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Comparative modelling by restraint-based conformational sampling
Comparative modelling of protein structure and its impact on microbial cell factories
Comparative Modelling Techniques: Where are we?
Comparative molecular biological analysis of membrane transport genes in organisms
Comparative mortality of hemodialysis patients at for-profit and not-for-profit dialysis facilities in the United States, 1998 to 2003: A retrospective analysis
Comparative Mouse Genomics Centers Consortium (CMGCC): Mouse Models to Improve Understanding of the Biological Significance of Human Polymorphisms
Comparative mutagenicities of N6-methoxy-2,6-diaminopurine and N6-methoxyaminopurine 2'-deoxyribonucleosides and their 5'-triphosphates.
Comparative mutational analysis of cis -acting RNA signals for translational frameshifting in HIV-1 and HTLV-2
Comparative neurobehavioral study of a polybrominated biphenyl-exposed population in Michigan and a nonexposed group in Wisconsin.
Comparative Neurochemistry
Comparative NMR analysis of the decadeoxynucleotide d-(GCATTAATGC)2 and an analogue containing 2-aminoadenine.
Comparative nucleotide sequence analysis of two types of larval beta-globin mRNAs of Xenopus laevis.
Comparative nucleotide sequences encoding the immunity proteins and the carboxyl-terminal peptides of colicins E2 and E3.
Comparative observations on inorganic and organic lead neurotoxicity.
Comparative oligonucleotide fingerprints of three plant viroids.
Comparative optimism in models involving both classical clinical and gene expression information
Comparative Pathobiology of Major Age-Related Diseases: Current Status and Research Frontiers
Comparative pathology of the nasal mucosa in laboratory animals exposed to inhaled irritants.
Comparative Pathway Analyzer—a web server for comparative analysis, clustering and visualization of metabolic networks in multiple organisms
Comparative performance of the 16S rRNA gene in DNA barcoding of amphibians
Comparative performance of the Mbita trap, CDC light trap and the human landing catch in the sampling of Anopheles arabiensis , An. funestus and culicine species in a rice irrigation in western Kenya
Comparative pharmacokinetics and subacute toxicity of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) in rats and marmosets: extrapolation of effects in rodents to man.
Comparative phylogenetic analysis of small GTP-binding genes of model legume plants and assessment of their roles in root nodules
Comparative phylogenomic analyses of teleost fish Hox gene clusters: lessons from the cichlid fish Astatotilapia burtoni
Comparative phylogenomic analyses of teleost fish Hox gene clusters: lessons from the cichlid fish Astatotilapia burtoni: comment
Comparative phylogenomics and multi-gene cluster analyses of the Citrus Huanglongbing (HLB)-associated bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter
Comparative phylogeography of Atlantic reef fishes indicates both origin and accumulation of diversity in the Caribbean
Comparative phyloinformatics of virus genes at micro and macro levels in a distributed computing environment
Comparative Physiology
Comparative Physiology of Internal Secretion
Comparative physiology of renal tubular transport mechanisms.
Comparative Physiology of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
Comparative Physiology of Thermoregulation, Volume III. Special Aspects of Thermoregulation
Comparative placental morphology and function.
Comparative Population Genetics of the Immunity Gene, Relish : Is Adaptive Evolution Idiosyncratic?
Comparative precision of laboratory methods
Comparative profiling of the sense and antisense transcriptome of maize lines
Comparative promoter region analysis powered by CORG
Comparative protein modeling of spermidine synthase from Plasmodium falciparum : A potential target for anti-malarial drug therapy
Comparative protein structure modeling by iterative alignment, model building and model assessment
Comparative proteome analysis of human epithelial ovarian cancer
Comparative proteome analysis of psychrophilic versus mesophilic bacterial species: Insights into the molecular basis of cold adaptation of proteins
Comparative proteomic analysis of cell lines and scrapings of the human intestinal epithelium
Comparative proteomic analysis of high cell density cultivations with two recombinant Bacillus megaterium strains for the production of a heterologous dextransucrase
Comparative proteomic analysis of metabolically labelled proteins from Plasmodium falciparum isolates with different adhesion properties
Comparative proteomic and transcriptomic profiling of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Comparative proteomics reveal characteristics of life-history transitions in a social insect
Comparative proteomics using 2-D gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry as tools to dissect stimulons and regulons in bacteria with sequenced or partially sequenced genomes
Comparative quantification of health risks: Conceptual framework and methodological issues
Comparative radiological features of disseminated disease due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis vs non- tuberculosis mycobacteria among AIDS patients in Brazil
Comparative rates of evolution in endosymbiotic nuclear genomes
Comparative results of 327 chemical carcinogenicity studies.
Comparative Risk Assessment of the Burden of Disease from Climate Change
Comparative risk judgements for oral health hazards among Norwegian adults: a cross sectional study
Comparative salivary gland transcriptomics of sandfly vectors of visceral leishmaniasis
Comparative secretome analyses of two Trichoderma reesei RUT-C30 and CL847 hypersecretory strains
Comparative secretome analysis suggests low plant cell wall degrading capacity in Frankia symbionts
Comparative sequence analysis as a tool for studying the secondary structure of mRNAs.
Comparative sequence analysis of acid sensitive/resistance proteins in Escherichia coli and Shigella flexneri
Comparative sequence analysis of defective and infectious avian hepadnaviruses.
Comparative sequence analysis of leucine-rich repeats (LRRs) within vertebrate toll-like receptors
Comparative sequence analysis of mammalian factor IX promoters.
Comparative sequence analysis of ribonucleases HII, III, II PH and D.
Comparative sequence analysis of the complete set of 40S ribosomal proteins in the Senegalese sole ( Solea senegalensis Kaup) and Atlantic halibut ( Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) (Teleostei: Pleuronectiformes): phylogeny and tissue- and development-specific expression
Comparative sequence analysis of the mRNAs coding for mouse and rat whey protein.
Comparative sequence analysis of tmRNA.
Comparative sequence analysis reveals an intricate network among REST , CREB and miRNA in mediating neuronal gene expression
Comparative sequence and structure of viroid-like RNAs of two plant viruses.
