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Essential Role of Chromatin Remodeling Protein Bptf in Early Mouse Embryos and Embryonic Stem Cells
Essential Role of Domain III of Nonstructural Protein 5A for Hepatitis C Virus Infectious Particle Assembly
Essential role of Elovl4 in very long chain fatty acid synthesis, skin permeability barrier function, and neonatal survival
Essential role of glucose transporter GLUT3 for post-implantation embryonic development
Essential role of Notch signaling in effector memory CD8 + T cell–mediated airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation
Essential role of platelet activation via protease activated receptor 4 in tissue factor-initiated inflammation
Essential Role of TGF-β/Smad Pathway on Statin Dependent Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Regulation
Essential role of TNF receptor superfamily 25 (TNFRSF25) in the development of allergic lung inflammation
Essential Roles of COUP-TFII in Leydig Cell Differentiation and Male Fertility
Essential structural and functional determinants within the forkhead domain of FOXC1
Essential structure of E. coli promoter: effect of spacer length between the two consensus sequences on promoter function.
Essential structure of E. coli promoter II. Effect of the sequences around the RNA start point on promoter function.
Essential thrombocythemia
Essentiality of boron for healthy bones and joints.
Essentials of Clinical Biochemistry
Essentials of Clinical Neurology
Essentials of Endocrinology
Essentials of General Physiology
Essentials of Histology
Essentials of Human Anatomy
Essentials of Human Anatomy
Essentials of Medical Geology: Impacts of the Natural Environment on Public Health
Essentials of Medicine
Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 7 th Ed
Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Third Edition
Essentials of Ophthalmology
Essentials of Pathology
Essentials of Pathology
Essentials of Physiological Chemistry
Essentials of Physiology
Essentials of Zoology, Emphasizing Principles of Animal Biology
EST analyses predict the existence of a population of chimeric microRNA precursor-mRNA transcripts expressed in normal human and mouse tissues
EST analysis in Ginkgo biloba : an assessment of conserved developmental regulators and gymnosperm specific genes
EST analysis of male accessory glands from Heliconius butterflies with divergent mating systems
EST Analysis of Ostreococcus lucimarinus, the Most Compact Eukaryotic Genome, Shows an Excess of Introns in Highly Expressed Genes
EST analysis of the scaly green flagellate Mesostigma viride (Streptophyta): Implications for the evolution of green plants (Viridiplantae)
EST analysis on pig mitochondria reveal novel expression differences between developmental and adult tissues
EST assembly supported by a draft genome sequence: an analysis of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii transcriptome
EST Express: PHP/MySQL based automated annotation of ESTs from expression libraries
EST-PAC a web package for EST annotation and protein sequence prediction
EST2Prot: Mapping EST sequences to proteins
EST2uni: an open, parallel tool for automated EST analysis and database creation, with a data mining web interface and microarray expression data integration
Established Risk Factors Account for Most of the Racial Differences in Cardiovascular Disease Mortality
Establishing a Cohort at High Risk of HIV Infection in South Africa: Challenges and Experiences of the CAPRISA 002 Acute Infection Study
Establishing a gold standard for manual cough counting: video versus digital audio recordings
Establishing a major cause of discrepancy in the calibration of Affymetrix GeneChips
Establishing a malaria diagnostics centre of excellence in Kisumu, Kenya
Establishing a nationwide emergency department-based syndromic surveillance system for better public health responses in Taiwan
Establishing an adjusted p-value threshold to control the family-wide type 1 error in genome wide association studies
Establishing an in vivo model of canine prostate carcinoma using the new cell line CT1258
Establishing and maintaining the data-base required for cost analysis in a clinical laboratory
Establishing bioinformatics research in the Asia Pacific
Establishing Clonal Cell Lines with Endothelial-Like Potential from CD9 hi , SSEA-1 − Cells in Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Embryoid Bodies
Establishing generic remediation goals for the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: critical issues.
Establishing Public Health Benchmarks for Physical Activity Programs
Establishing the added benefit of measuring MMP9 in FOB positive patients as a part of the Wolverhampton colorectal cancer screening programme
Establishing the new science: the experience of the early Royal Society
Establishing the soundness of administrative spatial units for operationalising the active living potential of residential environments: an exemplar for designing optimal zones
Establishing the tolerability and performance of tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP) in treating dry eye syndrome: results of a clinical study
Establishing tolerable dungeness crab (Cancer magister) and razor clam (Siliqua patula) domoic acid contaminant levels.
Establishment and characterization of immortalized Gli-null mouse embryonic fibroblast cell lines
Establishment and characterization of methylmercury-resistant PC12 cell line.
