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Acroform type of enchondromatosis associated with severe vertebral involvement and facial dysmorphism in a boy with a new variant of enchondromatosis type I1 of Spranger: case report and a review of the literature
Acrolein depletes the neuropeptides CGRP and substance P in sensory nerves in rat respiratory tract.
Acromegaly caused by growth hormone-releasing hormone-producing tumors: long-term observational studies in three patients
Acromegaly Quality of Life Questionnaire (AcroQoL)
Acromial stress fracture in a young wheelchair user with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease: a case report
Acromioclavicular joint dislocation: a comparative biomechanical study of the palmaris-longus tendon graft reconstruction with other augmentative methods in cadaveric models
Acromioclavicular joint reconstruction with coracoacromial ligament transfer using the docking technique
"Acromion" in ancient Greek medical writers.
Across-province standardization and comparative analysis of time-to-care intervals for cancer
Across the Curious Parallel of Language and Species Evolution
Acs Symposium on Metal-Carboxylate Proteins and Synthetic Models
AcsI, a new restriction endonuclease from Arthrobacter citreus 310 recognizing 5'-Pu decreases AATTPy-3'.
Acta Crystallographica Section F : developments in the first year
Acta Neuropathologica and their case reports
Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica – now an open access journal
ACTH Inhibits bTREK-1 K + Channels through Multiple cAMP-dependent Signaling Pathways
ACTH4 -10, Substance P, and Dizolcipine (Mk-801) Accelerate Functional Recovery After Hemilabyrinthectomy in Goldfish
Actin binding domains direct actin-binding proteins to different cytoskeletal locations
Actin disassembly by cofilin, coronin, and Aip1 occurs in bursts and is inhibited by barbed-end cappers
Actin: its cumbersome pilgrimage through cellular compartments
Actin polymerisation at the cytoplasmic face of eukaryotic nuclei
Actin-related protein Arp4 functions in kinetochore assembly
Acting on an environmental health disaster: the case of the Aral Sea.
α-Actinin-4-Mediated FSGS: An Inherited Kidney Disease Caused by an Aggregated and Rapidly Degraded Cytoskeletal Protein
α-Actinin and Filamin Cooperatively Enhance the Stiffness of Actin Filament Networks
Actinomyces associated with persistent vaginal granulation tissue.
Actinomyces israelii May Produce Vulvar Lesions Suspicious for Malignancy
Actinomycete integrative and conjugative elements
Actinomycetes as host cells for production of recombinant proteins
Actinomycetes from Sediments in the Trondheim Fjord, Norway:  Diversity and Biological Activity
Actinomycin D facilitates transition of AT domains in molecules of sequence (AT)nAGCT(AT)n to a DNAse I detectable alternating structure.
Actinomycin D induced DNase I cleavage enhancement caused by sequence specific propagation of an altered DNA structure.
Actinomycin D induced DNase I hypersensitivity and asymmetric structure transmission in a DNA hexadecamer.
Actinomycosis of the parotid masquerading as malignant neoplasm.
Action ethical dilemmas in surgery: an interview study of practicing surgeons
Action of a mammalian AP-endonuclease on DNAs of defined sequences.
Action of acid on oligoribonucleotide phosphotriester intermediates. Effect of released vicinal hydroxy functions.
Action of Cathepsin C on Dipeptide Esters *
Action of chronic irradiation on the cytogenetic damage of human lymphocyte culture.
Action of combined magnetic fields on aqueous solution of glutamic acid: the further development of investigations
Action of cyclic AMP on pigment donation between mammalian melanocytes and keratinocytes.
Action of fibroblast growth factor-2 on the intervertebral disc
Action of Hormones on Molecular Processes
Action of Lovastatin (Mevinolin) on an in vitro model of angiogenesis and its co-culture with malignant melanoma cell lines
Action of pancreatic DNase: requirements for activation of DNA as a template-primer for DNA polymerase.
Action of prokaryotic enhancer over a distance does not require continued presence of promoter-bound σ 54 subunit
Action of Radiation on Tissues
Action Potential Initiation in the Hodgkin-Huxley Model
Action potential repolarization enabled by Ca ++ channel deactivation in PSpice simulation of smooth muscle propagation
Action Schools! BC: A Socioecological Approach to Modifying Chronic Disease Risk Factors in Elementary School Children
Action-specific Cognitions of Planned and Preparatory Behaviors of Condom Use among Dutch Adolescents
Action Without Awareness: Reaching to an Object You Do Not Remember Seeing
ActionMap: a web-based software that automates loci assignments to framework maps
Actions of a Proline Analogue, L-Thiazolidine-4-Carboxylic Acid (T4C), on Trypanosoma cruzi
Actions of N-arachidonyl-glycine in a rat inflammatory pain model
Activated α4 Integrins are Preferentially Expressed on Immature Thymocytes and Activated T Cells
Activated AKT/PKB signaling in C. elegans uncouples temporally distinct outputs of DAF-2/insulin-like signaling
Activated Akt1 accelerates MMTV-c-ErbB2 mammary tumourigenesis in mice without activation of ErbB3
Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule in breast cancer: prognostic indicator
Activated levels of rRNA synthesis in fission yeast are driven by an intergenic rDNA region positioned over 2500 nucleotides upstream of the initiation site.
Activated mammalian target of rapamycin is associated with T regulatory cell insufficiency in nasal polyps
Activated neutrophils induce an hMSH2-dependent G2/M checkpoint arrest and replication errors at a (CA)13-repeat in colon epithelial cells
Activated PPAR γ Targets Surface and Intracellular Signals That Inhibit the Proliferation of Lung Carcinoma Cells
Activated protein C: cost-effective or costly?
