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Arytenoid dislocation related to an uneventful endotracheal intubation: a case report
Arzneimittel in der Therapie Friedrich Hoffmanns (1660–1742) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Medicina Consultatoria (1721–1723)
Arzt und Patient in der antiken Welt
As Depressing As It Was Predictable?
As I Recall It
As if exposure to toxins were not enough: the social and cultural system as a secondary stressor.
As Long as Life, Mary Canaga Rowland, M.D., 1873-1966: The Memoirs of a Frontier Country Doctor
As remembered by a son.
As the Antarctic Ice Pack Recedes, a Fragile Ecosystem Hangs in the Balance
As the cell cycles.
“As the Dew Is Dried Up by the Morning Sun, So Are Mankind’s Sins at the Sight of Himalaya”
AS2TS system for protein structure modeling and analysis
Asap: A Framework for Over-Representation Statistics for Transcription Factor Binding Sites
ASAP: a resource for annotating, curating, comparing, and disseminating genomic data
ASAP, a systematic annotation package for community analysis of genomes
ASAP: Amplification, sequencing & annotation of plastomes
ASAP: the Alternative Splicing Annotation Project
ASAView : Database and tool for solvent accessibility representation in proteins
Asbestos affects the in vitro uptake and detoxification of aromatic compounds.
Asbestos and Autoimmunity: More Bad News from Libby?
Asbestos and cancer: An overview of current trends in Europe.
Asbestos and colon cancer: a weight-of-the-evidence review.
Asbestos and international organizations.
Asbestos and Ship-Building: Fatal Consequences
Asbestos and silica-induced changes in human alveolar macrophage phenotype.
Asbestos, asbestosis, and lung cancer: observations in Quebec chrysotile workers.
Asbestos blues: labour, capital, physicians and the state in South Africa
Asbestos bodies and fibers in lung tissue
Asbestos Burden Predicts Survival in Pleural Mesothelioma
Asbestos exposure predicts cell cycle control gene promoter methylation in pleural mesothelioma
Asbestos: facts and fiction.
Asbestos fibers in the colonic wall.
Asbestos fibers, plasma and inflammation.
Asbestos findings questioned.
Asbestos in drinking water: a Canadian view.
Asbestos in drinking water: a status report.
Asbestos in talc
Asbestos in water supplies of the United States.
Asbestos-induced lung disease.
Asbestos-induced peritoneal mesothelioma in a construction worker.
Asbestos, mesothelioma and the legacy of shipbuilding in Belfast
Asbestos: mining exposure, health effects and policy implications
Asbestos penetration of the gastrointestinal tract.
Asbestos-related diseases: time for technology sharing
Asbestos-related pleural and lung fibrosis in patients with retroperitoneal fibrosis
Asbestos: Showdown in El Dorado
Asbestosis in an asbestos composite mill at Mumbai: A prevalence study
ASC-H in Pap test- definitive categorization of cytomorphological spectrum
Ascaris, The Biologist's Story of Life
Ascendancy of weekly low-dose methotrexate in usual care of rheumatoid arthritis from 1980 to 2004 at two sites in Finland and the United States
Ascending central canal dilation and progressive ependymal disruption in a contusion model of rodent chronic spinal cord injury
Ascending cholangitis presenting with Lactococcus lactis cremoris bacteraemia: a case report
Ascending sensory motor polyradiculoneuropathy with cranial nerve involvement following administration of intrathecal methotrexate and intravenous cytarabine in a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia: a case report*
Ascertainment and natural history of treated acromegaly in Northern Ireland.
Ascidian gene-expression profiles
Ascites due to right atrial myxoma in a haemodialysis patient
Ascl1 is a required downstream effector of Gsx gene function in the embryonic mouse telencephalon
Asclepius, the god of medicine
Ascorbate acts as a highly potent inducer of chromate mutagenesis and clastogenesis: linkage to DNA breaks in G 2 phase by mismatch repair
Ascorbate Depletion: A Critical Step in Nickel Carcinogenesis?
Ascorbate stimulation of PAT cells causes an increase in transcription rates and a decrease in degradation rates of procollagen mRNA.
ASD: a bioinformatics resource on alternative splicing
ASD: the Alternative Splicing Database
ASDB: database of alternatively spliced genes
ASDB: database of alternatively spliced genes.
AseI, a restriction endonuclease from Aquaspirillum serpens which recognizes 5'AT--TAAT3'.
ASePCR: alternative splicing electronic RT–PCR in multiple tissues and organs
Aseptic loosening of total joint replacements: mechanisms underlying osteolysis and potential therapies
Aseptic meningitis in a patient taking etanercept for rheumatoid arthritis: a case report
Aseptic Meningitis in Children: Analysis of 506 Cases
Aseptic meningitis in Germany associated with echovirus type 13
Asexual Reproduction in Acoelous Turbellaria †
ASF alternative transcripts are highly conserved between mouse and man.
