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A DNA Polymerase α Accessory Protein, Mcl1, Is Required for Propagation of Centromere Structures in Fission Yeast
A DNA polymerase activity is associated with Cauliflower Mosaic Virus.
A DNA polymerase from the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus shows sequence similarity to family B DNA polymerases.
A DNA polymerase stop assay for G-quadruplex-interactive compounds.
A DNA polymorphism with KpnI of the human liver-type phosphofructokinase (PFKL) gene.
A DNA probe, D5 [D4S90] mapping to human chromosome 4p16.3.
A DNA recombinant database management system.
A DNA Recombination “Hotspot” in Humans Is Missing in Chimps
A DNA-recombinogenic activity in human cells.
A DNA repair system specific for thermophilic Archaea and bacteria predicted by genomic context analysis
A DNA replication-related element downstream from the initiation site of Drosophila selenophosphate synthetase 2 gene is essential for its transcription
A DNA sequence analysis package for the IBM personal computer.
A DNA sequence analysis program for the Apple Macintosh.
A DNA sequence from Saponaria officinalis is similar to various RNA polymerase genes.
A DNA sequence handling program
A DNA sequence outside the pUB110 minimal replicon is required for normal replication in Bacillus subtilis.
A DNA Spiegelmer to staphylococcal enterotoxin B
A DNA topoisomerase IB in Thaumarchaeota testifies for the presence of this enzyme in the last common ancestor of Archaea and Eucarya
A DNA translocation motif in the bacterial transcription–repair coupling factor, Mfd
A DNA vaccine against tuberculosis based on the 65 kDa heat-shock protein differentially activates human macrophages and dendritic cells
A dnaB-like protein of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
A DNase from the trypanosomatid Crithidia fasciculata.
A dnaZX-like open reading frame downstream from the Bacillus subtilis scRNA gene.
A Doctor in the House: The Architecture of Home-offices for Physicians in Toronto, 1885–1930
A doctor of their own: the history of adolescent medicine
A doctor's cash book: the economy of general practice in the 1830s.
A Doctor Speaks His Mind
A domain-based approach to predict protein-protein interactions
A domain-oriented approach to the reduction of combinatorial complexity in signal transduction networks
A Dominant Clone of Leptospira interrogans Associated with an Outbreak of Human Leptospirosis in Thailand
A dominant negative mutant of TLK1 causes chromosome missegregation and aneuploidy in normal breast epithelial cells
A Dominant, Recombination-Defective Allele of Dmc1 Causing Male-Specific Sterility
A dominant transcriptional silencer located 5' to the human T-cell receptor V beta 2.2 gene segment which is activated in cell lines of thymic phenotype.
A Dominant X-Linked QTL Regulating Pubertal Timing in Mice Found by Whole Genome Scanning and Modified Interval-Specific Congenic Strain Analysis
A Dominated Coupling From The Past algorithm for the stochastic simulation of networks of biochemical reactions
A Dose of Defense?: Omega-3 Supplements Appear Protective against PM Effects
A dose of realism for healthy urban policy: lessons from area-based initiatives in the UK
A dosimetric analysis of respiration-gated radiotherapy in patients with stage III lung cancer
A dosimetric comparison of different treatment plans of palliative spinal bone irradiation: analysis of dose coverage with respect to ICRU 50 report
A double-blind placebo needle for acupuncture research
A double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study of the efficacy and safety of 5-Loxin ® for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee
A double-blind randomized study comparing the effects of continuing or not continuing rosiglitazone + metformin therapy when starting insulin therapy in people with Type 2 diabetes 1
A double classification tree search algorithm for index SNP selection
A Double Dissociation in the Roles of Serotonin and Mood in Healthy Subjects
A double epidemic model for the SARS propagation
A double helix B-type geometry based on high-resolution proton NMR of single-helical DNA fragments: d(TA)5 x d(TA)5.
A double-labeling procedure for sequence analysis of picomole amounts of nonradioactive RNA fragments.
A double reporter assay for detecting changes in the ratio of spliced and unspliced mRNA in mammalian cells
A doubtful relationship between tyrosine tRNA and suppression of the vermilion mutant in Drosophila.
A downstream regulatory element located within the coding sequence mediates autoregulated expression of the yeast fatty acid synthase gene FAS2 by the FAS1 gene product
A doxycycline-inducible urokinase receptor (uPAR) upregulates uPAR activities including resistance to anoikis in human prostate cancer cell lines
A draft annotation and overview of the human genome
A draft framework for measuring progress towards the development of a national health information infrastructure
A Dral RFLP detected for probe pIR4 – 3R [D15S11] on chromosome 15q
A dramatic, objective antiandrogen withdrawal response: case report and review of the literature
A Drastic Reduction in the Life Span of Cystatin C L68Q Carriers Due to Life-Style Changes during the Last Two Centuries
A drawing for the Fabrica; and some thoughts upon the Vesalius muscle-men.
A DRB (5,6 dichloro-beta-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole)-resistant adenovirus mRNA.
A driving force.
A drop in the bucket
A Drosophila Adh gene can be activated in trans by an enhancer.
A Drosophila full-length cDNA resource
A Drosophila gene containing the opa repetitive element is exclusively expressed in adult male abdomens.