Activated protein C improves intestinal microcirculation in experimental endotoxaemia in the rat
Activated protein C in sepsis: down but not out, yet
Activated protein C increases sensitivity to vasoconstriction in rabbit Escherichia coli endotoxin-induced shock
Activated transcription via mammalian amino acid response elements does not require enhanced recruitment of the Mediator complex
Activating and inhibiting connections in biological network dynamics
Activating and inhibitory Fcγ receptors in rheumatoid arthritis: from treatment to targeted therapies
Activating Effect of Benzbromarone, a Uricosuric Drug, on Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors
Activating p53 in Cancer Cells with Protein Therapy Shows Preclinical Promise
Activating PER Repressor through a DBT-Directed Phosphorylation Switch
Activating-transcription-factor (ATF) regulates human 7S L RNA transcription by RNA polymerase III in vivo and in vitro.
Activation and detection of HTLV-I Tax-specific CTLs by Epitope expressing Single-Chain Trimers of MHC Class I in a rat model
Activation and inactivation of neocarzinostatin-induced cleavage of DNA.
Activation and localization of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 in the skeletal muscle of the muscular dystrophy dog (CXMD J )
Activation and Molecular Targets of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor- γ Ligands in Lung Cancer
Activation and release of lysosomal enzymes from isolated leukocytic granules by liposomes. A proposed model for degranulation in polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
Activation and repression of Drosophila alcohol dehydrogenase distal transcription by two steroid hormone receptor superfamily members binding to a common response element.
Activation and repression sequences determine the lens-specific expression of the rat gamma D-crystallin gene.
Activation domains of transcription factors mediate replication dependent transcription from a minimal HIV-1 promoter.
Activation in vitro of RNA polymerase II and III directed transcription by baculovirus produced E1A protein.
Activation-Induced Cytidine Deaminase Deficiency Causes Organ-Specific Autoimmune Disease
Activation-Induced Cytidine Deaminase Initiates Immunoglobulin Gene Conversion and Hypermutation by a Common Intermediate
Activation instead of blocking mesolimbic dopaminergic reward circuitry is a preferred modality in the long term treatment of reward deficiency syndrome (RDS): a commentary
Activation kinetics of single P2X receptors
Activation of α 1A -adrenergic receptor promotes differentiation of rat-1 fibroblasts to a smooth muscle-like phenotype
Activation of 5-HT 2A/C Receptors Counteracts 5-HT 1A Regulation of N -Methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Channels in Pyramidal Neurons of Prefrontal Cortex *
Activation of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor by nicotine selectively up-regulates cyclooxygenase-2 and prostaglandin E 2 in rat microglial cultures
Activation of a dual adenovirus promoter containing nonconsensus TATA motifs in Schizosaccharomyces pombe: role of TATA sequences in the efficiency of transcription.
Activation of a human c-K-ras oncogene.
Activation of a muscle-specific enhancer by the Ski proto-oncogene.
Activation of adherent vascular neutrophils in the lung during acute endotoxemia
Activation of Akt is increased in the dysplasia-carcinoma sequence in Barrett's oesophagus and contributes to increased proliferation and inhibition of apoptosis: a histopathological and functional study
Activation of an internal initiation site for protein synthesis during in vitro translation.
Activation of Anterior Insula during Self-Reflection
Activation of APE/Ref-1 redox activity is mediated by reactive oxygen species and PKC phosphorylation
Activation of APE1/Ref-1 is dependent on reactive oxygen species generated after purinergic receptor stimulation by ATP
Activation of aromatic amines to mutagens by bovine bladder and liver cells
Activation of Arp2/3 Complex: Addition of the First Subunit of the New Filament by a WASP Protein Triggers Rapid ATP Hydrolysis on Arp2
Activation of bone marrow phagocytes following benzene treatment of mice.
Activation of c-Jun transcription factor by substitution of a charged residue in its N-terminal domain.
Activation of c- myc promoter P1 by immunoglobulin κ gene enhancers in Burkitt lymphoma: functional characterization of the intron enhancer motifs κB, E box 1 and E box 2, and of the 3′ enhancer motif PU
Activation of cAMP-dependent protein kinase alters the chromatin structure of the urokinase-type plasminogen activator gene promoter.
Activation of cellular oncogenes by chemical carcinogens in Syrian hamster embryo fibroblasts.
Activation of chemicals into mutagens by green plants: a preliminary discussion.
Activation of chloride transport in CF airway epithelial cell lines and primary CF nasal epithelial cells by S-nitrosoglutathione
Activation of counter-regulatory mechanisms in a rat renal acute rejection model
Activation of cryptic 3′ splice sites within introns of cellular genes following gene entrapment
Activation of cytokines and NF-kappa B in corneal epithelial cells infected by respiratory syncytial virus: potential relevance in ocular inflammation and respiratory infection
Activation of dihaloalkanes by glutathione conjugation and formation of DNA adducts.
Activation of DNA-PK by Ionizing Radiation Is Mediated by Protein Phosphatase 6
Activation of DNA strand exchange by cationic comb-type copolymers: effect of cationic moieties of the copolymers
Activation of endogenous retroviral transcription in SV40-transformed mouse cells.
Activation of enhancer elements by the homeobox gene Cdx2 is cell line specific.