ASGS: an alternative splicing graph web service
ASH structure alignment package: Sensitivity and selectivity in domain classification
Ashbel Smith, M.D., 1805-1886: Pioneer Educator in Texas *
Ashbya Genome Database 3.0: a cross-species genome and transcriptome browser for yeast biologists
Ashes to ashes: the history of smoking and health
ASHG 2008 Annual Meeting: from enormous cohorts to individual genomes
Ashkenazi Jewish Centenarians Do Not Demonstrate Enrichment in Mitochondrial Haplogroup J
Asia: Changing Times and Changing Problems
Asia Pacific Family Medicine: The rebirth of a not-so-young child
Asialoerythropoetin is not effective in the R6/2 line of Huntington's disease mice
ASIAN: a web server for inferring a regulatory network framework from gene expression profiles
Asian Influenza: A Study of 150 Persons During the 1957 Pandemic
Asian Influenza in New Haven, 1957-1958: An Epidemiological Survey †
Asian medical systems; a comparative study
Asian wasp envenomation and acute renal failure: a report of two cases
ASIC3, an acid-sensing ion channel, is expressed in metaboreceptive sensory neurons
AsiDesigner: exon-based siRNA design server considering alternative splicing
Ask Dr Ian About Sex
ask MEDLINE: a free-text, natural language query tool for MEDLINE/PubMed
Asking the right questions: Scoping studies in the commissioning of research on the organisation and delivery of health services
ASKyphoplan: a program for deformity planning in ankylosing spondylitis
AsMamDB: an alternative splice database of mammals
ASmodeler: gene modeling of alternative splicing from genomic alignment of mRNA, EST and protein sequences
ASMPKS: an analysis system for modular polyketide synthases
Asn 362 in gp120 contributes to enhanced fusogenicity by CCR5-restricted HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein variants from patients with AIDS
Asn-tRNA in Lactobacillus bulgaricus is formed by asparaginylation of tRNA and not by transamidation of Asp-tRNA.
Asp I, a novel isoschizomer of Tth 111I from Achromobacter species 699 recognizing 5′-GACN/NNGTC-3′
Asp700 RFLP at the D8S45 locus
Asp700I, a novel isoschizomer of XmnI from Achromobacter species 700 recognizing 5'-GAANN/NNTTC-3'.
Asparagine 212 is essential for abasic site recognition by the human DNA repair endonuclease HAP1.
Aspartame Cancer Risks Revisited: Prenatal Exposure May Be Greatest Concern
Aspartame Not Linked to Cancer
Aspartame: Soffritti Responds
Aspartate and asparagine tRNA genes in wheat mitochondrial DNA: a cautionary note on the isolation of tRNA genes from plants.
Aspartyl-tRNA synthetase from Escherichia coli: cloning and characterisation of the gene, homologies of its translated amino acid sequence with asparaginyl- and lysyl-tRNA synthetases.
ASPD (Artificially Selected Proteins/Peptides Database): a database of proteins and peptides evolved in vitro
Aspects of coverage in medical DNA sequencing
Aspects of database construction and interrogation of relevance to the accurate prediction of rodent carcinogenicity and mutagenicity.
Aspects of early arthritis. Biological therapy in early arthritis – overtreatment or the way to go?
Aspects of early arthritis. Definition of disease states in early arthritis: remission versus minimal disease activity
Aspects of early arthritis. Traditional DMARD therapy: is it sufficient?
Aspects of early arthritis. What determines the evolution of early undifferentiated arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis? An update from the Norfolk Arthritis Register
Aspects of Human Heredity in Health and Disease
Aspects of large-scale chromatin structures in mouse liver nuclei can be predicted from the DNA sequence
Aspects of Medical History
Aspects of Nuclear Structure. International Review of Cytology, Supplement 4
Aspects of specific protein-DNA interaction; multi-mode binding of the oligopeptide antibiotic netropsin to (A.T)-rich DNA segments.
Aspects of statin prescribing in Norwegian counties with high, average and low statin consumption – an individual-level prescription database study
Aspects of the release of superoxide by leukocytes, and a means by which this is switched off.
Aspects of the testicular toxicity of phthalate esters.
Aspects of the toxicology of chloroprene: immediate and long-term effects.
Aspects on Feed Related Prophylactic Measures Aiming to Prevent Post Weaning Diarrhoea in Pigs
AspEI, a novel Eam11051 isoschizomer from Aureobacterium species recognizing 5'-GACnnn/nnGTC-3'.
Aspergillosis with pulmonary echinococcosis
Aspergillus antigen induces robust Th2 cytokine production, inflammation, airway hyperreactivity and fibrosis in the absence of MCP-1 or CCR2
Aspergillus fumigatus Triggers Inflammatory Responses by Stage-Specific β-Glucan Display
Aspergillus nidulans maintains short telomeres throughout development.
Aspergillus niger genome-wide analysis reveals a large number of novel alpha-glucan acting enzymes with unexpected expression profiles
Aspergillus species identification in the clinical setting
Aspergillus strain typing in the genomics era
Aspetti della terapia nel Corpus Hippocraticum. Atti del IXe Colloque International Hippocratique
AspHI, a novel isoschizomer of HgiAI from Achromobacter species H recognizing 5'-GWGCW/C-3'.
Asphyxial Death by Ether Inhalation and Plastic-bag Suffocation Instructed by the Press and the Internet
AspI, a novel isoschizomer of Tth111I [corrected] from Achromobacter species 699 recognizing 5'-GACN/NNGTC-3'.
