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Cognitive and psychological sequelae of hydrocephalus and spina bifida: turning interesting theoretical research into useful clinical intervention and guidelines
Cognitive and psychomotor performance tests and experiment design in multiple chemical sensitivity.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy versus Short Psychodynamic Supportive Psychotherapy in the outpatient treatment of depression: a randomized controlled trial
Cognitive behaviour therapy-based intervention by community health workers for mothers with depression and their infants in rural Pakistan: a cluster-randomised controlled trial
Cognitive-behaviour therapy for patients with Abridged Somatization Disorder (SSI 4,6) in primary care: a randomized, controlled study
Cognitive Components of Regularity Processing in the Auditory Domain
Cognitive deficits and changes in gene expression of NMDA receptors after prenatal methylmercury exposure.
Cognitive deficits and CTG repeat expansion size in classical myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1)
Cognitive deficits and magnetic resonance spectroscopy in adult monozygotic twins with lead poisoning.
Cognitive development and children's perceptions of fruit and vegetables; a qualitative study
Cognitive development in children with chronic protein energy malnutrition
Cognitive Dimensions of Predator Responses to Imperfect Mimicry
Cognitive dysfunction in NF1 knock-out mice may result from altered vesicular trafficking of APP/DRD3 complex
Cognitive effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in animals.
Cognitive, emotional, and quality of life outcomes in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
Cognitive-enhancing effects of angiotensin IV
Cognitive-enhancing effects of aripiprazole: a case report
Cognitive function during early abstinence from opioid dependence: a comparison to age, gender, and verbal intelligence matched controls
Cognitive function in relation with bone mass and nutrition: cross-sectional association in postmenopausal women
Cognitive impairment and preferences for current health
Cognitive interviewing methodology in the development of a pediatric item bank: a patient reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS) study
Cognitive remediation therapy for patients with anorexia nervosa: preliminary findings
Cognitive status and behavioral problems in older hospitalized patients
Cognitive vulnerability and dental fear
Cografts of Adrenal Medulla With Pretransected Peripheral Nerve
Coherence and recurrency: maintenance, control and integration in working memory
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering imaging of lipids in cancer metastasis
Coherent coexistence of nanodiamonds and carbon onions in icosahedral core-shell particles
Coherent Expression Chromosome Cluster Analysis Reveals Differential Regulatory Functions of Amino-Terminal and Distal Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein Domains in Prostate Carcinoma
Cohesin Interaction with Centromeric Minichromosomes Shows a Multi-Complex Rod-Shaped Structure
Cohesin Is Dispensable for Centromere Cohesion in Human Cells
Cohesive versus Flexible Evolution of Functional Modules in Eukaryotes
Cohort differences in disease and disability in the young-old: findings from the MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Study (MRC-CFAS)
Cohort effects in dynamic models and their impact on vaccination programmes: an example from Hepatitis A
Cohort Profile: Africa Centre Demographic Information System (ACDIS) and population-based HIV survey
Cohort Profile: Cohort of Norway (CONOR)
Cohort Profile: The 45 and Up Study
Cohort studies of health effects among people exposed to estuarine waters: North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.
Cohort study of the association of antibody levels to AMA1, MSP1 19 , MSP3 and GLURP with protection from clinical malaria in Ghanaian children
Coiled-coil protein composition of 22 proteomes – differences and common themes in subcellular infrastructure and traffic control
Coincidence between Transcriptome Analyses on Different Microarray Platforms Using a Parametric Framework
Coincidence Detection of Place and Temporal Context in a Network Model of Spiking Hippocampal Neurons
Coincidence painting: a rapid method for cloning region specific DNA sequences
Coincidence painting: a rapid method for cloning region specific DNA sequences.
Coincident Activity of Converging Pathways Enables Simultaneous Long-Term Potentiation and Long-Term Depression in Hippocampal CA1 Network In Vivo
Coincident sequence cloning.
COL11A1 in FAP polyps and in sporadic colorectal tumors
Colchicine antimitosis abolishes resiliency of postnatally developing rats to chlordecone-amplified carbon tetrachloride hepatotoxicity and lethality.
Colchicine in acute gouty arthritis: the optimum dose?
Colchitaxel, a coupled compound made from microtubule inhibitors colchicine and paclitaxel
Cold acclimation induces physiological cardiac hypertrophy and increases assimilation of triacylglycerol metabolism through lipoprotein lipase
Cold hands – strained heart? Advances in the management of Raynaud's phenomenon and pulmonary hypertension
Cold-inducible RNA binding protein (CIRP), a novel XTcf-3 specific target gene regulates neural development in Xenopus
Cold Injury
Cold saline irrigation of the renal pelvis during Radiofrequency Ablation of a central renal neoplasm: a case report
Cold-sensitive mutants of Taq DNA polymerase provide a hot start for PCR
Cold shock domain proteins and glycine-rich RNA-binding proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana can promote the cold adaptation process in Escherichia coli
Cold shock domain proteins repress transcription from the GM-CSF promoter.
Cold shock induces the insertion of a cryptic exon in the neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) mRNA
'Cold SSCP': a simple, rapid and non-radioactive method for optimized single-strand conformation polymorphism analyses.