Establishment and characterization of multicellular spheroids from a human glioma cell line; Implications for tumor therapy
Establishment and characterization of three new human breast cancer cell lines derived from Chinese breast cancer tissues
Establishment and mitotic stability of an extra-chromosomal mammalian replicon
Establishment of a Bovine Herpesvirus 4 based vector expressing a secreted form of the Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus structural glycoprotein E2 for immunization purposes
Establishment of a consistent L929 bioassay system for TNF-alpha quantitation to evaluate the effect of lipopolysaccharide, phytomitogens and cytodifferentiation agents on cytotoxicity of TNF-alpha secreted by adherent human mononuclear cells.
Establishment of a doxycycline-regulated cell line with inducible, doubly-stable expression of the wild-type p53 gene from p53-deleted hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Establishment of a high throughput EST sequencing system using poly(A) tail-removed cDNA libraries and determination of 36 000 bovine ESTs
Establishment of a large semi-field system for experimental study of African malaria vector ecology and control in Tanzania
Establishment of a monoclonal antibody for human LXRα: Detection of LXRα protein expression in human macrophages
Establishment of a New Cell Line from Lepidopteran Epidermis and Hormonal Regulation on the Genes
Establishment of a new method for precisely determining the functions of individual mitochondrial genes, using Dictyostelium cells
Establishment of a novel CCR5 and CXCR4 expressing CD4 + cell line which is highly sensitive to HIV and suitable for high-throughput evaluation of CCR5 and CXCR4 antagonists
Establishment of a pipeline to analyse non-synonymous SNPs in Bos taurus
Establishment of a transient expression system for Dictyostelium discoideum.
Establishment of an autocatalytic conditional mammalian system for expression of stringently regulated genes.
Establishment of an early liver fibrosis model by the hydrodynamics-based transfer of TGF-β1 gene
Establishment of ANSI N13.11 X-ray radiation fields for personal dosimetry performance test by computation and experiment.
Establishment of Biomphalaria tenagophila Snails in Europe
Establishment of conditional vectors for hairpin siRNA knockdowns
Establishment of endolithic populations of extremophilic Cyanidiales (Rhodophyta)
Establishment of Human Papillomavirus Infection Requires Cell Cycle Progression
Establishment of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Erythroid Progenitor Cell Lines Able to Produce Functional Red Blood Cells
Establishment of new mouse and human pigmented melanoma lines in tissue culture.
Establishment of Rat Embryonic Stem Cells and Making of Chimera Rats
Establishment of the 1 st World Health Organization International Standard for Plasmodium falciparum DNA for nucleic acid amplification technique (NAT)-based assays
Establishment of the epithelial-specific transcriptome of normal and malignant human breast cells based on MPSS and array expression data
ESTAnnotator: a tool for high throughput EST annotation
Esterified Hyaluronic Acid and Autologous Bone in the Surgical Correction of the Infra-Bone Defects
ESTERR-PRO: A Setup Verification Software System Using Electronic Portal Imaging
ESTExplorer: an expressed sequence tag (EST) assembly and annotation platform
ESTHER, the database of the α/β-hydrolase fold superfamily of proteins
Esthetic Rehabilitation of Bilateral Geminated Teeth: A Case Report
ESTIMA, a tool for EST management in a multi-project environment
Estimate haplotype frequencies in pedigrees
Estimate of overdiagnosis of breast cancer due to mammography after adjustment for lead time. A service screening study in Italy
Estimated changes in human exposure to suspended sulfate attributable to equipping light-duty motor vehicles with oxidation catalysts.
Estimated Daily Phthalate Exposures in a Population of Mothers of Male Infants Exhibiting Reduced Anogenital Distance
Estimated Drug Overdose Deaths Averted by North America's First Medically-Supervised Safer Injection Facility
Estimated Effects of Disinfection By-products on Preterm Birth in a Population Served by a Single Water Utility
Estimated financial and human resources requirements for the treatment of malaria in Malawi
Estimated HIV Trends and Program Effects in Botswana
Estimated physical activity in Bavaria, Germany, and its implications for obesity risk: Results from the BVS-II Study
Estimated pre-morbid IQ effects on cognitive and functional outcomes in Alzheimer disease: a longitudinal study in a treated cohort
Estimated Protection Too Conservative
Estimated Risk for Altered Fetal Growth Resulting from Exposure to Fine Particles during Pregnancy: An Epidemiologic Prospective Cohort Study in Poland
Estimated time spent on preventive services by primary care physicians
Estimates of adherence and error analysis of physical activity data collected via accelerometry in a large study of free-living adults
Estimates of CO 2 from fires in the United States: implications for carbon management
Estimates of complications of medical care in the adult US population
Estimates of HIV burden in emergencies
Estimates of statistical significance for comparison of individual positions in multiple sequence alignments
Estimates of the duration of the early and late stage of gambiense sleeping sickness
Estimates of the effect on hepatic iron of oral deferiprone compared with subcutaneous desferrioxamine for treatment of iron overload in thalassemia major: a systematic review
Estimates of the proportion of chemicals that were carcinogenic or anticarcinogenic in bioassays conducted by the National Toxicology Program.
