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A study of the relationships between KLF2 polymorphisms and body weight control in a French population
A study of the relationships between oligonucleotide properties and hybridization signal intensities from NimbleGen microarray datasets
A study of the reversibility of helix-coil transition in DNA.
A study of the thermal stability of the Z form of (m5dC-dG)3 by resonance Raman spectroscopy.
A study of the validity of the diagnosis of stroke in mortality data. I. Certificate analysis.
A study of urban housing demolitions as sources of lead in ambient dust: demolition practices and exterior dust fall.
A Study of Vasomotor Responses Following upon Experimental Lesions of the Brain Stem *
A Study of Vitamin A in Relation to Experimental Cancer *
A Study of Vitamin C Deficiency in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis
A study of young peoples' attitudes to opportunistic Chlamydia testing in UK general practice
A study on cercarial dermatitis in Khuzestan province, south western Iran
A study on the correlation of nucleotide skews and the positioning of the origin of replication: different modes of replication in bacterial species
A study on the differential protein profiles in liver cells of heat stress rats with and without turpentine treatment
A study on the two binding sites of hexokinase on brain mitochondria
A study on the unprimed poly (dA-dT) synthesis catalyzed by preparations of E. coli DNA polymerase I.
A study to assess changes in myocardial perfusion after treatment with spinal cord stimulation and percutaneous myocardial laser revascularisation; data from a randomised trial
A study to derive a clinical decision rule for triage of emergency department patients with chest pain: design and methodology
A study to determine the incidence and prevalence of newly discovered human immunodeficiency virus infection during the prenatal care period.
A StuI polymorphism in the human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor gene.
A StuI polymorphism on chromosome 3p14.1-14.2 (D3S622) defined by two polymorphic StuI sites 2.4 kb apart.
A StuI RFLP in the human β-spectrin gene (SPTB)
A StuI RFLP upstream of the low density lipoprotein receptor (LDLR) gene.
A Stul RFLP in the human COL11A2 gene
A subclone of the autosomal phosphoglycerate kinase pseudogene (HGM8 gene symbol PGK1P2), localized to 6p23-q12, detects moderately polymorphic RFLP.
A subcloning strategy for DNA sequence analysis.
A subfragment of the beta tropomyosin gene is alternatively spliced when transfected into differentiating muscle cells.
A Subgroup of First-Degree Relatives of Crohn's Disease Patients Shows a Profile of Inflammatory Markers in the Blood Which Is More Typical of Crohn's Disease Patients Than of Normal Individuals
A subgroup of plant aquaporins facilitate the bi-directional diffusion of As(OH) 3 and Sb(OH) 3 across membranes
A submersible battery-powered flow injection (FI) sensor for the determination of nitrate in estuarine and coastal waters
A suboptimal 5' splice site downstream of HIV-1 splice site A1 is required for unspliced viral mRNA accumulation and efficient virus replication
A subpopulation of spinach chloroplast tRNA genes does not require upstream promoter elements for transcription.
A subset of morphologically distinct mammary myoepithelial cells lacks corresponding immunophenotypic markers
A Subspace Method for Dynamical Estimation of Evoked Potentials
A subtelomeric DNA sequence is required for correct processing of the macronuclear DNA sequences during macronuclear development in the hypotrichous ciliate Stylonychia lemnae.
A subtractive hybridisation method for the enrichment of moderately induced sequences.
A subunit of an archaeal DNA-dependent RNA polymerase contains the S1 motif.
A success story: HIV prevention for injection drug users in Rhode Island
A successful pregnancy following SEM fine tuning of hormonal priming
A successful transplant of embryonic adrenal tissue in a patient with Addison's disease.
A sugar beet chlorophyll a/b binding protein promoter void of G-box like elements confers strong and leaf specific reporter gene expression in transgenic sugar beet
A Suggestion for the Production of Therapeutic Fever in General Paresis *
A suite of methods for representing activity space in a healthcare accessibility study
A suite of web applications to streamline the interdisciplinary collaboration in secondary data analyses
A suite of web-based programs to search for transcriptional regulatory motifs
A summarization approach for Affymetrix GeneChip data using a reference training set from a large, biologically diverse database
A summer plague: polio and its survivors
A summertime peak of "winter vomiting disease": Surveillance of noroviruses in England and Wales, 1995 to 2002
A super-spreading ewe infects hundreds with Q fever at a farmers' market in Germany
A superfamily of Drosophila satellite related (SR) DNA repeats restricted to the X chromosome euchromatin.
A superior host strain for the over-expression of cloned genes using the T7 promoter based vectors.