Cold Therapy in Migraine Patients: Open-label, Non-controlled, Pilot Study
Cold War, Deadly Fevers: Malaria Eradication in Mexico, 1955–1975
Cold war, hot nukes: legacy of an era.
Colectomy rate in steroid-refractory colitis initially responsive to cyclosporin: a long-term retrospective cohort study
Coleridge on dreaming: romanticism, dreams, and the medical imagination
coli BASE: an online database for Escherichia coli , Shigella and Salmonella comparative genomics
Colicin E3 cleavage of 16S rRNA impairs decoding and accelerates tRNA translocation on Escherichia coli ribosomes
Colicin N Binds to the Periphery of Its Receptor and Translocator, Outer Membrane Protein F
Coliform pyosalpinx as a rare complication of appendicectomy: a case report and review of the literature on best practice
coliSNP database server mapping nsSNPs on protein structures
Collaborating while competing? The sustainability of community-based integrated care initiatives through a health partnership
Collaboration and distances between German immunological institutes – a trend analysis
Collaboration Between Oregon’s Chronic Disease Programs and Medicaid to Decrease Smoking Among Medicaid-Insured Oregonians With Asthma
Collaboration of Werner syndrome protein and BRCA1 in cellular responses to DNA interstrand cross-links
Collaboration on the West Coast
Collaboration with general practitioners: preferences of medical specialists – a qualitative study
Collaboration with the Laboratory Automation Standards Foundation
Collaborative development of the Arrowsmith two node search interface designed for laboratory investigators
Collaborative e-Learning Using Streaming Video and Asynchronous Discussion Boards to Teach the Cognitive Foundation of Medical Interviewing: A Case Study
Collaborative interactions between neutrophil elastase and metalloproteinases in extracellular matrix degradation in three-dimensional collagen gels
Collaborative research: Accomplishments & potential
Collaborative review of pilot projects to inform policy: A methodological remedy for pilotitis?
Collage and Assemblage in the Microbial World
Collagen and Collagenase
Collagen biosynthesis.
Collagen density promotes mammary tumor initiation and progression
Collagen fibrillogenesis: fibronectin, integrins, and minor collagens as organizers and nucleators
Collagen I but not Matrigel matrices provide an MMP-dependent barrier to ovarian cancer cell penetration
Collagen-induced arthritis in C57BL/6 mice is associated with a robust and sustained T-cell response to type II collagen
Collagen-induced arthritis is exacerbated in IL-10-deficient mice
Collagen reorganization at the tumor-stromal interface facilitates local invasion
Collagen’s Triglycine Repeat Number and Phylogeny Suggest an Interdomain Transfer Event from a Devonian or Silurian Organism into Trichodesmium erythraeum
Collagen Synthesis in Tenocytes, Ligament Cells and Chondrocytes Exposed to a Combination of Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulfate
Collagen type II (CII)-specific antibodies induce arthritis in the absence of T or B cells but the arthritis progression is enhanced by CII-reactive T cells
Collagenase Promotes the Cellular Responses to Injury and Wound Healing In Vivo
Collagenolytic serine protease PC and trypsin PC from king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus : cDNA cloning and primary structure of the enzymes
Collateral Formation After Repeated Transient Dearterialization of the Rat Liver
Collateral Respiration in the Normal and Diseased Lung *
Collected essays on public health and epidemiology
Collected Reprints from the Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute of the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital
Collecting a set of psoriasis family material through a patient organisation; clinical characterisation and presence of additional disorders
Collecting and harvesting biological data: the GPCRDB and NucleaRDB information systems
Collecting, archiving and processing DNA from wildlife samples using FTA ® databasing paper
Collecting data for sexually transmitted infections (STI) surveillance: what do patients prefer in Flanders?
Collecting duct carcinoma of the kidney: an immunohistochemical study of 11 cases
Collection of corneal impression cytology directly on a sterile glass slide for the detection of viral antigen: An inexpensive and simple technique for the diagnosis of HSV epithelial keratitis – A pilot study
Collection of genomic DNA by buccal swabs for polymerase chain reaction-based biomarker assays.
Collection of Human Genomic DNA From Buccal Cells for Genetics Studies: Comparison Between Cytobrush, Mouthwash, and Treated Card
Collection of mRNA-like non-coding RNAs.
Collection of mutant tRNA sequences
Collection of mutant tRNA sequences.
Collection of population-based cancer staging information in Western Australia – a feasibility study
Collection of published 5S, 5.8S and 4.5S ribosomal RNA sequences
Collection of published 5S, 5.8S and 4.5S ribosomal RNA sequences
Collection of published 5S and 5.8S ribosomal RNA sequences
Collection of published 5S and 5.8S ribosomal RNA sequences
Collection of published 5S and 5.8S ribosomal RNA sequences
Collection of published 5S and 5.8S RNA sequences and their precursors
Collection of published 5S and 5.8S RNA sequences and their precursors
Collection of published 5S and 5.8S RNA sequences and their precursors
Collection of published 5S and 5.8S rRNA sequences and their precursors.
Collection of published tRNA sequences
Collection of published tRNA sequences
Collection of small subunit (16S- and 16S-like) ribosomal RNA structures.
Collection of small subunit (16S- and 16S-like) ribosomal RNA structures: 1994.
