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Drosophila AP3, a presumptive DNA repair protein, is homologous to human ribosomal associated protein P0.
Drosophila ARSs contain the yeast ARS consensus sequence and a replication enhancer.
Drosophila as a genetic and cellular model for studies on axonal growth
Drosophila as a model system for molecular analysis of tumorigenesis.
Drosophila as an emerging model to study metastasis
Drosophila bloom helicase maintains genome integrity by inhibiting recombination between divergent DNA sequences
Drosophila Brakeless Interacts with Atrophin and Is Required for Tailless-Mediated Transcriptional Repression in Early Embryos
Drosophila brca2 Is Required for Mitotic and Meiotic DNA Repair and Efficient Activation of the Meiotic Recombination Checkpoint
Drosophila by the dozen
Drosophila cbl Is Essential for Control of Cell Death and Cell Differentiation during Eye Development
Drosophila CENP-A Mutations Cause a BubR1- Dependent Early Mitotic Delay without Normal Localization of Kinetochore Components
Drosophila chromatin: an immunological study.
Drosophila clipper/CPSF 30K is a post-transcriptionally regulated nuclear protein that binds RNA containing GC clusters.
Drosophila Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase cDNA sequence.
Drosophila damage-specific DNA-binding protein 1 (D-DDB1) is controlled by the DRE/DREF system
Drosophila eiger Mutants Are Sensitive to Extracellular Pathogens
Drosophila Free-Running Rhythms Require Intercellular Communication
Drosophila has a single copy of the gene encoding a highly conserved histone H2A variant of the H2A.F/Z type.
Drosophila Heartless Acts with Heartbroken/Dof in Muscle Founder Differentiation
Drosophila Histone Deacetylase-3 Controls Imaginal Disc Size through Suppression of Apoptosis
Drosophila immunity: a comparative analysis of the Rel proteins dorsal and Dif in the induction of the genes encoding diptericin and cecropin.
Drosophila immunity. A sequence homologous to mammalian interferon consensus response element enhances the activity of the diptericin promoter.
Drosophila Kismet Regulates Histone H3 Lysine 27 Methylation and Early Elongation by RNA Polymerase II
Drosophila Larval Development and Human Immunodeficiency: The Adenosine Deaminase Connection
Drosophila lifespan control by dietary restriction independent of insulin-like signaling
Drosophila Melanogaster
Drosophila melanogaster Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase gene sequence.
Drosophila melanogaster genes for U1 snRNA variants and their expression during development.
Drosophila melanogaster RECQ5/QE DNA helicase: stimulation by GTP binding
Drosophila melanogaster, two years into the post-genomic era
Drosophila mitochondrial DNA: a novel gene order.
Drosophila Muscleblind Is Involved in troponin T Alternative Splicing and Apoptosis
Drosophila Neurotrophins Reveal a Common Mechanism for Nervous System Formation
Drosophila NMNAT Maintains Neural Integrity Independent of Its NAD Synthesis Activity
Drosophila olfactory local interneurons and projection neurons derive from a common neuroblast lineage specified by the empty spiracles gene
Drosophila phosphopantothenoylcysteine synthetase is required for tissue morphogenesis during oogenesis
Drosophila ribosomal protein PO contains apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease activity.
Drosophila ribosomal protein S19 cDNA sequence.
Drosophila RNA polymerase II elongation factor DmS-II has homology to mouse S-II and sequence similarity to yeast PPR2.
Drosophila RNase Z processes mitochondrial and nuclear pre-tRNA 3′ ends in vivo
Drosophila RpS3a, a novel Minute gene situated between the segment polarity genescubitus interruptus and dTCF.
Drosophila Rrp1 3'-exonuclease: demonstration of DNA sequence dependence and DNA strand specificity.
Drosophila Rrp1 complements E. coli xth nfo mutants: protection against both oxidative and alkylation-induced DNA damage.
Drosophila SETDB1 Is Required for Chromosome 4 Silencing
Drosophila simulans Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase gene sequence.
Drosophila snRNP associated protein P11 which specifically binds to heat shock puff 93D reveals strong homology with hnRNP core protein A1.
Drosophila Spastin Regulates Synaptic Microtubule Networks and Is Required for Normal Motor Function
Drosophila Spd-2 Recruits PCM to the Sperm Centriole, but Is Dispensable for Centriole Duplication
Drosophila SPF45: A Bifunctional Protein with Roles in Both Splicing and DNA Repair
Drosophila tan Encodes a Novel Hydrolase Required in Pigmentation and Vision
Drosophila topoisomerase I: isolation, purification and characterization.
Drosophila topoisomerase II double-strand DNA cleavage: analysis of DNA sequence homology at the cleavage site.
Drosophila Uri, a PP1α binding protein, is essential for viability, maintenance of DNA integrity and normal transcriptional activity
Drosophila virilis Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase gene sequence.
DroSpeGe: rapid access database for new Drosophila species genomes
Drotrecogin alfa (activated): current evidence supports treatment for severe sepsis patients with a high risk of death
Drotrecogin alfa (activated): does current evidence support treatment for any patients with severe sepsis?
