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Ampicillin/Sulbactam Vs. Cefoxitin for the Treatment of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Ampicillin Vs. Penicillin for In Utero Therapy
Amping up estrogen receptors in breast cancer
AMPK α 1 Activation Is Required for Stimulation of Glucose Uptake by Twitch Contraction, but Not by H 2 O 2 , in Mouse Skeletal Muscle
AMPK and SNF1: Snuffing Out Stress
Amplifiable DNA from Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria by a low strength pulsed electric field method
Amplification and assembly of chip-eluted DNA (AACED): a method for high-throughput gene synthesis
Amplification and Over-Expression of the MDM2 Gene in Human Soft Tissue Tumours
Amplification and overexpression of the ID4 gene at 6p22.3 in bladder cancer
Amplification biases: possible differences among deviating gene expressions
Amplification dynamics of human-specific (HS) Alu family members.
Amplification of a highly polymorphic VNTR segment by the polymerase chain reaction.
Amplification of acidic endothelial cell growth factor (ECGF) gene sequences in hamster DDT1-MF2 tumor cells.
Amplification of autoimmune disease by infection
Amplification of cDNA ends based on template-switching effect and step-out PCR.
Amplification of closed circular DNA in vitro.
Amplification of closed circular DNA in vitro.
Amplification of cox2 (∼620 bp) from 2 mg of Up to 129 Years Old Herbarium Specimens, Comparing 19 Extraction Methods and 15 Polymerases
Amplification of genomic sequences flanking transposable elements in host and heterologous plants: a tool for transposon tagging and genome characterization.
Amplification of HER2 is a marker for global genomic instability
Amplification of human minisatellites by the polymerase chain reaction: towards DNA fingerprinting of single cells.
Amplification of IgG VH and VL (Fab) from single human plasma cells and B cells
Amplification of multiple genomic loci from single cells isolated by laser micro-dissection of tissues
Amplification of neural stem cell proliferation by intermediate progenitor cells in Drosophila brain development
Amplification of plant U3 and U6 snRNA gene sequences using primers specific for an upstream promoter element and conserved intragenic regions.
Amplification of polyomavirus DNA sequences stably integrated in rat cells.
Amplification of protein expression in a cell free system.
Amplification of repeat-containing transcribed sequences (ARTS): a transcriptome fingerprinting strategy to detect functionally relevant microsatellite mutations in cancer
Amplification of ribonuclease II (rnb) activity in Escherichia coli K-12.
Amplification of single-strand DNA binding protein in Escherichia coli.
Amplification of the Gene Ontology annotation of Affymetrix probe sets
Amplification of the MYC Gene in Osteosarcoma Secondary to Paget's Disease of Bone
Amplification of the ribonucleotide reductase small subunit gene: analysis of novel joints and the mechanism of gene duplication in vaccinia virus.
Amplification of Trial-to-Trial Response Variability by Neurons in Visual Cortex
Amplified DNA in Y1 mouse adrenal tumor cells: isolation of cDNAs complementary to an amplified c-Ki-ras gene and localization of homologous sequences to mouse chromosome 6.
Amplified interactive toxicity of chemicals at nontoxic levels: mechanistic considerations and implications to public health.
Amplified inverted duplications within and adjacent to heterologous selectable DNA.
Amplified RNA degradation in T7-amplification methods results in biased microarray hybridizations
Amplifier spurious input current components in electrode-electrolyte interface impedance measurements
Amplitude-dependency of response of SI cortex to flutter stimulation
AMPT-induced monoamine depletion in humans: evaluation of two alternative [ 123 I]IBZM SPECT procedures
Ampullary adenocarcinoma – differentiation matters
Amygdala and fusiform gyrus temporal dynamics: Responses to negative facial expressions
Amygdala size in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis without dementia: an in vivo study using MRI volumetry
Amyloglucosidase enzymatic reactivity inside lipid vesicles
β-Amyloid 25-35 Peptide Reduces the Expression of Glutamine Transporter SAT1 in Cultured Cortical Neurons
Amyloid angiopathy of the floor of the mouth: a case report and review of the literature
Amyloid as a Depot for the Formulation of Long-Acting Drugs
Amyloid associated with elastin-staining laminar aggregates in the lungs of patients diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome
Amyloid-beta peptide degradation in cell cultures by mycoplasma contaminants
β-Amyloid Degradation and Alzheimer's Disease
Amyloid Deposition in Transplanted Human Pancreatic Islets: A Conceivable Cause of Their Long-Term Failure
Amyloid disease. An autopsy review of the decades 1937-46 and 1961-70.
Amyloid-like aggregates of neuronal tau induced by formaldehyde promote apoptosis of neuronal cells
Amyloid Oligomer Conformation in a Group of Natively Folded Proteins
Amyloid Peptide Toxicity in an Animal Model of Alzheimer Disease
Amyloid precursor protein modulates β-catenin degradation
β-Amyloid promotes accumulation of lipid peroxides by inhibiting CD36-mediated clearance of oxidized lipoproteins
Amyloidosis in familial Mediterranean fever patients: correlation with MEFV genotype and SAA1 and MICA polymorphisms effects
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: An Emerging Era of Collaborative Gene Discovery
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, lead, and genetic susceptibility: polymorphisms in the delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase and vitamin D receptor genes.