Estimating a preference-based index for a menopause specific health quality of life questionnaire
Estimating adjusted prevalence ratio in clustered cross-sectional epidemiological data
Estimating age conditional probability of developing disease from surveillance data
Estimating and projecting HIV prevalence and AIDS deaths in Tanzania using antenatal surveillance data
Estimating antimalarial drugs consumption in Africa before the switch to artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs)
Estimating avoidable causes of cancer.
Estimating cancer risks to a population.
Estimating Cell Depth from Somatic Mutations
Estimating Chikungunya prevalence in La Réunion Island outbreak by serosurveys: Two methods for two critical times of the epidemic
Estimating Chronic Disease Deaths and Hospitalizations Due to Alcohol Use in Canada in 2002: Implications for Policy and Prevention Strategies
Estimating Community Drug Abuse by Wastewater Analysis
Estimating Community Incidence of Salmonella, Campylobacter , and Shiga Toxin–producing Escherichia coli Infections, Australia
Estimating cost savings from regionalizing cardiac procedures using hospital discharge data
Estimating Costs and Benefits of CTL Escape Mutations in SIV/HIV Infection
Estimating costs of environmental disease.
Estimating effects of rare haplotypes on failure time using a penalized Cox proportional hazards regression model
Estimating exposure and dose to characterize health risks: the role of human tissue monitoring in exposure assessment.
Estimating exposure using kriging: a simulation study.
Estimating Firing Rates from Calcium Signals in Locust Projection Neurons in Vivo
Estimating genealogies from linked marker data: a Bayesian approach
Estimating Genetic Ancestry Proportions from Faces
Estimating genomic coexpression networks using first-order conditional independence
Estimating haplotype frequencies in pooled DNA samples when there is genotyping error
Estimating Haplotype Frequency and Coverage of Databases
Estimating health-adjusted life expectancy conditional on risk factors: results for smoking and obesity
Estimating health workforce needs for antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings
Estimating Heritabilities and Genetic Correlations: Comparing the ‘Animal Model’ with Parent-Offspring Regression Using Data from a Natural Population
Estimating Incidence from Prevalence in Generalised HIV Epidemics: Methods and Validation
Estimating Individual and Household Reproduction Numbers in an Emerging Epidemic
Estimating Individual-Level Exposure to Airborne Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons throughout the Gestational Period Based on Personal, Indoor, and Outdoor Monitoring
Estimating Influenza Vaccine Efficacy From Challenge and Community-based Study Data
Estimating large-scale signaling networks through nested effect models with intervention effects from microarray data
Estimating Long-Term Survival of Critically Ill Patients: The PREDICT Model
Estimating lung cancer risk with exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.
Estimating Mass Properties of Dinosaurs Using Laser Imaging and 3D Computer Modelling
Estimating mutual information using B-spline functions – an improved similarity measure for analysing gene expression data
Estimating myocardial perfusion from dynamic contrast-enhanced CMR with a model-independent deconvolution method
Estimating past hepatitis C infection risk from reported risk factor histories: implications for imputing age of infection and modeling fibrosis progression
ESTimating plant phylogeny: lessons from partitioning
Estimating Population Cause-Specific Mortality Fractions from in-Hospital Mortality: Validation of a New Method
Estimating preferences for a dermatology consultation using Best-Worst Scaling: Comparison of various methods of analysis
Estimating probabilities of peptide database identifications to LC-FTICR-MS observations
Estimating Receptive Fields from Responses to Natural Stimuli with Asymmetric Intensity Distributions
Estimating Risk from Ambient Concentrations of Acrolein across the United States
Estimating summary measures of health: a structured workbook approach
Estimating the accuracy of geographical imputation
Estimating the annotation error rate of curated GO database sequence annotations
Estimating the beginning of the waterpipe epidemic in Syria
Estimating the burden of disease from water, sanitation, and hygiene at a global level.
Estimating the burden of malaria in pregnancy: a case study from rural Madhya Pradesh, India
Estimating the burden of rhodesiense sleeping sickness during an outbreak in Serere, eastern Uganda
Estimating the Confidence Level of White Matter Connections Obtained with MRI Tractography
Estimating the cost-effectiveness of detecting cases of chronic hepatitis C infection on reception into prison
Estimating the cost of cervical cancer screening in five developing countries
Estimating the costs of school closure for mitigating an influenza pandemic
Estimating the cumulative risk of false positive cancer screenings
Estimating the Demand for a Preventive HIV Vaccine: Why We Need to Do Better
Estimating the distribution of dynamic invariants: illustrated with an application to human photo-plethysmographic time series
Estimating the effects of toxicants on ecosystem services.
Estimating the Exposure–Response Relationships between Particulate Matter and Mortality within the APHEA Multicity Project
Estimating the extent of horizontal gene transfer in metagenomic sequences
Estimating the extent of the health hazard posed by high-production volume chemicals.