A Drosophila Model for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Reveals Motor Neuron Damage by Human SOD1 * ♦
A Drosophila Model for EGFR-Ras and PI3K-Dependent Human Glioma
A Drosophila Model of ALS: Human ALS-Associated Mutation in VAP33A Suggests a Dominant Negative Mechanism
A Drosophila Pattern Recognition Receptor Contains a Peptidoglycan Docking Groove and Unusual L,D -Carboxypeptidase Activity
A Drosophila protein-interaction map centered on cell-cycle regulators
A Drosophila ribosomal protein gene is located near repeated sequences including rDNA sequences.
A Drosophila Smyd4 Homologue Is a Muscle-Specific Transcriptional Modulator Involved in Development
A Drug-Sensitive Genetic Network Masks Fungi from the Immune System
A Dual-Color Fluorescence-Based Platform to Identify Selective Inhibitors of Akt Signaling
A dual defensive role of CIITA against retroviral infections
A dual-fluorescence reporter system for high-throughput clone characterization and selection by cell sorting
A dual fluorescent multiprobe assay for prion protein genotyping in sheep
A dual function fusion protein of Herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinase and firefly luciferase for noninvasive in vivo imaging of gene therapy in malignant glioma
A dual-genome microarray for the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum , and its obligate bacterial symbiont, Buchnera aphidicola
A dual-light reporter system to determine the efficiency of protein–protein interactions in mammalian cells
A Dual Origin of the Xist Gene from a Protein-Coding Gene and a Set of Transposable Elements
A Dual Receptor Crosstalk Model of G-Protein-Coupled Signal Transduction
A dual reporter screening system identifies the amino acid at position 82 in Flp site-specific recombinase as a determinant for target specificity
A dual role for substrate S -adenosyl- l -methionine in the methylation reaction with bacteriophage T4 Dam DNA-[ N 6-adenine]-methyltransferase
A dual-tag microarray platform for high-performance nucleic acid and protein analyses
A Dutch family with moderately severe hemophilia B (factor IXHeerde) has a missense mutation identical to that of factor IX London 2.
A Dutch guideline for the treatment of scoliosis in neuromuscular disorders
A Dutch pedigree with mild hemophilia B with a missense mutation in the first EGF domain (factor IXOud en Nieuw Gastel).
A Dying Cell's Last Hurrah: Flagging the Remnants of a Fatal Infection
A dynamic Bayesian network approach to protein secondary structure prediction
A dynamic model for replication protein A (RPA) function in DNA processing pathways
A dynamic model of gene expression in monocytes reveals differences in immediate/early response genes between adult and neonatal cells
A Dynamic Neuro-Fuzzy Model Providing Bio-State Estimation and Prognosis Prediction for Wearable Intelligent Assistants
A dynamic programming algorithm for finding alternative RNA secondary structures.
A dynamic programming approach for the alignment of signal peaks in multiple gas chromatography-mass spectrometry experiments
A Dynamic Stochastic Model for DNA Replication Initiation in Early Embryos
A dynamic, web-accessible resource to process raw microarray scan data into consolidated gene expression values: importance of replication
A Dynamical Systems Hypothesis of Schizophrenia
A eukaryotic genome of 660 kb: electrophoretic karyotype of nucleomorph and cell nucleus of the cryptomonad alga, Pyrenomonas salina.
A European focus on proteomics
A European Pathogenic Microorganism Proteome Database: Construction and Maintenance
A facile method for attaching nitroxide spin labels at the 5′ terminus of nucleic acids †
A facile method for the preparation of N 6 -substituted ATP-Sepharose
A facile synthesis of 5-(perfluoroalkyl)-pyrimidines.
A facilitated tracking and transcription mechanism of long-range enhancer function
A fact database for toxicological data at the National Institute of Hygienic Sciences, Japan
A factor analysis model for functional genomics
A factor analytic investigation of the Tripartite model of affect in a clinical sample of young Australians
A factor binding GATAAG confers tissue specificity on the promoter of the human zeta-globin gene.
A Factor Graph Nested Effects Model To Identify Networks from Genetic Perturbations
A factor stimulating transcription of the testis-specific Pgk-2 gene recognizes a sequence similar to the binding site for a transcription inhibitor of the somatic-type Pgk-1 gene.
A factorial-design cluster randomised controlled trial investigating the cost-effectiveness of a nutrition supplement and an exercise programme on pneumonia incidence, walking capacity and body mass index in older people living in Santiago, Chile: the CENEX study protocol
A failed RCT to determine if antibiotics prevent mastitis: Cracked nipples colonized with Staphylococcus aureus : A randomized treatment trial [ISRCTN65289389]
A failure of leadership? Why Northern Ireland must introduce a total ban on workplace smoking.
A failure "without parallel": the school medical service and the London County Council 1907-12.
A familial concurrence of schizophrenia and Gaucher's disease
A family-based education program for obesity: a three-year study
A Family Day program enhances knowledge about medical school culture and necessary supports
A family history of breast cancer will not predict female early onset breast cancer in a population-based setting
A Family of Chemoreceptors in Tribolium castaneum (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera)
A family of cold-regulated RNA-binding protein genes in the cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis M3.
A family of developmentally excised DNA elements in Tetrahymena is under selective pressure to maintain an open reading frame encoding an integrase-like protein
A family of DNA sequences is reproducibly rearranged in the somatic nucleus of Tetrahymena.
A family of E. coli expression vectors for laboratory scale and high throughput soluble protein production
A family of GFP-like proteins with different spectral properties in lancelet Branchiostoma floridae
A family of heat shock protein 70-related genes are expressed in the promastigotes of Leishmania major.