AMYPdb: A database dedicated to amyloid precursor proteins
An 18-Year-Old Patient with Type 1 Diabetes Undergoing Surgery
An 8-Fold Parallel Reactor System for Combinatorial Catalysis Research
An A 2A adenosine receptor agonist, ATL313, reduces inflammation and improves survival in murine sepsis models
An abasic site analogue activates a c-Ha-ras gene by a point mutation at modified and adjacent positions.
An abasic site analogue activates a c-Ha- ras gene by a point mutation at modified and adjacent positions
An abasic site in DNA. Solution conformation determined by proton NMR and molecular mechanics calculations.
An abbreviated history of the ear: from Renaissance to present.
An Abf1p C-terminal region lacking transcriptional activation potential stimulates a yeast origin of replication.
"An abortionist city": maternal mortality, abortion, and birth control in Sheffield, 1920-1940.
An ABRE-binding factor, OSBZ8, is highly expressed in salt tolerant cultivars than in salt sensitive cultivars of indica rice
An Abstract of Results of Laboratory Examinations of Patients with Yusho and of Animal Experiments
An Abundant Evolutionarily Conserved CSB-PiggyBac Fusion Protein Expressed in Cockayne Syndrome
An abundant family of methylated repetitive sequences dominates the genome of Physarum polycephalum.
An Ac/Ds -mediated gene trap system for functional genomics in barley
An Acanthamoeba sp. containing two phylogenetically different bacterial endosymbionts
An ACCC-containing protein-binding sequence in the neighbourhood of the decanucleotide recognition site of the immunoglobulin gene promoter.
An accelerated algorithm for calculating the secondary structure of single stranded RNAs.
An account of rural medical practice from the 18th century onwards in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire
An account of the American Epidemiological Society. A retrospect of some fifty years.
An account of the experiment of transfusion, practiced upon a man in London. 1667.
An account of the foxglove and its medical uses 1785–1985
An account of the plague which raged at Moscow 1771
An accurate and interpretable model for siRNA efficacy prediction
An Accurate Confirmation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) and 2 (HIV-2) Infections with a Dot blot assay Using Recombinant p24, gp41, gp120 and gp36 Antigens
An Accurate Definition of the Status of Inactive Hepatitis B Virus Carrier by a Combination of Biomarkers (FibroTest-ActiTest) and Viral Load
An accurate method for quantifying and analyzing copy number variation in porcine KIT by an oligonucleotide ligation assay
An acid-stable analogue of the 3-β-D-ribofuranoside of Y-base
An acoustic postconflict display in the duetting tropical boubou ( Laniarius aethiopicus ): a signal of victory?
An acquisition account of genomic islands based on genome signature comparisons
An Actin-Based Wave Generator Organizes Cell Motility
An action research protocol to strengthen system-wide inter-professional learning and practice [LP0775514]
An activator/repressor dual system allows tight tetracycline-regulated gene expression in budding yeast.
An active electrode for biopotential recording from small localized bio-sources
An active form of Vav1 induces migration of mammary epithelial cells by stimulating secretion of an epidermal growth factor receptor ligand
An active retrotransposon in Candida albicans
An activity gel assay for the detection of DNA helicases and nucleases from cell-free extracts.
An Acute Evolving Flaccid Quadriparesis in an Elderly Woman
An acutely ischaemic hand in a young adult due to subclavian artery aneurysm (SAA) caused by a cervical rib: A case report
An acyclic 5-nitroindazole nucleoside analogue as ambiguous nucleoside.
An adaptation of the LMS method to determine expression variations in profiling data
An adapted version of the long International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ-L): construct validity in a low-income, multiethnic population study from Oslo, Norway
An adaptive alpha spending algorithm improves the power of statistical inference in microarray data analysis
An adaptive bin framework search method for a beta-sheet protein homopolymer model
An adaptive method for cDNA microarray normalization
An adaptive, object oriented strategy for base calling in DNA sequence analysis.
An adaptive prediction and detection algorithm for multistream syndromic surveillance
An Adaptive Source-Channel Coding with Feedback for Progressive Transmission of Medical Images
An Adaptive System for Home Monitoring Using a Multiagent Classification of Patterns
An adaptogenic role for omega-3 fatty acids in stress; a randomised placebo controlled double blind intervention study (pilot) [ISRCTN22569553]
An additional editing site is present in apolipoprotein B mRNA.
An additional HindIII polymorphism at the coagulation factor XIIIA locus
An additional human chromosome 21 causes suppression of neural fate of pluripotent mouse embryonic stem cells in a teratoma model
An additional human serine tRNA gene.
An additional long-range interaction in human U1 snRNA.
An Additional Motor-Related Field in the Lateral Frontal Cortex of Squirrel Monkeys
An additional MspI RFLP at the human hepatic lipase (HL) gene locus
An additional muscle belly of the first lumbrical muscle
An additional NsiI RFLP at the X-linked chronic granulomatous disease (CYBB) locus
An additional promoter within the protein-coding region of the psbD-psbC gene cluster in tobacco chloroplast DNA.
An additional ribosome-binding site on mRNA of highly expressed genes and a bifunctional site on the colicin fragment of 16S rRNA from Escherichia coli: important determinants of the efficiency of translation-initiation.
An Address
An adenovirus agnogene.
An adenovirus E1A transcriptional repressor domain functions as an activator when tethered to a promoter.
An adenovirus prime/plasmid boost strategy for induction of equipotent immune responses to two dengue virus serotypes
An adherent cell perifusion technique to study the overall and sequential response of rat alveolar macrophages to toxic substances.
