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d -Amino acid oxidase and serine racemase in human brain: normal distribution and altered expression in schizophrenia
D- and L-lactate dehydrogenases during invertebrate evolution
D At A: Database of Arabidopsis thaliana Annotation
D-Chiro-Inositol – Its Functional Role in Insulin Action and its Deficit in Insulin Resistance
D D Cunningham and the aetiology of cholera in British India, 1869-1897.
d(GA·TC) n microsatellite DNA sequences enhance homologous DNA recombination in SV40 minichromosomes
d(GATC) sequences influence Escherichia coli mismatch repair in a distance-dependent manner from positions both upstream and downstream of the mismatch.
D-glucose Stimulates the Na + /K + Pump in Mouse Pancreatic Islet Cells
β-D-Glucoside utilization by Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides SC: possible involvement in the control of cytotoxicity towards bovine lung cells
D-glucuronyl C5-epimerase acts in dorso-ventral axis formation in zebrafish
D-HaploDB: a database of definitive haplotypes determined by genotyping complete hydatidiform mole samples
d-matrix – database exploration, visualization and analysis
D-MEKK1, the Drosophila orthologue of mammalian MEKK4/MTK1, and Hemipterous /D-MKK7 mediate the activation of D-JNK by cadmium and arsenite in Schneider cells
D protein of miniF plasmid acts as a repressor of transcription and as a site-specific resolvase.
d(TG)n.d(CA)n sequences upstream of the rat prolactin gene form Z-DNA and inhibit gene transcription.
D12S17 and D12S25 identify the same MspI RFLP
D13N1--a myc-associated sequence found near the TCR gamma locus on mouse chromosome 13.
D21S170 maps to terminal 21q22.3
D21S194, a jump clone from D21S16
D22S15--a fetal brain cDNA with BanII and SacI RFLP.
D4S35 and D4S103 identify the same locus and MspI RFLP
D6S110 detects polymorphic Hin dIII fragments associated with individual HLA-A class I haplotypes
D7S448 detects a Hind III polymorphism located in the centromere region of chromosome 7
D7S449 detects a HindIII polymorphism tightly linked to the MET gene on chromosome 7
(dA·dT)-dependent inactivation of the DNA template properties by interaction with netropsin and distamycin A
Dabska tumor (Endovascular papillary angioendothelioma) of testis: a case report with brief review of literature
Dacron ® vs. PTFE as bypass materials in peripheral vascular surgery – systematic review and meta-analysis
Dacryocystitis presenting as post-septal cellulitis: a case report
DADOS-Prospective: an open source application for Web-based prospective data collection
DADOS-Survey: an open-source application for CHERRIES-compliant Web surveys
DAF-2/Insulin-Like Signaling in C. elegans Modifies Effects of Dietary Restriction and Nutrient Stress on Aging, Stress and Growth
Daffy's Elixir Pamphlet
DAhunter: a web-based server that identifies homologous proteins by comparing domain architecture
Daily and estrous rhythmicity of body temperature in domestic cattle
Daily antibiotic cost of nosocomial infections in a Turkish university hospital
Daily average exposures to respirable particulate matter from combustion of biomass fuels in rural households of southern India.
Daily calcium intake in male children and adolescents obtained from the rapid assessment method and the 24-hour recall method
Daily diaries of respiratory symptoms and air pollution: methodological issues and results.
Daily Dosing of Rifapentine Cures Tuberculosis in Three Months or Less in the Murine Model
Daily enteral feeding practice on the ICU: attainment of goals and interfering factors
Daily estimates of soil ingestion in children.
Daily illumination exposure and melatonin: influence of ophthalmic dysfunction and sleep duration
Daily intake of copper from drinking water among young children in Sweden.
Daily mortality and air pollution in Santa Clara County, California: 1989-1996.
Daily oral grepafloxacin vs. twice daily oral doxycycline in the treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis endocervical infection.
Daily oviposition patterns of the African malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae Giles (Diptera: Culicidae) on different types of aqueous substrates
Daily rhythm of cerebral blood flow velocity
Daily rhythm of circulating fat soluble vitamin concentration (A, D, E and K) in the horse
Daily rhythm of nociception in rats
Daily rhythm of salivary and serum urea concentration in sheep
Daily rhythms in plasma levels of homocysteine
Daily temperature profiles in and around Western Kenyan larval habitats of Anopheles gambiae as related to egg mortality
Daily variation of particulate air pollution and poor cardiac autonomic control in the elderly.