Collective Cell Migration Drives Morphogenesis of the Kidney Nephron
Collective consciousness and its pathologies: Understanding the failure of AIDS control and treatment in the United States
Collective properties of evolving molecular quasispecies
Collective radiation biodosimetry for dose reconstruction of acute accidental exposures: a review.
Collective trauma in northern Sri Lanka: a qualitative psychosocial-ecological study
College campus smoking policies and programs and students' smoking behaviors
College of General Practitioners
Collegiate Education for Nursing
Collembase: a repository for springtail genomics and soil quality assessment
Collision events between RNA polymerases in convergent transcription studied by atomic force microscopy
Collision of adenocarcinoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) in the stomach: report of a case
Collision of evidence and assumptions: TMI déjà view.
Collision tumor of the colon – colonic adenocarcinoma and ovarian granulosa cell tumor
Collision tumor of the thyroid: follicular variant of papillary carcinoma and squamous carcinoma
Collision Tumour of the Ampulla of Vater: Carcinoid and Adenocarcinoma
Collision tumour of the stomach with a cancer to cancer metastasis: a case report
Colloid Chemistry; Principles and Applications
Colocalization of endogenous TNF with a functional intracellular splice form of human TNF receptor type 2
Colocalization of somatostatin receptors and epidermal growth factor receptors in breast cancer cells
Colocalized Structural and Functional Changes in the Cortex of Patients with Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain
Colombia defies court on coca.
Colombo Twin and Singleton Study (CoTASS): A description of a population based twin study of mental disorders in Sri Lanka
Colon-available raspberry polyphenols exhibit anti-cancer effects on in vitro models of colon cancer
Colon biopsies for evaluation of acute graft-versus-host disease (A-GVHD) in allogeneic bone marrow transplant patients
Colon cancer controls versus population controls in case-control studies of occupational risk factors
Colon cancer in Luxembourg: a national population-based data report, 1988–1998
Colon cancer prediction with genetic profiles using intelligent techniques
Colon cancer risk and different HRT formulations: a case-control study
Colon-Derived Liver Metastasis, Colorectal Carcinoma, and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Can Be Discriminated by the Ca2+-Binding Proteins S100A6 and S100A11
Colonialism, tropical disease and imperial medicine: Rockefeller philanthropy in Sri Lanka
Colonic carcinoma with multiple small bowel perforations mimicking intestinal obstruction
Colonic diaphragm disease without significant non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use: a case report
Colonic epithelial ion transport is not affected in patients with diverticulosis
Colonic Involvement in a Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
Colonic irrigation for defecation disorders after dynamic graciloplasty
Colonic manifestations of runt disease.
Colonic Paneth cell metaplasia is pre-neoplastic condition of colonic cancer or not?
Colonic perforation following mild abdominal trauma in a patient with Crohn's disease: a case report
Colonic perianastomotic carcinogenesis in an experimental model
Colonic stenting as bridge to surgery versus emergency surgery for management of acute left-sided malignant colonic obstruction: a multicenter randomized trial (Stent-in 2 study)
Colonic tuberculosis mimicking Crohn's disease: case report
Colonizing the body: state medicine and epidemic disease in nineteenth-century India
Colonoscopic Polypectomy
Colonoscopic screening for colorectal cancer improves quality of life measures: a population-based screening study
Colonoscopy is mandatory after Streptococcus bovis endocarditis: a lesson still not learned. Case report
Colony Collapse Disorder May Affect Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Colony shape as a genetic trait in the pattern-forming Bacillus mycoides
Colony size measurement of the yeast gene deletion strains for functional genomics
Color Atlas and Text of Clinical Medicine, Second Edition
Color atlas of AIDS
Color Atlas of Histopathology. 2nd Edition
Color Atlas of Human Dissection, 2nd Edition
Color Atlas of Kidney Biopsy: Pathology of Glomerular Diseases
Color Atlas of Pathology
Color blind
Color Blindness in Eleven Thousand Museum Visitors *
Color by Soy: Genistein Linked to Epigenetic Effects
Color Changes in Electronic Endoscopic Images Caused by Image Compression
Color coded triarylmethyl protecting groups useful for deoxypolynucleotide synthesis
Color Doppler imaging of cervicocephalic fibromuscular dysplasia
Color graphics representations of large sequences in the GEM environment.
Color naming deficits and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A retinal dopaminergic hypothesis
Color signaling in conspicuous red sticklebacks: do ultraviolet signals surpass others?
Color Stability of Silicone or Acrylic Denture Liners: An in Vitro Investigation
Color transitions in coral's fluorescent proteins by site-directed mutagenesis
COLORADO3D, a web server for the visual analysis of protein structures
Coloration and the Genetics of Adaptation
Colorectal Cancer: A Scientific Perspective
Colorectal cancer metastasis: in the surgeon's hands?