An administrative data merging solution for dealing with missing data in a clinical registry: adaptation from ICD-9 to ICD-10
An adolescent with both Wegener's Granulomatosis and chronic blastomycosis
An adult cystic fibrosis patient presenting with persistent dyspnea: case report
An Adult Thymic Stromal-Cell Suspension Model for in Vitro Positive Selection
An advanced expiratory circuit for the recovery of perfluorocarbon liquid from non-saturated perfluorocarbon vapour during partial liquid ventilation: an experimental model
An advanced sheep ( Ovis aries , 2 n = 54) cytogenetic map and assignment of 88 new autosomal loci by fluorescence in situ hybridization and R-banding
An affinity-based scoring scheme for predicting DNA-binding activities of modularly assembled zinc-finger proteins
An affinity matrix for the purification of poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase.
An affordable antimalarial.
An AFLP-based genetic linkage map of Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi
An African swine fever virus gene with a similarity to eukaryotic RNA polymerase subunit 6.
An African swine fever virus gene with homology to DNA ligases.
An African swine fever virus gene with similarity to bacterial DNA binding proteins, bacterial integration host factors, and the Bacillus phage SPO1 transcription factor, TF1.
An African trypanosome variant surface glycoprotein gene whose expression is not activated by duplication.
An Age-Old Problem
An age-specific kinetic model of lead metabolism in humans.
An AICD-based functional screen to identify APP metabolism regulators
An aid to interfacing analytical instrumentation to laboratory computer systems
An aide mémoire: working on acute medical assessment units
An Air that Kills: How the Asbestos Poisoning of Libby, Montana, Uncovered a National Scandal
An alfalfa cDNA encodes a protein with similarity to human snRNP-E.
An algorithm and program for finding sequence specific oligo-nucleotide probes for species identification
An algorithm for automatic evaluation of the spot quality in two-color DNA microarray experiments
An Algorithm for Finding Functional Modules and Protein Complexes in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
An Algorithm for Idle-State Detection in Motor-Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface
An algorithm for mapping positively selected members of quasispecies-type viruses
An algorithm for studying cooperative transitions in DNA.
An algorithm for tailoring pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation: results from a Delphi panel of international experts
An algorithm for the determination and quantification of components of nucleic acid mixtures based on single sequencing reactions
An algorithm for the display of nucleic acid secondary structure.
An All-Atom Model of the Chromatin Fiber Containing Linker Histones Reveals a Versatile Structure Tuned by the Nucleosomal Repeat Length
An all-consuming issue.
An all-round view of eukaryotic transcription
An allelic polymorphism of the angiotensinogen gene in mice.
An Allosteric Mechanism for Switching between Parallel Tracks in Mammalian Sulfur Metabolism
An allosteric synthetic DNA.
An allylic/acyclic adenosine nucleoside triphosphate for termination of DNA synthesis by DNA template-dependent polymerases.
An Alphabet of the Royal — 1960
An ALS-Linked Mutant SOD1 Produces a Locomotor Defect Associated with Aggregation and Synaptic Dysfunction When Expressed in Neurons of Caenorhabditis elegans
An alteration in concatameric structure is associated with efficient segregation of plasmids in transfected Plasmodium falciparum parasites
An altered DNA sequence encompassing the ras gene of Harvey murine sarcoma virus.
An altered DNA sequence encompassing the ras gene of Harvey murine sarcoma virus
An alternate form of Ku80 is required for DNA end-binding activity in mammalian mitochondria
An Alternative and Effective HIV Vaccination Approach Based on Inhibition of Antigen Presentation Attenuators in Dendritic Cells
An alternative approach for investigating the carcinogenicity of indoor air pollution: pets as sentinels of environmental cancer risk.
An alternative approach to 32P radiation protection: source shielding.
An Alternative Approach to Atopic Dermatitis: Part I—Case-Series Presentation
An Alternative Approach to Atopic Dermatitis: Part II—Summary of Cases and Discussion
An alternative approach to combination vaccines: intradermal administration of isolated components for control of anthrax, botulism, plague and staphylococcal toxic shock
An alternative flow cytometry strategy for peripheral blood dendritic cell enumeration in the setting of repetitive GM-CSF dosing
An alternative hot start technique for PCR in small volumes using beads of wax-embedded reaction components dried in trehalose.
An alternative method to amplify RNA without loss of signal conservation for expression analysis with a proteinase DNA microarray in the ArrayTube ® format
An alternative path: the making and remaking of Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital in Philadelphia
An alternative pathway of histone mRNA 3' end formation in mouse round spermatids.
An alternative PCR assay for quantifying mitochondrial DNA in crude preparations.
An alternative protein factor which binds the internal promoter of Xenopus 5S ribosomal RNA genes.
An alternative, rapid method of plant DNA extraction for PCR analyses.
An alternative splice variant of the tissue specific transcription factor HNF4alpha predominates in undifferentiated murine cell types.
An Alternative Technique in the Treatment of Celiac Axis Stenosis Diagnosed During Pancreaticoduodenectomy
An alternative to methyl bromide.
An Alternative to the Cosmic and Mechanic Metaphors for the Human Body? The House Illustration in Ma'aseh Tuviyah (1708)
An alternative to the hand searching gold standard: validating methodological search filters using relative recall
An alternatively spliced isoform of transcriptional repressor ATF3 and its induction by stress stimuli
An alternatively spliced Pit-1 isoform altered in its ability to trans-activate.