A Family of Human MicroRNA Genes from Miniature Inverted-Repeat Transposable Elements
A family of long reiterated DNA sequences, one copy of which is next to the human beta globin gene.
A family of moderately repetitive sequences in mouse DNA.
A family of muscle gene promoter element (CArG) binding activities in Xenopus embryos: CArG/SRE discrimination and distribution during myogenesis.
A family of nuclear homing endonucleases.
A family of positive regulators related to the Pseudomonas putida TOL plasmid XylS and the Escherichia coli AraC activators.
A family of putative K ir potassium channels in prokaryotes
A family of RS domain proteins with novel subcellular localization and trafficking
A family planning service in a teaching maternity hospital.
A family practice breastfeeding education pilot program: an observational, descriptive study
A farm-level study of risk factors associated with the colonization of broiler flocks with Campylobacter spp. in Iceland, 2001 – 2004
A fast algorithm for BayesB type of prediction of genome-wide estimates of genetic value
A fast algorithm for determining the best combination of local alignments to a query sequence
A fast algorithm for genome-wide haplotype pattern mining
A fast and convenient way to produce single stranded DNA from a phagemid.
A fast and sensitive method for the evaluation of binding of phage clones selected from a surface displayed library.
A fast and simple procedure for sequencing double stranded DNA with sequenase.
A Fast CT Reconstruction Scheme for a General Multi-Core PC
A fast detection protocol for screening large numbers of transgenic animals.
A fast homology program for aligning biological sequences.
A fast parallel algorithm for finding the longest common sequence of multiple biosequences
A fast procedure for yeast DNA purification.
A Fast Reconstruction Algorithm for Fluorescence Optical Diffusion Tomography Based on Preiteration
A fast SCOP fold classification system using content-based E-Predict algorithm
A fast structural multiple alignment method for long RNA sequences
A fast word search algorithm for the representation of sequence similarity in genomic DNA
A fast word search algorithm for the representation of sequence similarity in genomic DNA.
A FastA based compilation of higher plant mitochondrial tRNA genes.
A faster way to make GFP-based biosensors: Two new transposons for creating multicolored libraries of fluorescent fusion proteins
A fatal case of bupropion (Zyban) hepatotoxicity with autoimmune features: Case report
A fatal case of carcinoma arising from a pilonidal sinus tract.
A Fatal Case of Infectious Mononucleosis with Extensive Zonal Necrosis of the Liver
A Fatal Case of Rat-bite Fever due to Streptobacillus moniliformis *
A fatal case of recurrent amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis after percutaneous tracheotomy: a case report
A fatal hyperpyrexial response to bleomycin following prior therapy: a case report and literature review.
A fatal pseudo-tumour: disseminated basidiobolomycosis
A feasibility study of immediate versus deferred antiretroviral therapy in children with HIV infection
A Feature-Based Approach to Modeling Protein–DNA Interactions
A feature selection approach for identification of signature genes from SAGE data
A Feature-Selective Independent Component Analysis Method for Functional MRI
A Feedback Model for Applied Research on Tobacco Control
A feedback regulatory loop between methyltransferase PRMT1 and orphan receptor TR3
A female survivor of childhood medulloblastoma presenting with growth-hormone-induced edema and inflammatory lesions: a case report
A FERM-adjacent (FA) region defines a subset of the 4.1 superfamily and is a potential regulator of FERM domain function
A fetal electrocardiographic electrode.
A fiber optic biosensor for fluorimetric detection of triple-helical DNA.
A Field-based Approach to Support Improved Diabetes Care in Rural States
A field-grown transgenic tomato line expressing higher levels of polyamines reveals legume cover crop mulch-specific perturbations in fruit phenotype at the levels of metabolite profiles, gene expression, and agronomic characteristics
A Field of Experimental Investigation Intimately Allied to Obstetrics and Gynecology *
A Field Test of a Web-Based Workplace Health Promotion Program to Improve Dietary Practices, Reduce Stress, and Increase Physical Activity: Randomized Controlled Trial
A Field Trip to the Mesozoic
A fierce storm rages.
“A Fifth Freedom” or “Hideous Atheistic Expediency”? The Medical Community and Abortion Law Reform in Scotland, c .1960–1975
A Filamentous Hemagglutinin-Like Protein of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri , the Phytopathogen Responsible for Citrus Canker, Is Involved in Bacterial Virulence
A Filmless Radiology Department in a Full Digital Regional Hospital: Quantitative Evaluation of the Increased Quality and Efficiency
A Fine Differentiation: Chlorpyrifos and Neuronal Development
A finite element foot model for simulating muscle imbalances
A finite element method model to simulate laser interstitial thermo therapy in anatomical inhomogeneous regions
A finite element model for protein transport in vivo
A first-draft human protein-interaction map
A first generation BAC-based physical map of the channel catfish genome
A first generation whole genome RH map of the river buffalo with comparison to domestic cattle
A first glimpse at the transcriptome of Physarum polycephalum
A first insight into the genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, assessed by spoligotyping
A First Look at ARFome: Dual-Coding Genes in Mammalian Genomes
A First-Principles Model of Early Evolution: Emergence of Gene Families, Species, and Preferred Protein Folds
A first step in understanding an invasive weed through its genes: an EST analysis of invasive Centaurea maculosa
A first survey of the rye ( Secale cereale ) genome composition through BAC end sequencing of the short arm of chromosome 1R
A fisheye viewer for microarray-based gene expression data
A Five-year Follow-up of Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer in Anthroposophic and Conventional Care
A five-year retrospective study of the epidemiological characteristics and visual outcomes of patients hospitalized for ocular trauma in a Mediterranean area
A five-year review of burn injuries in Irrua
A fixed-dose 24-hour regimen of artesunate plus sulfamethoxypyrazine-pyrimethamine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in eastern Sudan
A flax fibre proteome: identification of proteins enriched in bast fibres
A flexible computer-to-computer protocol for DISNET: a Distributed Instrument System NETwork
A flexible light-directed DNA chip synthesis gated by deprotection using solution photogenerated acids
A flexible multiple sequence alignment program.
