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A comprehensive database for the small nucleolar RNAs from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
A comprehensive evaluation of food fortification with folic acid for the primary prevention of neural tube defects
A comprehensive evaluation of SAM, the SAM R-package and a simple modification to improve its performance
A comprehensive evaluation of the 8-gauge vacuum-assisted Mammotome ® system for ultrasound-guided diagnostic biopsy and selective excision of breast lesions
A comprehensive evolutionary classification of proteins encoded in complete eukaryotic genomes
A comprehensive functional analysis of tissue specificity of human gene expression
A Comprehensive Genetic Characterization of Bacterial Motility
A comprehensive joint replacement program for total knee arthroplasty: a descriptive study
A comprehensive laboratory automation system
A comprehensive list of chemically synthesized genes
A comprehensive list of cloned human DNA sequences
A comprehensive list of cloned human DNA sequences
A comprehensive list of cloned human DNA sequences
A comprehensive list of cloned human DNA sequences
A comprehensive list of cloned human DNA sequences—1990 update
A comprehensive list of cloned human DNA sequences—1991 update
A comprehensive map of the toll-like receptor signaling network
A comprehensive modular map of molecular interactions in RB/E2F pathway
A comprehensive overview of radioguided surgery using gamma detection probe technology
A comprehensive package for DNA sequence analysis in FORTRAN IV for the PDP-11.
A comprehensive pathway map of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling
A comprehensive re-analysis of the Golden Spike data: Towards a benchmark for differential expression methods
A comprehensive review of 46 exercise treatment studies in fibromyalgia (1988–2005)
A comprehensive review of the genetics of juvenile idiopathic arthritis
A comprehensive sequence analysis program for the IBM personal computer.
A comprehensive set of plasmids for vanillate- and xylose-inducible gene expression in Caulobacter crescentus
A comprehensive set of sequence analysis programs for the VAX.
A comprehensive system for evaluation of remote sequence similarity detection
A comprehensive system of pharmaceutical care for drug misusers
A comprehensive transcript index of the human genome generated using microarrays and computational approaches
A comprehensive update of the sequence and structure classification of kinases
A computational analysis of protein-protein interaction networks in neurodegenerative diseases
A computational analysis of SARS cysteine proteinase-octapeptide substrate interaction: implication for structure and active site binding mechanism
A computational analysis of the three isoforms of glutamate dehydrogenase reveals structural features of the isoform EC supporting a key role in ammonium assimilation by plants
A computational approach for detecting peptidases and their specific inhibitors at the genome level
A Computational Approach for Functional Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci That Regulate Thermal Performance Curves
A computational approach for identifying pathogenicity islands in prokaryotic genomes
A computational approach for identifying pseudogenes in the ENCODE regions
A computational approach for ordering signal transduction pathway components from genomics and proteomics Data
A computational approach to discovering the functions of bacterial phytochromes by analysis of homolog distributions
A computational approach to identify genes for functional RNAs in genomic sequences
A Computational Approach to the Functional Screening of Genomes
A computational framework for optimal masking in the synthesis of oligonucleotide microarrays
A computational genomics approach to the identification of gene networks.
A computational investigation of kinetoplastid trans -splicing
A computational linguistics motivated mapping of ICPC-2 PLUS to SNOMED CT
A computational method to predict genetically encoded rare amino acids in proteins
A computational model for functional mapping of genes that regulate intra-cellular circadian rhythms
A computational model for sex-specific genetic architecture of complex traits in humans: Implications for mapping pain sensitivity
A Computational Model for Understanding Stem Cell, Trophectoderm and Endoderm Lineage Determination
A computational model of gene expression reveals early transcriptional events at the subtelomeric regions of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum
A computational model of skeletal muscle metabolism linking cellular adaptations induced by altered loading states to metabolic responses during exercise
A Computational Pipeline for High- Throughput Discovery of cis -Regulatory Noncoding RNA in Prokaryotes
A computational scan for U12-dependent introns in the human genome sequence
A Computational Screen for Type I Polyketide Synthases in Metagenomics Shotgun Data
A Computational Strategy for Protein Function Assignment Which Addresses the Multidomain Problem
A computational study of mother rotor VF in the human ventricles
A computational study of off-target effects of RNA interference
A computational survey of candidate exonic splicing enhancer motifs in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana
A computer aided oligonucleotide analysis provides a model sequence for RNA polymerase-promoter recognition in E.coli.
A computer algorithm for testing potential prokaryotic terminators.
A computer-assisted metal analyser using flow injection coupled with direct current plasma–optical emission spectroscopy
A computer assisted method for the determination of restriction enzyme recognifion sites.
A computer-based medical record system and personal digital assistants to assess and follow patients with respiratory tract infections visiting a rural Kenyan health centre
A computer-controlled data acquisition and analysis system for use in the characterization of plasma atomic emission sources
A computer-controlled multi-electrode switch
A computer-controlled potentiometric/spectrophotometric titrator
A computer decision aid for medical prevention: a pilot qualitative study of the Personalized Estimate of Risks ( EsPeR ) system
A computer-enhanced pH study of the formaldehyde–sulphite clock reaction
A computer graphics program system for protein structure representation.
A computer method for finding common base paired helices in aligned sequences: application to the analysis of random sequences.