Drotrecogin alfa (activated): down and not out, but not really in either
Drotrecogin alfa (activated) in patients with severe sepsis and a high risk of death
Drotrecogin alfa (activated) in patients with severe sepsis presenting with purpura fulminans, meningitis, or meningococcal disease: a retrospective analysis of patients enrolled in recent clinical studies
Drotrecogin alfa (activated) in severe sepsis: a systematic review and new cost-effectiveness analysis
Drotrecogin alfa (activated): real-life use and outcomes for the UK
Drotrecogin alfa (activated) should not be used in patients with severe sepsis and low risk for death
Drotrecogin alfa (recombinant human activated protein C) in severe acute pancreatitis
Drought in the Southeast: Lessons for Water Management
Drowning or Thirsting: The Extremes of Availability of Medical Information
Drug 9AA reactivates p21/Waf1 and Inhibits HIV-1 progeny formation
Drug Abuse: Meth’s Pollution Epidemic
Drug Adulteration, Detection and Control in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Drug concentrations in axillary lymph nodes after lymphatic chemotherapy on patients with breast cancer
Drug Consumption in Conflict Zones in Somalia
Drug Development for Maternal Health Cannot Be Left to the Whims of the Market
Drug Development Papers in PLoS Medicine : How We Try to Spot a Winner
Drug/diet synergy for managing malignant astrocytoma in mice: 2-deoxy-D-glucose and the restricted ketogenic diet
Drug Discovery, CAM and Natural Products
Drug discovery from Nature: automated high-quality sample preparation
Drug, dosage, activity, studies of antimalarials by physical methods - II
Drug effects in melanoma: tumor-specific interactions of proflavine and ethidiumbromide.
Drug eluting and bare metal stents in people with and without diabetes: collaborative network meta-analysis
Drug Export Pathway of Multidrug Exporter AcrB Revealed by DARPin Inhibitors
Drug-induced activation of SREBP-controlled lipogenic gene expression in CNS-related cell lines: Marked differences between various antipsychotic drugs
Drug-induced acute myopia following chlorthalidone treatment
Drug-induced and postnatal hypothyroidism impairs the accumulation of diacylglycerol in liver and liver cell plasma membranes
Drug-Induced Epigenetic Changes Produce Drug Tolerance
Drug-induced hepatitis superimposed on the presence of anti-SLA antibody: a case report
Drug-induced immune thrombocytopenic purpura secondary to sunitinib
Drug-induced pulmonary fibrosis.
Drug information resources used by nurse practitioners and collaborating physicians at the point of care in Nova Scotia, Canada: a survey and review of the literature
Drug interaction: Omeprazole and Phenprocoumon
Drug interaction prediction using ontology-driven hypothetical assertion framework for pathway generation followed by numerical simulation
Drug Metabolism in Human Brain: High Levels of Cytochrome P4503A43 in Brain and Metabolism of Anti-Anxiety Drug Alprazolam to Its Active Metabolite
Drug overdosage: a study at the accident and emergency department of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.
Drug overdoses--a three year study at Altnagelvin Hospital, Londonderry.
Drug overdoses requiring temporary cardiac pacing; a study of six cases treated at Altnagelvin Hospital, Londonderry.
Drug-prescribing patterns during pregnancy in the tertiary care hospitals of Pakistan: a cross sectional study
Drug Reactions from Barbital (Veronal) and Phenobarbital (Luminal)
Drug Resistance in Antimicrobial Therapy
Drug Resistance Mutations for Surveillance of Transmitted HIV-1 Drug-Resistance: 2009 Update
Drug resistance to sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine in Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Mlimba, Tanzania
Drug-Resistant Leishmania tropica Parasites Detected in Iranian Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Drug-Selected Human Lung Cancer Stem Cells: Cytokine Network, Tumorigenic and Metastatic Properties
Drug surveillance: the role of the Committee on Safety of Medicines.
Drug susceptibility testing of clinical isolates of streptococci and enterococci by the Phoenix automated microbiology system
Drug targeting: synthesis and endocytosis of oligonucleotide-neoglycoprotein conjugates.
Drug therapy and adverse drug reactions to terbutaline in obstetric patients: a prospective cohort study in hospitalized women
Drug Therapy Considerations in Arrhythmias in Children
Drug therapy: dose-response relationship of oral mesalazine in inflammatory bowel disease.
Drug Therapy for Acute Bleeding From Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy
Drug Therapy in Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Myocarditis
Drug treatment program patients' hepatitis C virus (HCV) education needs and their use of available HCV education services
Drug use and harm reduction in Afghanistan
Drug use and risk behaviours among injecting drug users: a comparison between sex workers and non-sex workers in Sydney, Australia
Drug use in children: cohort study in three European countries
Drug utilization and cost in a Medicaid population: A simulation study of community vs. mail order pharmacy
Drug war politics: the price of denial
Drug waste minimisation and cost-containment in Medical Oncology: Two-year results of a feasibility study
DrugBank: a comprehensive resource for in silico drug discovery and exploration
DrugBank: a knowledgebase for drugs, drug actions and drug targets
Drugged drinking water.
DrugMetZ DB: an anthology of human drug metabolizing Chytochrome P450 enzymes
Drugs affecting lipid metabolism. Risk factors and future directions
Drugs, alcohol and sexual health: opportunities to influence risk behaviour
Drugs and Adrenocortical Function
Drugs and Enzymes
Drugs and herbs given to prevent hepatotoxicity of tuberculosis therapy: systematic review of ingredients and evaluation studies
Drugs and narcotics in history
Drugs and Pharmacy in Prints
Drugs and the athlete
Drugs and the blood-testis barrier
Drugs and the Brain
Drugs, bugs, and esophageal pH profiles.