Daily Variations of Standing Potential Differences in Human Subjects *
Daily versus as-needed inhaled corticosteroid for mild persistent asthma (The Helsinki early intervention childhood asthma study)
Dairy Microbiology
Dalbavancin: a novel antimicrobial
Dalhousie dyspnea scales: construct and content validity of pictorial scales for measuring dyspnea
Dali/FSSP classification of three-dimensional protein folds.
Dam-building decisions: a new flood of fairness.
Dam inactivation in Neisseria meningitidis : prevalence among diverse hyperinvasive lineages
Dam methylase from Escherichia coli: kinetic studies using modified DNA oligomers: hemimethylated substrates.
Dam methyltransferase from Escherichia coli: sequence of a peptide segment involved in S-adenosyl-methionine binding.
Dam methyltransferase sites located within the loop region of the oligopurine-oligopyrimidine sequences capable of forming H-DNA are undermethylated in vivo.
'Damage control orthopaedics' in patients with delayed referral to a tertiary care center: experience from a place where Composite Trauma Centers do not exist
Damage increases the flexibility of duplex DNA.
Damage Response Protein Buys Time for Bacterial DNA Repair
Damage to hepatic cellular membranes by chlorinated olefins with emphasis on synergism and antagonism.
Damage to the Biliary Tree as a Result of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Paper Discussion)
Damage to the Fronto-Polar Cortex Is Associated with Impaired Multitasking
Damage to the Nervous System from Gas Poisoning *
Damaged DNA Binding Protein 2 Plays a Role in Breast Cancer Cell Growth
Damages of the tibial post in constrained total knee prostheses in the early postoperative course – a scanning electron microscopic study of polyethylene inlays
Damming the Flow of Drugs into Drinking Water
Danaparoid sodium attenuates the increase in inflammatory cytokines and preserves organ function in endotoxemic rats
Danaparoid sodium inhibits systemic inflammation and prevents endotoxin-induced acute lung injury in rats
DANCER: a program for digital anatomical reconstruction of gene expression data
Dances as Windows into Insect Perception
Danger in the dust.
Dangerous dental sealants?
Dangerous Duplicates
Dangerous Dyes
Dangerous liaisons: a social history of venereal disease in twentieth-century Scotland
Dangerous medicines: Unproven AIDS cures and counterfeit antiretroviral drugs
Dangerous sexualities. Medico-moral politics in England since 1830
Dangerous yardstick? Early cost estimates and the politics of financial management in the first decade of the National Health Service.
Dangers Inherent in the Clinical Diagnosis of Cancer *
Daniel Webster and the Hay-Fever *
Danio Rerio , the Zebrafish
Dantrolene and heatstroke: a good molecule applied in an unsuitable situation
DAP-like kinase interacts with the rat homolog of Schizosaccharomyces pombe CDC5 protein, a factor involved in pre-mRNA splicing and required for G 2 /M phase transition
Daphnia Halloween genes that encode cytochrome P450s mediating the synthesis of the arthropod molting hormone: Evolutionary implications
Dapsone induced cholangitis as a part of dapsone syndrome: a case report
Daptomycin antimicrobial activity tested against methicillin-resistant staphylococci and vancomycin-resistant enterococci isolated in European medical centers (2005)
Daptomycin versus vancomycin plus gentamicin for treatment of bacteraemia and endocarditis due to Staphylococcus aureus : subset analysis of patients infected with methicillin-resistant isolates
Dark Aberrant Crypt Foci with activated Wnt pathway are related to tumorigenesis in the colon of AOM-treated rat
Dark Aberrant Crypt Foci with activated Wnt pathway are related to tumorigenesis in the colon of AOM-treated rat
Dark matter in a deep-sea vent and in human mouth
Darke hierogliphicks: alchemy in English literature from Chaucer to the Restoration
DarkHorse: a method for genome-wide prediction of horizontal gene transfer
DARPP-32 Is a Robust Integrator of Dopamine and Glutamate Signals
DArT markers: diversity analyses and mapping in Sorghum bicolor
Darwin in Italia
Darwin on man. A psychological study of scientific creativity, together with Darwin's early and unpublished notebooks
Darwin's Other Books: “Red” and “Transmutation” Notebooks, “Sketch,” “Essay,” and Natural Selection
Darwin's theory of evolution. Essay review.