An Alu element retroposition in two families with Huntington disease defines a new active Alu subfamily.
An Alu polymorphism intragenic to the neurofibromatosis type 1 gene (NF1).
An Alu polymorphism intragenic to the TP53 gene
An AluI RFLP detected in the human prion protein (PrP) gene
An aluminium foreign body in the oesophagus.
An Ambystoma mexicanum EST sequencing project: analysis of 17,352 expressed sequence tags from embryonic and regenerating blastema cDNA libraries
An American contribution to neuroscience: the Brain Research Institute, UCLA, 1959—1984
An American obsession: science, medicine, and homosexuality in modern society
An American saga: the story of Helen Thomas and Simon Flexner
An American transplant. The Rockefeller Foundation and Peking Union Medical College
An amino acid at position 142 in nitrilase from Rhodococcus rhodochrous ATCC 33278 determines the substrate specificity for aliphatic and aromatic nitriles
An amino acid sequence motif linking viral DNA polymerases and plant virus proteins involved in RNA replication.
An aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase:elongation factor complex for substrate channeling in archaeal translation
An amphibian with ambition: a new role for Xenopus in the 21st century
An Amphioxus Gli Gene Reveals Conservation of Midline Patterning and the Evolution of Hedgehog Signalling Diversity in Chordates
An amphioxus LIM-homeobox gene, AmphiLim1/5 , expressed early in the invaginating organizer region and later in differentiating cells of the kidney and central nervous system
An amphioxus orthologue of the estrogen receptor that does not bind estradiol: Insights into estrogen receptor evolution
An amphiphilic region in the cytoplasmic domain of KdpD is recognized by the signal recognition particle and targeted to the Escherichia coli membrane
An analyser for the continuous determination of acrolein in the atmosphere
An analysis of 13 patients with perforated gastric carcinoma: A surgeon's nightmare?
An analysis of 5'-noncoding sequences from 699 vertebrate messenger RNAs.
An analysis of acetylcholinesterase sequence for predicting mechanisms of its non-catalytic actions
An analysis of clinical process measures for acute healthcare delivery in Appalachia: The Roane Medical Center experience
An analysis of correlations among four outcome scales employed in clinical trials of patients with major depressive disorder
An analysis of cosmid clones of nuclear DNA from Trypanosoma brucei shows that the genes for variant surface glycoproteins are clustered in the genome.
An analysis of diagnostic reasoning. 3. The construction of clinical algorithms.
An analysis of diagnostic reasoning. I. The domains and disorders of clinical macrobiology.
An analysis of diagnostic reasoning. II. The strategy of intermediate decisions.
An analysis of differential display shows a strong bias towards high copy number mRNAs.
An Analysis of Enzyme Kinetics Data for Mitochondrial DNA Strand Termination by Nucleoside Reverse Transcription Inhibitors
An analysis of expressed sequence tags of developing castor endosperm using a full-length cDNA library
An analysis of expression patterns of genes encoding proteins with catalytic activities
An analysis of extensible modelling for functional genomics data
An analysis of factors that influence personal exposure to toluene and xylene in residents of Athens, Greece
An analysis of genes regulated by the multi-functional transcriptional regulator Yin Yang-1.
An Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Inbreeding in Wuchereria bancrofti : Implications for the Spread and Detection of Drug Resistance
An analysis of hospital preparedness capacity for public health emergency in four regions of China: Beijing, Shandong, Guangxi, and Hainan
An Analysis of Human MicroRNA and Disease Associations
An analysis of identical single-nucleotide polymorphisms genotyped by two different platforms
An Analysis of Infectious Failures in Acute Cholangitis
An analysis of intra array repeats: the good, the bad and the non informative
An analysis of lecture video utilization in undergraduate medical education: associations with performance in the courses
An analysis of mobile genetic elements in three Plasmodium species and their potential impact on the nucleotide composition of the P. falciparum genome
An Analysis of News Media Coverage of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
An analysis of patient house calls in the area of Attica, Greece
An Analysis of Risk Factors for Developing Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Group of Hepatitis C Patients with Stage 3 Fibrosis following Interferon Therapy
An analysis of sequences stimulating frameshifting in the decoding of gene 10 of bacteriophage T7.
An analysis of sickness absence in chronically ill patients receiving Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A longterm prospective intermittent study
An Analysis of the Abstracts Presented at the Annual Meetings of the Society for Neuroscience from 2001 to 2006
An analysis of the accessibility of video lottery terminals: the case of Montréal
An Analysis of the Activating System Including Its use for Screening Antiparkinson Drugs ‡
An analysis of the admissions to the coronary care unit at Lagan Valley Hospital.
An analysis of the dependence of saccadic latency on target position and target characteristics in human subjects
An analysis of the epitope knowledge related to Mycobacteria
An analysis of the feasibility of short read sequencing
An analysis of the positional distribution of DNA motifs in promoter regions and its biological relevance
An analysis of the rate of metallothionein mRNA poly(A)-shortening using RNA blot hybridization.
An analysis of the Sargasso Sea resource and the consequences for database composition
An analysis of the sequence of an infectious clone of rice tungro bacilliform virus, a plant pararetrovirus.