Colorectal cancer screening among African American church members: A qualitative and quantitative study of patient-provider communication
Colorectal cancer screening awareness among physicians in Greece
Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells Are Enriched in Xenogeneic Tumors Following Chemotherapy
Colorectal Cancer Test Use Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic U.S. Populations
Colorectal cancers with microsatellite instability display mRNA expression signatures characteristic of increased immunogenicity
Colorectal Hyperplasia and Dysplasia Due to Human Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) Family Member Expression in Transgenic Mice
Colorectal infantile myofibromatosis: an unusual cause of rectal prolapse and sigmoid colo-colonic intussusception: a case report
Colorectal tumors with complete obstruction – Endoscopic recovery of passage replacing emergency surgery? A report of two cases
Colored extrinsic fluctuations and stochastic gene expression
Colorimetric detection of herpes simplex virus by DNA in situ sandwich hybridization: a rapid, formamide-free, random oligomer-enhanced method.
Colorimetric detection of immobilised PCR products generated on a solid support.
Colorimetric Estimation of Inorganic Phosphate and Acid Phosphatase Activity in Plant Tissue Homogenates *
Coloring the Mu transpososome
Colostomy of the Ascending Colon or Cecum *
Colour duplex sonography of temporal arteries before decision for biopsy: a prospective study in 55 patients with suspected giant cell arteritis
Colour model analysis for microscopic image processing
Colour Photography as Applied to Medicine
Colour variation in red grapevines ( Vitis vinifera L.): genomic organisation, expression of flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase, flavonoid 3',5'-hydroxylase genes and related metabolite profiling of red cyanidin-/blue delphinidin-based anthocyanins in berry skin
Colour vision
Colouration and Colour Changes of the Fiddler Crab, Uca capricornis : A Descriptive Study
Colourimetric detection of PCR products using the DNA-binding protein TyrR.
Colouterine fistula mimicking pyometrium--diagnosis established with multi-detector computed tomography.
Colovaginal anastomosis: an unusual complication of stapler use in restorative procedure after Hartmann operation
Colugos: obscure mammals glide into the evolutionary limelight
Columba: an integrated database of proteins, structures, and annotations
Columbia Program Digs Deeper into Arsenic Dilemma
COM e: the ontology of bioinorganic proteins
COM1/348: Design and Implementation of a Portal for the Market of the Medical Equipment (MEDICOM)
COM2/351: Multimedica - The German Online Information Provider for Physicians: 3 years of experience and perspectives for the future
COM3/369: Knowledge-based Information Systems: A new approach for the representation and retrieval of medical information
COM4/392: In Vitro Diagnostic Net: Virtual community and marketplace of laboratory medicine
COM5/443: Health Portals, Search Engines and Intranets: Making order of the chaos - A review article
COM6 /485: Dermis.net - from a Dermatology Internet Atlas to a Dermatology Internet Portal Site
COM7/386: ArztPartner AG: three steps strategy to a healthcare information network
COMAP: a comigrating analysis program for estimating the relationship of adenoviruses on the genome level.
Combating Disease Mongering: Daunting but Nonetheless Essential
Combating Kinetoplastid diseases
Combattre la tuberculose, 1900–1940
Combination antiretroviral therapy in population affected by conflict: outcomes from large cohort in northern Uganda
Combination Effects of Herbs in a Multi-herbal Formula: Expression of Juzen-taiho-to's Immuno-modulatory Activity on the Intestinal Immune System
Combination of celecoxib with percutaneous radiotherapy in patients with localised prostate cancer – a phase I study
Combination of contrast with stress echocardiography: A practical guide to methods and interpretation
Combination of DNA-directed immobilization and immuno-PCR: very sensitive antigen detection by means of self-assembled DNA–protein conjugates
Combination of histopathological and electromyographic patterns can help to evaluate functional outcome of critical ill patients with neuromuscular weakness syndromes
Combination of methylated-DNA precipitation and methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes (COMPARE-MS) for the rapid, sensitive and quantitative detection of DNA methylation
Combination of native and denaturing PAGE for the detection of protein binding regions in long fragments of genomic DNA
Combination of overlapping bacterial artificial chromosomes by a two-step recombinogenic engineering method
Combination of photodynamic therapy with intravitreal bevacizumab for post-peribulbar anesthesia (penetrating trauma)-persistent choroidal neovascular membrane
Combination of psychotherapy and benzodiazepines versus either therapy alone for panic disorder: a systematic review
Combination of qualitative and quantitative methods for developing a new Health Related Quality of Life measure for patients with anogenital warts
Combination of scoring schemes for protein docking
Combination of surgical excision and custom designed silicon pressure splint therapy for keloids on the helical rim
Combination of the anti-CD30-auristatin-E antibody-drug conjugate (SGN-35) with chemotherapy improves antitumour activity in Hodgkin lymphoma
Combination of tunicamycin with anticancer drugs synergistically enhances their toxicity in multidrug-resistant human ovarian cystadenocarcinoma cells
Combination of Two but Not Three Current Targeted Drugs Can Improve Therapy of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Combination phenylbutyrate/gemcitabine therapy effectively inhibits in vitro and in vivo growth of NSCLC by intrinsic apoptotic pathways
Combination quetiapine therapy in the long-term treatment of patients with bipolar I disorder
Combination therapy of disseminated coccidioidomycosis with caspofungin and fluconazole
Combination Therapy of PPAR γ Ligands and Inhibitors of Arachidonic Acid in Lung Cancer
Combination therapy targeting the tumor microenvironment is effective in a model of human ocular melanoma
Combination therapy versus monotherapy: a randomised pilot study on the evolution of inflammatory parameters after ventilator associated pneumonia [ISRCTN31976779]
Combinations of susceptible genotypes and individual responses to toxicants.