Activation of Erk and JNK MAPK pathways by acute swim stress in rat brain regions
Activation of Erk in the anterior cingulate cortex during the induction and expression of chronic pain
Activation of Estrogen Receptor-α by E2 or EGF Induces Temporally Distinct Patterns of Large-Scale Chromatin Modification and mRNA Transcription
Activation of focal adhesion kinase enhances the adhesion and invasion of pancreatic cancer cells via extracellular signal-regulated kinase-1/2 signaling pathway activation
Activation of Gαi3 triggers cell migration via regulation of GIV
Activation of gene expression by metal-responsive signal transduction pathways.
Activation of HIV-1 expression and replication by cGMP dependent protein kinase type 1-β (PKG1β)
Activation of HIV-specific ribozyme activity by self-cleavage.
Activation of Human Auditory Cortex in Retrieval Experiments: An fMRI Study
Activation of human c-raf-1 by replacing the N-terminal region with different sequences.
Activation of human papillomavirus type 18 E6-E7 oncogene expression by transcription factor Sp1.
Activation of IFN-beta element by IRF-1 requires a posttranslational event in addition to IRF-1 synthesis.
Activation of Inflammation/NF-κB Signaling in Infants Born to Arsenic-Exposed Mothers
Activation of influenza virus RNA polymerase by the 5′ and 3′ terminal duplex of genomic RNA
Activation of interferon-regulated, dsRNA-dependent enzymes by human immunodeficiency virus-1 leader RNA.
Activation of Interleukin-32 Pro-Inflammatory Pathway in Response to Influenza A Virus Infection
Activation of Invariant NKT Cells Exacerbates Experimental Visceral Leishmaniasis
Activation of junB by PKC and PKA signal transduction through a novel cis-acting element.
Activation of Liver Cirrhosis: Control by Lymphosorbtion
Activation of lysosomal enzymes in polymorphonuclear leukocytic granules: the role of phospholipid-protein interaction.
Activation of macrophage nuclear factor-κB and induction of inducible nitric oxide synthase by LPS
Activation of macrophages by silicones: phenotype and production of oxidant metabolites
Activation of mammalian ribosomal gene transcription requires phosphorylation of the nucleolar transcription factor UBF.
Activation of MAPK ERK in peripheral nerve after injury
Activation of MEK1 or MEK2 isoform is sufficient to fully transform intestinal epithelial cells and induce the formation of metastatic tumors
Activation of microglial NADPH oxidase is synergistic with glial iNOS expression in inducing neuronal death: a dual-key mechanism of inflammatory neurodegeneration
Activation of mitotic kinesin by microtubule bundling
Activation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors elicits pigment granule dispersion in retinal pigment epithelium isolated from bluegill
Activation of myoD gene transcription by 3,5,3'-triiodo-L-thyronine: a direct role for the thyroid hormone and retinoid X receptors.
Activation of neocarzinostatin chromophore and formation of nascent DNA damage do not require molecular oxygen.
Activation of NK Cells by an Endocytosed Receptor for Soluble HLA-G
Activation of nuclear factor- κB during retinal degeneration in rd Mice
Activation of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) by connective tissue growth factor (CCN2) is involved in sustaining the survival of primary rat hepatic stellate cells
Activation of nuclear factor-kappaB and not activator protein-1 in cellular response to nickel compounds.
Activation of oligodendroglial Fyn kinase enhances translation of mRNAs transported in hnRNP A2–dependent RNA granules
Activation of p300 Histone Acetyltransferase Activity Is an Early Endothelial Response to Laminar Shear Stress and Is Essential for Stimulation of Endothelial Nitric-oxide Synthase mRNA Transcription *
Activation of p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Promotes Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Internalization
Activation of p38MAPK Contributes to Expanded Polyglutamine-Induced Cytotoxicity
Activation of p53 , inhibition of telomerase activity and induction of estrogen receptor beta are associated with the anti-growth effects of combination of ovarian hormones and retinoids in immortalized human mammary epithelial cells
Activation of p53 protein by telomeric (TTAGGG) n repeats
Activation of Penile Proadipogenic Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ with an Estrogen: Interaction with Estrogen Receptor Alpha during Postnatal Development
Activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells reveals an individual gene expression profile response
Activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors by chlorinated hydrocarbons and endogenous steroids.
Activation of protein kinase C in the spinal cord produces mechanical hyperalgesia by activating glutamate receptors, but does not mediate chronic muscle-induced hyperalgesia
Activation of proteinase-activated receptor 2 in human osteoarthritic cartilage upregulates catabolic and proinflammatory pathways capable of inducing cartilage degradation: a basic science study
Activation of proto-oncogenes in human and mouse lung tumors.
Activation of RegB endoribonuclease by S1 ribosomal protein requires an 11 nt conserved sequence
Activation of restriction endonuclease EcoRII does not depend on the cleavage of stimulator DNA.
Activation of RuvC Holliday junction resolvase in vitro.
Activation of S1 nuclease at neutral pH.
Activation of serum response element-regulated genes by lysophosphatidic acid.
Activation of site-specific DNA integration in human cells by a single chain integration host factor
Activation of Sp1-mediated transcription by Rta of Epstein–Barr virus via an interaction with MCAF1
Activation of Stellate Cells Before Induction of Hepatic Fibrosis – Precise Timing in Choline-deficient Diet-fed Rat Model
Activation of Steroid and Xenobiotic Receptor (SXR, NR1I2) and Its Orthologs in Laboratory, Toxicologic, and Genome Model Species
Activation of stress-activated MAP protein kinases up-regulates expression of transgenes driven by the cytomegalovirus immediate/early promoter.