ASPIC: a novel method to predict the exon-intron structure of a gene that is optimally compatible to a set of transcript sequences
ASPIC: a web resource for alternative splicing prediction and transcript isoforms characterization
Aspiration of parenteral nutrition – a previously unreported complication of central venous access in an infant: a case report
Aspiration–sclerotherapy Results in Effective Control of Liver Volume in Patients with Liver Cysts
Aspirin and breast cancer prevention – a link to ER status
Aspirin and Simvastatin Combination for Cardiovascular Events Prevention Trial in Diabetes (ACCEPT-D): design of a randomized study of the efficacy of low-dose aspirin in the prevention of cardiovascular events in subjects with diabetes mellitus treated with statins
Aspirin and some other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs inhibit cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein gene expression in T-84 cells.
Aspirin Has Antitumor Effects via Expression of Calpain Gene in Cervical Cancer Cells
Aspirin-related small bowel diaphragm disease identified during emergency laparotomy.
'Aspirin resistance' or treatment non-compliance: Which is to blame for cardiovascular complications?
ASRP: the Arabidopsis Small RNA Project Database
Assault on the male.
Assay for high glucose-mediated islet cell sensitization to apoptosis induced by streptozotocin and cytokines
Assay of DNA-RNA hybrids by S1 nuclease digestion and adsorption to DEAE-cellulose filters.
Assay of mutation induced in human lymphoblastoid cells by combustion-generated soot particles.
Assay of phospholipases A 2 and their inhibitors by kinetic analysis in the scooting mode
Assay Validation for KIM-1: human urinary renal dysfunction biomarker
Assaying estrogenicity by quantitating the expression levels of endogenous estrogen-regulated genes.
Assaying potential carcinogens with Drosophila.
Assaying protein palmitoylation in plants
Assaying the regulatory potential of mammalian conserved non-coding sequences in human cells
Assembling a global database of malaria parasite prevalence for the Malaria Atlas Project
Assembling a jigsaw puzzle with 20,000 parts
Assembling an arsenal, the scorpion way
Assembling of G-strands into novel tetra-molecular parallel G4-DNA nanostructures using avidin–biotin recognition
Assembling proteomics data as a prerequisite for the analysis of large scale experiments
Assembly and analysis of cosmid contigs in the CEA-gene family region of human chromosome 19.
Assembly and Budding of Ebolavirus
Assembly and Channel Opening in a Bacterial Drug Efflux Machine
Assembly and characterization of heterochromatin and euchromatin on human artificial chromosomes
Assembly and isolation of intermediate steps of transcription complexes formed on the human 5S rRNA gene
Assembly and structural analysis of a covalently closed nano-scale DNA cage
Assembly Factor Omp85 Recognizes Its Outer Membrane Protein Substrates by a Species-Specific C-Terminal Motif
Assembly in an in vitro splicing reaction of a mouse insulin messenger RNA precursor into a 60-40S ribonucleoprotein complex.
Assembly, nuclear import and function of U7 snRNPs studied by microinjection of synthetic U7 RNA into Xenopus oocytes.
Assembly of a gene sequence tag microarray by reversible biotin-streptavidin capture for transcript analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana
Assembly of an active chromatin structure during replication.
Assembly of archaeal signal recognition particle from recombinant components
Assembly of correctly spaced chromatin in a nuclear extract from Xenopus laevis oocytes.
Assembly of DNA polymerase delta and epsilon holoenzymes depends on the geometry of the DNA template.
Assembly of functional antibodies from immunoglobulin heavy and light chains synthesised in E. coli.
Assembly of Inflammation-Related Genes for Pathway-Focused Genetic Analysis
Assembly of large genomic segments in artificial chromosomes by homologous recombination in Escherichia coli
Assembly of Microtubules and Actomyosin Rings in the Absence of Nuclei and Spindle Pole Bodies Revealed by a Novel Genetic Method
Assembly of MMTV promoter minichromosomes with positioned nucleosomes precludes NF1 access but not restriction enzyme cleavage.
Assembly of overlapping DNA sequences by a program written in BASIC for 64K CP/M and MS-DOS IBM-compatible microcomputers.
Assembly of pre-mRNA splicing complex is cap dependent.
Assembly of semihistone A24.
Assembly of splicing complexes on exon 11 of the human insulin receptor gene does not correlate with splicing efficiency in-vitro
Assembly of the Candida albicans genome into sixteen supercontigs aligned on the eight chromosomes
Assembly of the giant protein projectin during myofibrillogenesis in Drosophila indirect flight muscles
Assembly of the replication initiation complex on SV40 origin DNA
Assembly, organization, and function of the COPII coat
Assembly PCR oligo maker: a tool for designing oligodeoxynucleotides for constructing long DNA molecules for RNA production
Assembly, purification and crystallization of an active HIV-1 reverse transcriptase initiation complex
Assembly rules for protein networks derived from phylogenetic-statistical analysis of whole genomes
Assessing a Damaged Earth.
Assessing, accommodating, and interpreting the influences of heterogeneity.
