the Knee Joints of Dogs ‡
Experimental proof of the mosquito-malaria theory. 1900.
Experimental PVC Material Challenge in Subjects with Occupational PVC Exposure
Experimental Pyelonephritis
Experimental Pyelonephritis ¶
Experimental Pyelonephritis
Experimental pyelonephritis. 13. On the ability of water diuresis to induce susceptibility to E. coli bacteriuria in the normal rat.
Experimental pyelonephritis. 18. Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli prostatic infection in the rat and the effects of water diuresis.
Experimental Pyelonephritis. Characteristics of the Infection in Dogs **
Experimental Pyelonephritis. IV. Observations on Infections Resulting from Direct Inoculation of Bacteria in Different Zones of the Kidney †
Experimental Pyelonephritis. IX. The Bacteriological Course and Morphological Consequences of Staphylococcal Pyelonephritis in the Rat, with Consideration of the Specificity of the Pathological Changes Observed
Experimental Pyelonephritis v. Susceptibility of Rats to Hematogenous Pyelonephritis Following Chemical Injury of the Kidneys †
Experimental Pyelonephritis VI. Observations on Susceptibility of the Rabbit Kidney to Infection by a Virulent Strain of Staphylococcus Aureus **
Experimental Pyelonephritis. VII. Evidence on the Mechanisms by Which Obstruction of Urine Flow Enhances Susceptibility to Pyelonephritis ‡
Experimental Pyelonephritis. X. Direct Injection of E. Coli Protoplasts into the Medulla of the Rabbit Kidney †
Experimental Pyelonephritis. XI. A Comparison of Temporary Occlusion of Renal Artery and Vein on Susceptibility of the Rat to Kidney Infection †
Experimental pyelonephritis. XII. Changes mimicking chronic pyelonephritis as a consequence of renal vascular occlusion in the rat.
Experimental pyelonephritis. XIV. Pyelonephritis in normal mice produced by inoculation of E. coli into the bladder lumen during water diuresis.
Experimental pyelonephritis. XV. Increased susceptibility to E. coli infection in old rats.
Experimental pyelonephritis. XVI. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus infections in mice and the effect of "water diuresis".
Experimental pyelonephritis. XVII. Enhancement of pyelonephritis by water diuresis following direct inoculation of E. coli in the renal medulla of the rat.
Experimental RNomics in Aquifex aeolicus : identification of small non-coding RNAs and the putative 6S RNA homolog
Experimental Rugged Fitness Landscape in Protein Sequence Space
Experimental Selection for Drosophila Survival in Extremely Low O 2 Environment
Experimental strategies for research on multiple chemical sensitivity.
Experimental Studies in Vascular Repair
Experimental studies on arsenic absorption routes in rats
Experimental studies on toxicity of ethylene glycol alkyl ethers in Japan.
Experimental study of biological effects of leads and aluminum following oral administration.
Experimental study of the effect of a series of phosphoroorganic pesticides (Dipterex and Imidan) on embryogenesis.
Experimental study of the function of the excreted/secreted Leishmania LmSIR2 protein by heterologous expression in eukaryotic cell line
Experimental study of the mechanism and indices of harmful effects of certain chemical substances on the central nervous system
Experimental study of the morphine de-addiction properties of Delphinium denudatum Wall.
Experimental Study on Bioluminescence Tomography with Multimodality Fusion
Experimental system to displace radioisotopes from upper to deeper soil layers: chemical research
Experimental Test of Connector Rotation during DNA Packaging into Bacteriophage ϕ29 Capsids
Experimental toxicology of pyrolysis and combustion hazards.
Experimental transmission of Anaplasma marginale by male Dermacentor reticulatus
Experimental transmission of atypical scrapie to sheep
Experimental transmission of bovine spongiform encephalopathy to European red deer ( Cervus elaphus elaphus )
Experimental Tuberculosis
Experimental Tuberculosis in Mice
Experimental Tuberculosis in Mice *
Experimental Type 2 Diabetes Induces Enzymatic Changes in Isolated Rat Enterocytes
Experimental Unilobar Pulmonary Edema †
Experimental validation of a predicted feedback loop in the multi-oscillator clock of Arabidopsis thaliana
Experimental validation of novel and conventional approaches to quantitative real-time PCR data analysis
Experimental validation of novel genes predicted in the un-annotated regions of the Arabidopsis genome
Experimental Viral Hepatitis
Experimentally determined weight matrix definitions of the initiator and TBP binding site elements of promoters.