Activation of superior colliculi in humans during visual exploration
Activation of synovial fibroblasts in rheumatoid arthritis: lack of expression of the tumour suppressor PTEN at sites of invasive growth and destruction
Activation of T cell-derived lymphokine genes in T cells and fibroblasts: effects of human T cell leukemia virus type I p40x protein and bovine papilloma virus encoded E2 protein.
Activation of the adenovirus 2 protein IX promoter by DNA replication in a transient expression assay.
Activation of the Bcl-2 promoter by nerve growth factor is mediated by the p42/p44 MAPK cascade.
Activation of the Bradyrhizobium japonicum nifH and nifDK operons is dependent on promoter-upstream DNA sequences.
Activation of the BRLF1 promoter and lytic cycle of Epstein–Barr virus by histone acetylation
Activation of the cellular transcription factor AP-1 in herpes simplex virus infected cells is dependent on the viral immediate-early protein ICPO.
Activation of the chicken Ig-β locus by the collaboration of scattered regulatory regions through changes in chromatin structure
Activation of the control reporter plasmids pRL-TK and pRL-SV40 by multiple GATA transcription factors can lead to aberrant normalization of transfection efficiency
Activation of the cryptic DNA binding function of mutant forms of p53.
Activation of the Fas/Fas ligand pathway in hypertensive renal disease in Dahl/Rapp rats
Activation of the FGF signaling pathway and subsequent induction of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation by inorganic polyphosphate
Activation of the hedgehog pathway in advanced prostate cancer
Activation of the Hedgehog signaling pathway in T-lineage cells inhibits TCR repertoire selection in the thymus and peripheral T-cell activation
Activation of the human PAX6 gene through the exon 1 enhancer by transcription factors SEF and Sp1
Activation of the immunoglobulin kappa 3' enhancer in pre-B cells correlates with the suppression of a nuclear factor binding to a sequence flanking the active core.
Activation of the kinin system in the ovary during ovulation: Role of endogenous progesterone
Activation of the Klebsiella pneumoniae nifU promoter: identification of multiple and overlapping upstream NifA binding sites.
Activation of the mouse DNA polymerase beta gene promoter by adenovirus type 12 E1A proteins.
Activation of the Myc oncoprotein leads to increased turnover of thrombospondin-1 mRNA
Activation of the neurokinin-1 receptor by substance P triggers the release of substance P from cultured adult rat dorsal root ganglion neurons
Activation of the Non-receptor Tyrosine Kinase cSrc in Macrophage-rich Atherosclerotic Plaques of Human Carotid Arteries
Activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α protects against myocardial ischaemic injury and improves endothelial vasodilatation
Activation of the respiratory burst oxidase.
Activation of the SPHK/S1P signalling pathway is coupled to muscarinic receptor-dependent regulation of peripheral airways
Activation of the steroid and xenobiotic receptor, SXR, induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells
Activation of the Stress Axis and Neurochemical Alterations in Specific Brain Areas by Concentrated Ambient Particle Exposure with Concomitant Allergic Airway Disease
Activation of the Syk tyrosine kinase is insufficient for downstream signal transduction in B lymphocytes
Activation of the Unfolded Protein Response Is Required for Defenses against Bacterial Pore-Forming Toxin In Vivo
Activation of the weakly regulated PHO8 promoter in S. cerevisiae: chromatin transition and binding sites for the positive regulatory protein PHO4.
Activation of the weakly regulated PHO8 promoter in S.cerevisiae : chromatin transition and binding sites for the positive regulatory protein PHO4
Activation of Toll-like receptors by Burkholderia pseudomallei
Activation of tonsil dendritic cells with immuno-adjuvants
Activation of transcription factors by extracellular nucleotides in immune and related cell types
Activation of transcriptional fusions in Streptomyces lividans resulting from insertion of a 14-bp oligonucleotide.
Activation of transfer RNA-guanine ribosyltransferase by protein kinase C.
Activation of transforming growth factor-β 1 and early atherosclerosis in systemic lupus erythematosus
Activation of tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 in airway smooth muscle: a potential pathway that modulates bronchial hyper-responsiveness in asthma?
Activation of vitellogenin gene transcription is a direct response to estrogen in Xenopus laevis liver.
Activation of WNT and BMP signaling in adult human articular cartilage following mechanical injury
Activation profiles of opioid ligands in HEK cells expressing δ opioid receptors
Activation segment dimerization: a mechanism for kinase autophosphorylation of non-consensus sites
Activator Control of Nucleosome Occupancy in Activation and Repression of Transcription
Activator protein 1 (Fos/Jun) functions in inflammatory bone and skin disease
Active chronic hepatitis: Part 2.
Active chronic hepatitis. Part I.
Active collaboration with primary care providers increases specialist referral in chronic renal disease
Active commuting to school: How far is too far?
Active DNA transcription sites released from the genome of normal embryonic chicken cells.
Active for Life: A Work-based Physical Activity Program
Active Hippocampal Networks Undergo Spontaneous Synaptic Modification
Active immunization using exotoxin A confers protection against Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in a mouse burn model
Active Listening for Spatial Orientation in a Complex Auditory Scene
Active management of labour: the Dublin experience
Active management of the third stage of labour without controlled cord traction: a randomized non-inferiority controlled trial
Active Methamphetamine Use is Associated with Transmitted Drug Resis-tance to Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors in Individuals with HIV Infection of Unknown Duration
Active Nuclear Receptors Exhibit Highly Correlated AF-2 Domain Motions
Active nucleoprotein filaments of single-stranded binding protein and recA protein on single-stranded DNA have a regular repeating structure.