Combinatorial Coding for Drosophila Neurons
Combinatorial codon-based amino acid substitutions
Combinatorial Computational Approaches to Identify Tetracycline Derivatives as Flavivirus Inhibitors
Combinatorial control of gene expression by the three yeast repressors Mig1, Mig2 and Mig3
Combinatorial control of positive and negative, upstream and intragenic regulatory DNA domains of the mouse alpha 1-foetoprotein gene.
Combinatorial delivery of small interfering RNAs reduces RNAi efficacy by selective incorporation into RISC
Combinatorial diversity of fission yeast SCF ubiquitin ligases by homo- and heterooligomeric assemblies of the F-box proteins Pop1p and Pop2p
Combinatorial effects of environmental parameters on transcriptional regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A quantitative analysis of a compendium of chemostat-based transcriptome data
Combinatorial expression vector engineering for tuning of recombinant protein production in Escherichia coli
Combinatorial infection and in vivo recombination: a strategy for making large phage antibody repertoires.
Combinatorial interactions of two amino acids with a single base pair define target site specificity in plant dimeric homeodomain proteins
Combinatorial libraries by cassette mutagenesis.
Combinatorial library diversity: probability assessment of library populations.
Combinatorial Mismatch Scan (CMS) for loci associated with dementia in the Amish
Combinatorial Pattern Discovery Approach for the Folding Trajectory Analysis of a β -Hairpin
Combinatorial peptidomics: a generic approach for protein expression profiling
Combinatorial polyketide biosynthesis at higher stage
Combinatorial regulation of phospholipid biosynthetic gene expression by the UME6 , SIN3 and RPD3 genes
Combinatorial RNA interference in Caenorhabditis elegans reveals that redundancy between gene duplicates can be maintained for more than 80 million years of evolution
Combinatorial selection of high affinity RNA ligands to live African trypanosomes.
Combinatorial Signals of Activin/Nodal and Bone Morphogenic Protein Regulate the Early Lineage Segregation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells * S⃞
Combined 1H and 31P NMR studies of cerebral metabolism in vivo.
Combined adenocarcinoid and mucinous cystadenoma of the appendix: a case report
Combined analysis of expression data and transcription factor binding sites in the yeast genome
Combined Analysis of Murine and Human Microarrays and ChIP Analysis Reveals Genes Associated with the Ability of MYC To Maintain Tumorigenesis
Combined analysis reveals a core set of cycling genes
Combined aniridic intraocular lens implantation and vitreoretinal surgery
Combined antibiotic and free radical trap treatment is effective at combating Staphylococcus-aureus -induced septic arthritis
Combined applications of fine needle aspiration cytology and Flow cytometric immunphenotyping for diagnosis and classification of non Hodgkin Lymphoma
Combined approach of perioperative 18 F-FDG PET/CT imaging and intraoperative 18 F-FDG handheld gamma probe detection for tumor localization and verification of complete tumor resection in breast cancer
Combined array-comparative genomic hybridization and single-nucleotide polymorphism-loss of heterozygosity analysis reveals complex genetic alterations in cervical cancer
Combined association of maternal and paternal family history of diabetes with plasma leptin and adiponectin in overweight Hispanic children
Combined chelation therapy in thalassemia major for the treatment of severe myocardial siderosis with left ventricular dysfunction
Combined chloroquine, sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine and primaquine against Plasmodium falciparum in Central Java, Indonesia
Combined Cisplatinum and Laser Thermal Therapy for Palliation of Recurrent Head and Neck Tumors
Combined coronary and late-enhanced multidetector-computed tomography for delineation of the etiology of left ventricular dysfunction: comparison with coronary angiography and contrast-enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
Combined determination of plasma MMP2, MMP9, and TIMP1 improves the non-invasive detection of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder
Combined didactic and scenario-based education improves the ability of intensive care unit staff to recognize delirium at the bedside
Combined EEG-fMRI and tractography to visualise propagation of epileptic activity
Combined effect of CCND1 and COMT polymorphisms and increased breast cancer risk
Combined effect of cigarette smoke and mineral fibers on the gene expression of cytokine mRNA.
Combined effect of health behaviours and risk of first ever stroke in 20 040 men and women over 11 years’ follow-up in Norfolk cohort of European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC Norfolk): prospective population study
Combined Effect of Hemostatic Gene Polymorphisms and the Risk of Myocardial Infarction in Patients with Advanced Coronary Atherosclerosis
Combined effects of 5-Fluorouracil, Folinic acid and Oxaliplatin on the expression of carcinoembryonic antigen in human colon cancer cells: pharmacological basis to develop an active antitumor immunochemotherapy
Combined effects of functionally-oriented exercise regimens and nutritional supplementation on both the institutionalised and free-living frail elderly (double-blind, randomised clinical trial)
Combined effects of noise and ototoxic drugs.