Experimentally Validated Model Accounts for T Cells' Discriminating Ways
Experiments in Biochemical Research Techniques
Experiments on myself. Memoirs of a surgeon in Germany
Experiments Suggest that Simulations May Overestimate Electrostatic Contributions to the Mechanical Stability of a Fibronectin Type III Domain
Expert agreement confirms that negative changes in hand and foot radiographs are a surrogate for repair in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Expert and construct validity of the Simbionix GI Mentor II endoscopy simulator for colonoscopy
Expert Guide to Sports Medicine
Expert opinion as 'validation' of risk assessment applied to calf welfare
Expert Testimony versus Junk Science
Expert witnesses need to know about the new risks.
Expertise about herbs and dietary supplements among diverse health professionals
Experts' attitudes towards medical futility: an empirical survey from Japan
Explaining Adherence Success in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Ethnographic Study
Explaining computation of predictive values: 2 × 2 table versus frequency tree. A randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN74278823]
Explaining cross-country variation in cigarette consumption
Explaining differences in saturation levels for Affymetrix GeneChip® arrays
Explaining epidemics and other studies in the history of medicine
Explaining inconsistencies between data on condom use and condom sales
Explaining individual variation in patterns of mass loss in breeding birds
Explaining oscillations and variability in the p53-Mdm2 system
Explaining the de-prioritization of primary prevention: Physicians' perceptions of their role in the delivery of primary care
Explaining the effects of a 1-year intervention promoting a low fat diet in adolescent girls: a mediation analysis
Explaining the effects of an intervention designed to promote evidence-based diabetes care: a theory-based process evaluation of a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial
Explaining the eventual transient saturation of climate-carbon cycle feedback
Explaining the heterogeneous scrapie surveillance figures across Europe: a meta-regression approach
Explaining variation in GP referral rates for x-rays for back pain
Explanations for female excess psychosomatic symptoms in adolescence: evidence from a school-based cohort in the West of Scotland
Explanations of socioeconomic differences in changes in physical function in older adults: results from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam
Explicit attention interferes with selective emotion processing in human extrastriate cortex
Explicit criteria for prioritization of cataract surgery
Explicit equilibrium modeling of transcription-factor binding and gene regulation
Explicit Logic Circuits Discriminate Neural States
Explicit Processing Demands Reveal Language Modality-Specific Organization of Working Memory
Exploitable Molecular Mechanisms and Neoplasia
Exploitation of Eukaryotic Ubiquitin Signaling Pathways by Effectors Translocated by Bacterial Type III and Type IV Secretion Systems
Exploitation of Other Social Amoebae by Dictyostelium caveatum
Exploitative and Hierarchical Antagonism in a Cooperative Bacterium
Exploiting Amoeboid and Non-Vertebrate Animal Model Systems to Study the Virulence of Human Pathogenic Fungi
Exploiting and integrating rich features for biological literature classification
Exploiting combinatorial cultivation conditions to infer transcriptional regulation
Exploiting features of adenovirus replication to support mammalian kinase production
Exploiting gene × gene interaction in linkage analysis
Exploiting Genome Data to Understand the Function Regulation and Evolutionary Origins of Toxicologically Relevant Genes
Exploiting likely-positive and unlabeled data to improve the identification of protein-protein interaction articles
Exploiting microarrays to reveal differential gene expression in the nervous system
Exploiting noise in array CGH data to improve detection of DNA copy number change
Exploiting Nonlinear Recurrence and Fractal Scaling Properties for Voice Disorder Detection
Exploiting orthologue diversity for systematic detection of gain-of-function phenotypes
Exploiting proteomic data for genome annotation and gene model validation in Aspergillus niger
Exploiting residue-level and profile-level interface propensities for usage in binding sites prediction of proteins
Exploiting structural differences among heteroduplex molecules to simplify genotyping the DQA1 and DQB1 alleles in human lymphocyte typing.