Active oxygen species in DNA damage induced by carcinogenic metal compounds.
Active play and screen time in US children aged 4 to 11 years in relation to sociodemographic and weight status characteristics: a nationally representative cross-sectional analysis
Active rehabilitation for chronic low back pain: Cognitive-behavioral, physical, or both? First direct post-treatment results from a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN22714229]
Active Sequences Collection (ASC) database: a new tool to assign functions to protein sequences
Active site amino acid sequence of the bovine O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase.
Active site binding and sequence requirements for inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase by the RT1 family of single-stranded DNA aptamers
Active site constraints in the hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by bacterial RNase P: analysis of precursor tRNAs with a single 3′- S -phosphorothiolate internucleotide linkage
Active-Site Inhibitors of mTOR Target Rapamycin-Resistant Outputs of mTORC1 and mTORC2
Active-site structure, binding and redox activity of the heme–thiolate enzyme CYP2D6 immobilized on coated Ag electrodes: a surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering study
Active site substitutions delineate distinct classes of eubacterial flap endonuclease
Active Spatial Perception in the Vibrissa Scanning Sensorimotor System
Active Stat3 is required for survival of human squamous cell carcinoma cells in serum-free conditions
Active surveillance of Q fever in human and animal population of Cyprus
Active symptom control with or without chemotherapy in the treatment of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MS01): a multicentre randomised trial
Active synovial matrix metalloproteinase-2 is associated with radiographic erosions in patients with early synovitis
Active Transport of the Ubiquitin Ligase MID1 along the Microtubules Is Regulated by Protein Phosphatase 2A
Actively replicating West Nile virus is resistant to cytoplasmic delivery of siRNA
Activin A Induces Langerhans Cell Differentiation In Vitro and in Human Skin Explants
Activin-A up-regulates type I activin receptor mRNA levels in human immortalized extravillous trophoblast cells.
Activin B can signal through both ALK4 and ALK7 in gonadotrope cells
Activin in the Brain Modulates Anxiety-Related Behavior and Adult Neurogenesis
Activin promotes oocyte development in ovine preantral follicles in vitro
Activities and Organophosphate Exposures: Need for the Numbers
Activities and Organophosphate Exposures: Response
Activities contributing to energy expenditure among Guatemalan adults
Activities Contributing to Total Energy Expenditure in the United States: Results from the NHAPS Study
Activities of an Environmental Analysis Van in the German Federal State Schleswig-Holstein.
Activities of Antioxidant Scavenger Enzymes (Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione Peroxidase) in Erythrocytes in Adult Women With and Without Type II Diabetes
Activities of daily living and cardiovascular complications following elective, noncardiac surgery.
Activities of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) ICP4 genes specifying nonsense peptides.
Activities of the Environmental Protection Agency concerning phthalate esters
Activities of the National Institutes of Health relating to energy efficiency and pollution prevention.
Activities of the Sex-lethal protein in RNA binding and protein:protein interactions.
ACTIVITY: a database on DNA/RNA sites activity adapted to apply sequence-activity relationships from one system to another
Activity and expression of progesterone metabolizing 5α-reductase, 20α-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase and 3α(β)-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductases in tumorigenic (MCF-7, MDA-MB-231, T-47D) and nontumorigenic (MCF-10A) human breast cancer cells
Activity and expression of urokinase-type plasminogen activator and matrix metalloproteinases in human colorectal cancer
Activity and Life After Survival of a Cardiac Arrest (ALASCA) and the effectiveness of an early intervention service: design of a randomised controlled trial
Activity-Dependent Shedding of the NMDA Receptor Glycine Binding Site by Matrix Metalloproteinase 3: A PUTATIVE Mechanism of Postsynaptic Plasticity
Activity in Face-Responsive Brain Regions is Modulated by Invisible, Attended Faces: Evidence from Masked Priming
Activity in Starvation †
Activity of 3′-thioAMP derivatives as ribosomal P-site substrates
Activity of a Streptomyces transcriptional terminator in Escherichia coli.
Activity of carcinogens that bind to the C8 position of guanine residues in an assay specific for the detection of -2 frameshift mutations in a defined hot spot.
Activity of chemotherapy in mucinous ovarian cancer with a recurrence free interval of more than 6 months: results from the SOCRATES retrospective study
Activity of chimeric RNAs of U6 snRNA and (-)sTRSV in the cleavage of a substrate RNA.
Activity of Chitosans in combination with antibiotics in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Activity of glucose oxidase functionalized onto magnetic nanoparticles
Activity of hammerhead ribozymes containing non-nucleotidic linkers.
Activity of individual ERCC1 and XPF subunits in DNA nucleotide excision repair
Activity of Knee Joint Proprioceptors Recorded from the Posterior Articular Nerve †
Activity of Lac repressor anchored to the Escherichia coli inner membrane
Activity of mevalonate pathway inhibitors against breast and ovarian cancers in the ATP-based tumour chemosensitivity assay
Activity of opioid ligands in cells expressing cloned mu opioid receptors
Activity of peroxisomal enzymes, and levels of polyamines in LPA-transgenic mice on two different diets
Activity of Pt(II) and Ru(III) Triazolopyrimidine Complexes Against Parasites of the Genus Leishmania , Trypanosomas and Phytomonas
Activity of recombinant HIV-1 integrase on mini-HIV DNA.