Combined effects of overweight and smoking in late adolescence on subsequent mortality: nationwide cohort study
Combined Effects of Thrombosis Pathway Gene Variants Predict Cardiovascular Events
Combined endocrine and exocrine tumours of the pancreas
Combined endoscopic and laparoscopic approach for palliative resection of metastatic melanoma of the stomach
Combined Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Treatment of Gallstones and Bile Duct Stones
Combined Evidence Annotation of Transposable Elements in Genome Sequences
Combined expectancies: electrophysiological evidence for the adjustment of expectancy effects
Combined experimental and computational approach to identify non-protein-coding RNAs in the deep-branching eukaryote Giardia intestinalis
Combined Exposure to Anti-Androgens Exacerbates Disruption of Sexual Differentiation in the Rat
Combined exposure to ozone and nitrogen dioxide.
Combined exposure to ozone and nitrogen dioxide.
Combined Expression Trait Correlations and Expression Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping
Combined fluticasone propionate and salmeterol reduces RSV infection more effectively than either of them alone in allergen-sensitized mice
Combined Genome Scans for Body Stature in 6,602 European Twins: Evidence for Common Caucasian Loci
Combined Hepatic Vein, Umbilicoportal Vein, and Superior Mesenteric Artery Catheterization in Portal Hypertension: Estimation of the Portal Fraction of Total Hepatic Blood Flow in Cirrhotic Patients 1
Combined histomorphometric and gene-expression profiling applied to toxicology
Combined IL-21 and Low-Dose IL-2 therapy induces anti-tumor immunity and long-term curative effects in a murine melanoma tumor model
Combined Immunodeficiency Disease and Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency. A Molecular Defect
Combined immunohistochemistry of β-catenin, cytokeratin 7, and cytokeratin 20 is useful in discriminating primary lung adenocarcinomas from metastatic colorectal cancer
Combined Impact of Health Behaviours and Mortality in Men and Women: The EPIC-Norfolk Prospective Population Study
Combined in silico and experimental identification of the Pyrococcus abyssi H/ACA sRNAs and their target sites in ribosomal RNAs
Combined Inactivation of MYC and K-Ras Oncogenes Reverses Tumorigenesis in Lung Adenocarcinomas and Lymphomas
Combined Internal Cephalic Version
Combined Interventional Radiological and Endoscopical Approach for the Treatment of a Postoperative Biliary Stricture and Fistula
Combined kinase inhibition modulates parkin inactivation
Combined magnetic resonance coronary artery imaging, myocardial perfusion and late gadolinium enhancement in patients with suspected coronary artery disease
Combined milrinone and enteral metoprolol therapy in patients with septic myocardial depression
Combined myocardial stress perfusion imaging and myocardial stress tagging for detection of coronary artery disease at 3 Tesla
Combined optical trapping and single-molecule fluorescence
Combined Penicillin and Chemotherapy in Acute Gonorrheal Urethritis
Combined photodynamic therapy and intravitreal ranibizumab as primary treatment for choroidal neovascularization associated with age-related macular degeneration in an Indian patient
Combined prime-boost vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) using a recombinant vaccinia virus and a bacterial plasmid both expressing TBE virus non-structural NS1 protein
Combined Sewer Systems: Down, Dirty, and Out of Date
Combined single-molecule force and fluorescence measurements for biology
Combined SSCP/duplex analysis by capillary electrophoresis for more efficient mutation detection
Combined sterno-clavicular approach as an alternative technique in hybrid exclusion of aortic arch aneurysm
Combined subtractive cDNA cloning and array CGH: an efficient approach for identification of overexpressed genes in DNA amplicons
Combined transcriptome and proteome analysis as a powerful approach to study genes under glucose repression in Bacillus subtilis
Combined use of Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism and IS 6110 -RFLP in fingerprinting clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Kerala, South India
Combined use of expression and CGH arrays pinpoints novel candidate genes in Ewing sarcoma family of tumors
Combined use of maxillomandibular swing approach and neurosurgical ultrasonic aspirator in the management of extensive clival chordoma: A case report
Combined use of preoperative 18 F FDG-PET imaging and intraoperative gamma probe detection for accurate assessment of tumor recurrence in patients with colorectal cancer
Combined Utilisation of Rapid Assessment Procedures for Loiasis (RAPLOA) and Onchocerciasis (REA) in Rain forest Villages of Cameroon
Combined Vital Dye Labelling and Catecholamine Histofluorescence of Transplanted Ciliary Ganglion Cells
Combined written and oral information prior to gastrointestinal endoscopy compared with oral information alone: a randomized trial
Combined xanthorrhizol-curcumin exhibits synergistic growth inhibitory activity via apoptosis induction in human breast cancer cells MDA-MB-231
Combining Affymetrix microarray results
Combining algorithms to predict bacterial protein sub-cellular location: Parallel versus concurrent implementations
Combining an SSRI with an anticonvulsant in depressed patients with dysphoric mood: an open study
Combining chemical genomics screens in yeast to reveal spectrum of effects of chemical inhibition of sphingolipid biosynthesis
Combining chromatin immunoprecipitation and DNA footprinting: a novel method to analyze protein–DNA interactions in vivo
Combining classifiers for improved classification of proteins from sequence or structure
Combining classifiers to predict gene function in Arabidopsis thaliana using large-scale gene expression measurements
Combining community-based research and local knowledge to confront asthma and subsistence-fishing hazards in Greenpoint/Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.
Combining comparative genomics with de novo motif discovery to identify human transcription factor DNA-binding motifs
Combining diverse evidence for gene recognition in completely sequenced bacterial genomes.
