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An Improved Mechanical Hand
An improved method for constructing and selectively silanizing double-barreled, neutral liquid-carrier, ion-selective microelectrodes
An improved method for detecting and delineating genomic regions with altered gene expression in cancer
An improved method for directly sequencing PCR amplified material using dimethyl sulphoxide.
An improved method for generating subtracted cDNA libraries using phage lambda vectors.
An improved method for identifying functionally linked proteins using phylogenetic profiles
An improved method for labelling of DNA probes by nicktranslation.
An improved method for mapping recombinant lambda phage clones.
An improved method for partial restriction digestion of ultraviolet irradiated DNA.
An improved method for photofootprinting yeast genes in vivo using Taq polymerase.
An improved method for photographing restriction endonuclease gel electrophoresis patterns of bacterial genomes.
An improved method for preparing Agrobacterium cells that simplifies the Arabidopsis transformation protocol
An improved method for rapid generation of unmarked Pseudomonas aeruginosa deletion mutants
An improved method for recovering intact pulsed field gel purified DNA, of at least 1.6 megabases.
An improved method for routine preparation of intact artificial chromosome DNA (340-1000 kb) for transfection into human cells.
An improved method for sequencing double stranded plasmid DNA from minipreps using DMSO and modified template preparation.
An improved method for sequencing of RNA templates.
An improved method for the construction of high efficiency cDNA library in plasmid or lambda vector.
An improved method for the in vitro evolution of aptamers and applications in protein detection and purification
An improved method for the isolation of chromosomal DNA from various bacteria and cyanobacteria.
An improved method for the isolation of high yields of bacteriophage lambda DNA.
An improved method for the preparation of M13 plaques for amplification by the polymerase chain reaction.
An improved method for the purification of high molecular weight bacterial chromosomal DNA.
An improved method for the purification of tRNA by chromatography on dihydroxyboryl substituted cellulose.
An improved method for the screening of YAC libraries.
An improved method for the separation and quantitation of the modified nucleosides of transfer RNA.
An improved method for the small scale preparation of bacteriophage DNA based on phage precipitation by zinc chloride.
An improved method of competitive PCR for quantitation of gene copy number.
An improved method to identify BAC clones using pooled overgos
An improved microtiter assay for evaluating anti-HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies from sera or plasma
An improved PCR method for walking in uncloned genomic DNA.
An improved PCR-mutagenesis strategy for two-site mutagenesis or sequence swapping between related genes.
An improved physico-chemical model of hybridization on high-density oligonucleotide microarrays
An improved positive selection plasmid vector constructed by oligonucleotide mediated mutagenesis.
An improved probability mapping approach to assess genome mosaicism
An improved procedure for derivatization of controlled-pore glass beads for solid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis.
An improved procedure for gene selection from microarray experiments using false discovery rate criterion
An improved procedure for utilizing terminal transferase to add homopolymers to the 3' termini of DNA.
An Improved Prosthesis for a Syme Amputation
An improved protocol for genomic sequencing and footprinting by ligation-mediated PCR.
An improved rapid enzymatic method of RNA sequencing using chemical modification.
An improved relaxed complex scheme for receptor flexibility in computer-aided drug design
An improved retroviral vector for gene transfer into undifferentiated cells.
An Improved RSP Method to Detect Hpa I Polymorphism in the Apolipoprotein C-1 Gene Promoter
An improved separation procedure for nucleoside monophosphates on polyethyleneimine-(PEI-)cellulose thin layers.
An improved sequencing method using Sequenase that is independent of template concentration.
An improved single-cell cDNA amplification method for efficient high-density oligonucleotide microarray analysis
An improved strategy for rapid direct sequencing of both strands of long DNA molecules cloned in a plasmid.
An improved string composition method for sequence comparison
An improved synthesis of 1,3,5-triaryl-2-pyrazolines in acetic acid aqueous solution under ultrasound irradiation
An improved synthesis of oligodeoxynucleotide N3'-->P5' phosphoramidates and their chimera using hindered phosphoramidite monomers and a novel handle for reverse phase purification.
An improved synthetic route to the beta-hydroxyethyl esters of 5'-nucleotides.
An improved system for estradiol-dependent regulation of gene expression in yeast
An improved thermal cycle for two-step PCR-based targeted mutagenesis.
An improved version of the DNA methylation database (MethDB)
An improvement in thymine specific chemical DNA sequencing.