Estimating the Extent of Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Infection
Estimating the Global Burden of Snakebite Can Help To Improve Management
Estimating the Independent Effects of Multiple Pollutants in the Presence of Measurement Error: An Application of a Measurement-Error–Resistant Technique
Estimating the malaria risk of African mosquito movement by air travel
Estimating the mean and variance from the median, range, and the size of a sample
Estimating the mortality impacts of particulate matter: what can be learned from between-study variability?
Estimating the number and size of the main effects in genome-wide case-control association studies
Estimating the Number of Antiretroviral Treatment Facilities Based on the Wilson–Blower Method
Estimating the number of children exposed to parental psychiatric disorders through a national health survey
Estimating the number of HIV infections averted: an approach and its issues
Estimating the number of integrations in transformed plants by quantitative real-time PCR
Estimating the prevalence of breast cancer using a disease model: data problems and trends
Estimating the Proportion of True Null Hypotheses for Multiple Comparisons
Estimating the Resources Needed and Savings Anticipated from Roll-Out of Adult Male Circumcision in Sub-Saharan Africa
Estimating the role of casual contact from the community in transmission of Bordetella pertussis to young infants
Estimating the size of the solution space of metabolic networks
Estimating the temporal and spatial risk of bluetongue related to the incursion of infected vectors into Switzerland
Estimating the Worldwide Extent of Illegal Fishing
Estimating Translational Selection in Eukaryotic Genomes
Estimating uncertainty in observational studies of associations between continuous variables: example of methylmercury and neuropsychological testing in children
Estimating xenobiotic half-lives in humans from rat data: influence of log P.
Estimation and correction of non-specific binding in a large-scale spike-in experiment
Estimation and testing for the effect of a genetic pathway on a disease outcome using logistic kernel machine regression via logistic mixed models
Estimation of 16S rRNA gene copy number in several probiotic Lactobacillus strains isolated from the gastrointestinal tract of chicken
Estimation of airway obstruction using oximeter plethysmograph waveform data
Estimation of an Examinee's Ability in the Web-Based Computerized Adaptive Testing Program IRT-CAT
Estimation of Blood Acth by means of a Cross-Circulation Technique ‡ §
Estimation of current density distribution under electrodes for external defibrillation
Estimation of DNA sequence divergence from comparison of restriction endonuclease digests.
Estimation of dynamical model parameters taking into account undetectable marker values
Estimation of energy requirements for mechanically ventilated, critically ill patients using nutritional status
Estimation of gene frequency and test for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in the HLA system.
Estimation of genetic distances from human and mouse introns
Estimation of Genetic Effects and Genotype-Phenotype Maps
Estimation of health effects of prenatal methylmercury exposure using structural equation models
Estimation of hepatic hemosiderin by gross inspection of iron-stained histologic sections.
Estimation of heterogeneity in malaria transmission by stochastic modelling of apparent deviations from mass action kinetics
Estimation of hospital emergency room data using otc pharmaceutical sales and least mean square filters
Estimation of Isolation Times of the Island Species in the Drosophila simulans Complex from Multilocus DNA Sequence Data
Estimation of medium effects on equilibrium constants in moderate and high ionic strength solutions at elevated temperatures by using specific interaction theory (SIT): Interaction coefficients involving Cl, OH - and Ac - up to 200°C and 400 bars
Estimation of minimally important differences in EQ-5D utility and VAS scores in cancer
Estimation of occupational exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin using a minimal physiologic toxicokinetic model.
Estimation of optimal birth weights and gestational ages for twin births in Japan
Estimation of Pap-test coverage in an area with an organised screening program: challenges for survey methods
Estimation of progression of multi-state chronic disease using the Markov model and prevalence pool concept
Estimation of protein coding density in a corpus of DNA sequence data.
Estimation of pulmonary capillary pressure: different methods for different pathophysiological processes?
Estimation of Relative Bioavailability of Lead in Soil and Soil-Like Materials Using Young Swine
Estimation of Relevant Variables on High-Dimensional Biological Patterns Using Iterated Weighted Kernel Functions
Estimation of safe doses: critical review of the hockey stick regression method.
Estimation of SLE activity based on the serum level of chosen cytokines and superoxide radical generation.
Estimation of Synteny Conservation and Genome Compaction Between Pufferfish ( Fugu ) and Human
Estimation of the correlation coefficient using the Bayesian Approach and its applications for epidemiologic research
Estimation of the cumulated exposure to polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/furans and standardized mortality ratio analysis of cancer mortality by dose in an occupationally exposed cohort.
Estimation of the incidence of genital warts and the cost of illness in Germany: A cross-sectional study
Estimation of the number of extreme pathways for metabolic networks
Estimation of the proportions of mutant and normal N-ras alleles by allele specific restriction analysis.
Estimation of the real population and its impact on the utilisation of healthcare services in Mediterranean resort regions: an ecological study
Estimation of the stress related to conservative scoliosis therapy: an analysis based on BSSQ questionnaires
Estimation of the time component in the movement of chemicals in contaminated groundwater.