Activity of telithromycin and comparators against bacterial pathogens isolated from 1,336 patients with clinically diagnosed acute sinusitis
Activity of the adenosine deaminase promoter in transgenic mice.
Activity of the Bacillus anthracis 20 kDa protective antigen component
Activity of the rat liver-specific aldolase B promoter is restrained by HNF3.
Activity of U-snRNA genes with modified placement of promoter elements in transfected protoplasts and stably transformed tobacco.
Activity of Xenoestrogens at Nanomolar Concentrations in the E-Screen Assay
Activity of yeast FLP recombinase in maize and rice protoplasts.
Activity testing of alveolar macrophages and changes in surfactant phospholipids after irradiation in bronchoalveolar lavage: experimental and clinical data.
Actuarial survival of a large Canadian cohort of preterm infants
ACUA: A software tool for automated codon usage analysis
Acupressure for smoking cessation – a pilot study
Acupucture in the treatment of scoliosis – a single blind controlled pilot study
Acupuncture Affects Regional Blood Flow in Various Organs
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the Modern Age: WFAS Sixth World Conference on Acupuncture
Acupuncture and rehabilitation of the painful shoulder: study protocol of an ongoing multicentre randomised controlled clinical trial [ISRCTN28687220]
Acupuncture Anesthesia and Analgesia for Clinical Acute Pain in Japan
Acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopathy use in Australia: a national population survey
Acupuncture, expertise and cross-cultural medicine
Acupuncture for chronic neck pain: a pilot for a randomised controlled trial
Acupuncture for Chronic Pain in Japan: A Review
Acupuncture for dyspnea in advanced cancer: a randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trial [ISRCTN89462491]
Acupuncture in smoking cessation
Acupuncture in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: a double-blind controlled pilot study
Acupuncture is a feasible treatment for post-thoracotomy pain: results of a prospective pilot trial
Acupuncture, or non-directive counselling versus usual care for the treatment of depression: a pilot study
Acupuncture powered by energy techniques–22nd International Symposium on Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics
Acupuncture Regulates Leukocyte Subpopulations in Human Peripheral Blood
Acupuncture Research: Strategies for Clinical Evaluation: Workshop Report, York, July 5–8, 2006
Acupuncture Treatment for Low Back Pain and Lower Limb Symptoms—The Relation between Acupuncture or Electroacupuncture Stimulation and Sciatic Nerve Blood Flow
Acupuncture Treatment of Dysmenorrhea Resistant to Conventional Medical Treatment
Acute abdomen caused by ingested chicken wishbone: a case report
Acute abdomen due to primary omentitis: a case report
Acute acalculous cholecystitis in intensive care.
Acute Achilles tendon rupture: minimally invasive surgery versus non operative treatment, with immediate full weight bearing. Design of a randomized controlled trial
Acute adrenal crisis after orthopedic surgery for pathologic fracture
Acute airway failure secondary to thyroid metastasis from renal carcinoma
Acute and Chronic Impact of Dynamic Exercise on Arterial Stiffness in Older Hypertensives
Acute and chronic oral toxicity of chlorinated dibenzofurans to salmonid fishes.
Acute and Chronic Renal Failure
Acute and chronic respiratory effects of sodium borate particulate exposures.
Acute and constitutive increases in central serotonin levels reduce social play behaviour in peri-adolescent rats
Acute and delayed neuroinflammatory response following experimental penetrating ballistic brain injury in the rat
Acute and late toxicity in prostate cancer patients treated by dose escalated intensity modulated radiation therapy and organ tracking
Acute and long-term survival in chronically critically ill surgical patients: a retrospective observational study
Acute and subchronic toxicity of ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.
Acute and timing effects of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) on indirect markers of skeletal muscle damage
Acute aortic dissection: be aware of misdiagnosis
Acute aortic dissection type A discloses Corpus alienum
Acute Appendicitis
Acute appendicitis in young children in the Belfast urban area: 1985-1992.
Acute atomoxetine treatment of younger and older children with ADHD: A meta-analysis of tolerability and efficacy
Acute B cell lymphoblastic leukaemia and human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV).
Acute bacterial prostatitis: heterogeneity in diagnostic criteria and management. Retrospective multicentric analysis of 371 patients diagnosed with acute prostatitis
Acute bilateral anterior circulation stroke due to anomalous cerebral vasculature: a case report
Acute bilateral anterior dislocations of the shoulders.
Acute bilateral emphysematous pyelonephritis successfully managed by medical therapy alone: A case report and review of the literature
Acute bilateral simultaneous angle closure glaucoma after topiramate administration: a case report
Acute Biliary Septic Shock
Acute Blood Pressure Responses in Healthy Adults During Controlled Air Pollution Exposures
Acute bronchiolitis in infancy as risk factor for wheezing and reduced pulmonary function by seven years in Akershus County, Norway
Acute Calculous Cholecystitis: What is new in diagnosis and therapy?
Acute carbon monoxide poisoning with severe cardiopulmonary compromise: a case report
Acute cardiac failure and hepatic ischemia induced by disopyramide phosphate.