Assessing Agreement between Multiple Raters with Missing Rating Information, Applied to Breast Cancer Tumour Grading
Assessing airway inflammation in clinical practice – experience with spontaneous sputum analysis
Assessing an organizational culture instrument based on the Competing Values Framework: Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses
Assessing and improving needle exchange programs: gaps and problems in the literature
Assessing and selecting gene expression signals based upon the quality of the measured dynamics
Assessing anti-rabies baiting – what happens on the ground?
Assessing Antimalarial Efficacy in a Time of Change to Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapies: The Role of Médecins Sans Frontières
Assessing assays.
Assessing Awareness and Knowledge of Breast and Cervical Cancer Among Appalachian Women
Assessing batch effects of genotype calling algorithm BRLMM for the Affymetrix GeneChip Human Mapping 500 K array set using 270 HapMap samples
Assessing capacity for health policy and systems research in low and middle income countries*
Assessing chemicals for estrogenic/hormone-disrupting properties: lessons from carcinogenicity assessment.
Assessing compliance of cardiologists with the national cholesterol education program (NCEP) III guidelines in an ambulatory care setting
Assessing computer skills in Tanzanian medical students: an elective experience
Assessing confounding, effect modification, and thresholds in the association between ambient particles and daily deaths.
Assessing Consciousness: Of Vigilance and Distractedness
Assessing Consumer Health Vocabulary Familiarity: An Exploratory Study
Assessing control of postural stability in community-living older adults using performance-based limits of stability
Assessing Cumulative Health Risks from Exposure to Environmental Mixtures—Three Fundamental Questions
Assessing deleterious ecosystem-level effects of environmental pollutants as a means of avoiding evolutionary consequences.
Assessing differential attrition in clinical trials: self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation and type II diabetes
Assessing Double Acid-Etched Implants Submitted to Orthodontic Forces and Used as Prosthetic Anchorages in Partially Edentulous Patients
Assessing Ecosystem Services to Identify Conservation Priorities
Assessing effects of a media campaign on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in Nigeria: results from the VISION Project
Assessing elemental mercury vapor exposure from cultural and religious practices.
Assessing emergency medical care in low income countries: A pilot study from Pakistan
Assessing environmental chemicals for estrogenicity using a combination of in vitro and in vivo assays.
Assessing Evidence for a Pervasive Alteration in Tropical Tree Communities
Assessing exposure in epidemiologic studies to disinfection by-products in drinking water: report from an international workshop.
Assessing exposure to air toxics relative to asthma.
Assessing Exposure to Atrazine and Its Metabolites Using Biomonitoring
Assessing exposure to disinfection by-products in women of reproductive age living in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Cobb county, Georgia: descriptive results and methods.
Assessing Exposure to Organophosphorus Pesticides by Biomonitoring in Epidemiologic Studies of Birth Outcomes
Assessing exposures to inhaled complex mixtures.
Assessing fetal growth impairments based on family data as a tool for identifying high-risk babies. An example with neonatal mortality
Assessing free radical damage.
Assessing functional divergence in EF-1α and its paralogs in eukaryotes and archaebacteria
Assessing genotype × environment interaction in linkage mapping using affected sib pairs
Assessing harmful effects in systematic Reviews
Assessing health centre systems for guiding improvement in diabetes care
Assessing health-related quality of life in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, in Crete, Greece
Assessing health systems for type 1 diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa: developing a 'Rapid Assessment Protocol for Insulin Access'
Assessing Heart Rate Variability Using A 12 lead ECG In Patients With Alcohol Dependence Syndrome
Assessing Household Solid Fuel Use: Multiple Implications for the Millennium Development Goals
Assessing household wealth in health studies in developing countries: a comparison of participatory wealth ranking and survey techniques from rural South Africa
Assessing human exposure to phthalates using monoesters and their oxidized metabolites as biomarkers.
Assessing human exposure to power-frequency electric and magnetic fields.
Assessing human polychlorinated biphenyl contamination for epidemiologic studies: lessons from patterns of congener concentrations in Canadians in 1992.
Assessing human resources for health: what can be learned from labour force surveys?
Assessing immunization data quality from routine reports in Mozambique
Assessing incomplete deprotection of microarray oligonucleotides in situ
Assessing individual risk for breast cancer: role of oestrogens and androgens
Assessing influenza-related mortality: Comment on Zucs et al.
Assessing levels of airborne bioallergens in New York City.
Assessing local structural perturbations in proteins
Assessing malaria control in the Kassena-Nankana district of northern Ghana through repeated surveys using the RBM tools
Assessing medical students' attitudes towards learning communication skills – which components of attitudes do we measure?
Assessing meiofaunal variation among individuals utilising morphological and molecular approaches: an example using the Tardigrada
Assessing midwives' breastfeeding knowledge: Properties of the Newborn Feeding Ability questionnaire and Breastfeeding Initiation Practices scale
Assessing Myocardial Perfusion after Myocardial Infarction
Assessing newborn body composition using principal components analysis: differences in the determinants of fat and skeletal size
Assessing normative cut points through differential item functioning analysis: An example from the adaptation of the Middlesex Elderly Assessment of Mental State (MEAMS) for use as a cognitive screening test in Turkey
Assessing observational studies of medical treatments
Assessing organisational readiness for change: use of diagnostic analysis prior to the implementation of a multidisciplinary assessment for acute stroke care
Assessing outcomes of health and medical research: do we measure what counts or count what we can measure?