Estimation of the Total Parasite Biomass in Acute Falciparum Malaria from Plasma PfHRP2
Estimation of toxicity of chemical mixtures through modeling of chemical interactions.
Estimation of transient increases in bleeding risk associated with physical activity in children with haemophilia
Estimation of Transmission Parameters of H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus in Chickens
Estimation of tumor heterogeneity using CGH array data
Estimation of Uric Acid in Blood for Clinical Purposes
ESTpass: a web-based server for processing and annotating expressed sequence tag (EST) sequences
Estradiol and Bisphenol A Stimulate Androgen Receptor and Estrogen Receptor Gene Expression in Fetal Mouse Prostate Mesenchyme Cells
Estradiol down regulates the binding activity of an avian vitellogenin gene repressor (MDBP-2) and triggers a gradual demethylation of the mCpG pair of its DNA binding site.
Estradiol effects on the dopamine transporter – protein levels, subcellular location, and function
Estradiol inhibits the effects of extracellular ATP in human sperm by a non genomic mechanism of action
Estradiol metabolism: an endocrine biomarker for modulation of human mammary carcinogenesis.
Estradiol-type activity of coumestrol in mature and immature ovariectomized rat uterotrophic assays.
Estradiol uptake, toxicity, metabolism, and adverse effects on cadmium-treated amphibian embryos.
Estradiol valerate and alcohol intake: dose-response assessments
ESTree db: a Tool for Peach Functional Genomics
Estren promotes androgen phenotypes in primary lymphoid organs and submandibular glands
Estrogen and progesterone induce persistent increases in p53-dependent apoptosis and suppress mammary tumors in BALB/c- Trp53 +/- mice
Estrogen and progesterone receptor levels in nonneoplastic breast epithelium of breast cancer cases versus benign breast biopsy controls
Estrogen as therapy for breast cancer
Estrogen-Astrocyte interactions: Implications for neuroprotection
Estrogen carcinogenesis in the hamster kidney: role of cytotoxicity and cell proliferation.
Estrogen enhanced cell-cell signalling in breast cancer cells exposed to targeted irradiation
Estrogen in the adult male reproductive tract: A review
Estrogen-induced DNA synthesis in vascular endothelial cells is mediated by ROS signaling
Estrogen induces tissue specific changes in the chromatin conformation of the vitellogenin genes in Xenopus.
Estrogen-inducible and liver-specific expression of the chicken Very Low Density Apolipoprotein II gene locus in transgenic mice.
Estrogen is not neuroprotective in a rodent model of optic nerve stroke
Estrogen level monitoring in artificial frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles using step-up regime without pituitary suppression: is it necessary?
Estrogen-like activity of seafood related to environmental chemical contaminants
Estrogen-Like Properties of Fluorotelomer Alcohols as Revealed by MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation
Estrogen, mitochondria, and growth of cancer and non-cancer cells
Estrogen, not intrinsic aging, is the major regulator of delayed human wound healing in the elderly
Estrogen, Progesterone and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Estrogen–progestin replacement therapy: regulatory action needed
Estrogen protects against the synergistic toxicity by HIV proteins, methamphetamine and cocaine
Estrogen protects neuronal cells from amyloid beta-induced apoptosis via regulation of mitochondrial proteins and function
Estrogen receptor accessory proteins: effects on receptor-DNA interactions.
Estrogen receptor alpha dinucleotide repeat polymorphism in Japanese patients with autoimmune thyroid diseases
Estrogen receptor-alpha (ER-alpha) and defects in uterine receptivity in women
Estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) mRNA copy numbers in immunohistochemically ERα-positive-, and negative breast cancer tissues
Estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphism and endometrial cancer risk – a case-control study
Estrogen receptor β: an overview and update
Estrogen receptor and aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling pathways
Estrogen receptor and HER2/neu status affect epigenetic differences of tumor-related genes in primary breast tumors
Estrogen receptor-α and progesterone receptor are expressed in label-retaining mammary epithelial cells that divide asymmetrically and retain their template DNA strands
Estrogen receptor-dependent activation of AP-1 via non-genomic signalling
Estrogen-Receptor Expression and Function in Thymocytes in Relation to Gender and Age
Estrogen receptor-α gene haplotype is associated with primary knee osteoarthritis in Korean population
Estrogen receptor impairs interleukin-6 expression by preventing protein binding on the NF-kappaB site.
Estrogen receptor in hen oviduct chromatin, digested by micrococcal nuclease.