An analysis of the sequence requirements of EDEN-BP for specific RNA binding
An analysis of the subtypes of dengue fever infections in Barbados 2003–2007 by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
An analysis of the temperature dependence of force, during steady shortening at different velocities, in (mammalian) fast muscle fibres
An analysis of the use of genomic DNA as a universal reference in two channel DNA microarrays
An analytic and systematic framework for estimating metabolic flux ratios from 13 C tracer experiments
An analytical method for detecting TCDD (dioxin): levels of TCDD in samples from Vietnam.
An analytical study of the dimerization of in vitro generated RNA of Moloney murine leukemia virus MoMuLV.
An anatomical disputation concerning the movement of the heart and blood in living creatures
An Anatomical Study of the Human Spinal Column
An anatomy ontology to represent biological knowledge in Dictyostelium discoideum
An Ancient Duplication of Exon 5 in the Snap 25 Gene Is Required for Complex Neuronal Development/Function
An Ancient Evolutionary Origin of Genes Associated with Human Genetic Diseases
An Ancient Gene Network Is Co-opted for Teeth on Old and New Jaws
An ancient genome duplication contributed to the abundance of metabolic genes in the moss Physcomitrella patens
An ancient spliceosomal intron in the ribosomal protein L7a gene ( Rpl7a ) of Giardia lamblia
An Ancient Treatise on Embryology
An Anencephalic Embryo of 25 mm. C.R. Length
An Aneurysm of the Intracranial Carotid Artery Treated Surgically *
An animal model in sheep for biocompatibility testing of biomaterials in cancellous bones
An Animal Model of Emotional Blunting in Schizophrenia
An animated depiction of major depression epidemiology
An annotated bibliography of Islamic science
An annotated bibliography of the history of medicine and health in Australia
An annotated catalog of the Miner Yellow Fever Collection
An annotated catalogue of medical Americana in the Library of the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine. Books and printed documents 1557–1821 from Latin America and the Caribbean Islands and manuscripts from the Americas 1575–1927
An annotated catalogue of salivary gland transcripts in the adult female mosquito, Ædes ægypti *
An annotated cDNA library and microarray for large-scale gene-expression studies in the ant Solenopsis invicta
An annotated cDNA library of juvenile Euprymna scolopes with and without colonization by the symbiont Vibrio fischeri
An annotation infrastructure for the analysis and interpretation of Affymetrix exon array data
An Anomalous Infrahyoid Muscle
An Anomalous Single Azygos-Hemiazygos Vein Associated with Retro-Aortic Left Renal and Accessory Renal Veins *
An anonymous clone E9pl (D4S112) localised to 4q26-qter detects an Msp I RFLP.
An anonymous DNA probe E141 (D5S99) on chromosome 5 detects an EcoRI polymorphism
An anonymous DNA probe E20 [D4S143] on chromosome 4 detects a TaqI polymorphism
An anonymous DNA probe H31 (D11S348) on chromosome 11 detects a HindIII polymorphism
An anonymous DNA probe H35 (D9S41) on chromosome 9 detects a TaqI polymorphism
An anonymous DNA probe (H38) [D10S37] detects a Msp I polymorphism on chromosome 10.
An anonymous DNA probe (LAMP 92) detects a Pvu II polymorphism on human chromosome 9 [D9S29]
An anonymous DNA probe M7 (D7S422) on chromosome 7 associated with two RFLP's.
An anonymous DNA probe (NL32) recognises a MspI polymorphism on human chromosome 1 [D1S84].
An anonymous DNA segment (II227) maps to the long arm of human chromosome 5 and identifies a BstXI polymorphism (D5S26).
An anonymous DNA segment (pφ 11) located to chromosome 21 identifies a PvuII polymorphism (D21S74)
An anonymous DNA segment (pφ 82) located to chromosome 22 identifies polymorphisms with RsaI and MspI (D22S12)
An anonymous DNA segment (pφ 91) located to chromosome 18 identifies an MspI polymorphism (D18S9)
An anonymous DNA segment pTP5E (D5S70) maps to the long arm of chromosome 5 and identifies a Taq I polymorphism.
An anonymous genomic clone that detects a frequent RFLP adjacent to the D4S10 (G8) marker and Huntington's disease.
An anonymous genomic probe (p lambda KP20.1) detects a multi-allelic locus on chromosome 19 (D19S25).
An anonymous genomic probe (p lambda KP20.1) detects a multi-allelic locus on chromosome 19 (D19S25).
An anonymous human single copy genomic clone, D11S29 (L7) at 11q23, identifies a moderately frequent RFLP.
An anonymous human single copy genomic clone, D5S6 (M4) on chromosome 5 identifies a three allele RFLP.
An anonymous human single copy genomic clone (D8S5) (TL11) on chromosome 8 identifies a moderately frequent RFLP.
An anonymous marker [HGM provisional #D11S415] maps to human chromosome 11 near the catalase (CAT) gene
An anonymous single copy chromosome 18 probe associated with a frequent RFLP (D18S5).
An anonymous single copy chromosome 21 probe, DS21D2, associated with a frequent RFLP.
An anonymous single copy chromosome 22 clone, D22S10 (22c1-18) identifies an RFLP with PstI.
An anonymous single copy clone (p1,2-2) from a flow sorted human chromosomes 1 and 2 library (D1S33).
An anonymous single-copy clone, p30-1-60, identifies a frequent RFLP on chromosome 3p [HGM9 no. D3S86].