An in-depth study of patent medicine sellers' perspectives on malaria in a rural Nigerian community
An in silico analysis of T-box regulated genes and T-box evolution in prokaryotes, with emphasis on prediction of substrate specificity of transporters
An in silico approach to map the binding site of doxorubicin on hemoglobin
An in silico method for detecting overlapping functional modules from composite biological networks
An in silico model of the ubiquitin-proteasome system that incorporates normal homeostasis and age-related decline
An In Vitro Assay for Trypanocidal Activity *
An in vitro assay of collagen fiber alignment by acupuncture needle rotation
An in vitro assay to study the recruitment and substrate specificity of chromatin modifying enzymes
An in vitro complementation assay for the Escherichia coli uvrD gene product.
An in vitro evaluation of standard rotational thromboelastography in monitoring of effects of recombinant factor VIIa on coagulopathy induced by hydroxy ethyl starch
An in vitro interaction between the human U3 snRNP and 28S rRNA sequences near the alpha-sarcin site.
An in vitro method to select malignant cells from surgical biopsies of breast cancer patients
An in vitro method to study the effects of hematopoietic regulators during immune and blood cell development
An In Vitro Model for Lewy Body-Like Hyaline Inclusion/Astrocytic Hyaline Inclusion: Induction by ER Stress with an ALS-Linked SOD1 Mutation
An in vitro RNA polymerase III system from S. cerevisiae: effects of deletions and point mutations upon SUP4 gene transcription.
An in vitro screening technique for DNA polymerases that can incorporate modified nucleotides. Pseudo-thymidine as a substrate for thermostable polymerases.
An in vitro selection scheme for oligonucleotide probes to discriminate between closely related DNA sequences
An in vitro strategy for the selective isolation of anomalous DNA from prokaryotic genomes
An in vitro system for accurate transcription initiation of chloroplast protein genes.
An in vitro transcription vector which generates nearly correctly ended RNAs by self-cleavage of longer transcripts.
An in vivo analysis of the localisation and interactions of human p66 DNA polymerase δ subunit
An in vivo Method for Determination of Endosomal Distribution of Both Ligand and Asialoglycoprotein Receptor in Rat Liver
An In vivo Model for Short-Term Evaluation of the Implantation Effects of Biomolecules or Stem Cells in the Dental Pulp
An in vivo reporter of BMP signaling in organogenesis reveals targets in the developing kidney
An in vivo selection system for homing endonuclease activity
An inactivated nuclease-like domain in RecC with novel function: implications for evolution
An inbred 129SvEv GFPCre transgenic mouse that deletes loxP -flanked genes in all tissues
An Incentive Solution to the Peer Review Problem
An inclusive approach to raising standards in general practice: working with a 'community of practice' in Western Australia
An increase in dietary n-3 fatty acids decreases a marker of bone resorption in humans
An Increase in Mitochondrial DNA Promotes Nuclear DNA Replication in Yeast
An increase in nitric oxide produced by rat peritoneal neutrophils is not involved in cell apoptosis
An increase of cereal intake as an approach to weight reduction in children is effective only when accompanied by nutrition education: a randomized controlled trial
An Increased Risk of Osteoporosis during Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
An increasing number of qualitative research papers in oncology and palliative care: does it mean a thorough development of the methodology of research?
An incremental approach to automated protein localisation
An index for cancer clustering.
An indicator of cancer: downregulation of Monoamine Oxidase-A in multiple organs and species
An Indicator of the Impact of Climatic Change on European Bird Populations
An Indirect ELISA for Detection of Encephalitozoon cuniculi Infection in Farmed Blue Foxes (Alopex lagopus)
An indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for rapid and quantitative assessment of Type III virulence phenotypes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates
An indirect negative autoregulatory mechanism involved in hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 gene expression.
An individual-based network model to evaluate interventions for controlling pneumococcal transmission
An Inducible and Reversible Mouse Genetic Rescue System
An inducible system for expression and validation of the specificity of short hairpin RNA in mammalian cells
An industrial approach to evaluation of pyrolysis and combustion hazards.
An Industrial Dental-Erosion by Chromic Acid: A Case Report
An industrial engineering approach to laboratory automation for high throughput screening
An inexpensive and rapid diagnostic method of Koi Herpesvirus (KHV) infection by loop-mediated isothermal amplification
An inexpensive and simple method for DNA purifications on silica particles.
An inexpensive fast memory module for rapid acquisition of digital data
An inexpensive semi-automated sequence reader for the Apple II computer.