Estrogen receptor interaction with estrogen response elements
Estrogen receptor of primary breast cancers: evidence for intracellular proteolysis
Estrogen receptor-α polymorphism in a Taiwanese clinical breast cancer population: a case–control study
Estrogen receptor α polymorphisms and postmenopausal breast cancer risk
Estrogen receptor related beta is expressed in human endometrium throughout the normal menstrual cycle
Estrogen receptor transcription and transactivation: Basic aspects of estrogen action
Estrogen receptor transcription and transactivation: Estrogen receptor alpha and estrogen receptor beta - regulation by selective estrogen receptor modulators and importance in breast cancer
Estrogen receptor transcription and transactivation: Estrogen receptor knockout mice - what their phenotypes reveal about mechanisms of estrogen action
Estrogen receptor transcription and transactivation: Structure-function relationship in DNA- and ligand-binding domains of estrogen receptors
Estrogen receptor-β: why may it influence clinical outcome in estrogen receptor-α positive breast cancer?
Estrogen receptors alpha and beta in rat placenta: detection by RT-PCR, real time PCR and Western blotting
Estrogen receptors and breast cancer.
Estrogen Receptors are Present in Neocortical Transplants
Estrogen regulation of mammary gland development and breast cancer: amphiregulin takes center stage
Estrogen regulation of testicular function
Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) in high-risk cancer patients.
Estrogen- repressed genes – key mediators of estrogen action?
Estrogen's a Natural in Herbal Remedies
Estrogen Sensitivity of Target Genes and Expression of Nuclear Receptor Co-Regulators in Rat Prostate after Pre- and Postnatal Exposure to the Ultraviolet Filter 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor
Estrogen signaling in the cardiovascular system
Estrogen Tolerance in Pregnancy *
Estrogenic Activities of Fatty Acids and a Sterol Isolated from Royal Jelly
Estrogenic activity assessment of environmental chemicals using in vitro assays: identification of two new estrogenic compounds.
Estrogenic activity of natural and synthetic estrogens in human breast cancer cells in culture.
Estrogenic activity of phenolic additives determined by an in vitro yeast bioassay.
Estrogenic activity of styrene oligomers after metabolic activation by rat liver microsomes.
Estrogenic and DNA-damaging activity of Red No. 3 in human breast cancer cells.
Estrogenic microenvironment generated by organochlorine residues in adipose mammary tissue modulates biomarker expression in ERα-positive breast carcinomas
Estrogenic or antiestrogenic therapies for multiple myeloma?
Estrogenic potential of certain pyrethroid compounds in the MCF-7 human breast carcinoma cell line.
Estrogenicity of environmental PCBs.
Estrogenicity of resin-based composites and sealants in dentistry.
Estrogenicity of resin-based composites and sealants used in dentistry.
Estrogenicity of styrene oligomers and assessment of estrogen receptor binding assays.
Estrogenicity of Styrene Oligomers: Response to Ohno et al.
Estrogens and development.
Estrogens and growth factors induce the mRNA of the 52K-pro-cathepsin-D secreted by breast cancer cells.
Estrogens and neuroprotection in retinal diseases
Estrogens from sewage in coastal marine environments.
Estrogens in coastal waters. The sewage source.
Estrogens in the Environment
Estrogens in the Environment III
Estrogens in unexpected places: possible implications for researchers and consumers.
Estrogens, selective estrogen receptor modulators, and a selective estrogen receptor down-regulator inhibit endothelial production of tissue factor pathway inhibitor 1
ESTs and EST-linked polymorphisms for genetic mapping and phylogenetic reconstruction in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata
ESTs from a wild Arachis species for gene discovery and marker development
ESTs from the microsporidian Edhazardia aedis
Estuarine Nutrient Loads Still a Problem
Estuary-associated syndrome in North Carolina: an occupational prevalence study.
ESTuber db: an online database for Tuber borchii EST sequences
Esub8: A novel tool to predict protein subcellular localizations in eukaryotic organisms
ET B receptor polymorphism is associated with airway obstruction
eTag, You're It
Etanercept versus etanercept plus methotrexate: a registry-based study suggesting that the combination is clinically more efficacious
eTBLAST: a web server to identify expert reviewers, appropriate journals and similar publications
ETH1/395: From the "Digital Disease" on to the Hippocratic Nosos: Helping the physician to reinstate the individual patient in compartmentalized medicine
ETH2/407: Ethical Problems in Non-Direct Patient-Physician Interaction
ETH3/482: Studies Evaluating Physician-to-Patient Tele-advice Given via Electronic Mails
Ethanol and development of disease and injury to tha alimentary tract.
Ethanol-induced structural transitions of DNA on mica.
Ethanol induces cell-cycle activity and reduces stem cell diversity to alter both regenerative capacity and differentiation potential of cerebral cortical neuroepithelial precursors
Ethanol/Naltrexone Interactions at the mu-Opioid Receptor. CLSM/FCS Study in Live Cells
Ethanol precipitation of DNA with linear polyacrylamide as carrier.