Acute central retinal artery occlusion presenting as CREST syndrome: a case report
Acute Cerebellar Ataxia Associated with Poliovirus Infection †
Acute childhood diarrhoea in northern Ghana: epidemiological, clinical and microbiological characteristics
Acute cholecystitis – early laparoskopic surgery versus antibiotic therapy and delayed elective cholecystectomy: ACDC-study
Acute Cholecystitis in Aged Patients
Acute cholecystitis with massive upper gastrointestinal bleed: A case report and review of the literature
Acute compartment syndrome of the hand in Henoch-Schonlein Purpura
Acute coronary disease Athero-Inflammation: Therapeutic approach
Acute Coronary Intervention
Acute cytomegalovirus infection complicated by venous thrombosis: a case report
Acute Deep Hand Burns Covered by a Pocket Flap-Graft
Acute Disorders of the Abdomen: Diagnosis and Treatment
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis mimicking late CNS relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: case report
Acute drug induced hepatitis secondary to a weight loss product purchased over the internet
Acute Effect of Folic Acid, Betaine, and Serine Supplements on Flow-Mediated Dilation after Methionine Loading: A Randomized Trial
Acute effect of hemodialysis on serum levels of the proinflammatory cytokines.
Acute effect of meal glycemic index and glycemic load on blood glucose and insulin responses in humans
Acute Effects of a Fungal Volatile Compound
Acute Effects of Ambient Particulate Matter on Mortality in Europe and North America: Results from the APHENA Study
Acute effects of cadmium on the pregnant rat and embryo-fetal development.
Acute effects of caffeine and cigarette smoking on ventricular long-axis function in healthy subjects
Acute effects of cigarette smoking on inflammation in healthy intermittent smokers
Acute effects of ingesting a commercial thermogenic drink on changes in energy expenditure and markers of lipolysis
Acute effects of ingesting Java Fit™ energy extreme functional coffee on resting energy expenditure and hemodynamic responses in male and female coffee drinkers
Acute effects of inhalable particles on the frog palate mucociliary epithelium.
Acute effects of polychlorinated biphenyl-containing and -free transformer fluids on rat testicular steroidogenesis.
Acute Encephalitis Caused by Intrafamilial Transmission of Enterovirus 71 in Adult
Acute Encephalopathy and Arseno-Therapy of Syphilis
Acute epiglottis: a case cluster.
Acute exercise and oxidative stress: a 30 year history
Acute exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and heart rate variability.
Acute Fulminant Pancreatitis: Debridement or Formal Resection of the Pancreas
Acute Functional Adaptation to Nephron Loss: Micropuncture Studies
Acute gallbladder torsion: an unexpected intraoperative finding
Acute gastric volvulus and strangulation of colon mimicking chest infection.
Acute Gastroenteritis Caused by GI/2 Sapovirus, Taiwan, 2007
Acute gastrointestinal effects of graded levels of copper in drinking water.
Acute graft versus host disease
Acute health effects after accidental exposure to styrene from drinking water in Spain
Acute health effects of the Tasman Spirit oil spill on residents of Karachi, Pakistan
Acute hemodynamic effect of inhaled iloprost in pulmonary artery hypertension evaluated with echocardiography
Acute hemodynamic effects of inhaled nitric oxide, dobutamine and a combination of the two in patients with mild to moderate secondary pulmonary hypertension
Acute hemorrhagic demyelination in a murine model of multiple sclerosis
Acute Hemorrhagic Necrosis of the Pancreas *
Acute hepatic failure and multi-system organ failure secondary to replacement of the liver with metastatic melanoma
Acute hepatic failure due to dengue: A case report
Acute hepatic failure in children.
Acute hepatitis associated with Q fever in a man in Greece: a case report
Acute hepatitis C virus infection assessment among chronic hemodialysis patients in the Southwest Parana State, Brazil
Acute hepatotoxicity of ethylene and halogenated ethylenes after PCB pretreatment
Acute induction of interleukin-6 and biphasic changes of serum complement C3 by carrageenan in mice.
Acute infection by SIV: massive immunological damage
Acute Infections and Environmental Exposure to Organochlorines in Inuit Infants from Nunavik
Acute Intestinal Obstruction
Acute Intussusception
Acute ischemic heart disease and interventional cardiology: a time for pause
Acute isolated acetabular fracture following a game of squash: a case report
Acute jejunoileal obstruction due to a pseudopolyp in a child with undiagnosed crohn disease: A case report
Acute kidney injury in a patient with nontuberculous mycobacterial infections: a case report
Acute kidney injury in intensive care unit patients: a comparison between the RIFLE and the Acute Kidney Injury Network classifications
Acute kidney injury in the intensive care unit: current trends in incidence and outcome
Acute kidney injury is common, parallels organ dysfunction or failure, and carries appreciable mortality in patients with major burns: a prospective exploratory cohort study
Acute Kidney Injury Network: report of an initiative to improve outcomes in acute kidney injury
Acute leukaemoid reaction following cardiac surgery
Acute Liver Failure
Acute liver failure due to primary angiosarcoma: A case report and review of literature
Acute liver injury by vinyl chloride: involvement of endoplasmic reticulum in phenobarbital-pretreated rats.
Acute lung function responses to ambient acid aerosol exposures in children.
Acute lung inflammation and ventilator-induced lung injury caused by ATP via the P2Y receptors: an experimental study
Acute lung injury and the acute respiratory distress syndrome in Ireland: a prospective audit of epidemiology and management
Acute lung injury outside the ICU: a significant problem
Acute lung injury, overhydration or both?
Acute maternal stress in pregnancy and schizophrenia in offspring: A cohort prospective study
Acute Maxillary Sinusitis Associated with Internal Sinus Lifting: Report of a Case
Acute median nerve palsy due to hemorrhaged schwannoma: case report
Acute medical bed usage by nursing home residents.