A computer package for DNA sequence analysis.
A computer program allows the separation of a wide range of chromosome sizes by pulsed field gel electrophoresis.
A computer program for choosing optimal oligonucleotides for filter hybridization, sequencing and in vitro amplification of DNA.
A computer program for comparative analysis of nucleic acid sequences.
A computer program for intra-laboratory quality control
A computer program for selection of oligonucleotide primers for polymerase chain reactions.
A computer program for the estimation of protein and nucleic acid sequence diversity in random point mutagenesis libraries
A computer program for the management of small cosmid banks.
A computer program for translating DNA sequences into protein.
A computer program package for restriction map analysis and manipulation.
A computer program package for storing and retrieving DNA/RNA and protein sequence data.
A computer program to enter DNA gel reading data into a computer.
A computer program to search for tRNA genes.
A computer simulation analysis of the accuracy of partial genome sequencing and restriction fragment analysis in estimating genetic relationships: an application to papillomavirus DNA sequences
A computerized automatic apparatus for determination of mercury in biological samples
A computerized Infusion Pump for control of tissue tracer concentration during Positron Emission Tomography in vivo Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic measurements
A Concept for Extending the Applicability of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy through Motor Cortex Activity Feedback Using a Neural Prosthesis
A concept for trial institutions focussing on randomised controlled trials in surgery
A conceptual framework for implementation fidelity
A Conceptual Framework for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci Regulating Ontogenetic Allometry
A Concerted Action of Engrailed and Gooseberry-Neuro in Neuroblast 6-4 Is Triggering the Formation of Embryonic Posterior Commissure Bundles
A concordance to Erasmus Darwin's poem `The Botanic Garden'
A concurrent process for the automatic preparation of biological samples combined with high pressure liquid chromatographic analysis
A conditional form of Bruton's tyrosine kinase is sufficient to activate multiple downstream signaling pathways via PLC Gamma 2 in B cells
A conditional-lethal vaccinia virus mutant demonstrates that the I7L gene product is required for virion morphogenesis
A conditional U5 snRNA mutation affecting pre-mRNA splicing and nuclear pre-mRNA retention identifies SSD1/SRK1 as a general splicing mutant suppressor.
A Confidence Interval for the Wallace Coefficient of Concordance and Its Application to Microbial Typing Methods
A configuration space of homologous proteins conserving mutual information and allowing a phylogeny inference based on pair-wise Z-score probabilities
A confocal microscopic study of solitary pulmonary neuroendocrine cells in human airway epithelium
A conformation change of single stranded polyriboadenylate induced by an electric field
A conformational change in TFIIB is required for activator-mediated assembly of the preinitiation complex
A conformational study of adenylyl-(3',5')-adenosine and adenylyl-(2',5')-adenosine in aqueous solution by carbon-13 magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
A conformational study of nucleic acid phosphate ester bonds using phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance.
A conformational study of some adenosines by use of nuclear Overhauser effect
A conifer genomics resource of 200,000 spruce ( Picea spp.) ESTs and 6,464 high-quality, sequence-finished full-length cDNAs for Sitka spruce ( Picea sitchensis )
A conjugation-specific gene (cnjC) from Tetrahymena encodes a protein homologous to yeast RNA polymerase subunits (RPB3, RPC40) and similar to a portion of the prokaryotic RNA polymerase alpha subunit (rpoA).
A conscious mouse model of gastric ileus using clinically relevant endpoints
A consensus prognostic gene expression classifier for ER positive breast cancer
A consensus sequence for cleavage by vertebrate DNA topoisomerase II.
A conserved acidic patch in the Myb domain is required for activation of an endogenous target gene and for chromatin binding
A conserved and species-specific functional interaction between the Werner syndrome-like exonuclease at WEX and the Ku heterodimer in Arabidopsis
A conserved and unique (AT)-rich segment in yeast mitochondrial DNA.
A conserved base pairing involving an alternative splice site of SV40 and polyoma late RNA.
A conserved bulged adenosine in a peripheral duplex of the antigenomic HDV self-cleaving RNA reduceskinetic trapping of inactive conformations.
A conserved chloramphenicol binding site at the entrance to the ribosomal peptide exit tunnel
A conserved core element is functionally important for maize mitochondrial promoter activity in vitro.
A conserved DNA structural control element modulates transcription of a mammalian gene.
A conserved family of genes related to the testis determining gene, SRY.
A conserved gene family encodes transmembrane proteins with fibronectin, immunoglobulin and leucine-rich repeat domains (FIGLER)
A conserved heptamer upstream of the IgH promoter region octamer can be the site of a coordinate protein-DNA interaction.
A conserved lysine in the estrogen receptor DNA binding domain regulates ligand activation profiles at AP-1 sites, possibly by controlling interactions with a modulating repressor
A conserved mechanism for post-transcriptional gene silencing?
A Conserved Mechanism for Sulfonucleotide Reduction
A conserved motif in group IC3 introns is a new class of GNRA receptor.
A conserved motif N-terminal to the DNA-binding domains of myogenic bHLH transcription factors mediates cooperative DNA binding with pbx-Meis1/Prep1.
A conserved nucleotide sequence, coding for a segment of the C-propeptide, is found at the same location in different collagen genes.