A flexible new computer program for handling DNA sequence data.
A flexible representation of omic knowledge for thorough analysis of microarray data
A flexible routing scheme for patients with topographical disorientation
A Flexible Syntaxin Solves the Mystery of the SNAREd Munc
A flexibly shaped space-time scan statistic for disease outbreak detection and monitoring
A flexibly shaped spatial scan statistic for detecting clusters
A flourishing yin: gender in China's medical history, 960–1665
A flow cytometry based method for studying embryogenesis and immune reactivity to embryogenic stages in filarial parasites
A flow cytometry technique to study intracellular signals NF-κB and STAT3 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells
A Fluctuation-Driven Mechanism for Slow Decision Processes in Reverberant Networks
A fluorescence-labeling method for sequencing small RNA on polyacrylamide gel.
A fluorescence microscopy method for quantifying levels of prostaglandin endoperoxide H synthase-1 and CD-41 in MEG-01 cells
A fluorescent cassette-based strategy for engineering multiple domain fusion proteins
A Fluorescent Glycolipid-Binding Peptide Probe Traces Cholesterol Dependent Microdomain-Derived Trafficking Pathways
A Fly Enzyme for Motor Control
A fly's eye view of tumor progression and metastasis
A focus on farming health in Iowa.
A focus reduction neutralization assay for hepatitis C virus neutralizing antibodies
A Focused and Efficient Genetic Screening Strategy in the Mouse: Identification of Mutations That Disrupt Cortical Development
A focused antibody library for selecting scFvs expressed at high levels in the cytoplasm
A folate-rich diet is as effective as folic acid from supplements in decreasing plasma homocysteine concentrations
A follow-up of a case of Doctor Harvey's.
A Follow-up of One Hundred Cases of Fracture of the Head of the Radius with a Review of the Literature
A follow-up study of heroin addicts (VEdeTTE2): study design and protocol
A follow-up study of one hundred cases of sterilization by tubal ligation.
A follow-up study of the community near the McColl waste disposal site.
A follow up study on the efficacy of metadoxine in the treatment of alcohol dependence
A follow-up to "Anti-cytokine therapy in chronic destructive arthritis" by Wim B van den Berg
A Foreign Office survey of venereal disease and prostitution control, 1869-70.
A forensic aspect of age characteristics of dentine using transversal microradiography: a case report
A'-form RNA double helix in the single crystal structure of r(UGAGCUUCGGCUC).
A Formal Language-Based Approach in Biology
A Formal Ontology of Subcellular Neuroanatomy
A format for databasing and comparison of AFLP fingerprint profiles
A forme fruste of Shone’s anomaly in a 65 year-old patient
'A' forms of RNAs in single strands, duplexes and RNA-DNA hybrids.
A formula for thermal stability (Tm) prediction of PNA/DNA duplexes.
A formylpeptide receptor, FPRL1, acts as an efficient coreceptor for primary isolates of human immunodeficiency virus
A Fortuitous Syncope. The pitfalls of Integrated Bipolar Defibrillator Leads
A Forum for a Highly Important and Ever-Expanding Field of Study
A forward-backward fragment assembling algorithm for the identification of genomic amplification and deletion breakpoints using high-density single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array
A four-allele RFLP identified by an anonymous single copy genomic clone at 13q21-13qter [HGM8 assignment no. D13S12]
A four year longitudinal sero-epidemiology study of Neospora caninum in adult cattle from 114 cattle herds in south west England: Associations with age, herd and dam-offspring pairs
A Fourier Transformation based Method to Mine Peptide Space for Antimicrobial Activity
A fourth trypsinogen (P23) in the rat pancreas induced by CCK.
A fragile metabolic network adapted for cooperation in the symbiotic bacterium Buchnera aphidicola
A Fragment of 21 ORFs Around the Direct Repeat (DR) Region of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is Absent From the Other Sequenced Mycobacterial Genomes: Implications for the Evolution of the DR Region
A fragment of the human c-Ki-ras1 pseudogene (HGM9 gene symbol KRAS1P), localized to 6p12-p11, detects 3 allele, RFLP.
A fragment of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome contains five tRNA genes, four of which are linked to an EF-Tu gene.
A fragmented metazoan organellar genome: the two mitochondrial chromosomes of Hydra magnipapillata
A frame-shift mutation in the androgen receptor gene causes complete androgen insensitivity in the testicular-feminized mouse.
A frameshift addition causes silencing of the delta-globin gene in an old world monkey, an anubis (Papio doguera).
A frameshift error detection algorithm for DNA sequencing projects.