Acute Monocytic Leukæmia
Acute Myeloid Leukemia-Targeted Toxin Activates Both Apoptotic and Necroptotic Death Mechanisms
Acute myocardial infarction and pulmonary tuberculosis in a young female patient: a case report
Acute myocardial infarction incidence and hospital mortality: routinely collected national data versus linkage of national registers
Acute nerve compression and the compound muscle action potential
Acute neuropsychological effects of MDMA and ethanol (co-)administration in healthy volunteers
Acute non-occlusive mesenteric ischemia of the small bowel in a patient started on hemodialysis: a case report
Acute Obstructive Hydrocephalus Due to Cysticercosis During Pregnancy
Acute occupational disinfectant-related illness among youth, 1993-1998.
Acute onset polyarthritis in older people: Is it RS3PE syndrome?
Acute oral toxicity.
Acute orbital abscess complicating deep posterior subtenon triamcinolone injection
Acute osteomyelitis of the ilium mimics septic arthritis of the hip in children.
Acute Osteomyelitis of the Maxilla in a Newborn
Acute oxygen sensing: diverse but convergent mechanisms in airway and arterial chemoreceptors
Acute Ozone-Induced Differential Gene Expression Profiles in Rat Lung
Acute pancreatitis: a possible role for activated protein C?
Acute pancreatitis: a review illustrated by a series of cases.
Acute pancreatitis and subdural haematoma in a patient with severe falciparum malaria: Case report and review of literature
Acute pancreatitis as a cause of sudden or unexpected death in Northern Ireland.
Acute pancreatitis following medical abortion: Case report
Acute pancreatitis in a peripheral hospital.
Acute pancreatitis in infants and children.
Acute pancreatitis related to therapeutic dosing with colchicine: a case report
Acute panuveitis with hypopyon in Crohn's disease secondary to medical therapy: a case report
Acute partial Budd-Chiari syndrome and portal vein thrombosis in cytomegalovirus primary infection: a case report
Acute-Phase-HDL Remodeling by Heparan Sulfate Generates a Novel Lipoprotein with Exceptional Cholesterol Efflux Activity from Macrophages
Acute Phase Protein Response and Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Cathepsin G Release After Slow Interleukin-1 Stimulation in the Rat
Acute phase protein response in an experimental model of ovine caseous lymphadenitis
Acute Phase Proteins in Response to Dictyocaulus viviparus Infection in Calves
Acute phase reactants add little to composite disease activity indices for rheumatoid arthritis: validation of a clinical activity score
Acute-phase reactants after paediatric cardiac arrest. Procalcitonin as marker of immediate outcome
Acute Phase Response in Patients With Uncomplicated and Complicated Endoscopic Retrogradic Cholangiopancreaticography
Acute phase response in two consecutive experimentally induced E. coli intramammary infections in dairy cows
Acute phase responses induced in dwarf goats by r.BolL −1β , r.BolL −2 and r.BolFN −γ
Acute-Phase Serum Amyloid A: An Inflammatory Adipokine and Potential Link between Obesity and Its Metabolic Complications
Acute-Phase Serum Amyloid A as a Marker of Insulin Resistance in Mice
Acute-phase serum amyloid A production by rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissue
Acute placental infection due to Klebsiella pneumoniae: report of a unique case.
Acute Pneumonitis
Acute Pneumonitis
Acute polyneuritis cranialis with total external ophthalmoplegia and areflexia.
Acute Porphyria
Acute presentation of a solitary caecal diverticulum: a case report
Acute presentation of ascites in association with colon cancer.
Acute presentation of lymphangioma of the retroperitoneum.
"Acute pseudo-pericardial tamponade": the compression of the thoracal inferior vena cava – a case report
Acute psychiatric admissions from an out-of-hours Casualty Clinic; how do referring doctors and admitting specialists agree?
Acute Puerperal Inversion of the Uterus
Acute pulmonary toxicity of particulate matter filter extracts in rats: coherence with epidemiologic studies in Utah Valley residents.
Acute Pyogenic Arthritis of the Hip: An Operation Giving Free Access and Effective Drainage
Acute red eye and back pain as a presentation for systemic illness: case report
Acute Renal Failure
Acute renal failure after cardiac transplantation: a case report and review of the literature.
Acute renal failure and rhabdomyolysis in a patient with infectious mononucleosis: a case report
Acute renal failure caused by nephrotoxins.
Acute renal failure – definition, outcome measures, animal models, fluid therapy and information technology needs: the Second International Consensus Conference of the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative (ADQI) Group
Acute renal failure in an AIDS patient on tenofovir: a case report
Acute renal failure in critically ill HIV-infected patients
Acute renal failure in patients with sepsis
Acute respiratory disease in the United States Army in the Republic of Vietnam, 1965-1970.
Acute Respiratory Diseases and Carboxyhemoglobin Status in School Children of Quito, Ecuador
Acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Acute respiratory distress syndrome: estimated incidence and mortality rate in a 5 million-person population base
Acute respiratory distress syndrome--two decades later.
Acute respiratory failure in the elderly
Acute respiratory failure in the elderly: etiology, emergency diagnosis and prognosis
Acute right iliac fossa pain: not always appendicitis or a caecal tumour: two case reports
Acute salivary gland hypofunction in the duct ligation model in the absence of inflammation
Acute Schistosoma mansoni Infection Increases Susceptibility to Systemic SHIV Clade C Infection in Rhesus Macaques after Mucosal Virus Exposure
Acute scrotum as a complication of Thiersch operation for rectal prolapse in a child
Acute sensory responses of nonsmokers at very low environmental tobacco smoke concentrations in controlled laboratory settings.
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