An infant with asymptomatic hepatic granuloma probably caused by bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination found incidentally at autopsy: a case report
An Infinitely Expandable Cloning Strategy plus Repeat-Proof PCR for Working with Multiple shRNA
An inflamed necrotic appendix epiploicum with immediate contact to a non-inflamed appendix vermiformis: a case report
An Inflammatory Cascade Leading to Hyperresistinemia in Humans
An informal school-based peer-led intervention for smoking prevention in adolescence (ASSIST): a cluster randomised trial
An informatic pipeline for the data capture and submission of quantitative proteomic data using iTRAQ TM
An informatics model for tissue banks – Lessons learned from the Cooperative Prostate Cancer Tissue Resource
An informatics search for the low-molecular weight chromium-binding peptide
An information integration theory of consciousness
An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Genetics, Gender and Age in Cancer Patients
An Information Theoretic Characterisation of Auditory Encoding
An Information-Theoretic Characterization of the Optimal Gradient Sensing Response of Cells
An Information Theoretical Approach to Task-Switching: Evidence from Cognitive Brain Potentials in Humans
An information value based analysis of physical and climatic factors affecting dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever incidence
An Infrastructure for Integrated Electronic Health Record Services: The Role of XML (Extensible Markup Language)
An inguinal hernia sac tumor of extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma origin
An inhibitor of DNA polymerases alpha and delta in calf thymus DNA.
An Inhibitory Antibody Blocks Interactions between Components of the Malarial Invasion Machinery
An Inhibitory Sex Pheromone Tastes Bitter for Drosophila Males
An initial application of computerized adaptive testing (CAT) for measuring disability in patients with low back pain
An initial biochemical and cell biological characterization of the mammalian homologue of a central plant developmental switch, COP1
An innovative approach to developing the reflective skills of medical students
An Innovative Approach to Enhancing the Surveillance Capacity of State-based Diabetes Prevention and Control Programs: The Diabetes Indicators and Data Sources Internet Tool (DIDIT)
An Innovative Approach to Functionality Testing of Analysers in the Clinical Laboratory
An innovative method to evaluate the suture compliance in sealing the surgical wound lips
An Innovative Option for Venous Reconstruction After Pancreaticoduodenectomy: the Left Renal Vein
An innovative telemedicine knowledge translation program to improve quality of care in intensive care units: protocol for a cluster randomized pragmatic trial
An inquiry into good hospital governance: A New Zealand-Czech comparison
An inquiry into the role of cardiac filling pressure in acclimatization to heat.
An Insecure Role for Securin in Chromosome Segregation
An insertion deletion polymorphism associated with C-FES
An insertion polymorphism identified by the probe pE0.8 (D19S115) at 19q13.3
An insight into cyanobacterial genomics - a perspective
An insight into immunogenic salivary proteins of Anopheles gambiae in African children
An insight into the active site of a type I DNA topoisomerase from the kinetoplastid protozoan Leishmania donovani
An insight into the phylogenetic history of HOX linked gene families in vertebrates
An Insight into the Relationships between Hepcidin, Anemia, Infections and Inflammatory Cytokines in Pediatric Refugees: A Cross-Sectional Study
An insight into the sialome of the oriental rat flea, Xenopsylla cheopis (Rots)
An inspection of the domain between putative TATA box and translation start site in 79 plant genes.
An Inspector Calls: Perspectives on the History of Occupational Diseases and Accident Compensation in the United Kingdom
An Instance of a Postesophageal Left Subclavian Artery, an Ununited Right Oviduct, and the Absence of the Right Kidney in the Same Individual
An instrument for measuring health-related quality of life in patients with Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT): development and validation of Deep Venous Thrombosis Quality of Life (DVTQOL) questionnaire
An instrument to measure job satisfaction of nursing home administrators
An instrumented cylinder measuring pinch force and orientation
An insulator blocks spreading of histone acetylation and interferes with RNA polymerase II transfer between an enhancer and gene
An insulinoma nuclear factor binding to GGGCCC motifs in human insulin gene.
An intact ribose moiety at A2602 of 23S rRNA is key to trigger peptidyl-tRNA hydrolysis during translation termination
An integrated 4249 marker FISH/RH map of the canine genome
An integrated analysis of genes and pathways exhibiting metabolic differences between estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells
An Integrated Approach for the Analysis of Biological Pathways using Mixed Models
An integrated approach of immunogenomics and bioinformatics to identify new Tumor Associated Antigens (TAA) for mammary cancer immunological prevention
An integrated approach to determine left atrial volume, mass and function in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by two-dimensional echocardiography
An integrated approach to diagnosis and management of severe haemoptysis in patients admitted to the intensive care unit: a case series from a referral centre
An integrated approach to prognosis using protein microarrays and nonparametric methods
An Integrated Approach to the Prediction of Chemotherapeutic Response in Patients with Breast Cancer
An integrated approach to the prediction of domain-domain interactions
An integrated assessment framework for climate change and infectious diseases.