A superior P-H phosphonite: Asymmetric allylic substitutions with fenchol-based palladium catalysts
A supersecondary structure library and search algorithm for modeling loops in protein structures
A supertree approach to shorebird phylogeny
A Supplementary Description of Cypridina mariae and Rediagnosis of the Genus Cylindroleberis (Ostracoda: Myodocopa: Cylindroleberididae)
A Suprachoroidal Electrical Retinal Stimulator Design for Long-Term Animal Experiments and In Vivo Assessment of Its Feasibility and Biocompatibility in Rabbits
A Surface Groove Essential for Viral Bcl-2 Function During Chronic Infection In Vivo
A Surgeon in the Early Nineteenth Century: the Life and Times of John Green Crosse, M.D., F.R.C.S., F.R.S. (1790–1850)
A Surgeon's Century
A surgeon's India. Diaries of Lt. Col. Alexander Cameron, O.B.E., Indian Medical Service
A surgeon's private practice in the nineteenth century. Sir William Fergusson's Edinburgh day books 1832-39, with some extracts from his London day books 1839-77.
A surplus of positive trials: weighing biases and reconsidering equipoise
A Surprising New Path to Tumor Development
A surrogate-based approach for post-genomic partner identification
A surrogate method for comparison analysis of salivary concentrations of Xylitol-containing products
A survey of 178 NF-Y binding CCAAT boxes.
A survey of attitudes and factors associated with successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) knowledge transfer in an older population most likely to witness cardiac arrest: design and methodology
A survey of bacterial insertion sequences using IScan
A survey of Canadian intensivists' resuscitation practices in early septic shock
A survey of Chinese herbal ingredients with liver protection activities
A survey of chiropractors practicing in Germany: practice characteristics, professional reading habits, and attitudes and perceptions toward research
A survey of community members' perceptions of medical errors in Oman
A survey of compliance: Medicaid's mandated blood lead screenings for children age 12–18 months in Nebraska
A survey of diabetes care in general practice in Northern Ireland.
A Survey of Diving Behavior and Accidental Water Ingestion among Dutch Occupational and Sport Divers to Assess the Risk of Infection with Waterborne Pathogenic Microorganisms
A survey of DNA motif finding algorithms
A survey of dystocia in the Boxer breed
A survey of energy drink consumption patterns among college students
A survey of exercise based cardiac rehabilitation services in Northern Ireland.
A survey of factors affecting clinician acceptance of clinical decision support
A survey of failed post-retained restorations
A Survey of Genomic Properties for the Detection of Regulatory Polymorphisms
A Survey of Hæmoglobin Levels of Children attending the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
A survey of health professions students for knowledge, attitudes, and confidence about tuberculosis, 2005
A Survey of Honey Bee Colony Losses in the U.S., Fall 2007 to Spring 2008
A survey of individual preference for colorectal cancer screening technique
A Survey of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes—Part I: Therapies and Devices
A Survey of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes—Part I: Therapies and Devices
A Survey of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes—Part II: Control Methods
A survey of knowledge, attitudes and practice of emergency contraception among university students in Cameroon
A survey of knowledge, attitudes and practices towards avian influenza in an adult population of Italy
A Survey of Laboratory and Statistical Issues Related to Farmworker Exposure Studies
A survey of local health promotion initiatives for older people in Wales
A survey of medical students to assess their exposure to and knowledge of renal transplantation
A survey of mentally subnormal patients with orthopaedic abnormalities at Muckamore Abbey Hospital.
A survey of motif discovery methods in an integrated framework
A survey of nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer substitution rates across angiosperms: an approximate molecular clock with life history effects
A Survey of Nucleotide Cyclases in Actinobacteria: Unique Domain Organization and Expansion of the Class III Cyclase Family in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
A survey of orphan enzyme activities
A survey of ovary-, testis-, and soma-biased gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster adults
A survey of participants in two internet support groups for people with hair-pulling
A survey of pediatricians' attitudes regarding influenza immunization in children
A survey of people with ventriculoatrial shunts in the community
A survey of physicians knowledge regarding awareness of maternal alcohol use and the diagnosis of FAS.
A Survey of Policies and Local Ordinances Supporting Physical Activity in Hawaii Counties
A Survey of Public Funding of Cancer Research in the European Union
A Survey of Quality Assurance Practices in Biomedical Open Source Software Projects
A survey of relationship between anxiety, depression and duration of infertility
A survey of some of the manuscripts of the Biblioteca Lancisiana in Rome.
A survey of splice variants of the human hypoxanthine phosphoribosyl transferase and DNA polymerase beta genes: products of alternative or aberrant splicing?
A survey of statistics in three UK general practice journal
A survey of the clinical acceptability of screening for postnatal depression in depressed and non-depressed women
A survey of the embryotoxic effects of TCDD in mammalian species.
A survey of the genomic distribution of alpha satellite DNA on all the human chromosomes, and derivation of a new consensus sequence.
A survey of the genomic distribution of alpha satellite DNA on all the human chromosomes, and derivation of a new consensus sequence
A Survey of the quality of nursing care in several health districts in South Africa.
A survey of the use of electronic scientific information resources among medical and dental students
A survey of the use of prostitutes (commercial sex workers) by new male attenders at a genito urinary medicine clinic.