A Framework for Addressing the Global Obesity Epidemic Locally: The Child Health Ecological Surveillance System (CHESS)
A Framework for an Institutional High Level Security Policy for the Processing of Medical Data and their Transmission through the Internet
A framework for assessing risks to children from exposure to environmental agents.
A Framework for Decision-Making for Mass Distribution of Mectizan ® in Areas Endemic for Loa loa
A Framework for Developing Evaluation Tools Used in Washington State’s Healthy Communities Projects
A framework for evaluating e-health: Systematic review of studies assessing the quality of health information and services for patients on the Internet
A framework for evaluating e-health: Systematic review of studies assessing the quality of health information and services for patients on the Internet
A Framework for Exploring Functional Variability in Olfactory Receptor Genes
A framework for integrated environmental health impact assessment of systemic risks
A framework for power analysis using a structural equation modelling procedure
A framework for protein structure classification and identification of novel protein structures
A framework for significance analysis of gene expression data using dimension reduction methods
A framework for the analysis of psychotherapeutic approaches to schizophrenia.
A Framework for the Evaluation of Internet-based Diabetes Management
A framework for the organization and delivery of systemic treatment
A Framework for Widespread Replication of a Highly Spatially Resolved Childhood Lead Exposure Risk Model
A framework to evaluate research capacity building in health care
A Framework to Support Automated Classification and Labeling of Brain Electromagnetic Patterns
A Francisella Mutant in Lipid A Carbohydrate Modification Elicits Protective Immunity
A Francisella tularensis Schu S4 Purine Auxotroph Is Highly Attenuated in Mice but Offers Limited Protection against Homologous Intranasal Challenge
A Free Community Approach to Classifying Disease
"A Free thenar flap – A case report"
A freely accessible, evidence based, objective system of analysis of posterior capsular opacification ; Evidence for its validity and reliability
A frequent DHFR polymorphism detected by an intron fragment.
A frequent EcoRI RFLP demonstrated within the human M-CSF receptor gene (CSFIR)
A frequent HaeIII RFLP of the human fibronectin gene.
A frequent HincII polymorphism identified by the human chromosome 19q13.3 probe pKEX0.8 (D19S118)
A frequent HindIII RFLP of the human fibronectin gene (FN1).
A frequent HindIII RFLP on chromosome 3p21-25 detected by a genomic erbA beta sequence.
A frequent human CD20 (B1) differentiation antigen DNA polymorphism detected with MspI is located near 11q12–13
A frequent polymorphism for the cytosolic thymidine kinase gene, TK1, (17q21-q22) detected by the enzyme TaqI.
A frequent polymorphism of the complement component C4 gene.
A frequent Pvu II RFLP of the human gastrin releasing peptide gene.
A frequent RFLP identified by a human proenkephalin genomic clone [HGM9 symbol PENK]
A FRET-based analysis of SNPs without fluorescent probes
A Fugu–Human Genome Synteny Viewer: web software for graphical display and annotation reports of synteny between Fugu genomic sequence and human genes
A Full Automatic Device for Sampling Small Solution Volumes in Photometric Titration Procedure Based on Multicommuted Flow System
A full Bayesian hierarchical mixture model for the variance of gene differential expression
A Full-Genomic Sequence-Verified Protein-Coding Gene Collection for Francisella tularensis
A full-length cDNA encoding a mitochondrial DNA-specific single-stranded DNA binding protein from Xenopus laevis.
A full menu for stem-cell research
A full scale comparative study of methods for generation of functional Dendritic cells for use as cancer vaccines
A Fully Atomistic Model of the Cx32 Connexon
A fully automatable enzymatic method for DNA extraction from plant tissues
A fully automated flow injection atomic absorption system for the determination of copper traces in waters with on-line pre-concentration in an ion-exchange column
A fully automated liquid–liquid extraction system utilizing interface detection
A Fully Automated Robotic System for Microinjection of Zebrafish Embryos
A Fully Automated Sequential-Injection Analyser for Dual Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence/Amperometric Detection
A fully automatic apparatus for chemical reactions on the laboratory scale
A fully automatic evolutionary classification of protein folds: Dali Domain Dictionary version 3
A fully automatic system for acid-base coulometric titrations
A function blocking anti-mouse integrin α5β1 antibody inhibits angiogenesis and impedes tumor growth in vivo
A Function for a Specific Zinc Metalloprotease of African Trypanosomes
A functional analysis of disease-associated mutations in the androgen receptor gene
A functional analysis of the DNA glycosylase activity of mouse MUTYH protein excising 2-hydroxyadenine opposite guanine in DNA
A Functional Analysis of the Spacer of V(D)J Recombination Signal Sequences
A Functional and Regulatory Network Associated with PIP Expression in Human Breast Cancer
A Functional Architecture of Optic Flow in the Inferior Parietal Lobule of the Behaving Monkey
A functional assay for enhancer-binding proteins.
A functional assay in Escherichia coli to detect non-assisted interaction between galactose repressor dimers
A functional component of the sea urchin H2A gene modulator contains an extended sequence homology to a viral enhancer.