An integrated cell-free metabolic platform for protein production and synthetic biology
An integrated computational pipeline and database to support whole-genome sequence annotation
An integrated database of genes responsive to the Myc oncogenic transcription factor: identification of direct genomic targets
An integrated database-pipeline system for studying single nucleotide polymorphisms and diseases
An Integrated Epigenetic and Genetic Analysis of DNA Methyltransferase Genes ( DNMT s) in Tumor Resistant and Susceptible Chicken Lines
An integrated gene annotation and transcriptional profiling approach towards the full gene content of the Drosophila genome
An Integrated Gene Regulatory Network Controls Stem Cell Proliferation in Teeth
An integrated genetic and physical map of homoeologous chromosomes 12 and 26 in Upland cotton ( G. hirsutum L.)
An integrated genetic, genomic and systems approach defines gene networks regulated by the interaction of light and carbon signaling pathways in Arabidopsis
An integrated genome-wide association analysis on rheumatoid arthritis data
An Integrated Korean Biodiversity and Genetic Information Retrieval System
An integrated method for cancer classification and rule extraction from microarray data
An integrated model of care to counter high incidence of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in men who have sex with men – initial analysis of service utilizers in Zurich
An Integrated Pipeline of Open Source Software Adapted for Multi-CPU Architectures: Use in the Large-Scale Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
An integrated psychological strategy for advanced colorectal cancer patients
An Integrated Sequence-Structure Database incorporating matching mRNA sequence, amino acid sequence and protein three-dimensional structure data.
An integrated software system for microcomputer management of recombinant DNA data.
An Integrated Strategy for Analyzing the Unique Developmental Programs of Different Myoblast Subtypes
An integrated strategy of knowledge application for optimal e-health implementation: A multi-method study protocol
An Integrated Support and Information Centre in a Large U.K. Cancer Centre Established in 1993 and Replicated in More Than 60 Units Across the United Kingdom and Australia
An integrated system for genetic analysis
An integrated systems approach for understanding cellular responses to gamma radiation
An integrated telemedicine platform for the assessment of affective physiological states
An integrated workflow for charting the human interaction proteome: insights into the PP2A system
An Integrative Analysis of microRNA and mRNA Expression—A Case Study
An integrative approach to characterize disease-specific pathways and their coordination: a case study in cancer
An integrative expression vector for Actinosynnema pretiosum
An Integrative Genomic and Epigenomic Approach for the Study of Transcriptional Regulation
An integrative genomic approach reveals coordinated expression of intronic miR-335, miR-342, and miR-561 with deregulated host genes in multiple myeloma
An Integrative Genomic Approach to Uncover Molecular Mechanisms of Prokaryotic Traits
An integrative in silico approach for discovering candidates for drug-targetable protein-protein interactions in interactome data
An Integrative Method for Accurate Comparative Genome Mapping
An integrative model for recurrence in ovarian cancer
An Integrin-Dependent Role of Pouch Endoderm in Hyoid Cartilage Development
An intensivist-led tracheostomy review team is associated with shorter decannulation time and length of stay: a prospective cohort study
An inter-country comparison of unofficial payments: results of a health sector social audit in the Baltic States
An inter-platform repeatability study investigating real-time amplification of plasmid DNA
An interaction between the interleukin-6 -174G>C gene variant and urinary protein excretion influences plasma oxidative stress in subjects with type 2 diabetes
An interaction between the Tfb1 and Ssl1 subunits of yeast TFIIH correlates with DNA repair activity.
An interactional network of genes involved in chitin synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
An interactive course to enhance self-efficacy of family practitioners to treat obesity
An interactive graphics program for comparing and aligning nucleic acid and amino acid sequences.
An interactive model for the assessment of the economic costs and benefits of different rapid diagnostic tests for malaria
An interactive technique for the display of nucleic acid secondary structure.
An interactive tool for visualization of relationships between gene expression profiles
An interactive visualization tool to explore the biophysical properties of amino acids and their contribution to substitution matrices
An interactive workshop plus locally adapted guidelines can improve General Practitioners asthma management and knowledge: A cluster randomised trial in the Australian setting
An interdisciplinary clinical practice model for the management of low-back pain in primary care: the CLIP project
An interdisciplinary guideline development process: the Clinic on Low-back pain in Interdisciplinary Practice (CLIP) low-back pain guidelines
An interlaboratory comparison of ITS2-PCR for the identification of yeasts, using the ABI Prism 310 and CEQ8000 capillary electrophoresis systems
An intermediate in the phage lambda site-specific recombination reaction is revealed by phosphorothioate substitution in DNA.
An internal ribosome entry site element directs the synthesis of the 80 kDa isoforms of protein 4.1R
An international comparative study of blood pressure in populations of European vs. African descent
An international initiative to identify genetic modifiers of cancer risk in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers: the Consortium of Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1 and BRCA2 (CIMBA)
An international language for patient safety
An international parentage and identification panel for the domestic cat ( Felis catus )
An international review of tobacco smoking in the medical profession: 1974–2004
An international sepsis survey: a study of doctors' knowledge and perception about sepsis
An international showcase of bioinformatics research
An international survey of patients with thalassemia major and their views about sustaining life-long desferrioxamine use
An international symposium to debate current issues in thermal physiology. Part One. New Haven, Connecticut. June 23-27, 1985.