A survey of training and practice patterns of massage therapists in two US states
A survey of transcutaneous blood gas monitoring among European neonatal intensive care units
A survey of visualization tools for biological network analysis
A survey on intron and exon lengths.
A survey on non specialized off-the-shelf JPEG2000 viewers for digital microscopy use
A Survival-Adjusted Quantal-Response Test for Analysis of Tumor Incidence Rates in Animal Carcinogenicity Studies
A swift and facile radiosynthesis of [alpha-32P]-3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine 5'-triphosphate (AZT triphosphate).
A swimming robot actuated by living muscle tissue
A Switch in the Mechanism of Communication between the Two DNA-Binding Sites in the SfiI Restriction Endonuclease
A switch region inversion contributes to the aberrant rearrangement of a mu immunoglobulin heavy chain gene in MPC-11 cells.
A sword in a madman's hand: professional opposition to popular consumption in the waters literature of southern England and the Midlands, 1570-1870.
A SYBR Green RT-PCR assay in single tube to detect human and bovine noroviruses and control for inhibition
A Syllabus of Laboratory Examinations in Clinical Diagnosis
A Syllabus of Laboratory Examinations in Clinical Diagnosis
(A)Symmetric Stem Cell Replication and Cancer
A Symposium on Mammary Tumors in Mice
A Symposium on Molecular Biology
A Symposium on Steroid Hormones
A Symposium on the Synapse
A synaptic nidogen: Developmental regulation and role of nidogen-2 at the neuromuscular junction
A Synopsis of the History of Dermatology
A Synopsis of the History of Ophthalmology
A synthesis of the temperature dependent development rate for the obliquebanded leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana
A synthetic alanyl-initiator tRNA with initiator tRNA properties as determined by fluorescence measurements: comparison to a synthetic alanyl-elongator tRNA.
A synthetic Escherichia coli predator–prey ecosystem
A synthetic gene network for tuning protein degradation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
A synthetic histone pre-mRNA-U7 small nuclear RNA chimera undergoing cis cleavage in the cytoplasm of Xenopus oocytes.
A synthetic luxCDABE gene cluster optimized for expression in high-GC bacteria
A synthetic probe, STR 14C13, detects a new polymorphic locus on chromosome arm 7q (D7S450)
A synthetic probe STR 14C19, detects a new polymorphic locus at 16pter (D16S282)
A synthetic probe, STR 16C17, detects a new polymorphic locus at 17pter (D17S450)
A synthetic probe, STR 16C18, detects a new polymorphic locus at 12qter (D12S55)
A synthetic probe, STR 16C2, detects a new polymorphic locus at 5pter (D5S206)
A system analysis of a suboptimal surgical experience
A System for Cost and Reimbursement Control in Hospitals
A system for generating transcription regulatory networks with combinatorial control of transcription
A System for Identifying Named Entities in Biomedical Text: how Results From two Evaluations Reflect on Both the System and the Evaluations
A System for Nutritional Consulting Using Quick Questionnaires on Diet and Unidentified Complaints
A system for precise analysis of transcription-regulating elements of immunoglobulin genes
A system for rapid generation of coat color-tagged knockouts and defined chromosomal rearrangements in mice.
A system for rating the stability and strength of medical evidence
A system for shotgun DNA sequencing.
A system for studying evolution of life-like virtual organisms
A system for success: BMC Systems Biology , a new open access journal
A system in mouse liver for the repair of O6-methylguanine lesions in methylated DNA.
A system of complete medical police. Selections from Johann Peter Frank
A system of scientific medicine. Philanthropic foundations in the Flexner era
A systematic analysis of the effect of target RNA structure on RNA interference
A systematic analysis of the silencing effects of an active siRNA at all single-nucleotide mismatched target sites
A systematic analysis of the silencing effects of an active siRNA at all single-nucleotide mismatched target sites
A Systematic Analytic Approach to Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Planning
A systematic approach for testing expression of human full-length proteins in cell-free expression systems
A systematic approach to biomarker discovery; Preamble to "the iSBTc-FDA taskforce on immunotherapy biomarkers"
A systematic approach to detecting transcription factors in response to environmental stresses
A systematic approach to infer biological relevance and biases of gene network structures
A Systematic Approach to Mapping Recessive Disease Genes in Individuals from Outbred Populations
A systematic approach to understand the mechanism of action of the bisthiazolium compound T4 on the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum
A Systematic Assessment of MHC Class II Peptide Binding Predictions and Evaluation of a Consensus Approach
A systematic characterization of factors that regulate Drosophila segmentation via a bacterial one-hybrid system
A systematic comparative and structural analysis of protein phosphorylation sites based on the mtcPTM database
A systematic comparison of software dedicated to meta-analysis of causal studies
A systematic evaluation of payback of publicly funded health and health services research in Hong Kong
A Systematic Evaluation of the Impact of STRICTA and CONSORT Recommendations on Quality of Reporting for Acupuncture Trials
A systematic evaluation of the Olympus AU5061 as an effective replacement for the SMAC II analyser
A systematic evaluation of the quality of meta-analyses in the critical care literature
A Systematic Map of Genetic Variation in Plasmodium falciparum
A systematic policy approach to changing the food system and physical activity environments to prevent obesity
A systematic quantification of carbonic anhydrase transcripts in the mouse digestive system
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Interventions Used to Reduce Exposure to House Dust and Their Effect on the Development and Severity of Asthma
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of clinical pathways on length of stay, hospital costs and patient outcomes
A systematic review of complex system interventions designed to increase recovery from depression in primary care
A systematic review of cooling for neuroprotection in neonates with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy – are we there yet?