A functional dissociation of the anterior and posterior pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus: excitotoxic lesions have differential effects on locomotion and the response to nicotine
A Functional Gene Array for Detection of Bacterial Virulence Elements
A functional gene discovery in the Fas-mediated pathway to apoptosis by analysis of transiently expressed randomized hybrid-ribozyme libraries
A functional genome-wide RNAi screen identifies TAF1 as a regulator for apoptosis in response to genotoxic stress
A functional genomic analysis of cell morphology using RNA interference
A Functional Genomic Yeast Screen to Identify Pathogenic Bacterial Proteins
A functional hierarchical organization of the protein sequence space
A functional interaction between the putative primosomal protein DnaI and the main replicative DNA helicase DnaB in Bacillus
A functional interaction of Ku with Werner exonuclease facilitates digestion of damaged DNA
A functional map of NFκB signaling identifies novel modulators and multiple system controls
A functional map of the nopaline synthase promoter.
A Functional Misexpression Screen Uncovers a Role for Enabled in Progressive Neurodegeneration
A Functional Neuroimaging Study of Sound Localization: Visual Cortex Activity Predicts Performance in Early-Blind Individuals
A functional p53-responsive intronic promoter is contained within the human mdm2 gene.
A functional polymorphism in the IL1B gene promoter, IL1B -31C>T, is not associated with cerebral malaria in Thailand
A functional profile of gene expression in ARPE-19 cells
A functional PTPN22 polymorphism associated with several autoimmune diseases is not associated with IgA deficiency in the Spanish population
A Functional Role for 4qA/B in the Structural Rearrangement of the 4q35 Region and in the Regulation of FRG1 and ANT1 in Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy
A functional role for some Fugu introns larger than the typical short ones: the example of the gene coding for ribosomal protein S7 and snoRNA U17.
A functional screening assay for the isolation of transcription factors
A functional selection of viral genetic elements in cultured cells to identify hepatitis C virus RNA translation inhibitors †
A functional splice site in the 5' untranslated region of a zein gene.
A functional update of the Escherichia coli K-12 genome
A functional variant of Fcγ receptor IIIA is associated with rheumatoid arthritis in individuals who are positive for anti-glucose-6-phosphate isomerase antibodies
A functional YY1 binding site is necessary and sufficient to activate Surf-1 promoter activity in response to serum growth factors.
A fungal phylogeny based on 42 complete genomes derived from supertree and combined gene analysis
A funny thing happened on the way to the journal: a commentary on Foucault's ethics and Stuart Murray's "Care of the self"
A further critique of the analytic strategy of adjusting for covariates to identify biologic mediation
A further investigation and reappraisal of the thio effect in the cleavage reaction catalyzed by a hammerhead ribozyme
A Further Response to Shah Ebrahim
A further RFLP of the cosmid KK5.33 (D5S85) on chromosome 5q
A fusion protein containing a lepidopteran-specific toxin from the South Indian red scorpion ( Mesobuthus tamulus ) and snowdrop lectin shows oral toxicity to target insects
A Future for Preventive Medicine
A G-tract element in apoptotic agents-induced alternative splicing
A G43 to U43 mutation in E. coli tRNAtyrsu3+ which affects processing by RNase P.
A Gain-Field Encoding of Limb Position and Velocity in the Internal Model of Arm Dynamics
A Gallic affair: the case of the missing itch-mite in French medicine in the early nineteenth century.
A Gambian Infant with Fever and an Unexpected Blood Film
A Gamma-Herpesvirus Glycoprotein Complex Manipulates Actin to Promote Viral Spread
A Gammaherpesviral Internal Repeat Contributes to Latency Amplification
A ganglion cyst at the elbow causing superficial radial nerve compression: a case report
A gap between acceptance and knowledge of herbal remedies by physicians: The need for educational intervention
A gastrin gene is expressed in both porcine pituitary and antral mucosal tissues.
A Gastro-enteritis Outbreak Probably Due to a Bovine Strain of Vibrio *
A gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) masquerading as an ovarian mass
A gastrointestinal stromal tumor with mesenteric and retroperitoneal invasion
A GATA4/WT1 cooperation regulates transcription of genes required for mammalian sex determination and differentiation
A gel electrophoresis method for quantifying the binding of proteins to specific DNA regions: application to components of the Escherichia coli lactose operon regulatory system.
A gender-specific mRNA encoding a cytotoxic ribonuclease contains a 3′ UTR of unusual length and structure
A gene-based high-resolution comparative radiation hybrid map as a framework for genome sequence assembly of a bovine chromosome 6 region associated with QTL for growth, body composition, and milk performance traits
A Gene-Based Linkage Map for Bicyclus anynana Butterflies Allows for a Comprehensive Analysis of Synteny with the Lepidopteran Reference Genome
A gene-based radiation hybrid map of the gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata refines and exploits conserved synteny with Tetraodon nigroviridis
A gene catalogue for post-diapause development of an anhydrobiotic arthropod Artemia franciscana
A gene catalogue of the amphioxus nervous system
A gene encoding 22 highly related zinc fingers is expressed in lymphoid cell lines.
A gene encoding an intestinal-enriched member of the Krüppel-like factor family expressed in intestinal epithelial cells.
A Gene Encoding Sialic-Acid-Specific 9-O-Acetylesterase Found in Human Adult Testis
A gene expression fingerprint of C. elegans embryonic motor neurons
A gene-expression program reflecting the innate immune response of cultured intestinal epithelial cells to infection by Listeria monocytogenes
A gene expression signature associated with survival in metastatic melanoma
A Gene Expression Signature Predicts Survival of Patients with Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
A gene expression signature shared by human mature oocytes and embryonic stem cells
A gene expression system offering multiple levels of regulation: the Dual Drug Control (DDC) system
A gene family in Drosophila melanogaster coding for trypsin-like enzymes.