An anonymous single-copy clone, p55-B1, from chromosome 17 identifies a TaqI RFLP [HGM9 no. D17S86]
An anonymous single-copy clone, pC63, from chromosome 17q23-qter identifies a frequent RFLP [HGM9 No. D17S21].
An anonymous single copy genomic clone at 13q12-13q13 identifies three RFLPs [HGM8 assignment no. D13S11].
An anonymous single copy genomic clone (M8) (D2S13) on chromosome 2 identifies a moderately frequent RFLP.
An anonymous single copy genomic probe (D8S9) (CW1) detects RFLP on chromosome 8.
An anonymous single copy probe, D3S153, detects an SstI RFLP.
An anonymous single copy X-chromosome clone, DXS79, from Xq26-Xq28, identifies a moderately frequent RFLP [HGM8 provisional no. DXS79].
An anonymous single copy X-chromosome clone DXS91, from Xq11-q13, identifies a moderately frequent RFLP.
An anonymous single copy X-chromosome clone DXS92, from Xq26-27, identifies two frequent RFLPs.
An anonymous single copy X-chromosome clone DXS94 from Xq11-q21 identifies a common RFLP.
An anonymous single copy X-chromosome clone, pTAK8, identifies a frequent RFLP at Xp11-q12(HGM8 no. DXS146).
An anonymous single-copy X-chromosome RFLP for DXS72 from Xq13-Xq22 [HGM8 provisional no. DXS72].
An anonymous X-chromosomal clone identifying a frequent RFLP at Xp21-22 (HGM8 provisional no. DXS207).
An ant colony optimisation algorithm for the 2D and 3D hydrophobic polar protein folding problem
An ant colony optimization algorithm for phylogenetic estimation under the minimum evolution principle
An anthropological approach to the evaluation of preschool children exposed to pesticides in Mexico.
An anti-inflammatory role for tranexamic acid in cardiac surgery?
An anti-parallel triple helix motif with oligodeoxynucleotides containing 2'-deoxyguanosine and 7-deaza-2'-deoxyxanthosine.
An Antibacterial Effect of Saliva Demonstrated with use of Paper Electrophoresis ‡
An antibiotic-binding motif of an RNA fragment derived from the A-site-related region of Escherichia coli 16S rRNA.
An Antibiotic-Responsive Mouse Model of Fulminant Ulcerative Colitis
An antibody-based microarray assay for small RNA detection
An anticodon change switches the identity of E. coli tRNA(mMet) from methionine to threonine.
An anticodon nuclease gene inserted into a hsd region encoding a type I DNA restriction system.
An antigenic epitope of influenza virus nucleoprotein (NP) associated with polymeric forms of NP
An antiinflammatory role for IKKβ through the inhibition of “classical” macrophage activation
An antisense RNA controls synthesis of an SOS-induced toxin evolved from an antitoxin
An Antivector Vaccine Protects against a Lethal Vector-Borne Pathogen
An Antiviral Response Directed by PKR Phosphorylation of the RNA Helicase A
An AP Endonuclease 1–DNA Polymerase β Complex: Theoretical Prediction of Interacting Surfaces
An AP1 binding site upstream of the kappa immunoglobulin intron enhancer binds inducible factors and contributes to expression.
An Apa I polymorphism for the human inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain gene ITIH1 on chromosome 3.
An Apal RFLP for the human porphobilinogen deaminase gene (PBGD)
An apology for orthologs - or brave new memes
An Apparently Undescribed Infectious Exanthem *
An Application of a Service-oriented System to Support ArrayAnnotation in Custom Chip Design for Epigenomic Analysis
An application of conditional logistic regression and multifactor dimensionality reduction for detecting gene-gene Interactions on risk of myocardial infarction: The importance of model validation
An Application of Molecular Genotyping in Mice
An application of statistics to comparative metagenomics
An Application of the Paper Electrophoresis Technique to Serum Changes in Arteriosclerosis *
An Approach for Assessing Human Health Vulnerability and Public Health Interventions to Adapt to Climate Change
An approach for clustering gene expression data with error information
An approach of orthology detection from homologous sequences under minimum evolution
An approach to analyse the specific impact of rapamycin on mRNA-ribosome association
An approach to assessment of endocrine disruption in the National Children's Study.
An Approach to Catheter Ablation of Cavotricuspid Isthmus Dependent Atrial Flutter
An approach to classifying human resources constraints to attaining health-related Millennium Development Goals
An approach to classifying sequence tags sampled from Plasmodium falciparum var genes
An approach to compare the quality of cancellous bone from the femoral necks of healthy and osteoporotic patients through compression testing and microcomputed tomography imaging
An approach to construction of hybrid polypeptide molecules--homologue recombination method.
An approach to control of bioreactors. Application of the gain–scheduling method
An Approach to Coordinate Efforts to Reduce the Public Health Burden of Stroke: The Delta States Stroke Consortium
An approach to detecting delayed effects of radioactive contamination on industrial-urban-area dwellers.
An Approach to Evaluation of the Effect of Bioremediation on Biological Activity of Environmental Contaminants: Dechlorination of Polychlorinated Biphenyls
An approach to histone nearest neighbours in extended chromatin.
An approach to identify over-represented cis -elements in related sequences
An Approach to Inferring Transcriptional Regulation Among Genes From Large-Scale Expression Data
An approach to large scale identification of non-obvious structural similarities between proteins
An approach to management of critical indoor air problems in school buildings.
An approach to measure compliance to clinical guidelines in psychiatric care
An approach to measuring germinal mutations in the mouse.