Comparative Signature-Tagged Mutagenesis Identifies Pseudomonas Factors Conferring Resistance to the Pulmonary Collectin SP-A
Comparative Statistical Analyses of the 1916 and 1931 Epidemics of Poliomyelitis in and About the City of New Haven *
Comparative Statistical Studies of Epidemics of Poliomyelitis in and About the City of New Haven, 1916-1943 *
Comparative structural analysis of 1-methyladenosine, 7-methylguanosine, ethenoadenosine and their protonated salts IV: 1H, 13C, and 15N NMR studies at natural isotope abundance.
Comparative structural analysis of cytidine, ethenocytidine, and their protonated salts. I. Crystal and molecular structure of ethenocytidine.
Comparative structural analysis of cytidine, ethenocytidine and their protonated salts. II. IR spectral studies.
Comparative structural analysis of cytidine, ethenocytidine and their protonated salts III. 1H, 13C and 15N NMR studies at natural isotope abundance.
Comparative structural analysis of cytoplasmic and chloroplastic 5S rRNA from spinach.
Comparative structural analysis of eubacterial 5S rRNA by oxidation of adenines in the N-1 position.
Comparative structure analysis of vertebrate ribonuclease P RNA.
Comparative structure and evolution of goat and sheep satellite I DNAs.
Comparative studies on the cytotoxicity of amphibole and serpentine asbestos.
Comparative studies on the pathogenicity and tissue distribution of three virulence variants of classical swine fever virus, two field isolates and one vaccine strain, with special regard to immunohistochemical investigations
Comparative study of four sigmoid models of pressure-volume curve in acute lung injury
Comparative Study of Intravaginal Metronidazole and Triple-Sulfa Therapy for Bacterial Vaginosis
Comparative study of matrix metalloproteinase expression between African American and Caucasian Women
Comparative study of meningitis dynamics across nine African countries: a global perspective
Comparative study of mesenchymal stem cells from C57BL/10 and mdx mice
Comparative study of methyl-CpG-binding domain proteins
Comparative study of mutagenesis by O6-methylguanine in the human Ha-ras oncogene in E. coli and in vitro.
Comparative study of overlapping genes in the genomes of Mycoplasma genitalium and Mycoplasma pneumoniae.
Comparative study of papovavirus DNA: BKV(MM), BKV(WT) and SV40.
Comparative study of patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection due to genotypes 1 and 3 referred for treatment in southeast Brazil
Comparative Study of Regulatory T Cell Function of Human CD25 + CD4 + T Cells from Thymocytes, Cord Blood, and Adult Peripheral Blood
Comparative study of sequence-dependent hybridization kinetics in solution and on microspheres
Comparative study of serum Na + and K + levels in senile cataract patients and normal individuals
Comparative study of the antimutagenic properties of vitamins C and E against mutation induced by norfloxacin
Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Oral Fluconazole and Intravaginal Clotrimazole in the Treatment of Vaginal Candidiasis
Comparative study of the interaction of polyuridylic acid with 30S subunits and 70S ribosomes of Escherichia coli.
Comparative study of the radiosensitising and cell cycle effects of vinflunine and vinorelbine, in vitro
Comparative study of the stability of bimatoprost 0.03% and latanoprost 0.005%: A patient-use study
Comparative study on the cytotoxic effects of benzalkonium chloride on the Wong-Kilbourne derivative of Chang conjunctival and IOBA-NHC cell lines
Comparative study on the immunogenicity between an HLA-A24-restricted cytotoxic T-cell epitope derived from survivin and that from its splice variant survivin-2B in oral cancer patients
Comparative study on use of CD4 T cell count and plasma P24 antigen concentration in antiretroviral therapy monitoring for HIV/AIDs patients in Kano, Nigeria
Comparative survey of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) attitudes, use, and information-seeking behaviour among medical students, residents & faculty
Comparative temporal and dose-dependent morphological and transcriptional uterine effects elicited by tamoxifen and ethynylestradiol in immature, ovariectomized mice
Comparative tests of ectoparasite species richness in seabirds
Comparative toxicities of different forms of asbestos on rat pleural mesothelial cells.
Comparative toxicity and tissue distribution of lead acetate in weanling and adult rats.
Comparative toxicity of ambient air pollutants: some aspects related to lung defense.
Comparative Toxicity of Fumigants and a Phosphine Synergist Using a Novel Containment Chamber for the Safe Generation of Concentrated Phosphine Gas
Comparative toxicity of PCBs and related compounds in various species of animals.
Comparative transcription map of the wobbler critical region on mouse chromosome 11 and the homologous region on human chromosome 2p13-14
Comparative transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana infested by diamond back moth ( Plutella xylostella ) larvae reveals signatures of stress response, secondary metabolism, and signalling
Comparative transcriptome analysis of embryonic and adult stem cells with extended and limited differentiation capacity
Comparative transcriptomic analysis of Porphyromonas gingivalis biofilm and planktonic cells
Comparative transcriptomics in Yersinia pestis : a global view of environmental modulation of gene expression
Comparative transcriptomics of human multipotent stem cells during adipogenesis and osteoblastogenesis
Comparative understanding of UTS2 and UTS2R genes for their involvement in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Comparative validation of the IPAQ and the 7-Day PAR among women diagnosed with breast cancer
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Comparative Vertebrate Endocrinology
Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy: Evolution and Adaptation
Comparative whole genome transcriptome analysis of three Plasmodium falciparum strains
Compared genomics of the strand switch region of Leishmania chromosome 1 reveal a novel genus-specific gene and conserved structural features and sequence motifs
Compared to placebo, long-term antibiotics resolve otitis media with effusion (OME) and prevent acute otitis media with perforation (AOMwiP) in a high-risk population: A randomized controlled trial
Comparing a disease-specific and a generic health-related quality of life instrument in subjects with asthma from the general population
Comparing a single-stage geocoding method to a multi-stage geocoding method: how much and where do they disagree?
Comparing Alcohol Policies Between Countries: Science or Silliness?
Comparing alternative approaches to establishing regulatory levels for reproductive toxicants: DBCP as a case study.