A gene family of HMG-box transcription factors with homology to TCF-1.
A gene for dnaB like protein in chlamydial plasmid.
A gene for the major cytoplasmic tRNATyr from Nicotiana rustica contains a 13 nucleotides long intron.
A gene for tRNA-Ile(CAU) from chloroplasts of a monocot, Pennisetum americanum.
A gene from Mycobacterium tuberculosis which is homologous to the DnaJ heat shock protein of E. coli.
A gene from S. pombe with homology to E. coli RNAse III blocks conjugation and sporulation when overexpressed in wild type cells.
A gene from the VSG expression site of Trypanosoma brucei encodes a protein with both leucine-rich repeats and a putative zinc finger.
A gene × gene interaction between DRD2 and DRD4 is associated with conduct disorder and antisocial behavior in males
A gene-model-free method for linkage analysis of a disease-related-trait based on analysis of proband/sibling pairs
A gene pattern mining algorithm using interchangeable gene sets for prokaryotes
A gene required for the novel activation of a class II DNA photolyase in Chlamydomonas
A Gene Responsible for Hybrid Incompatibility in Drosophila
A gene sets approach for identifying prognostic gene signatures for outcome prediction
A gene signature of loss of oestrogen receptor (ER) function and oxidative stress links ER-positive breast tumours with an absent progesterone receptor and a poor prognosis
A gene-specific DNA sequencing chip for exploring molecular evolutionary change
A Gene That Directs the Regeneration of Injured Muscle from Adult Stem Cells
A gene transcription signature associated with hormone independence in a subset of both breast and prostate cancers
A gene trap approach to isolate mammalian genes involved in the cellular response to genotoxic stress.
A gene truncation strategy generating N- and C-terminal deletion variants of proteins for functional studies: mapping of the Sec1p binding domain in yeast Mso1p by a Mu in vitro transposition-based approach
A gene-type-specific enhancer regulates the carbamyl phosphate synthetase I promoter by cooperating with the proximal GAG activating element.
A gene upstream of the Rhizobium trifolii nifA gene encodes a ferredoxin-like protein.
A Gene Wiki for Community Annotation of Gene Function
A general and efficient method for estimating continuous IBD functions for use in genome scans for QTL
A general and fast method for mapping mutations on the Escherichia coli chromosome.
A general and fast method to generate multiple site directed mutations.
A general and sensitive method for staining DNA and RNA blots.
A general and sensitive method for staining DNA and RNA blots
A general approach for purifying proteins encoded by cloned genes without using a functional assay: isolation of the uvrA gene product from radiolabeled maxicells.
A general approach for the use of oligonucleotide effectors to regulate the catalysis of RNA-cleaving ribozymes and DNAzymes
A general approach to simultaneous model fitting and variable elimination in response models for biological data with many more variables than observations
A general cloning system to selectively isolate any eukaryotic or prokaryotic genomic region in yeast
A general database for DNA sequence changes induced by mutagenesis of several bacterial and mammalian genes.
A General Definition and Nomenclature for Alternative Splicing Events
A general DNA analysis program for the Hewlett-Packard Model 86/87 microcomputer.
A General Formula for Fan-Beam Lambda Tomography
A General Formula for Fan-Beam Lambda Tomography
A general framework for quantifying the effects of DNA repair inhibitors on radiation sensitivity as a function of dose
A general framework for the distance–decay of similarity in ecological communities
A general journal in a specialized world.
A General Local Reconstruction Approach Based on a Truncated Hilbert Transform
A general method for efficient non-isotopic labeling of DNA probes cloned in M13 vectors: application to DNA fingerprinting.
A general method for isolation of high molecular weight DNA from eukaryotes.
A general method for isolation of high molecular weight DNA from eukaryotes
A general method for manipulating DNA sequences from any organism with optical tweezers
A general method for nested RT-PCR amplification and sequencing the complete HCV genotype 1 open reading frame
A general method for phasing novel complex RNA crystal structures without heavy-atom derivatives
A general method for selection of riboflavin-overproducing food grade micro-organisms
A general method for the purification of restriction enzymes.
A general method for the synthesis of 3'-sulfhydryl and phosphate group containing oligonucleotides.
A general method for the synthesis of 5'-monophosphates of DNA fragments via phosphotriester intermediates.
A general method for the unbiased improvement of solution NMR structures by the use of related X-Ray data, the AUREMOL-ISIC algorithm
A general method of in vitro preparation and specific mutagenesis of DNA fragments: study of protein and DNA interactions.
A general method to select for M13 clones carrying base pair substitution mutants constructed in vitro.
A general model for site-specific recombination by the integrase family recombinases.
A general modeling and visualization tool for comparing different members of a group: application to studying tau-mediated regulation of microtubule dynamics
A General Permeability-Increasing Effect of a Factor from Mammalian Testicle on Blood Capillaries *
A general pipeline for the development of anchor markers for comparative genomics in plants
A general protocol for evaluating the specific effects of DNA replication inhibitors.
A general role of the DNA glycosylase Nth1 in the abasic sites cleavage step of base excision repair in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
A general SNP-based molecular barcode for Plasmodium falciparum identification and tracking
A general strategy for cloning double-stranded RNA: nucleotide sequence of the Simian-11 rotavirus gene 8.