A conserved pseudoknot in telomerase RNA.
A conserved region in intron 1 negatively regulates the expression of the PCNA gene.
A conserved region in the sea urchin U1 snRNA promoter interacts with a developmentally regulated factor.
A conserved sequence element in ribonuclease III processing signals is not required for accurate in vitro enzymatic cleavage.
A conserved sequence element is present around the transcription initiation site for RNA polymerase A in Saccharomycetoideae.
A conserved structural element in horse and mouse IGF2 genes binds a methylation sensitive factor.
A Conserved Supergene Locus Controls Colour Pattern Diversity in Heliconius Butterflies
A conserved U-rich RNA region implicated in regulation of translation in Plasmodium female gametocytes
A Consideration of the Pathogenesis of Bacterial Meningitis: Review of Experimental and Clinical Studies
A consistent approach for the application of pharmacokinetic modeling in cancer and noncancer risk assessment.
A Constitutional Translocation t(1;17)(p36.2;q11.2) in a Neuroblastoma Patient Disrupts the Human NBPF1 and ACCN1 Genes
A constrained polynomial regression procedure for estimating the local False Discovery Rate
A construct with fluorescent indicators for conditional expression of miRNA
A Constructed Alkaline Consortium and Its Dynamics in Treating Alkaline Black Liquor with Very High Pollution Load
A Constructive Mean-Field Analysis of Multi-Population Neural Networks with Random Synaptic Weights and Stochastic Inputs
A Contaminant in Mothers' Milk
A Context-Sensitive Active Contour for 2D Corpus Callosum Segmentation
A contiguous 60 kb genomic stretch from barley reveals molecular evidence for gene islands in a monocot genome.
A continent in chaos: Africa's environmental issues.
A contingent valuation study to estimate the parental willingness-to-pay for childhood diarrhoea and gender bias among rural households in India
A Continual Remembrance. Letters from Sir William Osler to his Friend Ned Milburn 1865–1919
A continuous kinetic assay for RNA-cleaving deoxyribozymes, exploiting ethidium bromide as an extrinsic fluorescent probe
A continuum mathematical model of endothelial layer maintenance and senescence
A Continuum Method for Determining Membrane Protein Insertion Energies and the Problem of Charged Residues
A Continuum Model for Metabolic Gas Exchange in Pear Fruit
A Controlled Challenge Study on Di(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP) in House Dust and the Immune Response in Human Nasal Mucosa of Allergic Subjects
A controlled trial of automated classification of negation from clinical notes
A controlled trial of protein enrichment of meal replacements for weight reduction with retention of lean body mass
A controlled trial of the effectiveness of a diabetes education programme in a multi-ethnic community in Glasgow [ISRCT28317455]
A controlled trial of the effectiveness of internet continuing medical education
A controlled trial of the Litebook light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy device for treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
A convenient allylsilane- N -acyliminium route toward indolizidine and quinolizidine alkaloids
A convenient and adaptable microcomputer environment for DNA and protein sequence manipulation and analysis.
A convenient and adaptable package of computer programs for DNA and protein sequence management, analysis and homology determination.
A convenient and adaptable package of DNA sequence analysis programs for microcomputers.
A convenient approach to the synthesis of medium size oligodeoxyribonucleotides by improved new phosphite method.
A convenient approach to the synthesis of trinucleotide phosphoramidites--synthons for the generation of oligonucleotide/peptide libraries.
A convenient catalyst system for microwave accelerated cross-coupling of a range of aryl boronic acids with aryl chlorides
A convenient method for locating sets of related short sequences in DNA sequences of any length.
A convenient method for the construction and expression of GPI-anchored proteins.
A convenient method of aligning large DNA molecules on bare mica surfaces for atomic force microscopy.
A convenient procedure for the synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotide affinity columns for the isolation of mRNA.
A convenient scheme for coupling a finite element curvilinear mesh to a finite element voxel mesh: application to the heart
A convenient sequencing method for 5' protein-linked RNAs.
A convenient synthesis of 6-amino-1-beta-D-ribofuranosylpyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidin-4-one and related 4,6-disubstituted pyrazolopyrimidine nucleosides.
A convenient synthesis of γ-functionalized cyclopentenones
A convenient technique to compare the efficiency of promoters in Escherichia coli.
A Conversation with John Sulston
A conversational system for the computer analysis of nucleic acid sequences.
A Cooperative Interaction between Nontranslated RNA Sequences and NS5A Protein Promotes In Vivo Fitness of a Chimeric Hepatitis C/GB Virus B
A copia primer pseudogene possibly generated by an aberrant reverse transcription of a copia-related element in Drosophila.
A copula method for modeling directional dependence of genes
A cornucopia of delights for the mouse fancier
A cornucopia of genomes
A correction in the nucleotide sequence of the Tn903 kanamycin resistance determinant in pUC4K.
A correction in the nucleotide sequence of the Tn903 kanamycin resistance determinant in pUC4K
A correlated motif approach for finding short linear motifs from protein interaction networks
A correlation between dexamethasone inducibility and basal expression levels of retroviral vector proviruses.
A correlation between nucleosome spacer region susceptibility to DNase I and histone acetylation.