Comparing alternative approaches to measuring the geographical accessibility of urban health services: Distance types and aggregation-error issues
Comparing attitudes about legal sanctions and teratogenic effects for cocaine, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine: A randomized, independent samples design
Comparing breast cancer mortality rates before-and-after a change in availability of screening in different regions: Extension of the paired availability design
Comparing cDNA and oligonucleotide array data: concordance of gene expression across platforms for the NCI-60 cancer cells
Comparing circular and network buffers to examine the influence of land use on walking for leisure and errands
Comparing epidemiologic studies of ingested asbestos for use in risk assessment.
Comparing estimates of influenza-associated hospitalization and death among adults with congestive heart failure based on how influenza season is defined
Comparing factors affecting commencement and cessation of betel quid chewing behavior in Taiwanese adults
Comparing functional annotation analyses with Catmap
Comparing gene discovery from Affymetrix GeneChip microarrays and Clontech PCR-select cDNA subtraction: a case study
Comparing Gene Trees and Genome Trees: A Cobweb of Life?
Comparing health system performance assessment and management approaches in the Netherlands and Ontario, Canada
Comparing Highly Efficacious Antimalarial Drugs
Comparing hospital and telephone follow-up after treatment for breast cancer: randomised equivalence trial
Comparing independent microarray studies: the case of human embryonic stem cells
Comparing Internet Assistance for Smoking Cessation: 13-Month Follow-Up of a Six-Arm Randomized Controlled Trial
Comparing knowledge of diabetes mellitus among rural and urban diabetics
Comparing methods of detection and quantitation of RNA editing of rat glycine receptor alpha3 P185L
Comparing Models for Early Warning Systems of Neglected Tropical Diseases
Comparing Natural and Constrained Movements: New Insights into the Visuomotor Control of Grasping
Comparing patient characteristics and treatment processes in patients receiving physical therapy in the United States, Israel and the Netherlands: Cross sectional analyses of data from three clinical databases
Comparing Patterns of Natural Selection across Species Using Selective Signatures
Comparing Platforms for C. elegans Mutant Identification Using High-Throughput Whole-Genome Sequencing
Comparing primary prevention with secondary prevention to explain decreasing Coronary Heart Disease death rates in Ireland, 1985–2000
Comparing protein abundance and mRNA expression levels on a genomic scale
Comparing protocols for preparation of DNA-free total yeast RNA suitable for RT-PCR
Comparing Risk of West Nile Virus against Risk of Adulticiding
Comparing segmentations by applying randomization techniques
Comparing Self-reported Disease Outcomes, Diet, and Lifestyles in a National Cohort of Black and White Seventh-day Adventists
Comparing sequences without using alignments: application to HIV/SIV subtyping
Comparing single-nucleotide polymorphism marker-based and microsatellite marker-based linkage analyses
Comparing strategies for association mapping in samples with related individuals
Comparing strategies for evaluation of candidate genes in case-control studies using family data
Comparing strategies for United States veterans' mortality ascertainment
Comparing the clinical effectiveness of different new-born hearing screening strategies. A decision analysis
Comparing the Dictyostelium and Entamoeba Genomes Reveals an Ancient Split in the Conosa Lineage
Comparing the DNA Hypermethylome with Gene Mutations in Human Colorectal Cancer
Comparing the efficacy of morphologic and DNA-based taxonomy in the freshwater gastropod genus Radix (Basommatophora, Pulmonata)
Comparing the Efficacy of Two Internet-Based, Computer-Tailored Smoking Cessation Programs: A Randomized Trial
Comparing the Feature Selectivity of the Gamma-Band of the Local Field Potential and the Underlying Spiking Activity in Primate Visual Cortex
Comparing the fine specificity of DNA binding by NF-κB p50 and p52 using principal coordinates analysis
Comparing the health of low income and less well educated groups in the United States and Canada
Comparing the Networks that Power Bacterial Chemotaxis
Comparing the old and new generation SELDI-TOF MS: implications for serum protein profiling
Comparing the prevalence of rheumatic diseases in China with the rest of the world
Comparing the Processing of Music and Language Meaning Using EEG and fMRI Provides Evidence for Similar and Distinct Neural Representations
Comparing the SF-12 and SF-36 health status questionnaires in patients with and without obesity
Comparing the xylose reductase/xylitol dehydrogenase and xylose isomerase pathways in arabinose and xylose fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains
Comparing transformation methods for DNA microarray data
Comparing two strategies of dynamic intensity modulated radiation therapy (dIMRT) with 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT) in the hypofractionated treatment of high-risk prostate cancer
Comparing Two Web-Based Smoking Cessation Programs: Randomized Controlled Trial
Comparing validity of Edinburgh scale and SRQ20 in screening for post-partum depression
Comparing Web and Touch Screen Transaction Log Files
Comparison and evaluation of experimental mediastinitis models: precolonized foreign body implants and bacterial suspension inoculation seems promising
Comparison and evaluation of methods for generating differentially expressed gene lists from microarray data
Comparison between a linear versus a macrocyclic contrast agent for whole body MR angiography in a clinical routine setting
Comparison between carcinogenicity and mutagenicity based on chemicals evaluated in the IARC monographs.
Comparison between conventional and "clinical" assessment of experimental lung fibrosis
Comparison between CUUG and UUCG tetraloops: thermodynamic stability and structural features analyzed by UV absorption and vibrational spectroscopy
Comparison between Gram stain and culture for the characterization of vaginal microflora: Definition of a distinct grade that resembles grade I microflora and revised categorization of grade I microflora
Comparison between logistic regression and neural networks to predict death in patients with suspected sepsis in the emergency room
Comparison between Long-Menu and Open-Ended Questions in computerized medical assessments. A randomized controlled trial
Comparison between optical readable and open-ended weighed food records
Comparison between swallowing and chewing of garlic on levels of serum lipids, cyclosporine, creatinine and lipid peroxidation in Renal Transplant Recipients
Comparison between the HCV IRES domain IV RNA structure and the Iron Responsive Element
Comparison between two analytic strategies to detect linkage to obesity with genetically determined age of onset: the Framingham Heart Study
Comparison between two methods of working length determination and its effect on radiographic extent of root canal filling: a clinical study [ISRCTN71486641]
Comparison in a rat thigh abscess model of imipenem, meropenem and cefoperazone-sulbactam against Acinetobacter baumannii strains in terms of bactericidal efficacy and resistance selection
Comparison in gene expression of secretory human endometrium using laser microdissection
Comparison of 16S rRNA gene sequences of genus Methanobrevibacter
Comparison of 17 methods of predicting the carcinogenicity of 30 chemicals.