Darwin to Einstein. Primary sources on science and belief
Darwinism and social Darwinism in Imperial Germany: the contribution of the cell biologist Oscar Hertwig (1849–1922)
Darwinism, war and history: the debate over the biology of war from the `Origin of species' to the First World War
Das Arzneibuch des Johan van Segen
Das “Buch über das Geheimnis der Schöpfung” von Pseudo-Apollonios von Tyana
Das Hospital als Träger der Armenfürsorge im Mittelalter
Das Kind im 18. Jahrhundert. Beiträge zur Sozialgeschichte des Kindes
Das Krankenhauswesen der Stadt Bonn im 19. Jahrhundert
Das Regimen Sanitatis Konrads von Eichstätt
DAS28: a useful instrument to monitor infliximab treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
DAS28 best reflects the physician's clinical judgment of response to infliximab therapy in rheumatoid arthritis patients: validation of the DAS28 score in patients under infliximab treatment
Data Acquisition and Processing in Biology and Medicine
Data acquisition system for chemical kinetic studies
Data and animal management software for large-scale phenotype screening
Data and Theory Point to Mainly Additive Genetic Variance for Complex Traits
Data capture in bioinformatics: requirements and experiences with Pedro
Data Cleaning: Detecting, Diagnosing, and Editing Data Abnormalities
Data congruence, paedomorphosis and salamanders
Data-driven exploration of ‘spatial pattern-time process-driving forces’ associations of SARS epidemic in Beijing, China
Data-driven haemodynamic response function extraction using Fourier-wavelet regularised deconvolution
Data-driven modeling of cellular stimulation, signaling and output response in RAW 264.7 cells
Data explosion: bringing order to chaos with bioinformatics.
Data extraction from composite oligonucleotide microarrays
Data for Genetic Analysis Workshop (GAW) 15, Problem 1: genetics of gene expression variation in humans
Data for Genetic Analysis Workshop (GAW) 15 Problem 2, genetic causes of rheumatoid arthritis and associated traits
Data from necropsy studies and in vitro tissue studies lead to a model for allometric scaling of basal metabolic rate
Data from short-term tests on motor vehicle exhausts
Data growth and its impact on the SCOP database: new developments
Data handling on a sequential multichannel analyser computerized (SMAC): using a low-cost minicomputer
Data handling strategies for high throughput pyrosequencers
Data Integration and Analysis for Medical Systems Biology
Data management for prospective research studies using SAS ® software
Data management for toxicological studies.
Data-Mining Analysis Suggests an Epigenetic Pathogenesis for Type 2 Diabetes
Data mining for proteins characteristic of clades
Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD)
Data Mining in Genomics and Proteomics
Data mining of cancer vaccine trials: a bird's-eye view
Data mining of plasma peptide chromatograms for biomarkers of air contaminant exposures
Data mining of the GAW14 simulated data using rough set theory and tree-based methods
Data mining of the transcriptome of Plasmodium falciparum : the pentose phosphate pathway and ancillary processes
Data mining tools for the Saccharomyces cerevisiae morphological database
Data Needs and Uses for Older Adult Health Surveillance: Perspectives From State Health Agencies
Data-poor categorization and passage retrieval for Gene Ontology Annotation in Swiss-Prot
Data preparation and interannotator agreement: BioCreAtIvE Task 1B
Data processing and classification analysis of proteomic changes: a case study of oil pollution in the mussel, Mytilus edulis
Data-processing routines for automated relaxation times and nuclear Overhauser effect measurements on a FT NMR spectrometer
Data quality assurance and quality control measures in large multicenter stroke trials: the African-American Antiplatelet Stroke Prevention Study experience
Data quality in predictive toxicology: identification of chemical structures and calculation of chemical properties.
Data quality in predictive toxicology: reproducibility of rodent carcinogenicity experiments.
Data selection and treatment of chemicals tested for genotoxicity and carcinogenicity.
Data Sharing: How Much Doesn't Get Submitted to GenBank?
Data Sources for Improving Estimates of the Global Burden of Injuries: Call for Contributors
Data splitting as a countermeasure against hypothesis fishing: with a case study of predictors for low back pain
Data structures for DNA sequence manipulation.
Database and software for the analysis of mutations at the human hprt gene.
Database and software for the analysis of mutations at the human p53 gene.
Database development in toxicogenomics: issues and efforts.
Database for mobile group II introns
Database management system for the control of malaria in Arunachal Pradesh, India
Database mining for selection of SNP markers useful in admixture mapping
Database of cell signaling enzymes
Database of mutations that alter the large tumor antigen in simian virus 40.