Drugs for dementia: the first year. An audit of prescribing practice.
Drugs from dinoflagellates.
Drugs in Central Nervous System Disorders
Drugs in development: bisphosphonates and metalloproteinase inhibitors
Drugs on trial: experimental pharmacology and therapeutic innovation in the eighteenth century
Drugs That Are Requisite
Drukker, Parsons and Maher: Replacement of Renal Function by Dialysis 4th Edition
Drunken-cell footprints: nuclease treatment of ethanol-permeabilized bacteria reveals an initiation-like nucleoprotein complex in stationary phase replication origins.
Dry-reagent disposable dipstick test for visual screening of seven leukemia-related chromosomal translocations
Dry season ecology of Anopheles gambiae complex mosquitoes in The Gambia
Dry work in a wet world: computation in systems biology
Ds tagging of BRANCHED FLORETLESS 1 ( BFL1 ) that mediates the transition from spikelet to floret meristem in rice ( Oryza sativa L)
dSAP18 and dHDAC1 contribute to the functional regulation of the Drosophila Fab-7 element
DsaV methyltransferase and its isoschizomers contain a conserved segment that is similar to the segment in Hhai methyltransferase that is in contact with DNA bases.
dsCheck: highly sensitive off-target search software for double-stranded RNA-mediated RNA interference
DSD – An integrated, web-accessible database of Dehydrogenase Enzyme Stereospecificities
DSDBASE: a consortium of native and modelled disulphide bonds in proteins
DSEF-1 is a member of the hnRNP H family of RNA-binding proteins and stimulates pre-mRNA cleavage and polyadenylation in vitro.
dSETDB1 and SU(VAR)3–9 Sequentially Function during Germline-Stem Cell Differentiation in Drosophila melanogaster
DSHIFT: a web server for predicting DNA chemical shifts
DSIF contributes to transcriptional activation by DNA-binding activators by preventing pausing during transcription elongation
DSMM: a Database of Simulated Molecular Motions
dsRBM1 and a proline-rich domain of RNA helicase A can form a composite binder to recognize a specific dsDNA
DSS and DHS: longitudinal and cross-sectional viewpoints on child and adolescent mortality in Ethiopia
DSSPcont: continuous secondary structure assignments for proteins
(dT-dC)n and (dG-dA)n tracts arrest single stranded DNA replication in vitro.
DTNBP1 , a schizophrenia susceptibility gene, affects kinetics of transmitter release
Du désespoir au salut: les tuberculeux aux 19e et 20e siècles
Dual activation of pathways regulated by steroid receptors and peptide growth factors in primary prostate cancer revealed by Factor Analysis of microarray data
Dual and pan-peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR) co-agonism: the bezafibrate lessons
Dual antiplatelet therapy and drug eluting stents: a marriage of convenience
Dual Chamber Pacing in a Patient of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with Failure to Wean from Mechanical Ventilator
Dual controls, p-value plots, and the multiple testing issue in carcinogenicity studies.
Dual effect of the SR proteins ASF/SF2, SC35 and 9G8 on HIV-1 RNA splicing and virion production
Dual effects of phytoestrogens result in u-shaped dose-response curves.
Dual enhancer activities of the cyclic-AMP responsive element with cell type and promoter specificity.
Dual FRET molecular beacons for mRNA detection in living cells
Dual function of a nuclear factor I binding site in MMTV transcription regulation.
Dual gene therapy with extracellular superoxide dismutase and catalase attenuates experimental optic neuritis
Dual-hemisphere tDCS facilitates greater improvements for healthy subjects' non-dominant hand compared to uni-hemisphere stimulation
Dual-In/Out strategy for genes integration into bacterial chromosome: a novel approach to step-by-step construction of plasmid-less marker-less recombinant E. coli strains with predesigned genome structure
Dual influence of the yeast Cat1p (Snf1p) protein kinase on carbon source-dependent transcriptional activation of gluconeogenic genes by the regulatory gene CAT8.
Dual inhibitory effects of APOBEC family proteins on retrotransposition of mammalian endogenous retroviruses
Dual Lipolytic Control of Body Fat Storage and Mobilization in Drosophila
Dual-lumen catheters for continuous venovenous hemofiltration: limits for blood delivery via femoral vein access and a potential alternative in an experimental setting in anesthetized pigs
Dual Mechanism for the Translation of Subgenomic mRNA from Sindbis Virus in Infected and Uninfected Cells
Dual-modality impairment of implicit learning of letter-strings versus color-patterns in patients with schizophrenia
Dual modes of transcriptional and translational initiation of SSP1, the gene for a mitochondrial HSP70, responding to heat-shock in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Dual Nature of Acid-Fastness **
Dual pH durability studies of man-made vitreous fiber (MMVF).
Dual practice in the health sector: review of the evidence
Dual priming oligonucleotide system for the multiplex detection of respiratory viruses and SNP genotyping of CYP2C19 gene
Dual-regulated expression of C/EBP-α and BMP-2 enables differential differentiation of C2C12 cells into adipocytes and osteoblasts
Dual regulation of the Drosophila hsp26 promoter in vitro.
Dual role of DNA methylation inside and outside of CTCF-binding regions in the transcriptional regulation of the telomerase hTERT gene
Dual Role of Sp3 Transcription Factor as an Inducer of Apoptosis and a Marker of Tumour Aggressiveness
Dual Role of Topoisomerase II in Centromere Resolution and Aurora B Activity
Dual role of TRBP in HIV replication and RNA interference: viral diversion of a cellular pathway or evasion from antiviral immunity?