A Correlation of Early Radiation Changes in Lymphatic Tissues with Antitoxin-Producing Ability
A correlation with exon expression approach to identify cis -regulatory elements for tissue-specific alternative splicing
A Corresponding Community: Dr Agnes Bennett and her Friends from the Edinburgh Medical College for Women of the 1890s
A corridor to the past.
A cost effective base-matching assay with low backgrounds.
A cost-effectiveness analysis of artemether lumefantrine for treatment of uncomplicated malaria in Zambia
A cost-effectiveness analysis of caspofungin vs. liposomal amphotericin B for treatment of suspected fungal infections in the UK
A cost effectiveness study of integrated care in health services delivery: a diabetes program in Australia
A Cost Evaluation of the Georgia Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention Program
A cost function for HIV prevention services: is there a 'u' – shape?
A cost minimisation analysis of a telepaediatric otolaryngology service
A cost-minimization analysis of diuretic-based antihypertensive therapy reducing cardiovascular events in older adults with isolated systolic hypertension
A cottage hospital grows up: the story of the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead
A country-wide malaria survey in Mozambique. I. Plasmodium falciparum infection in children in different epidemiological settings
A county and its health, A history of the development of the West Riding health services 1889–1974
A Coupled Equilibrium Shift Mechanism in Calmodulin-Mediated Signal Transduction
A coupled Southwestern--DNase I footprinting assay.
A coupled transcription-translation system from Agrobacterium tumefaciens and its application to study Ti plasmid expression in vitro.
A CpG island hypermethylation profile of primary colorectal carcinomas and colon cancer cell lines
A Cre-lox approach for transient transgene expression in neural precursor cells and long-term tracking of their progeny in vitro and in vivo
A cre-transgenic mouse strain for the ubiquitous deletion of loxP-flanked gene segments including deletion in germ cells.
A creeping suspicion about radon.
A cricket Gene Index: a genomic resource for studying neurobiology, speciation, and molecular evolution
A criterion audit of women's awareness of blood transfusion in pregnancy
A critical analysis of a left-handed double helix model for B-DNA fibers.
A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution
A critical analysis of disease-associated DNA polymorphisms in the genes of cattle, goat, sheep, and pig
A critical and Integrated View of the Yeast Interactome
A critical appraisal of clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of lower-limb osteoarthritis
A critical appraisal of epidemiological studies comes from basic knowledge: a reader's guide to assess potential for biases
A critical appraisal of guidelines for the management of knee osteoarthritis using Appraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation criteria
A Critical Appraisal of Methods for Disruption and Extraction of Urinary Calculi, Especially with Ultrasound ‡
A critical assessment of Mus musculus gene function prediction using integrated genomic evidence
A Critical Assessment of the Effects of Bt Transgenic Plants on Parasitoids
A critical comparison of commonly used procedures for the assay of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase in crude tissue extracts.
A critical epitope for substrate recognition by the nucleosome remodeling ATPase ISWI
A critical evaluation of differential display as a tool to identify genes involved in legume nodulation: looking back and looking forward
A critical evaluation of loss of heterozygosity detected in tumor tissues, blood serum and bone marrow plasma from patients with breast cancer
A Critical Evaluation of Pseudo-isochromatic Plates and Suggeestions for Testing Color Vision *
A critical evaluation of the electronic surgical logbook
A critical evaluation of the use of the Schiller test in selecting blocks from the uterine cervix in suspected intraepithelial neoplasia.
A critical period of progesterone withdrawal precedes menstruation in macaques
A Critical Reassessment of the Role of Mitochondria in Tumorigenesis
A Critical Review of Biomarkers Used for Monitoring Human Exposure to Lead: Advantages, Limitations, and Future Needs
A Critical Review of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy and Forced Use in Children With Hemiplegia
A critical review of epidemiologic studies of radiofrequency exposure and human cancers.
A critical review of mathematical models and data used in diabetology
A critical review of methods for comparing estrogenic activity of endogenous and exogenous chemicals in human milk and infant formula.
A critical review of PASBio's argument structures for biomedical verbs
A critical review of studies of the association between demands for hospital services and air pollution.
A critical role for Apc in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell survival
A critical role for endocytosis in Wnt signaling
A Critical Role for FBXW8 and MAPK in Cyclin D1 Degradation and Cancer Cell Proliferation
A Critical Role for Glycine Transporters in Hyperexcitability Disorders
A critical role for the loop region of the basic helix–loop–helix/leucine zipper protein Mlx in DNA binding and glucose-regulated transcription
A critical role for the Sp1-binding sites in the transforming growth factor-β-mediated inhibition of lipoprotein lipase gene expression in macrophages
A Critical Role of a Cellular Membrane Traffic Protein in Poliovirus RNA Replication
A critical stem–loop structure in the CR4–CR5 domain of mammalian telomerase RNA
A critical three-way junction is conserved in budding yeast and vertebrate telomerase RNAs
A Criticism of the Present-day Management of the Barren Woman
A critique of the WHO TobReg's "Advisory Note" report entitled: " Waterpipe tobacco smoking: health effects, research needs and recommended actions by regulators "
A critique of the World Resources Institute's report "Pesticides and the immune system: the public health risks".