Database of mutations within the adenovirus 5 E1A oncogene.
Database of neurodegenerative disorders
Database of non-canonical base pairs found in known RNA structures
Database of p53 gene somatic mutations in human tumors and cell lines.
Database of p53 gene somatic mutations in human tumors and cell lines: updated compilation and future prospects.
Database of protein sequence alignments: PIR-ALN.
Database of Trypanosoma cruzi repeated genes: 20 000 additional gene variants
Database on the structure of large ribosomal subunit RNA.
Database on the structure of large ribosomal subunit RNA.
Database on the structure of large ribosomal subunit RNA.
Database on the structure of large ribosomal subunit RNA.
Database on the structure of large subunit ribosomal RNA.
Database on the structure of small ribosomal subunit RNA.
Database on the structure of small ribosomal subunit RNA.
Database on the structure of small ribosomal subunit RNA.
Database on the structure of small ribosomal subunit RNA.
Database on the structure of small subunit ribosomal RNA.
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information: 2002 update
Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information: update
Databases and software for the analysis of mutations in the human p53 gene, human hprt gene and both the lacI and lacZ gene in transgenic rodents.
Databases and software for the analysis of mutations in the human p53 gene, the human hprt gene and both the lacI and lacZ gene in transgenic rodents.
Databases and software for the analysis of mutations in the human p53 gene, the human hprt gene and the lacZ gene in transgenic rodents.
Databases as policy instruments. About extending networks as evidence-based policy
Databases of genotoxicity and carcinogenicity and their usefulness for hazard evaluation.
Databases on transcriptional regulation: TRANSFAC, TRRD and COMPEL.
Dataset of manually measured QT intervals in the electrocardiogram
Datasets for evolutionary comparative genomics
dAtaxin-2 Mediates Expanded Ataxin-1-Induced Neurodegeneration in a Drosophila Model of SCA1
Date of origin of the SARS coronavirus strains
DATFAP: A Database of Primers and Homology Alignments for Transcription Factors from 13 Plant Species
Dating branches on the Tree of Life using DNA
Dating Phylogenies with Hybrid Local Molecular Clocks
Dating the time of viral subtype divergence
Daunomycin inhibits the B leads to Z transition in poly d(G-C).
Daunomycin modifies the sequence-selective recognition of DNA by actinomycin.
Dauntless Adventurer. The Story of Dr. Winston Pettus
DAVID Bioinformatics Resources: expanded annotation database and novel algorithms to better extract biology from large gene lists
DAVID: Database for Annotation, Visualization, and Integrated Discovery
David Edwardes: his activities at Cambridge.
DAVID gene ID conversion tool
David Hartley on human nature
DAVID Knowledgebase: a gene-centered database integrating heterogeneous gene annotation resources to facilitate high-throughput gene functional analysis
David Rall and the National Toxicology Program
Davidson's Principles and practice of medicine
Dawson, J. William. Modern Ideas of Evolution
DAX-1 expression in human breast cancer: comparison with estrogen receptors ER-α, ER-β and androgen receptor status
DAXX interacts with phage ΦC31 integrase and inhibits recombination
Day care cataract surgery in Central and Southern Italy: a multicentric survey
Day-case arteriography.
Day-to-day variations during clinical drug monitoring of morphine, morphine-3-glucuronide and morphine-6-glucuronide serum concentrations in cancer patients. A prospective observational study
Daybook of the court apothecary in the time of William and Mary, 1691.
Daylight saving time transitions and hospital treatments due to accidents or manic episodes
Daytime Naps, Motor Memory Consolidation and Regionally Specific Sleep Spindles
DB-PABP: a database of polyanion-binding proteins
DBAli tools: mining the protein structure space
DBcat: a catalog of 500 biological databases
DBcat: a catalog of biological databases.
DbClustal: rapid and reliable global multiple alignments of protein sequences detected by database searches
DBD: a transcription factor prediction database
DBD-Hunter: a knowledge-based method for the prediction of DNA–protein interactions
DBD––taxonomically broad transcription factor predictions: new content and functionality
DBMLoc: a Database of proteins with multiple subcellular localizations
Dbp10p, a putative RNA helicase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae , is required for ribosome biogenesis
Dbp73D, a Drosophila gene expressed in ovary, encodes a novel D-E-A-D box protein.