An approach to mechanism-based cancer risk assessment for formaldehyde.
An Approach to Overcoming Specific Difficulties with Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Children
An approach to the determination of the relative potencies of chemical agents during the stages of initiation and promotion in multistage hepatocarcinogenesis in the rat.
An approach to the development of quantitative models to assess the effects of exposure to environmentally relevant levels of endocrine disruptors on homeostasis in adults.
An approach to the management of chronic myeloid leukemia in British Columbia
An approach to the stereoselective synthesis of Sp-dinucleoside phosphorothioates using phosphotriester chemistry.
An approach to the structure determination of nucleic acid analogues hybridized to RNA. NMR studies of a duplex between 2'-OMe RNA and an oligonucleotide containing a single amide backbone modification.
An approach to the total synthesis of sinefungin.
An approach to the toxicology of combustion products of materials.
An Approach to the Use of Drugs in Hypothermia *
An Approach to Traditional Cures in Ulster
An Approximate Bayesian Estimator Suggests Strong, Recurrent Selective Sweeps in Drosophila
An Approximate Cone Beam Reconstruction Algorithm for Gantry-Tilted CT Using Tangential Filtering
An Approximate Numerical Technique for Characterizing Optical Pulse Propagation in Inhomogeneous Biological Tissue
An apricot story: view through a keyhole
An apyrimidinic site kinks DNA and triggers incision by endonuclease VII of phage T4.
An Arabidopsis cDNA encoding a DNA-binding protein that is highly similar to the DEAH family of RNA/DNA helicase genes.
An Arabidopsis Example of Association Mapping in Structured Samples
An Arabidopsis mutant able to green after extended dark periods shows decreased transcripts of seed protein genes and altered sensitivity to abscisic acid
An Arabidopsis thaliana cDNA clone encoding a low molecular weight heat shock protein.
An arbitrary single copy DNA sequence VC85 [D1S85] detects a 500 bp insertion/deletion polymorphism on chromosome 1.
An arbitrary single copy DNA sequence VC85 [D1S85] detects a 500 bp insertion/deletion polymorphism on chromosome 1.
An arbitrary single copy human DNA sequence VC63 [D4S129] detects a TaqI RFLP on chromosome 4.
An arbitrary single copy human DNA sequence VC63 [D4S129] detects a TaqI RFLP on chromosome 4
An arbitrary single copy sequence VC64 [D1S86] detects a moderate frequency TaqI RFLP on chromosome 1.
An arbitrary single copy sequence VC64 [D1S86] detects a moderate frequency TaqI RFLP on chromosome 1
An archaeal orthologue of the universal protein Kae1 is an iron metalloprotein which exhibits atypical DNA-binding properties and apurinic-endonuclease activity in vitro
An archaebacteria-derived glutamyl-tRNA synthetase and tRNA pair for unnatural amino acid mutagenesis of proteins in Escherichia coli
An archaebacterial cell-free transcription system. The expression of tRNA genes from Methanococcus vannielii is mediated by a transcription factor.
An archaebacterial promoter element for stable RNA genes with homology to the TATA box of higher eukaryotes.
An archaebacterial RNA polymerase binding site and transcription initiation of the hisA gene in Methanococcus vannielii.
An architectural role of the Escherichia coli chromatin protein FIS in organising DNA
An Aromatic Sensor with Aversion to Damaged Strands Confers Versatility to DNA Repair
An ARS element from Drosophila melanogaster telomeres contains the yeast ARS core and bent replication enhancer.
An ARS/silencer binding factor also activates two ribosomal protein genes in yeast.
An artificial intelligence tool to predict fluid requirement in the intensive care unit: a proof-of-concept study
An artificial neural network for estimating haplotype frequencies
An artificial processivity clamp made with streptavidin facilitates oriented attachment of polymerase–DNA complexes to surfaces
An aryl hydrocarbon receptor conformation acts as the functional core of nuclear dioxin signaling
An Asilomar moment
An asparagine-rich protein from blood stages of Plasmodium falciparum shares determinants with sporozoites.
An asparagine tRNA gene from lupin mitochondria.
An assay for albumin messenger RNA in an vitro protein synthesizing system from wheat germ.
An assay for the detection of xenoestrogens based on a promoter containing overlapping EREs.
An assessment of air toxics in Minnesota.
An assessment of factors contributing to treatment adherence and knowledge of TB transmission among patients on TB treatment
An assessment of false discovery rates and statistical significance in label-free quantitative proteomics with combined filters
An assessment of food supplementation to chronically sick patients receiving home based care in Bangwe, Malawi : a descriptive study
An assessment of Motorola CodeLink™ microarray performance for gene expression profiling applications
An assessment of neural network and statistical approaches for prediction of E. coli promoter sites.
An assessment of population structure in eight breeds of cattle using a whole genome SNP panel
An assessment of quality of sleep and the use of drugs with sedating properties in hospitalized adult patients
An assessment of recently published gene expression data analyses: reporting experimental design and statistical factors
An assessment of serum leptin levels in patients with chronic viral hepatitis: a prospective study
An assessment of technology-based service encounters & network security on the e-health care systems of medical centers in Taiwan
An assessment of the antisense properties of RNase H-competent and steric-blocking oligomers.
An assessment of the cord blood:maternal blood methylmercury ratio: implications for risk assessment.