A general strategy to determine the congruence between a hierarchical and a non-hierarchical classification
A General Test for Gene–Environment Interaction in Sib Pair-based Association Analysis of Quantitative Traits
A generalizability study of the medical judgment vignettes interview to assess students' noncognitive attributes for medical school
A Generalized Allosteric Mechanism for cis -Regulated Cyclic Nucleotide Binding Domains
A generalized analysis of hydrophobic and loop clusters within globular protein sequences
A generalized Mantel-Haenszel analysis of the regression of blood pressure on blood lead using NHANES II data.
A generalized method of subcloning DNA fragments by restriction site reconstruction: application to sequencing the amino-terminal coding region of the transforming gene of Gazdar murine sarcoma virus.
A generally applicable validation scheme for the assessment of factors involved in reproducibility and quality of DNA-microarray data
A generic approach for the design of whole-genome oligoarrays, validated for genomotyping, deletion mapping and gene expression analysis on Staphylococcus aureus
A generic approach to identify Transcription Factor-specific operator motifs; Inferences for LacI-family mediated regulation in Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1
A Generic Mechanism for Adaptive Growth Rate Regulation
A generic mechanism in Neisseria meningitidis for enhanced resistance against bactericidal antibodies
A Generic Mechanism of Emergence of Amyloid Protofilaments from Disordered Oligomeric Aggregates
A generic model for the assessment of disease epidemiology: the computational basis of DisMod II
A generic RNA-pulsed dendritic cell vaccine strategy for renal cell carcinoma
A genetic algorithm based molecular modeling technique for RNA stem-loop structures.
A genetic approach for building different alphabets for peptide and protein classification
A genetic association analysis of cognitive ability and cognitive ageing using 325 markers for 109 genes associated with oxidative stress or cognition
A Genetic Basis for Hypersensitivity to “Sweaty” Odors in Humans
A Genetic Basis of Susceptibility to Acute Pyelonephritis
A genetic code alteration generates a proteome of high diversity in the human pathogen Candida albicans
A Genetic Code Alteration Is a Phenotype Diversity Generator in the Human Pathogen Candida albicans
A genetic dissection of the LlaJI restriction cassette reveals insights on a novel bacteriophage resistance system
A Genetic Link to Obesity: The Numbers Don't Add Up for GAD2
A genetic polymorphism of the osteoprotegerin gene is associated with an increased risk of advanced prostate cancer
A genetic polymorphism within the third poly(A) signal of the DHFR gene alters the polyadenylation pattern of DHFR transcripts in CHL cells.
A Genetic Screen for Dihydropyridine (DHP)-Resistant Worms Reveals New Residues Required for DHP-Blockage of Mammalian Calcium Channels
A genetic screen identifies novel non-compatible loxP sites
A genetic selection for temperature-sensitive variants of the gene V protein of bacteriophage f1.
A Genetic Strategy for Stochastic Gene Activation with Regulated Sparseness (STARS)
A genetic study of autism in Costa Rica: multiple variables affecting IQ scores observed in a preliminary sample of autistic cases
A genetic system for direct selection of gene-positive clones during recombinational cloning in yeast
A Genetic Variant of the CD14 C-159T in Patients with Functional Dyspepsia (FD) in Japanese Subjects
A genetically explicit model of speciation by sensory drive within a continuous population in aquatic environments
A Genetically Hard-Wired Metabolic Transcriptome in Plasmodium falciparum Fails to Mount Protective Responses to Lethal Antifolates
A genome annotation-driven approach to cloning the human ORFeome
A genome-scale computational study of the interplay between transcriptional regulation and metabolism
A genome-scale metabolic reconstruction for Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655 that accounts for 1260 ORFs and thermodynamic information
A Genome-Scale Metabolic Reconstruction of Mycoplasma genitalium , i PS189
A genome-scale metabolic reconstruction of Pseudomonas putida KT2440: i JN746 as a cell factory
A genome scan for parent-of-origin linkage effects in alcoholism
A genome scan for quantitative trait loci affecting growth-related traits in an F1 family of Asian seabass ( Lates calcarifer )
A genome search for primary vesicoureteral reflux shows further evidence for genetic heterogeneity
A genome survey of Moniliophthora perniciosa gives new insights into Witches' Broom Disease of cacao
A genome-wide 20 K citrus microarray for gene expression analysis
A genome-wide approach to identify genetic loci with a signature of natural selection in the Irish population
A genome-wide Asian genetic map and ethnic comparison: The GENDISCAN study
A genome-wide association for kidney function and endocrine-related traits in the NHLBI's Framingham Heart Study
A genome-wide association study for blood lipid phenotypes in the Framingham Heart Study
A genome-wide association study for late-onset Alzheimer's disease using DNA pooling
A Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Novel Alleles Associated with Hair Color and Skin Pigmentation
A Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Novel and Functionally Related Susceptibility Loci for Kawasaki Disease
A Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Protein Quantitative Trait Loci (pQTLs)
A genome-wide association study of breast and prostate cancer in the NHLBI's Framingham Heart Study
A Genome-Wide Association Study of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Identifies New Disease Loci
A Genome-Wide Gene Expression Signature of Environmental Geography in Leukocytes of Moroccan Amazighs
A genome-wide in situ hybridization map of RNA-binding proteins reveals anatomically restricted expression in the developing mouse brain
A Genome-Wide Investigation of SNPs and CNVs in Schizophrenia
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