Ethanol sensitivity: a central role for CREB transcription regulation in the cerebellum
Ether à go-go potassium channel expression in soft tissue sarcoma patients
Ethereal Ethics
Ethical analysis of the new proposed mental health legislation in England and Wales
Ethical and Legal Issues in Interactive Health Communications: A Call for International Cooperation
Ethical and Practical Issues Associated with Aggregating Databases
Ethical and Scientific Issues of Nanotechnology in the Workplace
Ethical Aspects of Avian Influenza Pandemic Preparedness. Proceedings of a symposium, 2005.
Ethical challenges in surgery as narrated by practicing surgeons
Ethical Challenges of Medicine and Health on the Internet: A Review
Ethical challenges related to elder care. High level decision-makers' experiences
Ethical challenges with the left ventricular assist device as a destination therapy
Ethical considerations, confidentiality issues, rights of human subjects, and uses of monitoring data in research and regulation.
Ethical considerations in the design and execution of the National and Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HANES).
Ethical Dimensions of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection During Pregnancy
Ethical expertise revisited
Ethical guideposts to clinical trials in oncology
Ethical Implications of Modifying Lethal Injection Protocols
Ethical Issues Associated With Routine Screening and Prophylaxis for Group B Streptococcus in Pregnancy
Ethical issues in environmental health research.
Ethical issues in epidemiologic research and public health practice
Ethical issues in implementation research: a discussion of the problems in achieving informed consent
Ethical issues in international vaccine research and development.
Ethical Issues in Mental Retardation. Tragic Choices/Living Hope
Ethical Issues in Providing Online Psychotherapeutic Interventions
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of the Human Genome Project: What to Do with What We Know.
Ethical perspectives for public and environmental health: fostering autonomy and the right to know.
Ethical Perspectives on RNA Interference Therapeutics
Ethical Practices for Health Research in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of the World Health Organization: A Retrospective Data Analysis
Ethical questions on the use of magnetic field reports.
Ethical, social, and legal issues surrounding studies of susceptible populations and individuals.
Ethical Standards of Studies Involving Human Subjects
Ethics and critical care in the new millennium
Ethics and Regulation of Clinical Research
Ethics as Our Guide
Ethics assessment as an adjunct to risk assessment in the evaluation of developmental neurotoxicants.
Ethics at the Edges of Life: Medical and Legal Intersections
Ethics in Environmental Health
Ethics in medicine. Historical perspectives and contemporary concerns
Ethics issues experienced in HBM within Portuguese health surveillance and research projects
Ethics Manual
Ethics of open access to biomedical research: Just a special case of ethics of open access to research
Ethics of pesticide testing in humans.
Ethics of randomised controlled trials – not yet time to give up on equipoise
Ethics Review Committee approval and informed consent: an analysis of biomedical publications originating from Sri Lanka
Ethics review: Dark angels – the problem of death in intensive care
Ethics review: 'Living wills' and intensive care – an overview of the American experience
Ethics review: Perioperative do-not-resuscitate orders – doing 'nothing' when 'something' can be done
Ethics review: Position papers and policies – are they really helpful to front-line ICU teams?
Ethics roundtable debate: A patient dies from an ICU-acquired infection related to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – how do you defend your case and your team?
Ethics roundtable debate: Child with severe brain damage and an underlying brain tumour
Ethics roundtable debate: Is a physician–patient confidentiality relationship subservient to a greater good?
Ethics roundtable debate: Patients and surrogates want 'everything done' – what does 'everything' mean?
Ethics roundtable debate: should a sedated dying patient be wakened to say goodbye to family?
Ethics roundtable debate: Withdrawal of tube feeding in a patient with persistent vegetative state where the patients wishes are unclear and there is family dissension
Ethics roundtable: Using new, expensive drugs
Ethics takes time, but not that long
Ethidium analogues with improved resolution in the dye-buoyant density procedure.
Ethidium bromide binding to core particle: comparison with native chromatin.
Ethidium bromide-mediated renaturation of denatured closed circular DNAs. The nature of denaturation-resistant fractions of bacteriophage PM2 closed circular DNA
Ethidium-dependent uncoupling of substrate binding and cleavage by Escherichia coli ribonuclease III
Ethidium derivatives bind to G-quartets, inhibit telomerase and act as fluorescent probes for quadruplexes
Ethmoidal osteoid osteoma with orbital and intracranial extension – a case report
Ethnic and age-related fat free mass loss in older Americans: The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III)
Ethnic differences in allelic distribution of IFN-g in South African women but no link with cervical cancer
Ethnic differences in cancer incidence: a marker for inherited susceptibility?