A systematic review of delay in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis
A systematic review of existing national priorities for child health research in sub-Saharan Africa
A systematic review of how homeopathy is represented in conventional and CAM peer reviewed journals
A systematic review of how homeopathy is represented in conventional and CAM peer reviewed journals
A systematic review of intravenous gamma globulin for therapy of acute myocarditis
A systematic review of maternal obesity and breastfeeding intention, initiation and duration
A systematic review of mental disorder, suicide, and deliberate self harm in lesbian, gay and bisexual people
A systematic review of mobility instruments and their measurement properties for older acute medical patients
A systematic review of natural health product treatment for vitiligo
A systematic review of outcomes assessed in randomized controlled trials of surgical interventions for carpal tunnel syndrome using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) as a reference tool
A systematic review of patient and health system characteristics associated with late referral in chronic kidney disease
A systematic review of phase II trials of thalidomide/dexamethasone combination therapy in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma
A systematic review of school-based sexual health interventions to prevent STI/HIV in sub-Saharan Africa
A Systematic Review of Studies That Aim to Determine Which Outcomes to Measure in Clinical Trials in Children
A systematic review of tests for lymph node status in primary endometrial cancer
A systematic review of tests of empathy in medicine
A systematic review of the clinical effectiveness of acupuncture for allergic rhinitis
A systematic review of the content of critical appraisal tools
A systematic review of the diagnostic accuracy of physical examination for the detection of cirrhosis
A systematic review of the effectiveness of antimicrobial rinse-free hand sanitizers for prevention of illness-related absenteeism in elementary school children
A systematic review of the evidence of the burden of bipolar disorder in Europe
A systematic review of the health, social and financial impacts of welfare rights advice delivered in healthcare settings
A systematic review of the incidence of schizophrenia: the distribution of rates and the influence of sex, urbanicity, migrant status and methodology
A systematic review of the literature examining the diagnostic efficacy of measurement of fractionated plasma free metanephrines in the biochemical diagnosis of pheochromocytoma
A systematic review of the prevalence and determinants of nonadherence to phosphate binding medication in patients with end-stage renal disease
A Systematic Review of the Prevalence of Schizophrenia
A systematic review of the psychometric properties of the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire
A systematic review of the quality of homeopathic clinical trials
A systematic review on quality indicators for tight glycaemic control in critically ill patients: need for an unambiguous indicator reference subset
A systematic review on the impact of leg ulceration on patients' quality of life
A systematic review with procedural assessments and meta-analysis of Low Level Laser Therapy in lateral elbow tendinopathy (tennis elbow)
A systematic screen for genes expressed in definitive endoderm by Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE)
A systematic search for new mammalian noncoding RNAs indicates little conserved intergenic transcription
A systematic search for positive selection in higher plants (Embryophytes)
A systematic strategy for large-scale analysis of genotype–phenotype correlations: identification of candidate genes involved in African trypanosomiasis
A systematic study of field inversion gel electrophoresis.
A systematic survey in Arabidopsis thaliana of transcription factors that modulate circadian parameters
A Systematic Survey of Mini-Proteins in Bacteria and Archaea
A Systematic Way to Find Linear Motifs Mediating Protein–Protein Interactions
A systemic gene silencing method suitable for high throughput, reverse genetic analyses of gene function in fern gametophytes
A Systems Approach Reveals Regulatory Circuitry for Arabidopsis Trichome Initiation by the GL3 and GL1 Selectors
A systems approach to clinical oncology: Focus on breast cancer
A systems approach to model natural variation in reactive properties of bacterial ribosomes
A systems-biology analysis of isogenic megakaryocytic and granulocytic cultures identifies new molecular components of megakaryocytic apoptosis
A Systems Biology Approach Identifies a R2R3 MYB Gene Subfamily with Distinct and Overlapping Functions in Regulation of Aliphatic Glucosinolates
A systems biology approach to analyse amplification in the JAK2-STAT5 signalling pathway
A systems biology approach to construct the gene regulatory network of systemic inflammation via microarray and databases mining
A systems biology approach to prediction of oncogenes and molecular perturbation targets in B-cell lymphomas
A systems biology dynamical model of mammalian G 1 cell cycle progression
A Systems Biology Strategy Reveals Biological Pathways and Plasma Biomarker Candidates for Potentially Toxic Statin-Induced Changes in Muscle
A systems-level approach to mapping the telomere length maintenance gene circuitry
A systems view of Drosophila segmentation
(A-T)n tracts embedded in random sequence DNA--formation of a structure which is chemically reactive and torsionally deformable.