Assessing Overweight and Obesity Risk Among Korean Americans in California Using World Health Organization Body Mass Index Criteria for Asians
Assessing Ozone-Related Health Impacts under a Changing Climate
Assessing Patient Attitudes to Computerized Screening in Primary Care: Psychometric Properties of the Computerized Lifestyle Assessment Scale
Assessing Performance of Orthology Detection Strategies Applied to Eukaryotic Genomes
Assessing poisoning risks related to storage of household hazardous materials: using a focus group to improve a survey questionnaire
Assessing post-traumatic stress disorder in South African adolescents: using the child and adolescent trauma survey (CATS) as a screening tool
Assessing potential health risks from microcystin toxins in blue-green algae dietary supplements.
Assessing potential risk of heavy metal exposure from consumption of home-produced vegetables by urban populations.
Assessing probe-specific dye and slide biases in two-color microarray data
Assessing protein similarity with Gene Ontology and its use in subnuclear localization prediction
Assessing psychosocial correlates of parental safety behaviour using Protection Motivation Theory: stair gate presence and use among parents of toddlers
Assessing record linkage between health care and Vital Statistics databases using deterministic methods
Assessing regional differences in contraceptive discontinuation, failure and switching in Brazil
Assessing response bias from missing quality of life data: The Heckman method
Assessing responsiveness of generic and specific health related quality of life measures in heart failure
Assessing Retail Fruit and Vegetable Availability in Urban and Rural Underserved Communities
Assessing Risk Assessment
Assessing risk for breast cancer
Assessing Risk in Russia
Assessing satisfaction with desloratadine and fexofenadine in allergy patients who report dissatisfaction with loratadine
Assessing sensitivity to change: choosing the appropriate change coefficient
Assessing Sexual Arousal with Adolescent Males Who Have Offended Sexually: Self-Report and Unobtrusively Measured Viewing Time
Assessing spatio-temporal variability of risk surfaces using residential history data in a case control study of breast cancer
Assessing stability and change of four performance measures: a longitudinal study evaluating outcome following total hip and knee arthroplasty
Assessing stability of gene selection in microarray data analysis
Assessing subgroup effects with binary data: can the use of different effect measures lead to different conclusions?
Assessing Susceptibility from Early-Life Exposure to Carcinogens
Assessing Systems Properties of Yeast Mitochondria through an Interaction Map of the Organelle
Assessing talonavicular joint rotations in three dimension
Assessing the ability of sequence-based methods to provide functional insight within membrane integral proteins: a case study analyzing the neurotransmitter/Na + symporter family
Assessing the ABL 500 blood gas analyser
Assessing the Accuracy of Ancestral Protein Reconstruction Methods
Assessing the adequacy of self-reported alcohol abuse measurement across time and ethnicity: cross-cultural equivalence across Hispanics and Caucasians in 1992, non-equivalence in 2001–2002
Assessing the automaticity of moral processing: Efficient coding of moral information during narrative comprehension
Assessing the cancer risk from environmental PCBs.
Assessing the capacity of the health services research community in Australia and New Zealand
Assessing the clinical utility of measuring Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Proteins in tissues and sera of melanoma patients
Assessing the construct validity of the Italian version of the EQ-5D: preliminary results from a cross-sectional study in North Italy
Assessing the contribution of the herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase to spontaneous mutations
Assessing the determinants of stillbirths and early neonatal deaths using routinely collected data in an inner city area
Assessing the diagnostic accuracy of the identification of hyperkinetic disorders following the introduction of government guidelines in England
Assessing the effect of HAART on change in quality of life among HIV-infected women
Assessing the effect of varying sequence length on DNA barcoding of fungi
Assessing the effects of employee assistance programs: a review of employee assistance program evaluations.
Assessing the effects of endocrine disruptors in the National Children's Study.
Assessing the effects of metabolism of environmental agents on cancer tumor development by a two-stage model of carcinogenesis.
Assessing the Evolution of Gene Expression Using Microarray Data
Assessing the Evolutionary Impact of Amino Acid Mutations in the Human Genome
Assessing the evolutionary rate of positional orthologous genes in prokaryotes using synteny data
Assessing the Exceptionality of Coloured Motifs in Networks
Assessing the feasibility of GS FLX Pyrosequencing for sequencing the Atlantic salmon genome
Assessing the feasibility of harm reduction services for MSM: the late night breakfast buffet study
Assessing the health and development of ART-conceived young adults: A study of feasibility, parent recall, and acceptability
Assessing the health benefits of air pollution reduction for children.
Assessing the health benefits of urban air pollution reductions associated with climate change mitigation (2000-2020): Santiago, São Paulo, México City, and New York City.