Comparison of 18 F SPECT with PET in myocardial imaging: A realistic thorax-cardiac phantom study
Comparison of 2D, 3D high dose and 3D low dose gated myocardial 82 Rb PET imaging
Comparison of a Label-Free Quantitative Proteomic Method Based on Peptide Ion Current Area to the Isotope Coded Affinity Tag Method
Comparison of a low carbohydrate and low fat diet for weight maintenance in overweight or obese adults enrolled in a clinical weight management program
Comparison of a nurse initiated insulin infusion protocol for intensive insulin therapy between adult surgical trauma, medical and coronary care intensive care patients
Comparison of a time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay with a solid phase immunoradiometric assay the measurement of alphafetoprotein in amniotic fluid
Comparison of a web-based package with tutor-based methods of teaching respiratory medicine: subjective and objective evaluations
Comparison of Abbott LCx Chlamydia trachomatis assay with Gen-Probe PACE2 and culture.
Comparison of acute non-haemolytic transfusion reactions in female and male patients receiving female or male blood components
Comparison of adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the management of advanced ovarian cancer: a retrospective study of 574 patients
Comparison of adult HIV prevalence from national population-based surveys and antenatal clinic surveillance in countries with generalised epidemics: implications for calibrating surveillance data
Comparison of affected sibling-pair linkage methods to identify gene × gene interaction in GAW15 simulated data
Comparison of Affymetrix data normalization methods using 6,926 experiments across five array generations
Comparison of age-specific cataract prevalence in two population-based surveys 6 years apart
Comparison of AIMS2-SF, WOMAC, x-ray and a global physician assessment in order to approach quality of life in patients suffering from osteoarthritis
Comparison of air displacement plethysmography to hydrostatic weighing for estimating total body density in children
Comparison of Albumin and Saline for Fluid Resuscitation in the Intensive Care Unit
Comparison of algorithms for the analysis of Affymetrix microarray data as evaluated by co-expression of genes in known operons
Comparison of all-cause and malaria-specific mortality from two West African countries with different malaria transmission patterns
Comparison of amplification enzymes for Hepatitis C Virus quasispecies analysis
Comparison of an immortalized human corneal epithelial cell line with Vero cells in the isolation of Herpes simplex virus-1 for the laboratory diagnosis of Herpes simplex keratitis
Comparison of angiogenesis-related factor expression in primary tumor cultures under normal and hypoxic growth conditions
Comparison of Anti-inflammatory Activities of Six Curcuma Rhizomes: A Possible Curcuminoid-independent Pathway Mediated by Curcuma phaeocaulis Extract
Comparison of antiparallel A.AT and T.AT triplets within an alternate strand DNA triple helix.
Comparison of APACHE II and Imrie Scoring Systems in predicting the severity of Acute Pancreatitis
Comparison of APACHE II, MEES and Glasgow Coma Scale in patients with nontraumatic coma for prediction of mortality
Comparison of approaches for rational siRNA design leading to a new efficient and transparent method
Comparison of array-based comparative genomic hybridization with gene expression-based regional expression biases to identify genetic abnormalities in hepatocellular carcinoma
Comparison of artificial neural network analysis with other multimarker methods for detecting genetic association
Comparison of artificial neural network and logistic regression models for prediction of mortality in head trauma based on initial clinical data
Comparison of assessment techniques: plasma lipid and lipoproteins related to the metabolic syndrome
Comparison of automated candidate gene prediction systems using genes implicated in type 2 diabetes by genome-wide association studies
Comparison of Bayesian and frequentist approaches in modelling risk of preterm birth near the Sydney Tar Ponds, Nova Scotia, Canada
Comparison of bedside measurement of cardiac output with the thermodilution method and the Fick method in mechanically ventilated patients
Comparison of Biostimulation versus Bioaugmentation with Bacterial Strain PM1 for Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated with Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE)
Comparison of bisulfite modification of 5-methyldeoxycytidine and deoxycytidine residues.
Comparison of Blood and Brain Mercury Levels in Infant Monkeys Exposed to Methylmercury or Vaccines Containing Thimerosal
Comparison of bovine leukemia virus (BLV) and CMV promoter-driven reporter gene expression in BLV-infected and non-infected cells
Comparison of broad range 16S rDNA PCR and conventional blood culture for diagnosis of sepsis in the newborn: a case control study
Comparison of bronchial responsiveness to ultrasonically nebulized distilled water (UNDW), methacholine, and ultrasonically nebulized distilled cold water (UDCW) in patients with sulfur mustard gas-induced asthma
Comparison of C. elegans and C. briggsae Genome Sequences Reveals Extensive Conservation of Chromosome Organization and Synteny
Comparison of C-Reactive Protein and Serum Amyloid A Protein in Septic Shock Patients
Comparison of capillary based microflurometric assay for CD4+ T cell count estimation with dual platform Flow cytometry
Comparison of capillary gas chromatographic method and automated spectrophotofluorometric methods for measuring content uniformity of conjugated oestrogens in pharmaceutical preparations
Comparison of cardiovascular magnetic resonance of late gadolinium enhancement and diastolic wall thickness to predict recovery of left ventricular function after coronary artery bypass surgery
Comparison of cauliflower mosaic virus 35S and nopaline synthase promoters in transgenic plants.
Comparison of characteristics and function of translation termination signals between and within prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms
Comparison of chemical-activated luciferase gene expression bioassay and gas chromatography for PCB determination in human serum and follicular fluid.
Comparison of chicken 7SK and U6 RNA polymerase III promoters for short hairpin RNA expression
Comparison of children's self-reports of depressive symptoms among different family interaction types in northern Taiwan
Comparison of Chromogenic In Situ Hybridisation with Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation and Immunohistochemistry for the Assessment of Her-2/neu Oncogene in Archival Material of Breast Carcinoma
Comparison of chromosomal and array-based comparative genomic hybridization for the detection of genomic imbalances in primary prostate carcinomas
Comparison of chromosomal DNA composing timeless in Drosophila melanogaster and D. virilis suggests a new conserved structure for the TIMELESS protein.