dbPTM: an information repository of protein post-translational modification
DBR1 siRNA inhibition of HIV-1 replication
dbRES: a web-oriented database for annotated RNA editing sites
dbSNP: a database of single nucleotide polymorphisms
dbSNP: the NCBI database of genetic variation
DBSubLoc: database of protein subcellular localization
DBTBS: a database of Bacillus subtilis promoters and transcription factors
DBTBS: a database of transcriptional regulation in Bacillus subtilis containing upstream intergenic conservation information
DBTBS: database of transcriptional regulation in Bacillus subtilis and its contribution to comparative genomics
DBTGR: a database of tunicate promoters and their regulatory elements
DBTSS: DataBase of Human Transcription Start Sites, progress report 2006
DBTSS: DataBase of human Transcriptional Start Sites and full-length cDNAs
DBTSS: database of transcription start sites, progress report 2008
DBTSS, DataBase of Transcriptional Start Sites: progress report 2004
DC-SIGN and CD150 Have Distinct Roles in Transmission of Measles Virus from Dendritic Cells to T-Lymphocytes
DC-SIGN and Lung Pathogenesis in Patients with Tuberculosis
DC-SIGN Induction in Alveolar Macrophages Defines Privileged Target Host Cells for Mycobacteria in Patients with Tuberculosis
DC-SIGN on B Lymphocytes Is Required For Transmission of HIV-1 to T Lymphocytes
DCD – a novel plant specific domain in proteins involved in development and programmed cell death
Dcode.org anthology of comparative genomic tools
DDBJ in collaboration with mass-sequencing teams on annotation
DDBJ in preparation for overview of research activities behind data submissions
DDBJ in the stream of various biological data
DDBJ with new system and face
DDBJ working on evaluation and classification of bacterial genes in INSDC
DDE, a Degradation Product of DDT, and Duration of Lactation in a Highly Exposed Area of Mexico
Dde I polymorphism within sequence encoding 3′ untranslated region of c-Ki- ras2 (KRAS2)
DdeI polymorphism in intron 5 of the ATIII gene
DdeI polymorphism in the HLA-DRA regulatory region
DDESC: Dragon database for exploration of sodium channels in human
DDT and Breast Cancer
DDT and Breast Cancer: Cohn et al. Respond
DDT and Breast Cancer in Young Women: New Data on the Significance of Age at Exposure
DDT and Breast Cancer Revisited: New Findings in an Old Debate
DDT and Breast Cancer Trends
DDT and its metabolites alter gene expression in human uterine cell lines through estrogen receptor-independent mechanisms.
DDT/DDE and infant exposure.
DDT Exposure of Zebrafish Embryos Enhances Seizure Susceptibility: Relationship to Fetal p,p ′-DDE Burden and Domoic Acid Exposure of California Sea Lions
DDT risk assessments.
DDT Risk Assessments: Response
Ddx42p—a human DEAD box protein with RNA chaperone activities
De Aneurysmatibus. The Latin Text of Rome, 1745
`De bevordering en volmaking der proefondervindelijke wijsbegeerte': de rol van het Bataafsch Genootschap te Rotterdam in de geschiedenis van de natuurwetenschappen, geneeskunde en techniek (1769–1988)
De Generatione Animalium
De Globulis Sanguinis, Colore Et Qualitatibus (1650-1860) *
De homine. Traité de l'homme
De la Médecine, Tome I, livres I-II
De Morbis Artificum
De Motu Locali Animalium
De Mulierum Organis Generationi Inservientibus 1672
De novo assembly of genuine replication forks on an immobilized circular plasmid in Xenopus egg extracts
De Novo Balanced Translocation t (7;16) (p22.1; p11.2) Associated with Autistic Disorder
De novo cytosine methylation in the differentiating macronucleus of the stichotrichous ciliate Stylonychia lemnae
De novo DNA synthesis using single molecule PCR
De Novo Formation of Left–Right Asymmetry by Posterior Tilt of Nodal Cilia
De novo generation of simple sequence during gene amplification.
De novo identification of LTR retrotransposons in eukaryotic genomes
De Novo Osteogenic Sarcoma of Mastoid Bone
De novo production of diverse intracellular antibody libraries
De novo protein sequence analysis of Macaca mulatta
De novo purine nucleotide biosynthesis: cloning of human and avian cDNAs encoding the trifunctional glycinamide ribonucleotide synthetase-aminoimidazole ribonucleotide synthetase-glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase by functional complementation in E. coli.