A T-stem slip in human mitochondrial tRNA Leu (CUN) governs its charging capacity
A T to A base substitution and small deletions in the conalbumin TATA box drastically decrease specific in vitro transcription.
A T to G mutation in the polypyrimidine tract of the second intron of the human beta-globin gene reduces in vitro splicing efficiency: evidence for an increased hnRNP C interaction.
A Table-Based Random Sampling Simulation for Bioluminescence Tomography
A Tale of Four Stories: Soil Ecology, Theory, Evolution and the Publication System
A tale of histone modifications
A Tale of Switched Functions: From Cyclooxygenase Inhibition to M-Channel Modulation in New Diphenylamine Derivatives
A tale of three cities. The correspondence of William Sharpey and Allen Thomson.
A tale of three cities: the correspondence of William Sharpey and Allen Thomson, Medical History
A tale of three fingers: the family of mammalian Sp/XKLF transcription factors.
A tale of two citadels: memoirs of a surgeon and his times
A tale of two cities: effects of air pollution on hospital admissions in Hong Kong and London compared.
A tale of two diesels.
A tale of two estrogen receptors (ERs): how differential ER-estrogen responsive element interactions contribute to subtype-specific transcriptional responses
A tale of two ferredoxins: sequence similarity and structural differences
A Tale of Two Oxidation States: Bacterial Colonization of Arsenic-Rich Environments
A tale of two sciences: bedside and bench in twentieth-century Britain.
A tale of two symmetrical tails: Structural and functional characteristics of palindromes in proteins
A tale of two time periods: ovarian cancer trends in Ontario
A Tamper-Resistant and Portable Healthcare Folder
A tandem repeat gene in a picornavirus.
A tandem repeats database for bacterial genomes: application to the genotyping of Yersinia pestis and Bacillus anthracis
A tandemly-oriented late gene cluster within the vaccinia virus genome.
A tandemly repeated DNA sequence from Brassica juncea.
A Taq 1 polymorphism for the human platelet glycoprotein IIIa gene (GP3A).
A Taq I polymorphism for the human transforming growth factor alpha gene (TGFA).
A Taq I polymorphism in the 5' region of the von Willebrand factor (vWF) gene.
A Taq I polymorphism in the human P450IIE1 gene on chromosome 10 (CYP2E).
A Taq I RFLP in the N-terminal part of the gene for desmocollins DGII/III (psc)
A TaqI DNA polymorphism in the human cathepsin B gene (CTSB)
A TaqI polymorphism adjacent to the factor VIII gene (F8C)
A TaqI polymorphism at human homeo box gene locus on chromosome 12.
A TaqI polymorphism detected by a genomic clone at the locus D5S39 (5q11–13)
A TaqI polymorphism identified by 26-6 (D16S125) proximal to the locus affecting adult polycystic kidney disease (PKD1) on chromosome 16
A Taqi polymorphism in the human NF1 gene
A TaqI restriction fragment length polymorphism at the Hox-2.1 locus cosegregates with the Dlb-1 locus on mouse chromosome 11.
A TaqI RFLP at the EDN1 gene locus
A TaqI RFLP at the gas-2 locus.
A TaqI RFLP at the human TOP1 pseudogene locus on chromosome 22q11.2-13.1 (TOP1P2)
A TaqI RFLP demonstrated for pIBS17 [D4S123], a single copy sequence on chromosome 4.
A TaqI RFLP detected by the human haptoglobin (HP) cDNA probe, pULB1148.
A TaqI RFLP detected by the probe TN157 (D7S145) at the human chromosome region 7p13–14.2
A TaqI RFLP detected by the probe VK45C6 [D16S131] at 16p13.11.
A TaqI RFLP detecting single copy fragment (G80) from chromosome 7 p13-p15 (D7S373).
A TaqI RFLP for the human arylsulfatase A gene
A TaqI RFLP for the human fibronectin (FN1) gene.
A TaqI RFLP identified at the retinoblastoma locus on chromosome 13.
A TaqI RFLP in the human ret proto-oncogene
A TaqI RFLP in the locus D9S29 on human chromosome 9.
A TaqI RFLP in the region of the HPRT locus
A TaqI RFLP in the region of the HPRT locus
A TaqI RFLP in Xq26----qter detected by pX301b [DXS311]
A TaqI RFLP in Xq26-Xqter detected by pX45h [HGM8 no. DXS100h].
A TaqI RFLP of the human plasminogen gene.
A TaqI RFLP of the human T-cell receptor gamma (TCRG) variable gene V11.