Combining environmental information.
Combining evidence and values in priority setting: testing the balance sheet method in a low-income country
Combining evidence, biomedical literature and statistical dependence: new insights for functional annotation of gene sets
Combining evidence for association from transmission disequilibrium and case-control studies using single-nucleotide polymorphisms
Combining Evidence, Specificity, and Proximity towards the Normalization of Gene Ontology Terms in Text
Combining gene expression data from different generations of oligonucleotide arrays
Combining gene expression, demographic and clinical data in modeling disease: a case study of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Combining genetic and biochemical approaches to identify functional molecular contact points
Combining Genomics, Metabolome Analysis, and Biochemical Modelling to Understand Metabolic Networks
Combining global genome and transcriptome approaches to identify the candidate genes of small-effect quantitative trait loci in collagen-induced arthritis
Combining guilt-by-association and guilt-by-profiling to predict Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene function
Combining hot-compressed water and ball milling pretreatments to improve the efficiency of the enzymatic hydrolysis of eucalyptus
Combining identity by descent and association in genetic case-control studies
Combining Information from Common Type 2 Diabetes Risk Polymorphisms Improves Disease Prediction
Combining Information From Multiple Data Sources to Create Multivariable Risk Models: Illustration and Preliminary Assessment of a New Method
Combining linkage data sets for meta-analysis and mega-analysis: the GAW15 rheumatoid arthritis data set
Combining Measures to Characterize Subcellular Machinery
Combining metal oxide affinity chromatography (MOAC) and selective mass spectrometry for robust identification of in vivo protein phosphorylation sites
Combining Microarray Technology and Molecular Epidemiology to Identify Genes Associated with Invasive Group B Streptococcus
Combining mouse mammary gland gene expression and comparative mapping for the identification of candidate genes for QTL of milk production traits in cattle
Combining multiple family-based association studies
Combining multiple positive training sets to generate confidence scores for protein–protein interactions
Combining partial liver resection and local ablation of liver tumours: a preliminary Dutch experience
Combining Phylogeography with Distribution Modeling: Multiple Pleistocene Range Expansions in a Parthenogenetic Gecko from the Australian Arid Zone
Combining Residual Insecticide Spraying Campaigns with Targeted Detection and Specific Chemotherapy for Trypanosoma cruzi Infection in Children
Combining RNA interference and kinase inhibitors against cell signalling components involved in cancer
Combining RNA Interference Mutants and Comparative Proteomics to Identify Protein Components and Dependences in a Eukaryotic Flagellum * S⃞
Combining scores from different patient reported outcome measures in meta-analyses: when is it justified?
Combining SELEX with quantitative assays to rapidly obtain accurate models of protein–DNA interactions
Combining sequence-based prediction methods and circular dichroism and infrared spectroscopic data to improve protein secondary structure determinations
Combining Shapley value and statistics to the analysis of gene expression data in children exposed to air pollution
Combining short stent implantation and drug-eluting stenting for routine use yields a low restenosis rate
Combining SSH and cDNA microarrays for rapid identification of differentially expressed genes.
Combining Structural Connectivity and Response Latencies to Model the Structure of the Visual System
Combining Taipan snake venom time/Ecarin time screening with the mixing studies of conventional assays increases detection rates of lupus anticoagulants in orally anticoagulated patients
Combining transcriptional datasets using the generalized singular value decomposition
Combining transcriptional profiling and genetic linkage analysis to uncover gene networks operating in hematopoietic stem cells and their progeny
Combining two-directional synthesis and tandem reactions, part 11: second generation syntheses of (±)-hippodamine and (±)-epi-hippodamine
Combining X-ray and electron-microscopy data to solve crystal structures
Combining xenoestrogens at levels below individual no-observed-effect concentrations dramatically enhances steroid hormone action.
Combustion-derived nanoparticles: A review of their toxicology following inhalation exposure
Combustion-Derived Ultrafine Particles Transport Organic Toxicants to Target Respiratory Cells
Combustion of dried animal dung as biofuel results in the generation of highly redox active fine particulates
Combustion products of 1,3-butadiene are cytotoxic and genotoxic to human bronchial epithelial cells.
Comet assay analysis of single–stranded DNA breaks in circulating leukocytes of glaucoma patients
CoMFA and CoMSIA 3D-QSAR analysis of DMDP derivatives as anti-cancer agents
Comfort and utility of school-based weight screening: the student perspective
Comfort in big numbers: Does over-estimation of doping prevalence in others indicate self-involvement?
Coming Soon to a VDT Near You—Gopher
Coming to terms with the nonmedical use of prescription medications
Coming together for children.
Commemoration of Herman Boerhaave
Commemorative Symposium on J. E. Purkyně
Commencement address, Yale University School of Medicine, May 16, 1977.
Commensal Bacteria and Expression of Two Major Intestinal Chemokines, TECK/CCL25 and MEC/CCL28, and Their Receptors
Commensal-Induced Regulatory T Cells Mediate Protection against Pathogen-Stimulated NF-κB Activation
Commensurate distances and similar motifs in genetic congruence and protein interaction networks in yeast
Comment: Applications of robotics in the clinical laboratory
Comment: Comments on ‘Flow-injection analysis— an idea incomplete?’