Assessing the heritability of attentional networks
Assessing the impact of a new health sector pay system upon NHS staff in England
Assessing the impact of comparative genomic sequence data on the functional annotation of the Drosophila genome
Assessing the impact of heart failure specialist services on patient populations
Assessing the impact of humanitarian assistance in the health sector
Assessing the impact of prescribed medicines on health outcomes
Assessing the impact of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement on Australian and global medicines policy
Assessing the knowledge of bronchial asthma among primary health care physicians in Crete: A pre- and post-test following an educational course
Assessing the level of healthcare information technology adoption in the United States: a snapshot
Assessing the Measurement Precision of Various Arsenic Forms and Arsenic Exposure in the National Human Exposure Assessment Survey (NHEXAS)
Assessing the molecular genetics of attention networks
Assessing the Nature of Lipid Raft Membranes
Assessing the number of ancestral alternatively spliced exons in the human genome
Assessing the order of magnitude of outcomes in single-arm cohorts through systematic comparison with corresponding cohorts: An example from the AMOS study
Assessing the origin of species in the genomic era
Assessing the potential carcinogenic activity of magnetic fields using animal models.
Assessing the power of tag SNPs in the mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL) with extremal and random samples
Assessing the precision of high-throughput computational and laboratory approaches for the genome-wide identification of protein subcellular localization in bacteria
Assessing the Professional Development Needs of Public Health Educators in Light of Changing Competencies
Assessing the public health benefits of reduced ozone concentrations.
Assessing the Quality of Decision Support Technologies Using the International Patient Decision Aid Standards instrument (IPDASi)
Assessing the quality of reports of randomized trials in pediatric complementary and alternative medicine
Assessing the quality of reports of systematic reviews in pediatric complementary and alternative medicine
Assessing the relative efficacy of different agents based on the outcomes from meta-analyses
Assessing the Reliability and Credibility of Industry Science and Scientists
Assessing the reliability of eBURST using simulated populations with known ancestry
Assessing the Risk Equation
Assessing the risk of bluetongue to UK livestock: uncertainty and sensitivity analyses of a temperature-dependent model for the basic reproduction number
Assessing the risk of self-diagnosed malaria in urban informal settlements of Nairobi using self-reported morbidity survey
Assessing the Risks of Twin Pregnancies
Assessing the role of syringe dispensing machines and mobile van outlets in reaching hard-to-reach and high-risk groups of injecting drug users (IDUs): a review
Assessing the Sensitivity of Different Life Stages for Sexual Disruption in Roach ( Rutilus rutilus ) Exposed to Effluents from Wastewater Treatment Works
Assessing the Significance of Conserved Genomic Aberrations Using High Resolution Genomic Microarrays
Assessing the unintended health impacts of road transport policies and interventions: translating research evidence for use in policy and practice
Assessing the validity of tuberculosis surveillance data in California
Assessing, treating and preventing community acquired pneumonia in older adults: findings from a community-wide survey of emergency room and family physicians
Assessing Tumor Progression Factors by Somatic Gene Transfer into a Mouse Model: Bcl-xL Promotes Islet Tumor Cell Invasion
Assessing Uncertainty in Spatial Exposure Models for Air Pollution Health Effects Assessment
Assessing unmodified 70-mer oligonucleotide probe performance on glass-slide microarrays
'Assessment and care management'--a hospital perspective.
Assessment and Etiology of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Boys and Girls
Assessment and prevention of acute health effects of weather conditions in Europe, the PHEWE project: background, objectives, design
Assessment and risk reduction of infectious pathogens on chiropractic treatment tables
Assessment for the identification of better HDAC inhibitor class through binding energy calculations and descriptor analysis
Assessment of 1,3-butadiene epidemiology studies.
Assessment of 1,3-butadiene exposure in polymer production workers using HPRT mutations in lymphocytes as a biomarker.
Assessment of 10-year absolute fracture risk: a new paradigm with worldwide application
Assessment of a new questionnaire for self-reported sun sensitivity in an occupational skin cancer screening program
Assessment of a new synbiotic preparation in healthy volunteers: survival, persistence of probiotic strains and its effect on the indigenous flora
Assessment of a non-invasive high-throughput classifier for behaviours associated with sleep and wake in mice
Assessment of a treatment guideline to improve home management of malaria in children in rural south-west Nigeria
Assessment of algorithms for high throughput detection of genomic copy number variation in oligonucleotide microarray data
Assessment of allelic diversity in intron-containing Mal d 1 genes and their association to apple allergenicity
Assessment of allergen cross-reactivity
Assessment of allergenic potential of genetically modified foods: an agenda for future research.
Assessment of an electronic voting system within the tutorial setting: A randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN54535861]
Assessment of an enhanced program for depression management in primary care: a cluster randomized controlled trial. The INDI project (Interventions for Depression Improvement)
Assessment of an undergraduate psychiatry course in an African setting
Assessment of anterior segment parameters under photopic and scotopic conditions in Indian eyes using anterior segment optical coherence tomography
Assessment of aryl hydrocarbon receptor complex interactions using pBEVY plasmids: expressionvectors with bi-directional promoters for use in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Assessment of atherosclerotic carotid plaque volume with multidetector computed tomography angiography
Assessment of atrial regional and global electromechanical function by tissue velocity echocardiography: a feasibility study on healthy individuals
Assessment of Autoimmune Responses Associated with Asbestos Exposure in Libby, Montana, USA
Assessment of automatic ligand building in ARP / wARP
Assessment of balance and risk for falls in a sample of community-dwelling adults aged 65 and older
Assessment of body composition by air-displacement plethysmography: influence of body temperature and moisture
Assessment of carcinogenic hazard of chemical mixtures through analysis of binary chemical interaction data.