A Taql polymorphism in the human cyclin A gene
A Taql RFLP at the DRD1 locus
A targeted extracellular approach for recording long-term firing patterns of excitable cells: a practical guide
A targeted extracorporeal therapy for endotoxemia: the time has come
A TATA binding protein regulatory network that governs transcription complex assembly
A Taxonomic Search Engine: Federating taxonomic databases using web services
A Taxpayer-Funded Clinical Trials Registry and Results Database
A TBP-containing multiprotein complex (TIF-IB) mediates transcription specificity of murine RNA polymerase I.
A team approach to the transfer of robotics from technical services to a QC environment
A Technic Suppressing Development of Reproductive Function and Sensitivity to Estrogen in the Female Rat *
A technical evaluation of the Instrumentation Laboratory Multistat I Analyser
A Technique for Characterizing the Development of Rhythms in Bird Song
A technique for detecting both DNA and RNA in the same tissue biopsy sample.
A technique for the isolation of mutants of Escherichia coli affected in degradation of cellular RNA
A Technique of Cross-Circulation in the Rat which Permits Accurate Control of Blood Volume Transfers ‡ §
A technique to expose animals to concentrated fine ambient aerosols.
A technique to train new oculomotor behavior in patients with central macular scotomas during reading related tasks using scanning laser ophthalmoscopy: immediate functional benefits and gains retention
A Televised, Web-Based Randomised Trial of an Herbal Remedy (Valerian) for Insomnia
A temperament for learning: The limbic system and myelomeningocele
A temperature regulator for microtiter plates.
A temperature-sensitive mutant of Escherichia coli affected in the alpha subunit of RNA polymerase.
A temperature sensitive mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae defective in pre-rRNA processing.
A Temporal, Multicity Model to Estimate the Effects of Short-Term Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution on Health
A Temporal Threshold for Formaldehyde Crosslinking and Fixation
A tentative model of the intercalative binding of the neocarzinostatin chromophore to double-stranded tetranucleotides.
A Tertiary Twist to the Transglutaminase Tale
A Test Case for DNA Barcodes to Identify Species
A test case for physical mapping of human genome by repetitive sequence fingerprints: construction of a physical map of a 420 kb YAC subcloned into cosmids.
A test of financial incentives to improve warfarin adherence
A Test of Highly Optimized Tolerance Reveals Fragile Cell-Cycle Mechanisms Are Molecular Targets in Clinical Cancer Trials
A test of 'polymerase handover' as a mechanism for stimulating initiation by RNA polymerase I.
A test of the model that RNA polymerase III transcription is regulated by selective induction of the 110 kDa subunit of TFIIIC
A Tetrahymena intron nucleotide connected to the GTP/arginine site.
A Tetrahymena thermophila ribozyme-based indicator gene to detect transposition of marked retroelements in mammalian cells
A tetranucleotide repeat for the F13B locus
A Text-Book of Bacteriology
A Textbook of Biochemistry
A Textbook of General Physiology
A Textbook of General Physiology
A Textbook of Histology
A Textbook of Histology. Eighth Edition
A Textbook of Physiological Psychology
A Textbook of Physiology
A Textbook of Psychology
A TFIIB-like protein is indispensable for spliced leader RNA gene transcription in Trypanosoma brucei
A TFIIB-like protein is indispensable for spliced leader RNA gene transcription in Trypanosoma brucei
A thematic analysis of factors influencing recruitment to maternal and perinatal trials
A Thematic Approach to the History of Physiology
A theophylline responsive riboswitch based on helix slipping controls gene expression in vivo
A theoretical approach to predicting the success of genetic manipulation of malaria mosquitoes in malaria control
A theoretical approach to select effective antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotides at high statistical probability.
A Theoretical Approach to the Preselection of Carcinogens and Chemical Carcinogenesis
A theoretical basis for investigating ambient air pollution and children's respiratory health.
A theoretical evaluation of the effect of netropsin binding on the reactivity of DNA towards alkylating agents.
A Theoretical-Experimental Study on the Structure and Activity of Certain Quinolones and the Interaction of Their Cu(II)-Complexes on a DNA Model
A theoretical framework for specificity in cell signaling
A theoretical investigation of the base sequence preferences of monointercalating polymethylene carboxamide derivatives 9-aminoacridine.
A theoretical investigation on the sequence selective binding of adriamycin to double-stranded polynucleotides.
A theoretical investigation on the sequence selective binding of mitoxantrone to double-stranded tetranucleotides.
A theoretical model for estimating the margination constant of leukocytes
A theoretical model for the development of a diagnosis-based clinical decision rule for the management of patients with spinal pain
A theoretical model of mitotic spindle elongation under experimental constraints
A theoretical quantitative genetic study of negative ecological interactions and extinction times in changing environments
A theoretical study of anthracene and phenanthrene derivatives acting as A-T specific intercalators.
A theoretical study oh the effect of "bound" water on the proton chemical shifts of the nucleic acid bases.