Comparison of Classical and Clozapine Treatment on Schizophrenia Using Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale of Schizophrenia (PANSS) and SPECT Imaging
Comparison of Classifier Fusion Methods for Predicting Response to Anti HIV-1 Therapy
Comparison of CO breath testing and women's self-reporting of smoking behaviour for identifying smoking during pregnancy
Comparison of codon usage measures and their applicability in prediction of microbial gene expressivity
Comparison of commercial and in-house Real-time PCR assays for quantification of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) DNA in plasma
Comparison of complete nuclear receptor sets from the human, Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila genomes
Comparison of computational methods for identifying translation initiation sites in EST data
Comparison of cooling methods to induce and maintain normo- and hypothermia in intensive care unit patients: a prospective intervention study
Comparison of cough reflex sensitivity after an inhaled antigen challenge between actively and passively sensitized guinea pigs
Comparison of coverage with insecticide-treated nets in a Tanzanian town and villages where nets and insecticide are either marketed or provided free of charge
Comparison of Crocus sativus L . and imipramine in the treatment of mild to moderate depression: A pilot double-blind randomized trial [ISRCTN45683816]
Comparison of Crystal Field Dependent and Independent Methods to Analyse Lanthanide Induced NMR Shifts in Axially Symmetric Complexes. Part II: Systems with a C 4 Symmetry Axis
Comparison of CT and PET-CT based planning of radiation therapy in locally advanced pancreatic carcinoma
Comparison of Culture and Rapid Enzyme Immunoassay for the Detection of Group B Streptococcus in High-Risk Pregnancies
Comparison of culture, ELISA and PCR techniques for salmonella detection in faecal samples for cattle, pig and poultry
Comparison of deferral rates using a computerized versus written blood donor questionnaire: a randomized, cross-over study [ISRCTN84429599]
Comparison of Dermal Substitutes in Wound Healing Utilizing a Nude Mouse Model
Comparison of different antisense strategies in mammalian cells using locked nucleic acids, 2′- O -methyl RNA, phosphorothioates and small interfering RNA
Comparison of different commercial kits for HER2 testing in breast cancer: looking for the accurate cutoff for amplification
Comparison of different delivery systems of DNA vaccination for the induction of protection against tuberculosis in mice and guinea pigs
Comparison of different dosing regimens (once weekly vs . twice weekly, and once weekly vs . once every two weeks) with epoetin delta in patients with chronic kidney disease: a randomized controlled trial
Comparison of Different Methods for Spatial Analysis of Cancer Data in Utah
Comparison of different methods in analyzing short-term air pollution effects in a cohort study of susceptible individuals
Comparison of different non-isotopic methods for hepatitis B virus detection in human serum.
Comparison of different pain scoring systems in critically ill patients in a general ICU
Comparison of different real-time PCR chemistries and their suitability for detection and quantification of genetically modified organisms
Comparison of different rearranged immunoglobulin kappa genes of a myeloma by electronmicroscopy and restriction mapping of cloned DNA: implications for "allelic exclusion".
Comparison of different strategies in prenatal screening for Down’s syndrome: cost effectiveness analysis of computer simulation
Comparison of direct machine parameter optimization versus fluence optimization with sequential sequencing in IMRT of hypopharyngeal carcinoma
Comparison of disc diffusion, Etest and broth microdilution for testing susceptibility of carbapenem-resistant P. aeruginosa to polymyxins
Comparison of dissolved and particulate arsenic distributions in shallow aquifers of Chakdaha, India, and Araihazar, Bangladesh
Comparison of DNA adducts from exposure to complex mixtures in various human tissues and experimental systems
Comparison of DNA histograms by standard flow cytometry and image cytometry on sections in Barrett's adenocarcinoma
Comparison of dot chromosome sequences from D. melanogaster and D. virilis reveals an enrichment of DNA transposon sequences in heterochromatic domains
Comparison of echocardiographic (US) volumetry with cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging in transfusion dependent thalassemia major (TM)
Comparison of effectiveness of Halo-femoral traction after anterior spinal release in severe idiopathic and congenital scoliosis: a retrospective study
Comparison of effects of fostriecin, novobiocin, and camptothecin, inhibitors of DNA topoisomerases, on DNA replication and repair in human cells.
Comparison of Effects of Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco “Maras Powder” Use on Humoral Immune System Parameters
Comparison of electrically mediated and liposome-complexed plasmid DNA delivery to the skin
Comparison of endogenous pyrogens from human and rabbit leucocytes utilizing Sephadex filtration.
Comparison of energy-restricted very low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets on weight loss and body composition in overweight men and women
Comparison of Envelope-Related Genes in Unicellular and Filamentous Cyanobacteria
Comparison of estimation capabilities of response surface methodology (RSM) with artificial neural network (ANN) in lipase-catalyzed synthesis of palm-based wax ester
Comparison of ESTs from juvenile and adult phases of the giant unicellular green alga Acetabularia acetabulum
Comparison of evoked vs. spontaneous tics in a patient with trigeminal neuralgia (tic doloureux)
Comparison of exercise, dobutamine-atropine and dipyridamole-atropine stress echocardiography in detecting coronary artery disease
Comparison of false-discovery rate for genome-wide and fine mapping regions
Comparison of family-based association tests in chromosome regions selected by linkage-based confidence intervals
Comparison of fertility results after vaginal insemination using different thawing procedures and packages for frozen ram semen
Comparison of FGF1 (aFGF) Expression between the Dorsal Motor Nucleus of Vagus and the Hypoglossal Nucleus of Rat
Comparison of findings among residents on Michigan dairy farms and consumers of produce purchased from these farms.
Comparison of five methods for finding conserved sequences in multiple alignments of gene regulatory regions.