An Internet-Based Cancer Clinical Trials Matching Resource
An Internet-Based Patient-Provider Communication System: Randomized Controlled Trial
An internet survey of 2,596 people with fibromyalgia
An internist's role in perioperative medicine: a survey of surgeons' opinions
An Interpretation of the Functions of the Frontal Lobe
An intervening sequence (IVS) in the 16S rRNA gene of the eubacterium Helicobacter canis.
An intervention modelling experiment to change GPs' intentions to implement evidence-based practice: using theory-based interventions to promote GP management of upper respiratory tract infection without prescribing antibiotics #2
An intervention program to reduce the number of hospitalizations of elderly patients in a primary care clinic
An Intervention to Promote Healthy Weight: Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) Theory and Design
An Intervention to Reduce Residential Insecticide Exposure during Pregnancy among an Inner-City Cohort
An Intracellular Antioxidant Determines the Expression of a Melanin-Based Signal in a Bird
An intracellular motif of GLUT4 regulates fusion of GLUT4-containing vesicles
An intragenic distribution bias of DNA uptake sequences in Pasteurellaceae and Neisseriae
An intranasal selective antisense oligonucleotide impairs lung cyclooxygenase-2 production and improves inflammation, but worsens airway function, in house dust mite sensitive mice
An intrastrand three-DNA-base interaction is a key specificity determinant of F transfer initiation and of F TraI relaxase DNA recognition and cleavage
An Introduction To Animal Biology
An Introduction to Bacterial Physiology
An Introduction to Behavioral Endocrinology
An Introduction to Bioinformatics for Glycomics Research
An Introduction to Biology
An introduction to boron: history, sources, uses, and chemistry.
An Introduction to Comparative Biochemistry
An Introduction to Dermatology
An Introduction to Genetic Analysis. Third Edition
An Introduction to Genetic Engineering
An Introduction to Human Physiology
An Introduction to Human Physiology
An Introduction to Medical Genetics
An Introduction to Medical Statistics
An introduction to molecular replacement
An introduction to neurobehavioral toxicology.
An Introduction to Photobiology
An Introduction to Physical Diagnosis
An Introduction to Psychiatry
An Introduction to Radiation Counters and Detectors
An introduction to stereochemical restraints
An Introduction to the China Rice Functional Genomics Program
An Introduction to the History of General Surgery
An introduction to the history of medicine on the diamond fields of Kimberley, South Africa.
An introduction to the indirect exposure assessment approach: modeling human exposure using microenvironmental measurements and the recent National Human Activity Pattern Survey.
An Introduction to the Life and Work of John Hughlings Jackson
An introduction to the social history of nursing
An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine
An Introduction to the Study of the Nervous System
An Introduction to the Study on the Nervous System of Ateles *
An Introductory Guide to Biochemistry
An intron binding protein is required for transformation ability of p53.
An intron nucleotide sequence variant in a cloned beta +-thalassaemia globin gene.
An intronic (A/U)GGG repeat enhances the splicing of an alternative intron of the chicken beta-tropomyosin pre-mRNA.
An intronic alteration of the fibroblast growth factor 10 gene causing ALSG-(aplasia of lacrimal and salivary glands) syndrome
An intronic microRNA silences genes that are functionally antagonistic to its host gene
An Intronic Signal for Alternative Splicing in the Human Genome
An inventory of mucin genes in the chicken genome shows that the mucin domain of Muc13 is encoded by multiple exons and that ovomucin is part of a locus of related gel-forming mucins
An inventory of yeast proteins associated with nucleolar and ribosomal components
An invertebrate model of the developmental neurotoxicity of insecticides: effects of chlorpyrifos and dieldrin in sea urchin embryos and larvae.
An inverted sea urchin histone gene sequence with breakpoints between TATA boxes and mRNA cap sites.
An investigation by 1H NMR spectroscopy into the factors determining the beta:alpha ratio of the product in 2'-deoxynucleoside synthesis.