Comment: Flow-injection analysis—The end of the beginning? Segmented-flow analysis— The beginning of the end?
Comment on and reply to "Analysis of variation of amplitudes in cell cycle gene expression" by Liu, Gaido and Wolfinger: On the analysis of gene expression during the normal, eukaryotic, cell cycle
Comment on “Attitudes of European physicians, nurses, patients, and families regarding end-of-life decisions: the ETHICATT study” by Sprung et al.
Comment on “Breast Milk: An Optimal Food”
Comment on Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications by Tonia Jones and Steven J. Jacobsen
Comment on ‘Dynamic analysis of optimality in myocardial energy metabolism under normal and ischemic conditions'
Comment on Mackenzie and Woodhouse: C-reactive protein concentrations during bacteraemia: a comparison between patients with and without liver dysfunction
Comment on “Morphological Evolution Is Accelerated among Island Mammals”
Comment on Oral White Lesions Associated with Chewing Khat
Comment on “Recent Origin and Cultural Reversion of a Hunter–Gatherer Group”
Comment on "Sexual maturation in relation to polychlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons: Sharpe and Skakkebaek's hypothesis revisited".
Comment on “Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock: 2008” by Dellinger et al.
Comment on the Nanoparticle Conclusions in Crüts et al . (2008), "Exposure to diesel exhaust induces changes in EEG in human volunteers"
Comment on the significance of positive carcinogenicity studies using gavage as the route of exposure.
Comment on "Use of A-bomb survivor studies as a basis for nuclear worker compensation".
Comment: Teratogens and the Delaney Clause
Commentaires de la Faculté de Médecine de l' Université de Paris (1516–1560)
Commentaries on Medical Education and Medical Research in Latin America 1958 **
Commentary: A view from down under
Commentary: Acceptable performance standards for clinical laboratory methods
Commentary: Application of personal computers in the laboratory
Commentary: Automatic chemistry and the human protein index
Commentary: Automation comes of age
Commentary: Automation of laboratory instrumentation: where is it going?
Commentary. Concluding remarks on Session I
Commentary. Concluding remarks on Session II
Commentary. Concluding remarks on Session III
Commentary. Discussion of “Health Effects of Air Pollution”
Commentary. EB virus, infectious mononucleosis, and cancer: the closing of the web.
Commentary: Education for automation
Commentary: Flow-injection analysis—an idea incomplete?
Commentary: From the Editor's desk
Commentary: From the Editor's desk
Commentary: From the Editor's desk
Commentary: geology, asbestos, and health
Commentary: improving the health of neglected populations in Latin America
Commentary: locating fibers in the bowel wall *
Commentary. Looking back
Commentary: microparticles in biological tissues *
Commentary: modes of asbestos detection in food and drugs *
Commentary: modes of microscopy *
Commentary: National and international collaboration for instrumentation in health care laboratories
Commentary on asbestos in the work place and the community
Commentary on CAM and NK Cells by Kazuyoshi Takeda and Ko Okumura
Commentary on Designations of Medicines by Nigel Wiseman
Commentary on effects of anthropogenic and natural organic chemicals on development, swimming behavior, and reproduction of Daphnia, a key member of aquatic ecosystems.
Commentary on "Genetic linkage and transmission disequilibrium of marker haplotypes at chromosome 1q41 in human systemic lupus erythematosus", by RR Graham et al .
Commentary on strategies for switching antipsychotics
Commentary on the VERB™ Campaign — Perspectives on Social Marketing to Encourage Physical Activity Among Youth
Commentary on Traditional and Modern Biomedical Prospecting: Part II—The Benefits by Werner E.G. Müller, Heinz C. Schröder, Matthias Wiens, Sanja Perović-Ottstadt, Renato Batel and Isabel M. Müller
Commentary on Typhus Control in World War II
Commentary on using the SF-36 or MOS-HIV in studies of persons with HIV disease
Commentary – ordering lab tests for suspected rheumatic disease
Commentary: overview of agricultural dust research: Agricultural Research Service perspective
Commentary Overview of the Final Panel Session
Commentary: penetration of asbestos through the digestive wall in rats *
Commentary: Personal computers–valuable tools or expensive luxuries?
Commentary: Push–button analyses
Commentary: Research grants: advice to applicants.
Commentary: some considerations in the conduct of agricultural research
Commentary: some critical issues and concerns related to research advances on the toxicology of chemical mixtures
Commentary: The analyst and automation
Commentary: The changing role of computers in the laboratory
Commentary: The trend towards devolution in clinical chemistry
Commentary to "Review of Internet Health Information Quality Initiatives"
Commentary: two instruments for fiber identification *
Commentary: Why automation lags
Comments on "A critical review of epidemiologic studies of radiofrequency exposure and human cancers".
Comments on a paper by Irwin D.J. Bross and Deborah L. Driscoll: "Direct estimates of low-level radiation risks of lung cancer. . . ." Yale J Biol Med 54: 317-328, 1981.
Comments on "A reevaluation of cancer incidence near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant".
Comments on ALLHAT and doxazosin
Comments on and summary of panel on assessment of in vitro and in vivo mutagenicity data with regard to safety evaluation.
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