Comparison of Five Methods for the Determination of Rubella Immunity
Comparison of flow characteristics and vascular reactivity of radial artery and long saphenous vein grafts [NCT00139399]
Comparison of fluorescence-based techniques for the quantification of particle-induced hydroxyl radicals
Comparison of foot orthoses made by podiatrists, pedorthists and orthotists regarding plantar pressure reduction in The Netherlands
Comparison of four different colorimetric and fluorometric cytotoxicity assays in a zebrafish liver cell line
Comparison of Francisella tularensis genomes reveals evolutionary events associated with the emergence of human pathogenic strains
Comparison of frozen and RNALater solid tissue storage methods for use in RNA expression microarrays
Comparison of functional residual capacity and static compliance of the respiratory system during a positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) ramp procedure in an experimental model of acute respiratory distress syndrome
Comparison of gait data using two different protocols for ankle joint kinematics
Comparison of gas-phase free-radical populations in tobacco smoke and model systems by HPLC.
Comparison of gene coverage of mouse oligonucleotide microarray platforms
Comparison of gene expression in HCT116 treatment derivatives generated by two different 5-fluorouracil exposure protocols
Comparison of gene expression profiles altered by comfrey and riddelliine in rat liver
Comparison of gene expression profiles in core biopsies and corresponding surgical breast cancer samples
Comparison of gene expression signatures of diamide, H 2 O 2 and menadione exposed Aspergillus nidulans cultures – linking genome-wide transcriptional changes to cellular physiology
Comparison of Gene Regulatory Networks via Steady-State Trajectories
Comparison of generalized estimating equations and quadratic inference functions using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY) database
Comparison of genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism linkage analyses in Caucasian and Hispanic NARAC families
Comparison of Genomes of Three Xanthomonas oryzae Bacteriophages
Comparison of genomic fragment and clone sequences within a long interspersed repeated sequence of the mouse genome.
Comparison of genotype- and haplotype-based approaches for fine-mapping of alcohol dependence using COGA data
Comparison of geometric morphometric outline methods in the discrimination of age-related differences in feather shape
Comparison of GIST and LAMP on the GAW15 simulated data
Comparison of glucosamine sulfate and a polyherbal supplement for the relief of osteoarthritis of the knee: a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN25438351]
Comparison of glucose tolerance in renal transplant recipients and hemodialysis patients
Comparison of Gram stain and Pap smear procedures in the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis.
Comparison of haplotyping methods using families and unrelated individuals on simulated rheumatoid arthritis data
Comparison of Haseman-Elston regression analyses using single, summary, and longitudinal measures of systolic blood pressure
Comparison of health conditions treated with traditional and biomedical health care in a Quechua community in rural Bolivia
Comparison of hepatic peroxisome proliferative effect and its implication for hepatocarcinogenicity of phthalate esters, di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, and di(2-ethylhexyl) adipate with a hypolipidemic drug.
Comparison of HIV prevalence estimates from antenatal care surveillance and population-based surveys in sub-Saharan Africa
Comparison of home lead dust reduction techniques on hard surfaces: the New Jersey assessment of cleaning techniques trial.
Comparison of Homocysteine-Lowering Drugs
Comparison of human and bovine protoporphyria.
Comparison of human B cell activation by TLR7 and TLR9 agonists
Comparison of human uterine cervical electrical impedance measurements derived using two tetrapolar probes of different sizes
Comparison of hybridization-based and sequencing-based gene expression technologies on biological replicates
Comparison of IgG4 assays using whole parasite extract and BmR1 recombinant antigen in determining antibody prevalence in brugian filariasis
Comparison of Immunogen Designs That Optimize Peptide Coverage: Reply to Fischer et al
Comparison of immunoreactivity to serotonin, FMRFamide and SCPb in the gut and visceral nervous system of larvae, pupae and adults of the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti
Comparison of incidence/risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) among selected clinical and hereditary risk markers: A community-based cohort study
Comparison of Indoor Mercury Vapor in Common Areas of Residential Buildings with Outdoor Levels in a Community Where Mercury Is Used for Cultural Purposes
Comparison of injecting drug users who obtain syringes from pharmacies and syringe exchange programs in Tallinn, Estonia
Comparison of interactions between beta-hairpin decapeptides and SDS/DPC micelles from experimental and simulation data
Comparison of international guideline programs to evaluate and update the Dutch program for clinical guideline development in physical therapy
Comparison of intron-containing and intron-lacking human genes elucidates putative exonic splicing enhancers
Comparison of Investigation Modalities for Evaluation of Esophageal Peristaltic Function
Comparison of IR- and UV-matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of oligodeoxynucleotides.
Comparison of isocaloric very low carbohydrate/high saturated fat and high carbohydrate/low saturated fat diets on body composition and cardiovascular risk
Comparison of K + -channel genes within the genomes of Anopheles gambiae and Drosophila melanogaster
Comparison of knee motion on Earth and in space: an observational study
Comparison of knowledge and attitudes toward cancer among African Americans
Comparison of knowledge scores of medical students in problem-based learning and traditional curriculum on public health topics
Comparison of laboratory and immediate diagnosis of coagulation for patients under oral anticoagulation therapy before dental surgery
Comparison of Laparoscopic-assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy, Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and Vaginal Hysterectomy
Comparison of lentiviral vector titration methods
Comparison of Lesion Detection and Quantification in MAP Reconstruction with Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Priors
Comparison of linkage analysis methods for genome-wide scanning of extended pedigrees, with application to the TG/HDL-C ratio in the Framingham Heart Study
Comparison of linkage and association strategies for quantitative traits using the COGA dataset
Comparison of longitudinal variance components and regression-based approaches for linkage detection on chromosome 17 for systolic blood pressure
Comparison of lung sounds and gas trapping in the study of airway mechanics.
Comparison of m-mode echocardiographic left ventricular mass measured using digital and strip chart readings: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study
Comparison of male reproductive success in malaria-refractory and susceptible strains of Anopheles gambiae
Comparison of mannitol and methacholine to predict exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and a clinical diagnosis of asthma
Comparison of manual and semi-automated delineation of regions of interest for radioligand PET imaging analysis
Comparison of marker gene expression in chondrocytes from patients receiving autologous chondrocyte transplantation versus osteoarthritis patients
Comparison of marker types and map assumptions using Markov chain Monte Carlo-based linkage analysis of COGA data
Comparison of measures for haplotype similarity
Comparison of methods for genomic localization of gene trap sequences
Comparison of methods to determine accurate dose calibrator activity measurements
Comparison of microsatellites, single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and composite markers derived from SNPs in linkage analysis
Comparison of miRNA expression patterns using total RNA extracted from matched samples of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cells and snap frozen cells
Comparison of Misoprostol and Dinoprostone for elective induction of labour in nulliparous women at full term: A randomized prospective study
Comparison of missing data approaches in linkage analysis
Comparison of mitogens from Mycoplasma pulmonis and Mycoplasma neurolyticum.