De novo telomere addition to spacer sequences prior to their developmental degradation in Euplotes crassus
De-Orphaning the Structural Proteome through Reciprocal Comparison of Evolutionarily Important Structural Features
De-regulation of common housekeeping genes in hepatocellular carcinoma
De segmentale innervatie van romp en ledematen bij de mens
De Venarum Ostiolis 1603 of Hieronymus Fabricius of Aquapendente (1533?-1619) Facsimile Edition
De zwaargewonden eerst? Het Nederlandsche Roode Kruis en het vraagstuk van oorlog in vrede 1867–1945
Deactivation of endothelium and reduction in angiogenesis in psoriatic skin and synovium by low dose infliximab therapy in combination with stable methotrexate therapy: a prospective single-centre study
Deacylated tRNA is released from the E site upon A site occupation but before GTP is hydrolyzed by EF-Tu
Dead-box proteins: a family affair—active and passive players in RNP-remodeling
DEAD-box RNA helicases in Escherichia coli
Deadenylation-independent stage-specific mRNA degradation in Leishmania
Deadenylation is prerequisite for P-body formation and mRNA decay in mammalian cells
Deadly Alliances: Death, Disease, and the Global Politics of Public Health
Deadly dust: silicosis and the politics of occupational disease in twentieth-century America
DEAE-dextran enhances electroporation of mammalian cells.
Deaf-1 regulates epithelial cell proliferation and side-branching in the mammary gland
Deaf client with bipolar illness: a case report
Deafblindness in French Canadians from Quebec: a predominant founder mutation in the USH1C gene provides the first genetic link with the Acadian population
Deafness mutation mining using regular expression based pattern matching
Dealing with different methods for Kluyveromyces lactis β-galactosidase purification
Dealing with missing data in a multi-question depression scale: a comparison of imputation methods
Dealing with missing phase and missing data in phylogeny-based analysis
Dealing with sickness certification – a survey of problems and strategies among general practitioners and orthopaedic surgeons
Dealing with structural variability in molecular replacement and crystallographic refinement through normal-mode analysis
Dealing with suicidal patients – a challenging task: a qualitative study of young physicians' experiences
Dealing with the data deluge in high throughput screening
Dealing with the delirium dilemma
Deamidation alters interactions of β-crystallins in hetero-oligomers
Deaminase-independent inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcription by APOBEC3G
Dean Winternitz and the rebirth of the Yale Medical School in the 1920's.
Dear Dr. Stopes. Sex in the 1920s. Letters to Marie Stopes
Dear Miss Nightingale
Dear vasopressin, where is your place in septic shock?
Dearth, diet, and disease in Ireland, 1850: a case study of nutritional deficiency.
Death and Resurrection of the Human IRGM Gene
Death and suicide among former child and adolescent psychiatric patients
Death and the doctors. Essay review.
Death, autoantigen modifications, and tolerance
Death by migration: Europe's encounter with the tropical world in the nineteenth century
Death by Necrosis: The Early Stages of Type 1 Diabetes
Death by Particles: The Link Between Air Pollution and Fatal Coronary Heart Disease in Women
Death, dying and informatics: misrepresenting religion on MedLine
Death Education for the Health Professional
Death following bilateral complete Achilles tendon rupture in a patient on fluoroquinolone therapy: a case report
Death from colonic disease in epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica
Death in America
Death in childbirth: an international study of maternal care and maternal mortality 1800–1950
Death in England: an illustrated history
Death in Hamburg. Society and politics in the cholera years 1830-1910
Death is a social disease. Public health and political economy in early industrial France
Death of a chairman: a new William Hunter manuscript.
Death of the clinician: requiem or reveille?
Death of the septic monocyte: is more better?
Death, organ transplantation and medical practice
Death out West: the link to COPD.
Death rates from diabetes mellitus in Ireland 1833—1983: a historical commentary
Deaths from Bacterial Pneumonia during 1918–19 Influenza Pandemic
Deaths from chronic renal disease in U.S. battery and lead production workers.
Deaths from Norovirus among the Elderly, England and Wales
Deaths in childbed from the eighteenth century to 1935.
Deaths in winter in Northern Ireland: the role of low temperature.
Debatable edibles: bioengineered foods.
Debate: A subversive view of subsets - a dissident clinician's opinion
Debate about evaluation and monitoring of sites carrying the HON-Logo
Debate about sperm count decline.
Debate: Albumin administration should be avoided in the critically ill
Debate: Albumin administration should not be avoided
Debate: Are surrogate end-point studies worth the effort?
Debate: Do all patients with heart failure require automatic implantable defibrillators for the prevention of sudden death?