A critique of Women’s Health Initiative Studies (2002-2006)
A cross-sectional analysis of video games and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in adolescents
A cross-sectional evidence-based review of pharmaceutical promotional marketing brochures and their underlying studies: Is what they tell us important and true?
A cross-sectional look at patient concerns in the first six weeks following primary total knee arthroplasty
A cross-sectional study of awareness of physical activity: associations with personal, behavioral and psychosocial factors
A cross-sectional study of early identification of postpartum depression: Implications for primary care providers from The Ontario Mother & Infant Survey
A cross-sectional study of factors associated with dog ownership in Tanzania
A cross-sectional study of health-related quality of life deficits in individuals with comorbid diabetes and cancer
A cross-sectional study of personality traits in women previously treated or untreated for alcohol use disorders
A cross sectional study of requests for knee radiographs from primary care
A cross-sectional study of self-reported chemical-related sensitivity is associated with gene variants of drug-metabolizing enzymes
A cross-sectional study of the association between persistent organochlorine pollutants and diabetes
A cross-sectional study of the prevalence of intensity of infection with Schistosoma japonicum in 50 irrigated and rain-fed villages in Samar Province, the Philippines
A cross-sectional study of the relation between symptoms and physical findings in computer operators
A cross-sectional study of vascular risk factors in a rural South African population: data from the Southern African Stroke Prevention Initiative (SASPI)
A cross-sectional study to determine the seroprevalence of bluetongue virus serotype 8 in sheep and goats in 2006 and 2007 in the Netherlands
A cross-sectional survey of complementary and alternative medicine use by children and adolescents attending the University Hospital of Wales
A cross sectional survey of urban Canadian family physicians' provision of minor office procedures
A cross-species alignment tool ( CAT )
A cross-species transcriptomics approach to identify genes involved in leaf development
A Cross-Talk between TrkB and Ret Tyrosine Kinases Receptors Mediates Neuroblastoma Cells Differentiation
A crucial role for HVEM and BTLA in preventing intestinal inflammation
A Crucial Role for Surgery in Reaching the UN Millennium Development Goals
A cruciform-dumbbell model for inverted dimer formation mediated by inverted repeats.
A crude lysate of cells immobilized on solid support can serve as a matrix for enzymatic DNA amplification.
A cryptic diagnosis: disseminated cryptococcal disease presenting as an asymptomatic pulmonary nodule and a skin lesion: a case report
A Cryptic Frizzled Module in Cell Surface Collagen 18 Inhibits Wnt/β−Catenin Signaling
A cryptic promoter in potato virus X vector interrupted plasmid construction
A cryptic promoter in the first exon of the SPG4 gene directs the synthesis of the 60-kDa spastin isoform
A crystalline end product produced by the hydrolytic cleavage of an RNA-like fragment by an organometallointercalator: 1,10-phenanthroline-platinum(II)-ethylenediamine-cytidine 3' monophosphate.
A crystallographic study of the binding of 13 metal ions to two related RNA duplexes
A CT promoter element binding protein: definition of a double-strand and a novel single-strand DNA binding motif.
A cuckoo in wolves' clothing? Chemical mimicry in a specialized cuckoo wasp of the European beewolf (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae and Crabronidae)
A cultivated taste for yeast
A Cultural and Natural History of the Fly
A curious coincidence: mosquito biodiversity and the limits of the Japanese encephalitis virus in Australasia
A current genotoxicity database for heterocyclic thermic food mutagens. I. Genetically relevant endpoints.
A Curriculum Vitae of Teeth: Evolution, Generation, Regeneration
A cursing brain? The histories of Tourette syndrome
A Curvature-Mediated Mechanism for Localization of Lipids to Bacterial Poles
A cyanogen bromide fragment of S4 that specifically rebinds 16S RNA.
A cyclic AMP response element is involved in retinoic acid-dependent RAR beta 2 promoter activation.
A cyclic-di-GMP receptor required for bacterial exopolysaccharide production
A cyclin D1/microRNA 17/20 regulatory feedback loop in control of breast cancer cell proliferation
A Cyclin-Dependent Kinase that Promotes Cytokinesis through Modulating Phosphorylation of the Carboxy Terminal Domain of the RNA Pol II Rpb1p Sub-Unit
A cycloheximide-inducible gene of Neurospora crassa belongs to the cytochrome P-450 superfamily.
A Cysteine Protease Is Critical for Babesia spp. Transmission in Haemaphysalis Ticks
A cysteine residue in helixII of the bHLH domain is essential for homodimerization of the yeast transcription factor Pho4p.
A cytological map of the human X chromosome--evidence for non-random recombination.
A Cytoplasmic Domain Mutation in ClC-Kb Affects Long-Distance Communication Across the Membrane
A cytoplasmic variant of the KH-type splicing regulatory protein serves as a decay-promoting factor for phosphoglycerate kinase 2 mRNA in murine male germ cells
A Cytosine Methyltransferase Homologue Is Essential for Sexual Development in Aspergillus nidulans
A.D. Waller and the University of London physiological laboratory.
A damage-recognition protein which binds to DNA containing interstrand cross-links is absent or defective in Fanconi anemia, complementation group A, cells.
A danger to the public? Disposing of pauper lunatics in late-Victorian and Edwardian England: Plympton St Mary Union and the Devon County Asylum, 1867-1914.