A Theory of Mind investigation into the appreciation of visual jokes in schizophrenia
A Theory That May Account for the Bacteriology of Rheumatism
A thermodynamic approach to designing structure-free combinatorial DNA word sets
A Thermodynamic Model for Nap1-Histone Interactions *
A thermodynamic model of transcriptome formation
A thermodynamic overview of naturally occurring intramolecular DNA quadruplexes
A thermodynamic study of unusually stable RNA and DNA hairpins.
A thermostable endonuclease III homolog from the archaeon Pyrobaculum aerophilum
A thermostable, sequence-specific restriction endonuclease from Bacillus stearothermophilus: BstPI.
A Thiazolidinedione Improves In Vivo Insulin Action on Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Synthase in Insulin-Resistant Monkeys
A Third Approach to Gene Prediction Suggests Thousands of Additional Human Transcribed Regions
A third base pair for the polymerase chain reaction: inserting isoC and isoG
A third-generation microsatellite-based linkage map of the honey bee, Apis mellifera , and its comparison with the sequence-based physical map
A third lineage with two-piece tmRNA
A third Taqi allele is detected by the probe pTD3–21 (D15S10) in Southern African chromosomes
A Thirty Million Year-Old Inherited Heteroplasmy
A three allele insertion polymorphism is identified by the human chromosome 19q13.3 probe pKBE0.8 (D19S119)
A three allele restriction fragment length polymorphism within the human Col2A1 gene.
A three-allele RFLP recognised by an anonymous sequence localised to 3p14–p21 [D3S11 (E41)]
A three-allele RFLP recognised by an anonymous sequence localized to 3p14-p21 [D3S11 (E41)]
A three allele TaqI polymorphism at TOP1 gene
A three-arm randomised controlled trial comparing Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) agonist long regimen versus GnRH agonist short regimen versus GnRH antagonist regimen in women with a history of poor ovarian response undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment: Poor responders intervention trial (PRINT)
A three codon insertion/deletion polymorphism in the signal peptide region of the human apolipoprotein B (APOB) gene directly typed by the polymerase chain reaction.
A three-country comparison of psychotropic medication prevalence in youth
A three-dimensional multivariate image processing technique for the analysis of FTIR spectroscopic images of multiple tissue sections
A three-dimensional working model for a guide RNA from Trypanosoma brucei.
A three-fluorophore FRET assay for high-throughput screening of small-molecule inhibitors of ribosome assembly
A three-nucleotide helix I is sufficient for full activity of a hammerhead ribozyme: advantages of an asymmetric design.
A Three-Stage Colonization Model for the Peopling of the Americas
A Three Stage Integrative Pathway Search ( TIPS © ) framework to identify toxicity relevant genes and pathways
A three-state prediction of single point mutations on protein stability changes
A Three-Stemmed mRNA Pseudoknot in the SARS Coronavirus Frameshift Signal
A three-step model for the rearrangement of the chloroplast trnK-psbA region of the gymnosperm Pinus contorta.
A Three-Way Comparison of Tuberculin Skin Testing, QuantiFERON-TB Gold and T-SPOT. TB in Children
A three-year longitudinal evaluation of the forearm bone density of users of etonogestrel- and levonorgestrel-releasing contraceptive implants
A Three-year Survey of the Fly Population in New Haven During Epidemic and Non-epidemic Years for Poliomyelitis *
A Threshold Value for the Time Delay to TB Diagnosis
A thymine tetrad in d(TGGGGT) quadruplexes stabilized with Tl + /Na + ions
A thyroid tumor extending to the parapharyngeal space
A tiered approach for assessing children's exposure.
A tiered approach to pharmacokinetic studies.
A tight linkage cluster, with two new RFLPs (D8S96 and D8S108), in the interval 8cen-q13.
A Time- and Cost-Saving Method of Producing Rat Polyclonal Antibodies
A time- and dose-dependent STAT1 expression system
A time-saving method for screening cDNA or genomic libraries.
A time-series analysis of acidic particulate matter and daily mortality and morbidity in the Buffalo, New York, region.
A Time Series Analysis of Air Pollution and Preterm Birth in Pennsylvania, 1997–2001
A Time-Series-Based Feature Extraction Approach for Prediction of Protein Structural Class
“A time to heal”: the diffusion of Listerism in Victorian Britain
A time to remember. The autobiography of a chemist
A Tiny Protein Plays a Big Role in DNA Repair
A Tissue Biomarker Panel Predicting Systemic Progression after PSA Recurrence Post-Definitive Prostate Cancer Therapy
"A tissue of the most flagrant anomalies": smallpox vaccination and the centralization of sanitary administration in nineteenth-century London.
A tissue-specific knockout reveals that Gata1 is not essential for Sertoli cell function in the mouse
A TNF-induced gene expression program under oscillatory NF-κB control
A to G polymorphism in ELN gene
A to G substitution identified in exon 2 of the G6PD gene among G6PD deficient Chinese.
A tomato cDNA encoding a biotin-binding protein.