Assessment of CcpA-mediated catabolite control of gene expression in Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579
Assessment of Chronic Disease Epidemiology Workforce in State Health Departments — United States, 2003
Assessment of cleaning to control lead dust in homes of children with moderate lead poisoning: treatment of lead-exposed children trial.
Assessment of clone identity and sequence fidelity for 1189 IMAGE cDNA clones
Assessment of clusters of transcription factor binding sites in relationship to human promoter, CpG islands and gene expression
Assessment of codivergence of Mastreviruses with their plant hosts
Assessment of composite motif discovery methods
Assessment of current test procedures.
Assessment of data processing to improve reliability of microarray experiments using genomic DNA reference
Assessment of data quality in a multi-centre cross-sectional study of participation and quality of life of children with cerebral palsy
Assessment of decorin-binding protein A to the infectivity of Borrelia burgdorferi in the murine models of needle and tick infection
Assessment of developmental toxicity: neuropsychological batteries.
Assessment of dietary exposure to some persistent organic pollutants in the Republic of Karakalpakstan of Uzbekistan.
Assessment of dietary exposure to trace metals in Baffin Inuit food.
Assessment of different protocols for the isolation and purification of gut associated lymphoid cells from the gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata L.)
Assessment of differential gene expression in human peripheral nerve injury
Assessment of diffuse Lewy body disease by 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose positron emission tomography (FDG PET)
Assessment of disease named entity recognition on a corpus of annotated sentences
Assessment of disparate structural features in three models of the hepatitis delta virus ribozyme.
Assessment of dizziness among older patients at a family practice clinic: a chart audit study
Assessment of DNA damage and repair in specific genomic regions by quantitative immuno-coupled PCR.
Assessment of DNA 'fingerprinting' as a method for validating the identity of cancer cell lines maintained in long-term culture.
Assessment of Early Postpartum Reproductive Performance in Two High Producing Estonian Dairy Herds
Assessment of ENI Gemeni microprocessor-controlled centrifugal analyser
Assessment of environmental and genetic factors in the etiology of childhood cancers: the Childrens Cancer Group epidemiology program.
Assessment of environmental carcinogen risks in terms of life shortening.
Assessment of environmental contaminant-induced lymphocyte dysfunction.
Assessment of environmental factors affecting male fertility
Assessment of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) expression in primary colorectal carcinomas and their related metastases on tissue sections and tissue microarray
Assessment of Equine Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia (EAT) by flow cytometry
Assessment of erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acid composition as a biomarker for dietary MUFA, PUFA or saturated fatty acid intake in a controlled cross-over intervention trial
Assessment of Estrogenic Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical Actions in the Brain Using in Vivo Somatic Gene Transfer
Assessment of examiner leniency and stringency ('hawk-dove effect') in the MRCP(UK) clinical examination (PACES) using multi-facet Rasch modelling
Assessment of fatigue in chronic disease: a bibliographic study of fatigue measurement scales
Assessment of Feminization of Male Fish in English Rivers by the Environment Agency of England and Wales
Assessment of fertility control efforts in a selected area of Karachi, Pakistan
Assessment of fetal intracranial pathologies first demonstrated late in pregnancy: cell proliferation disorders
Assessment of FIV-C infection of cats as a function of treatment with the protease inhibitor, TL-3
Assessment of free light chains in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with lymphomatous meningitis – a pilot study
Assessment of funnel plot asymmetry and publication bias in reproductive health meta-analyses: an analytic survey
Assessment of gas exchange in lung disease: balancing accuracy against feasibility
Assessment of gene expression in many samples using vertical arrays
Assessment of genetic and functional diversity of phosphate solubilizing fluorescent pseudomonads isolated from rhizospheric soil
Assessment of genetic diversity in Trigonella foenum-graecum and Trigonella caerulea using ISSR and RAPD markers
Assessment of genomic imprinting of SLC38A4 , NNAT , NAP1L5 , and H19 in cattle
Assessment of health care needs and utilization in a mixed public-private system: the case of the Athens area
Assessment of health effects in epidemiologic studies of air pollution.
Assessment of health-related quality of life in arthritis: conceptualization and development of five item banks using item response theory
Assessment of Hematological and Biochemical parameters with extended D-Ribose ingestion
Assessment of hepatotoxic potential.
Assessment of higher order cognitive skills in undergraduate education: modified essay or multiple choice questions? Research paper
Assessment of HIV-1 entry inhibitors by MLV/HIV-1 pseudotyped vectors
Assessment of human exposure and human health effects after indoor application of methyl parathion in Lorain County, Ohio, 1995-1996.
Assessment of human exposure to chemicals from Superfund sites.
Assessment of human exposure to polychlorinated dibenzofurans and dioxins.
Assessment of Human Health Vulnerability to Climate Variability and Change in Cuba
Assessment of inhomogeneities in an E. coli physical map.