A Danish population-based cohort study of newly diagnosed asthmatic children's care pathway – adherence to guidelines
A DArT platform for quantitative bulked segregant analysis
A darwinian perspective: right premises, questionable conclusion. A commentary on Niall Shanks and Rebecca Pyles' "Evolution and medicine: the long reach of "Dr. Darwin""
A data-driven clustering method for time course gene expression data
A data integration approach for cell cycle analysis oriented to model simulation in systems biology
A data management system for structural genomics
A data mining approach in home healthcare: outcomes and service use
A data review and re-assessment of ovarian cancer serum proteomic profiling
A database and tool, IM Browser, for exploring and integrating emerging gene and protein interaction data for Drosophila
A database and tools for 3-D protein structure comparison and alignment using the Combinatorial Extension (CE) algorithm
A database application for pre-processing, storage and comparison of mass spectra derived from patients and controls
A database for coconut crop improvement
A database for G proteins and their interaction with GPCRs
A database for John Locke's medical notebooks and medical reading.
A database for medicinal and aromatic plants of JK (Jammu and Kashmir) in India
A database for medicinal plants used in the treatment of diabetes and its secondary complications
A database for medicinal plants used in treatment of asthma
A database for Plasmodium falciparum protein models
A database for the provisional identification of species using only genotypes: web-based genome profiling
A database of 389 medicinal plants for diabetes
A database of annotated tentative orthologs from crop abiotic stress transcripts
A database of antimalarial drug resistance
A database of germline p53 mutations in cancer-prone families.
A database of macromolecular motions.
A database of natural products and chemical entities from marine habitat
A database of PCR primers for the chloroplast genomes of higher plants
A database of phylogenetically atypical genes in archaeal and bacterial genomes, identified using the DarkHorse algorithm
A database of schemes that prioritize sites and species based on their conservation value: focusing business on biodiversity
A Database of Wing Diversity in the Hawaiian Drosophila
A database on cytogenetics in haematology and oncology.
A database on endemic plants at Tirumala hills in India
A Day in a Mental Hygiene Clinic
A day in the life of a genome biologist in the not-too-distant future
A death from inoculated smallpox in the English royal family.
A Death Retold
A decade of change in breastfeeding in China's far north-west
A Decade of Cleanup Research
A decade of clinical negligence in ophthalmology
A Decade of District Health Center Pioneering
A decade of inequality in maternity care: antenatal care, professional attendance at delivery, and caesarean section in Bangladesh (1991–2004)
A decade of letrozole: FACE
A decent proposal? EPA's new clean air standards.
A deceptive MRI appearance of the medial meniscus in a 14 year old boy: a case report
A Decision Aid for COPD patients considering inhaled steroid therapy: development and before and after pilot testing
A decision-analytic approach to define poor prognosis patients: a case study for non-seminomatous germ cell cancer patients
A decision analytical cost analysis of offering ECV in a UK district general hospital
A Decision Support Framework for Automated Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy
A decision tree – based method for the differential diagnosis of Aortic Stenosis from Mitral Regurgitation using heart sounds
A Decline in CCL3-5 Chemokine Gene Expression during Primary Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
A decline in transcript abundance for Heterodera glycines homologs of Caenorhabditis elegans uncoordinated genes accompanies its sedentary parasitic phase
A decoy set for the thermostable subdomain from chicken villin headpiece, comparison of different free energy estimators
A decrease in retinal progenitor cells is associated with early features of diabetic retinopathy in a model that combines diabetes and hypertension
A dedicated automatic dilutor for the automation of α 2 macroglobulin kinetic studies
A defect-in-continuity in the canine femur: and in-vivo experimental model for the study of bone graft incorporation.
A defect of sphingolipid metabolism modifies the properties of normal appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis
A deficit of detoxification enzymes: pesticide sensitivity and environmental response in the honeybee
A defined medium to investigate sliding motility in a Bacillus subtilis flagella-less mutant
A defined substrate technology for the enumeration of microbial indicators of environmental pollution.
A dehydration-inducible gene in the truffle Tuber borchii identifies a novel group of dehydrins
A del(X)(p11) carrying SRY sequences in an infant with ambiguous genitalia
A deletion/insertion polymorphism in the human BCR gene on chromosome 22.
A deletion mutant of the type IC restriction endonuclease EcoR1241 expressing a novel DNA specificity.
A deletion polymorphism in the human alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) gene.
A delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALAD) polymorphism may modify the relationship of low-level lead exposure to uricemia and renal function: the normative aging study.
A demonstration of modeling count data with an application to physical activity
A demonstration of the effect of permeant and impermeant solutes, and unstirred boundary layers on osmoti flow.
A Dendrite-Autonomous Mechanism for Direction Selectivity in Retinal Starburst Amacrine Cells
A dengue receptor as possible genetic marker of vector competence in Aedes aegypti
A dental epidemiological study in a high flouride area of County Fermanagh.