A tomato HD-Zip homeobox protein, LeHB-1, plays an important role in floral organogenesis and ripening
A tool box for operational mosquito larval control: preliminary results and early lessons from the Urban Malaria Control Programme in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
A tool for exploring space-time patterns : an animation user research
A tool for self-assessment of communication skills and professionalism in residents
A tool for sharing annotated research data: the "Category 0" UMLS (Unified Medical Language System) vocabularies
A tool for the prediction of functionally important sites in proteins using a library of functional templates
A Tool to Estimate the Risks of Repeat Cesarean Section
A toolbox for epitope-tagging and genome-wide location analysis in Candida albicans
A Toolkit and Robust Pipeline for the Generation of Fosmid-Based Reporter Genes in C. elegans
A topoisomerase II-like protein is part of an inducible DNA-binding protein complex that binds 5' of an immunoglobulin promoter.
A topological algorithm for identification of structural domains of proteins
A topological model of biofeedback based on catecholamine interactions
A topological transformation in evolutionary tree search methods based on maximum likelihood combining p-ECR and neighbor joining
A total systems approach to laboratory automation
A touchdown nucleic acid amplification protocol as an alternative to culture backup for immunofluorescence in the routine diagnosis of acute viral respiratory tract infections
A Toxic Form of Expression Different Agents Affect Different Genes
A Toxic House in the Country
A Toxicologic Review of Quantum Dots: Toxicity Depends on Physicochemical and Environmental Factors
A Toxicological Basis to Derive a Generic Interspecies Uncertainty Factor.
A trace display and editing program for data from fluorescence based sequencing machines.
A-tract clusters may facilitate DNA packaging in bacterial nucleoid
A tractable method for simultaneous modifications to the head and tail of bacteriophage lambda and its application to enhancing phage-mediated gene delivery
A tradition of focusing on children's health.
A traditional Japanese-style salt field is a niche for haloarchaeal strains that can survive in 0.5% salt solution
A tragic compromise on stem cell derivation
A Trail of Research in Sulfur Chemistry and Metabolism and Related Fields
A train-the-trainer education and promotion program: chronic fatigue syndrome – a diagnostic and management challenge
A Trans-Dimensional Approach to the Behavioral Aspects of Depression
A transcription factor for cold sensation!
A transcription map of a yeast centromere plasmid: unexpected transcripts and altered gene expression.
A transcription map of the 6p22.3 reading disability locus identifying candidate genes
A transcriptional activator is located in the coding region of the yeast PGK gene.
A transcriptional barrier to expression of cloned toxin genes of the linear plasmid k1 of Kluyveromyces lactis: evidence that native k1 has novel promoters.
A Transcriptional Enhancer from the Coding Region of ADAMTS5
A Transcriptional Profile of Aging in the Human Kidney
A Transcriptional Program Mediating Entry into Cellular Quiescence
A transcriptional repressor obtained by alternative translation of a trinucleotide repeat.
A transcriptional response to Wnt protein in human embryonic carcinoma cells
A transcriptional timetable of autumn senescence
A transcriptome anatomy of human colorectal cancers
A transcriptome map of cellular transformation by the fos oncogene
A transcriptomic analysis of the adult stage of the bovine lungworm, Dictyocaulus viviparus
A transfer RNAArg gene of Pelargonium chloroplasts, but not a 5S RNA gene, is efficiently transcribed after injection into Xenopus oocyte nuclei.
A transformation in training: the formation of University medical faculties in Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool, 1870-84.
A Transgenic Drosophila Model Demonstrates That the Helicobacter pylori CagA Protein Functions as a Eukaryotic Gab Adaptor
A transgenic mouse strain expressing four drug-selectable marker genes.
A transgenic mouse that expresses a diversity of human sequence heavy and light chain immunoglobulins.
A transient assay in plant cells reveals a positive correlation between extrachromosomal recombination rates and length of homologous overlap.
A transient assay system for the assessment of cell-autonomous gene function in dehydration-stressed barley
A transient benign lymph node-based proliferation of T-cells simulating non-Hodgkin lymphoma in a patient with psoriasis treated with tumor necrosis factor alpha and CD11a antagonists
A transient three-plasmid expression system for the production of high titer retroviral vectors.
A transition from unimodal to multimodal activations in four sensory modalities in humans: an electrophysiological study
A translation control reporter system (TCRS) for the analysis of translationally controlled processes in the vertebrate cell
A Translation Initiation Element Specific to mRNAs with Very Short 5′UTR that Also Regulates Transcription
A translational approach for limb vascular delivery of the micro-dystrophin gene without high volume or high pressure for treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
A translational approach to studying preterm labour
A Translocated Bacterial Protein Protects Vascular Endothelial Cells from Apoptosis
A translocation X;Y system for detecting meiotic nondisjunction and chromosome breakage in males of Drosophila melanogaster.
A transposon-related palindromic repetitive sequence from C. elegans.
A transposon vector for broad host range cloning.
A transposon with an unusual LTR arrangement from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii contains an internal tandem array of 76 bp repeats.
A transversal approach to predict gene product networks from ontology-based similarity
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