Ethnic differences in cardiometabolic risk profile in an overweight/obese paediatric cohort in the Netherlands: a cross-sectional study
Ethnic differences in Internal Medicine referrals and diagnosis in the Netherlands
Ethnic Differences in Nicotine Metabolism In New Zealand
Ethnic differences in the effect of environmental stressors on blood pressure and hypertension in the Netherlands
Ethnic differences in the time trend of female breast cancer incidence: Singapore, 1968 – 2002
Ethnic Differences in the Use of Complementary and Alternative Therapies Among Adults With Osteoarthritis
Ethnic differential item functioning in the assessment of quality of life in cancer patients
Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Management and Pay-for-Performance in the UK: The Wandsworth Prospective Diabetes Study
Ethnic Disparities in Health: The Public's Role in Working for Equality
Ethnic inequalities in the treatment and outcome of diabetes in three English Primary Care Trusts
Ethnic minorities and prescription medication; concordance between self-reports and medical records
Ethnic Related Selection for an ADH Class I Variant within East Asia
Ethnic stereotypes and the underachievement of UK medical students from ethnic minorities: qualitative study
Ethnic variation in validity of classification of overweight and obesity using self-reported weight and height in American women and men: the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Ethnic variations in incidence of asthma episodes in England & Wales:national study of 502,482 patients in primary care
Ethnic variations in orthodontic treatment need in London schoolchildren
Ethnicity and cancer in Guyana, South America
Ethnicity and gender related differences in extended intraesophageal pH monitoring parameters in infants: a retrospective study
Ethnicity and the ethics of data linkage
Ethnicity coding in a regional cancer registry and in Hospital Episode Statistics
Ethnicity, sleep, mood, and illumination in postmenopausal women
Ethno-diversity within current ethno-pharmacology as part of Israeli traditional medicine – A review
Ethnobotanical investigations among tribes in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu (India)
Ethnobotanical notes about some uses of medicinal plants in Alto Tirreno Cosentino area (Calabria, Southern Italy)
Ethnobotanical remarks on Central and Southern Italy
Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used by people in Zegie Peninsula, Northwestern Ethiopia
Ethnobotanical study of some of mosquito repellent plants in north-eastern Tanzania
Ethnobotanical study of wild edible plants in Derashe and Kucha Districts, South Ethiopia
Ethnobotany in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, Nuevo León, México
Ethnobotany in the Nepal Himalaya
Ethnobotany of the Samburu of Mt. Nyiru, South Turkana, Kenya
Ethnomedicinal botany of the Apatani in the Eastern Himalayan region of India
Ethnomedicinal plant knowledge and practice of the Oromo ethnic group in southwestern Ethiopia
Ethnomedicinal plant use by Lepcha tribe of Dzongu valley, bordering Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, in North Sikkim, India
Ethnomedicinal plants used by the people of Manang district, central Nepal
Ethnomedicine and dominant medicine in multicultural Australia: a critical realist reflection on the case of Korean-Australian immigrants in Sydney
Ethnomedicine in Himalaya: a case study from Dolpa, Humla, Jumla and Mustang districts of Nepal
Ethnomedicines used in Trinidad and Tobago for reproductive problems
Ethnomedicines used in Trinidad and Tobago for urinary problems and diabetes mellitus
Ethnopharmacological evaluation of radal (leaves of Lomatia hirsuta ) and isolation of 2-methoxyjuglone
Ethnopharmacological survey of different uses of seven medicinal plants from Mali, (West Africa) in the regions Doila, Kolokani and Siby
Ethnopharmacological survey of Samburu district, Kenya
Ethnopharmacological survey of six medicinal plants from Mali, West-Africa
Ethnopharmacological uses of Erythrina senegalensis : a comparison of three areas in Mali, and a link between traditional knowledge and modern biological science
Ethnophytotherapeutical research in the high Molise region (Central-Southern Italy)
Ethnotaxonomy of mastofauna as practised by hunters of the municipality of Paulista, state of Paraíba-Brazil
Ethnoveterinary medicines used for horses in Trinidad and in British Columbia, Canada
Ethnoveterinary medicines used for ruminants in British Columbia, Canada
Ethological and experimental approaches to behavior analysis: implications for ecotoxicology.
Ethology of Mammals
Ethopharmacology: Primate Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Ethylene- and pathogen-inducible Arabidopsis acyl-CoA-binding protein 4 interacts with an ethylene-responsive element binding protein
Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether and ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate teratology studies.
Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether and propylene glycol monomethyl ether: metabolism, disposition, and subchronic inhalation toxicity studies.
Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether (EGME) and propylene glycol monomethyl ether (PGME): inhalation fertility and teratogenicity studies in rats, mice and rabbits.
Ethylene-induced differential gene expression during abscission of citrus leaves
Ethylene-induced modulation of genes associated with the ethylene signalling pathway in ripening kiwifruit
Ethylene regulates lateral root formation and auxin transport in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ethylenebisdithiocarbamates and ethylenethiourea: possible human health hazards.
Etiological explanation, treatability and preventability of childhood autism: a survey of Nigerian healthcare workers' opinion
Etiological study of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in an endemic region: a population-based case control study in Huaian, China
Etiology and antibiotic resistance patterns of community-acquired urinary tract infections in J N M C Hospital Aligarh, India
Etiology and pathogenesis of airway disease in children and adults from rural communities.
Etiology and Pathogenesis of Marked Elevation of Serum Transaminase in Patients With Acute Gallstone Disease
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