Dual roles of the transmembrane protein p23/TMP21 in the modulation of amyloid precursor protein metabolism
Dual-source computed tomography in patients with acute chest pain: feasibility and image quality
Dual-source CT for chest pain assessment
Dual Specificity Phosphatases 18 and 21 Target to Opposing Sides of the Mitochondrial Inner Membrane * S⃞
Dual Targeted Mitochondrial Proteins Are Characterized by Lower MTS Parameters and Total Net Charge
Dual Targeting of Antioxidant and Metabolic Enzymes to the Mitochondrion and the Apicoplast of Toxoplasma gondii
Dual-task costs while walking increase in old age for some, but not for other tasks: an experimental study of healthy young and elderly persons
Dual tissue-specific expression of apo-AII is directed by an upstream enhancer.
Dual Transneuronal Tracing in the Rat Entorhinal-Hippocampal Circuit by Intracerebral Injection of Recombinant Rabies Virus Vectors
Dual use of Medicare and the Veterans Health Administration: are there adverse health outcomes?
Dual Ventricular Response or 1 : 2 Atrioventricular Conduction in Dual Atrioventricular Nodal Physiology
Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy mutations: analysis using 2.6 kb of muscle cDNA from the 5' end of the gene.
Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) gene cDNA 8 PstI and TaqI polymorphisms involve exon 51 of the HindIII map.
Duck Migration and Past Influenza A (H5N1) Outbreak Areas
Ductal approaches to assessment and management of women at high risk for developing breast cancer
Ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast (DCIS) with heterogeneity of nuclear grade: prognostic effects of quantitative nuclear assessment
Ductal-lobar organisation of human breast tissue, its relevance in disease and a research objective: vector mapping of parenchyma in complete breasts (the Astley Cooper project)
Due caution using early β-blockers for acute myocardial infarction
Duffy blood group gene polymorphisms among malaria vivax patients in four areas of the Brazilian Amazon region
Duhamel procedure: a comparative retrospective study between an open and a laparoscopic technique
Duhuo Jisheng Tang for treating osteoarthritis of the knee: a prospective clinical observation
Duke Surgery Patient Safety: an open-source application for anonymous reporting of adverse and near-miss surgical events
Duke Surgery Research Central: an open-source Web application for the improvement of compliance with research regulation
Duloxetine 60 mg once daily in the treatment of milder major depressive disorder
Duloxetine and suicide attempts: a possible relation
Duloxetine compared with fluoxetine and venlafaxine: use of meta-regression analysis for indirect comparisons
Duloxetine for painful diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia pain: systematic review of randomised trials
Duloxetine for the long-term treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in patients aged 65 and older: an open-label study
Duloxetine in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder: A comparison of efficacy in patients with and without melancholic features
Duloxetine in the treatment of major depressive disorder: an open-label study
Duloxetine in treatment of refractory chronic tennis elbow: Two case reports
Duloxetine versus placebo for the treatment of women with stress predominant urinary incontinence in Taiwan: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial
Dumpy-30 family members as determinants of male fertility and interaction partners of metal-responsive transcription factor 1 (MTF-1) in Drosophila
Dung beetle database: comparison with other invertebrate transcriptomes
Dunning rat prostate adenocarcinomas and alternative splicing reporters: powerful tools to study epithelial plasticity in prostate tumors in vivo
Duodenal Biopsy in Diarrhea and Steatorrhea ‡
Duodenal Diverticula *
Duodenal Leiomyosarcoma Mimicking a Pancreatic Pseudocyst
Duodenal Malignant Somatostatinoma
Duodenal rupture complicating childhood non-accidental injury.
Duodenal stents for malignant duodenal strictures.
Duodenal ulcer and gastroesophageal reflux disease today: long-term therapy--a sideways glance.
Duodenal ulcer, hyperacidity and J C Adams.
Duodenal Ulcer in a Case of Non-Rotation of the Small Bowel
Duodenal Varices: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Duodenal Web and Pancreas Divisum Causing Pancreatitis in an Adult
Duodeno-Gastric-Esophageal Reflux—What is Pathologic? Comparison of Patients with Barrett’s Esophagus and Age-Matched Volunteers
Duodeno-Jejunal Varicosities Following Extrahepatic Portal Vein Thrombosis
Duodenoportal fistula caused by peptic ulcer after extended right hepatectomy for hilar cholangiocarcinoma
Duodenum preserving pancreatectomy in chronic pancreatitis: Design of a randomized controlled trial comparing two surgical techniques [ISRCTN50638764]
Duodenum-Preserving Resection of the Head of the Pancreas: The Significance as a Diagnostic Therapy for the Lesion in the Pancreatic Head
Duplex-hairpin transitions in DNA: NMR studies on CGCGTATACGCG.
Duplex scan in patients with clinical suspicion of deep venous thrombosis
Duplex Scorpion primers in SNP analysis and FRET applications
Duplex stabilities of phosphorothioate, methylphosphonate, and RNA analogs of two DNA 14-mers.
Duplex strand joining reactions catalyzed by vaccinia virus DNA polymerase
Duplex structure formation between oligo(dA)'s and oligo(dT)'s generated by thymine-specific interaction with netropsin.
Duplex-tetraplex equilibrium between a hairpin and two interacting hairpins of d(A-G)10 at neutral pH.