An investigation into how the European Working Time Directive has affected anaesthetic training
An investigation into the prevalence of dog bites to primary school children in Trinidad
An investigation into the psychometric properties of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in patients with breast cancer
An investigation into the validity of cervical spine motion palpation using subjects with congenital block vertebrae as a 'gold standard'
An Investigation of 2′-Deoxyribonucleoside Cyanoboranes in Mice for Therapeutic Safety
An investigation of factors associated with psychiatric hospital admission despite the presence of crisis resolution teams
An investigation of minimisation criteria
An investigation of polymorphisms in the 17q11.2-12 CC chemokine gene cluster for association with multiple sclerosis in Australians
An investigation of ribosomal protein L10 gene in autism spectrum disorders
An investigation of soy intake and mammographic characteristics in Hawaii
An Investigation of the Ability of the Glutaraldehyde Test to Distinguish between Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Disease in Horses
An Investigation of the Action of Manganese on the Uterus Pertinent to Its Use in Dysmenorrhea *
An investigation of the effects of lipid-lowering medications: genome-wide linkage analysis of lipids in the HyperGEN study
An investigation of the population impact of variation in HbA 1c levels in older people in England and Wales: From a population based multi-centre longitudinal study
An Investigation of the Results of Gastric Resection for Peptic Ulceration in One Hundred Consecutive Cases
An investigation of the smoking behaviours of parents before, during and after the birth of their children in Taiwan
An investigation of unexplained infant deaths in houses contaminated with methyl parathion.
An investigation of whether factors associated with short-term attrition change or persist over ten years: data from the Medical Research Council Cognitive Function and Ageing Study (MRC CFAS)
An invitation to recent graduates: publish your dissertation/thesis background section as a review in Virology Journal
An Invitation to the Medical Students of the World to Join The Global Coalition to Improve Care for Children and Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Across the World
An isoform of Arabidopsis myosin XI interacts with small GTPases in its C-terminal tail region
An isoform of ZBP-89 predisposes the colon to colitis
An isolated perfused rat lung preparation.
An Italian functional genomic resource for Medicago truncatula
An iterative block-shifting approach to retention time alignment that preserves the shape and area of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry peaks
An LRP5 Receptor with Internal Deletion in Hyperparathyroid Tumors with Implications for Deregulated WNT/β-Catenin Signaling
An Mbol polymorphism at codon 192 of the human tyrosinase gene is present in Asians and Afrocaribbeans
An MCASE approach to the search of a cure for Parkinson's Disease.
An MHC class Ib–restricted CD8 T cell response confers antiviral immunity
Anæmias of Pregnancy
An MPO cDNA clone identifies an RFLP with PstI.
An mRNA degrading complex in Rhodobacter capsulatus
An mRNA-protein Fusion at N-terminus for Evolutionary Protein Engineering
An mRNA sharing sequences with a variant granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor cDNA clone.
An Msp I polymorphism in the human acid sphingomyelinase gene (SMPD1)
An Msp I polymorphism in the von Willebrand Factor gene
An Msp I RFLP at the D17S258 locus
An Msp I RFLP at the D17S258 locus
An Msp I RFLP detected by the human glandular kallikrein gene (hGK) on chromosome 19q
An MspI and PstI RFLP detected by probe pFMS22–1.4 [D20S22]
An MspI polymorphism at the MX1 locus in 21q22.3
An MspI polymorphism for the dystrophin intragenic probe J-47.
An MspI polymorphism for the HOX2F gene
An MspI RFLP at D16S10.
An MspI RFLP detected by probe pFMS76 [D20S23] isolated from a flow-sorted chromosome 20-specific DNA library
An MspI RFLP in the APOB promoter.
An MspI RFLP in the human ADH5 gene
An Mspl polymorphism at the DXS11 locus
An NcoI RFLP associated with the gene encoding the alpha-3 chain of human type VI collagen (COL6A3).
An NF-κB and Slug Regulatory Loop Active in Early Vertebrate Mesoderm
An NF kappa B-like factor is essential but not sufficient for cytokine induction of endothelial leukocyte adhesion molecule 1 (ELAM-1) gene transcription.
An NF-Y-Dependent Switch of Positive and Negative Histone Methyl Marks on CCAAT Promoters
An NMR and molecular modelling analysis of d(CTACTGCTTTAG). d(CTAAAGCAGTAG) reveals that the particular behaviour of TpA steps is related to edge-to-edge contacts of their base-pairs in the major groove.
An NMR and mutational analysis of an RNA pseudoknot of Escherichia coli tmRNA involved in trans-translation.
An NMR and mutational study of the pseudoknot within the gene 32 mRNA of bacteriophage T2: insights into a family of structurally related RNA pseudoknots.
An NMR structural study of deaminated base pairs in DNA.
An NMR study of A-T base pair opening rates in oligonucleotides. Influence of sequence and of adenine methylation.
An NMR study of [d(CGCGAATTCGCG)]2 containing an interstrand cross-link derived from a distamycin-pyrrole conjugate.
An NMR study of the exchange rates for protons involved in the secondary and tertiary structure of yeast tRNA Phe.