Exploiting the activity of VP22 to enhance the delivery of antigens encoded by DNA vaccine plasmids
Exploiting the full power of temporal gene expression profiling through a new statistical test: Application to the analysis of muscular dystrophy data
Exploiting the pathway structure of metabolism to reveal high-order epistasis
Exploiting the Yeast L-A Viral Capsid for the In Vivo Assembly of Chimeric VLPs as Platform in Vaccine Development and Foreign Protein Expression
Exploiting Thiol Modifications
Exploiting unassigned codons in Micrococcus luteus for tRNA-based amino acid mutagenesis.
Exploration and visualization of gene expression with neuroanatomy in the adult mouse brain
Exploration of auditory P50 gating in schizophrenia by way of difference waves
Exploration of biological network centralities with CentiBiN
Exploration of factors driving incorporation of unnatural dNTPS into DNA by Klenow fragment (DNA polymerase I) and DNA polymerase α
Exploration of intraclonal adaptation mechanisms of Pseudomonas brassicacearum facing cadmium toxicity
Exploration of long and short repetitive sequence relationships in the sea urchin genome.
Exploration of non-hierarchical classification methods combined with linkage analysis to identify loci influencing clusters of co-regulated transcripts
Exploration of phylogenetic data using a global sequence analysis method
Exploration of Small RNAs
Exploration of the conserved A+C wobble pair within the ribosomal peptidyl transferase center using affinity purified mutant ribosomes
Exploration of the L18 binding site on 5S RNA by deletion mutagenesis.
Exploration of the omics evidence landscape: adding qualitative labels to predicted protein-protein interactions
Exploration of Work and Health Disparities among Black Women Employed in Poultry Processing in the Rural South
Explorative data analysis of MCL reveals gene expression networks implicated in survival and prognosis supported by explorative CGH analysis
Exploratory analysis of obsessive compulsive symptom dimensions in children and adolescents: a Prospective follow-up study
Exploratory Analysis of the Copy Number Alterations in Glioblastoma Multiforme
Exploratory behaviour in NO-dependent cyclase mutants of Drosophila shows defects in coincident neuronal signalling
Exploratory differential gene expression analysis in microarray experiments with no or limited replication
Exploratory disease mapping: kriging the spatial risk function from regional count data
Exploratory Methods for Checking Quality of Microarray Data
Exploratory monitoring of air pollutants for mutagenicity activity with the Tradescantia stamen hair system
Exploratory spatial data analysis for the identification of risk factors to birth defects
Exploratory studies on azole carboxamides as nucleobase analogs: thermal denaturation studies on oligodeoxyribonucleotide duplexes containing pyrrole-3-carboxamide.
Exploratory study of plasma total homocysteine and its relationship to short-term outcome in acute ischaemic stroke in Nigerians
ExplorEnz: a MySQL database of the IUBMB enzyme nomenclature
Explorer Naturalists
Exploring Action Dynamics as an Index of Paired-Associate Learning
Exploring allosteric coupling in the α-subunit of Heterotrimeric G proteins using evolutionary and ensemble-based approaches
Exploring and explaining low participation in physical activity among children and young people with asthma: a review
Exploring associations between residential location and breast cancer incidence in a case-control study.
Exploring bias in a generalized additive model for spatial air pollution data.