Duplicate gene evolution and expression in the wake of vertebrate allopolyploidization
Duplicate gene expression in allopolyploid Gossypium reveals two temporally distinct phases of expression evolution
Duplicated genes evolve slower than singletons despite the initial rate increase
Duplicated Hox genes in the spider Cupiennius salei
Duplicated KOX zinc finger gene clusters flank the centromere of human chromosome 10: evidence for a pericentric inversion during primate evolution.
Duplicated Paralogous Genes Subject to Positive Selection in the Genome of Trypanosoma brucei
Duplicated rDNA sequences of variable lengths flanking the short type I insertions in the rDNA of Drosophila melanogaster.
Duplicated region of sequence similarity to the human XRCC1 DNA repair gene in the Schizosaccharomyces pombe rad4/cut5 gene.
Duplication and Diversification of the Hypoxia-Inducible IGFBP-1 Gene in Zebrafish
Duplication and Gene Conversion in the Drosophila melanogaster Genome
Duplication and positive selection among hominin-specific PRAME genes
Duplication and relocation of the functional DPY19L2 gene within low copy repeats
Duplication and selection in the evolution of primate β-defensin genes
Duplication and transcription of procyclin genes in Trypanosoma brucei.
Duplication cyst of pyloroduodenal canal: a rare cause of neonatal gastric outlet obstruction: a case report
Duplication/deletion polymorphism 5' - to the human beta globin gene.
Duplication followed by deletion accounts for the structure of an Indian deletion beta (0)-thalassemia gene.
Duplication is more common among laterally transferred genes than among indigenous genes
Duplication of single stranded DNA catalyzed by calf thymus DNA polymerase alpha.
Duplication of the bcr and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase genes.
Duplication of the dystroglycan gene in most branches of teleost fish
Duplication of the IGFBP-2 Gene in Teleost Fish: Protein Structure and Functionality Conservation and Gene Expression Divergence
Duplication processes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae haploid strains
Duplications and functional divergence of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase genes in plants
Duplicative activation mechanisms of two trypanosome telomeric VSG genes with structurally simple 5' flanks.
Dupuytren's disease in bosnia and herzegovina. An epidemiological study
Durability of ceramic and novel man-made mineral fibers.
Durability of Stavudine, Lamivudine and Nevirapine among Advanced HIV-1 Infected Patients with/without Prior Co-administration of Rifampicin: A 144-week Prospective Study
Durable cytotoxic immune responses against gp120 elicited by recombinant SV40 vectors encoding HIV-1 gp120 ± IL-15
Durable remissions are rare following high dose therapy with autologous stem cell transplantation for adults with "paediatric" bone and soft tissue sarcomas
Duration from seroconversion to eligibility for antiretroviral therapy and from ART eligibility to death in adult HIV-infected patients from low and middle-income countries: collaborative analysis of prospective studies
Duration learning for analysis of nanopore ionic current blockades
Duration of bed occupancy as calculated at a random chosen day in an acute care ward. Implications for the use of scarce resources in psychiatric care
Duration of Breast-Feeding and PBBs
Duration of breast-feeding and the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Shanghai Women’s Health Study
Duration of chronic inflammation alters gene expression in muscle from untreated girls with juvenile dermatomyositis
Duration of hospital participation in a nationwide stroke registry is associated with improved quality of care
Duration of Protection against Malaria and Anaemia Provided by Intermittent Preventive Treatment in Infants in Navrongo, Ghana
Duration of salmeterol-induced bronchodilation in mechanically ventilated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: a prospective clinical study
Duration of streptozotocin-induced diabetes differentially affects p38-mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) phosphorylation in renal and vascular dysfunction
Duration of unemployment and depression: a cross-sectional survey in Lithuania
During development, 17alpha-estradiol is a potent estrogen and carcinogen.
During in vivo maturation of eukaryotic nuclear mRNA, splicing yields excised exon circles.
During infection of epithelial cells Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium undergoes a time-dependent transcriptional adaptation that results in simultaneous expression of three type 3 secretion systems
During negative regulation of the human papillomavirus-16 E6 promoter, the viral E2 protein can displace Sp1 from a proximal promoter element.
During negative selection, Nur77 family proteins translocate to mitochondria where they associate with Bcl-2 and expose its proapoptotic BH3 domain
Dust: a metric for use in residential and building exposure assessment and source characterization.
Dust Busters Gather
Dust in the wind.
Dust mite, cockroach, cat, and dog allergen concentrations in homes of asthmatic children in the northeastern United States: impact of socioeconomic factors and population density.
Dust Storm Fallout: Tiniest Travelers Pose Greatest Infection Threat
Dust Storms: Schwartz's Response
Dust Weight and Asthma Prevalence in the National Survey of Lead and Allergens in Housing (NSLAH)
dutA RNA functions as an untranslatable RNA in the development of Dictyostelium discoideum.
Dutch girls and boys, PCB levels, and play behavior: what do the data really tell us?
Dutch medical biography. A biographical dictionary of Dutch physicians and surgeons 1475–1975
Dutch medicine in the Malay Archipelago 1816–1942: articles presented at a symposium held in honor of Prof. Dr D. de Moulin
Dutch transatlantic medicine trade in the eighteenth century under the cover of the West Indies Company
Dutch women with a low birth weight have an increased risk of myocardial infarction later in life: a case control study
dUTPase activity is critical to maintain genetic stability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Duty, desire or indifference? A qualitative study of patient decisions about recruitment to an epilepsy treatment trial
DVD Offers Mold Remediation Tips
DWARF – a data warehouse system for analyzing protein families
Dwarfism in Egypt and classical antiquity: iconography and medical history.