An NMR study on the interaction of Escherichia coli DinI with RecA–ssDNA complexes
An object simulation model for modeling hypothetical disease epidemics – EpiFlex
An objective spinal motion imaging assessment (OSMIA): reliability, accuracy and exposure data
An obligate intermediate along the slow folding pathway of a group II intron ribozyme
An Obligatory Role of Mind Bomb-1 in Notch Signaling of Mammalian Development
An Obscure Case of Recurrent Ascites and Edema
An Observation Concerning the Mechanism of Renal Cyst Formation. *
An observational study in psychiatric acute patients admitted to General Hospital Psychiatric Wards in Italy
An observational study of the effectiveness of practice guideline implementation strategies examined according to physicians' cognitive styles
An observational study of the proceedings of the All India Ophthalmological Conference, 2000 and subsequent publication in indexed journals
An occupational health intervention programme for workers at high risk for sickness absence. Cost effectiveness analysis based on a randomised controlled trial
An occupational reproductive research agenda for the third millennium.
An occurrence of a noticeable alternating pyrimidine-purine run in the replication origins of tetracycline-resistance plasmids pNSI and pT181.
An Oct-1 binding site mediates activation of the gata2 promoter by BMP signaling
An octamer of histones H3 and H4 forms a compact complex with DNA of nucleosome size.
An oestrogen-dependent model of breast cancer created by transformation of normal human mammary epithelial cells
An Old Minute-Book
An oligodeoxynucleotide affinity column for the isolation of sequence specific DNA binding proteins.
An oligodeoxyribonucleotide N3'--> P5' phosphoramidate duplex forms an A-type helix in solution.
An oligodeoxyribonucleotide that supports catalytic activity in the hammerhead ribozyme domain.
An oligonucleotide microarray for microRNA expression analysis based on labeling RNA with quantum dot and nanogold probe
An oligopurine sequence bias occurs in eukaryotic viruses.
An oligoribonucleotide polymerase from SV40-infected cells with properties of a primase.
An on-chip thin film photodetector for the quantification of DNA probes and targets in microarrays
An on-line post-column detection system for the detection of reactive-oxygen-species-producing compounds and antioxidants in mixtures
An oncoplastic technique to reduce the formation of lateral 'dog-ears' after mastectomy
An online database for brain disease research
An online operational rainfall-monitoring resource for epidemic malaria early warning systems in Africa
An online survey of chiropractors' opinions of continuing education
An ontology for cell types
An ontology for immune epitopes: application to the design of a broad scope database of immune reactivities
An ontology for Xenopus anatomy and development
An Ontology of Quality Initiatives and a Model for Decentralized, Collaborative Quality Management on the (Semantic) World Wide Web
An oocyte-expressed alpha-tubulin gene in Xenopus laevis; sequences required for the initiation of transcription.
An Open Access Database of Genome-wide Association Results
An open access journal of molecular signaling: a critical need at a critical time
An open-access long oligonucleotide microarray resource for analysis of the human and mouse transcriptomes
An open democracy
An Open Forum for Computational Biology
An open label, dose response study to determine the effect of a dietary supplement on dihydrotestosterone, testosterone and estradiol levels in healthy males
An open label follow-up study on amisulpride in the add-on treatment of bipolar I patients
An open-label pilot study of the effectiveness of adalimumab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and previous infliximab treatment: relationship to reasons for failure and anti-infliximab antibody status
An Open Label, Randomised Trial of Artesunate+Amodiaquine, Artesunate+Chlorproguanil-Dapsone and Artemether-Lumefantrine for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Malaria
An open label study to determine the effects of an oral proteolytic enzyme system on whey protein concentrate metabolism in healthy males
An Open Randomized Comparison of Gatifloxacin versus Cefixime for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Enteric Fever
An open reading frame upstream from the nifH gene of Klebsiella pneumoniae.
An open-source framework for large-scale, flexible evaluation of biomedical text mining systems
An open source infrastructure for managing knowledge and finding potential collaborators in a domain-specific subset of PubMed, with an example from human genome epidemiology
An open-source representation for 2-DE-centric proteomics and support infrastructure for data storage and analysis
An open trial assessment of "The Number Race", an adaptive computer game for remediation of dyscalculia
An Operative Series of Lumbar Intervertebral Discs
An Operative Technic for the Ligation of the Blood Supply to the Brain in Dogs *
An operator associated with autoregulation of the repressor gene in actinophage phiC31 is found in highly conserved copies in intergenic regions in the phage genome.