A deoxyadenylate kinase activity associated with polynucleotide phosphorylase from Micrococcus luteus
A deoxyribozyme that synthesizes 2′,5′-branched RNA with any branch-site nucleotide
A description of physical therapists' knowledge in managing musculoskeletal conditions
A description of the origins, design and performance of the TRAITS–SGP Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L. cDNA microarray
A descriptive and analytical catalogue of Persian manuscripts in the Library of the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine
A descriptive list of Arabic manuscripts on medicine and science at the University of California, Los Angeles
A descriptive review of the methodologies used in household surveys on medicine utilization
A descriptive study of Cambodian refugee infant feeding practices in the United States
A descriptive study of mastitis in Australian breastfeeding women: incidence and determinants
A descriptive study of older adults with persistent pain: Use and perceived effectiveness of pain management strategies [ISRCTN11899548]
A descriptive study of Swedish women with symptoms of breast inflammation during lactation and their perceptions of the quality of care given at a breastfeeding clinic
A descriptive study of the prevalence of atypical and classical scrapie in sheep in 20 European countries
A descriptive study of variables associated with obtaining nipple aspirate fluid in a cohort of non-lactating women
A descriptive study of youth risk behavior in urban and rural secondary school students in El Salvador
A design for computer nucleic-acid-sequence storage, retrieval, and manipulation
A designed RNA selection: establishment of a stable complex between a target and selectant RNA via two coordinated interactions
A destabilized bacterial luciferase for dynamic gene expression studies
A destabilized DNA conformation associated with tightly bound nuclear proteins in active genes of rat myoblast.
A detailed analysis of an HSV-1 early promoter: sequences involved in trans-activation by viral immediate-early gene products are not early-gene specific.
A Detailed Analysis of the Murine TAP Transporter Substrate Specificity
A detailed comparison of the 5'-end of the ovalbumin gene cloned from chicken oviduct and erythrocyte DNA.
A detailed Hapmap of the Sitosterolemia locus spanning 69 kb; differences between Caucasians and African-Americans
A detailed study of the substrate specificity of a chimeric restriction enzyme.
A detailed transcript-level probe annotation reveals alternative splicing based microarray platform differences
A determining influence for CpG dinucleotides on nucleosome positioning in vitro
A Developmental Bias in Reading Frame Usage by Human Fetal Thymic TCRBDJ Transcripts is not Present in Genomic TCRBDJ Rearrangements
A Developmental Role for Fatty Acids in Eukaryotes
A Developmental Switch in Neuronal Differentiation
A Developmental Switch in the Response of DRG Neurons to ETS Transcription Factor Signaling
A developmentally regulated deletion element with long terminal repeats has cis -acting sequences in the flanking DNA
A developmentally regulated gene encodes the dictyostelium homolog of yeast ribosomal protein S4 and mammalian LLRep3 proteins.
A Diabetes Prevention Assessment Tool for American Indians
A diabetic patient presenting with stiff hand following fasciectomy for Dupuytren's contracture: A case report
A diagnosis-based clinical decision rule for spinal pain part 2: review of the literature
A DIAGNOSTIC APPROACH TO CHEST DISEASES: Differential diagnoses based on roentgenographic patterns
A diagnostic dilemma: a case report
A diagnostic dilemma following risk-reducing surgery for BRCA1 mutation – a case report of primary papillary serous carcinoma presenting as sigmoid cancer
A diagnostic dilemma in breast pathology – benign fibroadenoma with multinucleated stromal giant cells
A Diagnostic Problem in Poliomyelitis
A diagnostic support tool for lumbar spinal stenosis: a self-administered, self-reported history questionnaire
A diary of James Macartney (1770-1843) with notes on his writings.
A dichotomy in the lipophilicity of natural estrogens, xenoestrogens, and phytoestrogens.
A dicistronic construct allows easy detection of human CFTR expression from YAC DNA in human cells.
A Dictionary of Bookplates of Irish Medical Doctors
A Dictionary of Epidemiology
A Dictionary of Genetics
A Dictyostelium discoideum cDNA coding for a protein with homology to the rat ribosomal protein L7.
A Diet High in Saturated Fat and Sucrose Alters Glucoregulation and Induces Aortic Fatty Streaks in New Zealand White Rabbits
A diet rich in fish. High-end consumers face more mercury risks.
A Dietary Supplement Containing Standardized Phaseolus vulgaris Extract Influences Body Composition of Overweight Men and Women
A difference in the importance of bulged nucleotides and their parent base pairs in the binding of transcription factor IIIA to Xenopus 5S RNA and 5S RNA genes.
A Different Kind of Country
A Different Method of Hepaticojejunostomy for Proximal Biliary Injuries
A Different Pontic Design for Fiber-Reinforced Composite Bridgeworks: A Clinical Report
A Differential Amplifier for Resting and Action Potentials of Biological Systems *
A differential response of wild type and mutant promoters to TFIIIB70 overexpression in vivo and in vitro.
A differentially expressed murine RNA encoding a protein with similarities to two types of nucleic acid binding motifs.
A difficult metamorphosis: the incorporation of the Ross Institute & Hospital for Tropical Diseases into the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
A Digital Atlas to Characterize the Mouse Brain Transcriptome
A Digital Smoking Cessation Program Delivered Through Internet and Cell Phone Without Nicotine Replacement (Happy Ending): Randomized Controlled Trial
A Dilatable Bronchial Cannula
A dimer of the lymphoid protein RAG1 recognizes the recombination signal sequence and the complex stably incorporates the high mobility group protein HMG2.