Comparison of mode estimation methods and application in molecular clock analysis
Comparison of molecular phenotypes of ductal carcinoma in situ and invasive breast cancer
Comparison of morning versus afternoon cecal intubation rates
Comparison of Mouse Ly5 a and Ly5 b Leucocyte Common Antigen Alleles
Comparison of mouse mammary gland imaging techniques and applications: Reflectance confocal microscopy, GFP Imaging, and ultrasound
Comparison of multiple DNA dyes for real-time PCR: effects of dye concentration and sequence composition on DNA amplification and melting temperature
Comparison of multipoint linkage analyses for quantitative traits in the CEPH data: parametric LOD scores, variance components LOD scores, and Bayes factors
Comparison of murine Supt4h and a nearly identical expressed, processed gene: evidence of sequence conservation through gene conversion extending into the untranslated regions.
Comparison of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Genomes Reveals Frequent Deletions in a 20 kb Variable Region in Clinical Isolates
Comparison of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate dehydrogenases (ICD-1 and ICD-2) reveals differences in coenzyme affinity, oligomeric state, pH tolerance and phylogenetic affiliation
Comparison of nateglinide and gliclazide in combination with metformin, for treatment of patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus inadequately controlled on maximum doses of metformin alone
Comparison of Nebulized Epinephrine to Albuterol in Bronchiolitis
Comparison of nested case-control and survival analysis methodologies for analysis of time-dependent exposure
Comparison of nested PCR and real time PCR of Herpesvirus infections of central nervous system in HIV patients
Comparison of new forms of creatine in raising plasma creatine levels
Comparison of non histone proteins selectively associated with nucleosomes with proteins released during limited DNase digestions.
Comparison of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay efficiency in various murine tissues
Comparison of normal values of Duplex indices of vertebral arteries in young and elderly adults
Comparison of normalisation methods for surface-enhanced laser desorption and ionisation (SELDI) time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry data
Comparison of normalization methods for CodeLink Bioarray data
Comparison of nucleotide sequences in HeLa cell mRNA and hnRNA.
Comparison of nucleotide sequences of large T1 ribonuclease fragments of 18S ribosomal RNA of rat and chicken.
Comparison of nucleotide sequences of mRNAs belonging to the mouse H-2 multigene family.
Comparison of nursing home residents admitted from home or hospital.
Comparison of osteogenic potentials of human rat BMP4 and BMP6 gene therapy using [E1-] and [E1-,E2b-] adenoviral vectors
Comparison of outcomes of percutaneous coronary intervention on proximal versus non-proximal left anterior descending coronary artery, proximal left circumflex, and proximal right coronary artery: A cross-sectional study
Comparison of Oxidative Properties, Light Absorbance, and Total and Elemental Mass Concentration of Ambient PM 2.5 Collected at 20 European Sites
Comparison of P2X and TRPV1 receptors in ganglia or primary culture of trigeminal neurons and their modulation by NGF or serotonin
Comparison of p53 and the PDZ domain containing protein MAGI-3 regulation by the E6 protein from high-risk human papillomaviruses
Comparison of pain, cortisol levels, and psychological distress in women undergoing surgical termination of pregnancy under local anaesthesia versus intravenous sedation
Comparison of palpation-versus ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsies in the evaluation of thyroid nodules
Comparison of paraffin-embedded skin biopsies from different anatomical regions as sampling methods for detection of Leishmania infection in dogs using histological, immunohistochemical and PCR methods
Comparison of patient comprehension of rapid HIV pre-test fundamentals by information delivery format in an emergency department setting
Comparison of Pattern Detection Methods in Microarray Time Series of the Segmentation Clock
Comparison of patterns of use, beliefs, and attitudes related to waterpipe between beginning and established smokers
Comparison of pausing during transcription and replication.
Comparison of PCR and clinical laboratory tests for diagnosing H. pylori infection in pediatric patients
Comparison of PCR and microscopy for the detection of asymptomatic malaria in a Plasmodium falciparum/vivax endemic area in Thailand
Comparison of PCR-based detection of Plasmodium falciparum infections based on single and multicopy genes
Comparison of perceived and modelled geographical access to accident and emergency departments: a cross-sectional analysis from the Caerphilly Health and Social Needs Study
Comparison of performance-based measures among native Japanese, Japanese-Americans in Hawaii and Caucasian women in the United States, ages 65 years and over: a cross-sectional study
Comparison of pesticides and other compounds in carpet dust samples collected from used vacuum cleaner bags and from a high-volume surface sampler.
Comparison of Pharmacopuncture, Aquapuncture and Acepromazine for Sedation of Horses
Comparison of picornaviral IRES-driven internal initiation of translation in cultured cells of different origins.
Comparison of plants used for skin and stomach problems in Trinidad and Tobago with Asian ethnomedicine
Comparison of plasma endothelin levels between osteoporotic, osteopenic and normal subjects
Comparison of Plasmodium falciparum transfection methods
Comparison of platelet function between sedentary individuals and competitive athletes at rest
Comparison of pleural responses of rats and hamsters to subchronic inhalation of refractory ceramic fibers.
Comparison of pneumolysin genes and proteins from Streptococcus pneumoniae types 1 and 2.
Comparison of Poisson and Bernoulli spatial cluster analyses of pediatric injuries in a fire district
Comparison of polychlorinated biphenyl levels across studies of human neurodevelopment.
Comparison of polysomal and nuclear poly(A)-containing RNA populations from normal rat liver and Novikoff hepatoma.