Dwarfs in ancient Egypt and Greece
Dwelling Disparities: How Poor Housing Leads to Poor Health
Dwelling on Differences in Health
DWNN, a novel ubiquitin-like domain, implicates RBBP6 in mRNA processing and ubiquitin-like pathways
Dxr is essential in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and fosmidomycin resistance is due to a lack of uptake
Dye bias correction in dual-labeled cDNA microarray gene expression measurements.
Dye structure affects Taq DNA polymerase terminator selectivity.
Dying at home or in an institution: perspectives of Dutch physicians and bereaved relatives
Dying for work: workers' safety and health in twentieth century America
Dying from cancer or other chronic diseases in the Netherlands: ten-year trends derived from death certificate data
Dying from cardiac tamponade
Dying in the city of the blues: sickle cell anemia and the politics of race and health
Dynacortin facilitates polarization of chemotaxing cells
Dynamic 3D echocardiography in virtual reality
Dynamic Acetylation of All Lysine 4–Methylated Histone H3 in the Mouse Nucleus: Analysis at c- fos and c- jun
Dynamic activation of bone morphogenetic protein signaling in collagen-induced arthritis supports their role in joint homeostasis and disease
Dynamic active telepathology over National Health Laboratory service network, South Africa: feasibility study using Nikon Coolscope
Dynamic Analysis of Integrated Signaling, Metabolic, and Regulatory Networks
Dynamic analysis of optimality in myocardial energy metabolism under normal and ischemic conditions
Dynamic and Polarized Muscle Cell Behaviors Accompany Tail Morphogenesis in the Ascidian Ciona intestinalis
Dynamic and redundant regulation of LRRK2 and LRRK1 expression
Dynamic and static calcium gradients inside large snail ( Helix aspersa ) neurones detected with calcium-sensitive microelectrodes
Dynamic and structural characterisation of multiple steps during complex formation between E. coli RNA polymerase and the tetR promoter from pSC101.
Dynamic Aspect of Reactive Oxygen and Nitric Oxide in Oral Cavity
Dynamic Aspects of Biochemistry
Dynamic Aspects of Biochemistry
Dynamic assembly, localization and proteolysis of the Bacillus subtilis SMC complex
Dynamic assembly of chromatin complexes during cellular senescence: implications for the growth arrest of human melanocytic nevi
Dynamic assembly of primers on nucleic acid templates
Dynamic binding of Ku80, Ku70 and NF90 to the IL-2 promoter in vivo in activated T-cells
Dynamic changes in GABA A receptors on basal forebrain cholinergic neurons following sleep deprivation and recovery
Dynamic Changes in Protein Functional Linkage Networks Revealed by Integration with Gene Expression Data
Dynamic Changes in Subgraph Preference Profiles of Crucial Transcription Factors
Dynamic changes of serum SARS-Coronavirus IgG, pulmonary function and radiography in patients recovering from SARS after hospital discharge
Dynamic chromosomes
Dynamic compression counteracts IL-1β induced inducible nitric oxide synthase and cyclo-oxygenase-2 expression in chondrocyte/agarose constructs
Dynamic compression nail: A preliminary report
Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the sarcopenic muscle
Dynamic Correlation between Intrahost HIV-1 Quasispecies Evolution and Disease Progression
Dynamic covariation between gene expression and proteome characteristics
Dynamic cumulative activity of transcription factors as a mechanism of quantitative gene regulation
Dynamic diversity of the tryptophan pathway in chlamydiae: reductive evolution and a novel operon for tryptophan recapture
Dynamic effects of smoking cessation on disease incidence, mortality and quality of life: The role of time since cessation
Dynamic Encoding of Natural Luminance Sequences by LGN Bursts
Dynamic evolution of bitter taste receptor genes in vertebrates
Dynamic evolution of selenocysteine utilization in bacteria: a balance between selenoprotein loss and evolution of selenocysteine from redox active cysteine residues
Dynamic evolution of V1R putative pheromone receptors between Mus musculus and Mus spretus
Dynamic expression of a glutamate decarboxylase gene in multiple non-neural tissues during mouse development
Dynamic expression of ancient and novel molluscan shell genes during ecological transitions
Dynamic expression of Dab2 in the mouse embryonic central nervous system
Dynamic features of the selective pressure on the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) gp120 CD4-binding site in a group of long term non progressor (LTNP) subjects
Dynamic force microscopy for imaging of viruses under physiological conditions
Dynamic gene expression in fish muscle during recovery growth induced by a fasting-refeeding schedule
Dynamic gene interactions in the evolution of rabbit VH genes: a four codon duplication and block homologies provide evidence for intergenic exchange.