A Dimer of the Toll-Like Receptor 4 Cytoplasmic Domain Provides a Specific Scaffold for the Recruitment of Signalling Adaptor Proteins
A diminutive and specific RNA binding site for L-tryptophan
A Dinucleotide Deletion in CD24 Confers Protection against Autoimmune Diseases
A dinucleotide repeat for the D1S53 locus
A dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at the D1S116 locus
A dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at the D9S109 locus
A dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at the D9S127 locus
A dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at the DMD locus
A dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at the HOX2B locus
A dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at the Kallmann locus (Xp22.3)
A dinucleotide repeat polymorphism in the human Na + ,K + ATPase, alpha subunit (ATP1A3) gene
A direct comparison of protein interaction confidence assignment schemes
A direct method to visualise the aryl acylamidase activity on cholinesterases in polyacrylamide gels
A direct repeat of E-box-like elements is required for cell-autonomous circadian rhythm of clock genes
A direct-repeat sequence of the human BiP gene is required for A23187-mediated inducibility and an inducible nuclear factor binding.
A direct selection strategy for shotgun cloning and sequencing in the bacteriophage M13.
A directed DNA sequencing strategy based upon Tn3 transposon mutagenesis: application to the ADE1 locus on Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome I.
A directional nucleation-zipping mechanism for triple helix formation
A Disaster Medical Assistance Team Operates a Hurricane Evacuation Shelter With U.S. Public Health Service Support
A Disciple of Hugh Quoil Tarries Briefly in New Haven
A Discontinuous RNA Platform Mediates RNA Virus Replication: Building an Integrated Model for RNA–based Regulation of Viral Processes
A Discourse of the Heart by James de Back.
A discrepancy of Chlamydia trachomatis incidence and prevalence trends in Finland 1983–2003
A Discrete Class of Intergenic DNA Dictates Meiotic DNA Break Hotspots in Fission Yeast
A discrete Single Delay Model for the Intra-Venous Glucose Tolerance Test
A discriminative method for protein remote homology detection and fold recognition combining Top- n -grams and latent semantic analysis
A discussion of Ambystoma kidney tubule ion channels, transporters, and pH regulation.
A disease epidemic on Zizyphus mucronata in the Kruger National Park caused by Coniodictyum chevalieri
A disease-specific measure of health-related quality of life for use in adults with immune thrombocytopenic purpura: Its development and validation
A disheartening story: Aprotinin in cardiac surgery
A Dissection and Tissue Culture Manual of the Nervous System
A Disservice to the Environment?
A distal dimerization domain is essential for DNA-binding by the atypical HNF1 homeodomain.
A distal region of the human TGM1 promoter is required for expression in transgenic mice and cultured keratinocytes
A distance difference matrix approach to identifying transcription factors that regulate differential gene expression
A distinct class of homeodomain proteins is encoded by two sequentially expressed Drosophila genes from the 93D/E cluster.
A distinct cohort of the TGFβ superfamily members expressed in human endometrium regulate decidualization
A distinct epigenetic signature at targets of a leukemia protein
A distinct octamer-binding protein present in malignant melanoma cells.
A Distinct Translation Initiation Mechanism Generates Cryptic Peptides for Immune Surveillance
A distinguished career in the service of cancer prevention.
A Distributed Chemosensory Circuit for Oxygen Preference in C. elegans
A divergent asymmetric approach to aza-spiropyran derivative and (1 S ,8a R )-1-hydroxyindolizidine
A divergent role for estrogen receptor-beta in node-positive and node-negative breast cancer classified according to molecular subtypes: an observational prospective study
A Diverse Group of Previously Unrecognized Human Rhinoviruses Are Common Causes of Respiratory Illnesses in Infants
A diversity of uncharacterized reverse transcriptases in bacteria
A DNA analysis program designed for computer novices working in an industrial-research environment.
A DNA and morphology based phylogenetic framework of the ant genus Lasius with hypotheses for the evolution of social parasitism and fungiculture
A DNA-binding activity in BPV initiator protein E1 required for melting duplex ori DNA but not processive helicase activity initiated on partially single-stranded DNA
A DNA binding domain is contained in the C-terminus of wild type p53 protein.
A DNA-binding domain of human transcription factor IIIC2.
A DNA binding factor (UBF) interacts with a positive regulatory element in the promoters of genes expressed during meiosis and vegetative growth in yeast.
A DNA-Binding Protein Helps Repair Breaks in DNA Double Helix
A DNA binding protein showing sequence specificity for a region containing the replication origin of Xenopus laevis mitochondrial DNA.
A DNA biochip for on-the-spot multiplexed pathogen identification
A DNA cycle sequencing reaction that minimizes compressions on automated fluorescent sequencers.
A DNA element recognised by the molybdenum-responsive transcription factor ModE is conserved in Proteobacteria, green sulphur bacteria and Archaea
A DNA fragment from the human X chromosome short arm which detects a partially homologous sequence on the Y chromosomes long arm.
A DNA glycosylase from Escherichia coli that releases free urea from a polydeoxyribonucleotide containing fragments of base residues.
A DNA helicase from human cells.
A DNA helicase induced by herpes simplex virus type 1.
A DNA helicase purified by replication protein A (RPA) affinity chromatography from mouse FM3A cells.
A DNA microarray survey of gene expression in normal human tissues
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