Debate: Do all patients with heart failure require implantable defibrillators to prevent sudden death?
Debate: Do all patients with heart failure require implantable defibrillators to prevent sudden death?
Debate: Does it matter how you lower blood pressure?
Debate: does it matter how you lower blood pressure?
Debate: "How low should LDL cholesterol be lowered for optimum prevention of vascular disease?" Viewpoint: "Below 100 mg/dl"
Debate: "How low should LDL cholesterol be lowered?" Viewpoint: "It doesn't need to be very low"
Debate on the various anti-vascular endothelial growth factor drugs
Debate: PCI or CABG for multivessel disease? Viewpoint: No clear winner in an unfair fight
Debate: PCI vs CABG: a moving target, but we are gaining
Debate percolates over CAFE standards.
Debate: Should statin be used in patients with heart failure?
Debate: Should the elderly receive thrombolytic therapy or primary angioplasty?
Debate: Should the elderly receive thrombolytic therapy, or primary angioplasty, for acute myocardial infarction? The case for primary angioplasty
Debate: Statins should be used in patients with heart failure
Debate: Subgroup analyses in clinical trials: fun to look at - but don't believe them!
Debate: The potential role of estrogen in the prevention of heart disease in women after menopause
Debate: The potential role of estrogen in the prevention of heart disease in women after menopause
Debate: The slippery slope of surrogate outcomes
Debate: Transfusing to normal haemoglobin levels will not improve outcome
Debate: Transfusing to normal hemoglobin levels improves outcome
Debate: Unstable angina - When should we intervene?
Debate: What constitutes 'terminality' and how does it relate to a Living Will?
Debate: When should we intervene in unstable angina - Time for an old look?
Debating Dursban
Debating the quality and performance of health systems at a global level is not enough, national debates are essential for progress
Debris clearance by microglia: an essential link between degeneration and regeneration
Decade of the brain: the gray area of research on gray matter.
Decade of the Mind
Decellularizing corneal stroma using N 2 gas
December 1834
December 2002 Extramurally Speaking
December 2002 Fellowships Grants and Awards
Decentralization's impact on the health workforce: Perspectives of managers, workers and national leaders
Decentralized management of laboratory automation
Deception in Research on the Placebo Effect
Dechloriation mechanisms of chlorinated olefins.
Decibel Hell: The Effects of Living in a Noisy World
Deciding the fate of disputed embryos: ethical issues in the case of Natallie Evans
Deciphering animal development through proteomics: requirements and prospects
Deciphering cellular states of innate tumor drug responses
Deciphering downstream gene targets of PI3K/mTOR/p70S6K pathway in breast cancer
Deciphering global epidemics: analytical approaches to the disease records of world cities, 1888–1912
Deciphering histone 2A deubiquitination
Deciphering Interplay between Salmonella Invasion Effectors
Deciphering principles of transcription regulation in eukaryotic genomes
Deciphering protein function during mitosis in PtK cells using RNAi
Deciphering Protein–Protein Interactions. Part I. Experimental Techniques and Databases
Deciphering Protein–Protein Interactions. Part II. Computational Methods to Predict Protein and Domain Interaction Partners
Deciphering RNA structural diversity and systematic phylogeny from microbial metagenomes
Deciphering structure and topology of conserved COG2042 orphan proteins
Deciphering the genetic basis for polyketide variation among mycobacteria producing mycolactones
Deciphering the molecular machinery of stem cells: a look at the neoblast gene expression profile
Deciphering the plasma membrane hallmarks of apoptotic cells: Phosphatidylserine transverse redistribution and calcium entry
Deciphering the Ubiquitin-Mediated Pathway in Apicomplexan Parasites: A Potential Strategy to Interfere with Parasite Virulence
Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: I Introduction
Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: II Definition of problems, types of instruments and their selection
Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: III Non–monetary criteria
Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: IV External and internal evaluation of analytical instruments in clinical laboratory sciences
Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: V The interaction of new instrumentation with laboratory infra-structure: modelling and simulation for planning of laboratory functions
Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: VI Techniques for the economic evaluation of automatic analysers
Decision Forest Analysis of 61 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in a Case-Control Study of Esophageal Cancer; a novel method
Decision maker views on priority setting in the Vancouver Island Health Authority
Decision making in interhospital transport of critically ill patients: national questionnaire survey among critical care physicians
Decision making in local therapy for breast cancer
Decision making in patients with acute abdominal pain at a university and at a rural hospital: does the value of abdominal sonography differ?