An assessment of the current state of Bioinformatics education
An assessment of the effect of hepatitis B vaccine in decreasing the amount of hepatitis B disease in Italy
An Assessment of the Impacts of Molecular Oxygen on the Evolution of Proteomes
An assessment of the IQAS discrete analyser for use in a routine water quality laboratory
An assessment of the levels of phthalate esters and metals in the Muledane open dump, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, South Africa
An Assessment of the Model of Concentration Addition for Predicting the Estrogenic Activity of Chemical Mixtures in Wastewater Treatment Works Effluents
An assessment of the performance of the Chemispek J200 in a hospital laboratory
An assessment of the quality of randomised controlled trials conducted in China
An assessment of the RIFLE criteria for acute renal failure in critically ill HIV-infected patients
An Assessment of the Role of DNA Adenine Methyltransferase on Gene Expression Regulation in E coli
An assessment of the role of redox cycling in mediating the toxicity of paraquat and nitrofurantoin.
An assessment of the usefulness of a rapid immuno-chromatographic test, "Determine™ malaria pf" in evaluation of intervention measures in forest villages of central India
An Assessment of the Value of the Initial Glucose Tolerance Test in Selection of Patients for Chlorpropamide Treatment
An assessment of three dinucleotide parameters to predict DNA curvature by quantitative comparison with experimental data
An assessment of various blood collection and transfer methods used for malaria rapid diagnostic tests
An assessment of vulnerability to HIV infection of boatmen in Teknaf, Bangladesh
An association between colonic adenoma and abdominal obesity: a cross-sectional study
An association between fine particles and asthma emergency department visits for children in Seattle.
An association between the acute phase response and patterns of antigen induced T cell proliferation in juvenile idiopathic arthritis
An association of a simultaneous nuclear and cytoplasmic localization of Fra-1 with breast malignancy
An Association of Multiple Well Differentiated Liposarcomas, Lipomatous Tissue and Hereditary Retinoblastoma
An association study of ADSS gene polymorphisms with schizophrenia
An association study of DRD2 and COMT polymorphisms with novelty seeking and harm avoidance scores, in two independent samples of depressed patients
An astrological diary of the seventeenth century: Samuel Jeake of Rye, 1652–1699
An asymmetric synthesis of all stereoisomers of piclavines A1-4 using an iterative asymmetric dihydroxylation
An ATF/CREB binding motif is required for aberrant constitutive expression of the MHC class II DR alpha promoter and activation by SV40 T-antigen.
An Atlas of Anatomy
An Atlas of Anatomy
An Atlas of Biological Ultrastructure
An Atlas of Haematological Cytology
An Atlas of Human Anatomy
An Atlas of Plant Structure
An Atlas of Surgical Exposures of the Upper Extremity
An ATM homologue from Arabidopsis thaliana : complete genomic organisation and expression analysis
An ATP-dependent supercoiling topoisomerase of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii affects accumulation of specific chloroplast transcripts.
An attempt to estimate the true rate of maternal mortality, sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.
An Attempt to Interpret a Great Scientist's Contribution to Humanity through Medicine and Nursing
An Attempt to Reproduce Cœliac Disease Experimentally in Young Animals by Excluding the External Pancreatic Secretion from the Intestine *
An attempted reconstruction of the late Alexandrian medical curriculum.
An atypical orthologue of 6-pyruvoyltetrahydropterin synthase can provide the missing link in the folate biosynthesis pathway of malaria parasites
An atypical phenotype of Reis-Bücklers corneal dystrophy caused by the G623D mutation in TGFBI
An atypical presentation of cystic fibrosis: a case report
An atypical receiver domain controls the dynamic polar localization of the Myxococcus xanthus social motility protein FrzS
An atypical RNA pseudoknot stimulator and an upstream attenuation signal for −1 ribosomal frameshifting of SARS coronavirus
An AU-box motif upstream of the SD sequence of light-dependent psbA transcripts confers mRNA instability in darkness in cyanobacteria
An AU-rich sequence in the 3'-UTR of plasminogen activator inhibitor type 2 (PAI-2) mRNA promotes PAI-2 mRNA decay and provides a binding site for nuclear HuR.
An audit of acute psychiatric admission bed occupancy in Northern Ireland.
An audit of asthma in a Belfast practice
An audit of Colposcopy referrals from a GU/STD clinic
An audit of hospital admissions for acute upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage.
An audit of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination in rheumatology outpatients
An audit of therapeutic drug monitoring of anticonvulsants.
An audit tool for assessing the appropriateness of carotid endarterectomy
An Auditory Neural Correlate Suggests a Mechanism Underlying Holistic Pitch Perception
An Augmented Data Method for the Analysis of Nosocomial Infection Data
An Australian Aboriginal birth cohort: a unique resource for a life course study of an Indigenous population. A study protocol
An Australian childhood obesity summit: the role of data and evidence in 'public' policy making
An autograph letter of Dr. Renĕ Laennec.
An automated blood culture system: the detection of anaerobic bacteria using a Malthus Microbiological Growth Analyser
An automated, broad-based, near real-time public health surveillance system using presentations to hospital Emergency Departments in New South Wales, Australia
An automated determination of beta-glucuronidase activity in human serum with the Abbot VP bichromatic analyzer
An automated distillation method for the determination of diacetyl in beer: a comparison of analysis by AutoAnalyzer and gas chromatography
An automated GC/MS system for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in water
An automated method for DNA preparation from thousands of YAC clones.
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