Dynamic histone H3 methylation during gene induction: HYPB/Setd2 mediates all H3K36 trimethylation
Dynamic in vitro measurement of patellar movement after total knee arthroplasty: an in vitro study
Dynamic in vivo imaging and cell tracking using a histone fluorescent protein fusion in mice
Dynamic instability of the major urinary protein gene family revealed by genomic and phenotypic comparisons between C57 and 129 strain mice
Dynamic interaction between WT1 and BASP1 in transcriptional regulation during differentiation
Dynamic Interaction of TTDA with TFIIH Is Stabilized by Nucleotide Excision Repair in Living Cells
Dynamic interactions between T cells and dendritic cells and their derived cytokines/chemokines in the rheumatoid synovium
Dynamic interactions within sub-complexes of the H/ACA pseudouridylation guide RNP
Dynamic localization of SPE-9 in sperm: a protein required for sperm-oocyte interactions in Caenorhabditis elegans
Dynamic localization of yeast Fus2p to an expanding ring at the cell fusion junction during mating
Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging in assessing lung function in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a pilot study of comparison before and after posterior spinal fusion
Dynamic magnetic resonance of the wrist in psoriatic arthritis reveals imaging patterns similar to those of rheumatoid arthritis
Dynamic map of protein interactions in the Escherichia coli chemotaxis pathway
Dynamic Medicine : the start of a new online journal
Dynamic metal-thiolate cluster structure of metallothioneins.
Dynamic methylation of histone H3 at lysine 4 in transcriptional regulation by the androgen receptor
Dynamic modeling of cis-regulatory circuits and gene expression prediction via cross-gene identification
Dynamic morphometric characterization of local connective tissue network structure in humans using ultrasound
Dynamic, Morphotype-Specific Candida albicans β-Glucan Exposure during Infection and Drug Treatment
Dynamic partitioning of mitotic kinesin-5 cross-linkers between microtubule-bound and freely diffusing states
Dynamic Perceptual Changes in Audiovisual Simultaneity
Dynamic Physical Fitness in Adolescence *
Dynamic Properties of Network Motifs Contribute to Biological Network Organization
Dynamic Psychiatry
Dynamic purine signaling and metabolism during neutrophil–endothelial interactions
Dynamic Range Compression in the Honey Bee Auditory System toward Waggle Dance Sounds
Dynamic recruitment of transcription factors and epigenetic changes on the ER stress response gene promoters
Dynamic Regulation of ARGONAUTE4 within Multiple Nuclear Bodies in Arabidopsis thaliana
Dynamic regulation of integrin activation by intracellular and extracellular signals controls oligodendrocyte morphology
Dynamic regulation of PGC-1α localization and turnover implicates mitochondrial adaptation in calorie restriction and the stress response
Dynamic regulation of replication independent deposition of histone H3 in fission yeast
Dynamic regulation of uncoupling protein 2 content in INS-1E insulinoma cells
Dynamic relocalization of hOGG1 during the cell cycle is disrupted in cells harbouring the hOGG1-Cys 326 polymorphic variant
Dynamic Remodeling of Dendritic Arbors in GABAergic Interneurons of Adult Visual Cortex
Dynamic Remodeling of Individual Nucleosomes Across a Eukaryotic Genome in Response to Transcriptional Perturbation
Dynamic remodelling of synapses can occur in the absence of the parent cell body
Dynamic Reprogramming of DNA Methylation at an Epigenetically Sensitive Allele in Mice
Dynamic rerouting of the carbohydrate flux is key to counteracting oxidative stress
Dynamic resolution of functionally related gene sets in response to acute heat stress
Dynamic RNA profiling in Plasmodium falciparum synchronized blood stages exposed to lethal doses of artesunate
Dynamic sensitivity analysis of biological systems
Dynamic simulation of red blood cell metabolism and its application to the analysis of a pathological condition
Dynamic simulation of regulatory networks using SQUAD
Dynamic Simulations on the Arachidonic Acid Metabolic Network
Dynamic simulations on the mitochondrial fatty acid Beta-oxidation network
Dynamic Social Adaptation of Motion-Related Neurons in Primate Parietal Cortex
Dynamic Spatial Coding within the Dorsal Frontoparietal Network during a Visual Search Task
Dynamic splinting for knee flexion contracture following total knee arthroplasty: a case report
Dynamic structures of Bacillus subtilis RecN–DNA complexes
Dynamic Surface Activity of a Fully Synthetic Phospholipase-Resistant Lipid/Peptide Lung Surfactant
Dynamic telecytopathology of on site rapid cytology diagnoses for pancreatic carcinoma
Dynamic three-dimensional echocardiography combined with semi-automated border detection offers advantages for assessment of resynchronization therapy
Dynamic transcription programs during ES cell differentiation towards mesoderm in serum versus serum-free BMP4 culture
Dynamic usage of transcription start sites within core promoters
Dynamic use of multiple parameter sets in sequence alignment
Dynamic variable selection in SNP genotype autocalling from APEX microarray data
Dynamical modeling and multi-experiment fitting with PottersWheel
Dynamical modeling of syncytial mitotic cycles in Drosophila embryos
Dynamical modeling of the cholesterol regulatory pathway with Boolean networks
Dynamical pathway analysis
Dynamical Principles of Two-Component Genetic Oscillators
Dynamical signatures of cellular fluctuations and oscillator stability in peripheral circadian clocks
Dynamical Software (I.4.1)
Dynamical Systems Analysis of Mitochondrial BAK Activation Kinetics Predicts Resistance to BH3 Domains
Dynamically simulating the interaction of midazolam and the CYP3A4 inhibitor itraconazole using individual coupled whole-body physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (WB-PBPK) models
Dynamics and consequences of DNA looping by the FokI restriction endonuclease
Dynamics and consequences of DNA looping by the FokI restriction endonuclease
Dynamics and Design Principles of a Basic Regulatory Architecture Controlling Metabolic Pathways
Dynamics and evolution of the inverted repeat-large single copy junctions in the chloroplast genomes of monocots
Dynamics and Potential Impact of the Immune Response to Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Dynamics in the isomerization of intramolecular DNA triplexes in supercoiled plasmids.