Decision-making in percutaneous coronary intervention: a survey
Decision-Making in Research Tasks with Sequential Testing
Decision making preferences in the medical encounter – a factorial survey design
Decision making: rational or hedonic?
Decision-making regarding total knee replacement surgery: A qualitative meta-synthesis
Decision-Model Estimation of the Age-Specific Disability Weight for Schistosomiasis Japonica: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Decision support in psychiatry – a comparison between the diagnostic outcomes using a computerized decision support system versus manual diagnosis
Decision-theoretical formulation of the calibration problem
Decision theory applied to image quality control in radiology
Decision theory approach to establishing an in-house histology laboratory in small hospitals
Decision tools in health care: focus on the problem, not the solution
Decision Tree Algorithms Predict the Diagnosis and Outcome of Dengue Fever in the Early Phase of Illness
Decision tree modeling predicts effects of inhibiting contractility signaling on cell motility
Decisions are only as good as the information considered.
Decisions by regulatory agencies: are they evidence-based?
Decisions in Adult Acute Care
Decisions to use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) by male cancer patients: information-seeking roles and types of evidence used
Declarative and procedural learning in children and adolescents with posterior fossa tumours
Declaring chemicals "not carcinogenic to humans" requires validation, not speculation.
Decline in breast cancer incidence due to removal of promoter: combination estrogen plus progestin
Decline in liver neoplasms in wild brown bullhead catfish after coking plant closes and environmental PAHs plummet.
Decline in pesticide use by Canadian farmers.
Decline of Ambient Air Pollution Levels and Improved Respiratory Health in Swiss Children
Decline of nucleotide excision repair capacity in aging Caenorhabditis elegans
Decline of placental malaria in southern Ghana after the implementation of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy
Declines in Sex Ratio at Birth and Fetal Deaths in Japan, and in U.S. Whites but Not African Americans
Declining Artesunate-Mefloquine Efficacy against Falciparum Malaria on the Cambodia–Thailand Border
Declining conventional cancer treatment and using complementary and alternative medicine: a problem or a challenge?
Declining hepatitis A seroprevalence in adults in Catalonia (Spain): a population-based study
Declining incidence of malaria imported into the UK from West Africa
Declining Rates in Male Circumcision amidst Increasing Evidence of its Public Health Benefit
Declining semen quality and increasing incidence of testicular cancer: is there a common cause?
Declining Sex Ratio in a First Nation Community
Declining trends in conception rates in recent birth cohorts of native Danish women: a possible role of deteriorating male reproductive health
Decoding dosage compensation
Decoding Face Information in Time, Frequency and Space from Direct Intracranial Recordings of the Human Brain
Decoding fidelity at the ribosomal A and P sites: influence of mutations in three different regions of the decoding domain in 16S rRNA.
Decoding of Superimposed Traces Produced by Direct Sequencing of Heterozygous Indels
Decoding of tandem quadruplets by adjacent tRNAs with eight-base anticodon loops
Decoding the cryptic origins of colon cancer.
Decoding the Cryptic Origins of Colon Cancer
Decoding the epigenetic effects of chromatin
Decoding the genome: a modified view
Decoding the nucleoid organisation of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli through gene expression data
Decoding the riddle: the dawn of RNAi for the study of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions.
Decoding with the A:I wobble pair is inefficient.
Decomposing Neural Synchrony: Toward an Explanation for Near-Zero Phase-Lag in Cortical Oscillatory Networks
Decomposition cross-correlation for analysis of collagen matrix deformation by single smooth muscle cells
Decomposition cross-correlation for analysis of collagen matrix deformation by single smooth muscle cells
Decomposition of overlapping protein complexes: A graph theoretical method for analyzing static and dynamic protein associations
Decomposition of sources of income-related health inequality applied on SF-36 summary scores: a Danish health survey
Decompressive craniectomy in pediatric patients
Decompressive laparotomy for abdominal compartment syndrome – a critical analysis
Deconstructing anti-harm-reduction metaphors; mortality risk from falls and other traumatic injuries compared to smokeless tobacco use
Deconstructing Bipolar Disorder: A Critical Review of its Diagnostic Validity and a Proposal for DSM-V and ICD-11
Deconstructing Brain Waves: Background, Cue, and Response
Deconstructing Genetic Contributions to Autoimmunity in Mouse Models
Deconstructing Insight: EEG Correlates of Insightful Problem Solving
Deconstructing patient centred communication and uncovering shared decision making: an observational study
Decontamination and disposal of PCB wastes.
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