Exploring cancer register data to find risk factors for recurrence of breast cancer – application of Canonical Correlation Analysis
Exploring cellular memory molecules marking competent and active transcriptions
Exploring consumer and pharmacist views on the professional role of the pharmacist with respect to natural health products: a study of focus groups
Exploring developmental, functional, and evolutionary aspects of amphioxus sensory cells
Exploring differences in response to treatment with peginterferon alpha 2a (40kD) and ribavirin in chronic hepatitis C between genotypes 2 and 3
Exploring disability from the perspective of adults living with HIV/AIDS: Development of a conceptual framework
Exploring dynamics of protein structure determination and homology-based prediction to estimate the number of superfamilies and folds
Exploring epistasis in candidate genes for rheumatoid arthritis
Exploring ethical considerations for the use of biological and physiological markers in population-based surveys in less developed countries
Exploring evidence-policy linkages in health research plans: A case study from six countries
Exploring existing and deliberated community perspectives of newborn screening: informing the development of state and national policy standards in newborn screening and the use of dried blood spots
Exploring general practitioners' experience of informing women about prenatal screening tests for foetal abnormalities: A qualitative focus group study
Exploring glycopeptide-resistance in Staphylococcus aureus : a combined proteomics and transcriptomics approach for the identification of resistance-related markers
Exploring health stakeholders' perceptions on moving towards comprehensive primary health care to address childhood malnutrition in Iran: a qualitative study
Exploring health systems research and its influence on policy processes in low income countries
Exploring hepatic hormone actions using a compilation of gene expression profiles
Exploring historical trends using taxonomic name metadata
Exploring if day and time of admission is associated with average length of stay among inpatients from a tertiary hospital in Singapore: an analytic study based on routine admission data
Exploring inconsistencies in genome-wide protein function annotations: a machine learning approach
Exploring membrane-associated NAC transcription factors in Arabidopsis : implications for membrane biology in genome regulation
Exploring men's and women's experiences of depression and engagement with health professionals: more similarities than differences? A qualitative interview study
Exploring Microbial Diversity and Taxonomy Using SSU rRNA Hypervariable Tag Sequencing
Exploring multivariate clinical chemical routine data concerning three major disease groups
Exploring nervous system transcriptomes during embryogenesis and metamorphosis in Xenopus tropicalis using EST analysis
Exploring of Antimicrobial Activity of Triphala Mashi —an Ayurvedic Formulation
Exploring photosynthesis evolution by comparative analysis of metabolic networks between chloroplasts and photosynthetic bacteria
Exploring pleiotropy using principal components
Exploring prokaryotic diversity in the genomic era
Exploring Proteins in Anopheles gambiae Male and Female Antennae through MALDI Mass Spectrometry Profiling
Exploring root symbiotic programs in the model legume Medicago truncatula using EST analysis
Exploring Small RNA Function
Exploring Social Contextual Correlates of Computer Ownership and Frequency of Use Among Urban, Low-Income, Public Housing Adult Residents
Exploring strategies to prevent post-lobectomy space: transient diaphragmatic paralysis using Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTX-A)
Exploring Stress and Coping Among Urban African American Adolescents: The Shifting the Lens Study
Exploring students' perceptions on the use of significant event analysis, as part of a portfolio assessment process in general practice, as a tool for learning how to use reflection in learning
Exploring supervised and unsupervised methods to detect topics in biomedical text
Exploring synergies between human rights and public health ethics: A whole greater than the sum of its parts
Exploring systemic RNA interference in insects: a genome-wide survey for RNAi genes in Tribolium
Exploring TAR–RNA aptamer loop–loop interaction by X-ray crystallography, UV spectroscopy and surface plasmon resonance
Exploring the agreement between diagnostic criteria for IBS in primary care in Greece
Exploring the Anatomical Basis of Effective Connectivity Models with DTI-Based Fiber Tractography
Exploring the association of dual use of the VHA and Medicare with mortality: separating the contributions of inpatient and outpatient services
Exploring the boundaries: gene and protein identification in biomedical text
Exploring the conditional coregulation of yeast gene expression through fuzzy k-means clustering
Exploring the Developmental Overnutrition Hypothesis Using Parental–Offspring Associations and FTO as an Instrumental Variable
Exploring the effect of changes to service provision on the use of unscheduled care in England: population surveys
Exploring the effects of telehealth on medical human resources supply: a qualitative case study in remote regions
Exploring the equity of GP practice prescribing rates for selected coronary heart disease drugs: a multiple regression analysis with proxies of healthcare need
Exploring the feasibility of a community-based strength training program for older people with depressive symptoms and its impact on depressive symptoms
Exploring the Feasibility of Combining Chronic Disease Patient Registry Data to Monitor the Status of Diabetes Care
Exploring the Foundation of Genomics: A Northern Blot Reference set for the Comparative Analysis of Transcript Profiling Technologies
Exploring the functional role of the CHRM2 gene in human cognition: results from a dense genotyping and brain expression study
Exploring the mechanism of tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase
Exploring the mialome of ticks: an annotated catalogue of midgut transcripts from the hard tick, Dermacentor variabilis (Acari: Ixodidae)
Exploring the midgut transcriptome of Phlebotomus papatasi: comparative analysis of expression profiles of sugar-fed, blood-fed and Leishmania major -infected sandflies
Exploring the Mycobacteriophage Metaproteome: Phage Genomics as an Educational Platform
Exploring the reasons for the large density of triplex-forming oligonucleotide target sequences in the human regulatory regions
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