An optimised recovery method for thermophilic Campylobacter from liver
An Optimized, Chemically Regulated Gene Expression System for Chlamydomonas
An Optimized Chloroplast DNA Extraction Protocol for Grasses (Poaceae) Proves Suitable for Whole Plastid Genome Sequencing and SNP Detection
An optimized grapevine RNA isolation procedure and statistical determination of reference genes for real-time RT-PCR during berry development
An optimized high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for benzoylmesaconine determination in Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata ( Fuzi , aconite roots) and its products
An optimized method for detecting gamma-H2AX in blood cells reveals a significant interindividual variation in the gamma-H2AX response among humans
An optimized procedure for the design and evaluation of Ecotilling assays
An optimized procedure greatly improves EST vector contamination removal
An optimized protocol for analysis of EST sequences
An Optimized Spline-Based Registration of a 3D CT to a Set of C-Arm Images
An optimized split-ubiquitin cDNA-library screening system to identify novel interactors of the human Frizzled 1 receptor
An Oral Recombinant Vaccine in Dogs against Echinococcus granulosus , the Causative Agent of Human Hydatid Disease: A Pilot Study
An ordered subset approach to including covariates in the transmission disequilibrium test
An organism-specific method to rank predicted coding regions in Trypanosoma brucei
An organizational framework and strategic implementation for system-level change to enhance research-based practice: QUERI Series
An origin of bidirectional DNA replication is located within a CpG island at the 3" end of the chicken lysozyme gene.
An original SERPINA3 gene cluster: Elucidation of genomic organization and gene expression in the Bos taurus 21q24 region
An orthogonal oligonucleotide protecting group strategy that enables assembly of repetitive or highly structured DNAs
An Oskar-Dependent Positive Feedback Loop Maintains the Polarity of the Drosophila Oocyte
An Otofuke-like virus associated with diarrhoea. Case report and electronmicroscopic study
An Ounce of Prevention from a Ton of Tomatoes
An ounce of prevention: Noninvasive ventilation to prevent postextubation respiratory failure
An outbreak of cardiovascular syndromes requiring urgent medical treatment and its association with environmental factors: an ecological study
An outbreak of post-acupuncture cutaneous infection due to Mycobacterium abscessus
An outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis phage type 34a infection associated with a Chinese restaurant in Suffolk, United Kingdom
An Outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg Infection in a General Medical Unit
An outbreak of salmonellosis amongst holidaymakers in Madeira, July 1988.
An Outbreak of Severe Infections with Community-Acquired MRSA Carrying the Panton-Valentine Leukocidin Following Vaccination
An outbreak of Streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus associated with consumption of fresh goat cheese
An Outcome-based Approach for the Creation of Fetal Growth Standards: Do Singletons and Twins Need Separate Standards?
An Outline of General Physiology
An Outline of the Cytology and Pathology of the Reticular Tissue
An outreach intervention to implement evidence based practice in residential care: a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN67855475]
An outwardly rectifying anionic background current in atrial myocytes from the human heart
An over-expression system for characterizing Ppt1 function in Drosophila
An overabundance of long oligopurine tracts occurs in the genome of simple and complex eukaryotes.
An overabundance of phase 0 introns immediately after the start codon in eukaryotic genes
An overlooked connection: serotonergic mediation of estrogen-related physiology and pathology
An Overview of Bee Venom Acupuncture in the Treatment of Arthritis
An overview of benzene metabolism.
An overview of current efforts in short-term carcinogen testing.
An overview of harms associated with β-lactam antimicrobials: where do the carbapenems fit in?
An overview of intracranial aneurysms
An overview of molecular epidemiology of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in India
An overview of peroxisome proliferator-induced hepatocarcinogenesis.
An overview of phthalate ester carcinogenicity testing results: the past.
An overview of prechronic and chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity experimental study designs and criteria used by the National Toxicology Program.
An overview of prognostic factors for long-term survivors of breast cancer
An overview of rodent toxicities: liver and kidney effects of fumonisins and Fusarium moniliforme.
An overview of species differences in the effects of a water extract of cotton bract on isolated airway smooth muscle, and effects of E. coli lipopolysaccharide.
An overview of techniques for the measurement of calcium distribution, calcium fluxes, and cytosolic free calcium in mammalian cells.
An overview of the basic helix-loop-helix proteins
An overview of the conference on low level lead toxicity.
An overview of the design and methods for retrieving high-quality studies for clinical care
An overview of the potassium channel family
An overview of the secondary structure of the V4 region of eukaryotic small-subunit ribosomal RNA.
An overview of the sensory receptors regulating cough
An overview of the serpin superfamily
An overview of the structures of protein-DNA complexes
An overview of tissue engineering approaches for management of spinal cord injuries
An Overview of Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulae and a Proposal of a New Code System for Expressing the Formula Titles
An overview on biodiversity information in databases
An oxidized nucleotide affects DNA replication through activation of protein kinases in Xenopus egg lysates
An R124C mutation in TGFBI caused lattice corneal dystrophy type I with a variable phenotype in three Chinese families
An RBP4 promoter polymorphism increases risk of type 2 diabetes
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