Assessment of knowledge, perceptions and acceptability of mandatory pre-medical tests for intending couples in churches in Abuja, Nigeria
Assessment of knowledge retention and the value of proctored ultrasound exams after the introduction of an emergency ultrasound curriculum
Assessment of lead exposure in schoolchildren from Jakarta.
Assessment of left ventricular function by three-dimensional echocardiography
Assessment of Left Ventricular Function in Cardiac MSCT Imaging by a 4D Hierarchical Surface-Volume Matching Process
Assessment of left ventricular mass and volumes by three-dimensional echocardiography in patients with or without wall motion abnormalities: comparison against cine magnetic resonance imaging
Assessment of left ventricular volumes using simplified 3-D echocardiography and computed tomography – a phantom and clinical study
Assessment of level-walking aperiodicity
Assessment of lifestyle effects on the overall antioxidant capacity of healthy subjects.
Assessment of major and minor groove DNA interactions by the zinc fingers of Xenopus transcription factor IIIA.
Assessment of maternal toxicity, embryotoxicity and teratogenic potential of sodium chlorite in Sprague-Dawley rats.
Assessment of measles immunity among infants in Maputo City, Mozambique
Assessment of methods for amino acid matrix selection and their use on empirical data shows that ad hoc assumptions for choice of matrix are not justified
Assessment of methods for covalent binding of nucleic acids to magnetic beads, Dynabeads, and the characteristics of the bound nucleic acids in hybridization reactions.
Assessment of microfilarial loads in the skin of onchocerciasis patients after treatment with different regimens of doxycycline plus ivermectin
Assessment of myelotoxicity caused by environmental chemicals.
Assessment of myocardial infarction in mice by Late Gadolinium Enhancement MR imaging using an inversion recovery pulse sequence at 9.4T
Assessment of neuromuscular and haemodynamic activity in individuals with and without chronic low back pain
Assessment of neuropsychological trajectories in longitudinal population-based studies of children
Assessment of Neurovascular Involvement by Malignant Musculoskeletal Tumors
Assessment of normal tricuspid valve anatomy in adults by real-time three-dimensional echocardiography
Assessment of nutritional knowledge in female athletes susceptible to the Female Athlete Triad syndrome
Assessment of obesity management in medical examination
Assessment of observer variability in the classification of human cataracts.
Assessment of office-based care of sexually transmitted diseases and vaginitis and antibiotic decision-making by obstetrician-gynecologists.
Assessment of oral health related quality of life
Assessment of performance of four mortality prediction systems in a Saudi Arabian intensive care unit
Assessment of Performance of Manufacturing Procedures in a Unit for Production of Investigational Anticancer Agents, Using a Mixed Effects Analysis
Assessment of personal and community-level exposures to particulate matter among children with asthma in Detroit, Michigan, as part of Community Action Against Asthma (CAAA).
Assessment of Plasmodium falciparum resistance to ferroquine (SSR97193) in field isolates and in W2 strain under pressure
Assessment of possible impact of a health promotion program in Korea from health risk trends in a longitudinally observed cohort
Assessment of post-laparotomy pain in laboratory mice by telemetric recording of heart rate and heart rate variability
Assessment of Potential Cancer Risk from Consumption of PCBs Bioaccumulated in Fish and Shellfish.
Assessment of potential effects of the electromagnetic fields of mobile phones on hearing
Assessment of potential risk levels associated with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reference values.
Assessment of pre- and postnatal exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls: lessons from the Inuit Cohort Study.
Assessment of precision and reproducibility of a new myograph
Assessment of Prediction Confidence and Domain Extrapolation of Two Structure–Activity Relationship Models for Predicting Estrogen Receptor Binding Activity
Assessment of protein allergenicity on the basis of immune reactivity: animal models.
Assessment of protein coding measures.
Assessment of protein set coherence using functional annotations
Assessment of pulmonary antibodies with induced sputum and bronchoalveolar lavage induced by nasal vaccination against Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a clinical phase I/II study
Assessment of pulse rate variability by the method of pulse frequency demodulation
Assessment of quality of life in HAART-treated HIV-positive subjects with body fat redistribution in Rwanda
Assessment of rapid E.S.R. estimaton using an inclined tube.
Assessment of Recent HIV-1 Infection by a Line Immunoassay for HIV-1/2 Confirmation
Assessment of recently developed blood gas analysers: a multicentre evaluation
Assessment of regional cytochrome P450 activities in rat liver slices using resorufin substrates and fluorescence confocal laser cytometry.
Assessment of regression-based methods to adjust for publication bias through a comprehensive simulation study
Assessment of reliability of microarray data and estimation of signal thresholds using mixture modeling
Assessment of Reporting Bias for Clostridium difficile Hospitalizations, United States
Assessment of routine surveillance data as a tool to investigate measles outbreaks in Mozambique
Assessment of single-dose benzodiazepines on insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity and glucose effectiveness in healthy volunteers: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized cross-over trial [ISRCTN08745124]
Assessment of six mortality prediction models in patients admitted with severe sepsis and septic shock to the intensive care unit: a prospective cohort study
Assessment of skeletal muscle fatigue of road maintenance workers based on heart rate monitoring and myotonometry
Assessment of social psychological determinants of satisfaction with childbirth in a cross-national perspective
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