Comparison of Population-Based Association Study Methods Correcting for Population Stratification
Comparison of PrASE and Pyrosequencing for SNP Genotyping
Comparison of prenatal and postnatal MRI findings in the evaluation of intrauterine CNS anomalies
Comparison of prevalence and severity of asthma among adolescents in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago: results of a nationwide cross-sectional survey
Comparison of Prevention of NSAID-Induced Gastrointestinal Complications by Rebamipide and Misoprostol: A Randomized, Multicenter, Controlled Trial—STORM STUDY
Comparison of primary health care services between urban and rural settings after the introduction of the first urban health centre in Vyronas, Greece
Comparison of probabilistic Boolean network and dynamic Bayesian network approaches for inferring gene regulatory networks
Comparison of probabilistic choice models in humans
Comparison of procalcitonin (PCT) and C-reactive protein (CRP) plasma concentrations at different SOFA scores during the course of sepsis and MODS
Comparison of prognostic gene expression signatures for breast cancer
Comparison of prognostic scores and surgical approaches to treat spinal metastatic tumors: A review of 57 cases
Comparison of proliferating cell nuclear antigen to tritiated thymidine as a marker of proliferating hepatocytes in rats.
Comparison of promoter suppression in avian and murine retrovirus vectors.
Comparison of Propranolol and Inderal L.A. in Patients with Angina
Comparison of Protein and mRNA Expression Evolution in Humans and Chimpanzees
Comparison of protein coding gene contents of the fungal phyla Pezizomycotina and Saccharomycotina
Comparison of protein interaction networks reveals species conservation and divergence
Comparison of protein structures by growing neighborhood alignments
Comparison of proteomic profiles of serum, plasma, and modified media supplements used for cell culture and expansion
Comparison of public peak detection algorithms for MALDI mass spectrometry data analysis
Comparison of pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis in Nepal- a hospital-based retrospective study
Comparison of Quadratic- and Median-Based Roughness Penalties for Penalized-Likelihood Sinogram Restoration in Computed Tomography
Comparison of quality control for trauma management between Western and Eastern European trauma center
Comparison of quality of life and causes of hospitalization between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients in China
Comparison of quenching and extraction methodologies for metabolome analysis of Lactobacillus plantarum
Comparison of Radical Scavenging Activity, Cytotoxic Effects and Apoptosis Induction in Human Melanoma Cells by Taiwanese Propolis from Different Sources
Comparison of rat liver and Walker 256 carcinosarcoma tRNAs.
Comparison of RCAS1 and metallothionein expression and the presence and activity of immune cells in human ovarian and abdominal wall endometriomas
Comparison of real-time PCR and hemagglutination assay for quantitation of human polyomavirus JC
Comparison of refractive errors and factors associated with spectacle use in a rural and urban South Indian population
Comparison of risks from outdoor and indoor exposure to toxic chemicals.
Comparison of RNAi efficiency mediated by tetracycline-responsive H1 and U6 promoter variants in mammalian cell lines
Comparison of RNase A, a chemical cleavage and GC-clamped denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis for the detection of mutations in exon 9 of the human acid beta-glucosidase gene.
Comparison of rosuvastatin and atorvastatin for lipid lowering in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: results from the URANUS study
Comparison of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains of clinical and nonclinical origin by molecular typing and determination of putative virulence traits
Comparison of Schizosaccharomyces pombe expression systems.
Comparison of self-administered vaginal misoprostol versus placebo for cervical ripening prior to operative hysteroscopy using a sequential trial design *
Comparison of serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid sialic acid levels between malignant and benign lung diseases
Comparison of seven methods for producing Affymetrix expression scores based on False Discovery Rates in disease profiling data
Comparison of seven serum assays on four automatic analysers
Comparison of several promoters and polyadenylation signals for use in heterologous gene expression in cultured Drosophila cells.
Comparison of severity of illness scoring systems for patients with nosocomial bloodstream infection due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Comparison of Short-Term Estrogenicity Tests for Identification of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals
Comparison of short-term outcomes between laparoscopically-assisted vs. transverse-incision open right hemicolectomy for right-sided colon cancer: a retrospective study
Comparison of Short Vs. Long Half-Life Single-Dose Prophylactic Antibiotics for Cesarean Section
Comparison of significance level at the true location using two linkage approaches: LODPAL and GENEFINDER
Comparison of silicon oil removal with various viscosities after complex retinal detachment surgery
Comparison of single-nucleotide polymorphisms and microsatellites in detecting quantitative trait loci for alcoholism: The Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism
Comparison of single-nucleotide polymorphisms and microsatellites in inference of population structure
Comparison of single regulated lentiviral vectors with rtTA expression driven by an autoregulatory loop or a constitutive promoter
Comparison of slow and fast neocortical neuron migration using a new in vitro model
Comparison of spatial scan statistic and spatial filtering in estimating low birth weight clusters
Comparison of SPECT bone scintigraphy with MRI for diagnosis of meniscal tears
Comparison of speech intelligibility in quiet and in noise after hearing aid fitting according to a purely prescriptive and a comparative fitting procedure
Comparison of standard exponential and linear techniques to amplify small cDNA samples for microarrays
Comparison of strategies for identification of regulatory quantitative trait loci of transcript expression traits
Comparison of Study Controls
Comparison of substrate base sequences for RNA ligase reactions in the synthesis of a tetradecanucleotide corresponding to bases 21-34 of E. coli tRNAfMet 1.
Comparison of sufentanil with sufentanil plus magnesium sulphate for sedation in the intensive care unit using bispectral index
Comparison of tagging single-nucleotide polymorphism methods in association analyses
Comparison of target labeling methods for use with Affymetrix GeneChips
Comparison of Technetium-99m-MIBI imaging with MRI for detection of spine involvement in patients with multiple myeloma
Comparison of techniques to reduce residential lead dust on carpet and upholstery: the new jersey assessment of cleaning techniques trial.
Comparison of temporal changes in psychological distress after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation among the underlying diseases of Japanese adult patients
Comparison of the 5' flanking regions of the Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli glgC genes, encoding ADP glucose pyrophosphorylases.
Comparison of the A-T rich regions and the Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase binding sites in phage phi 29 DNA.
Comparison of the accelerated and classic vaccination schedules against Hepatitis B: three-week Hepatitis B vaccination schedule provides immediate and protective immunity
Comparison of the accuracy of methods of computational haplotype inference using a large empirical dataset
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