Dynamics of a disabled population in Morocco
Dynamics of adipogenic promoter DNA methylation during clonal culture of human adipose stem cells to senescence
Dynamics of Alliance Formation and the Egalitarian Revolution
Dynamics of amino acid metabolism of primary human liver cells in 3D bioreactors
Dynamics of association of origins of DNA replication with the nuclear matrix during the cell cycle
Dynamics of C-reactive protein and white blood cell count in critically ill patients with nosocomial Gram positive vs. Gram negative bacteremia: a historical cohort study
Dynamics of Co-Transcriptional Pre-mRNA Folding Influences the Induction of Dystrophin Exon Skipping by Antisense Oligonucleotides
Dynamics of Dnmt1 interaction with the replication machinery and its role in postreplicative maintenance of DNA methylation
Dynamics of Dynamin during Clathrin Mediated Endocytosis in PC12 Cells
Dynamics of filamentous viral RNPs prior to egress
Dynamics of Genome Rearrangement in Bacterial Populations
Dynamics of human replication factors in the elongation phase of DNA replication
Dynamics of Immune Escape during HIV/SIV Infection
Dynamics of immune response and drug resistance in malaria infection
Dynamics of in silico leukocyte rolling, activation, and adhesion
Dynamics of infection and competition between two strains of Trypanosoma brucei brucei in the tsetse fly observed using fluorescent markers
Dynamics of Lipid Transfer by Phosphatidylinositol Transfer Proteins in Cells
Dynamics of multiple insecticide resistance in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae in a rice growing area in South-Western Burkina Faso
Dynamics of nascent mRNA folding and RNA–protein interactions: an alternative TAR RNA structure is involved in the control of HIV-1 mRNA transcription
Dynamics of Orientation Tuning in Cat V1 Neurons Depend on Location Within Layers and Orientation Maps
Dynamics of Polymorphism in a Malaria Vaccine Antigen at a Vaccine-Testing Site in Mali
Dynamics of Population: Social and Biological Significance of Changing Birth Rates in The United States
Dynamics of positional warfare malaria: Finland and Korea compared
Dynamics of potentiation and activation: GAGA factor and its role in heat shock gene regulation.
Dynamics of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine release during zcute inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: an ex vivo study
Dynamics of receptor and protein transducer homodimerisation
Dynamics of single-cell gene expression
Dynamics of SNARE Assembly and Disassembly during Sperm Acrosomal Exocytosis
Dynamics of success and failure in phage and antibiotic therapy in experimental infections
Dynamics of testicular germ cell apoptosis in normal mice and transgenic mice overexpressing rat androgen-binding protein
Dynamics of the B–A transition of DNA double helices
Dynamics of the Cellular Metabolome during Human Cytomegalovirus Infection
Dynamics of the Central Bottleneck: Dual-Task and Task Uncertainty
Dynamics of the metal-dependent transcription factor complex in vivo at the mouse metallothionein-I promoter
Dynamics of the nucleus
Dynamics of transfer RNAs analyzed by normal mode calculation.
Dynamics of transmission of Plasmodium falciparum by Anopheles arabiensis and the molecular forms M and S of Anopheles gambiae in Dielmo, Senegal
Dynamin-dependent NMDAR endocytosis during LTD and its dependence on synaptic state
DynaProt 2D: an advanced proteomic database for dynamic online access to proteomes and two-dimensional electrophoresis gels
DyNAVacS: an integrative tool for optimized DNA vaccine design
Dynein-Dynactin Complex Is Essential for Dendritic Restriction of TM1-Containing Drosophila Dscam
Dynein Modifiers in C. elegans: Light Chains Suppress Conditional Heavy Chain Mutants
Dynein Regulates Epithelial Polarity and the Apical Localization of stardust A mRNA
Dyneins Across Eukaryotes: A Comparative Genomic Analysis
DynGO: a tool for visualizing and mining of Gene Ontology and its associations
Dynorphin Activates Quorum Sensing Quinolone Signaling in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Dysautonomia, fibromyalgia and reflex dystrophy
Dysbindin-1, a Schizophrenia-Related Protein, Functionally Interacts with the DNA- Dependent Protein Kinase Complex in an Isoform-Dependent Manner
Dysconnection Topography in Schizophrenia Revealed with State-Space Analysis of EEG
Dysfunction of Nrf-2 in CF Epithelia Leads to Excess Intracellular H 2 O 2 and Inflammatory Cytokine Production
Dysfunctional GABAergic inhibition in the prefrontal cortex leading to "psychotic" hyperactivation
Dysfunctional interferon-α production by peripheral plasmacytoid dendritic cells upon Toll-like receptor-9 stimulation in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
Dysfunctional KEAP1–NRF2 Interaction in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Dysfunctions in Dopamine Systems and ADHD: Evidence From Animals and Modeling
Dysgerminoma in three patients with Swyer syndrome
Dyslipidemia and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Management in HIV-1-Infected Subjects Treated with HAART in the Spanish VACH Cohort
Dyslipidemia in primary care – prevalence, recognition, treatment and control: data from the German Metabolic and Cardiovascular Risk Project (GEMCAS)
Dysmenorrhea: A Clinical Note *
Dysphagia caused by a fibrovascular polyp: a case report
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